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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wind advisories in effect through the day tomorrow. for the heck of 50 miles per hour out of the west, northwest.
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different animal. if you're heading out, when chill values zero to 100 below zero. for too long. as a get into the sunshine tomorrow, we will still have feels like temperatures in the the coldest day we are expecting for this week. it's back to school out at the bus stop, make sure kids are prepared for temperatures that feel like below zero. once we get past the cold and the workweek, we look toward the weekend. very confidence of a storm formed on the east coast. the usual questions, five days out, where will that tracked the. will it be here or down to the south? we will talk about some of those potentials and how much we could be seeing as well as the impact at the coast which could be more significant. developing right now, chelsea police are now saying the woman who reported getting
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in a chelsea -- in chelsea made up that story. she told police three men beat and slashed her with a knife while she was walking home from work last night. denissa perez is now facing charges for misleading police. temporarily delay during the evening commute after a man walking on the tracks got hit by a commuter train and was killed. police do not expect foul play in service is now back up and running. >> -- the family of a hang a man just released from an iranian prison is happy to be home and catching up on boston sports. julie loncich is live in the neighborhood tonight. >> reporter: negotiations were said to be so delicate, his own family was instructed not to tell anyone he was even imprisoned. his stepfather says he's from the day decompressing. not you to with this returned to his family's home one day after returning to the u.s., or his family's mother welcomed him at logan.
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deal. >> we are very happy. >> reporter: he had been detained in an iranian prison for four days before his release. the 30-year-old graduate had traveled to iran last september and was enrolled in an intensive language program at tehran university. the details of the detainment have not been made public.'s mother told wbz she was relieved when she finally had the chance to speak with her son. >> we are very excited. we were very excited to hear his voice. >> reporter: his release was independent of but coincided with the prisoner exchange between the u.s. in iran brokered by john kerry. four american prisoners were released but only three returned. tonight, the family is understandably asking for privacy. the family of a missing marine is waiting for any news
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in all, 12 marines are missing after two military helicopters collided. rescuers have found three of the four life rafts but no sign and excitement begin. the patriots versus the denver broncos. >> and it's a rematch between tom brady and peyton manning. steve burton is here now. braden says he can't wait to face his old friend. >>reporter: he also knows he can beat his old friend. he has respect for peyton manning for his longevity. 19 years in the league but he has beaten peyton manning 11 of the 16 times they have played each other. they have each won twice in the playoffs. this morning on weei, he said he was impressed with peyton manning's performance against pittsburgh. >> pretty remarkable what he has accomplished this season and
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the steelers were playing as well as any team in the league so that was a huge win. it will be fun to play another peyton manning team.>> reporter: brock osweiler played quarterback for denver. he is dealing with any injury. bill belichick says the pats have to be ready for both broncos quarterbacks. the weekend showdown in denver gives us our number of the night, 10. that's how many afc championship games tom brady will have appeared in and of course that ties an all-time record. we will start things off at noon with a two-hour edition of patriots game day. kickoff at 3:00 huron wbz followed by the fourth quarter postgame show over on my tv 38. a disturbing case of animal abuse. two men beat a dog repeatedly on her owners property in rutland. as louisa muller shows us, the
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recovery but they also hope police catch the attackers. >> your face is less swollen. >> reporter: abby the dog in brighter spirits after a second stint in the hospital in a brutal weekend. on saturday, her owner says abby was viciously attacked outside their home and eventually -- an event she describes as sick. >> i wanted to cry but i couldn't. it was one of those things like your kids, you don't know how to show your emotions. >> the guy said yes i seen it. >> okay friend claims he saw two men come into the yard and repeatedly strike the dog with a stick and flee as he pursued them. >> i was continuing after them. i noticed they were jumping into a black vehicle. devastating. >> her eye was swollen shut. you could see the blood in her eyes and she had contusions on
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liver disease, which makes it much more difficult for her to recover from her bumps and bruises. now, the family and their second dog waited at home for news from police on who did this. the veterinary hospital is hoping to send her home. >> they are praying she will the woods. >> reporter: louisa muller, wbz news. campaign 2016 tonight. presidential candidates are marking martin luther king jr. day with a series of rallies in a campaign that has really now turned into a sprint. paula ebben is working the center. >> reporter: the first real test for the presidential candidates is two weeks from tonight. the iowa caucus in every campaign stop is so critical, which is why they hit the road on this national holiday, echoing the spirit of mlk. visitors reflected at the mlk
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capital on monday. while the presidential candidates marked his legacy on the campaign trail. >> we should pay tribute to people who helped bring us to this point and be challenged to continue their work. >> what is important is that we remember his vision. the world that he wanted to see, the america he wanted to see. >> reporter: all three commemorated the civil rights leader on the steps of the columbia. republican candidates also took front-runner donald trump made a campaign stop in new hampshire and at liberty university in virginia. >> we will dedicate that to doctor martin luther king. >> truck and jeb bush tweeted a picture of doctor king saying he changed the nation for the better.
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have donald trump and ted cruz in a virtual tie in hillary clinton slightly ahead of bernie sanders. >> on this day of service in honor of martin luther king, president obama and the first lady helped fill bags with books for children in needs. the president also helped plant a vegetable garden at a school in washington dc. troopers terminal a at logan airport protesting low working wages. a local middle school teacher is turning to students and strangers for help. she is 30 years old and needs a new kidney. as she explained to kate merrill, she is hoping this public plea will save her life. >> reporter: teacher kara bochicchio is busy grading papers but every day is becoming a struggle. >> the exhaustion is what is
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>> truck she is just 30 years old and suffering from kidney failure. she will need a new kidney soon. >> it has been really hard. i have to adjust every day. >> reporter: last month, she got on the national donor list but that could take 6-7 years so she is trying something new. >> i have heard so many stories . >> reporter: she is using the power of social media to spread the word, a website called kidney for kera. it appeals to strangers to take a gamble on her. >> people are surprised because i'm pretty private. >> reporter: for the first time, she has including middle school students and their parents here in concorde where she spends so much of her time, hoping they to can spread the word and help her find someone who could save her life.
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asking for help but hopes it will be a life lesson that will benefit them all.>> at the end of the day, i am teaching kids critical thinking skills to be good people. we need those good people to make stuff like this happen. >> for information on how you can help her, go to our website people who want to help dorian murray spelled out their support for this very special message. doran has cancer and his treatment is no longer working. but this weekend, hundreds of people in westerly rhode island came to the beach to spell out #be strong in honor of that brave eight-year-old. >> of course we did a story with him next week when he met gronk. that must have made him smile. a star basketball player gets benched. >> next at 11:00, distant he pulled on camera.
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dead on a college campus. how a breakup and a desperate phone call led to a horrific discovery. fans are mourning the death of glenn frey and how his eagles bandmates are paying
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music lovers are remembering glenn frey, a band member for the eagles. >> his bandmates posted the news on their website and revealed the 67-year-old guitarist was battling multiple ailments. >> reporter: glenn frey formed the eagles with his friend don henley in the 1970s. together, they wrote iconic
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their greatest hits collection became one of the greatest selling albums of all time. but the strain of turning out hits and touring took a toll. the eagles broke up in 1980. he went on to launch a successful solo career with songs like the heat is on and then the eagles reunited in 1990 with songs like the heat is on and then the eagles reunited in 1994, and four years later the group was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame. he released his final solo album in 22. don henley said he is in shock, disbelief and sorrow. the president of the academy of motion picture arts
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disappointed in the lack of diversity in this year's oscar nominees. some actors are so angry they are boycotting the show. data pinkett smith explains that in a video she recently posted. it has on million -- 1 million views already. her husband will smith is among the actors passed up. this is a grim discovery that has shaken people in a college town in upstate new york. police at the steen -- state university confirmed three students were found dead in what appears to be a double murder suicide. investigators say a 24-year-old student stabbed his ex- girlfriend and another student and then killed himself. counselors will be on hand as students return to class tomorrow. the cdc is warning pregnant women heading to central and south america to avoid mosquitoes. that area is a breeding ground
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lead -- zeka virus which camera to birth -- lead to birth defects. take a look. oregon state suspended jarmal reed for tripping a referee. an apparent gas were at a gas station in michigan drove prices down to $.47 per gallon last night. according to the super savings appear to be over because they were back up over two dollars. they go back and forth. >> that was staggering. we are going to shift gears from michigan to hear. some very cold weather. >> of course, that is what eric would like to talk about but everyone else wants to, -- talk about what comes up five days from now.
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or six days down the road also. we will focus on what we are dealing with now and that's the wind and cold gusting to 550. the cold is one thing. we can all take that but the wind makes a different animal. it feels like -6 and worchester. 40 in boston. those cold wind chills will stay with us just like the wind. we keep gusting 30-45 miles per hour with a couple gusts up to 50 up to 50 miles per hour tomorrow and into tomorrow night. the winds will finally start to die down. a long period with gusty weather. our air coming straight down out of canada. this will be our coldest week since last february going back to the depths of winter 2015. those in the single digits and teens tomorrow but it will feel like 0--100 zero to -100.
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really not desirable for the sunshine we see often in january. some bright stops -- spots but not a lot of warming. the sun dips below the horizon leaving temperatures in the teams. 230 in boston in rockford. a very cold day. in fact, it's the coldest day of this week. not a lot of active weather. just a quick disturbance rushing off to our west. it doesn't bring us any window or snow. it's bright and cold all week. tomorrow is the coldest day. the back door ice rink is trying to get set up. this is the week that gets it done. basically everyone will stay below freezing every day and every night. then, we look forward to that storm for the weekend. very high confidence right now. guidance says there's going to
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and it's a very slow mover. the big questions are the usual ones five what is the exact track? where's the line going to be? address west, bringing air in and it will keep us in the cold. those are all questions that it looks like the biggest part northern and central parts of this is where the storm really this is where we will get our we could still see significant snow here but i don't think we the other thing that gets lost in this is people focus on the astronomical high tides, a full moon on saturday night, high water and a strong onshore the potential for significant here.
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