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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz-tv news at 11:00 starts right now. >> we begin with breaking new information on the search for two men involved in a double brookline. police just recovered the getaway part -- car. >> they are hoping that clue leads them to the suspects. we are live in brookline with the first calls for help. ken? >> reporter: right now guys, police are scouring this apartment building where it all began here on st. paul street.
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number 9, which is up on the third floor. as you mentioned they've also recovered the white ford focus seen peeling out of here just before noon today. >> tonight investigators tracked it down with new york plates near northeastern. they believe it is the same car captured by a brookline surveillance camera during today's mayhem. >> it makes me very nervous. i was in panic mode. they were summoned to one night -- 198 st. paul street where they found a man who had been shot and stabbed along with other signs of struggle in the building. >> reporter: just minutes later, a few blocks away witnesses on apartment street -- spotted that ford focus pulled over where to warm up -- wounded men -- two more wounded men showed up. >> one person got out but did not shut the door and started walking away, and then when they pulled next to the other vehicle, i didn't understand that there had actually been to people in their. >> reporter: it left yellow ribbon crisscrossing brookline
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street as police tried to sort out the event that sent three men to the hospital with injuries that were not life- threatening. >> it's what's going on in society today. >> reporter: people -- police are still working the scene here on st. paul street. they will not discuss a motive at this point but they are looking at -- for the driver of the ford, and also another man who apparently fled on foot. live in brooklyn, evan mccloud -- kim mccloud wbz-tv news . and we could get snow -- what are we looking at? >> a couple systems will combine by friday morning. meanwhile much cooler tonight and that drop continues through the 20s by tomorrow morning. than the two systems we are watching, when here the great lakes. this one has a polar cold front
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coast of florida. that will arise on the eastern by friday morning. this one is close enough where still some areas of rain and snow should breakout late thursday night and into the first half of friday. right now it doesn't look like a big thing that you had a little bit of snow, morning drive and it could cause some issues. i'm thinking a coaching to maybe as much is a couple inches. in the short-term -- low 40s and beautiful sunshine tomorrow afternoon. we will take a look at the weekend in a bit. thanks eric. breaking 11, for the first time a man held in iran for more than a month describes life as a prisoner. he told cnn's anderson cooper he was about to leave tehran when he was pulled right off the street. they told him he would never go free. in fact he was held captive for 40 days. he was released just a little
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made a prisoner swap. they said -- tonight for the first time they discussed the threats he faced in captivity. >> i am sitting there, spotlight is on me and they say matthew -- this is your last chance. admit why you are here. admit that you are here to overthrow the government. >> he was wrapping up a four month language program at an institute associated with tehran university when he was detained. there is still no word on why he was captured. that he is readjusting slowly to life back home. boston and wynn resorts have reached an agreement, they will pay boston $15 million over -- in return the city offsets all legal challenges.
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construction in 2018. the debate over a local high school mascot is heating up tonight. >> they have been the red men for decades but some say it's time for a change. they were at a special meeting tonight. the vast majority apparently want to keep it. >> reporter: that's right, david but the issue here -- the high school mascot does it degrade or pay respect? many who attended the meeting say it represents the town and should stay. >> the people of coach barry are not racist -- >> reporter: entering the gym, there was no doubt who supported which side of the debate. >> the term red men is a racial slur towards native americans. >> reporter: the mascot could change. >> two parents brought up the concern calling it offensive end outdated. john o'connor thought it was
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>> i suspect this issue will resurface every 3 to 5 years. >> his first step, getting opinions from those living in town. >> i don't think anyone typically uses it offensively. >> reporter: this mom says it's time for a mascot change. >> overwhelmingly it shows that the native americans have found it offensive. >> reporter: he wore his red, he's a lifelong resident. >> racist doesn't mean it has ever -- entered the kids minds. we shall tremendous pride. >> reporter: for those wearing their shirts, the mascot represents traditions and respect, regardless of what anyone else believes. >> it's our logo. >> reporter: tonight was just the first step in this mascot debate. next, the superintendent will meet with students and then face to face with state and local american -- native
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finally he will make his recommendations as to whether they should keep the mascot or go somewhere else. katie brace, wbc news. that brings us to our number of the night, 2169 -- that is the number of teams still using the names of mascots that depict native americans. 92% of them are high schools. >> david, a nationwide manhunt for a killer has ended in pittsburgh. police say this wanted man shot himself in the head as they closed in on an apartment. he's in critical condition tonight. police say he murdered his ex- father-in-law in virginia and kidnapped his former mother-in- law who is still missing. they say he's been hiding out in pittsburgh since last week. documents justin sealed today describe what happened in the hours after police captured marathon bomber joe carson i have. the documents show they
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where he was being treated for gunshot wounds, including a wound to the head. he couldn't speak at the time of agents questioned him off and on for 36 hours. tsarnaev asked for an attorney. the documents show his lawyers claim that agents initially lied to him and told him that his brother was still alive. tonight they are digging deeper into a prostitution shop. the owner of liberty pizza is accused of trying to convince a 19-year-old girl to sell herself for sex. police say they recorded him offering her a job as a prostitute and then bragging about employing other women who did the same. a man who just missed getting hit by a tire that killed another drier weather says god was watching over him at the time. the tire flew off of a pickup on route 128, shot right over his car and slammed into a car's windshield behind him, killing the driver.
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and i am just grateful it wasn't me or anyone from my family and friends but at the same time, you have to have compassion for that poor guy. >> the victim was 26-year-old charles hugh from lexington. the tire came flying off this 1997 dodge ram. police are checking the pickup came loose. donald trump taking a solid lead over the gop riled -- rivals in iowa in fact this is his highest number yet in any poll in that state. the poll below was taken before he announced that he's skipping two nights gop debate because he is -- with tonight's gop debate because he's unhappy with fox and megyn kelly. tonight trump announced instead he's going to be hosting a separate event for veterans. he again will not attend the debate. i remember i was sitting in
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screaming about my upcoming wedding because all i could see was all my teeth had been pushed backward. >> a perfect vacation became a nightmare for this woman in the emergency room just a few months before her wedding. >> you could see their in a jet ski accident in costa rica, doctors there didn't know what to do. >> that's when an extraordinary coincidence brought her face-to- face with a man who did. we half the story. >> it's just one selfless act of kindness after another. >> reporter: she knows someone was looking out for her that day a few weeks ago. it just so happened that someone was a doctor without his white coat. >> he totally retort -- restored my faith in humanity. >> she was vacationing in costa rica with her father and sister. they spent the day on the water jet skiing. >> they said they have never had an accident. >> she awoke 30 minutes later and learned she had been
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ski landed on her face. >> i remember screaming about my upcoming wedding because all i could see was my teeth. >> stranded and alone -- in a remote location, they rushed her first to a truck than a boat when an ambulance. eight -- the hospital wasn't impressive but the american er doctor who just so happened to be there for an injury himself was. >> he explained to me who he was and where he was from and said he was going to help me. >> reporter: he pulled her broken teeth into place, and then flew with her in the medical helicopter to san jose. >> they wouldn't do it without proof -- he said here's my credit card, you are working for me now, get the girl the tests that she needs. >> reporter: more than $7000 and a few days later she was back home. she suffered a concussion, multiple facial and skull fractures, and seven root canals but she will be writing witty -- wedding ready come more guests. >> i plan to write him the
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>> wow, she is lucky he was there. >> and he will be at the wedding. he will be the most popular guest. it's one of the countries most recognized -- country's most recognized charities. >> where the money from wounded warriors is really going. and this injured driver teetering over a cliff. and the rear sight one driver caught on his cell phone
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there is growing outrage exposed a veterans charity wasting donations. >> the wounded warrior project is accused of spending millions of dollars on lavish parties. new tonight, the local men who made the discovery told us why he felt compelled to blow the whistle. >> reporter: eric miller tells
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employee, he's a veteran who wanted to stand up for other veterans. even if it puts himself at risk. eric millett came home from iraq in 2006 with a purple heart and a traumatic brain injury but it's what he's doing now that have many calling him a true hero. >> at some point somebody has to stand up and do the hard right over the easy wrong in the easy wrong is to allow these things to continue and no one take a stand. >> reporter: he's one of 40 former employees of the wounded warrior project who are now blowing the whistle on the organization. >> their mission is to honor and empower warriors. what the public doesn't see is how they spend their money. >> reporter: he exposes the lavish spending, $2500 bar tabs at expensive hotels. helping the network uncover the group only using about 60% of donations for veterans. but as a wounded veteran himself, he says he couldn't take the waste, so he spoke up.
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i want to make sure that these brave women -- men and women high surf set -- beside our taken care of. >> reporter: another says he saw the story and says what others uncovered is truly outrageous. >> veterans put their lives on the line to serve the country, not to serve themselves. >> it's the reaction he was hoping for and is now starting to see. >> overall it's been -- i've received a tremendous amount of support in this story in this investigation. it's quite the opposite of what i thought it was going to be. >> the charity denies they spend money on alcohol or spend excessively on conferences but tax records show in 2010 they spent $1.7 million on conferences and in 2014 the number skyrocketed to $26 million on conferences. kate merrill, wbz news. in an incredible act of courage caught on camera, strangers banding together to
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over a 200 foot cliff. this photo has gone viral tonight. the drivers formed a human chain and reached the injured trucker inside the semi before it went over the edge. how's that for teamwork? >> and this was shot on the turnpike in broward county. the driver captures what looks like a tornado spinning right across the road, flipping cars the national weather service confirms a touchdown -- tornado did touchdown in this area, no one was injured. so by comparison, new england -- no drama in the weather. >> it's pretty clear that the person driving the car was shooting the video during a tornado. >> please don't ever do that. lovely. passenger, go for it. if you are driving, that's a no on the cell phone video.
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and rain on friday, we see that across florida coming up the eastern seaboard and just grazing us. you can see this moving through the code -- great lakes as well. tonight things are quiet, clear, chilly. a beautiful evening. this one sent in from eric in sandwich, nice sunset, good way to end what was a pretty mild day. we are running about 2.5 degrees above the average. last week was persistently cold. in fact every week since the month of july at or above average. so once we escaped the incredible winter last year, we completely escaped. we have icy spots remaining -- you certainly want your winter jacket to be prepared to face the day but as we get for lunch time warming up toward 40 degrees, bright sunshine not too much wind, and then in the evening the clouds -- the clouds start to increase.
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at 37. and then we look toward tomorrow night. the clouds start thickening on, and temperatures will be very borderline. so i think as we head into the morning hours, a chance for rain and snow mix. i do think it will spread its way westward. not a major storm system but sometimes those of the trickiest ones because you get a little bit of snow, you put that in with the morning commute and then -- a chance for snow to move across the area tomorrow, mostly snow showers the farther west you go any chance to a coating of a couple inches. doesn't look like a major thing that something to keep in the back of your mind, could be a reference go in the morning. a couple flurries on saturday, just a chillingly january day otherwise. sunday we start warming up again, partly sunny skies, good day to be outdoors. if you are skiing or
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snow in the forecast on friday and saturday. pretty mild on sunday, 40s farther to the north and then the first day of february, how does mid-50s sound? way above average to kick off the month. still mild on tuesday in the next big storm system stays to our west. that puts us on the mild side. we might punch in the 50s again on wednesday in boston has already melted all the snow away. we heard from larry in centerville and he says from 15 inches on sunday to 3" tonight. here is the accuweather 7 -- looks pretty good right now. we will see what he has to say on tuesday. >> all right thank you eric, we appreciate it. massachusetts lending at -- it's 80 ton snow melt her. by the way, we asked massachusetts dot who's paying for all the equipment and they told us the taxpayers down there are paying, we're not paying
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>> this will help you focus on warmer days to come, registration is open for the 2015 -- 2016 challenge. this year $46 million going to the cancer institute. and this just came out today, look at where the money goes. riders raised $25 million that went to research, recruiting doctors, targeting therapies in treating for myriad cancers. wbc a proud media sponsor -- the bbc a proud media sponsored at 8:00 tomorrow morning you can register for the event in boston and raise money for pediatric cancer patients. it is july 23 and 24th at brandies university. spectators are welcome and for more information, go to our website, cbs >> do have to be jacked? >> you don't that you have to
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the celtics looking for their 4th straight win tonight.
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sports is brought to you by your bmw dealers. >> the celtics are on a roll. >> they are streaky. >> but they are fun to watch. don't look now but they are heating up. they've won four in a row and
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-- nuggets 105, -- 105-103. this one -- taking place in it huge play here, smart with the steal he had 21 in the first half. and tied his season-high with 27 overall. final seconds of the third -- he drives and just beats the game clock. gets the foul, putting them up 15. 15 points in 17 minutes. shot clock winding down, check out any turner -- knocking down the jumper as the shot clock expires. putting them up 91-71. smart pulls the rebound, turn around fast-break -- finishing off an 18-one run as they go on
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fourth straight victory. the hockey -- in hockey the bruins are officially on vacation. there are activities down in nashville. they will be back in action next tuesday night when they host toronto at the garden. >> buck meanwhile -- they announced the player with removed from last nights game because of an elevated heart beat. he was released this afternoon and is expected to rejoin the team after the all- star break. the 31-year-old does have a history of heart problems and has undergone surgery three times for abnormal heart rhythms. in other bruins news they sent him down to providence -- he probably wants to keep the 19- year-old sharp during the all- star break since he just recently returned from injury. bill belichick continues to be coaching changes -- multiple reports say strength and
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not be back next season. >> his contract is up and we talked after the last game. we are going to go in different directions. i really have a lot of respect for dave offensively -- last year and this year. we appreciate all of his efforts and all that he did for us, and i wish him well in whatever his season brings. >> speaking of belichick, 16 years ago today, he became the head coach of the new england patriots and as we know the rest is history. for titles, six super bowl appearances, 10 afc championship games and 13 division titles. just remarkable. that's sports for now, guys
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