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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> the first case of the zika virus here in massachusetts. the warning to women about the fast spreading disease. >> republican presidential candidates facing off in iowa without donald trump. the event he held that's grabbing headlines. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. >> this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am cathen houser happy friday. january 29th and it sounds like identities going -- it's going to be a nice weekend. >> the weekend is great. it's going to be kind of nice to have a quiet weekend. today is a little unsettled. the temperature right now in boston is 34. the wind is calm. and there's no real feel and it's not the that cold of a start. 30 in nashua and to worcester.
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so mild and we are tracking a little rain. looks like it's raining on nan it can but not making it down to the ground a lot of cloud in place and snow showers to the west. so this will impact us later on today. with the chance of a brief rain or snow shower. so your planner goes this way. little bit of patchy fog this morning too. we will burn off by mid morning for most spots. andrise at 7:01 up to near 40 by lunchtime and there may be a sprinkle or flurry and i am thinking the impath is minimal -- impact is minimal with temperatures above freezing a chance of rain and snow shower the weekend looking good. varying amounts of sun and clouds 40 rising well knot 40s on sunday. much more coming up. happy friday. >> reporter: the friday morning commute is underway with no major backups out there right now. here's a live look at the braintree to boston. no slow downs the rest of the look fine. north map is mostly green no issues on 93 southbound out of
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chris and kathryn. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news this morning. crews on the scene of a deadly fire in groton. >> two people were killed when flames tore through a home overnight. let's get to nicole jake ors live on -- jacobs live on the what cr v you learned. >> reporter: the medical examiner has -- have -- what have you learned. >> reporter: the medical examiner arrived on the scene and two people have died as a result of the fire. it's still very active and it's a very narrow way that firefighters are working with here. we will get you to video from overnight. i can tell you according to the chief they arrived here to find a home fully engulfed. the chief says flames why shooting from every window from the front side of the building and he said it made it difficult to get inside but once they did get inside unfortunately, they heard from people around that there were two people unaccounted for and they were able to confirm that. two fatalities.
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information outside of that because they are still waiting to identify next of kin. they don't know the cause of the fire and where it started or anything of that nature. it's all under investigation. state fire marshal's office is here as well. but again, still under investigation with the situation but certainly a tragedy here as they continue to work to remove the bodies from the building and get things under control here. that's the latest from groton nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thanks very much keep u up -- us updated. massachusetts is dealing with the first case of zika virus a boston man was infected while traveling overseas. >> this comes after a warning from the world health organization. susie steimle has closer look on what you need to know. >> reporter: this is one of 4,000 children born in brazil since october with microacceptly malformed heads meaning a lifetime of chronic problems because the pregnant
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careying the zika virus. >> what we are worrying about is pregnant women infected. >> reporter: the u.s. has seen 31 cases so far with a boston man being the first in massachusetts. he like most people carrying the virus showed no symptoms and didn't have to be hospitalized. >> again, the virus is not transmitted from person to person so this man really doesn't present any public health threat. >> reporter: officials are not saying where the boston man went last month but zika is in 23 countries. mostly south america africa islands. places pregnant women are being told to stay away from. there's no vaccine or still it's unlikely it will spread in new england. scene in boston. >> that was susie steimle reporting. the threat of zika could affect blood donation fda may stop accepting blood from people who traveled to places where
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it's 5:04. checking in with campaign 2016 this morning donald trump brings the campaign to nashua and as promised he skipped out on last night's fox news debate. but there was plenty of drama without him. wbz political analyst jon keller has the play-by-play. >> i didn't want to be here i have to be honest i wanted to be about fivements away. >> reporter: but despite a day long back and forth between trump and debate sponsor fox news, the front-runner went ahead with his boycott. >> when you are treated badly, rights. >> i am a maniac, and everyone ugly. surgeon. now we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> i kind of miss donald trump he was a teddy bear to me we always had such a loving relationship in the debates and in between and the tweets i miss him i wish he was here everybody else is in the witness protection program when i went after him.
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opening shots the debate focus target. >> it's not about donald trump he is an entertaining guy the greatest show on earth this campaign is about the greatest country in the world and president who has systematically destroyed many of the things that made america special. >> reporter: back at trump fest the last two iowa caucus winners showed up and spoke not endorsing trump but provide agonize visual boost. while the debate stage went happy to miss. >> the last four questions have been brand attack ted chris attack ted jeb attack ted if you say ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: as expected rubio and cruz had sharp exchanges over immigration and christie washington. rand paul ben carson and john kasich seemed to vanish for long stretches but jeb bush had one of the more energetic
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go now until iowans caucus. jon keller at large wbz this morning. >> this morning trump claims the foundation raised 6 million dollars at the competing veterans event last night. by the way cbs will careity next republican debate live here on wbz. it's saturday night february 1th at 9. and on the democratic side, the candidates are on the campaign trail trying to drum up support. hillary hoping to get hem hollywood help when ted danson campaigns on her behalf. she and bill clinton made several stops in iowa. bernie sanders held several rallies in iowa yesterday. recent polls show him in a heat iowa. it's 5:07. three children are in state custody this morning after their mother was allegedly murdered by her estranged husband. officers stopped martin mcdonald after he crashed in his pickup truck and he
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meede in her apartment in front her three children. prosecutors say when his 11- year-old step daughter tried to call 911e. hit her in the head and is being held -- he is being held without bail and undergoing a psychiatric eval yags. two men under arrest charged in a home invasion in brookline. this morning police say they are searching for two more suspects. 18-year-old khari wilcox face adjudge from his hospital bed. police say he and at least one other man went into an apartment with a gun and 2 by 4 demanding money. >> he was hit in the head with a 2 by 4 and they were screaming where's the money and one was waving a gun and stated at one point they lost focus and he was able to reach for a kitchen knife and a fight did ensue. >> police say during the fight one of the suspects opened fire hitting the resident and one of the other suspectsch the men got away but were dump from the get away car. prosecutors say one suspect was not arraigned because of medical reasons.
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city hall preparing for a worst case scenario. globe reports mayor walsh ordered nearly 800 workers to undergo training from police and first responders about what todo in active shoot egg situation. walsh believes training like this will help save lives. the training session is coming after attacks in paris and san burn -- we know there were seat belts on this school bus that crashed yesterday in framingham but students are not wearing them. the kid were on their way -- kids were on their way home from school when the bus and a white sedan collided at lyman street. 10 students are check out at the hospital for bumps and bruises and all were shaken up. >> i was playing with my toys in my backpack and then the bus crashes and i hit the seat. >> i went rolling down and got hurt and i hit the metal part and i got hurt in my head and leg. >> i am scared i am really
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>> the driver of the car was treated for minor injuries. police have not said yet whether she will be charged in the crash. plans are underway to pay tribute to former providence mayor buddy cianci who died yesterday at the age of 74. a public mow moral is exped -- expected to be held next weekend. he had two stints as mayor of pros dense for a total of 21 years. first time in office was cut short by corruption conviction. despite his legal issues heway we loved and credited for the revilatization of providence. beacon hill subcommittee signing on a millionaire tax. it calls for an additional 4% tax on people making a million dollars or more. the vote represents another small step towards placing the proposal before voters on the november 2018 ballot. voters must weigh in because it would be a constitutional amendment. supporters want the money to go towards education and transportation.
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coming up, the reviews are in. >> hollywood stars in the hub for the boston premier of the finest hour. >> how new highway signs could pet you in danger. good morning danielle. >> and good -- put you in danger. >> good morning if you heading north skiing we will have snow showers today and tomorrow. pretty mild in the 40s on sunday. i am tracking our own rain snow showers in southern neweningland and will take you hour by hour when we come back. it's not about hugging trees.
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highway official doing a u- turn and it could put drivers at risk. >> look at road signs the one on the left is in a highway gothic the one used on the the right use clear view which was approved to replace highway gothic because studies showed it was easier to read but this week officials announced they are going back to the old signs because of how the font can look in certain colored signs and the cost. we reached out to mass d.o. to t. who says they never used -- d.o.t. who says they never used the clear view signs. >> who knew fonts were on the
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>> if it sent broken that's like grandma's sauce. >> exactly don't mess with a good thing. >> exactly. >> we need to check the forecast on this friday today is oh but the weekend looks good. >> that's good. >> eke it's okay. >> i like that we go with the scientific reasoning. the weekend yay today bro rain or snow shower possible -- possible. near 50 on sunday and mild stretch continues into the start of next week. february 1st monday, near week. we are going to be into the 50s wednesday, too. cold. we are running in the 30s and most communities 34 in boston right now 30 in worcester anda colder in keene back up to springfield vermont at 24 degrees and the wind is not all that strong. so, that does make a difference colder there. are some clouds in place. you notice couple white blips
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flurries not making it down to the ground. you may see a brief springel or flurry this morning. it looks like it's raining on nantucket but not reaching the ground yet. it's the big ocean storm that's going to pass mainly out to sea. we are wait evening cold front to the west bringing the chance of a brief snow or rain shower heading into afternoon and evening especially. so hour by hour we may get peeks of sunshine here and there. you may want umbrella on stand by. but through the afternoon even the showers that come through won't be that widespread. if the snow comes down for a brief period hard enough there may be a coating worcester county southwest new hampshire but the impact is minimal. a chance of a rain or snow shower through the evening hours in eastern massachusetts. that is as the cold front pushes through. clearing comes in after that. we start with sunshine for the weekend. and then the cloud will increase but the clouds represent warmer air so a warm front will lift to the north bring snow showers to the mountains.
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saturday night sunday morning starting with sun a few clouds mixed in the afternoon and temperatures come well into the 40s. wouldn't be surprised to see 50 degree readings south of boston on sunday and even warmer out ahead of a cold front for the start of next week. let's go through the numbers. today right around or just over 40 from boston to taunton at 41. same in plymouth bedford to lawrence upper 30s. these are tomorrow's highs. notice pretty similar to today. keep in mind our average highs should be in the mid-30s. above average for the next several days in row. sunday 48 in boston well. town. 40s to the cape and islands. look at this for the start of next week. what a mild start to february. showers possible. 48 on tuesday and then back into the 50s on wednesday and that could be a little conservative. record highs will be up around 60 on wednesday and we will get
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then thursday still running in the upper 40s. the pen brook school in georgetown barry had a blast on wednesday. this week they are having a great kindness challenge. they are challenged to perform as many kind deeds as possible and they have 50 challenges to choose from. robi. i think that's a widespread thing a great kindness challenge. >> reporter: there are 50 by as to be kind? -- 50 ways to be kind? >> i didn't know there's that many. >> reporter: they get to choose 50. >> they can chews from -- chose from that a they are trueing -- choose from that and they can do as many as they can. >> reporter: you see the architecture it was so sunny. it's a noise place up there. pretty quiet out there. that will change in the next 15 minutes or so. this is a live look over 93 and light volume 93 southbound coming down from woburn leverett connector is clear and
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the north look fine. expressway busy braintree to boston. hingham. 24 north looks like speed limit rides. >> we will check in in about 10 minutes. massachusetts is the location of the movie opening nationwidech the finallest -- nationwidech the finest hours isbase-- nationwide. the finest hours is based on a coast guard rescue. casey affleck and casey pine were in town. >> much simpler movie that tells a great story. >> real people and real men in an age much different than our own. >> members of the coast guard say it helps bring to height what they do and the dangers of their missions. a harvard tradition the hasting pudding theatrical group shutting down harvard square to honor the woman of the year kerry washington. after the big parade the
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a roast and she loved popcorn on the hit show scandal, they made her get on the-- to the bottom of a bucket and we learned washington has a hidden talent. when the wind blows the cradle will rock. >> that's what she did she was asked to calm crying baby and all she did was riled up the crowd with excellent singing skills. they have award man of the year to joseph gordon levitt. she looked like she what good time. >> she did. she was funny and out of this scandal character that she plays and it's cool. coming up next, peyton manning dodging questions about retirement. >> speaking out about that on field exchange with coach bill belichick. >> and isaiah thomas making history.
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5:23 on are friday. similar coaching changes for the patriots. >> a celtics sending one player to the all star game. steve burton has more in the morning sports. >> good morning. when danny ainge recruits free
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offer them a chance to play with an all star isaiah thomas was chose n by the coaches to be a reserve -- chosen by the coaches to be a reserve. it's the first time he receive the honor. he is averaging 21.6 points a game e was the last player drafted in 2011. no player drapt drafted with the final pick has been an all star. the 5 foot 9 star is tied as the shortest all star ever. he may be small in size but not in stature. we have news from patriots nation. linebacking coach will be the giant new defensive line coach and worked 7 seasons in foxboro and former offensive line coach has been hired by the chargers to help their o-line. the super bowl 50 golden team has been chosen adam vinatieri was the only one to make the squad and the only unanimous selection. and the only player still active and you are wondering
5:24 am
peyton manning and broncos gearing up for the game. manning called any reports he used hgh garbage. he was asked about his comments to bill belichick on the field after the afc championship game. >> the comment you made to bill belichick out there about this might be your last rodeo. >>i don't know. i don't want know if it's been confirmed or not. what happened in a private conversations on the 50 yard anymore. whatsoever. we are onto care carolina. >> way to -- carolina. >> way to get out of it. watch super bowl 50 here on wbz on february 7th. guys over to you an all star cast for stephen colbert and the late show after the super bowl.
5:25 am
farell -- farrell and tina fey it's and it will be the first late night series to air in the post super bowl spot. that's next sunday. still to come new developments in the manhunt for three escaped prisoners. >> the employee now accused of helping them break out and are hiding out. >> this is jon keller how did donald trump do with the debate my take is coming up. >> happy it's friday. couple brief rain and snow showers today and it's all about the weekend. it's looking good around 40 tomorrow and nearing 50 on sunday and even warmer for the start of next week. i will take you through the forecast details when we come back as we look live out over the city of boston. patchy fog to greet you this morning.
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break news right now at 5:30. a deadly fire in groton new details into the newsroom. the tiers case of zika virus here in mass -- the first case of the zika virus in massachusetts ants new warning to the world health organization.
5:28 am
candidates taking the stage without donald trump. jon keller gives us his take on the trump debate boycott. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's a:30 -- 5:30 on this friday morning i am cathen houser. >> i am chris mckinnon. on monday it's february 1 ss. >> and it's going to be in the 50s. >> it's so cool compared to last year. >> but it's not really cool. here's thing and in the el nino patterns if we get a cold snap it doesn't last and it's typically milder. today is a day where we get a sprinkle or flurry and it's low impact from any showers that come through today. 34 in boston right now. not too bad a very light southeast wind. not even creating a real feel this morning. so, yes it's not too bad by january standard.
5:29 am
low 30s in taunton and 40 in chatham. there's a it up of patchy fog that's the only thing you will have to contend with this morning. that fog should burn off by mid morning. otherwise, clouds in place and there will be a lot of clouds around. i think we see partial clearing to the west and snow showers trying to move in later today and there will be one or two but unless they come down hard enough for a brief period of time i expect little except for a scattered coating here or there across the far interior a little patchy fog temperatures around freezing to near 40 by midday lunch hour. could be a flurry or sprinkle. no impact and as we head into late afternoon and evening, chance of a rain or snow shower coming through proofly. temperatures in the mid-30s. we have got a weekend to talk about all the details coming up. let's get you on the roads first traffic and weather together how is it look. >> reporter: no major backups as this friday morning commute is underway. only busy spot to the south is 128 southbound. that's dip cal heavy between 37 and the split -- typical heavy
5:30 am
a live look over 93 and summer -- somerville. you bog down a little bit when you hit the medford stretch. it's just about 5:32 on your friday morning. checking top stories we begin with breaking news. two people are dead after a fire tears through a home in groton. authorities say that a 911 call came in just after 11:30 last night. crews from groton and several other communities battled the flames and smoke for hours. the state fire marshal says there's no -- they are working to exteng wish hot spots there and to try to gain access into the home. our next update from the scene is coming up at 5:45. and massachusetts is seeing virus. the state department state health department didn't identify the male patient only saying he is a boston resident traveling abroad. the zika virus is spread through bites of a specific breed of mosquito.
5:31 am
to campaign 2016. donald trump. the republican front-runner skipped out because of a spat with fox news. we look at whether that move getting the nomination. >> reporter: presidential campaigns typically have multiple stages the primary phase for candidates competing for tactical supremacy and middle period when the nominees emerged in the basic character is test and judged and the closing stretch when voters make the call. well, after last night's split screen political festival in iowa, where donald trump staged his rally while the rest of the field debated across-town the winner of the first part of the race is clear. trump has outsmarted his opponents in all of the tactical aspects of the campaign. others have raised far more money although he is raised money too despite denying it.
5:32 am
priceless free media exposure by expertly manipulating the day to day campaign buzz and outdid the adversaries in identifying the real hot button issues exciting voters and arouse interest. immigration, jobs going overseas and terrorism. his ideas on the to, may more than vague slogans but it's not obvious that large numbers of voters are looking for much detail yet. and last night, trump correctly figured he could avoid any risks of another live debate and dominate the news cycle. raising money for vets, making nice with fox news and even bringing out the last two iowa applause. this is tactical brilliance in action i was wrong when i predicted trump would show up for the depay the in the end. but i think -- debate in the nd but i think i am right he won't be punished for skipping it. trump backers can only hope he survives the character test as
5:33 am
share your comments with me at or reach out on twitter at keller at large. in other news big developments in a manhunt for three escaped prisoners. on the run in california. police arrested a prison employee accused of helping them break out. woman was a teacher at the prison. police believe she had a relationship with one of the men and investigators believe they are living in a stolen van and still somewhere in that state. the so-called affluenza court today. ethan couch left mexico yesterday and is now at a dallas. a judge will decide today jail. couch fled the country with his mother after he violated his killed 4 people. his mother is also facing charges for helping him flee. in massachusetts. cambridge police say someone called the home claiming to be an irs agent that caller
5:34 am
the sheriff's office would arrest them for tax evasion if they didn't pay up. victim didn't fall for it. the irs wants to remind us they only send letters in the mail and will not call. that's a good tip. still ahead are you paying too much to attend sporting and or events? >> the investigation into high ticket prices. >> plus the new item that could be coming to mcdonald's all day breakfast. >> breaking news, barbie no longer has a perfect body. she has not gone off the south beach diet. mattel is making barbies with realistic body proportions. some short and some full figureed gals. years?
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solved. sonic boom felt along parts of the east coast yesterday afternoon was caused by a military fighter jet in maryland that broke the sound barrier. >> people as far away as connecticut reported hearing the boom and feeling the ground shake. kind of amazing it could go that -- go that far. >> scary too but at least they know what caused it. super bowl ads getting star power. >> are you paying too much for sports and concert tickets? jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange with today's money watch good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the short answer to that question is yes. so if you wondered why it's so difficult to get affordable tickets to concerts and sporting events new york's attorney general says the system is rigged.
5:37 am
from the office found half the tickets to a lot of events are set aside for industry insiders and promoters. that means they are unavailable to the public. brokers resell them on sites like stub hub for way more than face value. speaking of affording them, the superrer bowl -- super bowl they are bringing out advertisers to drive up the buzz. first time advertiser amazon hired alec baldwin kevin hart and ryan reynolds will promote hyundai. the game here on cbs mcdonald's all day breakfast has been so successful they are expanding the menu including the mcgridel. it's been problematic because the pancake buns needs to be same up in the same oven where they make lunch items. for now they are testing it in oklahoma. if successful all day mcgridels could be going national. i never had a mcgridel. >> my either.
5:38 am
good happy medium do i want pancakes and eggs and you have it altogether in case you were wondering. >> kathryn knows. >> reporter: i was. >> i guess we will go to oklahoma to try one all day. there we go. thanks very much. have a great weekend. coming up we have a check of traffic and weather together. >> plus a look at the day's top stories including closer look at the campaign trail donald trump heading to the granite state today after miking the latest g-op debate. >> reporter: two people det in an overnight fire. the latest in the investigation coming up. >> reporter: the first confirmed case of the zika virus in massachusetts. the world health organization is responding as the virus quickly spreads. details coming up. clear. >> and happy friday. checking in with weather watchers this morning with temperatures that are generally running in the 30s for most of us jennifer says 32 degrees and says not nearly as chilly this morning as it was yesterday. it's true we are about 5 to 10
5:39 am
degrees warmer. we are looking at the weekend in detail and a warm start to
5:40 am
some lagger head turtles a got sick are heading to my alley. they had hypothermia and left cape yesterday on a coast guard
5:41 am
work -- agency is working with the new england aquarium to make sure they are heal in the warmer weather and it's warmer you guys in miami florida. good for them. >> i was going to say we got caught in the cold and we didn't get a trip to miami. what's up with that. >> i know. tough sit in the water for a while. >> and then you will snd mow down there. >> yeah. you guys speaking of warmer temperatures, we are in for a big warmup heading into the start of february of the we will talk more about that. 30 in nashua and same in worcester. 34 in boston not too cold. average high temperatures in the afternoon. it's running in the mid-30s. there are a lot of clouds and looks like it's raining in the outer cape on nantucket. may get a sprinkle or two but the air is dry at the surface there's been no reports of it making it to the ground yet. as for the big ocean storm that will stay just there. out over the ocean today, we have a cold front back to the west. that's creating scattered snow showers from new york stretching back down to virginia. this front will approach by later today and bring us the
5:42 am
so hour by hour notice through mid to late morning temperatures on the rise and into the upper 30s and a lot of clouds and we will see filtered sunshine here or there. and any time from midday on it's a best chance of picking up a brief rain or snow shower. the impact will be limited here because our temperatures will be above the freezing mark. even through the evening so 8:30, you may get wet snowflakesmixing with a brief shower and if it comes down hard enough for a brief period of time we may see a scattered coating. and the colder surfaces of worcester county southwest new hampshire but that will be pretty much slim to none. becoming clear overnight. 30 downtown and 20s in the suburbs and sunshine to greet us for the weekend. so it looks beautiful. clouds will build in tomorrow afternoon with the temperature around 40 and the clouds you will see them here represent the leading edge of milder air. so it will be around 40 tomorrow and sunday punching into the mild air we come well into the 40s to near 50 on
5:43 am
especially south of boston. and starting with sun again and ending up with a few building clouds and that's out ahead of a cold front. ahead of it well into the 50s and you will see it in the accu- weather seven-day forecast around 40. cool today and tomorrow and 48 on sunday and 54 for monday couple rain showers possible. 48 on tuesday and for groundhog day and wednesday could be a little conservative. a shot we hit 60 degrees in areas of rain developing. and we cool into the 40s on thursday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: starting to see the first significant slow downs on the friday morning commute. take a live look over the expressway. north bound side heavy and slow between furnace brook and columbia road. to the north, 93 southbound we have two slow pockets now. up in the andover stretch between 495 and then when you hit the woburn between 128 and park street. chris. >> thanks very much. 5:47. the first confirmed case of the
5:44 am
>> and crews are on the scene of a deadly fire in groton. our top stories begin with the breaking news. >> reporter: i am nicole jacobs live in groton where two people died in a overnight fire here i want to get you to video from the scene. of course, fire crews arrived here and they say they found heavy smoke and fire coming from the building here. in fact coming from every window on the front side. we do know according to the fire chief that they had difficulty getting inside. they were told there were two people unaccounted for and when they went inside unfortunately they were able to confirm that. it's unclear exactly who has been killed in the fire. firefighters are not releasing that information at this point. it still is all under investigation and, of course, the cause of the fire is under investigation as well. where it originated all of that type of informationch the fire marshal's office is here hoping to get any clues with regards to that.
5:45 am
a about -- in about 10 minutes. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> reporter: good morning i am susie steimle live in front of the boston public health commission where they have confirmed the first case of the zika virus in massachusetts. this man contracted the virus as many people have in places where we know mosquitoes are carrying that virus in places in south america africa southeast asia and pacific islands. they are not saying where he traveled but they are saying like most adults who contract the virus he is going to be fine showing minor systems. it's pregnant women doctors worry about that can pass a disease onto their children giving them a life of complications. boston public health officials don't think there's any risk this will spread in massachusetts. live in boston, susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thank you. donald trump skipped last night's republican debate, the last one before the iowa caucus
5:46 am
moderators that left ted cruz and microrubio as top tier candidates. -- marco rubio as top tier candidates. the fb si. releasing unhe had sit -- fb si. is releasing unedited video of -- the fbi is releasing unedited video of the shooting of a okay pyrech the group spokesman gout out and put his hands up and made a move for his waistband and police shot him. the fbi says it wants people to have an honest unfiltered view of what happened. we have learned state workers in flint michigan were getting safe bottled water at their building for months while residents were being told there was no issue with the water from the tap. this is according to the latest batch of e-mails released publicly. flint residents claim the sit they and state ignored complaints about contamination for months.
5:47 am
documented highly elevated levels of lead in children's blood. wages are down in most major cities in the u.s. a new study from the brookings institution shows wages fell 08 of the 100 biggest metropolitan areas it affected mostly minorities. 8 cities out of the largest 100 metro areas saw wages and employment rates rise. time for our daily talker. 5:51 on your friday. chances are many of the parents out there watching right now probably had a barbie doll as a child. >> and you may have grown up with one of those iconic dolls and your kids may have them but there's a new generation of barbies that looks different. >> reporter: the barbie most of us know is tall blonde and unnaturally shapely. it took her creators 57 years to figure out that not every woman looks like this. barbie was introduced to girls all over the world in 1959 and she is apparently sent out a lot of resumes because she has
5:48 am
her job title and clothes may have changed but figure and hair color didn't. finally last year mattel debuted 23 dolls with different skin tones and hair color but figures were too perfect. now the 2016 barbies have three body types curvey tall and pee teeth and some parents will be happy to see they are reflect the realistic shape of young girls and women. another possible reason for the change, barbie sales were down 15% in the last quarter. so let's look at what people think about this. the new barbie and new age barbie, marie on facebook says it's about time now girls can enjoy having a doll that actually looks like them as opposed to the one that makes them believe that there's something wrong with the way they look. but steve points out it took slumping sales to prom the change not the pressure put on the company by consumers. number of ways to comment website twitter facebook let us know and we will read more
5:49 am
chris and kathryn. >> thanks. it's friday and that means we are hitting the rewind. >> we have a look back at the biggest stories. stay with us. you are watching wbz this
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welcome back. 5:55 from a big winter storm to a big disappointment.
5:51 am
between let's look back at the week that was. >> patriots fans are again feeling the loss this morning. we came in and everybody was like. >> marathon on 7 conments and she won. >> high school wrestler giving up his perfect record to make his opponent's dream come true. >> drove in the blizzard. >> they canceled spring steen. >> and the flying tire is being blamed for a deadly crash. >> one man is responsible for two crimes. >> they are paying respects to corporal christopher or lanoed -- orlando and his family. >> the spues expect took off in the car. >> not everyone can look so youthful. but you can do something about it. >> me going from my bedroom to the shower is like it takes about as long as-- >> wildcat. >> weymouth wildcat. bring it. >> never turned that down. >> i don't turn any down. >> that's a huge animal.
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