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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> good morning to you. >> frost on the windshield this morning. you're not going to experience any additional rain and no snow
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hours and for your morning tomorrow. we have nothing falling from the sky. 34 degrees in boston. a little bit of a breeze. it does feel much colder than those actual temperatures. running in the teen and 20s. temperatures remain in the 30s for the rest of day. 34 degrees by 3:00 and the wind changes directions just a bit. we keep it try through this evening. but on the satellite and radar picture that will track along the coastline passing just to the east of us. we will seeing some snow showers tonight into tomorrow morning. and the hour by hour timing coming up in just a few minutes. care ray? >> all right. thank you so much. well from pitts field to portland. look at my floor director. you should see the smile. the inurned patriots will be playing in the afc title game. they earned it with a
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city chiefs and it was a fired up tom brady who led them to the win. he tried to blast his way into the end zone and this emotionally exchange on the sideline. yeah, man. steve burton kicks off our win. well, good morning, everyone. the patriots are sky high. they're going to the 10th afc title game in 15 years. the fifth straight afc championship game. they got it done last night beating kansas city 27-20. pats-getting it to everyone. and then to gronc. ready to go and the pats took the lead and the pats get another one. brady with the sneak from a hard out. he does it so well and inurned had a 14-6 lead at the half. a perfect pass. 21-6 patriots. chiefs make it interesting late.
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kansas city cuts the lead to 27- 20 with just over a minute to play. time for an onside kick. yeah, who do you think comes up with it? gronc. patriots need one first down to seal the deal and they get it with a little luck. no, with a lot of luck. ball pops up, right into his hands and that's it. patriots run out the clock. they beat the chiefs. 27-20. afc championship game here we come. joining me is dan roach. we cannot take this stuff for grant. >> yeah. it is a remarkable when you look at it and see what they have accomplished. belichick to brady. it never gets old. not for the fans, not for the media and not for the players. including a guy that we have come to know, greatness, future hall of famer, tom brady. >> it's hard to do, man. got to grind throughout the entire year and, you know,
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next weekend and we're one of them. you know, that game means a a lot. >> he's saying after the game on the fifth quarter show -- that he's ever seen this team ever. >> amazing. >> the right time. >> bill went on for a little bit. >> he was nostalgic at times. >> in the meantime let's go back to the studio. much more coming up in sports. back to you. >> all right, guys, thank you. after defensive end chandler jones showed up shirtless at the police station but the fans say the pats proved their two- game losing streak to end the season was nothing to worry about. >> great game we loved it. >> no doubt coming into it. solid win. our team was great. >> the pats are back. >> absolutely.
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two weeks. [ laughter ] >> i love the fans soundbites. it's the best part. another full day of football here. a special championship edition of patriots game day kicks off at 11:30 this morning. and the steelers take on the broncos in denver at 4:30. and the pats, they will play the winner of today's steelers- broncos game. if pittsburgh wins. afc championship game is at gillette stadium. they will apply to denver. the game will be at 3:00 p.m. and you can see it right here on wbz, your home for new england patriots football. meanwhile in other news today, a developing story. iran's government is releasing four americans in exchange for seven iranians in u.s. custody. the americans include washington post reporter jason
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unrelated move an american mathew trivekik. the 24-year-old was studying in tehran when he was taken into custody. >> we're very excited. voice today. voice for weeks. he was held hos fag for 40 days and freed this weekend. >> we're thrilled that he's out of iran. >> he went for an intensive language program at tehran university. he spent four years in afghanistan. most recently he was in turkey where he cofounded the syria research organization. >> his humanitarian work began before. that the -- graduating in 2008. in afghanistan, work on building a team there too. his mom doesn't want to say much until she sees him. >> just looking forward to
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>> it's still unclear why he was held hostage. he just wants to return to his regular life. >> meanwhile a boston firefighter and a resident are recovering after a fire. no word on how seriously they were hurt. fire broke out about early yesterday morning in one of the units at the dale village apartments. about a dozen people have been burned out of their homes. a neighbor noticed the flames and then took action. >> i looked closer and i saw flame shooting out of the building across of mine. i woke up my husband. the building across is on fire. there was nobody outside. everybody was still in the house. i started ringing bells, banging on the door. get out, everybody get out. >> right now fire investigators are looking into the cause.
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serious injuries after this heavy crash. route 6a. they shut down the road to investigate. they used the jaws of lives to get both of the drivers out. parts of alstoan and brighten without power. it's working through night to get the problem fixed no. word on what caused the power to fail in the first place. new details over the -- the governor's office says the state is not offering tracks preaks but the city says it wants to offer the company $25 million in property tax relief. ge is expected to make its headquarters in the seaport district. imagine the drinking water contaminated.
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coming up this morning the action taken by president obama to protect residents. and a call for service to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king. and could this be your lucky day? that would be nice. here's a look at your winning numbers. good luck. we'll be back.
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much to expect, i'll have that timing coming up in your forecast. >> all right. thank you. president obama has declared a state of emergency in michigan. the people of flint have contaminated drinking water. the city switched water supplies in 2014 to cut cost but it's contaminated with lead. >> campaign 2016 now former senator scott brown is not running for office but could he be a running mate with a gop nominee? donald trump was brown's guest at the no bees barbecue. he then encouraged by the crowd, trump suggested brown might be a good vp. >> got to get him back. we're losing our good ones.
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happen. we have to -- because -- hey. that sounds like a -- >> hey. >> hey. >> you have to get -- >> he was booed when he criticized ted cruz. back up. >> are we having fun yet? >> who put donald trump in charge of the elevator. >> crews and trump that been at odds since he may not be eligible to be president because he was born in canada. it was the coming out party for a 5-month hold. why thousands waited in line to see a little cub and is it your birthday today? let's see who you share with it. a lot of big names.
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52, actor jim carrey turns 54. she keeps going and going she's 94 today and muhammad alis74. if it's your birthday, make it a good one. happy birthday to you.
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i can't stop jumping. symptom travel thousands of miles, some dressed up for the occasion and it was all to meet the national zoos new giant panda. being kept in the panda house but he will be free to venture outside when the weather warms up. yesterday was the first time the public had a chance to lay eyes on babae. what a cutie.
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kirk i can watch him all day long. venture out. we're a long way away from that. we're beginning to get colder this next week. we're tracking a couple of systems. >> systems? don't like the sounds of that. >> systems. i'll she you the seven day. pretty much it's a quiet start to the day especially compared to yesterday. no heavy rain, no snow. we did have a brief period of snow downtown boston. it was beautiful and thank goodness it did not stick. all travel was okay. 34 degrees. the wind from the west at 14 miles an hour making it feel slightly colder. 34 degrees. waking up to 28 degrees. and booster county we did have some snow accumulation. if any melting occurred, it refroze overnight.
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values in the 20s and teens. 25 degrees. feels like 26 degrees. feel -- hour by hour forecast temperatures stay in the 30s. and we'll be right around freezing. as we hit those morning lows. and then we jump back into the mid-30s. not really too much of a difference in temperature. it's today, high of 35 in boston. 36 degrees in peatown. 34 bedford. average high should be 35. we're right on target. lows tonight in the 20s. another little bit of an icy start to the day tomorrow. the personal for some snow showers from this system sitting just to the south and west. this is going to past to the east very quick moving system but arriving here tonight into tomorrow morning. that could pose a bit of a challenge for the morning commuters on monday. hour had by hour times 9 a.m. today. the clouds continue to increase. that system starts to push in to the islands and along the
5:19 am
this evening. we could see a quick accumulation there. the snow makes a turn inland into boston and cape ann. we're track the potential for some lake effect snow squalls later monday because, yes, we're tracking some heavy snow fall right along the lake here. some of the snow showers will move our away. thinking 1 to 3 inches for cape ann and cape cod. we'll be here tomorrow morning. i'll be here tomorrow morning to keep you posted on any issues. here's that seven day in the meantime. we stay cold next week. >> all right. thank you. we're remembering dr. martin luther king's legacy. project -- 351.
5:20 am
man who many a dream. >> using song and inspiration students from all across the state are gearing up for something big. >> because as dr. king say, what are you doing for others? >> this is the project 351's launch which sends the sixth grade class of ambassadors into a year of service. part. >> their mission to serve their community, celebrate martin luther king's legacy that one person can make a difference. the first graders showed their something. something that motivates many of these kid. >> he's pretty inspiration and a good role model. he helped change the world for the better. >> lisa hughes was there and today.
5:21 am
speech. what is the value in starting a life of service when you're a when you're a young person? >> you know, the habits are okay? we talked about that a lot. good habits are habit forming. >> it's why john hancock sponsors the project. >> this is a tremendous opportunity to harness the leadership capacity and people. >> the program includes an 8th grader from every single city and town of massachusetts. the kids are nominated bd ateacher, administrator or someone at that school. they're proud to be the media partner. wbz news. yes' patriots ticket was the top one to get. the woman who tried to tie her
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>> i love that song. >> something about that song makes my happy. your life. we're glad you're starting it with us this morning. there. i don't have my scraper. remember the last time? i wassed a water bottle. i was freaking out. i use mid wallet. >> oh, good. >> just trying to make a hole it worked out pretty well. i use the zipper part. >> have the scraper. >> it's time, i know. >> temperatures will be running way colder all this week actually. we don't have a lot of days above freezing. starting off in the 30s and 20s. nothing falling from the sky in boston.
5:27 am
28 degrees in wooster. from the west-northwest. but that light breeze making a difference. real-feel temperature in the teens. 25 degrees boston, 27 degrees in tauton. we'll show temperatures don't warm too much. 34 degrees by 3:00. a subtle breeze mixed in. this one is going to pass just to our east. off that seem but close enough to us that we'll be tracking the potential for some snow tonight. the hour by hour timing coming up. >> all right. thank you. it's 5:31. a check of the top stories. the new england patriots will be playing in the afc championship game next week and back to the super bowl with a win. the pats broke the 11-game winning streak with the 27-20 victory.
5:28 am
game he had and julian returned catches. steve burton will have more coming up of the meanwhile republican front runner donald trump said yesterday scott brown would make a good choice as vp. he was attending a rally hosted by brown as part of his no bees, backyard barbecue rally. >> iran is releasing a massachusetts de-- why he was detained in the first place. he went to iran in september to improve his language skills at tehran university. he's worked as a -- for schools in iraq and afghanistan. his release is independent from a prison exchange between iran and the u.s. four americans are now heading up in exchange for seven iranians held or charged
5:29 am
takes a closer look. >> they announced the news sart. four americans being held prisoner in iran in exchance for seven iranians held or charged in the u.s. the u.s. state department also dropped international arrest notices and charges for 14 iranians. >> the four freed americans are washington post reporter jason rozion. american businessman and pastor who's wife spoke from boise, idaho. >> it's like christmas and birthday and everything, all of the presents all in one. >> a student was also released as part of a special agreement. >> they should be on their way home to their families before long. >> the prisoner swap was announced hours before the united nations nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy has met its commitment as part
5:30 am
>> iran has undertaken significant steps that many people doubted would ever come to pass. >> president obama signed an executive order lifting u.s. sanctions relating to iran's nuclear program. that mean iran can now sell oil on the open market. iran will have access to the global banking system. they will recover $100 billion in frozen assets over seas. if they're still moving ahead, sanctions to once again be imposed. wendy gillette. cbs news. >> it's 5:34. more heartbreak. her brother daniel dion died after a battle can cancer. he was being treated for cancer of the throat, tongue and brain. on thursday her husband died of throat cancer. the family is asking for
5:31 am
now to a developing story a search continues in rough seaings off the coast for 12 marines missing after a mid-air collision. one of those marines is a native. orlando is a 23-year-old flight crew chief. a storm has been hindering the search approach. >> reporter: as the search for the dozen missing marines off the hawaiian ghost continues. >> it's pretty shocking. it really -- really hits close to home. >> she lives two doors down from his family. >> they had -- while you're here on american soil. it's really frightening. it's ten times the tragedy. >> reporter: touching the hearts of many. in fact a police officer has
5:32 am
state police say his mother is a retired trooper. the family's next door neighbor says he's in the early to mid- 20s and a graduate. orlando loves to surf and been serving in hawaii for a year and a half. >> when he's doing job, learning his job to be lost. very, very sad. >> the two clormt collision hits close to home for this local marine vet. we watched as hi dropped off flowers. two upset to speak on camera he hips lost his best friend years ago. >> i feel terrible for the family. they have to be really going through hell. not knowing is worse than knowing. i wish them a lot of luck. i hope they find him. a big night for the bruins
5:33 am
complete the trifecta. what bill belichick had to say coming up. wow. the internet is crazy fast here.
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it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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well, good morning, everyone another great night for proits fans. the patriots roll along game. 17 players coming is into the game against the chiefs on the injury report. 12 were questionable but in the
5:36 am
another one. the defense is a strong performance. a 27-20 victory over the chiefs. and now we see what happens today between pittsburgh and denver. pats started the game strong. 3rd and 13. steps in up -- it up in the pocket. 3rd and seven. both feel don't here. that's a touchdown. 11plays, 80 yards. they score on first drive the game. 7-0 patriots. second qarytd, patteddings backed up inside the 10-beyond a reasonable doubt line. brady up top. two pass receive thrers but it comes to martin who gets it. a gain of 42. second and goal from the 116789 brady pulls it down. takes a big hit. rues down at the 1-yard line. it was close. brady pumped up. he got out there -- he thought he got the pylon. to josh mcdaniels and company. makes it look so easy.
5:37 am
brady with the score. a 14-6 lead as they went to halftime. from the line of scrimmage. bagging up. he throws. weaves his way up field. ball was lose on the tackle. patriots seemingly have it. no signal. indeed. patriots possession. the first turnover of the day by kansas city. >> reporter: bob with the call. that turnover was the first drive of the second half tushes huge. another score. brady to gronc again. the biggest lead of the game. 21-6 in the third quarter. beautiful throw. and gronc gets it with both hands bup the chiefs answer. a great throw. pats the 21-13 lead head into the fourth quarter. a couple of field goals for steven gaves the pats a 14- point lead but that was cut to 7 with just over a minute to
5:38 am
west for the option. this thing wasn't over yet. down 27-20. time for the onside kick and -- nobody was better -- he comes down with it and the patriots would need a first down to end it and they get a great bounce. the ball was off a chief defender, off his helmet. first down and ball game. patriots win it by a score of 27-20. >> there you go. joining me now is steve. the patriots -- we had no idea of how they would play. we knew that one guy would be on the field and that was tom brady. any time he's on the field we have a chance. >> there's no question about it. there's a reason why brady and belichick are going back to the 10th title in 15 years. it's more than just the quarterback.
5:39 am
danny, julian, rob, keshawn. they all made big place. more playmaker on the field, tom knows what to do with them. he can find those matchups. that's what we need to do. have that in sync with the line. gives us different look or handle the pressure like we did -- like in the first drive there. i thought that was obviously a big drive for us for a lot of reasons. that certainly -- toned that down. you know, for quite a while after that. >> so this morning here we go. 11:ponce patriots game day on wbz. 4:00 the nfl today. steelerings and broncos square off at 4:30. and we'll know by tonight who the patriots next opponent will be in the afc title game. will it be the steelers or the broncos?
5:40 am
this never gets old. we just soak it all in. >> it's spring training. it's crazy. >> of course mr. baseball here. >> i'm not saying that. just a fun way to go through january. >> i know what you're say. >> they're fun too. had a lot of fun last night as well. 47 seconds left. scores the game-winner. 3-2. 16th goal of the season for marshan. the celtics ryan fitzpatrick on the road in d.c. marcus smart gets it to jake crowder. down low. he lays it up and load. 4 seconds left. john wall goes the distance. just misses at the buzzer. celtics win it 119-11 117 is your final. a great day.
5:41 am
sunday. the patriots-broncos or the patriots-steelers. going to be fun to find out. you can see that game on wbz right here on wbz. >> don't forget game day coming up at 11:30 with steve burton and company. >> all right. dan, thank you. did you see the green bay packers cardinals last night? well, it was an amazing end. the packers were trailing. look at this. aaron rodgers launches a hail mary. caughted by janis. the cardinals are now going to make a remarkable play of their own. carson palmer look like he's being sacked but somehow escapes. and throws it to larry fitzgerald. the wide receiver goes 75 yards all the way down into the 5- yard line. fitzgerald would score on the very next play. an unbelievable finish in
5:42 am
the cardinals beat the packers in an incredible ot. it is a job fit for royalty? the new media job kate middleton has decided to tackle. pamela? >> interesting. stick around for that. i'm interestinged to see what he has. temperatures in the 30s this morning. high of 34 degrees on the way with increasing clouds. ahead of our next chance for snow. how much snow we will see, coming up in your forecast. weather trivia time. first question of the day here. hurricane alex formed in the atlantic on thursday. this is the first hurricane to form there in january since when? a, 1955, b, 1947, c, 1938 or d, 1913. the answer right after my
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she's one of the most world. she knows what it's like when inquiring minds want to snow. editing news and editor for the huffington post for one day in mid-february. >> yeah. this big announcement and it's for one day. >> duchess kate is expected to highlight the importance of children's mental health.
5:46 am
>> maybe they're testing her out. >> a one-day contract. >> extend into two. you just don't know. >> yes. >> we are definitely chilly this morning. >> colder these days. for this next seven-day forecast. and this is the longest wait for a one-inch plus storm in boston in particular. yes did get a lot of locations. mostly rain with a few wet snow flakes. no accumulation at the airport. but for now, today's date is 3rd -- 3rd place right now. that's the latest we've had to wait for 1-inch plus storm in boston but i'll tell you this, at the end of the seven-day forecast we have a chance for the potential of a coastal storm.
5:47 am
more than an inch. but that's long-term forecast for you. right now we're not dealing with any snow. there's some slick spots as temperatures have fallen to ploa freezing. boston downtown at least. hour by hour forecast. and it will increase back to 35 degrees by 2:00. that's the high for the day in boston. highs elsewhere in the mid and upper 30s. not as windy. lows tonight in the 20s and cold enough that we will see some snow as our next system pushes in from the south. this is going to track right off the coast moving northeast. close enough to us that we'll have the potential for some snow showers out of this and the potential for some heavy snow squalls as well. the big is when and where those heavy nest snow bans will set up.
5:48 am
versus 2 to 3 inches of snow. even along the south shore and just into the boston area the snow showers. also in the western half of massachusetts experiencing more snow as a weak cold front moves our way. very interesting system we have going on in the middle of the state. not looking like too much snow. chance tuesday. that high temperature. and still below freezing.
5:49 am
a coastal storm effecting us. >> trivia time. this is the first hurricane to form there in january since when? >> oh, someone's pushing the button back there. someone had a lot of coffee on our crew. thank you for giving us the answer. >> good job, everyone. >> i was going to pick c anyway. >> oh, were you? >> 1938. >> i love it. >> yeah, you were. a look at the largest dinosaurs where it's on display.
5:50 am
welcome back. it's like a scene out of jurassic park. it's 22 feet long. that's the length of three school buses. his neck alone is 39 feet. that's kind of cool.
5:51 am
100 million years ago he would have tipped the scales at 72- tons. that's the weight of ten african elephants. wow. well, are you ready for some championship football? they the patriots move one step closer to the super bowl. hear what tom brady is saying about the playoff win against the chiefs. >> we'll show one little guy who just can't get enough of it
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