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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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something happened. an explosion and fire. >> it's a very difficult fire to get out it's an industrial building and air scrubber on fire so we are looking at mostly insulation it's a contained area and we are not look for fire spread. >> reporter: neighbors watched with concern. >>i looked down and could see gray smoke low and all of a sudden the black plumes started to come out and it was noxious two people were taken out in the ambulance. >> reporter: workers suffered from smoke inhalation were taken to the hospital for treatment. this facility handle almost half the sewage in eastern massachusetts pumps 400 million gallons a day to the deer island treatment plan. but officials here are confident the explosion won't shut down the massive pumping facility. >> thankfully most of it goes to gravity and by-pass that
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pass the station and so there's been no environmental issue at all. >> reporter: and hopefully that will remain the case. but firefighters say they are going to probably be here for two or three more days just to make sure the facility is up and running properly but again, you heard him say even if they have to shut down the electrical end of this there's a gravity feed from here that will take all the sewage over to deer island. so they have a good backup system. bill shields wbz news. liam lisa. >> people grateful for that. and now to dore kester where it -- dorchesterer with it appears -- dorchester where it appears a fight over a parking spot led to a shooting. louisa moller has the latest. >> reporter: we spoke with the commissioner evans who told us police are on the lookout for a 27-year-old suspect who they believe live in a house down the street. couldn't find him.
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we believe this altercation happened down nightingale street a 34-year-old man was parking his car or parked in a spot down the street when he was shot once in the stomach by the 27-year-old suspect. we believe the victim was in that silver car down the street. now police say that the 27-year- old suspect took off in a black bmw and may have gone to the area of 9 nightingale street further down the block. police went there to search the area and said they came up unsuccessful. here's what we know about the victim at this time. again, a 34-year-old man shot in the stomach. we are told the man has nonlife- threatening injuries and was brought to brigham and women's hospital will be he is being treated and all commissioner evans could say a it's to a terrible point when people are shooting each other over parking spots. again we are learning more about this situation and we did have the chance to speak with a local pastor on this who said he is very, very upset about this happening in the neighborhood especially when
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school. >> violence especially at this magnitude is never okay. and it's very uncalled for because it could have been avoided by communicating and articulating concerns that the person had. >> reporter: so police are on the lookout for the 27-year-old driving a black bmw. when we have more information we will give it to you for now live in dorchester, louisa moller. >> thank you. now at 5 a plow driver targeted a plymouth man accused of firing shots near the truck. hurt. and investigators rate ofed the 60-year-old man with the gun saying he was drunk and jim the story. jim. >> reporter: liam tonight police and prosecutors say it was a road rage incident that quickly got out of control. it ended in gunfire and a suspect being called to court. >> the operator allegedly fired
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>> reporter: bruce o'brien charged in a road rage incident at height of the snowstorm. o'brien says he was driving behind a plow truck on rocky hill road in plymouth. according to prosecutors, and court paperwork oh bryan and -- o'brien and his wife admit the gunfire. >> they why stuck behind the plow struck and it was swerving and he passed and after passing she stated he .ed a gun out of his window and fired two shots. and she stated he was not aiming at anyone and did he have a license to carry. >> reporter: it doesn't aparty gunfire hit any -- appear the gunfire hit any property or people. o'brien said he feared for his wife's safety and fired into the ground. >> the shots were fired on the driver's side window into the road so it was not a situation where he was firing across his wife at the plow truck driver. >> reporter: o'brien was released on $2500 cash bail. back at the scene a woman who
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>> i was at the window in my kitchen and i heard a loud boom. >> reporter: does it alarm you that it would come to that. >> i really couldn't believe it and i still can't believe it. it's almost not that difficult to believe simply because being thing. >> reporter: o'brien face as variety of charges including assault with dangerous weapon and carrying a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. he is due back in court again next month. live at plymouth district court jim smith wbz news lisa and liam back to you. >> thank you. it appears the plow truck break. >> although it sounds like we may see some snow in our area later this week at least some of us chief meteorologist eric fisher joins us with a first look at the week's forecast. >> felt pretty good today. if snow comes over the weekend and you get the sunshine and calmer conditions.
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we are at 33 in boston a. 37 in fitchburg freezing temps by the cape and we will look at temperatures falling back quickly this evening. and they will level out another storm system from the west and with that our winds will go southwesterly tonight and temperatures will rise into tomorrow morning. before that happens we fall back through the 20s and passing clouds and areas of after themelting. everything freezing up overnight tonight. look at the trend this week. average high is 36 and tomorrow we are well up into the 40s and around 40 into the upcoming weekend by the end of the nor cast a chance at 50 -- of the forecast a chance for the 50s. we will look at that and potential to see later coming up in a few lisa. >> thank you. digging out. tonight a massive cleanup effort is underway on the east coast as city buried in the weekend blizzard work to return some sense of normalcy. schools and government offices are closed from dc to philadelphia and workers from boston who know this drill well are helping out.
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of a boston will you be pick -- public works crew clearing streets in baltimore. two days after the snow stopped more than a thousand flights are still canceled or delayed. many of those at airports in and around washington, d.c. and new york. the injuriesy shore got hit with snow and coastal flooding as -- jersey shore got hit with snow and coastal floods as bad as hur case sandy. some people were stranded in their cars. today the water receded and officials check out the beach erosion. now it's sinking in for patriots fans the season is over. >> just an empty feeling. >> it is. >> it's so disappointing no defending the super bowl title and no chance for a parade. sports director steve burton is back from denver and joins us now. steve. >> you know this may take a while to get over no question. patriots are back home and left denver last night down and stunned more than anything else.
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they did give it their all as they did all season. pats fought to the end and rob gronkowski touchdown gave the team hope but they had to convert the 2-point conversion. and talib tipped the pass and intercepted and that was your ball game. this afternoon the players cleaned out lockers and one final meeting as the reality of the situation continuesh continued to settle in. >> we are happy to be in the situation we were in and you know in the playoffs making today's afc championship game adisappointed you can't pull it out. >> you spend a number of months building up towards a certain point in the season and we put a lot of time and effort you know just to get to yesterday's game the whole season was getting yesterday's game and we came up short. it's disappointing and it's
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it's a tough pill to salo. >> last time they -- swallow. >> the last time they with you on road january of 2007 against chargers in san diego. it just shows you how important it is to have home field advantage in the post season. liam. >> that's true thanks very much. this morning tom brady's wife tweeted fans writing that's correct you for all the messages -- writing thank you for all the messages and we are so proud of him hashtag grad tude. police arrested a member of the patriots practice squad. foxboro police arrested jj warton sunday morning after a -- worton sunday morning after a bar tight. and this is not the first time a he was in trouble. 2012 was arrested in florida accused of punching a police officer. the patriots signed him to the practice squad earlier this month and he is facing assault charges. caught on camera, armed robbers with a violent streak in them. check out surveillance pictures.
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two men who hit the place on broadway they donneded -- demanded money and pistol whipped the clerk and got away with the cash. they took the clerk to the hospital but he should be okay. commuters are frustrated today after major delays on the t and problems may not be over. the red line had trouble in both directions because of weekend work on the long fellow bridge. the t says it will take two or three days before they get service back to what it typically is. tonight people who ride the t are going to be weighing in on the proposed fair hikes and on schedule changes. there's a special hearing starting at 6 tonight in lynn. the mbta is dealing with a $242 million budget deficit and it wants to raise fares between 6 and 12%. >> two months after a devastating fire the operators of an animal shelter in paxton are going to rebuild. more than 50 cats and dogs died in the november blaze at this sweet pea shelter. organizers hope to include a fire alarm and protection
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volunteers to check on the animals overnight. and call it deja vu all over again for wareham police. officers are investigating this boat left on the side of the road. police say the boat they found abandoned on route 6 last week was dumped again. this time it was left in the freetown state forest. officers drove to freetown to confirm it was the same boat and found it was. accusation of racism at one of the best schools in boston. >> how the mayor is responding to students claims of hate speech at boston latin. >> and the water crisis in flint michigan now the subject of a criminal investigation and two big boston stars are pitching in to help out. >> a warning for women. the dangerous symptoms of a
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you could be at rising for a heart attack without knowing it. tonight the warning signs that women should not ignore and how they are different than thewarning signs for men. for the first time ever the american heart association is addressing this issue explaining why some risk factors may be more dangerous for women. dr. mallika marshall takes a closer look.
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marcia felt nauseous and had stomach pains and headed to the hospital hours later. >> i had no idea i was having a heart attack. i really expected shoulder pain or heavy chest pain. >> reporter: a new scientific statement from the american heart association says there can be key differences between men and women when it comes to hart attacks symptoms. >> it may not feel like they expect but it's usually discomfort somewhere in the chest area and or in the neck and jaw and back and the upper stomach. shoulder. >> reporter: this is the first time the association has put attacks in women highlighting women have different causes of heart attack including the type of plaque buildup. too high. >> reporter: risk factors can be more farmful. >> diabetes high blood for women. >> reporter: one year later she had the same symptoms and
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this time she didn't wait. >> they told my friend if you have stomach pain or slight nausea, don't hesitate. i hesitated you know i am glad i am alive after that. >> reporter: she continues to manage her high cholesterol and high blood pressure with medication diet and exercise. the report also says black and hispanic women are more likely to have hart attack related risk fact or the like diabetes and high blood pressure and obesity women say i don't think it's anything and make i am nervous but if you -- maybe i am nervous but if in doubt get checked out. >> we are so used to saying we will feel better. >> reporter: i have too many other things to take care of. >> thank you. >> reporter: you are welcome. >> thank you. this week a group of massachusetts smokers will have the case against phillip morris usa heard in a boston federal court.
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want cigarette maker to pay for chest scans for people who years. talking about weather now. and you know what, if it could snow how it did over the weekend and we would have the sunshine, we-- i think everyone would get on board. >> that's nice. yesterday we were bummed about the patriots and got a forecast the week ahead was looking really good very much unlike the end of january. usually. >> you know that's we are here for a pick me up and you don't have the free dunks and we thought we would get you a good forecasts to -- forecast to get you through the end of january. bigth air air-- the big area of is. an interesting. & the snow depth in new york city this afternoon 19 inches. in boston 4 inches. and cariboo maine 8 and top of mount washington 16 inches. there's more snow in new york brettenwood's hotel.
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this is a little bit just bizarre position. northern new england has not see much snowfall and none in the forecast. we have quiet conditions. storm system moving up into the great lakes tonight it's going to drag milder air up the eastern seaboard but not weather. 40s in pittsburgh and 40s down in the mid atlantic and snow has been melting all day. look hour by hour tonight passing clouds will be moving across in and out with the starlight. tomorrow clouds will thicken up and won't be as bright as today and a chance for a couple rain showers moving through in the afternoon and evening. and you might want to have the umbrella handy. not widespread or heavy. and the clouds will continue to hold on into the first part of wednesday before the front slide offshore. so temperatures tonight will drop off quick and then rebound after midnight and rise into the 30s by tomorrow morning. before that happens, we are in the 20s which means everything melting today will be refreezing tonight. so use caution. tomorrow morning we are in the low 30s. breezy and mild. by january standards as we head
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40s and it's not quite as nice today in the sense that it will be more clouds and more wind. 10 to 20-mile-per-hour southwest wind gusting up to 30 miles per hour. same story for the afternoon and evening with a chance for few of the scattered showers moving through. high near 48 in boston. 47 plymouth. 49 new bedford. most of southeastern massachusetts the snow blanketing the ground will be meting away. heading towards wednesday the front starts to move offshore. aid slow protest. process but we will so increasing sun. not a busy weather day. thursday late thursday night into friday the next potential storm system. so two areas to watch. we have got the clipper moving down out of canada and coastal low trying to form. may get kicked out to sea. a grazer for eastern new england. best chance for impact is cape cod and far eastern massachusetts and seacoast and something to monitor over next few days. doesn't hook like a region wide event.
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all above freezing all week a bit of a january thaw. and this weekend we might get a couple passing showers saturday night into sunday. but liam and lisa more 40s than anything else. >> love the sound of that. covering the weekend blizzard in new york city, acnn reporter got a surprise steven tyler and his dot her advice for everyone. >> two words, hot chocolate. >> hot chocolate. >> and family hugs. >> look at this. >> you are adorable. >> tile tyler says he was in town visiting his daughters and grandsons. >> hot chocolate makes everything better. that is startling undercoverreport. >> women are paying more than 3 times as much as men for the same services. >> and a classroom aide on four legs. how the yellow lab is inspiring special kids.
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skyline. >> recently i have counted and i decided to do a count and i did something specific and it million. >> tonight meet the m.i.t. student who spent five years behind the lens. announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating
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in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america
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all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. women are you paying moo for same products as -- more for the same product as men? the price gap is real. research shows on average women's version of a product cost 7% more than the ones for men. >> michelle miller discovered that starts before products get to the store. >> last name. >> reporter: cbs went undercover one foe male produeler and -- female produtier and -- producer and male producer brought 100% cotton button down shirts andrequested the same service. our female producer was charged
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than half the businesses visited. and one she was charged 7.50 and her male counterpart 2.85. and another she paid 3 dollars than just dry cleaners. new york city study found difference in clogging like the jeans personal care products like razors and toys like this scooter and research shows women paid more than men for time. todd marks senior project editor for consumer reports has been researching this for years. >> you don't realize how badly you are getting ripped off or being taken advantage of as a woman because you become so conditioned to pay more. >> reporter: while will is no federal law that bans thispractice, gender price gouging for service is illegal in new york miami dade county and california. >> and we don't know who is responsible for it. >> reporter: michael cone is is
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the problem is the extra costs for women's products tacked on from the get-go. he found that women's clothing shoes and gloves often enter the country with a higher import tax than man's. >> might be 5 dollars that you pay that is extra to uncle sam but by the time it hits the retail, consumer, it could be 10, 12, 13 dollars. >> reporter: michelle miller cbs news, new york. >> one thing that we are paying the same for gas. and every week we are paying less and less. aaa says for the 7th week in a row prices at the pump dropped in massachusetts. this week we are down 3 cents to an average of 1.84 a gallon for regular crude oil prices have not been this low since 2003. and experts say there are signs prices will drop even more. this sounds like something right out of a movie. >> a bold jailbreak. still to come, the wild way the bars. >> then, colleagues facing wiretapping charges for recording a coworker who was
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and it started with an i team investigation. >> and student at boston latin taking a stand against racism. what mayor walsh is saying about at accusations at -- did- - about the being a sayings at the school -- accusations at
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