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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  January 20, 2016 11:35pm-12:38am EST

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winter driving. >> we're still focusing south of pike for the best chances of snowfall. we will keep you updated. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. >> welcome stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey! hey! ( cheers and applause ) welcome to "the late show with stephen colbert"! thank you very much. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen!
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had. that's nice. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you so much. please! please, have a seat. thank you so much. thank you so much. boy, i need your energy. i've been-- some of you may have noticed who watch the show, i was sick for about the past week, but i'm on the z-pack right now. i got the neutron bomb of the antibiotics in my body. and it's like i feel like i'm-- my body is a house that was on fire. and the z-pack came in, and they're like the fire department-- they put it out, but there's a lot of water damage now. ( laughter ) and i'm on the mend, you know. but it's like my body has now been taken over by those guys from serve pro, and they're tearing out the sheetrock inside and the carpeting and saying, "you can't live here for, like, six weeks. you have to move to a hotel."
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thank you for your support. is that clear? >> jon: very clear, uh-huh. >> stephen: i love metaphors. i'm stephen colbert. do you guys like christian bale? you hesitated but you came through. you said to yourself, if we say no, he might not do the jokes." thank you. i really do like him. he's an amazing actor. he always, like, comes through, like wa powerful, physical transformation of his body. really throws himself into the role. lost, like, 63 pounds to play the machinist, bulked up for the batman. so i was shocked when i found out that christian bale has backed out of playing ferrari founder enzo ferrari, gain enough weight healthily before shooting began. and, like, he knows his own business. first of all, christian, if "healthily," you're not doing it right.
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okay? and i think the problem here is that christian bale is not an american. he is british. he is so british, his home town is haverfordwest, pembrokeshire, which i believe is the imaginary place where "thomas the tank engine" lives. haverfordwest, pembrokeshire, but, christian, as an american, you're an american now. this is the world that gave democracy, the moon landing, and unlimited bread sticks. so let me give you the american plan to pack on the pounds. first step: only eat cereals that have cartoon characters on the front and, like, a maize on the back. here's the pro tip-- we all know
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that burns too many calories. and if that doesn't work, just book a two-hour layover at the charlotte, north carolina, airport. ( cheers and applause ) these people know. these people know. you go straight to the food court. start at the chili's too. hit the papa john's and the sbarro's. then the cinnabon and the einstein brothers bagels. put a cinnabon between two cinnamon raisin bagels, fill the middle with cream cheese, and cover it in liquid blaze. that's a combo i call, "go toward the light." sometimes called the kevorkian. this will, i promise you, you gotta want it, but that will get you fat enough for the role, okay. this is the warning. you have to understand this. but before you catch your connecting flight, you will have to buy your ass its own ticket. good luck, christian. you can do it. woobl in you. >> jon: you can do it!
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( applause ) we have got a double-stuffed show for you tonight. first up, we'll be talking to the great and kinda spooky actor james spader. he's the star of the hit show "the blacklist." so i'm assuming it's not about this year's oscar nominees. ( applause ) that's fair. that's fair. >> jon: wooo! >> stephen: and if you're old enough, you might remember him from "sex, lies and old enough, you might even remember videotape. then i'll talk with new york jets wide receiver brandon marshall. ( cheers and applause ) i don't know what-- heisman. >> stephen: this is the extent i know about football... i'm not sure-- i'm not sure how the jets did this year, but if he's here tonight, i'm guessing they could
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( laughter ) hey! hey! then i'll talk with superstar podcaster sarah koenig. ( cheers and applause ) her show-- ( applause ) her show "serial" digs up the truth about serious crimes. so i like to think of it as, "csi: npr." then, we'll have a cooking demonstration from run-dmc's hip-hop legend rev run. that is sweeter than a cinnabon. those are the sweet sounds of jon batiste and stay human. say hi, everybody! they're counting down to "late show" liftoff, but first, one more thing: coca-cola has replaced its slogan "open happiness" with "taste the feeling,"
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sticking with it's slogan "champagne for stoners." >> tonight, stephen welcomes james spader! jets wide receiver brandon marshall. "serial" podcast host sarah koenig. and rev run. featuring jon batiste and stay human. ( cheers and applause ) and now it's time for "the late
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thanks, everybody! oh, man! here we go! ( cheers and applause ) happy hump day, first of all. i love hump day. it's a nice reminder that no matter how bad things get, the end is in sight. unless you're talking about donald trump. because nothing, but nothing will eve stop this guy. he's way ahead in the polls, he's getting all the endorsements, and i'm not surprised, because there's no one on earth like donald trump. well, except may one person. >> i'm here to support the next president of the united states, donald trump.
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since you've been gone ya-ya god i have missed you. it's like a magical eagle made a wish on a flag pin and it came to life. which is great. for me. because while trump admittedly has given me so much material to make jokes about, nobody compares to the original material girl. ( cheers and applause ) and sarah palin is such a pro, she knows, when you're on a reunion tour, the crowd only wants to hear the greatest hits. >> i want you to try to picture this. it's a nice thing to picture. exactly one year from tomorrow, former president barack obama-- ( applause ) -- he packs up the teleprompters and the selfie sticks and the greek columns and all that
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heads on back to chicago where i'm sure he can find some community there to organize again. we're not going to chill. in fact, it's time to drill, baby, drill, down and hold these folks accountable. >> stephen: woooo! ( cheers and applause ) drill, baby, drill! hopey changey! changey hopey. do "lamestream media!" do "lipstick on a pitbull." say "hockey mom!" i mean, look at her. she has not missed a step! she's like michael jordan in the play-offs! she is unconscious! you gotta give it up. she knows what to do. there are so many other things i could say about yesterday's endorsement, but not nearly as many as sarah palin could. >> they stomp on our neck, and then they tell us, just chill, ok?
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they've been wearing this political correctness kind of like a suicide vest. we kowtow, and we apologize, and then we bend over and say, "thank you, enemy." you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass? then, funny-- haha, not funny-- but now what they're doing is wailing, "well, trump and his trumpeters, well, they're not conservative enough." he doesn't get his power, his high off of opium, other people's money. he builds big things, things that touch the sky. right wing and bitter clinging, proud clingers of our guns our god and our religions and our constitution. no more pussy-footin' around. can i get a hallelujah? >> stephen: hallelujah! hallelujah! wooo!
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wooo! ( cheers and applause ) sarah palin just guaranteed trump the evangelical vote because i think she was speaking in tongues! ( applause ) i just wish she could endorse every candidate, because i think it would sound something like this: first, let me tase the part of my brain that understands sentence structure. ( laughter ) ( applause ) okey-dokey, here we go-key. ( laughter ) greetings, and welcomes to all across americans, you go-getters and toe-tappers, you motor city
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i'm here to support the next president of all our states, the joyful tortoise, jeb bush. ( cheers and applause ) he's gonna kick al-baghdadi in the al-ballbag. and you say to yourself, "the media" -- and you know they do. and don't get me started on old barry o'bama's secretary of hiding e-mails. which is why i'm here to support the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. she's been the first lady, and last time i checked the constitution, "first" is number one. or did they change that in the textbooks? you say funny, haha. i say "honey boo-hoo." but i also say honey nut cheerios. they're grrreat! ( cheers and applause ) and so are-- so are-- come on you,un. no, they do. no, they do. so are fluffernutter, monkey butter, bell ringer, chicken finger on this monday-to-friday plane! and i'm sick of it.
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our next president of the united states, marco rubio, the proud son of immigrants from cuba-- which we're now letting airplanes fly to, thanks to our current commander-in-spleef going commando because the emperor's got no clothes on, apologizing to bin laden for dumping him down at the bottom of the ocean. we need a leader who's got the thick skin to tell 'em everything's better down where it's wetter under the sea! that's why i'm here to support our next president of the united states, sebastian the crab. you know, you know, look at this. look at this. ( cheers and applause ) you can't deal with this! putin can't deal with that. he can't do it, no. i've seen it. i've seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked. just ask our next president, who can or cannot be a woman. animal, vegetable, or snow machine. because they're the only one with the no-nonsense, no-washington, no-bama, no shirt, no shoes, no service,
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nome, alaska. which is my home state! which is why i'm endorsing the next president of the united states, sarah palin. this has been my inauguration. ( cheers and applause ) thank you and god bless everybody! i now resign to make a real difference. we'll be right back with james spader. she's great! i need to collect your phones so you can't post pictures. [screams] how does it feel to not be connected? my chest hurts. let me show you a better way to keep connected. the 2016 chevy cruze offers built in 4g lte wi-fi that connects up to 7 devices. current qualified gm lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this well-equipped cruze limited for around $179 per month. find new roads at
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. welcome back. my first guest tonight is an emmy-award-winning star of stage, television, and film. he now stars in "the blacklist". >> now, given the publicity surrounding the assistance i representedderred to specialage elizabeth keene during her recent stint as a fugitive, i understand where one suspicion may come from, but it is unfounded. and before this dinner is over, i will not only prove that i have not betrayed us. i will identify the person who has. >> save your breath. your grave's already been dug.
11:53 pm
is that correct? that doesn't sound correct. >> i think it is dig. >> i suppose they're both sounds funny either way. i'm sorry, you were saying. >> stephen: please welcome james spader. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: that's very nice. do you-- do you and jonue guys know each other? >> no, not at all. not at all. you are great, great. >> stephen: aren't they amazing? incredible band. >> stephen: thank you. . >> stephen: that was a very friendly thing to do. i don't think any of my guests have-- has anyone else hugged >> oprah. >> stephen: oprah. you remind me a lot of oprah. >> probably a better hug than mine. but anyway, you're great. >> stephen: one of the reasons i'm excited to have you on the
11:54 pm
called the strangest man on television. ( laughter ) do you like that? >> i'll take that. >> stephen: do you like that moniker? >> yeah, i'm take that. >> stephen: what do you think it's from? is it the parts you get or the way you do them? >> i think that there's-- i think there's a search engine in me for that. i think that's what i -- >> you've got a filter process that only the weird gets through? ( laughter ) i-- i think that's-- well, i've been with the same agent for decades and decades and decades, so i think at this point now, i'm sent those things. ( laughter ) but -- >> no one sent you a perfectly normal suburban dad and really nice guy? >> there was a film i did years ago called "secretary" that was a very sort of. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: you were not that normal in "secretary." i saw that. i'm not popping that in with my 14-year-old. >> okay. you'd be surprised at the people who have come up who say they loved that film. >> stephen: really? no, i loved that film.
11:55 pm
it-- >> i just mean very, very staid, and-- which i guess is appropriate considering that content. >> stephen: exactly. you never know what goes on behind closed doors. >> you never know. thank goodness. >> stephen: exactly. none of our business. none of our business. >> it's nice to hear about it every so often. s love that. >> stephen: that's what james spader parts are for. >> yes, yes. i think there's been eye look for that in my life, in my personal life. i'm always drawn to the eccentric and-- >> stephen: you do eccentric things, like-- or you just like to be around eccentric people? >> yeah, i like that a lot. and i like-- i'm definitely one of those people on the street when there's something strange and maybe even disturbing going on in the street, i tend to be drawn to it. ( laughter ) and -- >> so, jon, it's not that much of a compliment that he came over to you. ( laughter )
11:56 pm
>> i think jon and i are doing just fine. >> stephen: really? okay, all right. >> i think jon and i are doing just fine. >> stephen: okay, good. >> i think we're going to do just fine. >> stephen: do you ever get, like-- >> getting back to that, i think i've looked for that with my friends, my-- ( laughter ) my family. we're very eccentric. and the ones that are still alive, still are quite eccentric. ( laughter ) and i think that ultimately, i probably-- i actually had never really thought about it until just now, but i think probably i have looked for those characters to have as my friends as well, and the work that i do. and i can't help myself in the things that i play allowing my pecularrities to be-- the peculiarities of the character to be the thing that is most compilgand interesting to me. the character i play in that show is a very peculiar guy.
11:57 pm
for the people who don't know, he is an informant. he is a-- >> he's a criminal, really. >> stephen: he's a criminal who has turned informant for the f.b.i. >> yes, yes. it's funny, though, he -- >> funny ha-ha? or... ( laughter ) funny odd. >> it is sometimes funny ha-ha. >> stephen: that scene was funny but also threatening at the same time. >> yes. >> stephen: that's james spader-- threatening and funny at the same time. ( laughter ). >> i hope so. i hope so. >> stephen: so you like discomfort and-- >> i'm perfectly comfortable with that. i'm comfortable with discomfort. >> stephen: you're comfortable with discomfort and awkwardness. >> and i think that's something that's very important about that character, for instance. it was something they saw immediately when i read the pilot is that put in the moist chaotic and extreme set of circumstances, he's quite comfortable in that. and i think that part of it is a
11:58 pm
had more of in our society today is a fearlessness in that-- ( applause ) >> stephen: where do you think that fear come from? where do you think that fear comes from? >> insecurity, i think, to a great degree. and also insecurity is provoked by people in the media and spokespeople for politicians and so on and so forth, depending on how it can serve them expwhrt. >> stephen: the fear can be comoddified. there is a way to make money off-- >> without a doubt. fear is a currency. it also comes from the fact that we hear about things that say when i was a child, you wouldn't necessarily hear about because of the amount of access that there is with-- first it started with television, and then it's only blossomed with the internet, if there was an argument between two neighbors somewhere decades and decades
11:59 pm
and those two neighbors can be countries with one another or communities with one another. if there was an argument or a disagreement between the two of them, it was between the two of them, with the advent of television, suddenly, third parties were brought into the mix to try and influence an outcome. >> stephen: now you tweet your argument. >> yeah, and now it's-- now with the internet, it's exploded. >> stephen: you instagram how they raked their leaves on to your property. >> yes. >> stephen: do you do any of that, do you share yourself intimately on the internet, anything like that? >> no. >> stephen: i bet you'd get a lot of followers if you did, james spader. wouldn't you follow him? ( applause ) i right now, i right now am the devil on your shoulder. >> right. >> stephen: telling you to join the great sharing economy. >> i think the devil probably has much more interesting things to try and motivate one to do. >> stephen: really. >> than tweeting. >> stephen: i doubt a more interesting target than james spader. >> maybe.
12:00 am
catch for our infernal father below. >> where where the time comes from -- >> i don't have time. i don't know how people have time for alcohol, drugs and affairs. there is no time for that. not if you have a full-time job. >> one has to make time for certain things. ( applause ). >> stephen: fair enough. sound advice, sound vase, james spader. "the blacked list is on thursday 9:00 p.m. on nbc and streaming on netflix. james spader, everybody, we'll be right back. ( applause ) stand out. by design.
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still not feeling well? know when i got sick my mom used to make me chicken noodle soup. aw, ok... you should call your mom. bye. campbell's chicken noodle soup. there when no one else is. campbell's.
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back. my next guest is an nfl star who plays wide receiver for the new york jets.
12:03 am
( applause ) >> stephen: i'm going to wait until you sit down so i'm the same height as you. thanks for being here. i don't know. >> is that how you hold the ball. >> stephen: like this? like that? no? i figured this was to get away from a insure short player. now, let's talk about the game, first of all, that everybody is looking forward to this weekend. >> which one, the jets? >> stephen: yeah. everybody's looking forward to that one. no, it's peyton manning and the broncos versus tom brady and the patriots. >> yeah. >> stephen: okay. peyton has lost 11 of 16 of these, but you think he takes this weekend? >> in the postseason, the record versus brady and manning is 2-2. >> stephen: oh, okay, so it's a jump ball. >> yes. >> stephen: to cross my metaphors. >> yes, postseason is when it counts. unfortunately, i'm just not in it.
12:04 am
we will get to your disappointment. ( laughter ) because-- no, i don't think it's warranted, but you've got disappointments. one more thing, pound for pound, who is the better quarterback? >> mmm. >> stephen: we know brady's handsome. we know he's much more handsome. >> tom brady is handsome. he has a super model wife. his wife makes more money than him. his hair is awesome. brady, brady. ( cheers and applause ) brady. >> stephen: peyton manning, though, has much more forehead. he beats him on the forehead. if he lose-- this might be peyton manning's last game if he loses it, right? that's the word. >> i think it is, regardless, as far as, you know, this year. i think that-- it kind of reminds me of watching kobe bryant, right. where these last couple of years you've seen the guy really hit a wall. you know, these are legends, living legends, and all of a sudden, they can't do it anymore physically. but i am a huge peyton manning fan. i am a fan of the redemption story.
12:05 am
and wins and makes it to the super bowl. >> stephen: you like the underdog. >> i love the underdog. but how can peyton manning really be an underdog, right? >> stephen: you said peyton manning changed the way the game it played. what do you mean by that? before were they allowed to bring bats and knives. before yelling "oak what," what does he do? >> omaha, that's what he does differently. when you look at the quarterback position, usually the play caller from upstairs scawlz the plays, he sends it in, the quarterback hears it, and he spits it out. but peyton, he get to the explien he has total control, and way eh lot of what he does is like playing chess. so before he mic's the linebacker and puts everyone in protection, he is playing games with the defense. they don't even he's running the ball, if he passing the ball, if he's getting-- going from a run to a pass. they don't know what he's doing. and that's where the game is won for peyton manning. >> stephen: wow, i like the idea of him playing like chess.
12:06 am
diagonally, some have to go into an "l-"shape. one move at a time. ( laughter ) now, let's talk about your season. you had the best season of your career but you still call it a failure. why do you call it a failure? >> man. >> stephen: you did what you had to do. >> the way i look at it is if you're on the "colbert show," you're a loser. >> stephen: you know what? i'm with you. i'm with you on that one. >> no, hold on, hold on. let me fix that. >> stephen: i'm not sure if there is any fixing that, actually. ( laughter ) this time of year. >> this time of year. >> stephen: yeah. >> and i get it. you know -- >> you didn't make the play-offs. >> who wanted in the seat -- >> we want you? >>. we want you in the seat right now. i didn't make the play-offs, either. nobody here made the play-offs. did you make the play-offs. don't feel so bad. you're with your people, people who didn't make the play-offs. we belong with each other. ( applause ) you-- i want to ask you about
12:07 am
you very much are your own man. you knew you were going to get find but you went ahead and wore green shoes to support a cause you believe wholeheartedly in. tell me about the cause, what you got fined for and why. >> my wife and i founded project 377 a couple of years ago, and the reason why is because i was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. what is that? basically it's an emotional disorder. some people get pissed off and they get back to baseline well, i couldn't do that. it's almost like a football player where you expect that guy to be this beast, this monster on the field, but have that switch to turn it off when he walks off. well, i had a hard time of doing that. when i felt was valid, but the way i went about doing things was totally wrong. so, you know, when i was at mclean hospital, i was sitting in group therapy, and there was a doctor, there was a-- an attorney, insurance broker, student, i was an nfl player, and then there was also a social worker, clinician.
12:08 am
all got up, after hearing these stories, some were suicidal. some tried to commit suicide the night before. and we went into the parking lot like everything was okay. and i thought how many others are out there suffering? and i tell people all the time, you know, where we're at today in our community is where the cancer and h.i.v. community was 20, 25 years ago. what we have to do is galvanize this community. and also, i brought you some gifts man. >> stephen: these are all things associated with 375. and green is your color. >> mind over matter. >> stephen: this is 375 color. >> some shoes. >> stephen: that is nice. and some nail polish. >> nail polish for your wife and daughter. >> stephen: let's get it going, baby. let's get it going right now. >> no, we're not going to paint our fingers. >> stephen: come on, we're going to do it right now. come on. >> go ahead. ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: all right, there we go. all right!
12:09 am
all right, brandon marshall, the project 375. we'll be right back. thank you, brandon. ( cheers and applause ) nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome back. my next guest is the host of the wildly popular "serial" podcast. please welcome sarah koenig! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: nice to see you again. >> thank you! >> stephen: congratulations on another season of "serial." for the people who don't upon, "serial" the first major breakout podcast, the first podcast to, downloaded a million times, right. what is it like to be big time in podcasting? is it all just golden microphones and diamond-studied water bottles and ira glass! get my coffee. what is it? >> my favorite thing is my
12:14 am
me "big time" now. "hey, big time!" >> stephen: you are big time. the first season of "serial" the one that blew up was a high school murder mystery. the question was, was adnan guilty? did he do it? this year, you've got a totally different approach to the story. it's about bowe bergdahl, who we know deserted, so what's the question this year? >> we know he walked off his post. >> stephen: okay. >> so this is the question, did he desert? what does that mean? >> stephen: okay. what does he say? if you walk off your post without permission, how is that not deserting? >> he's saying that he was trying to go back to his forward operating base, about 20 miles away, to call attention to what he saw as leadership problems in his unit, that he was in fact trying to help his platoon mate s. >> stephen: so he was going around the chaip of command to get attention for what he thought-- he also said he also
12:15 am
a real-life jason bourne. >> i would wager that a large proportion of people who join the military would also like-- i would like to be jason bourne. who would not like to be jason bourne. >> stephen: pretty rough life. >> but he's jace jaison bourne. i get that. bowe bergdahl is-- he's an incredibly resilient person. i mean, i wouldn't-- like, whatever. >> stephen: let's go over his case again for the people who need to be caught up. how long was he held captive by >> almost five years. >> stephen: and we got him back, taliban prisoners in in american hands were traded back for him. how many prisoners were traded? >> five. >> stephen: five. that. people thought he was a deserter. we shouldn't be trading back for him. you have spoken to him directly about the trade? or about any of this? >> no. >> stephen: who are you talking to?
12:16 am
have of bowe bowe bergdahl is coming through mark bowl, a screenwriter and producer, and he had been wanting to make a movie so he had all these tapes for his research. so i have that material. i've talked to mark extensively about bowe, and i have done the reporting around him, tons of soldiers, friends and family, people in the state department, white house-- you know, just sort of, like, all over the place, to try to figure it out. >> stephen: did you-- have you ( laughter ). >> yeah, i did, yeah. >> stephen: you spoke to the taliban? >> yeah. >> stephen: did you call 1-800-taliban? how does one get in touch with the taliban? >> well... so, you know, you talk to someone who actually has connections with the taliban. >> stephen: who would that be, sarah. let me write this down so i can call the authorities here. who do you know who has connections with the taliban? >> so we have been working with this wonderful reporter, so he's
12:17 am
all these guys. he grew up with a lot of them. >> stephen: so you pick up the phone and call and the taliban picks up? >> what you have do, actually, is because they're all worried about being listened to, seam had to get him basically a burper phone to do it. so that we could safely -- >> what was it like? first of all, do, they listen to the podcast? >> i mean, sammy told me, yeah, that they have listened to it, yeah. ( applause ). >> stephen: and-- and-- do they like it? ( laughter ) >> i mean,. >> stephen: do they like it? >> yeah. ( laughter ) >> stephen: that's aeate blurb-- "the taliban likes it." you're going to two a week now, right? aren't you going to two a week now? >> well, there are two meanings to biweekly and it can be every other week or twis a week. we're doing the every other week. >> stephen: all it says on
12:18 am
>> my whole office -- >> and the word "biweekly" swings both ways. well, the next episode of "serial "comes out tomorrow, right? >> tomorrow. >> stephen: we're looking forward to it. >> me, too! ( laughter ). >> stephen: and you know who else is? the taliban. ( laughter ) sarah koenig, everybody. we'll be right back. thank you so much. ( applause ) indulgence... no longer comes at a price. well, actually it does... but it's just $9.99 new hot shot whisky chicken applebee's grill & bar favorites made a little better for you. featuring new dishes loaded with flavor, and all under 650 calories. boom. told ya. hey know it alls, you're welcome. now that t-mobile has double the lte coverage you can prove you're right to more people in more places. faulty fuel injector
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everybody. legendary run-dmc, became reality tv's #1 minister with "run's house" and now "rev run's sunday suppers." please welcome, rev run. ( cheers and applause ) thanks so much for being here. >> honored. >> stephen: god be with you. >> thank you, and also with you. >> stephen: we're going to cook here in just a second.
12:26 am
a little quick thing going on in your career. you're about to get a lifetime career achievement grammy, run-dmc. congratulations. >> we'll be the first rappers to ever get it. >> stephen: the first rappers to ever get a lifetime achievement. >> it's a platinum grammy. >> stephen: what? i got two gold grammys. >> two gold grammys still grammy. but it's still good! >> stephen: no, i understand. >> i didn't want to, like, let go of my power, but i wanted to let you know that's good. >> stephen: i understand. you gotta speak the truth. >> i can't lie. i have a collar on. >> stephen: you have donee so many things-- rap pioneer, a minister, a reality star. now you're cook. >> yes, on the cooking channel. >> stephen: on the cooking channel. show is called. >> "rev run's sunday suppers." >> stephen: but ironically, it's on wednesdays. why not have it on sundays so people can watch it and cook along with you? >> i don't know why they did that, but i'm happy. it's good rate ratings.
12:27 am
cooking channel. >> stephen: is it? congratulations? ratings. walk me through what a sunday surp might be with rev run. >> we're going to make kabobs. this is beef steakica book. you be the suis chef, and i'll be the chef. you take the steak and put it on-- the. >> stephen: the kabob. >> take a piece of fruit. >> stephen: meat and fruit. i've never done it that way. what now? >> then you put another piece of meat. >> stephen: what do you hope people get from the show? i know from "run's house" it was all about love. what count to get out of this? >> everybody actually these days is in fast food and nobody is hanging out and being together, and everybody is on their cell phones. so i wanted to bring people together. i wanted people to have one day a week, at least, where the family sits down. and i'm an old-fashioned type of guy. >> stephen: as a dad-- how many kids do you have?
12:28 am
>> stephen: wow! >> the reverend been bn working. ( laughter ). >> stephen: he hab-- >> rockin' '. >> stephen: exactly. do you allow things at the kitchen table? are there electronic-- >> zero. >> stephen: none of that? >> no cell phones. i get a bag -- >> all right ( applause ) put it on here. can i cress it once i get it on there? >> you tick ktake it -- >> a little marinade. are kids allowed-- the whole thing is to keep them at the table when they're at the table. are they allowed to get up to leave? >> you can have a bathroom break but that's it. >> stephen: really? >> first i say a prayer. we have a nice meal. we laugh. we talk. again, old fashioned. and then when the dinner's over, you're skewed. but not until then. >> stephen: how many boys do you have? >> i have digy, russy, and jo-jo. >> stephen: i have two boys. >> you have two boys. >> stephen: and i'm not sure i would give them sharp
12:29 am
it would turn into a sword. >> i gave it to you and trusted you wouldn't point it at me, but, hey, i was wrong. ( laughter ). >> stephen: you know what i'd like to say? if one of the kids tries get up and leave the meal, you're a reverend, you can try this. >> tell me. >> stephen: just say, "children, do you know who the first one was to leave the last supper? judas." they will sit back down. so we've done this. let's let this cook. we have our finished ones right here. what are we going to serve on the side? >> this is a little roasted potatoes, a little bit of roasted carrots go with that. do you like it. >> stephen: i love it. >> do you like to cook at home. >> stephen: i love cook at home. i think of this show like a meal inspect. in the morning, what happened today, we chock chopit up, turn it into jokes. ( applause ). >> so life it like cooking. >> stephen: rub a little bit of that on it. yeah, life it like cooking. >> look it, we're really cook on television. >> stephen: we absolutely are. we're having cocoa with our kabob. that's an interesting combination.
12:30 am
now, this is called hot chocky. >> stephen: is that different than hot chocolate. >> it's just something i wanted to say really quick. i thought it's in my mind, i'm on tv, i can say what i want. it makes no sense. >> you're rev run, the platinum grammy, carte blanche. >> preach on a sunday, rap on a monday. what do you like on your hot chocky. >> i like that. i like whipped cream. what do you like on your hot chocky. >> i like whipped cream. the rest is null and void. >> stephen: here we go. >> to you. >> stephen: season 3 of "rev run's sunday suppers" premieres wednesday, january 27, at 10 p.m. on the cooking channel! number one show, we'll be right
12:31 am
stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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