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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. breaking news right now at noon, more than a dozen schools evacuated due to what appears to be hoax threats, police not happy about it. an a biting wind is howling out there, i'll let you know when our temperatures and real feel will be and a storm for the upcoming weekend. dealing with the cold and taking extra steps to make sure there is a smooth ride in the frigid cold. and back and forth between two patriot stars. live from the channel studios in boston, wbz news
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we begin with breaking news, school threats, more than a dozen schools are involved right now. we have a look at the confirmed threats right now all the way down to plymouth. susie is live in arlington where police spoke about a threat there. police say they believe all of these threats are connected often threats to schools are false. there takes a level of severity, a call came in said a backpack would explode and any remaining students would be shot. 11 a.m. commonwealth. the chief recognizes how frustrating these are for paramount safety is.
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based upon the threat not knowing it is going on throughout the commonwealth. >> they are costly it is resources being spent, for students, it is an emotional cost. it is scary. >> knowing this happened to us on friday the same thing happened to ac, i don't know, just kind of wondering what the whole thing is. whoever did this, chief ryan says he can't wait to meet you. >> those who are responsible for these threats are committing felonies disrupting learning throughout this commonwealth, i have a high degree of confidence they'll be identified and prosecuted for the felonies they are committing. this is extremely disruptive to our communities. police will continue to investigate on the scene until they determine that the threat is not viable as you've just heard the chief say, he thinks they'll be able to make an
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we're live in arlington, wbz news. thank you very much. you better bundle up, one of the stories is the frigid temperatures and biting wind. >> it is downright cold, the wind is whipping we'll be in the 20s, danielle is tracking also a possibility of a winter storm heading our way too, you have a busy day. >> lots going on here in the weather department, you guys starting with the wind out there, it is strong it is howling the temperatures 22 degrees in boston, but the wind is sustained at 20 miles per hour gusting higher than that, look at the real feel. 7 degrees in the city of boston, and the wind is strong enough likely to see isolated pockets of damage and isolated damages that result in 45 miles per hour wind gusts in the worcester airport, 40 miles per hour back down towards the vineyard. concord new hampshire, to worcester, single digits down to the cape, don't forget the wind chills down to exposed
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up you get the hats and gloves you'll be doing all right. and clouds will move in from north to south will continue to tend to dissipate as we head into late this evening and over night tonight. we turn mostly clear during the over night period dropping back into the teens the real feel was still being in the single digits, we turn our attention to the weekend the time frame of this storm will be saturday into sunday the location is for the entire northeast from d.c. philly, new york city, boston, track obviously this many days still to be determined either a direct hit or just kind of skirted at the storm. coastal concerns with a full moon means there will be high tides at noon. today's bitter blast of cold is keeping the mta hard at
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start this morning. >> they did get an early start, it is absolutely cold. it is one of the coldest days we've seen so far this winter. brutal. but as for the t, to major problems today for those who have to work in these frigid temperatures, it is downright brutal. >> an early start for workers running well to assure the planned schedule sticks. the t's track record has proven the record draws a consistent problem the tracks freeze one delay turns into many, but tuesday's chill brought a cool down for the ongoing problem. not so much the same for some having to brave the subzero feels like temperatures, dave is clearing the ground at the country club. >> it is cold the wind is
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the flags, we are just trying to do to get the jobs done when we have to get them done. >> as for the t, again, no major problems in fact here on the green line there were minor delays but not confirmed whether those delays are nicole jacobs. in providence town it is school. there is an issue with the are closed today. this is a good reminder you can get your local weather forecast on the time on the go with the cbs boston weather app it is free in the google and app stories. aaron hernandez is expected in a boston courtroom where a judge could set a new date for its next trial. her hernandez accused of killing two men outside a
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his trial was expected to start this month but the judge delayed it due to a battle of evidence in the case, hernandez serving a life sentence for killing oden lloyd. a woman reported being attacked and robbed in chelsea made up a story. say three men beat and slashed her with a knife while she was walking home from work, now facing charges due for misleading police due in court later this month. the clean up is going on inwellsly, sky eye on the scene that mess. the tree fell at route 16, route 9 causing detours this morning. we have breaking news, two people killed in a horrific bus crash on a california freeway. this is the scene in san jose where a greyhound bus went out of control, and slammed into the median of the 101 freeway there. police say 18 others were hurt.
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ready for the afc championship and the denver broncos it is a rematch between tom brady and payton manning they beat peyton, played each other each won twice in the play offs but games. he was impressed with how steelers. >> pretty remarkable for him what he accomplished this season, and lead the team to a great win and the steelers were playing as well as any team in the league, that was a huge win for them it would be fun to play another peyton manning lead team. our coverage from denver starts tomorrow night dan and steve and kate will bring you every angle from the mile high city. and on sunday we'll start things off at noon with a two hour edition of patriots game day pats and broncos kickoff
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the show on my tv 38. this play had a lot of patriots fans holding their breath this weekend. tom brady diving for the end zone getting hit hard on the play, but that hit didn't seem to hurt brady's sense of humor, in the background you can see julian raising his arms up. he wrote hey julian how about a little more blocking. a quick response saying, my bad tom brady, it is just that usually when i dive for the pile-on, it counts as a touch down. love you, bud. little bro mans going on there. it is a winning hand for the largest construction company, naming suffolk, the billion dollar project is the largest project ever in the state saying building the
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trade jobs once the casino opens in 2016. boston mayor will deliver his second state of the city address, focus on schools as well as this economic plans you can watch that speak live right here on wbz at 7:30 this evening. thank you for being here with us this noon, a battle over a makeshift memorial while some park caretakers say it has to do. a public plea for help a teacher turning to social media for a life saving operation. oscar buzz, why some stars
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i approve this message. . the mta is holding public hearings debating the future of its weekend service, one was held this morning another planned for 5:00 in the state transportation building the t is facing a $242 million deficit and needs to find ways ways cut costs. >> and frankie was killed in a hit-and-run crash, a memorial to him is drawing friends, but
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the city's fallen military heroes the group that maintains the park says the makeshift memorial turned into a party spot leading them to clean up the mess. both sides of the debate followed petitions with the city. a teacher taking to social media to help find saving her life. kara is a social studies teacher in concord, the 30-year- old is suffering from kidney failure and needs a new kidney. she is on the national donor list but that can take up to 7 years so she stepped out of her comfort zone and asking strangers for help, says this holds a lesson for her and her students. i am teaching skills to be good people, and.
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let's talk about the cold. >> a lot to talk about. >> all eyes on the weekend too. it is about the wind and the cold today the rest of the week should be pretty quiet, this could be the first potentially significant storm that we've had so far this year, camera shaking around the city of boston, we've had building clouds in there too you can see the snow we had from sunday night into early yesterday as well. wind advisory is in affect, i want to show you through 7 p.m. for southern new england, we've got 40 to 50 miles per hour. isolated damage, that's what's adding the chill. gusting over 30 miles per hour through central new hampshire. 44 miles per hour in province, adding insult to injury, 7 degrees the real feel at logan airport, 2 below in worcester, worcester is at 1,000 feet in elevation at the airport, 5 degrees in manchester same in
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you do want to cover up, cover the exposed skin, not going anywhere this evening tonight morning single digits and then we do make a little bit of improvement during the day tomorrow just because the wind won't be as gusty as it is out there today. so tonight we will drop back into the teens and any building clouds we have out there will actually clear out for mainly clear skies over the over night sunny temperatures don't get out of the 20s tomorrow will be around 30 degrees, you can knock about 10 degrees off the temperature that's what it is going to feel like the wind may gust to 30 miles per hour as opposed to 40 to 50 during the day today. we've also had some snow showers back across northern new england great news picking up a couple fresh inches in the mountains of northern vermont, no big weather makers on the this between phrase, areas of
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push off the mid-atlantic, high pressure is building in we'll lock in cold air too as we head into the end of theweek. we turn our attention to the weekend storm the energy is still in the pacific, as the storm center develops over the south eastern united states, it is likely to take a track up the eastern seaboard and pass somewhere south and east of nantucket, if it comes a little closer we may get more mixing in south eastern mass, if it tracks out to sea it will be a colder and snowier scenario here in southern new england. it is a big impact here all the way from the carolinas back through virginia and west virginia, d.c., philly, new york city as well. friday through sunday time frame, and it is not just heavy snow, it is a damaging wind gust and coastal concerns with beach erosion at the coastline. so it is tuesday, keep that in mind.
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plowable snowfall effect where the precipitation shots off either way it looks like a low massachusetts, depending how close the storm gets we may get mixing that occurs on the cape and the island. accuweather seven day forecast, it is about the cold, the wind will slowly subside over the next two days friday, is when we'll feel a little bit better because the wind won't be that strong, either way it looks like it pulls out of here early on sunday and temperatures will be in the low 30s heading into the start of next week, back to you. on the health watch new concerns about nail polish and the chemicals in it about half nail polish contains a flame retardant chemical called tphp. a study found every woman had elevated levels of the chemical after they painted their nails
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reproductive and developmenttal issues in animals. today a recall from trader joes the chain has pulled raw cashew pieces off their shelves over salmonella concerned the recall affects 2 dozen states including all of new england. you can find more details right on our website don't forget c bs coming together on on
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. remembering glen fry, a founding member of the eagles passed away. his guitar and song writing created some of the biggest hits of all time. he joined don to create one of the most successful groups the eagles, selling more than 150 million albums the group broke up in 1980 but reunited in 1994 and four years later was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. he died of compliation from
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pneumonia. i know crossing paths with glen changed my life forever, had an impact on the lives of millions all over this planet. rest in peace my brother, you did what you set out to do and then some. glen was 67 years old. it is hollywood's biggest night. the oscars. some stars plan to boycott the awards show. >> i will not be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. that's actress jayna smith along with director spike lee, they both say they'll skip the show because the academy failed to nominate colors for the second year in a row. cheryl boone isaac says it is time for changes and going to take steps to alter the make up of the membership. two legendary musicians summer. sting and peter gabriel announced they are teaming up
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have their own songs and also sing each other's hits too. that's good. something to look forward to. >> duets there. for years he's been the steady voice of reason. we're talking about david who plays donald duckie howard, he has a new role, calling man. >> not back on my heals by the whole thing that happened, suddenly i have a book people are talking about could be a smile. you can see him as duckie in a brand new episode tonight at 8:00 right here on wbz, he was very sweet and humble too had. that is a huge show. >> straight ahead if you're up
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>> out of this world things you'll be able to see stay with us. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced
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into your pass words? coming up on the news at 5:00 a list of the most popular pass words of 2015 and a lesson in what not to do. i think we could all use a little bit of lesson in there. better to make safe pass words. an out of this world site. for the first time in 11 years you'll be able to see five planets, the viewing time is 5 minutes before sun rise sun comes up at 7:08, you could see mercury, venus, satern and mars. it is all about the cold, the wind going to be with us the next couple of days won't be as strong as today, all eyes on the weekend storm could be significant as we head into the morning time frame. thank you so much. we want to say good we and best
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allison is retiring after 42 years here at the station
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