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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news starts right now. >> now at 5:30 our eye on the storm this evening washington, d.c. got just an inch of snow and that's a fraction of what's coming and even that turned travel into a mess. that looks like it hurts and nation's capital how will it handle the big storm in. >> new york city crews getting the roads ready with salt some spots seeing a half foot of snow. >> depending where you are we are on the edge. how much snow can we expect and when does this move? >> the difference between the snow haves and haves not may be a few miles. >> eric fisher is watching the
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week and joins us again with the latest. eric. >> it's little different than last winter when everything happened perfectly for big snow region wide and that's not the case for this one. we are watching the storm get developed along the gulf coast. we have been talking about this since last saturday and seeing the storms develop the storm wraps up moves toward mid atlantic and snow arrives in the washington, d.c. area late tomorrow afternoon and evening and arrives in new york city as we head into saturday morning and for us heading past lunchtime on saturday snow starts to work its way in. the question is exactly how far north that gets and think we have got a clearer picture of that tonight our best chance of snow is saturday night and then sunday morning and it moves out to sea. so not talking huge totals and we could see a plowable snow for parts of southeastern massachusetts with two to five adding up and coating to two including the south shore and boostan and north of the pike same idea. this is pretty much a nonfactor convenient for you as we head into the weekend. we will have much or on this and who else it impacts coming up in a bit. >> thanks and you can keep your
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the very latest forecast maps and the hour by hour forecast and link to the live weather blog just go -- just go to cbs was it murder's defense? -- was it murder. a defense attorney says there's no evidence the client killed three babies. they investigators made the discovery in september of 2014. >> the kel stall remains uncovered -- kel tal -- skeletal remains uncovered in the home of squallor as ark murray's --erica morey's attorney made a play plea. >> reporter: her attorney said there's no evidence she is a murderer. >> we have no evidence other than pure speculation she must have done it because baby -- baby don't usually die. >> reporter: he is -- babies don't usually die. >> reporter: he is talking about the nightmare found where police found three dead infants stuffed in closets and two badly neglected young girls all
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delivering in a bathtub and hiding from her live-in boyfriend and the outside world. she faces an array of child abuse charges and two counts of murder. prosecutors acknowledge the circumstances in this case are so bizarre there's not the a lot of legal precedent but without a cause of death for the mummified infants, they argue the murder charges should stick. >> she had no intention or ability to care for them and as a result, two of them died. >> reporter: prosecutors blame the neglect of erica murray. >> they were abandoned in their own home. >> reporter: two of the dead infants were dressed prosecutors believe they were born alive and then likely neglected to death. >> it's pure speculation. there's no evidence of it. >> reporter: likewise the defense argues there is no forensic proof that murray intentionally hurt the kids he's hints her mental health might enter the legal picture. you don't highs--
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something mentally wrong. >> reporter: a ruling on the motion to dismit charges is expected next year while murray is jailed without bond. ken mcleod. a career -- macleod. police say last night 45- year-old steve mudge broke into inside. the 14-year-old girl hid in the say called 911. officers say when he realized the teens were in the house he him down. tonight one person is in custody accused of attacking a man outside a dunkin donuts. police rushed to the scene last night. paramedics took the victim to the hospital with serious injuries. police found the suspect at a nearby gas station. framingham police say drunk driver hit and killed a man on route 9. the victim 25-year-old patrick stratton was in the crosswalk.
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jason t to td can -- theriaultsecond offense. law makers are working on a bill to protect people and pets. lauren leamanczyk takes a look. >> i saw sick dogs coming back. >> reporter: david owens worked at loaf lain kennel for -- laughlin kennel for two years it was this dog that made hick take pictures. >> it was not right he was in cage half his size. >> reporter: laughlin kennel is in oxford. dogs are bread in the outdoor kennel. several dozen puppies are kept in the basement waiting to be sold owens says they were kept in cages covered in feces and some cases died. >> i walked in the morning and walk into dead puppies and they wanted me to clean them up. >> reporter: the i-team obtained these complaints from the state department offing a cull rat resource one is from a
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street she sees the van loads. >> it's hard to hear and see them i contacted mdar three responsa response. >> reporter: other complaints come from customers who say they bought dogs stick with kennel cough par vow and pneumonia. -- parvo and pneumonia some say the puppies died. they are the same complaints we uncovered. since the investigation elite closed the doors. the former owner jennifer gardner works at laughlin kennel. >> we know that they are living animals and there are times they can get sick. >> reporter: this spring the i- team asked state regulators why stores were multiple complaints can continue to sell sick animals. has the state shut down a puppy store? >> the state has shut down a store. there's one shop that was shot down within the 21 years i've been with the company. >> reporter: the kennel is
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don't come from puppy mills and death rate is low and in a statement they tell the i-team our facilities are inspected and licensed with several surprise inspection throughout the year. i can assure everyone that if there were inhumane conditions we wouldn't be allowed to stay in business. they say based on what they have seen the inpeckss-- inspection don't cut it and want a change in the law. >> the state has to step up and pass a law banning this. >> there needs to be something to regulate it because it's knots fair to buy a sick dog from a puppy mill. >> tonight -- tonight two runners are race organizers running a illegal lottery saying new york constitution says only the state can run "chance based lotteries. they claim the collecting nonrefundable fees to try to qualify for the race actually break the law. boston mayor walsh is at the white house tonight.
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meet with the president to talk about the economy. and today, during the white house press briefing, mayor walsh talked about stopping the so-called brain drain. >> it's about quality of life it's job and quality of life and part of that is what the environment is in the city is to safe and walkable and affordable city. >> the mayor says boston is trying to attract top companies and pushing for more affordable housing. >> it may be a busy parent's dream and now in production. >> coming up, the stroller that lets you go hands free. >> plus second guessing the hover boards you bought for the holidays will get you money back. no questions asked. then... >> bill belichick is that true are you rude to. [audio not understandable] >> >> i wonder what bill belichick was like as a child. want to see. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits --
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my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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is your smart fon addiction hurting your hands. >> some people are saying the phones are causing a deformity they call it smart phone prchgy and think indentation between the first and second joint of the finker is caused by the weight of holding the phone and so i looked into this a little bit because it sounds like it would turn out to be bologna. a japanese cell phone carrier the biggest in japan is the one who put out a warning that this could be true and doctors said no we have used our pinkies for of years. >> we have strong pinkies i do hold my phone that way. parents have their hands full and there's something new. >> designers are working on a self-propelling stroller. it's called the smart p and you can control it through the smart phone app and it's
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wants to go for a job or who needs hands to hold groceries or bags. when it goes on sale expect to pay wait for it, $3,000. >> to me it's perfect for the parent who doesn't care if it's his or her kid gets extremely injured. >> right exactly. there it goes. >> i don't have time to put my hands on the stroller. >> i have to have my coffee and prchgy phone. we know bill belichick was man of few words but was he always like this. >> comedy sports website debuted a series called little belichick he is little belichick >> next question. >> i wanted to try and make some friends maybe you can come out of the hoodie for a whilelittle belichick loves the hoodie thank you sweety. he feels so safe never have to talk to anyone do you buddy. >> next question.
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every thursday night. next week little rex and rob ryan will join the cast as well. >> that's when it's going to get interesting. straight ahead making history. we will introduce you to the first woman coaching full-time in the nfl. >> and tracking the latest with the storm system working its way up the coastline. weather watchers network in the 20s tonight and leary in attleboro at 32 agrees with david and lisa a a light fluffy storm is okay. we will look at the snow forecast coming newspaper coming up tonight at so a brockton store clerk held at knife point by a thief and duncan donuts is expanding worldwide the latest global store front for the canton
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announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands
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even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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that perfectly illustrate how some of us feel about going out in the snow. the polar bear cub clinging to the mom the first time he sees it a big storm is heading for parts of the east coast but most of us won't do this at least not here in new england. >> i have to imagine that there are some people in some areas that don't normally get a lot of snow who have to be somewhat excited about it. it's not something we have seen before. >> a huge area of one to two feet of snow you hang out. >> and play in it. >> you don't have to do anything or go anywhere you have junk food and call it a week and he hopefully don't lose power. >> until you can't watch. >> and there's nothing more fun than when the city shuts down. the place like dc it doesn't happen very often. there's nothing going on this weekend. interesting stuff. mid atlantic blast is the main headlines and that's a lot of travel disruption on the east coast. new york area into charlotte
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between the two airports also. we are on the edge here the main impact is on the south coast and cape and islands and for parts of the south shore for snow and wind and we are watching the coastline the combination of a full moon and onshore winds and should lead to areas of at least .or -- minor coastal flooding late saturday night and sunday morning. epicenter you can see in red blizzard warnings including dc and baltimore philly new york under blizzard watches which may get upgraded during the day tomorrow and a huge expanse all that peto bismol pink is winter storm warnings and location was one to two feet of snow. there's the storm digging into louisiana and mississippi and for us here tonight clear skies and calm wenter weather and a calm winter week mainly clear skies and low teens for many and teens in downtown boston and tonight is another in a line of chilly but bright days a lot of sunshine a northwesterly breeze continues tomorrow but not tarrably windy. and high temps on target maybe a couple degrees cooler.
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friday and no issues on friday night. high temperatures from the 20s in central massachusetts and freezing mark in boston low 30s on the north shore. and lower 30s also as we head towards the cape. so we are dry tomorrow and we are bright and clouds increase a little bit as we head through the afternoon. and if you have any saturday morning plans getting a long run marathon raining-- training season. heading past lunchtime the snow shield will lift and come on a shore. now the area of heaviest snowfall here outlined in blue is the mid-atlantic and rotates towards new york and long island. and then it skirts south of us. we see some snowfall, but the real intense direct hit stuff isstays out to sea. so right now thinking the best chance of plowable snow southeastern massachusetts and 2 to 5 inches from plymouth county towards the south and east a coating to 2 in between here and up in boston, and then flurries north and west of there. so once you get north and west of the pike really it's a non-
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problems. strongest gusts cape and islands and saturday night. some 45 to 55 miles per hour so any snow and the winds a lot of blowing and drifting and pour visibility. and we are watching the tides mentioned late saturday night and again on sunday morning pockets of minor coastal flooding and erosion for east facing beaches. best chance for some of the pockets of flooding on the south shore and bayside on the cape. those are the main areas to focus on. able you weather 7-day departing on sunday morning and we break into the sun with low 30s likely in the afternoon and well into the 30s on monday. and 40s on tuesday. so it's not cold behind the storm system. and our school yard shout out for tonight is the malcolm white elementary school. barry burbank visited this school. barry wanted to wish them good look on million minute marathon that's to encourage reading by logging minutes to seat school goal of a million minutes of reading by the end of the year. very cool. >> that's excellent we love that. >> thanks appreciate it.
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if so the online retailer says it will offer refunds to anyone who wants one. the consume product safety commission is investigating more than 3 dozen reports of the hover boards smoking or catching fire and, of course, another big part is people getting hurt from falling off them. >> right. well, breaking barriers. the buffalo bills made history. >> that team hired the first woman to be a full-time assistant coach and tonight elaine takes a closer look. >> reporter: historically the nfl coaching ranks have been one of the biggest boys clubs on the block but the buffalo bills are changing that. late wednesday, the bills announced that they had promoted katherine smith to quality control special teams coach. making her the first full-time female assistant coach in the nfl. the league's newest coach has been around front offices for years. 309-year-old began the nfl career as an intern with the new york jets in 2003. four years later smith was
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assistant and in 2014 was named assistant to then head coach rex ryan. smith followed rex ryan to buffalo after he took the head coaching job with the bills last year. ryan said he consulted with arizona cardinals head coach bruce arians who team made history themselves this past july. >> and very excited to have coach jen wealther join our staff. >> reporter: -- welter joinous staff. >> reporter: they hired her as a linebacker intern for the training camp and preseason the first woman to hold a coaching position in the nfl. >> i could not have dreamed big enough to imagine this day would come. >> now it sets the stage it could be a dream for other girls growing up. >> reporter: smith was not made available to the media. a team spokesperson says she may talk to reporters about her new role sometime after the super bowl. cbs news, new york. rhode island boy battling
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more famous by the day. 8-year-old dorian murray is now featured on some digital billboards across massachusetts. the message, d strong praying for dorian. he met rob gronkowski and was a special guest at last weekend's patriots game. >> and part of the story was he wanted to be famous worldwide and that's his wish. >> and in china. >> we are heading that way. a present for peyton ahead of the afc championship game. >> a local company's gift to the broncos qb. and coming up new at 6 emergency crews forced to use narcan to save a toddler. what may have happened in the boy's home that put him in danger. and could there be a big change for this boston landmark? the home of the crit -- crit
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when millions of people begin and say loudly and clearly, i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. at first blush it sounds funny a local company sent peyton manning a care package that they hope he will break out in two weeks. the sons of liberty spirits in
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their whiskey to the broncos quarterback with the message, enjoy it. while you are hoping watching the super bowl. we have much more still ahead our fingers crossed news at 6 starts right now. all eyes on the east coast blizzard as it develops on friday. but will it come up in new england. look at latest timeline and totals. >> a toddler treated with narcan and rush to the hospital. disturbing history at the worcester home and what made the child so sick. >> counting down to the afc championship. >> the patriots preparing to head into enemy territory. >> they beat us most the time so i love to get to that number 3 in the win column. >> broncos finding inspiration in the fact that they are underdogs against the patriots come sunday. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 6 starts right now. washington, d.c. the mid- atlantic new york all about to get hit. >> but the weekend storm is
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it's a big storm and it's going to be a big story. this is what happened around washington last night when only an inch of snow fell. they can't handle this. eric has been tracking the storm from the start and it's going to get worse for dc. >> not a good scene but the small events always end up having a bigger impact because everything closes down and that's the case late this week. here's storm system we are watching. tornado warnings out around jackson, mississippi and we have the snowfall mock up eastern seaboard. ice storm in north carolina as well. by friday evening the snow is falling in dc and by saturday morning it's up into new york and just gets up into southern new england and the storm starts to pivot its way off toward the east and out to sea. we have a small window to bring a possibility of accumulating snowfall around here. so the latest spots today, pretty similar idea the best chance of a plowable snow is farther snow and east and around plymouth county and cape and islands at 2 to 5 inches here. a coating to 2 from providence
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