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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now. we are tracking a strong storm system moving up the coast. >>it will just brush as tomorrow but we will get rain and snow. >>it could make a messy driver in the morning. let's get over to eric. when will the first flakes fly? >>right around tomorrow morning we will get some of the effects of this storm. there are 2 areas to watch the rain along the carolina coast that are reaching up toward nantucket and another system moving in from the west. between the 2 we will get some morning. temperature wise we are in the 20s, it is cold enough we could see some icy areas develop.
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not shown a lot of activity, i think there will be more. the day. areas of scattered rain and snow and temperatures will be above freezing. any accumulation will be limited just slowing things down throughout friday. taking a look at the highlights as much at as a inches possible, the chance for rain would be toward the mid-in outer cape of nantucket where temperatures are too warm. just take it easy on the roads, some bursts of snow can create low visibility. this is creating a very warm stretch for february. the state confirms its first case of the zika virus. officials say it will be the first of many. this comes the same day the world health organization said -- that said the zika virus is spreading explosively.
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the zika virus is named for the zika forest in uganda where was discovered in the 1940s. fast 4 to 2016 boston has its first case but he is not the reason experts are alarmed. this is one of 4000 children born in brazil since october with microcephaly, a mouth -- a malformed head all because of their mom was bitten by a mosquito carrying the zika virus. >>what we are really worried about is pregnant women becoming infected. >>reporter: so worried world health officials might declare it a global emergency next week. >>questions are abound. we need to get answers quickly. >>reporter: the us has seen only 31 cases, all folks returning from abroad with a boston man becoming the first in massachusetts. >>never developed serious illness, never required hospitalization and is expected to make a full recovery.
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bloodshot eyes and a mild flu, most show no symptoms. >>the virus is not transmitted from person to person, this man does not present any public health threats. >>reporter: officials are not saying what he went last month but the guy is in 23 countries mostly south america, africa, southeast asia and pacific islands. spraying campaigns are underway to kill the mosquitoes. pregnant women are urged to stay away from high-risk zones. >>if a woman must travel to those countries she should be very careful to avoid mosquito bites. >>reporter: there is no vaccine or treatment. there is virtually no chance of encountering an infected mosquito in new england. >>this is very rarely seen in boston. >>reporter: the explosion of zika has the world health organization convening on monday.
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its response to ebola. live at the boston public health commission. even with that many cases, the threat of the zika virus could affect blood donations. the fda says they will stop accepting blood from people who have recently been to places where there is an outbreak of the virus. 4 million, that is how many cases world health officials predict we will see over the next year with nearly all of those cases outside the us. campaign 2016 now a debate with drama with no donald. the republican front-runner skipped out of the debate because of his spat with fox news and the moderator. he still had plenty to say tonight as did his opponents. >>reporter: whatever else you may think of donald trump, let's acknowledge one thing, when it comes to political tactics he is playing chess while the rest of the field is
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he prove that again tonight by snatching away the spotlight his competitors desperately needed. >>i do not want to be here, i wanted to be about 5 minutes away. >>reporter: despite the day long back-and-forth between trump and fox news he went ahead with its boycott. >>when you are treated badly you have to stick up for your rights. >>i'm a maniac. and everyone on the stage is stupid, fat and ugly and you are a terrible surgeon. now that we have gone the donald trump portion out of the way. >>i missed donald trump. he was a teddy bear to me we had a loving relationship. i kind of miss him. everybody else was in the witness protection program when i went after him. >>reporter: the debate focused on a familiar republican target. >>it is not about donald trump,
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of the world and a president who has destroyed many things that made america special. >>reporter: back at trump fest the last 2 iowa caucus winners showed up and spoke not endorsing trump but providing a nice visual booze. while the debate stage evolved into predictable bickering trump was happy to miss. >>the last 4 questions have been rand please attack ted, marco please attack ted. if you guys ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >>reporter: as expected rubio and cruz had debates over immigration. chris christie had moments. jeb bush had an energetic performance with 3 days ago until the iowa caucus. cbs news will carry the next republican debate.
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here on wbz, saturday night february 13 at 9:00. as for the democrats hillary clinton and former president. bill clinton made several campaign stops. tomorrow she get some help in new hampshire as actor ted danson campaigns on her behalf. bernie sanders making a late charge in iowa attending several rallies today. recent polls show him in a statistical dead heat with clinton. we have learned there were seatbelts on the school bus that crashed in framingham today, but the kids on board were not wearing them. 10 students suffered minor injuries. minor or not, parents were panicked when they heard. >>reporter: absolutely. it was relatively minor but it was enough to frighten the children, some of whom went flying out of their seats.
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just came here. >>reporter: the initial moments were chaotic. >>everybody was like wow. my bus driver said everybody should just calm down. >>we were crying and some people mr. mom and dad. >>reporter: frighten children, petrified parents. >>31 students on bus 715 headed home when just after 3:30 >>it felt like a bump. >>reporter: a white sedan pulled out and click the bus full of children. >>i went to rolling down and i got hurt and i hit the metal part.
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in my backpack then the bus crashed, i hit the state. >>reporter: in all 10 students were checked out of the hospital. the parents were thankful but leery of the trip to school the morning. >>i am scared. >>reporter: the female driver of the car is said to be okay but there is no word on whether or not she will face charges or beside it. tonight 3 children are in state custody after police say their father killed their mother in norton. officers who stopped mcdonald after he crashed his -- his car he confessed to killing her in front of their 3 children. when their 11-year-old daughter tried to call 911 mcdonald hit her in the head. neighbors described him to
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>>a monster. who could do that? >>mcdonald is undergoing a psychiatric it violation. if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence there is help available. we have a list of help lines on a website, cbs 2 people have been arrested for home invasion. this man had been shot, stabbed and thrown out of the car and he is in trouble. he and another man with into apartment with a gun and a 2 x 4 and attacked a man to try and get money. later they were thrown from the getaway car. former providence mayor buddy csc has died leaving behind success and a scandal. he had 2 stints of mayor of providence for a total of 21 years. his first time was cut short by a corruption conviction despite his legal issues he was beloved
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revitalization of providence. 30 years ago today a promising spaceflight ended in disaster with the entire nation washing -- watching horrified as the space shuttle challenger exploded. it killed 7 astronauts including framingham native christa mcauliffe. she was living in new hampshire at the time, chosen as america's first teacher in space. now a student she inspired is following in her footsteps. >>she reached everybody. she respected every student and she brought the best out of everyone. >>in the end nasa determine cold weather and a faulty seal caused the accident. the space program to not launch another shuttle for almost 3 years. a big break in the case of 3 missing prisoners. a bank employee stopping a criminal in his tracks. the reviews are in.
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for the premier of the finest hour.
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the fbi is releasing unedited video of a police officer killing an occupier near in oregon wildlife refuge. when they left the refuge on tuesday police try to pull them over in this white suv, the driver started speeding toward the roadblock then plowed into the snow. the group spokesman got out and then made a move for his waistband and that is when police shot him. the fbi says they want people to have a honest unfiltered drone bill -- view of what happened. a big development in the prisoners. police just arrested prison employee who is accused of helping them break free.
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police believe she had a relationship with one of the men. investigators believe they are living in a stolen van and somewhere in the state. dramatic moments here as a robber tries to rush a bank in north carolina. the manager just holds the door shut as the robber tries to barge in. after a tug-of-war the armed suspect got away. stars of the movie the finest hour are in town for the premier the movie tonight. this is the true story to race and rescue the crew of the pendleton. >>katie grace was on the red carpet tonight. >>reporter: hollywood certainly came to boston tonight for the big premier. the movie spotlights very talented actors and actresses,
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often overlooked men and women. alongside the heroes of hollywood stood the unsung heroes of the coast guard. >>they walked together into the premier of the finest hour. >>reporter: the movie tells the real-life story of an unbelievable coast guard rescue off cape cod in the early 1950s. casey affleck plays a tanker engineer on board. >>it is a movie that tells a great story. >>reporter: the film was shot in quincy and chatham. >>i thought i would get a big reaction. >>reporter: chris pays the site placed the [ indiscernible ]. 4 men in a 36 foot lifeboat battling the ocean during a nor'easter. >>real people, real men in an age much different than our own. >>reporter: these 2 real-life
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accomplished a rescue in similar conditions last year. >>reporter: baker city reflection of themselves in the character. >>the motion a commitment is all there. >>reporter: as for the classic boston accent. >>i made it up. >>reporter: the accent was not too bad. of course you can see for yourself. the movie the finest hours opens nationwide tomorrow. reporting live in boston. earlier star power lit up harvard square. they celebrated their woman of the year kerry washington. after the traditional parade members of the nation's oldest theater troupe roasted washington. next week they honor actor joseph gordon levitt. >>oftentimes when those celebrities come in it is freezing cold.
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>>this is a tough time of year to be involved in a outdoor parade. >>i remember amy poehler coming into town. it was very cold. today was above average, we ran 20 where it -- generate 22 march 3 without getting above 40. we are living a bit of a charmed life. january is not as extreme as of december. we have one storm system here along the atlantic coastline, most of this is moving out to see but some of that will be captured by another front right here producing snow showers and in that squeeze play we will see a lot of clouds in a unsettle friday forecast. 28 in norwood, 40 towards chatham and nantucket. it is: a for snow to break out late tonight early tomorrow morning. average low temps will be in
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this is one computer model, it does not mean i have to agree with it, i think there will be more in the rainy -- in the way of rain a social activity. it will be's erratic throughout the day. a chance for snow out there if you get a quick burst it could lower visibility. rain showers across eastern new england tomorrow. the reason for that is also temperatures. low 30s in the morning but by midday well into the 30s. if you get a burst of snowfall it is not going to add up quickly. wind by lunchtime will start to pick up and the nose westwind by the afternoon. that will assure in chillier air and the rain and snow showers will end tomorrow evening. after this moves out to see another system approaches for saturday. all the energy is focused to the north and i keeps us in an area that has a lot of cloud cover but not a lot of action. most of the snow stays in
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then sunday we are in the mild sector of the next approaching storm system. a southwest breeze, more sunshine in temperatures well into the 40s. we have melted pretty much all of our snow from last weekend and that will continue if there are any patches left. partly sunny on saturday, upper 40s with brightening skies on sunday. then it gets warmer. beautiful picture today from wildcat mountain looking at mount washington observatory. pretty good conditions. go hit the slopes this weekend. we got fresh snow on saturday and sunday. as we look towards next week 50s on monday, mid to upper 40s on tuesday and the next big storm system is to the west similar what we saw in december he will bring rain up into canada. we have a shot at maybe touching 60 degrees by wednesday. february 1 is in the 50s with rain showers, groundhog day is well in the 40s.
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it will be cold until next weekend. >>and on tuesday a piece of chocolate pops out of the ground. >>you have a problem with my graphic? >>that is what it looks like. first the boom and in the shaking. a lot of people on the east coast and not know what happened. the navy said it was a f 35 in maryland that broke the sound barrier. >>there will be an all-star cast for stephen colbert and his late-night show after the super bowl. >>though -- the lineup includes will ferrell, tina fey, it will be the first late-night series ever air in the post-super bowl slot. a celtics big player
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks
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my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government. i feel like this was kind of a win for the not so tall alive. >>i am all for it. >>[ indiscernible ] go out to recruit free agents this summer now he can offer them a chance to put the all-star. isaiah thomas was chosen to be a reserve for the eastern conference. it is the first time [
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21.6 points a game. no player drafted [ indiscernible ] has ever been an all-star. the 5 foot 9 guard is tied with calvin murphy as the shortest all-star ever. he may be small in size but not that you. >>i a worked so hard. i feel like i deserve it. not just individual success but as a team. we have been winning lately, we are playing at a high level. >>i feel like you put a lot of work in and i'm pretty sure i could speak for our entire team, we wall -- we all want him to make it. we see how he prepares for each game and how hard he works. he definitely deserves to be rewarded. >>we are used to pages nation. patrick rameau be the giant new defensive line coach. he worked 7 season in foxboro. plus the offensive line coach
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to help their line. provo hall of famer's have chosen their super bowl l golden team. [ indiscernible ] was the only pages per to make the squad and he was the only unanimous selection and the only player still active. -- active. peyton manning and the broncos are gearing up for the big game. peyton manning answered reports that he used hgh, garbage. he was also asked about his comments to bill belichick on the field after the game. >>what about that, you may to bill belichick that this might be your last rodeo. >>i don't know if that has been confirmed or not. what happened in a private conversation on the 50 yard line, they do not exist. no confirmation whatsoever. we are on to carolina.
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out there who are rooting against peyton on super bowl sunday, don't worry cam newton will not make it easy. the panthers are not too sentimental about what could be manning's last game. >>we don't really care if it is last game. he has played 18, 19 years. he has had enough. >>no matter who you root for you to watch the broncos battle the panthers right here on wbz february 7. i will be there. game time 6:30. a young basketball players mad skills gone viral. >>how he used his role model
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the sincerest form of flattery from an 11-year-old basketball phenom. he sees what the pros do and he practices until he gets it right. check out this home video. >>the warriors invited him to meet his role model steph curry. he hopes to one day join him on the hardwood. with his dribbling skills he will be there. >>he is 11.
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