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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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right here, police have been going in and out of their possibly bringing in evidence out of the apartment. out of building 198 where this all started. they say the three people who were injured suffered nonlife- threatening injuries and they are in hospitals right now. police just checking with them to try to figure out a possible motive. three men in their 20s brookline police say all stabbed at least 2 also shot. >> they were -- there were tons of emergency people. >> reporter: this happening in broad daylight around noon in a usually very quiet neighborhood. >> fortunately it's rare but by same token it's what's going on in society. >> reporter: police say a man was first found shot in his leg inside an apartment at building beacon. then moments later, a few blocks away on harvard street witnesses described this. >> i ran to the window and saw the car go right in front.
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didn't shut the door and started to walk away and then when they pulled up next to the emt vehicle i didn't understand they had actually found two people out. >> reporter: bloody clothes marked the spots where two men were thrown out of the vehicle. the scene sent three schools on lock down. >> makes me very nervous. i mean, i was in panic mode. >> terrifying. it is unfortunate this is happening directly in front of my daughter's classroom and that's very frightening to me. >> reporter: so far no arrests. police say an intersection camera identified the vehicle as a 2015 white ford focus with a new york license plate number gyr3714. driver and man seen walking away from the car remain on the loose. and no word from police at this hour on whether or not the man who was shot inside the apartment lived inside. reporting live in brookline chantee lans, wbz news.
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new documents unsealed in the boston marathon care reveals what happened after dzhokhar tsarnaev was captured. we didn't know. >> reporter: the court began documents today. the it paints the picture of a badly injured dzhokhar tsarnaev in the hospital and accuses the government of denying him rights and even lying to him about his brother. in this document tsarnaev's lawyer says he suffered gunshot wounds including one to the head which likely caused traumatic brain injury. he was on serious pain medication and his left eye was sutured shut jaw wired close and injuries to his left ear left him unable to hear on that side. despite all that, they say the fbi questioned the younger tsarnaev off and -- on and off for 36 hours and during that time and unable to speak the attorneys say he repeatedly
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he wrote the word lawyer 10 times sometimes circling it according to the document but no lawyer was provided. his attorneys also say he begged the authorities to leave hem alone saying i am -- hem alone saying i am hur -- him alone saying i am hurt and you said i am going to sleep and agents dried lied saying his brother was alive and he asked is my brother alive i know you said he is. are you lying? we have been able to go through some of the hundreds of documents and they described what authorities were searching for at the bombing scene. the tsarnaevs' apartment and dzhokhar's dorm ream and -- room and they examined details like what kind of tape glue and caulk was used to make the bombs. kate merrill. >> thanks. new details on the safety improvements of a dangerous section of route 20 which is known to neighbors as dead man's curve. mass dot has widened the road
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in -- and instaled a -- installed a guardrail. a mother and her 9-year-old son were killed when they collided with a cement truck. now at 5. >> strightening -- tritening -- frightening to see something like that coming at you. >> a loose tire skipping right over the gentleman you saw and smashing into the car behind him sadly killing that driver. that terrifying scenario unfold in lexington yesterday afternoon. >> and tonight we are learning what happened and the man whose life was cut short. christina hager is live with the story. christina. >> reporter: before the tire killed one driver, a number of other drivers on the road saw it and it hit a toyota highlander without causing any injuries. and it flew right over the truck of a man we spoke with today. >> right down to the seats. >> reporter: john is still spooked by what he witnessed. >> next thing i know i see this tire jump me and jersey barricade.
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ended up on the side of 95 north afterit popped off the rear left of this pickup truck on the southbound side of the highway. >> and just flew right up and right over the center of my vehicle and the next thing i know, this vehicle almost pulled up beside me. >> reporter: it was this car and the tire that missed him slammed into the windshield killing the driver 26-year-old charles hu from lexington. >> just bless my is sea of couple times. >> reporter: and then called 911. police are now focused on why the wheel cake off. wbz -- came off. wbz learned it's 1977 dodge ram and police will do a mechanical examination and review the service records and check for recalls. >> this whole thing was over in two seconds. >> reporter: but the effects will linger he much longer for him who tears up when he thinks about the the victim. >> just how quickly life can be
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and i think it's important that we put in to-- put our lives in perspective of what's significant in our lives and what isn't. >> reporter: the driver of the pickup truck is a 19-year-old woman from amesbury and we checked with the department of transportation the truck passed a state inspection 6 months ago. in lexington christina hager wbz news back you to you -- back to you. >> thank you. the state fire marshal says a mechanical failure caused that stubborn fire at a quincy water plant. an industrial fan failed creating a chemical cloud that sparked an explosion. 5 people were hurt although me were not hurt -- although they were not hurt seriously. at 5, here we are following developing news out of fitchburg where police wrapped up a news conference saying a man who was shot was wanted for murder in virginia. ken macleod is live with details.
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case of kidnapping and murder down south that ended in fitchburg when the suspect apparently shot himself in the head. now 43-year-old dana william is a prison parolee and suspected kill he ever who had about on run from virginia where he is accused of breaking no a home tying up the family and terror eyeing them at gunpoint shortly before police say he strangled his exfather-in-law at a home and kidnapped his exmother-in- law oleen brooks. they east nationwide look out for the vil ver -- silver -- they posted a nationwide lookout for the silver caravan that he was in. an alert officer spotted the stolen minivan and police tracked william to a basement apartment on chester street. this morning at 8 a.m. they swooped in. >> at about 9 a.m. this morning, members of the
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apartment. as they did william shot himself in the head. he was treated on scene and was taken to u mass memorial hospital in worcester where he is in critical condition. >> reporter: now it's not known if dana william will survive that self-inflicted gunshot wound. police are saying he had avin vendetta gist -- a vendetta against his in-laws and his mother-in-law has not been located and authorities fear the worst. live in fitchburg ken macleod. >> thank you. tonight boston police are hoping that surveillance video will help them fine the man who tagged the boston public library with graffiti. he used white spray paint all over the building. crews cleaned it up this morning and say the job was made easier because the vandals left the paint can nearby. in quincy police want to find the person who knocked over more than a dozen headstones at
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officers say this is the third time in four months that the tombstones have been desecrated many if you have information, call quincy police. it's a group we have had so much respect for. but tonight a cbs news investigation claims the wound warrior project uses just 60% of its donations to actually help vet rats rains the rest on conference and lavish parties. wounded warrior raised more than 300 million dollars in donations in 2014. but a vet who worked with the organization quit over concerns about the spending there. >> they will tell you it's not but it is. i began to see how an organization that rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars a year is not helping my brothers and my sisters. or at least not all of them. >> wounded warriors has an office here in cambridge and coming up tonight at 6, a local veteran's group reacts to the investigation and what they say will shock you. lisa. the death toll blamed on
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government documents now show the driver of a 2007 honda civic died last year in india. there's no official cause of death in the case but if it's because of the air bag, that would make it the 11th known victim. in the race for the white house donald trump is holding fast to skip the next republican debate and says if megyn kelly is moderating he won't participate and fox news says capitulating to politician violates journalistic standard. drug overdoses killed more people in new hampshire over the last year than car accidents. one fact pointed out today as several lawmakers testified in front of a senate judicialary committee on the opioid cries nice what law enforcement needs is is a comprehensive and sustained approach to helppreventionests support the individual in recovery and adkit resources for state and
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for state and local law enforcement. >> vermont governor also testified. woman who lost her leg in a marathon bombing now wants to cross that iconic finish line as a runner. adrienne ace haslet says she will run the 26.2 miles on the prosthetic. instagram shows her in running gear with the boston marathon shirt and she says she will use the money she raises for a organization that providesprosthesis for amputees. >> marathon has so many incredible images but that's going to be incredible. breaking news on the zika virus. why the the threat may not be as bad as first thought and what you need to know if you are traveling. >> wrapping up another beautiful weather day across the area. but there's some snowfall in the forecast before the week is done. we will look at that coming up. >> and a teenage's impromptu piano performance goes viral. stick around for this.
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breaking news the associated press reports zika virus is probably to blame for fewer dirt be-- birth defects than suspected.
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women in central and south america to avoid mosquitoes that spread the virus and a travel advisory for pregnant women included caribbean destinations. the centers for disease control says women should be especially careful in the u.s. virgin island and i did dominican republic and 22 other countries on the list. united airlines and american airlines are both now offering refunds to passengers who are afraid to travel because of the zika virus. and president obama is calling for more research in the mosquito born disease in the hopes of finding a treatment. dr. mallika marshall joins us now. who should be concerned about this here in the u.s. about the the zika virus. >> reporter: there are a lot of people who are freaked out about this and i am glad to hear some of the new numbers-- doesn't sound as originally thought but for those of us who live in new england especially in the wintertime, i don't think we should be worrying about this at all.
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or a woman who plans to get pregnant and you have to travel to an at-risk area in which case you have to be careful about protecting yourselves by wearing protective clothing. >> so if a woman becomes symptoms. >> reporter: so the symptoms unfortunately a lot of people don't get symptoms. it sounds like a good thing but at same time. >> dormant. >> reporter: if you get infected you may not know people actually develop symptoms. and when they do develop symptoms it's mild flu like illness and fever and joint pains and usually occurs 2 to 7 days after infected by a mosquito. so really not a concern for people who get the infection doesn't cause any serious complications. the concern is the developing brains of unborn fetuses. >> so let's say you are a woman and you event yewly get -- e-- eventually get pregnant. >> reporter: if you are not pregnant and get infected chances are you won't pose a
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>> down the line. >> reporter: down the line because it last in the bloodstream for few days to a week so you clear it and built up immunity and i really even people who get infected i don't think they should word worry about subsequent preg fancy. >> i think you made a bunch of david. i hate to spoil the romantic vacation but niagara falls may run dry because a project is in the works to replace a bridge connecting the mainland with an island located canadian falls and to do that crews would have to shut down the water reroute it over the canadian side of the falls. the project would take months to finish and has not been given the green light but can i say that's something that would happen to me. honey i never been let's do something romantic and you get there and it's dry. >> you get to go back. >> that's right. >> welcome back. >> thank you. it's a few days off and i feel rusty how does that work.
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and you were off on nice days. >> yeah it was beautiful eric thelawns. felt like spring and we are not in february. >> temporary thought. it will fill back up before it's all done. 45 the high temp today. territory. it can reach the 60s and 70s this time year. january another in a long line of above average months for temps. not as extreme as in december but above the norm which is expected here in an el nino winter. 42 in boston. 41 plymouth. new bedford 43. i was walk around in boston all the snow is gone outside the piles. that's about it. and looking off to the west, that's chilly but it's late january and nothing too harsh. tonight is the coldest night of the last couple. we are looking at lows 18 to 25 and everything that was melting today will be freeze back up so be cautious for icy spots and city falling back to about 26 degrees by tomorrow morning. so a pretty good opportunity late tonight and into tomorrow to check out all the planets lined up in the sky.
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couple weeks and if you are looking from southeast to southwest, you look out just before dawn and 45 minutes before daybreak and you have mercury venus and saturn and mars and jupiter in the sky at once. we have crystal clear skies by tomorrow morning. icy spots out there sunrise at 7:02. tomorrow another beautiful day and there won't be much wind. a mix of sun and clouds. more melting snow the clouds will start to thick ann little bit heading through the afternoon and evening. night. a high of 42 in boston. 37 in worcester. stuff. and then we will start to watch this storm system we have been talking about all week. eye on. developing storm. and then you see the curly cue in the western great lakes that's dike down into the northeast and -- diving down into the northeast and bring the moisture back in. as we head towards late thursday night and friday morning the main heart of the
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and sometimes we can see the little connectors develop. we call it a trough between in system and this one here. and i think that should help produce areas of snowfall late thursday night and into the day on friday. doesn't look like a big storm system. but whenever you mix snow and a morning commute there can beissues. that's something to keep a close eye on. on saturday the a chance for a few more snow showers but most look to be in northern newening lan -- new england. it will be cold with fresh snow. so look at totals here chance of snow showers areas of snow to break out boston and eastern massachusetts as well as new hampshire and up towards the main coast. and now towards the cape and islands a chance for coatings and light accumulations but there will be borderline temperatures rain can mix in and hold things down and bottom line is expecting know in the -- snow in the air on friday can stack up and slow down morning's drive. then for the weekend few saturday. and it's the chillier of the two sunday's look pretty good
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and clouds and closing in on 50 degrees. by sunday afternoon. monday is february 1st and that's where we have got temps closing in on 60 in some towns and stays fairly mild on tuesday and wednesday on the warm side of the next warm system and we can see 50s in the areas. a warm start to the month of february. there's the accu-weather 7-day. 55 on the boards for monday and groundhog day on tuesday. and well into the 40s and mostly rain on wednesday. give it at least after that the cold moves back in. >> even the cold doesn't look that cold. >> it's not on the 7-day yet we are talking about super bowl weekend. >> afraid to scare us. >> thank you eric. today massachusetts is sending reenforcements to the nation's capital as dc continues to dig out from the weekend's storm. mass dot crews sent a snow melter and 5 front end loaders head south this morning. they will be there through the weekend. apparently they have helped us out in the past and we are returning the favor. till to -- still to come, schools in styles.
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sent to parents about how they should look when they drop off kids. >> we will have a debate about this. and who doesn't love them? we will introduce you to the newest edition of the bud wiser clydesdale family. >> the real life rescue behind the finest hours. one of the men who was on duty that night. >> he said gus we have to go. >> and whose memories are helping tell the story.
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you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for them every single day. get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. why. this was a beautiful musical moment caught on camera. >> teen sits down-- a teen sits down at a piano at a michigan mall and what happens next will blow you away [ music ] >> that's 18-year-old montel
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lesson in his life and taught himself how to play e says he would be better if he took lessons so now there's a gofundme page set up to help pay for him to get lessons and help him pursue his dream if music management. >> he he has the gift. >> yes. >> it's going to get better from here. >> can you imagine how good he is going to be. >> no. but we will keep you posted. >> it's one of the things you are born with. >> like he was. and meet one of the newest members of the bud wiser family warm springs ranch in missouri. posted these photos on facebook today. celebrating the birth of the baby clydesdale mack who was born tuesday morning apparently he and his mom as you can see couldn't be doing any better. >> how long till he is in the super bowl oohed. >> next year if not this year. losing weight pays off for oprah. >> hear how much she made for each pound that she just lost. plus... >> i tut put this onto make my life safe.
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driver helped capture the man who fired a man outside the taj. >> a popular pisessa -- pizza shop owner under arrest who tried to get a young girl to
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