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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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reschedule the flight. >> of course we are keeping a close eye on the nor'easter as it makes its way up the east coast. team coverage tonight but we begin with our chief meteorologist eric fisher with the answer to the big question how does it affect us. >> all right so we will brake it down for you. we have a storm-- break it down for you. we have a storm to look at. it's been a week waiting for this energy to work into the united states. starts with thunderstorms and severe weather along the gulf coast. that's the beginning stage that will become a large textbook snowstorm for mid-atlantic. looking towards saturday morning we have the peak know philly into dc and virginia and as we head into saturday afternoon the snow shield just makes it up into southern new england and then it's going to halt. the storm system not climbing up the coast, but really strateling an area moving off to the -- straddling an area moving off to the east a northeast. it will drag some snow through the area. but the heavy stuff will stay offshore. that's how it looks right now.
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like the south coast, the cape and island is the best chance for plowable snowfall. 2 to 5 inches potentially there. and as soon as you head north, there's a steep drop off. also tilted the lines a little bit like this and the reason is winds coming in off water could be a little bit of extra ocean enhancement and that gives us a coating to a couple inches on the south shore and into boston with flurries toward the pike. strong wind on saturday night expected particularly the cape and eyeland and the south coast up to-- islands and south coast up to 55 miles per hour. now lisa and david back to you. >> thanks so much. dc's mayor declared a state of emergency. she is urging everyone in the district to stay home tomorrow. >> but today, it's all about the fear and loathing as the storm gets closer. craig boswell is live in washington, d.c. where preparations i guess are well underway chris. >> reporter: they are. the metro rail system is shutting down tomorrow evening
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closed all weekend metro bus shut down at 5 friday an hour after the snow is supposed to begin rolling in. dc's mayor today apologized for the absolute debacle that happened 24 hours ago. when a dusting of snow absolutely shut down traffic going in and out of the city. hundreds of salt trucks and snowplows are getting ready for a blizzard in washington, d.c. up to 20 inches of snow is forecasted to blank the dc metro area -- blanket the dc metro areach the mayor warns it's aextremely large storm. >> unless you have to be out tomorrow afternoon, residents and commuters should get home as early as possible on friday. >> reporter: residence are-- rest depths are stock up. things. >> reporter: district officials say they are pretreating side streets and main roads ahead of the storms and want the plows in place. an inch paralyzed the nation's
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roads iced over leading to hundreds of accidents. president obama's motorcade got stuck in the traffic nightmare. but dc's mayor is getting ahead of the next storm. she is closed schools friday and she is declared a state of emergency as did maryland virginia and pennsylvania. >> more than 50 million people will be affected by the snow event alone. >> reporter: portions of new york and new jersey are under a blizzard watch. bulldozers building sand dunes along the coast to protect against storm surge. dc's mayor was anxious to show off the city snowplows. some 500 of them of various sizes along with about 40,000 tons of salt and they say about 800 people on the dc snow team to get out and get all of that equipment out to use. and dc's mayor is saying for people here, it's to stock up and lock down and stay inside and eric, big thanks to the the boston mayor for the offer the snow blowers. looks like we may need it and
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>> craig you know we have been there and feel your pain. winter. update. see the blizzard watches out for long island, new york city across new jersey and the blizzard warnings for department c and baltimore storm system. that's why i've been talking about it this we will. number one question i've been get something what is going to happen with my flight. people try to get to destinations laguardia and jfk and baltimore and dc and in charlotte which is a major connection hub. this is going to be interesting for a few reasons. there's going to be a large ice storm that will be track -- we will be tracking for sag causingbig disruption travel issues but as we go back to david and lisa what's going on in charlotte sunday night is the nfc championship game and you have to wonder how many people will be able to watch it and how many people can get to charlotte on sunday. >> people are worrying about that right now. thank you. good reminder to get the latest weather information including
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any time with the cbs boston weather app free in the google or apple app stores. >> always been a dream. 6 years. >> a dream come true for best ever. believe it or not rob gronkowski never spoke at the podium for the patriots until today a when he got three was funny. not all fun and games. patriots getting ready for the big game. we have team coverage of the patriots big game tonight including dan roche out in denver but first our sports director steve burton down at the cbs scene. >> thanks very much. you want good news, patriots had perfect attendance today. everybody was present and contracted -- accounted for and they were in full pads. today they hit themselves. sunday they can't wait to hit denver. here's how it went down.
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if they want to stop the offense they have to stop rob gronkowski. they talk about hitting him low and in the knees what they did previously knocking him out for the rest of the game. this morning gronk talked about dealing with the low blows after he got over the fact of being at the podium for the first time in his career. >> wow. my first podium. i am big time. >> how do you like it? >> it's a dream of yours. >> always been a dream. 6 years. it's probably the game. it's part of the game but i've seen it all year and my career and have to get low and get my shoulder down and protect the ball. just protect myself in anyway when i see a lot of guys coming and when i know they are going to make that many guys possibly go down on that play, but if you make a play you know, try to make a play and get more yards but at the same time i have to watch out get your pads
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have to be ready for contact at all times. >> he's got to know how to protect himself. gronk at the podiumo know it's play off -- podium, you know it's playooff time. dan is standing by with one former patriot. >> reporter: let's talk about this matchup you talked about gronk and what he means to the offense, one of the biggest challenges for the denver secondary is facing tom brady and that offense. the secondary for denver including talib. number 21 was out of the practice -- was out on the practice field again today to lead play -- he played for patriots in 2012 and 13 and part of the team that lost in the afc championship to denver. two-time pro bowl has fond memories of the time in new england and asked about a important exteammate. >> best tightend i seen play the game man. definitely a tough coverage.
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one of the funniest dudes and i used to go over to the house and chill with him he is a good guy. real good. exactly how he is on commercials and everything, that's how he is in real life. so, it's funny. >> reporter: calling him one of the best if not the best tightend and asked about the challege of facing brady he says it's the whole offense on and on it goes. by the way den fer healthy chris harris junior with the shoulder injury did full well. that's from here in englewood dan roche i can only imagine it goes back to gronk's house gronk and tali about. now back to u you and always about the house. to you but always about the house. >> it's good and so good that brady has his weapons going into the denver game on sunday. that's a story here at gillette stadium from denver to gillette and now back to the studio. >> all right steve thank you some so much. surprising they don't let him >> right. >> he he talks in the locker
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>> great today too. we have the best fans out there for sure. >> and now we are going to prove it cbs station in denver challenged us to a battle of the fans. go to the cbs boston facebook page and like or share the battle of the fans photo and let's show off the strength of the patriots nation to share the pats pride and share fan photos and we have got a link at the top of the home page. we have team coverage for the afc championship in denver. steve burton and kate merrill will join dan kate's reports start tonight on wbz and we are proud to be the official patriots station on sunday starting off with a live two- hour edition of patriots game day at noontime and kick off of course at 3 followed by the 5th quarter post game show on wbz and on my tv38. lisa. developing now from the stock market a better day today. it ended up more than 100 points after dropping 500 at one time yesterday. nasdaq and s&p today were up.
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threats in massachusetts but in methuen police made an arrest a student is accused of threatening to blow up the school. christina hager is there with the details. >> reporter: it happened one day after police evacuated methuen high and after more than a dozen threats were called into schools across the region this time police caught the student they call a copycat within 15 minutes without having to disrupt classes. >> if he gets a conviction, he is now going to have a felony conviction on his record and it carries up to 50,000 dollar fine. so hopefully, this is a deterrent to other kids if you are thinking of doing something stiped. >> reporter: police say the 15- year-old least note in the boy's bathroom saying a bomb will go off. when staff questioned him he quickly confessed saying was trying to get out of school. this student face as very serious charge according to state law communicating a bomb threat care yeas maximum possible 20 years in prison. in this case police say the
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prison time but they want people to know that the potential is there. he is charged as a juvenile while police continue to look for another person who e-mailed a serious threat wednesday. >> we stripped the city of all police officers because it was a vast area to be secured and searched and we called state police in for assistance to get the bomb dogs and called the fusion center and boston brick and we have to call the fbi. >> reporter: all those agencies reacting to frightening situations that weren't even real. in comparison, it's quiet here today. but police hope their arrest sends a loud message. christina hager wbz news. >> again a threat today shut down milford and shining star preschool. police tell us they are working to see if the school threats are essentially coming from the same place. in two hours governor baker will give his first state of the commonwealth address. he is expected to hit on a
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overhaul of the mbta. the governor will outline the budget proposals. and see it here live on wbz starting at #:30. still -- 7:30. still to come don't forget to write. >> the gun rules in a massachusetts city that will have you feeling like you are back in school. >> improving ibf the invasion that can give women a better chance of becoming pregnant. dr. marshall has the details. >> harvard decided there's ten things they like about joseph gordon-levit. t. today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have
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they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
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reference required local leader approved strict rules for anyone who wants a gun lines in lowell you need a letter of recommendation and have to write essay. >> and critics say that goes too far. beth germano has the story. >> reporter: the majority of gun licenses issued in lowell are restrict meaning they can or hunting. >> we wanted to make sure we allowed people to exer sighs their constitutional right to carry firearm but in a balanced reasonable approach. >> reporter: to obtain an unrestricted gun license,
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eessay to police superintendent taylor. obtain recommendations and take an additional safety course. you agree it's pretty high hurdle to obtain this permit? >> i wouldn't say i don't think there's anything in these new policy that can't be accomplished. >> reporter: lowell police insist the changes are meant to open up a pathway to more unrestricted licenses. that is allowing owners to carry their guns on them outside the home something that's almost impossible to get here for years. licensed owner terry says it feels like high school. but thinks essay is a reasonable approach. >> any policeman doing the gun license if they feel by doing a essay they will know a person better all for it. >> reporter: police say the essay is optional but would help the applicant. the superintendent says theclimate has changed about violence in the community creating demand for more unrestricted gun lie answer and emond has reasonss. >> i think i would like my
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protection. >> reporter: critics say the change is only opened up a strict pathway to licenses. police say i not easy but it's obtainable. in lowell beth germano wbz news. >> i decided i do think it's time we get a storm. we need some snow. >> coming around. >> however a storm this big a storm that can do this much damage we don't need this one. >> right. the one we got the other day with the lovely fluffy snow and tn sunny day -- sunny day and it was a holiday if they could all be like that. this one is too big. >> i think we went through enough pain last year so someone else can deal with it. this is the timeline first mainly across southern massachusetts and peak snow and saturday night. focus there towards the cape and islands and south shore and south coast and moves up quickly on sunday morning so saturday night.
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20s in the 30s and every day has been similar. wind have been dying down a little each day and tonight another cold one clear skies and 10 to 15 for the suburbs about 18 in downtown boston. we will remain to be a breeze out of the northwest and tomorrow you know just like it's been we will have high temps upper 20s around 30 and bright skies and little less winds but all tolled it's january. typical january day and sunset at 4:45. no issues to the friday and no issues into the friday night. high temps from 28 in worcester to 32 in boston and nantucket up to 34 and for your friday forecast. and then we can start to talk about the storm system. so now we have something to track here beginning to develop. we have got our area of low pressure forming across texas and diving into the gulf coast. and the clouds you see streaming up across florida that's where the subtropical jet stream is that's what we talk about a lot in el nino winter and that is storm track that's where you expect in an el nino winter. tomorrow we are clear skies as we head into the evening,
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see more cloud cover as we head into saturday morning. no issues for saturday morning plans. towards the afternoon the snow shield will start to lift its way up. now the heaviest band of snow is likely going to come up to about new york city and long island and then it's going to shift out to sea. so our best chance of snowfall being in saturday nighttime frame and across the southern parts of our viewing area. so looking at snow totals here, been talking about that sharp cut off of the plowable snow is most likely to the south. 2 to 5 inches along the south coast. plymouth county into the cape nantucket and martha's vineyard a coat are or two boston and towards providence and once you head outside away from the coast and north of the pike, it's flurries and maybe a little bit of snow activity but very, very low impact. from a wind standpoint the cape and islands and 45 to 55-mile- per-hour gusts it's going to be nasty region wide as we head into saturday night a cold and blustery evening. isolated power outages possible. wind stacks up the water.
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moon on saturday night and watching the high tide cycle a little before midnight and another on sunday morning and really focusing on the south shore and bayside on the cape that's where we see minor perhaps moderate flooding out of this one. so looking at the weekend forecast cold and blustery on saturday. and best chance of snow south and east departing early on sunday and get the sun. we manage the low 30s on sunday afternoon which will not feel too bad. this has no impact on northern new england. everyone i talked to that has within skiing says the slopes are in great shapes. teenance 20-- teens to 20s around friday and saturday. dry and good enough conditions to hit the slopes a break from the deep cold next week. upper 30s on monday. 40s on tuesday with a couple rain showers and near 40 on wednesday. so after a deep freeze week at least david or if you feel pretty good to start next week. >> we will look forward to thatch the storm will be in our rear view mirror. the hasty pudding
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of the year joseph gordon- levitt. the star of films like looper will be in cambridge for a roast. he says the honor struck him with "intense dilutions of humility. wait until he sees what'scoming. could it be fertility break through dr. mallika weighs. >> in on a new -- weighs in on a new procedure. >> i feel so safe in there. never have to talk to anyone. >> see you. >> next question. >> poking fun at bill belichick a pintsize version of this coach.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, where he stands. is responsible for the
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in health news new ibf procedure that takes the process out of the lab and into the the womb dr. mallika marshall is here and you say
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better than regular ibf. >> that's right. >> reporter: we talked to experts and traditional ibf a doctor removes eggs from a woman's over ris and feater -- ovaries and fertilizing them with the new technique the eggs and sperm are encloys closed in a capsule placed inside a woman's uterus for 24 hours during which feater lation takes place. the -- feater lation takes place -- fertilization takes place. thought is a couple can feel more involved in the process and being in the womb's environment during featerliation may give --fertilization might give the egg a better chance we spoke with a doctor who says there's no evidence the natural ibf is better than traditional ibf. >> we don't know what the ultimate success rate will be and at the end of the day, when couples come to see me or any fertility specialist they want
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don't know from this technique whether that is been improving. and dr. albert says for the fact that it's called natural it's not really natural that feater lation normally occurs in the fallopian tubes and not the womb so traditional ibf has great success rates he thinks we should particular with that for now until we know more information. >> a story that affects so many people and as we talk about babies you have surprising information about expectant fathers. >> reporter: right. so we actually it's a study that found out that depression should increase the risk of preterm birth but expectant fathers can have a affect. >> i can see that i think we stress women out when they are about to give birth. >> that's one of the theories. >> thanks let's go over to lisa. >> thank you. coming up, are the hours you spend playing on your phone taking a toll on your body. plus the i-team found horrific conditions at a massachusetts kennel and now the former owner maybe raising puppies again
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animals. and the case that shot the community infants remains found in a house of squaller.
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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