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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news starts right now. more on break news we have been following a school bus accident in framingham here's a picture if skyeye over the scene near edgell and lyman road they took 10 student to the hospital but we are told they are minor injuries and bumps and bruises. also breaking tonight state health officials confirming now a case of the zika virus here in massachusetts. the patient had traveled to an area where the virus is
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the virus and it cannot be transmitted from person to person. >> this is a developing story at 5:30, two man arrested after shootings and stabbings in brookleen but police say the search for suspects is not over. investigators say the whole thing started with an armed home invasion. >> it spilled out into the streets of brookline. chantee lans is live where two men are in custody in the hospital tonight. >> reporter: two suspects recover at beth israel hospital. one of them pled not guilty to five felonies. stab wound and 18-year-old face as judge from his hospital bed. police say he was involved in the armed home invasion in brookline on st. paul street knee think there's a confrontation in the apartment. >> reporter: 18 wroarld khari will come and antonio brown and another man went into the brookline apartment with a gun a piece of wood looking to collect money from the man who lives there.
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>> hay 2 by 4 and at the were screaming -- they had a 2 by 3 and they were screaming where's the money and one was waving a gun and they lost focus and he was able to reach for a kitchen knife and a fight ensued. >> reporter: police say shortly after a few blocks away on harvard street a traffic camera captured the rented white ford focus police say it appears brown and wilcox ended up on the ground outside the get away car in broad daylight. wilcox pleaded not guilty to along list of charges. police are searching for two other suspects. >> our goal is to bring the other two subjects into custody. >> reporter: and the da's office says that second suspect was not arraigned today because he was medically unavailable. reporting live in boston, chantee lans, wbz news. >> thank you. an attorney for a coast guardman charged with murder plans an insanity defense.
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his way into a condo killed a woman wound her wife and shot a police officer. prosecutors planned also to hire their ownmenta health expert. methuen police know who broke into a pizza shop. they say 48-year-old sean marshall is also wanted in connection with five other break-s in -- break-s in on the same day. a -- break-ins on the same day. police putting out a alert saying someone called a home claiming to be a irs agent and the caller threatened the victims saying the sheriff's office would arrest them for tax evasion if they didn't pay up over the phone. the victim did not fall for it and the irs says it never calls taxpayers but only sends letters. a developing story tonight. so-called affluenza teen is now back in the u.s. last week ethan couch ended the extradition fight escorted by law enforcement. 18-year-old arrived in dallas this morning. prosecutors say couch and his
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he was accused of violating his deadly drunk driving accident. tonight a new look at some of the wild storm damage that hit south florida. a tornado touched down on a college campus and wrecked cars and then moved across the field to the florida turnpike. we have a closer look. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows what it looked like as it rolled aclose the -- >> tornado. >> reporter: he captured the video on the cell phone and watch the dark car on ride the tornado picks the vehicle up and flips it in the air and it looks so light like a child was playing with it. he thought he might be next. >> i braised my selves because ithought -- braised my selves because i thought i was going was heavy enough. >> reporter: he said when the tornado passed, he pulled up and tried to help the vehicle in the car. >> she was panicked and tried to call her -- calm her down and let her know she was okay.
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on the north campus of broward college took this video. the tornado toppled cars and stacked others and left the place a mess. >> we saw wind and thought it was regular wind at first. but thence people were running and -- then people were running and tree branches were flying. >> reporter: this person got outwithin minutes. >> by god's grace i made it and i am safe records it made the truck look like a plaything and the wind-- >> reporter: it made the truck look like a plaything and amazingly the driver was okay. >> i was up in the air and i have a pain in my side but i am okay. >> reporter: it lifted this car from the south side of the turnpike to the north side fortunately this driver was okay too. people counted their blessings the national weather service offered a sober reminder for everyone to heed. >> these are the kind of stuff that we can expect for the next few months and you see it's
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>> scarry if it's the start -- start. >> and we think about how it affects the west coast but can the country. >> we see severe weather numbers across the gulf coast and particularly february and march. we are keeping an eye on a groundhog day severe outbreak across the southeast valleys and that's on tap for tuesday. the storm system is creating stormy weather across florida. it's the same system bringing us rain and snow tomorrow. it's an ocean storm that pass out to sea mostly but by tomorrow morning and through the afternoon scattered rain likely. taking a coating to ionch will be all we see out of the snow and temperatures for the most part will be above freezing accumulation. i want to look at the stretch that we are in right now compared to the same stretch last wint and look at the numbers here. this stretch coming up over the next few days high temps running about 25 degrees warmer. and we had 17 and a half inches
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through the third and we are forecasting a record high next week as we head towards wednesday of 60 degrees. it's about as different as it can be and we will talk about the details coming up in a bit. >> thank you. the historic storm that hit washington, d.c. is proving to be a big money maker for the city. the nation's capital put a parking ban in place so plows could get through the streets. we are familiar with that. as of yesterday afternoon, the city had issued more than 5,000 tickets at $250 each. and the city towed nearly 700 cars trucks and suvs. not counting the towing fees those fines total more than 1.3 million dollars. some loggerhead turtles who got sick from the cold we had here are in miami tonight. the five turtles weighing nearly 100 pound left the cape on a coast guard plane. the agency is working with the new england aquarium to make sure the the turtles can heal in the warmer weather. thieves steal a woman's car
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>> the message she left for anyone planing that same crime in the few newer giving facebook users more power in their posts. new emoati cons headed there. >> this is for you if you have
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments
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for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. on the bz feed a new way to facebook. >> they are called reactions and they let you expand on the iconic like button. the social network has been testing the strip of emoggies you will see -- emojis that you will see. 6 facial expression is haha, yea, wow sad angry and love but you may not see yay when it comes to the u.s. because apparently they said it was not universally known. no word on a launch date. one thing you will not get is
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you can use the angry. internationally known. >> the reason they are not including yay is that doesn't lock like yay it would be bigger. >> what did it look like. >> content like sigh. >> sigh. >> one of the two but not yay that's bigger. an oregon woman watts so sick of having her car stolen she wrote a letter to future thieves. >> she asked them a favor and incredibly apparently one listened and put the note in the glove box and it's not short. she asked thieves not to leave her he car where it would be towed. she wrote, there's a note in this envelope just stick it to the dash or under the wiper a passer-by will see it and call me and i can come get the car. no cops no questions asked i am not even mad. end of the note, thank you and enjoy your ride. >> the real question is why does it keep getting stolen. >> what is she doing. >> is she parking it on the side of the highway full gats tank. >> with a sign that says drive me.
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civic that's easy to take. and she must be parking it in a place where you know people feel like it's community car. and at any rate she has it back. >> there you go. they say as you may have heard a picture is worth a thousand words. >> would you pay a million dollars for one. how about this one? a photo of a potatoe sold at auction for more than a million bucks. celebrity to haver kevin abosh known for portraits snapped the shot and says he sold the print to an irish businessman and it could be the 15th most expensive photo ever sold. >> i am almost speechless i want the 1990 civic. >> if i walked in and someone said this is my picture i bought for 1 million dollars in you would laugh. >> i would laugh in his face. >> you would say you did not. a small guy with big moves. how this basketball copycat is gaining the attention of the world. >> at 10 let's look at the
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evening. temperatures fairly mild and it was a beautiful sky outside. love that. a few cumulus clouds decorating and blue horizon but snowflakes tomorrow and we will check forecast on the way. >> and now coming up tonight at 10 donald trump host live event for veterans and the rest of the field will debate. we will have a live report and boston premier of the finest hoursch the hollywood block bust better most daring rescue in coast guard history.
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[mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might
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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. how's this for the art of imitation a 11 yearly basketball -- 11-year-old basketball player can copy the minutes. >> recently his talents earned him more than praise online. >> reporter: we know cutler is
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>> just crazy ball handler. >> reporter: he is watching and looking up his favorite players online. >> one day i could be there if i put in the work. >> reporter: and when noah saw steph curry do this he had to try it. >> next thing we know he is watching videos on youtube and he is dribbling out in the front yard and if it's raining we have to pull hit out of the rain. >> i messed up a lot but i got it. >> reporter: and how did you feel? >> i was happy i got it. >> reporter: noah's dad posted a video on instagram showing him mimicking the tricky move and several others. they quickly went viral. >> there was no transition. fg has been boom, boom, boom and you look back and you are like wow are we here? >> reporter: the clips were so popular the warriors invited him to california to meet his role model. >> i didn't think it was real life. i thought i was dreaming. >> reporter: he says the attention is nice but playing
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makes him the happiest. he is small for his age the smallest kid on his team on the court though, he feels like a giant. noah has big dreams too. >> that it would be crazy to play on the floor one day and that's my dream. >> reporter: he is playing with one. weija jiang cbs news, leesburg >> incredible. >> 11 years old. >> wow. >> i hope 10 years from now we are on the news desk saying that's the kid we did the story on ten years ago. >> he might be 18 and play. >> unbelievable. >> yeah that's great. >> cool. >> yes. >> especially now. season for sure. even a day like today which was pretty typical not too far above the normal. we had sunshine and low 40s and january will finish up 3 degrees above average.
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december but compared we put the two together and you compare it and we are on track for the warmest winter recorded in southern new england and last january through march it was the coldest stretch ever recorded. so it's complete polar opposites. 39 right now in boston as well as norwood. orange at 37. hyannis at 34. a almost all of the snow from the blizzard is already gone in the cape and south coast. we are watching a chance for few more flays but looking at the radar you see rain streaking up in the carolinas. this storm is not nearly as cold or widespread as the one we saw last weekend. we are watching a front back here into the great lakes. and this is going to take the ocean storm and yank some of the moisture inland and bring us rain and snow showers for friday and throughout the week. tonight increasing clouds. late flakes possible and temperatures staying mainly in the upper 20s. not as chilly as it has been. and we will watch the close pass from the ocean storm. models do a terrible job with setups like this they are almost useless. bottom line is tomorrow morning, even if it's not
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afternoon i expect scattered areas of rain and snow showers. best chance of rain toward the cape and nantucket. the air will be too mild there and the best chance of snow farther inland. and all that will wind down tomorrow evening. accumulations a coating to an inch or so. not a major thing but traveling could be slowed drown from the morning commute into the afternoon. whenever you get a burst of snow developing. keep that in mind and best chance in eastern new england, not he can spting much in the pioneer valley and a good chance for snowfall into vermont and berkshires tomorrow. areas of rain and snow showers to start the day and temps in the low 30s. heading through the midday hours we are well into the 30s. even as it snows it's has a much. for the afternoon and evening winds switch north wernld well and bring in drying -- drier air. those systems go offshore and the next all the energy passes towards the north. snow showers in northern new england. good news for the ski slopes. we will stay dry around here. and sunday we get into the warm
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boost our temperatures towards 50 degrees on sunday afternoon and we will see increase being sunshine. so not a bad saturday. 40 and partly sunny and on sunday closing in on 50 degree mark. moregreat day to be outdoors. we are into the 50s on monday. and a weak cold front pass through and we will drop back to the 40s not too tough to take on tuesday and that's groundhog day as a major storm system velings develops in the middle of the nation and a-- develops in the middle of the nation and pass well-off to the west. it will drag the 50s maybe even 60s into southern neweningland by february 3rd which is witness -- new england by february 3rd which is wednesday of next week. all tolled there's no cold all the way through it. we head towards the end of the next week friday and saturday, that's when the cold will start to return. school yard shout out indian head school is a strong stem initiative and danielelle niles came over for a visit. and 4th grade class went to a museum of science electricity
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awesome. >> it is. >> if you haven't been and you are a kid or young at heart person you have to check it out night fascinating. >> a little loud. just put the hand over the ears. >> we can imagine that. >> feet for the eyes. let's look ahead to a some are event. registration is open for the pan mass challege the goal is # 6 million doll -- 46 million dollar. every penny goes to dana farber cancer institute. the money went to research recruiting doctors and targeted therapies and treatment for a lot of cancers last year. wbz proud to be a media responser of the pmc. get raidy for a night -- ofstars. stephen colbert is the first to premier after the super bowl. check it out february 7th right after super bowl 50. they starred in one of the
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commercials. >> a special reunion on the gridiron. then next at 6, destiny-- breaking news a accident in framingham sends children to the hospital. we will hear from a kid on the bus. and the zika virus confirmed in boston. what we know about the patient and dr. mallika marshall gets give us a closer -- gives us a
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this is special reunion nearly 4 decade in the making. pittsburgh steelers star mean joe greene starred in one of themost famous commercial in super bowl history a young boy gives him a coke after a rough game. and greene toss the boy his jersey. that boy is now a grown man. tommy and greene met up to talk about filming that classic spot. greene says he drank 18 bottles of coke to get it right.
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and you can see more of that on tuesday night at 8:00 join us for the super bowl greatest commercials of 2016. right here on wb-z. and we have much more tell ahead tonight. news at 6 starts now. breaking news. students hurt in a school bus accident. >> a man accused of stabbing his ex-wife to death and police say they learned about what happened from an 11-year-old girl. >> sunshine today and tracking a few snowflakes for your friday and a sneak peek for the weekend in the forecast. >> christa mcauliffe legacy 30 years after the the challenger disaster. >> she brought the best out of everyone. >> the former student now a teacher. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news at 6 starts right now. we start here at 6 with breaking news tonight. ten kids taken to the hospital after a school bus crash that
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>> the driver of the car was hurt. let's get to julie loncich on the scene. what's the latest. >> reporter: we have new information and new numbers. according to framingham school officials, the number of students transported has been downgraded from 13 to 10. so 10 students were minorly injured taken to the hospital after the bus collided with a sedan here in framingham. school officials say 31 children from dunning elementary school were on board. they just left the school around 3:30 this afternoon. they were traveling down busy edgell road and the car pulled out of lyman road a side street collided. let's listen to a student on board as well as a frantic parent and witness. >> i just was playing with my toys in the backpack and then then the bus crashes and i hit
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