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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking at 11:00, trying to put out the flames again. fire reigniting adding water treatment plant in quincy. five people were hurt earlier when a piece of equipment exploded inside. >> and now crews are having a hard time putting out that blaze. chilly want check is at this the -- julie loncich hack is at the scene. >> reporter: it has reignited for the third time. you can still see heavy smoke off in the distance. those five injured employees will spend the night at
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hours after firefighters thought they had it contained -- >> it's just a tough situation. >> reporter: the fire the water treatment facility reignited. >> the firefighters have a new -- you have a new appreciation for them when you see them working in the cold and ice and trying to go into a building with blacksmith. >> reporter: the two-alarm fire is contained to the odor control room. >> a concrete vault way underground. >> five employees suffered minor injuries while working in a room below monday afternoon. >> is one of the -- one of the guys believe it was due to a fan. >> reporter: fire officials haven't ruled out a mechanical or chemical failure. >> i could see gray smoke low and then all of a sudden blocks
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>> reporter: neighbors a quarter-mile away heard the evacuate. >> we are looking more people weren't hurt. >> reporter: the executive director tells us service at the facility has not been disrupted. firefighters will be her throughout the night and perhaps at least one more day. we have more breaking news. a terrible bus crash in warwick, rhode island. the bus driver in some passengers were trapped inside after the driver lost control and crashed into a building. >> reporter: that's right. three people suffered non-life- threatening injuries. they are expected to stay in the hospital overnight. >>reporter: a bus belonging to the rhode island public transportation authority crashed inside an auto shop in warwick. >> at first, i thought i was seeing things and i thought
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as i drove by, i realized it was a bus. >> reporter: the bus crashed into a telephone pole that snapped, prompting a car to also hit the pole. another car than ran over the telephone pole and got stuck. this as the driver then crossed four lanes of traffic before crashing into the building. melissa dixon says she and her daughter were in their car when they saw the crash. >> you could hear them moaning so i knew they were both alive. >>reporter: the driver has been with greta for four -- ripped a -- rpta for four decades. part of the building has now collapsed. they believe the bus driver may have had a medical condition.
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-- shantay lands. a driver hit a car and then took off. they tell us the victim is" extremely critical condition. tonight, breaking news from the patriots. a big move to try to better protect tom brady after he took a beating yesterday in that season-ending loss in the nfc championship game. >> reporter: multiple reports say the pats have fired the offense of coach one day after tom brady got pounded in denver. the broncos set them four times and hit him probably 20. the coach just finished his second season with the pats. before last season, he led them to a super bowl win. it was amazing the team was even able to make it as far as they did but bill belichick
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to change and it was time for someone else to do his job. we will tell you which patriots players have pulled out of the pro bowl. new developments in road rage shooting. police are searching for a gunman who they say shot another driver over a plowed out parking spot. louisa muller is live at that scene for us right now. >> reporter: police have been concentrating at least some of their efforts on this area after they say the suspect fled of the block after the shooting. in fact, a swap team even searched one of these homes with dogs, catching some residents by surprise. cell phone video captures the moments boston police officers dressed in swat care searched kimberly carlisle's apartment. in my home.
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the same multifamily home police say 27-year-old man fled to after shooting someone in the stomach just down the block. police say the altercation was over a parking spot. >> they found a 34-year-old male shot in the abdomen. >> reporter: cost savings suspect shot the victim once and then took off up the street in a black bmw before parking in front of number 9. the perpetrator got away but police made off with his bmw, towing it from the scene. >> i saw and heard nothing. >> reporter: carlisle claims she didn't recognize the car or see anyone enter the building but says she knows the man police are hunting for. he lives in the attic of her building. >> we have never had an issue with him at all. >> reporter: confused like the rest of the neighborhood as to why someone would do this. >> i don't know how it could
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people amaze me. >> reporter: police say they know who the suspect is. they say he is known to police and as for the victim, he is being treated at brigham hospital with non life threatening injuries. a man accused of shooting at a plow driver in plymouth says he feared for his life. police say bruce o'brien fired three shots at the driver during saturday's storm. he didn't hit him. o'brien claims he was passing the plow when the plow swerved and nearly hit him. shifting gears, a midweek warm up with temperatures that could be very close to 500. >> with that going on, eric has his eye on another possible storm going on. >> some interesting times here. definitely not in the deep freeze. we are at 290 in boston. it's chilly out there toward the cave in the islands.
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haven. cincinnati at 470, 450 in cleveland, buffalo 410. that milder air will be heading in our direction. you can see a weak storm system in here with two sprinkles ahead of it and snow on the backside of it. we will see milder temperatures moving in. tomorrow morning, 300 out the door. knowledge of the 40s in the afternoon and a couple towns are near 500. friday morning is the one to watch. we will talk about those chances coming up. it will take days to dig out from this, the huge atlantic. the plows have been working around the clock and get some streets still aren't cleared. paula ebben is in the weather center. >> we just found out schools and offices in washington dc are close again tomorrow. >> reporter: yes, baltimore, philadelphia and the nations capital will have another day off school as crews up and down
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clogged streets. it will take days for people along the east coast to dig out after a monstrous storm dumped record amounts of snow on many areas. washington dc is still in the snow emergency after 22 inches fell. some streets still haven't been touched. >> somebody needs to get up here. if a fire truck or ambulance needed to, it doesn't look like they are getting in. >> truck parts of maryland saw 30 inches. the snow was too much for this treacherous and it brought down several porches and damaged a grocery store. the storm also brought major flooding to southern new jersey and new york city as quickly bouncing back from 27 inches, the biggest snowfall on record. >> i have been living in new york for 28 years and this is the worst i have ever seen. >> reporter: at least 45 people in 11 states died in this weekend's blizzard clerk --. >> if you ride the t, expect more delays tomorrow morning.
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both directions today because of this work on the longfellow bridge. forward-looking statements will take 2-3 days to restore regular service. campaign 2016 is feeling the pressure. >> believe it or not, the first test is one week from tonight in iowa. both races there are too close to call. bernie sanders holding one point lead in a new poll over hillary clinton. >> among gop candidates, donald trump has a five-point lead over ted cruz. jon keller joins us with a closer look at these races. some growing tension between these candidates. >> reporter: to say the least. while the stress is showing for the democrats, the republican race has entered the bareknuckle stage. >> it was so cold, i actually side democrat with his hands in his own pocket.>> reporter: on the gop side -- >> two
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ted cruz -- >> reporter: ted cruz marks donald trump's attempt to quote the bible at a christian university. while donald trump was fueling criticism of ted cruz's citizenship, crews was unleashing his -- ted cruz was unleashing has biggest attack yet. >> donald trump has new york values, not ours. >> reporter: in iowa, hillary clinton's throughout the trader and so did bernie sander's when this woman explained her economic struggle. he could have walked a few feet to shake her hand but didn't. >> i voted against the war in iraq. >> reporter: but in a cnn appearance, sanders was back on his game.
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the war in iraq. >> reporter: and clinton had regained her voice. >> you have to have somebody who is a proven fighter. somebody who has taken them on and won. and kept going and bulky doing that as president. >> reporter: also tonight, a boost for two candidates who have been struggling for traction. the boston herald has endorsed chris christie in the boston globe is recommending ohio governor john kasich to new hampshire voters. a heartbreaking story of animal abuse. >> next, how you can help police find the person who abandoned this starving dog in the cold. dangerous inmates on the run. have a skipped a maximum- security prison and why investigators believe they had inside help. plus, neighbors living on the an but not for long. the race to get people out. >> and tonight's number of the night $1.83, the average price
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animal control officers are asking for your help to find the person who abandoned and abused this starving dog in the cold. rescuers found the dog shivering this afternoon. >> some of these images are police tell us this two-year- old pitbull mix named stitch has clearly been starved. he has no body fat and would have frozen to death have a not found him. officers are urging anyone who may recognize this dog to call police. a member of the patriot act is squad is facing charges after a bar fight. police arrested jj burton. the patriots assigned him to the
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warden. the patriots signed him to the practice squad earlier this month. the urgent manhunt for escaped inmates is intensifying tonight in california. three fugitives on the run are considered armed and dangerous. police say they broke out of a maximum-security prison by rappelling, side using bedsheets. tonight, police say it's possible they had inside help. investigators are trying to figure out how all three men could have made such a precise escape without staff noticing. several celebrities are donating time and money to help the water contamination crisis in michigan. some of the high-power help includes mark wahlberg who is donating bottled water. the fbi just launched a criminal investigation into the decision to use lead contaminated water.
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coast is forcing people out of their homes. police in pacifica county california are going door to door to evacuate them. they live along a hillside that is collapsing. the winter storms powered by el nino are taking a toll there. the homes and apartment buildings are teetering on the edge. we are do for a crazy january follow. >> and considering how little snow we have had here, the thighs probably going to wipe out what we've got. >> last week was cold, a little picture. clear skies, great review from a high-resolution camera. you can see exactly where the blizzard ended. look at northwestern connecticut kids -- connecticut's. new york city saw 30 inches of snowfall but here in andover, no snow.
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cape and -- anne had 8 inches. this is a beautiful place if you have never been. the northbridge in concord. a nice snow on new england. 290 in boston, 310 in lawrence coldest temps where the snow is deepest. 21 in new bedford and 21 on the vineyard but winds start to turned more southerly and more sternly as this storm system text where west bringing a surge of milder air we will feel by tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 30s to start the day. increasing cloudiness with a couple sprinkles or light rain showers tomorrow afternoon or evening. don't think a lot of what weather will come. toward wednesday, that front is hanging out. there will still be clouds around in the morning and then slowly this all push off -- pushes offshore. tomorrow, low 30s to start, breezy but mild.
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hour, we are in the 40s. it will be mild and windy. it might not feel as nice as temperatures suggest. winds out of the southwest at 10-20 with 30-35 mile-per-hour gusts. a chance of a rain shower and sunset at 4:50 pm. high temperatures 48 in boston, 490 in totten. if you have the wind off the water, a lot of melting going on. for the rest of the week, pretty easy. last week was mostly in the 20s. this week is mostly in the 30s and 40s all the way into the weekend. there's also a storm system where watching. two pieces of energy, one with people and one with the subtropical energy. will be phase together and created bigger storm to bring us significant snow or will this northern stream push this one out? if they don't phase, the northern stream pushes everything out to sea.
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track to be determined situation. it's a close call and most likely the impact will be on the tape and violence. we will keep you updated this week. here is your seven day. staying on the milder side, saturday will be chilly with a few rain or snow showers. sunday, right back into the 40s. the snow that we have, isn't sticking around for too long. >> love the sound of that. tom brady is getting the support he needs after last >>'s wife tweeted this picture of their children with a caption that reads i can't handle it, so much love. >> super bowl l could be the most expensive for ticket buyers. the average price of a ticket carolina panthers and denver broncos is $5178. get this, the boston area was the biggest purchaser of tickets so far.
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at this point have come from here. those will likely go back up until online. >> those prices are going to go up. the bruins against the flyers came down to the final minutes. >> and patriots players who have pulled out of the pro bowl
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truck we are all still looking hour winds from that loss. we all expected them to win even down to the wire. >> we were in denial. the sadness sets in and you said it, patriots made -- had to make some changes. >> reporter: multiple reports say the patriots fired the head offense of coach days after tom brady cut pounded in denver. the broncos hit him at least 20 times. tom brady has pulled out of the pro bowl. broncos gave brady a beating. the broncos flat rushed brady. if they played roxborough -- foxpro, that wouldn't have happened but they say they
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as an excuse. >> the circumstances were what they were and we can't say what if this or that. they were what they were. we have together and play and we didn't play well enough to win. >> reporter: rob gronkowski is also out of the pro bowl. gary barnidge is going to take his place. gronk was cramping and dehydrated and still pulled off some miracle place. eight catches, 144 yards and a league touchdown. he needs his rest. jamie collins will also miss his first trip. andy barr will replace him. collins got beat on two passes but still came up big with two sacks. >> tom brady walking off the field. amazing he could even walk off. no doubt, the pats are bummed today including bill belichick.
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is -- >> just came up a little short. it was a disappointing feeling. turn page and move on. and start the process over again. >>reporter: all eyes on the bruins and the celtics for the next few weeks. the -- they were both in action and both won on the road. the celtics and wizards in washington dc. another big game for isaiah thomas. he didn't even play the fourth quarter because they were up big. the big storm was named jonas, only fitting because of this. flyers in philly, the power
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marsh on him -- marshawn has scored in three games. the game-winning goal, bruins 3- 2. they have won five out of six. truck with the broncos win last night, peyton manning received $2 million in incentives like he needs them. >> painful. next at 11:00, reunited and it feels so good. >> watch what happens when a pet dog sees his owner. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple
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a video is going viral that shows a special bond between a shelter dog and his owner. take a look. >> he missed his dad as he traveled for a week. it has more than 1 million views. with little kids and dogs, they the door. >> the dog is saying i'm sorry i eight your shoes, just missed you so much. he should leave again. >> eric still has the forecast
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this is the anniversary of us issuing the first was it forecast of last year. i tweeted it out and got a bit
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