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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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which fielded tense moments when one escaped today. here at federal court a parade of arraignments has been underway as some of the gang members have been charged with five murders and targeting teens to help them. they are the face of ms-13 a brutally violent international street game. the fed says has been recruiting and killing on the streets of boston. >> the initiation process is very structured and it extremely violent. as evidenced by the motto. mata viola cruelolla translated means kill rape chrome-- control. >> reporter: now official say they are responsible for the recent murders of three teens in east boston. wilson martinez and irvin castro in september. and christopher perez de la cruz died from his injuries two weeks ago likely victims of a initiation. >> it was certain steps for
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it basically getting wet. and that's getting blood on yourself. >> reporter: largely made up of salvadorian immigrants officials say they target their own. and in a disturbing trend recruiting teens at local high schools in east boston chelsea and surrounding communities. >> these young killers they are not just out to hurt or punch. they are out to kill and make sure whoever they stabbing or shooting doesn't talk. >> reporter: this morning in somerville as the round upwas underway castillo perez escaped but was later captured a threat that put some in lock down. >>way wanted -- we wanted to be cautious and conservativey never know what will happen -- conservative. we never know what will happen during an arrest as we have seen. >> reporter: the east coast leader of ms-13 is among those arrested. and they have a message for other gang members not to try to fill the void. reporting live, beth germano wbz news lisa. >> thank you.
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be the biggest blow for fantasy sports websites draftkings and fandueelch company that handle the payment processing is done working with the sites. they say they have major concerns about the low galt of the companies. fan -- lee gallonity of the companies -- legality of the companies. lawyers for boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev have officially appealed his conviction and sentence with the u.s. court of appeals for the first circuit. his lawyers are appealing the recent ruling that he pay 101 million dollars in restitution to the the victims. earlier this month a judge denied his bid for a new trial. also tonight, lynn policesay they were forced to fire when man pointed a gun at an officer. tonight, that man is dead and investigation. bill shields has the details live tonight from lynn. >> reporter: and this came to an end on the corner in back of me. the suspect according to police
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and pointed it at police and they shot him to death. but this started moments before about 2 box this way when -- blocks this way when police went to home where he was and had a search warrant and he didn't want them to come in and they also had an arrest warrant and he was not going to be arrested. >> as the officers were checking the second floor they called to him. he answered saying he had a gun and he would kill them. >> reporter: four lynn police officers found ran doll mcclan here but he jumped out a bush mcclain and he jumped out a back windo and pulled a gun on this -- window and pulled a gun on this woman. >> he .ed his gun at them and we have witnesses to this effect and officers shot -- he pointed his gun at them and we have witnesses to this effect and officers shot him and transported him to the hospital. >> shots fired. >> i got him. i got the gun. >> reporter: mcclain never got
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the gun was on the street for hours. maria pena lives yards away. >> i heard a couple shots so i looked out the window briefly and i just saw his body right there on the ground and like everything. it was pretty nerve-racking. >> reporter: 33-year-old randolph mcclain has long history with policech the reason they were look for him on this day is because he threatened his girlfriend and her family. but mccain's former sister-in- law says he had a good side. >> all i can see is my brother if law was a good father and good brother-in-law and he was children. he loved the mother of his children, he loved his brother and sisters and his parents. >> reporter: he might have been tight with his family but mccain haze a twin brother -- has a twin brother serving time in prison after an incident three years ago where he-- involving an armed home police. that's his twin brother. reporting live from lynn, bill
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>> thank you. tonight two people have been killed at a fire in a home in groton. investigators trying to figure out how this started. the flames broke out shortly before midnight on whileey road. the fire so -- whiley road the fire so intense they couldn't get to the victims inside. sitting in traffic is a common phrase but some t passengers were standing in it on the highway because their bus started overheating. it happened on route 93 south on the upper deck. and some of the driers pass -- drivers passing by began to offer rides to the passengers. the rest were transferred to another bus. a dangerous accident at a boston car wash. a car jumped off the track in ernie's car wash yesterday dragging the war wash attendant and hitting another car and the taken to the hospital. the car wash has electrical inspections.
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the state department says two dozen e-mails on hillary clinton's commuter was -- computer are so classified eye requires security. fbi is trying to determine if clinton mishandled classified information. meanwhile today, clinton held a get out the caucus rally at grandview university in iowa. and weighed in on last night's gop debate and calls it the sameold same sold with nothing new. bernie sanders campaigned in iowa focusing on the important of -- importance of increasing minimum wage. the campaign released a ad going after hillary clinton and goldman sachs. in canada. folks. and it's going to end. >> donald trump coming out swinging holding nothing back. while talking to supporters in new hampshire. the rally coming a day after trump refused to participate in the final republican debate.
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his fund-raiser and even trump admitted it was risky as bree sison shows us today he was campaigning in new hampshire. >> how big a crowd in full house i said there's no way we are canceling. >> reporter: cell phones in the air for a few hundred as donald trump practically parachuted in from iowa where he spent thursday fund raising for veterans groups. >> -- groups. >> i love it because he stood his ground. >> reporter: new england vets say they are thrilled he skipped the gop debate on faction because-- fox because he felt he was not treated fairly by the network and chose to invite competitors at a rally that raised 6 million for military charities. >> these politicians are on the debate most don't know what they are doing and talking and talking and we're raising money for incredible people. >> reporter: true to form trump read out the polls showing him on top of the gop. >> the politicians they ask why could you mention polls i said because i am number one and you
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>> reporter: trump's few details on policy plans and off the cuff comments seem to draw in even the undecided voters. >> you have to get in there to know what you can and cannot do and how it works. >> doesn't seem like it was prepared other candidates and they all seem to have a speech and that's it. >> reporter: the real estate boss closed with a request for people to get out the vote and the first primary february 9th. >> no matter what you may have lost your job you maybe have a depression get up and vote. i will get rid of your depression and you will be happy. >> reporter: and in nashua new hampshire bree sison. wall street happy to call it a day on the first month of the year. the market wrapping up the worst january since 2009. the dow gang nearly 400 points today. so finally good news. >> see you later january. still to come, an accident in framingham sparking new
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after learning kids were not wearing available seat belts. >> and what's in name to harvard up to a billion dollars and achance to make your mark on a press tees tegous medical school. the startling conclusion on disney princesss that a lot of parents will be talking about. congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded by over two and a half million small contributions. people who know you can't level the playing field by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, join the fight
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we have been talk about the campaign and i am joined by john dickerson who interviewed donald trump. what is he saying about skipping the debate and holding the fund-raiser. risky. >> reporter: yes and he admits that he was not quite sure it was going to work out but he is feeling pretty good about it now. in part for this reason. it was a risk but he foals like his message has been i will fight for the united states and i won't let the united statesget spiked on and -- picked on and he talked about being stronger and the move deciding not to par test pay the was a move -- participate in the debate was mob of strength and matches what he's been saying with the campaign rhetoric. so he is feeling pretty good about it and i was at an event in nashua with a trump event and the crowd certainly seemed
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>> and john now the democrats. the news we reported that highly classified e-mail was found on hillary clinton's personal computer. we have iowa coming up and new hampshire how much does this hurt her do you think? >> reporter: it depends she said there was none of this classified material on herer is he ver and that's a big problem. and also,s the -- also the big question is whether she knew and it was classified and this is not the kind of information that classified later that she knew in the moment in realtime that it was classified. if that's true that would be a problem that would be a real development in the story. will it hurt her in high with a maybe -- iowa? make it doesn't have enough time to seep in but down road it could be a problem. >> we will watch that. enjoyed you last night with stephen colbert that's great. >> reporter: thanks lisa. >> watch jupe's interview with donald trump on face the nation this sunday 10:30 in the morning right here on wbz.
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situation for parents -- scary situation for parents yesterday elementary school student in framingham with bumps and bruises and we did digging today and found there were seat belts on the bus but the kids weren't wearing them and that's reigniting the debate about school bus safety. >> reporter: as buses shuttle kids home a special message from framingham superintendent. superintendent goes home. >> we will remind parents the buses are complete with safety equipment and they should encourage students to wear the safety belts. >> reporter: this after students were out of their seats because of a accident. >> i went rolling down and got hurt and i hit the metal part and got hurt in my head. >> reporter: framingham is a andful of towns that has seat belts on schools of school buss. >> we have seat belts but none of us were wearing them. >> reporter: do you usually wear seat belts?
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we usually don't wear seat seat belts. >> reporter: massachusetts law doesn't require school buss to have seat belts but frameham has in-- framingham has installed them so they would have the choice. >> if they are available on the bus that it should be an option for them to enforce that. >> it's safety thing you have in your own cars and you want your kids to be safe on the school bus. >> reporter: but since the issue has sparked controversial debate in the past, framingham stopped short of forcing kids to buckle up. that could change now. >> why not requiring? >> i guess we will consider that as a possibility when we lock at what limitations are possibilities may be in the way of that but we want to student to be safe. >> reporter: keeping the most precious cargo the most secure. in framingham christina hager wbz news. >> 6 states right now have laws requiring seat belts on school buses and massachusetts only a
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of course christina talking about framingham marblehead and newton have them. david a helping hand in west roxbury this woman was struggling with a ice block- when officer john quinn sought what was happening and jumped out to help e says he had to stop because the woman -- he said he had to stop because the woman remind him of his mother and it's one the things police officers do every day. >> that's a great picture. >> and a nice gesture. >> hopefully the snow will melt awhich. >> and wash away -- melt away. >> and wash away. >> it's going to be so different the next few days than a year ago. it's amazing. >> that's okay right. >> that's okay. >> it's funny because things balance out and become average. 110 inches last year and nothing this year. >> extremes make the averages. we have the extreme back then and we are going to go the other way this time around. we saw a few snowflakes coming down this afternoon. that's all that's left of the batch moving through.
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outer cape anne area and a few places on south shore getting a few snow showers and rain in some pots and it's moving out to sea so that will be the end of that and it will be clearing up as we go through the night. those snow showers being caused by an approaching cold front in here now you might expect it to turn cold behind this. we have what few cold blasts so far this winter but not that many. nothing compared to what we had last wint are but it's not going to turn that cold behind the approaching cold front. 37 in boston after reaching 41 today and 40 in providence and 32 in worcester. the snow came down heavier in some locations but it was not long lasting so it's out to sea. a chunk of chill is up in here. but a lot of that is going across canada and not come here at all. so we will have a relatively pleasant weekend coming up. low tonight in boston about 30. and 26 in worcester and 24 in norwood and places like that. tomorrow around 41 in boston. so repeat of what we had today.
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coming up. few upper 30s but many areas over 40 degrees and that's a few degrees above the average for the end of january. so, we will watch it clear out overnight tonight and should be a nice sunny day tomorrow. to start the day. but the clouds will start rolling in quite quickly later in the morning and afternoon. a lot of cloud and maybe a few breaks of sunshine as really warm front is coming our way and that warm air will be here on sunday and on sunday as well, a lot of clouds from time to time commote completely over- - not completely overcast but the highs on sunday 10 degrees higher than tomorrow. lower 50s except 40s on the cape. what's happening here, a warm front is approaching tomorrow with all that cloudiness which we will see tomorrow and the mild air takes over on sunday. although there will be cloudiness from time to time. the cloudiest weather farther north and west and a few periods of cloud cover but mild weather is taking over on sunday. now the big weather story next week will be a snowstorm developing in the rockies and going across the plain states
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as that happens severe weather may break out in the tennessee and ohio valleys but then as it comes eastward it brings the warm air up the eastern seaboard and we have some rain with that on wednesday. take look at my 7-day accu- weather forecast. around 41 tomorrow. 51 on sunday. and a little sunshine but milder. a brief shower can't be ruled out monday. much of the time it's going to be dry and look at monday's high. 56 briefly cooler on tuesday. and then we will get rain especially on wednesday afternoon but could have a record high temperature on wednesday that would be 60 degrees. so how about that as we start out the first few days of february. back to you david and lisa. >> looking pretty unusual andpretty nice barry thanks. your name could be on harvard medical school if you want to pay for it. estimated price for the naming rights a billion dollars. the school of public health was renamed for 325 million dollars. it's the harvard th chan school
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faculty members argued selling naming rights cheapens the school and others say it's about the bottom line and that money can be used for research. >> wouldn't it be great if a company put up the mondayy like cheese cheez-it. >> where do you go to skew cheez-its. >> she talking? why the princesss have some people claiming sexism. >> two super sized sink holes open up side by side. >> coming up at 6 a young woman struggling with hepatitis c. >> i get treated i can go on and labor healthy life. >> there's a drug that can help. >> it's,000 dollars a pill. >> why the insurance company won't cover it. is if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but so many families don't feel like their hard work pays off. that's not the way america is supposed to operate. i want to go to bat for
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get incomes rising... get equal pay for women... cut the cost of health caret and child care so people canr actually get ahead. hillary clinton, she has what it takes to get things done. i'm hillary clinton and i
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now at 5 a closer look at what some are calling a princess problem. researchers say that they have
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in disney movies. researchers say female disney characters actually talk less than the male characters. >> but what's more important the speaking time or the importance of a cark tar's speech? anna warn are shows us it sparked a interesting dialogue. [ music ] >> keep singing. >> reporter: in destiny 1989 film the little mermaid she loses her royce to an evil sea witch. but according to new research she is is not the only disney princess left speechless. >> the thing i was most surprised by was the freedommence in of mail rolls. >> reporter: after analyzingy spoken word in the destiny princess movies there were more male kirk terse than female in 11 out of the 12 films. >> even if the princess is the most empowered feminist role
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charge of lighting candles in the castle. >> reporter: and it's the men who do much more of the talking. >> it's not the right for a woman to read. soon she gets ideas and thinking. >> reporter: in 1991, beauty and the beast male caring terse spoke 71% of the time in the magical world of aladdin men nabbed 90% of the lines. >> look at me from the side do i look different. >> reporter: but that was not always the case. but. >> reporter: foe male characters spoke -- female characters spoke as much if nor more in the firstprincess films. women hold their own in some of destiny's more recent movies. >> mom you are back. >> reporter: in a 2012 hit brace female characters spoke 74% of the time more than any other disney princess film.
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>> reporter: in frozen was 41%. even though it's story about two sisters that was written and codirected by a woman. but plot is looking at what is being said. whether it's commands apologies or compliments. >> you fight good. >> people all over the world they are watching the movies and they are popular. what message are they getting. >> listen. >> that was anna warren report ming overwhelmed by love and support. a south shore family's thank you for rallying around them in their time of grief. >> a tight if a -- fight that started over baked good. >> you are hearing about the iowa caucuses but do you know what really impose on in them?
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