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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30 tracking our weekend storm. the mid-atlantic to be slammed what does it phene for -- mean for us at home. >> a taxi burst into flames with a passenger inside. the video and rescue. >> saved by a patriots player we are hearing from the woman fleming. >> and the pats back on the field preparing to face the championship. we have you covered from foxboro to denver. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning and it's 4:30 i
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>> i am chris mckinnon it's thursday january 21st and all eyes are on a weekend nor'easter. >> blizzard watches were issued for new york long island and northern new jersey and in effect dc and baltimore and we got a taste of what's coming last night. snow brought the evening rush hour to a standstill in the nation's capital but that snow is not a part of what's to come. >> danielle niles is in this morning tracking the storm and what to expect in our neck of the woods. >> we will see nothing like what they will see through the mid atlantic in new york city too. that's where the jackpot is going to be. for us at home the first flakes during saturday afternoon and evening from south to north. saturday morning is fine midday we should be doing okay. the peak of the snow and the winds comes saturday night into very early the predawn on sunday morning especially in southeastern massachusetts. and it will be winding down quickly as it exits the region on sunday morning. the snow will taper off. high tide on sunday morning maybe too. the seas will build and we
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could be talking about a gusty wind at the coast creating minor coastal flooding as well as beach erosion concerns too. until then the weather is quiet and 17 in worcester and 23 in boston. but you have to pathor in the wind and the wind is the big story this week. 8 degrees what it feels like in worcester. 13 in boston because the wind is gusting occasionally between about 15 and 20 miles per hour. we have just a couple scattered clouds here from southern new hampshire to the cape otherwise today will feature a ton of sunshine and rising through the upper 20s by the time we get to lunchtime today and that wind may gust occasionally 20 to 30 miles per hour and it would be blustery and cold and dry and temperatures in the mid-20s heading into the ride home. i will take you through hour by hour and we will give you a look at what to expect. >> thank you very much. a warning for airline passengers ahead of this weekend's storm. >> a lot of carriers telling passengers to change their flights before the snow arrive. delta southwest and american
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are among airlines allowing you to make the switch without spaying a fee. if you are traveling this weekend expect cancellations and major delays. people in the mid atlantic preparing for the storm. one grocery store shelf empty. shoppers racing to stock up on all staples and they are hitting hardware stores shovel and salts. get the latest weather including the updates on the weekend storm with the cbs boston weather app free. so down hoed it in the goggle or -- down load it in the google or apple app stores. police are investigating a deadly crash in framingham a25- year-old man was hit and killed crossing route 9. police say he was in the crosswalk and the driver did stop. incredible video of this morning. a taxi cab burst in flames in quincy the driver got out and
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look at the video right now. a nearby witness captured the scene on the cell phone. crews rushed to put flames out. an elderly woman was riding in the back seat and needed help getting out of the car. >> his only concern was her safety and he was heroics and took care of her needs before anything else and got her inside the building. so she was very grateful to him. >> and thank goodness fortunately no one was hurt. patriots player getting praise for a play off the field saving a total stranger trapped in a car after a crash. now she is speaking out for the first time. wbz jim smith has the story. >> reporter: pats linebacker darius flemming is no stranger to football stadiums but is being called a hero off the field. last thursday he was driving on route 1 after practice and came upon a car crash a woman who doesn't want her identity revealed was trapped. >> there was smoke coming from
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and i tried to kick open the passenger side window when i saw someone approach and he gestured that he would kick the window open and did after a couple attempts. i saw he was wearing a patriots sweatshirt and athletic and i assumed it was a patriots player. >> reporter: the doctor was working nearby and saw the rescue. >> he was lifting up his he leg and kicking out the door and window and he was not a small man. so it was you know a nice strong kick obviously. >> reporter: he was determined. >> yes. yeah she was clawing at the window to get out and was very scared. >> reporter: fleming says he act on instiffening. >> the smoke started to freak me out and i can't tell her i will be right back it's like get her out now and i started to quick it -- kicking it and i wasn't sure if it was going to break but the third kick it broke and that's it. >> reporter: safe to say
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>> never so grateful that he was -- ever so grateful he was there and pulled over and was heroic in that way. >> reporter: as for the driver, she was not hurt but fleming did suffer injuries. in fact 22 stitches in his right calf. but he went onto play against the chiefs right here at gillette on saturday night. in foxboro jim smith wbd is it -- wbz this morning. >> fleming and the patriots preparing for the afc championship game against the broncos. here's the first prize they are playing for check it out. lamar hunt trophy on display in denver. team that wins this heads to super bowl 50 in santa clara. it's pretty shiny too. it looks good. >> hasn't been touched yet. the pats will leave for denver tomorrow. >> coach belichick wants to get there early so the team is rested and ready to g patriots hit the practice field yesterday for the first time since saturday's win. they practiced indoors and in sweats on sunday.
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manning for the 17th time. srnl been a great rivalry and brady says he enjoyed being part of it. certainly been a great rivalry and brady says he enjoyed being part of it. >> playing someone 17 times is a joy and especially someone as great as him. you know you have to play 60 minutes and you will be in for a tough game. >> and the respect is mutual. peyton manning had plenty good things to say about tom brady. >> i was taken back just respectful praise. dan roche takes a closer look at manning's point of view. >> reporter: when you think about the matchup you think of the quarterback position first because they are two the top five to ever play the position. they will face-off for the 17th time but manning played for two teams. colts and now the broncos while brady has been a patriot lifer. they have a tremendous amount of respect for each other and manning says it's a respect that carries on a and off the
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>> tom and i obviously have played against each other over the years and have had a chance to spend sometime not a great deal but sometime in the off season at a pro bowl or some type of event that brought us together definitely high respect from me and i appreciate some of the things he said about me as well. >> reporter: brady owns a 9-3 record against manning in the regular season. they are 2-2 in the post season with peyton winning the afc championship game in 2013. sunday should be a heck of a tie breaker. with the broncos here in englewood colorado dan roche. >> and wbz is the official patriots station on sunday starting off with a live two- hour edition of patriots game day at noon. kick off at 3 followed by the tv38. state police now confirming the refs for the patriots
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chiefs game left the footballs boston hotel. police say a hyatt employee called and the trooper had to foxboro. the footballs to be used by the kickers arrived an hour before the game. the story was first reported by the embarrassing mistake was two days before the anniversary of the deflate gate scandal. switching gears to campaign 2016 and a growing lead in the republican race in new hampshire. latest poll shows donald trump up more than 20 points over ted cruz. jeb bush and marco rubio are battling for third place. and bill clinton is hoping his appearance yesterday in new hampshire will help his wife. polls show bernie sand wears big lead over hillary clinton in the granite state. governor baker will give the first state of the state address tonight and says that there will be a lot of positives in it. bakers says many of the topics will be one he spokes on before
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like the opioid addiction crisis but he will highlight bipartisan efforts like overhalls for the t and department of children and families and the rmve plans to detail elements of his -- he shall railroad-- rme. he plans to detail elements of his plans. you can watch it here starting at 7:30. ahead on wbz this morning the first death proof car. >> a auto make are's promise. >> and safety on the slopes. the steps a local mountain is chair lift. wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place where wall street banks
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my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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well doll back. 4:-- welcome back. 4:43. the automaker promising a death proof vehicle noon the worldwide stock sell off continues. hena daniels is live. >> reporter: good morning. stocks on wall street are off to the worst start of a year everch the slump continued as oil suffered the worst one day drop since september. dow jones lost 249 points after a late recovery and it had been
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down over 500 points. nasdaq slipped 5 points. waldo is promising a death proof car. they are pledging no one will be killed or seriously injured in a volvo car or s-uv by creating a self-driving car that will include technology such as lane assist collision avoidance and pedestrian detection. one of the models the volvo x690 had no u.s. fatalities in at the least 4 years. amazon is offering a full refund on any hover boards sold on the site. the popular two wheeled balancing boards have been plagued by falls resulting in serious injuries and fires. consumer product safety commission has been investigating the hoverboard safety and recommends anyone using one have a fire extinguisher nearby when charging or using the boards. >> quite a disclaimer there you going to buy this have this. >> riding around with a fire extinguisher. >> i will follow you. >> reporter: i might skip the
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>> i feel like it looks fun. if they don't. >> explode. >> there yeah. >> a little thing. thank you. >> see you next hour. we need to check the forecast. everybody is talking about the big storm that's moving up the east coast danielle. >> not going to be as significant for us as in new york city and dc and that's going to be a crippling storm through the mid-atlantic and northern portions of new jersey and long island. for us it's quiet until then and it will be a lower impact than southern new england. 17 in worcester and the wind not nearly as strong as it has been the past couple days. the board. a few over 20 miles per hour and there's a chill to the air still. real feel is 13 in boston and 8 in worcester right now. satellite and radar is quiet. we have got just a couple scattered clouds and the clouds will diminish over the next few hours and we are in for bright sunshine today. mostly sunny through the afternoon and the real feel
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that's what you want to dress for. it will come up around or shy of 30 today and the wind may gust occasionally over 20 miles per hour. that will be the case tonight too so it's clear and blustery feel and 18 downtown and about 10 to 15 in the suburbs and tomorrow won't be as windy. first day of the week where we may not see as many gusts over 20 miles per hour. we start with sunshine and end up with late day clouds that move in tomorrow. and high temperature will be right around 30 degrees. that's when the storms will ramp up to the south. there's snow all the way from nebraska through kansas and icein arkansas and the storm will dig south and tap the gulf of mexico later on today and develop into our storm center. the snow is going to blossom on the northern j by the time we get to tomorrow. for us again we are quiet by 5 p.m. the snow is advancing into dc and by the time we get to saturday morning, predawn is into new york city. for us the clouds thicken saturday morning.
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south to north during the late afternoon and evening. so that's when conditions will start to deteriorate here at home. notice the rain snow line. it may flirt with the outer capeand nantucket saturday evening and night. storm center itself passes well south and east of nantucket witbands of snow that lingers early sunday morning and wrap up from northwest to southeast. so, still over 48 hours out from this event there's going to be a very sharp cut off. this looks like a low impact and especially north of the mass pica sharp cut off in the city of boston with a few inches from the boston to worcester and providence corridor but the highest risk of 6 or more inches along the south coast back to the canal and the wind is an issue gusts topping out between 45 and 60 miles per hour on the cape and island. time frame is saturday night into sunday morning. that means we have got tide psychels to watch at the coastline.
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flooding and beach erosion especially on sunday morning. the sun may be out by sunday afternoon and rebound in temperatures will be in the 40s by tuesday. guys back to you. >> all right danielle we appreciate it. a ski accident highlighting slopes. >> a child fell off a chair lift at waw chewset mountain and louisa moller has the story and a message for all skiers. >> gentlemen how are you? >> reporter: when the ski patrolman talks to kids he promotes the freedom of the slopes. the fun of the sport. but above all else proper conduct on the mountain. enter the code. >> you know the code? >> reporter: a couple key points aimed at keeping kids safe with some sweet incentives. >> if you do, you get a hot chocolate today. >> reporter: even a shot at free passes. >> let's go. >> reporter: it's a big part of what the innovative approach to
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>> if we get the kids to do it, you know, to not step in the middle of the trail, ski with friends and don't ski alone. >> reporter: a culture that's just as intense when people follow the rules as when they don't like this week wheand 12- year-old boy fell off a chair lift but he is expected to be okay. >> we are hoping he will come back and do a safety message for us. >> reporter: staying safe is sim pi sit back hold on make sure everyone's heads are back and pull the bar down. with 86% of lift falls due to skier error it's the simple things they hope will continue to catch on. >> to be safe is to have fun. >> reporter: in princeton louisa moller wbz news. it's 4:49. coming up actor in dorchester native mark wahlberg in massachusetts the neating with governor baker and whether the request was pardon. and the star wars setback
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glid 4:52 on-- it's 4:52. we are hearing from the woman rescued from a car crash a week ago today by patriots linebacker darius fleming. she doesn't want her identity revealed but says he helped to -- rushed to help her when she was trapped in her vehicle. >> i started to try to kick
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and when i saw someone approach and he gestured that you know that whoa kick the window open couple attempts. >> another driver was not hrt but fleming needed 22 stitches on -- hurt but fleming needed 22 stitches and he went on to play against the chiefs. a taxi cab burst into look at this. the driver managed to escape and help a passenger who was trapped inside. we are told an elderly woman was riding in the back seat. the car. fortunately, nobody was hurt. police are investigating threats at another local high school. this time in methuen official evacuated the 2,000 students yesterday and took them to nearby elementary schools. bomb sniffing dogs inspected backpacks but found nothing. unlike the threats at more than a dozen schools on tuesday, this threat was e-mailed to a high school staffer. students are sent home for the day. on your way to work this morning, count the number of people you see using phones
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behind the wheels. some state lawmakers wants the number to go down and the massachusetts senate will debate a bill that would allow you to use your phone only if you use hands free technology. the bill would make it illegal to program gps while driving. mark wahlberg had another high-profile meet. ing in mass -- meeting in massachusetts. he had a ming with the governor he he has been in town to prepare for upcoming movie about the boston marathon bombings and was spotted at dorchester pub with danny keeler the boston police officer who was in command at the finish line and played a key role in the hunt for the tsarnaev brothers. adele is not up for grammys this year but is going to stop by and say hello. okay. we don't know what adele will sing at the show but she is on an impressive list of artist committed to perform at the awards show. other big names include
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the grammys air on february 15th right here on cb-s. disappointing news for star wars fan the release of the next movie in the block buster franchise has been delayed by about 6 months. that means fans will have to wait until december 2017. disney was not saying why but there's speculation the script is reworked a little bit. latest star wars film the force awakens has made nearly 2 billion dollars worldwide. >> it's not that far away all things considered. >> you know you are right. we waited so hong for this one so we can wake an extra 6 months for the next. 4:55. she has been a pats fan since the beginning. >> how the team is honoring a 99 year young super fan.
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really and truly think we can do it. think we can do it. >> she has followed the patriots from the very beginning. she seen the lowest points too. plenty of fans say they have never strayed from the patriots. >> i love her. but the woman you are about to meet has been a fan since the teen came into existence. her name is joe guenard she moved to foxboro 1929 more more than 40 years before the patriots but still as long as she can remember she never
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because she has a crush on tom brady. >> i like them all. i can't say i have a favorite i hike them all. >> most the girls like tom brady though. >> oh no i don't. i like what's his name gronk i like him too. >> oh my gosh we love her. and joe even has a custom patriots jersey the team gave to her to celebrate what it calls the attitude and the way she lives life. how i mean she is just fantastic. >> she likes gronk. >> i know. too funny. the cbs station in denver is challenging us to a contest to see which team has better fans. you know the deal we know the answer to this. but we want you to help prove it with the battle of the fans. all you have to do is go to our cbs boston facebook page and look for the battle of the fans photo and like it and share it to show we can spread our fans you know fan dom further than
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they can we know we are tried
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