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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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car. police say it fl off this pickup truck heading south, over the median bouncing off one vehicle before dealing the fatal blow to the second car. while crews tow the vehicles, it has drivers stuck in traffic thinking about how quickly tragedy can strike. >> it can happen. i lost two lug nuts on this a couple weeks ago. >> on your tire? >> didn't know it. it wasn't until it worked done. you never now when it can happen. >> reporter: the driver of the pickup truck is a 19-year-old woman who is not facing any charges at this point. lisa, back to you. >> terrifying, thank you. at this hour all of the lanes are open on 128 but as you look at this traffic map you can see the red there. significant backups even tonight. again, this accident happened just south of exit 31 which is
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stay with wbz news on the air and online for continuing coverage of this story. a scare at the naval medical cerne in san diego -- cerne when there was reports of a gunman. personnel were escorted out of the facility with their hands in the air. initial reports were that this was happening in building 26. that houses offices and barracks for wounded soldiers. after a full investigation officials gave the all clear. also developing, worcester police are investigating whether a man was hit by a freight train first the victim of a crime. hector ramos was found on the tracks near lincoln and prescott sunday night. police are waiting for autopsy results. they want to find out how ramos was killed and whether he was actually dead before the train hit him. also developing tonight, a fire at a quincy water treatment plant is officially out more than a day after it started. crews are actually going to
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hot spots because they have been flaring up. meanwhile, the department of environmental protection just told us there are no environmental issues from this fire and that they will be inspecting the plant in the next few days. skyeye over this house fire in franklin. you can see the smoke pouring out of the home on church street. firefighters say the fire started in the basement then quickly spread. at one time the crews were ordered out of the building. there was one person inside but got out safely. a bus driver's medical condition may have caused the terrible accident in road i land. four were injured, two badly when a bus careened across several lanes of traffic into a building. the bus driver was one of the people who were severely injured. police need this suspect wanted inside a shooting at a t station.
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he is accused of shooting two people last tuesday at the maverick square station. both victims were treated and released from the hospital. if you see him call 911. a shooting near an upscale boston hotel. this is bizarre. employees told a man he couldn't leave the hotel with an alcoholic drink. police say he lost his cool and minutes later fired a shot outside the hotel. >> reporter: police say that andrew flack was la leg gear rant, rushed out and fired his gun. one of the reasons why he was caught, he left his open tab and credit card at the bar. one of boston's chicest hotels. on monday night the site of a bizarre altercation. andrew flack from florida charged with multiple firearms related offenses on tuesday after police say he fired a gun
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cops say it started around 10:00 p.m. at the bar when flack tried to leave the hotel with a drink. court paperwork states he was stopped by an employee then, quote, the suspect became argumentative, smashed the drink glass and demanded the employee step outside. he then left through the front door. moments later police say flack fired a shot in the area and took off in a cab. in roxbury police found a cab driver with a gun. the driver said he took the gun away from his passenger, andrew flack, after flack fired the gun inside the taxi. police caught up to flack. he couldn't produce a license to carry a firearm and they arrested him. he is being held on $30,000 bail. the incident, as well as the cabbie's actions surprising local taxi drivers. >> nighttime there is a risk.
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get out of there instead of grabbing a gun. >> reporter: he has a lengthy criminal record. his address is listed as florida but court paperwork says he is a waiter at the top of the hub. he is due back in court on february 23rd. >> thank you very much. also remember this? how can we forget. one year ago today was our first blizzard of last year's then report breaking season. this is what it looked like in austin after the storm last year was innocent enough, appeared then everything fell apart. this year a different scene. there is barely any snow on the ground in parent thanks to the thank you. it was above 50 today. >> a january thaw in progress. we had a january thank you. from here on out over three weeks it was just a blur.
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snow in worcester and 84 in boston. pretty much everyone has seen incredible streak. things are more normal. today high of 51. the farthest from a blizzard. fires in a couple of weeks and average for early april. southerly winds will keep temperatures above freezing as we head through tonight. really not exactly warm but not bad for late january. a low of 38 in boston. 39 hyannis. snow melts during the overnight. tomorrow morning some temperatures near freezing in central massachusetts as well as parts of new hampshire. if you wonder is this a temporary thing? look ahead. there are a couple of days that will be in the 50s in the forecast. we are watching the friday storm in between all of this. it will be close by. it's trending a little farther east. we will talk about that and the
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>> see you then, thanks. tonight an entire community is coming together to northern a fallen marine and to show support for corporal christopher orlando's parents. they are returning from a memorial service for their son and 11 other marines in hawaii. all 12 were killed when two military helicopters collided. police are asking people to line the route for the orlando family starting at 6:00. it begins on north main street along east street and ends on summer street. police are asking people to stand quietly along the route with american flags. in the race for the white house, with less than a week to go until the iowa caucuses, donald trump continues to dominate the republican race. according to the new cnn-orc poll trump is at 41%, more than double his closest challenger texas senator ted cruz. recent poll shows bernie
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over hillary clinton in iowa. days after announcing their endorsement for hillary clinton, the "boston globe" says they are backing john kasich. what was their reasoning for backing john kasich down in the polls. >> he is showing some signs lately, in new hampshire. the globe editorial board made a point of saying they weren't backing clinton out of concern over her opponents but that was the driving force behind the endorsement of kay such who they describe as a pragmatic moderate fiscal conservative. they urged voters to derail divisive demo got particular candidates what they mean is donald trump and ted cruz. >> speaking of trump, he is under fire not just from the left but the right as well. >> interesting development absolutely. prominent conservatives denounced trump in a special issue of the national review late last week.
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have been saying what the globe wrote in its kay such endorsement that his bigotry is toxic, they are no longer amused because they see the inroads he is making with indiana in the national polls -- independent dance and they will be competing with them. >> "boston globe" is behind hillary clinton. what do you think of her. >> it marie assure some in new hampshire who have been concerned about her shaky numbers. to be honest with you, the truth is newspaper endorsements rarely play a big role in the presidential race any more. the union leader in new hampshire endorsed chris christie two months ago and he barely moved. the "boston herald" endorsed governor christie. i don't think it will matter much. >> he is making headlines.
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exchange he had at a town hall. >> thanks. the patriots disappointed the season is over. we all are. they are today showing gratitude to their fans. edelman sending out this tweet: and rob gronkowski sent out this tweet: still to come. >> they defied odds and they are getting a chance to thank rescuers. >> the trouble in waltham. a massive water main break takes out a major road. we are live at the scene of the
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fiery crash landing in the woods in new hampshire. the pilot and passenger are saying thanks to the people who rescued them. the pilot and his passenger were badly injured in the small plane went down in june. >> they are reunited with their rescuers and get a chance to say thank you. >> reporter: dramatic survival
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>> are we going down? i said, yeah. i knew i couldn't maintain the lift. >> reporter: it is being told publicly for the first time in a conference room. >> i realized the door was pinned to the ground. i wasn't going out that way. i kicked out the windshield. >> reporter: last june ron and his passenger, roger cross came into the trauma center. gannon sughed 18 broken bones in the crash of his piper cherokee which he said was caused by a shift in wind direction. >> no panic. calmness in the cockpit. don't ask me why we weren't screaming like little girls in a roller coaster but that's what it was. >> got full function and the skin graft is healing up lovely. >> reporter: as part of his
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>> i can't tell you how much of a difference it made. very, very proud to have come to portsmouth. >> despite the long road to recovery, they will likely fly again. live pictures from our brighton camera of the city, i hope. beautiful 50-degree day. more than 50, eric. absolutely perfect. to be experiencing this in january, we will take it. >> fun when you get snow, warms up, get snow and warms up. >> then all of a sudden it's march. >> we are almost to february. it's zipping by so far. if you take a look at the two seasons -- side by side, we talked about today being the start of the run of blizzards, this was the start of the first one and the first one for many towns. as we look to the rest of
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season, we won't have any sort of the same set up as last year. we have basically little to no snow in the forecast through next week. we will be into february. i think it will be a colder more volatile month but nothing like what we endured last season. a tough act to follow. i don't think that would have any chance of happening this year. 47 in boston as well as portsmouth and plymouth. a lot of melting snow. today. farther to the west, drier and colder air. this will make inroads during the day tomorrow. you will feel the change in air off. a little streamer of showers and rain that is trying to work up the eastern seaboard. a weak front in here. notice a few of these sprinkles starting to show up on radar. into the overnight, especially in southeastern massachusetts, a chance for rain. a lot of clouds. gusty southwest winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. the breeze will stay with us throughout the overnight.
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region wide. mid- to upper-30s, mostly cloudy skies. a chance for a south coast caper shower. most areas are on the drier side of things. hour by hour, at 10:00 still above 40. in many towns the snow melts. as we get to tomorrow morning, still clouds and the best chance of showers toward the cape and islands to begin the day. toward the afternoon, we will see gradual clearing west to east and notice the temperatures don't really move throughout the day. we start near 40. at lunch near 40. in the afternoon near 40 then it starts to cool off as we head into the evening. you will notice that drier feel. as we look through the morning timeframe, a couple showers, sunrise 7:03. breezes 10 to 206789 by midday, increasing sunshine. about 42 degrees. then for the evening, that's when we fall back through the 30s. sunset tomorrow is at 4:51. looking forward the rest of the week, thursday another beautiful day. a mix of sun and clouds.
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more melting snow. friday watching the nearby coastal storm. the trend farther east. basically there is going to be a little linkage between that storm and this energy to the north and west. there is a pathway where the winds are converging. that is a trough. sometimes that can touch off snow showers. we have to keep a close eye on that through the day. trend is farther out to sea. the odds favor that track. the snow chances remain. areas of snow that could break out on friday into a more wintry day. high temps in the 30s. not a major storm for us. preview of the weekend, saturday a couple of flurries and snow showers, especially to the north. that is the chilly day of the upcoming weekend. saturday back at it. well into the 40s. more sunshine and milder from there. monday we are looking at low 50s across the area. another chance on on tuesday. the warm jest wednesday. the next big storm system will track to the west. what that does for us is brings
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may have a chance of record highs in the next week. full ac seven day, not too tough to take. areas of snow on friday and a couple of snow showers saturday. >> eric, i think you are our favorite person in the newsroom. the tale of two cities. this is us, the public gardens. there is snow but a lot of it has melted. meanwhile, parts of the east coast south of us are struggling dig out from the weekend storm. >> talk about new york first. a lot of the side streets are still impassable. that city got hit with the second biggest snowfall ever. mayor de blasio has issued a travel advisory that lasts until friday night. that's because of black ice from melting snow. getting rid of more than two feet of snow, very slow going. you can see crews steadily working to get the snow off the streets. despite all of this, new york public schools have been open this week. after two snow days in washington, d.c., schools and
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reopen tomorrow. the blizzard is one of the top five snowstorms for the nation want capitol. some are trying to turn it into a profit. three brooklyn roommates built what they called a boutique igloo and listed it on airbnb, 200 bucks a night. they had five inquiries in a few hours then the sit shut them down. >> $200. this pup wasn't having the snow removed from her neck of the woods. the french bulldog from philadelphia caught chasing away her owner's shovel, after it. it's her playground. >> she is in the right spot. a bathroom break that >> what? >> first heart stopping moments caught on camera when a chain reaction crash sends this semi heading for a police captain. >> new at 6:00, a star
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike
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[ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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now at 5:00 terrifying moments on the side of an ohio road when a train hits a tractor trailer sending it speeding to a police captain. off the bat here, the captain is okay tonight. here is another look at that moment of impact. the train slams into the back of a semi stopped and it then is going right to the police captain. that man is thrown 40 feet. incredibly he suffered minor injuries. now to the absolute chaos inside a new mexico courtroom when a man charges a mr. knocking him to the ground before trying to punch him. this happened moments after the man was found guilty of molesting a girl.
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judge for a sidebar when that man lunged. people in the courtroom seats. officers restrained the man who is in in even more trouble. these homeowners in california are on edge tonight literally because the cliff they live on is crumbling. the cliffs in pacifica have gun falling into the ocean. it has gotten worse because of the powerful em anyone i don't storms this winter. it's so dangerous homeowners have been asked to evacuate. a book linked to one of the most infamous chapters in massachusetts history hits the auction block next week. the book of psalms is expected to catch up to $50,000 when it goes up for auction. it was printed in 1693, one of america at all. later it was owned by john proctor, one of the 19 people put to death during the witch trials. if you want your house to be
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chris christie is in hot water for making a joke about flooding. >> still to come, why residents in new jersey say it's no laughing matter. >> plus, an escaped prisoner
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announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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breaking news at 5:30. lexington.
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