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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. moving on coach bill check address media and fans after a nail biting loss in denver. what he said led to the des appointment. quiet weather -- disappointment. >> quiet weather to quick off the week. when the 40s come into play and how long they will stick around and looking ahead to the next potential storm. >> and digging out. east coast trying to recover from mother nature's hit and the cost is adding up. >> and problems on the the red line. why the t now says delays could last until middle of the week. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at noon starts right now. wouldn't put on one guy or
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it was just in the end we came up short. >> that's patriots head coach bill belichick talking about the tough who is and look ahead. i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. the team got back to gillette around 1:30. die-hard fans were waiting in the cold for them to welcome the team back home. after that difficult loss in denver. now the team begins the process of moving forward. bill shields is live for us in foxboro where the clocker clean out is about to begin bill. >> reporter: in about 15 minutes and i am sure they want to move forward. the players and coaches. more than anybody right now because that game well, it was ugly at certain points and you know when you look back at it it's amazing tom brady could walk away he was hit so many times but i think coach belichick and in addressing the
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as much in positive manner as you hope for. >> it was a very can he competitive game and came down to a couple plays and they made one or two more than we did. so, that's how i saw it. >> reporter: you can understand why bill belichick was not smiling today. >> it's a touchdown. >> reporter: it was ugly on so many fronts. tom brady throwing interceptions that's when he was not being hit. even gostkowski missing an extra point after making 463 in a row. >> he is a great kicker and what great year for us. and ace said at the going i think every player and coach and participant in the game wishes there was a couple things they could have done differently i feel that way everybody i talked to feels that way. i can't imagine anybody that participated in the game doesn't feel that way. >> reporter: in the face of the nfl leading defense brady andgronk cowsy rail -- gronkowski came within a two minute conversion of sending
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the coach says they will start the team evaluations immediately. see what's need for next year. >> the same thing every year we will look at everything that we did and try to make analyze that and look at what ever the opportunities are going forward and whatever areas they fall in make the decision we feel is best for the team to improve the team. >> reporter: let's look on the bright side here. this is not a lousy team by any stretch of the imagination it's very good team a few tweaks and they will be right back next year and after all we have a quarterback who is playing as well as ever and wants to play another 6, 7 years. reporting live from gillette bill shields wbz news. >> thank you we appreciate it. tom brady's wife sent out a message to fans this morning tweeted this, thank you all for the messages supporting tom and we are so proud of him hashtag gratitude we will hear much
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the wbz news at 5 for the latest from fox woreo. we have break -- foxboro. we have news a player on facing assault charges. jj wharton was arrested early saturday morning after a fight at a foxboro bar. he admitted to police he had brushed up against a woman in the bar and her boyfriend confronted him. he said that's when he punched him out. also that night two other women alleged wharton grabbed them in court today. developing right now, major delays on the t and it might not be fixed today. the red line dealing with problems in both directions because of weekend work on the long fellow bridge. the t says it will take two or three days before regular service continues. a near record breaking storm for new york city. they are dealing with the second largest snowfall ever. and today, washington, d.c. remains shut down. the city got more than two feet of snow more on the cleanup in a moment but first we have to
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>> yeah find out what's going on here including the warmup. there's good news danielle. >> so the 40s will feel nice tomorrow and really it's been a quiet start to the week. just beautiful day outside today. temperatures is 34 degrees and that's normal for this time of the year and look at real feel at 34 because there's no wind and calm in a lot of spots. and that does make a difference this time of the year when you don't have the breeze blowing. 30 in keene and lower 30s from nashua and worester. midel to up 30ers from the cape back up to the merrimack valley as well and the skies are clear and we have had sun behind and a couple clouds mixing in today but there's melting ongoing where we have the snow he pack. so tonight, as we drop back below freezing there may be a couple patches of black ice from the melting refreeze. a few passing clouds overnight as well. tomorrow into the 40s we go it will be breezy though and that wind may gust over 40 miles per hour and there's slight risk of a late day rain shower because we will be so mild.
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and we turn our attention to a friday storm potential that's going to be a close call as in ocean storm scrapes by us early on friday morning and several decide. it could be out to sea or more significant storm with a few inches of accumulation. greatest risk right now is the came and islands and coastline. vil more on this and the rest -- i will have more on this and the rest of the forecast in about 10 minutes from now. >> thanks very much. this weekend's east coast blizzard is a costly one estimated to have price tag of $850 million. cleanup is underway today from new york to dc. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: people spent the morning digging out cars buried in snow in washington, d.c. about 2 feet of snow is on the ground in the nation's capital. more than enough to close today. residents around here are not snow. >> a lot of people are not really fit for a job.
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>> this is dangerous. >> reporter: many streets remain unplowed and impassable. some drivers are deciding just to stop near the street get out of the car and walk where they need to go. >> we are still in a snow emergency in washington, d.c. and i am operating under a state of emergency in the district as well. >> reporter: and dc is not alone. at least 5 states reported getting at least 30 inches of snow. new york city lifted the travel ban and schools are opened. but many people in the outer boroughs like queens are finding it slow going on foot and the roads. 89-year-old joe has message for city officials. >> come down my block once in while. >> reporter: at the airport flights resumed at reagan national in dc and there's limited something in new york baltimore and philadelphia. >> people should be expecting larger than usual crowds. >> reporter: more than 12,000 flights were canceled over the weekend and airline officials say it's going to take sometime to get everyone back on track. craig boswell cbs news washington. on the jersey shore, this
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snow but also serious coastal flooding in some places the storm surged topped 3 feet. 50-mile-an-hour winds ripped signs right out of the ground. hundreds were forced to evacuate. stranded. today, waters are receding and area. a man facing charges for firing a gun at a plymouth plow storm. susie steimle is live with more. this guy went before a judge. >> reporter: that's right chris. we got out of the arraignment. it's 60-year-old bruce o'brien of whitman in court today accused of getting involved in a road rage incident with the plow driver at the height of the storm at 7 on saturday night. police say it's been described to them as he was behind a plow driver on rocky hill road right around 7:00 and he was trying to pass the plow driver but then the driver swerved towards him almost hitting his wife in the passenger seat of the car.
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the handgun and shot at the ground. he didn't reach over his wife and shoot at the plow driver he shot out the other side just towards the ground almost like a warning shot towards the plow driver who was swerving in his direction. police did find shell casings in o'brien's car and took away his handgun. they do say that o'brien cooperated with them and gave a statement to police that night. his bail was set at agreed upon amount of 2500 dollars cash and he will post that shortly and walking out today. susie steimle wbd news -- wbz news. police are investigating a deadly crash involving a snowplow in dorchester. police say a dump truck with a plow attached to the front of it ran over a man on dorchester avenue around 11:15 sunday morning. the driver did stop. detectives spent hours talking to the driver and witnesses. >> first i was you know, hope he is okay but you know he is
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i feel bad for the man's family i really do because there's no way for a person to leave this earth. you know. not like that. >> police have not released the victim's name. new at noon mayor walsh speaking out about claims of ongoing racism at a prestigeous boston school. >> this certainly bothered me. what happened with the young students. something that shouldn't have and we have to look at what's happening district wide and make sure it doesn't happen the schools shouldn't be ray civil and the experiences should be system that's positive. >> student at boston latten say they told the school over a year ago about racial intolerance and that the problem persist. boston public schools says they take the complaint seriously and is working to make changes. some latin students wore black as show of solidarity. an everett police are look for two men behind a armed
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officers say two men walked in and wearing masks demanding monday young pistol whipped the clerk and fled with the cash. the clerk was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. anyone with information is asked to call everett police. and mought iewn police are searching for a man who may be responsible for a series of break- methuen police are searching for a man who may be responsible for a series of break-ins. this is the video from early saturday morning a half dozenbusinesses in the city were robbed between friday night and early saturday morning again if you have anything on this one police want to hear from you. deja vu for police investigating a boat left on the side of the road. a boat abandoned last week was dumped again but this time in the freetown state forest. police say they drove to freetown to confirm it is the same boat. tonight mbta ride verse another chance to weigh in on proposed fair hikes -- fair fare hikes. the t will hold a public
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they want to race fares between 6 and 10% in order to close the 242 million dollar deficit. at tonight's meeting riders willbe able to weigh in on schedule changes. the iowa caucus a week away and two weeks until the new hampshire pry marchy. hillary clinton -- primary. hillary clinton getting a big boost by the boston globe endorsing her. they say she is more seasoned grounded and more forward looking than 2008. on the republican side endorsement from a former presidential hopeful. former texas governor rick perry now throwing his support behind ted cruz. perry says of those left running for the republican nomination cruz is by far the most consistent conservative. perry dropped out of the presidential race in september. thank you for being with us this noon. coming up, a frightening flight. why a plane heading to europe was forced to make an emergency landing. >> and searching for three prisoners.
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elaborate escape from a maximum security jail. >> a warning for parents. how routine procedures at hospitals could put newborns at risk. announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat.
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wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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welcome back. today passengers are expected to continue the trip after severe turbulence forced an american airlines flight to make an emergency landing. >>the boeing 767 flying from miami to milan italy was diverted to canada yesterday. four passengers and three flight attendants were taken to the hospital. passengers described the frightening moments. >> we were just riding along and then turbulence and. >> two-times the plane dropped you know. >> on the side and everything went flying and people and yeah it was pretty intense. >> no word on the extent of the injuries. is is releasing a new video of the terrorists who attacked paris. the 17 minute video shows the 9 men involved in the terror plot. it was made before the november 13th attack. in the video the men are seen beheading prisoners and also planning the attack that killed 130 people. they threatened to attack britain.
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the pairis a tax and the aftermath. right now-- paires attacks and the aftermath. right now a -- pairs attacks and the after -- paris attacks and after the math in right now the hunt is on for three men who broke out of of the santa ana facility. the escape was sophisticated and they believe it took months of planning. >> it seems the inmates cut through half inch steel bars and cut through the plumbing tunnels and gained access to an unsecure area of the roof. from the roof, the inmates repelled down to the ground. >> the men are considered to be both armed and dangerous. the fbi is offering a 50,000 dollar reward for information leading to their arrest. we will look at our weather here in boston massachusetts. it's. >> it's nice winter day i think the biggest difference is the wind this time of year. when it's not that strong
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so we get to look at beacon hill right now and temperatures are in the mid-30s. beautiful shot and we can see the snow pack out there too. getting a little bit of melting ongoing today too and it was rough after the patriots loss but looking at positive things how about them red sox. 24 days until pitchers and catchers report. 55 days you guys until spring and 84 days until the boston marathon. i hope everybody is training for the marathon and it's going well and only 84 days it's remarkable on wbz. we are all mainly above freezing mark. keene at 32. 37 in lawrence and same in taunton and any of the snow pack will see melting and that's why i mentioned watch over a few patchy areas of ice tomorrow morning. otherwise skies are clear and beautiful sunshine out there. hopefully you got the shades with you. we will see high thin clouds increase and pass through tonight but there's no big weather makers on the map for now. there are some areas of snow
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this is actually our next disturbance but by the time it gets here, it will be a couple passing rain showers because we will drag in mild air. the rest of today is quiet and 20s. tomorrow starting with sunshine and the southwest winds are going to get cranking tomorrow. that's typically a warmer wind direction. so as that mild air gets pumped in we come well into the 40s tomorrow. and a gradual increase in clouds and but there will be the threat for a couple of showers generally after the overnight. really little if any rainfall at all and by wednesday morning the front is pushing off the coastline and will start with clouds and some of them may be turb stubborn in southeastern massachusetts but we get clearing that comes in and wednesday should still be in the lower 40s for highs. after that we will turn our attention to the end of the week. look at. this energy digging into the great lakes and moisture from carolina coastline on thursday and should be areas of rain but
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question is how quickly do the two combine and how close does the storm center get. thursday night into friday, right now, all signs of the storm would pass offshore. but may come close enough to bring a period of some accumulating snow. it doesn't look like a major convenient right now. and the greatest risk will be at the coastline to the cape and islands. of course it's going to be a little bit of wobbling the next couple days and we will keep you posted. time frame is thursday night into early on friday. overnight tonight, pretty quiet. we drop back into the 20s for most of us. but cape may above freezing from providence to nantucket and tomorrow the kid want to be bundled up. it's that time of the year heavy coat for the bus stop. temperatures in the upper 20s and rising into the 40s. it feel nice the one calfot about tomorrow is the -- caveat about tomorrow is the wind gusting early in the morning over 20 miles per hour and even though we come into the 40s the clouds increase and 45 to 50 from plymouth back to the
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the wind may gust occasion hale over 40 miles perhour tomorrow. colder. there's the chance earl of snow early on friday and into the chris. >> thanks very much danielle. on the "healthwatch" this newborns and pain. the person academy of pediatrics warns -- american academy of pediatrics warns routine procedures can cause significant pain to new important and they want to minimize the procedure. previous reserved show repaibted pain can cause changes in brain development -- repeated pain can cause changes in brain development in early childhood. celebrating the snow>> the surprise celebrity guest that
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take a look that the a restaurant and bar in buffalohad fun with this weekend's blizzard. they posted the sign saying if buffalo got two feet of snow it would be called tuesday. local cbs affiliate spoafted -- posted the picture on and it has more than 4,000 likes and -- 8,000 likes and 4,000 shares. >> a rock legend enjoyed time
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>> stephen tyler and his daughter ran into a reporter live. >> i like playing in the snow so i am happy. >> you having fun with your dad. >> we grew up playing in the snow and doing snowy angels and snow things because he's big kid. the minute i got up here i was like let's go play. >> tyler suede in new york to see his daughters and grand -- said he was in new york to see his daughters and grandson. the return of the winter weather. >> it's bringing back a familiar face from last year's storms.
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coming up tonight at 5, backpacks and books and beamer the yellow lab making a difference in one south shore classroom tonight on the wbz news at 5. this weekend snowstorm brought back a familiar face from last year's record breaking winter. >> the boston yeddi came out it was spotted around town on saturday. you can see the monster had a shovel at the ready to help a lending hand. >> we should have the yeddi on wbz. >> i love it. >> he is back. >> this could have been the only time for him to come out. >> you know. >> knock on wood. >> there's friday. >> 40s tomorrow though and
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