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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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several people hurt in the shooting and stabbing at the denver coliseum. one more day left in january but many more mild days and had. my forecast coming up. >> the final push in iowa with frenzied campaigning ahead of the caucuses. one problem necking hillary clinton. the rash of crime to has some cars going up in flames. . we begin with breaking
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emergency crews called out for a man trapped under a tree. >> authorities telling us the man was flown to a boston hospital. the 74 -year-old was cutting wood when a tree fell on him. all happening about an hour and a half ago. the man suffered leg injuries and was flown to the hospital. we will bring you the very latest as soon as we get it. in denver one person dead several others hurt in a shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle expo. this happened at the old denver coliseum. right now authorities not releasing the number of people hurts. police did evacuate the complex so far no arrests have been made. we are following the story and will bring you the latest as soon as it develops. more developing news at 6:00 two teenagers arrested for the murder of a man in everett.
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shot and left under a bridge. he later died. today authorities have arrested 217 -year-olds for the crime. they are due in court monday. campaign 2016 the last push for iowa. candidates crisscrossing the state ahead of the caucuses. this afternoon hillary clinton joined by gabby giffords urging caucus goers to make gun control a voting issue. this comes as clinton faces renewed backlash over her use of a personal e-mail server for classified documents turner time as secretary of state. >> the state department confirmed more than 20 e-mails for top-secret in nature even as the clinton campaign disputes campaign disputes that. how will this affect monday's caucuses in iowa? great loss well reports from ames, iowa. the latest there. >>reporter: hillary clinton got a big endorsement from gabby giffords, a former congresswoman turned gun rights
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>> in january i want to say these two words, madam president. >>reporter: clinton clinging to a narrow lead in iowa say she is best qualified to take office from day one. >> please go out and stand up for me on monday night. if you do i will stand up and fight for you for the next four years. >>reporter: some light up to hear clinton talk about another issue, her e-mail scandal. >> i think about that a lot. >>reporter: undecided voters are disappointed she did not address the issue. what do you think now? >> i think this is a very high level national security issue. >>reporter: at some point between now and monday you want to hear more. >> i want to hear more. >>reporter: clinton's opponent says he is staying focused on the issues that impact voters. >> right now i would say it is a tossup. >>reporter: republicans also crisscrossing the state support.
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>>reporter: in sioux city marco rubio said clinton is an qualified. >> she believes she is about that all. she believes she is about the log. >>reporter: rubio pulling third behind ted cruz and donald trump. >> candidates also making their presence felt in new hampshire this weekend. john kasich there today after receiving an endorsement from the new york times. this as the democratic race gets a boost from a big boston name, paul burton explains. >>reporter: will all candidates to appear for the iowa caucuses this weekend in new hampshire, grassroots politics is underway. boston mayor marty walsh spent part of the day in manchester, new hampshire, pounding the pavement in support of hillary clinton. >> she has my vote. >> thank you i appreciate it. it's really a big push is a primary for the democrats and republicans but for my party the democratic party working to support hillary clinton. >>reporter: now clinton in damage control over the new
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mail server she used a secretary of state. walsh says it is something she will definitely have to address in the race to the white house. >> you have to address it head- on. i think the american people understand if somebody makes a mistake and they admit the mistake they are very forgiving. >>reporter: switching to the bernie sanders camp supporters not wasting time with 10 days to go into the new hampshire primary, these people are getting out the vote. >>reporter: and we talked about voting for the primary next week? >>reporter: supporter came all the way from new york to help his candidate. >> the most effective way to get people to go out and vote is by knocking on their door and having conversations with people, answering their questions. >> we are here at the different headquarters. >>reporter: they are visiting all the new hampshire campaign offices. >> see what they are doing, how they are set up. what different things they are doing and get a sense of what is going on. >>reporter: manchester resident still undecided. >> mine is still undecided but i do like hillary clinton.
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candidate with broad appeal in many ways. but there is still time to think this through. we are in the midst of an unusually mild weekend. >> why the groundhog pops out tuesday he might be a bit confused. get our first check on the forecast with barry burbank. >> can't wait to hear the ground have forecast tuesday but i know it will be pretty mild the next few days. 38 in boston, right now wind now to the south as we get a more southwest over the next few days it will be warm aromas locations even south coastal areas, not quite as much because of the went up the water 4308 in boston right now. it has fallen off from the high of 43 the happened at 3:59 this afternoon. cleveland to pittsburgh still 50-52. mild air coming out us and we will have that tomorrow after
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low to middle 30s tonight. beautiful sunset in many locations. very amount of clouds tomorrow. in the rest of my forecast in just a few minutes. hampshire hoping a tipster will help them out after a rash of car break-ins and arsons. he began after 2:00 this morning when a car was set ablaze on chapel street. that was just the beginning. cars were either broken into a set of higher. some fully engulfed by the time police arrived. portsmouth police asking anyone with information to contact them. a man who robbed a common man general store early this morning. authorities released the surveillance image of the suspect. officers say the man walked in to the store, showed a gun, demanded cash. after the robbery he walked away away. if you have any information you are urged to call police.
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are in state custody after being taken from a home in squalor. they were discovered during a drug raid. home was filled with mice and animal waste. they also find oxycodone, marijuana and cocaine. two women charged, due in court monday. more problems this morning winter weather not to blame a green line trolley derailed near the reservoir station at about 7:30. only seven people were on board. shuttle buses were used into the train was back up and running. the cause is not yet known. two dangerous fugitives back behind bars. >> police were able to recapture two men who had escaped custody. the urgent care clinic where you can get more than care. patients also get serenaded for free. warm weather only just beginning way to you see the temperatures for the next
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. more on breaking news we mentioned at the top of the newscast. emergency crews called for a >> the man flown to a boston hospital. live at the scene with the very latest. >>reporter: police and fire tell me a 74 -year-old man was trapped under a tree about a quarter mile back from here. we are at 1070 west street also known as 121. the man was chopping wood when apparently a tree fell on both his legs. police and fire called about 4:30. they found him with both legs injured. he also had hypothermia.
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and bring in by ambulance to a midflight where he was taken to a boston hospital. this just wrapped up not too long ago. a 74 -year-old man trapped under a tree, both legs injured now taken to a boston hospital. developing news tonight. two remaining inmates on the run in california now back in custody. 37 -year-old hossein nayeri and 20 -year-old jonathan tieu were inside a white van in the parking lot of a whole foods store in san francisco when police acting on a tip moved him. they say hossein nayeri tried to run but then they grabbed him and found jonathan tieu hiding in the van. >> we are looking at the causes of the escape from day one. certainly our focus was getting these individual back into custody as quickly as possible but now the focus shifts to continuing to look at where the system failed us.
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bac duong showed up friday at an auto workers he wanted to surrender. all three banished from the orange county jail last friday people on the vermont new york border now concerned about toxic chemicals in the water. residents say they have high levels of a chemical used by a they say it is so dangerous water and they are taking school buses to vermont to get washed. the corporation trying to fix the problem now providing bottled water to the community. from medicine to melodies. in oklahoma city doctor bringing happiness to sick patients in a somewhat unusual way, singing. according to patients and coworkers he walks around the office belting out hit songs like pharrel williams [
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[ laughter ] doctor finch says he turned down a recording contract went to medical school instead opting to go with a more solid career. >> i like the hybrid approach that is what doctors need to do . >> good bedside manner. >> or weather man. >> saying the forecast i don't mind doing that. >> i will work on that after tonight show. how about sunset did any of you see the sunset? >> it was awesome. >> fantastic in many locations i have one that is stunning. >> i notice it is later now so much later. >> i am going to show you how much more daylight we gain in the month of february we are starting on monday can you believe it. this is the shot i want to show you from megan o'leary, she always since great shots.
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lighthouse at provincetown. almost like a summer sunset for sure with these colors. we have springlike temperatures on the way. not feeling like summer but so different than a year ago. 38 right now after hitting 43 this afternoon prior to 4:00. look at the temperature across the rest of the nation. 50s and 60s in the ohio valley and 70s. we may get in the 50s, not too far away from 60 if things work out wednesday. clearly the air coming from the southwest. we had the southwest winds start to turn up today the warm front contributing to the cloud cover today. varying amounts of clouds tomorrow but i think we get spells of sunshine which we had today in many spots. a pretty good shot at going past 50 tomorrow. looking at the clouds rolling in right now, very -- varying clouds tonight and time to time tomorrow but still son breaks
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gets me optimistic it will be a pretty nice day. highs around 52 in boston, 50 finch burke, 40s on the cape, 40s and much of northern new england even in the ski resorts in highs monday should be about 58 boston and bedford exit cooler on the south coast with the southwest wind as a sea breeze. a very warm monday. the big story will be the snowstorm a rep thing in the rocky mountains moving to the plains states across the upper mississippi valley to the north western great lakes. is that takes that inside track it will still bring warm air up the coastline with a batch of rain wednesday afternoon. tomorrow is january 30, 2001, numbers last year. 21 the high, 30, 31, 32. the corresponding date this year 52, 58, 46, 56. it looks like now it won't
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wednesday unless we really warm up late in the day in evening week ago 55-60 but an incredible seven day forecast for you. even on groundhog day still way above average. warm weather ahead, enjoy it while it lasts. colder, stormy weather might be here the 2nd half of the upcoming month. coming up in sports one-on- one with college hockey is all- time winningest coach. >> what does winning 1000 games mean from jerry your? we will hear from the legend
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what would you do
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and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy. register today. . the hottest sports team in the city is all green. >> pretty good we will take that is reroll along. celtics continue to play their best basketball of the season. last night destroying the
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high fifth straight win. the same teens at it in ireland at the back end of a home and home set. celtics at the moment a half game out of the third spot in the eastern conference. last night they got production out of everyone. seven players double figures including isaiah thomas, 14 points including this at the end of the first have. the bench 62 points for the nonstarters including 16 for both kelly and marcus smart. evan turner pitched in with 15, celtics avenge a loss earlier in the season to orlando with the win. >> out there we are a mass of intensity. they played great out there. i think we had a run and kept the run-up. it's easy take away things like to do -- all clicking on all cylinders. >> let's go to college basketball. check out the shot in the 1st
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antoine base grabs the rebound -- account for more than three. you mess at the half take another look this one from the three-point line. a shot the senior will remember forever. umass down by three 10 to go on. we are going to overtime tied at 63. christian hits this the chills umass win in overtime 78-72. last week why we were focused on the patriots broncos chair bishop game boston college coach jerry york made history by winning his 1000th career game as a head coach and the first ever to publish that and it went under the radar. that is how york likes it. after they should out notre dame in south bend york and the players were back on the ice this afternoon, prepping for monday's game against harvard in the beanpot. despite battling laryngitis
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asked him what a milestone like 1000 wins means to him. and typical york fashion he gave credit to everyone else. >> when you look back a lot of terrific athletic directors i've worked for several, all very supportive. a number of assistant coaches i think it does 14 now that of all contributed at some point. this staff particularly already mcginnis, mike errors, they set a high bar and i depend on them. they use them, never to the point where i don't have all the answers. i'm always asking. the number of outstanding players, that is it in a nutshell but i don't reflect that too much. >> you can see more of that 101 tomorrow night on sports final as well as another sit down with red sox teams president dave dombrowski. we ask if he feels the pressure to win in boston due to the always high expectations.
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people have asked me through the years how about the pressure. i don't ever really feel that way. i don't really feel the expectations because we actually have -- i have more expectations than anybody else has. you work real hard, stay on top of what you are doing. focused day in and day out. for me you prepare yourself as well as you possibly can. if you do your job well and have good people around you you will be able to meet with those expectations other people have. >> 19 days. >> that that you are counting. >> thanks. a final check of your weekend weather. >> including how long this mild
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. >> what happened in january, doesn't seem like it out there. >> almost over one more day mild air just beginning. empty to, maybe 50-50 tomorrow. 56-58 monday. this is not april it is 50s through wednesday and the end of the week when a turns colder only back to average 36- just crazy. >> that is why the groundhog looks so continues. >> i can't believe my eyes. >> where am i. we love it thank you. that is a wrap for us cbs evening news coming up next.
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until then have a great
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