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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  January 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning. glad to you're with us -- glad you're with us. shocking weather as we enter february. >> amazing temperatures. even this morning, it felt okay 00 out there. >> yeah, not bad. >> we have wind helping to keep temperatures elevated.
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into, say, the 20s or low 30s for most. here are in boston, we're 39 degrees. worcester down to 35. for us, we keep it nice and dry. mostly cloud by skies for the rest of this morning with filtered sunshine this afternoon. check out these temperatures. southwest. a fantastic sunday in store for you, but as we get into february, we have more warmth on the way. when we could get close to 60, and more ups and downs. all of those numbers in a few minutes and that 7-day. >> our top story this morning, per happens it was divine intervention, a nun hears a man's cry for help as he is pinned underneath a tree. for two hours in wrentham, the
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but fortunately a nearby abby of none came to the recess cue -- newtown u -- came to the rescue. >> reporter: firefighters say doug goldman was about a quarter-mile back in the woods behind his house cutting wood. he was pinned under a tree for at least two hours. >> it would have been life- threatening if he wasn't found when he was. put we got him in time, i think. >> reporter: he was using a chainsaw to cut down a tree when somehow it felt fell on him. >> very surprised.
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>> reporter: -- conscious- safety guy. >> despite his age, he's very robust, very active. he splits wood all the time. >> reporter: those involved agree divine intervention helped save his life. >> i think god looks out for people in general. i think he loves us. so i don't think it was necessarily coincidental. >> reporter: he was taken by med flight to a local 0 hospital. he is in good condition despite suffering some hypothermia. three children from worcester are in state custody after being taken from a home of equalor, the children -- equal or. police say the children was filled with -- squall or. the house was --
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are now under arrest for the murder ore of man in everett. on january 3rd, 19-year-old omar rays was hot and left under the towson street bridge. he later died. police yesterday arrested two 17-year-olds for the crime. they are due in court on monday. two boys are facing armed robbery charges after an incident in peabody. police say the two were wearing masked when they used a bb gun to robb rob another kid of his cellphone at the welch school yesterdayed. the boys then took off. clement avenue. they are due in court monday. police are looking for suspect who robbed a common man general store article this morning. authorities have released this suspect. officers say the man walked into the score, just off 93, cash. after the robbery, he walked away.
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asked to please call the police department. >> now to campaign 2016, the team push before the iowa caucuses. candidates are crisscrossing the state. hillary clinton was joined by former arizona congresswoman gabby given orders. clinton is now -- giffords. clinten is now facing a renewed backlash over the use of her private e-mail server with classified documents. craig boswell reports from iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton got a big endorse's from gabby gifford, a form are congresswoman turned gun rights advocate after she was shot which in 2011. >> come january, i want to say these two words, madam president. >> reporter: clinton, who is clinging to a narrow lead in
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qualified to take office from day one. >> please go out and stand up for me on monday night! and if you do, i will stand up and fight for you for the next four years! >> reporter: but some lined up to hear clinton talk about another issue, her e-mail scandal. >> yeah, i think about that a lot. >> reporter: these two undecided voters are disappointed she did not address the issue. what do you think now? >> i think this a high level security issue. >> reporter: but some point between now and monday, you want to early more about this. >> i want to hear more about it. >> reporter: her oh money. >> reporter: , bernie sanders, said he is staying focused on the issues that affect voters. the republicans are also crisscrossing the state for support. >> don't we all like winning? we like to win. okay. >> reporter: marco rubio said
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is not qualified to serve as president. republican john kasich received an indoorment yesterday from the new york times on the republican side. >> reporter: while all the candidates prepare for the iowa caucuses, this weekend in new hampshire, grass roots pop ticks is underway. mayor walsh pounded the pave. if support of hillary clinton in well, it is a big push, new hampshire is very important. we're up here supporting hillary clinton. >> reporter: right now clinten is in damage control over new information about the private e- mail server she used while secretary of state. >> i don't think you can run away from it. i think you address it head on, and i think the american people
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mission take and admits to it, they are very forgiving. >> reporter: bernie sanders camp not wasting any time. these people are getting out to vote. >> can we talk to you about voting for the primary next week? >> reporter: this supporter came all the wait from new york to help his candidate. >> the most effective way to get people to go out and vote to to knock on their door and having conversations with people, answering their questions. >> we are hear to see all of the different headquarters. >> reporter: this couple is visiting all of the new hampshire campaign offices. >> just see what they're doing on. >> reporter: mark is still undecided. >> i'm still undecided, but die like hillary clinton. think she is a very good candidate with broad appeal in many ways, but there is still time to think this through a bit. >> two fugitives back behind bars.
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dangerous escapees were finally captured after more than a week on the run. flames filled the sky if denver. what fueled this massive explosion. and the deeks virus spreading fast. >> and break out those lottery tickets. here is a look at your winning
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments
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we have some filter sunshine on tap for this sunday afternoon where temperatures soar into the upper 40s and lower 50s. feeling fantastic out there. coming up in just a few minutes, i'll have more details on more warmth on the way, and when temperatures could get close to 60 degrees. that's in just a bit. stay tuned. >> oh, my god! >> that explosion was caused by at least 6 propane tanks igniting in denver yesterday.
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tanks went flying through the neighborhood. the results fire destroyed one home and three vehicles. one person was even injured. the large propane tanks were on the property, because the home onlier ran a hot april balloon business. >> the search for two inmay notes who escaped from a california jail is finally over. a tipster helped track them down nearly 400 miles from where they got away. >> reporter: the suspects are back behind bars aft air daring prison break. they were on the run for nearly 9 days. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief, because we have the other two dangerous individuals back in custody. >> reporter: the men were found in a stolen van parked at a san francisco food market after being noticed by a neighborhood. one fled on foot, but was
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found hiding in a van with ammunition. no weapon was found. >> focus shifts to continue to look at where the system failed us, where policies and procedures were not followed. >> reporter: officials believe they cult through a steal grate and crawled through plumbing tunnelles to get out of the jail. the third prisoner are separated from the other two, and he was caught on thursday. >> we know there was a type of relationship that developed, and whether it was physical or not, we're just trying to confirm that. >> reporter: the men are being interviewed and will soon be taken back to orange county and place understood high-riffle area at the same jail where they escaped. brian webb for says -- cbs news. >> acid this morning, now nasa has a new theory on where the moon came from.
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let's see who you share it with? former bruins star tyler sagan, 34. hey, in it's your birthday web happy birthday to you.
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nasa is learn be more than about how earth got its moon. some say it was a head on collision between earth and a small planet that created the moon about 4.5 billion years ago. that's interesting. researchers analyzed moon rocks and compared them with volcanic rock from hawaii and arizona, and they found that the objection 0 general in all of them, both from the moon and the earth, had identical chemical structure. okay. that is really cool. my little 8-year-old boy got a telescope for his birthday, and he's so excited to see all of the planets aligned, and we have just a couple more weeks to be able to see that.
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today is not the day, but in the next few days, probably tuesday would be a good day to use that. i used to have one, too. it was really cool to see the planets. it's a little tricky, though, depending on what sized telescope you of you've got, because the planets move. so maybe a little tricky, but it's so fun. temperatures are starting off so warm. for the end of january, going into our first day of february, that's tomorrow, the street continues, and we just updated this number, january rounding out the month with three degrees above normal for the monthly temperature, and it's been since july that we've had below average temperatures for the entire month. we've been either at or above the last several months here, and the streak will continue, as we track more temperatures in the 50s, and is we get close to 60 degrees. in boston, real feel temperature of 31, because we have a light freeze from the southwest at 13 miles per hour.
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gusting reported early this morning when i first looked, but now the wind is is starting to subside. our and high for this time of yearly is 36 degrees. our temperatures will stay in the up thisser 30s and lower 40s for the rest of this morning. upper 40s, lower 50s, across in the board. awesome temperatures here, if you are planning on being outdoors at all, going for a run this morning, or even this evening, it's going to be pleasant, and overnight, only hitting a low of 39 degrees. we say rather mild under a mostly cloudy sky. tomorrow's high temperatures
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55 boston, 57 in bedford. norwood 56 degrees, and we will keep it dry for the next 24 hours or so. hour by hour foreas we go into this evening, 6:00 p.m., we're looking dry. we'll have some filtered sunshine, thin clouds once again. 8:30 in the morning monday. waking up to an easy morning commute, in terms of weather, at least, the clouds increase throughout the day monday, and after 1:30 p.m. through 6:00 p.m., that evening commute, that's when we'll see a briefly period of a couple of isolated showers as the cold front passes through. we clear things out once we get into tuesday morning, and tuesday afternoon is looking dry and mostly sunny, but slightly cooler. we are chasing a few records for next week. temperatures will feel rather warm, but no records expected for today, for monday orators. wednesday will be our best shot at getting a record. we're going near 60 that day. here is that 7-day. breaking it all down.
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and windy, wednesday. >> all right. pamela. thank you. well, there is is more proof the zika vise is spreading fast, and it is linked to birth defects. the world health organization is tracking the movement of melky -- mosquitos, which carry the disease. coming up, meet the doctor
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an oklahoma city character is bringing happiness in to sick patients in a somewhat unusual way. he's singing to them. according to patients and co- workers, dr. corey finch walks around the office belting out his songs, like the joyious tune of ferrell williams. williams. >> that's awesome! dr. anyone were said he turned down a recording contract when he was in medical school, instead opting to go with the more solid career, but he's combining both of his passions. i love that. coming up, what president
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first time in his presidency. and what donald trump is saying about skipping the last
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good morning.
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yeah, it really is a pretty beautiful day out there this morning. very mild. >> nice is mild. the satellite and radar picture shows the cloudy conditions here. we don't have anything fall from those clouds. might squeeze out a sprinkle or two, since there is moisture in
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terms of rainfall. 47 degrees 1:00. we do expect more 50s on the way, and also a pretty rainy day at one point this week. we'll break that down in just a bit. a 74-year-old wrentham man is recovering at boston medical center thanks to the quick work of some nuns. he called out for help, and was finally heard by a officer from the mount st. mary's abbey. two teach agers accused of killing an everett man earlier this year. in the two murder suspects are both 17 years old. police haven't said what might have motivated the period picture the 17-year-olds will both be in court tomorrow. a civilian walking near a
5:29 am
of two violent fugitives in california yesterday. the orange county sheriff's department said the witness flagged down the officer. inside the van, investigators say was one of the suspects who broke out in that jail break last week in california. distance away. a scene of destruction a new hampshire town, and now police in portsmouth were on the hunt for someone who speak a number of cars and then torched them. >> reporter: police and people living here in portsmouth, new hampshire, are very upset about this. who can blame them. someone trying to break into a bunch of cars, and trying to set most of those cars on fire. let's show you exactly what we're talking about here. at least the two of those cars were really totally torched.
5:30 am
enough that you can see sections of the front sights burned. police are taking this seriously. they said it's very devastating and also costly for the victims. >> i think the counter sum to 9 car breaks, so nine cars have been gone through where items were taken or rummaged through. 6 of which a fire was started or attempted. >> so that's insult to injury, i guess you could say. >> absolutely. a couple of the vehicles received significant damage due to the fire. >> portsmouth police tell me they are making progress in this investigation, and are also asking for the public's help, and also urging all of us to lock our cars. in the majority of these cases, these cars were left wide open. a stabbing and a shooting at a motorcycle ex-people in denver. denver police say one person is dead and 6 others injured. three critically. it happened at the national
5:31 am
police could not say if it was gang-related or not. no arrests have been made. donald trump decided to skip the last republican debate before tomorrow's iowa caucuses. today on face the nation, trump tells john dickerson he doesn't regret passing up that forum, and dismissed talk that he used veterans for his political purpose. >> i can tell you that the vet groups we dealt with are so happy, and they're going to be splitting up $6 million. >> wounded warriors is not on the list of the 22 you're giving to. why not >> i saw some stories, think on cbs actually, and i think i want to give it a little pause until we find out if that is correct. i look very carefully at expenses, and how they allocate the money, and i like to see nice low numbers in terms of expense. >> you can see the entire interview with donald trump this morning at 10:30 on face the nation. >> president obama is headed to a u.s. mosque for the first
5:32 am
he has scheduled a trip to the islamic society of balancelety more on wednesday. he is expected to hold a roundtable discussion and deliver remarks about relinkious freedom, and also prepared to celebrate the contributions that muslim americans have made to this country. and just a week from today, the broncos and panthers will face off in super bowl 50. the vince lombardi trophy has arrived in san francisco. roger craig helped deliver the trophy. >> it's such an honor to deliver this trophy. it's something we played for.
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here next sunday at 6:30 a.m. well, the nhl all stars put on a show in music city. plus what is demonstration doing now that his season is -- "gronk" doing now that his season is over?
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bruins enjoying the women wieckend off as the nhl all- star game is upon us -- weekend off as the nhl all-star is upon us. bergeron was the only bruins player participating. he had a tough time in the skills competition last night. didn't fare too well. but he did fare much better in the nhl shootout, as he scores on a beautiful move to help the east squad win the skills competition, and, yes, yes, the east placed first in the three on three contract thanks to bergeron's work. boston college hockey coach jerry york maple history winning his 1,000th career game
5:36 am
it went under the radar around here because of the patriots in the playoffs, but that's just how york likes it. meanwhile, york's squad shut out notre dame over the weekend. he went one-on-one with us, and we asked him what too milestone like 1,000 wins means to him, and in typical york fashion, he gave everyone else credit. >> when you look back, you have a lot of terrific athletic directors. i've worked for seven of them. they've all been great. a number of assistant coaches, think it's at 14 now that have contributed at some point, and this staff, particularly, they have is set a high, high bard, and i depend on them. i use them, and, you know, i'm never to the point where, a hey, i know all over thence aers. i'm always asking and inquire, and a number of outstanding players.
5:37 am
but i don't reflex back too much. >> elsewhere, as far as the basketball team, they were down if chapel hill taking on the second-ranked tar heels yesterday. carter gets the reverse to fall, but this one all unc. they led by 11 at the half, steam rolling the eagles. elsewhere, check out the shot of by imass yesterday to end the first half of a game againsted for ham. love to see that -- fordham. love to see that. this one was from three-point land, their own three-point land. a great shot, one the senior will remember forever. now we go down to the end of the game, and clark buries a three of his own! we're going to overtime tied at 63, but live by the three, die by the three. this one kills umass. fordham gets the win in 78-72 your final.
5:38 am
week, theo epstein in town for an event. we had a chance to sit down with the former red sox gm. wbz. he talked about his favorite red sox team. >> in some ways, the '03 team was my favorite team, because we didn't win the whole thing that year, but that might be the most fun we had that year, a sense we kind of snuck up on everyone, this kind of renegade team, you know, cowboy up, and like we -- you know, it was such a great offensive team, with a lot of guys who maybe hadn't been appreciated for the full abilities that they had. >> all right. let's go to college football. senior bowl in alabama. look who is there. rob gronkowski to check out his little brother. and little "gronk" looks like big "gronk" on this one. the fullback/tight end is hoping to get picked in the
5:39 am
finally back to college hoops. tough one for harvard yesterday, falling at a buzzer beater to columbia. and northeastern also falls, losing to elon, 71-67. dan, thank you so much. well, a boston. based film takes home a huge hodgeor in hollywood's slatest award shows. plus it was one of the most daring rescues in coast guard history right awful the new england coast. coming up, wet get closer to the real heros of "the finest hour." >> this sunday the last day of january, we'll be feeling more like spring. soaring to a high of 50 degrees under filtered sunshine. and more temperatures on the way in the 50s, close to 60 degrees. i'll have those numbers in just a bit.
5:40 am
last night was the screen actors guild awards, and there was a diversion cast of winners that included queen latifah and
5:41 am
went to spotlight, based on the "boston globe"'s expo say of six abuse within the church. >> and this movie honors the victims of one of the most horrific things that our culture has allowed to happen, and this movie allows them to be seen in the world, in a world that has been behind to them. and so it is such an honor to be standing in front of you on behalf of them. >> other big winners including leo dicaprio, and bri larson. >> leo is just the most amazing actor. he's one of my faves. >> yeah, and spotlight, that was a powerful movie. >> i haven't seen it yet. can't wait. >> incredible. >> so we're looking at good week ahead.
5:42 am
we get close to 60 degrees at one point, too. >> amazing. >> amazing. and if you like this kind of weather, go to my poll. i just sent it out on twitter. we'll share the results, whether or not you're excited about the 50s, or if you're not, i want to hear from you, too, competition is plain why. you want more snow? well, we have plenty more winter to go. we have the whole month of february and then some, but thankfully we're getting longer days here. and we're also getting milder. typically we get more snow on average for this month coming up, 10.9 inches on average. we will continue to see some mild temperatures, at least for
5:43 am
pattern shift takes over for the end of this week. bostonnen right now 39 degrees. your real feel temperature 31, with the wind from the southwest at 13, helping to keep those temperatures elevated overnight. it feels very many mild out there with 39 degrees in nassua. plus we're overcast. those clouds acting like a blanket to help trap in what heat we accumulated from yesterday, and therefore temperatures have not cooled that much. we don't have too far to go to get into the mid-or upper 40s in that hour by hour. noon, 45. 48 degrees, 2:00. and we cop off with a high of 50 degrees in boston. today's highs in the upper 40s from lawrence to rock port to the lower 50s to plymouth and new bedford. not bad. overnight tonight, back to 39 degrees. under a mostly cloudy sky. we trap in that daytime heat,
5:44 am
once again, mid-50s, we gain a few more degrees, 535 boosten -- 55 boston. we keep it dry for you, too. clouds passing by periodically through 5:00 p.m. filtered sky out there, becoming mostly cloudy overnight, and then monday morning, 7:00 a.m., we'll see a northwest. monday afternoon, we're dry, but notice by 4:00, as that front starts to push towards central massachusetts and eastern mass, 4:00 p.m., we have a few showers on tap for you, and those move off the islands after 6:00 p.m. high of 46 on tuesday for groundhog day. we could be talking about around an inch of rainfall accumulation, but it is all rain thursday. 48. and then we cool back to around 40 going into next weekend. weather trivia.
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>> correct. >> wherever you have all of the above, i know that's what it is. >> oh, really? good job. >> thanks pamela. well, it was certainly an heroic effort off the new england coast, and now that story is in theaters, the finest hours chronicleles a 5952 rescue at sea, and the men who took part in that ocean drama remember it like was yesterday. >> reporter: it was a nor'easter that submit a 500 foot 10,000 ton oil tanker in half, and sent the crew of the u.s.s. pendleton scrambling for their lives. >> this is half of the pendleton. >> reporter: 60 years later, one sound still sticks with former coast guardsman gus, who made it to the bow, miles away from the stern.
5:46 am
hear those car go motors running. and i said, oh, baby, don't you sink now. >> reporter: the rescue party found no one to save. his best friend, bernie weber, battled to get to the other half of the ship, the stern, several nights earlier. >> in the coast guard, they say you have to go out. they don't say you have to come back in. >> reporter: the epic tail of that night in 1952 is now a disney movie, starring chris pine as weber who led a group of four on a small boat. the storm for out the boat's come pass, and knocked out the engine twice. >> i got it. and i got it! you've got about five seconds, boys! >> reporter: there was no help, no balm. just four men, none over the age of 24.
5:47 am
find the pendleton stern, and 33 mendes per at to escape the crippled sinking ship. one by one, they crawled down to the life boat. the coast guard saved all but one, who fell into the sea and drowned. >> and that, i know, has bothered all four of those guys, that they lost one. >> reporter: three dozen men crammed on to the 36-foot boat built for only 12. still without a compass, weber somehow guided them home. and don't you give up hope on me now! >> with the u.s. coast guard band leading the way, the movies premier docked in hollywood monday. andy fitzgerald, the last of weber's crew still alive anchored the red carpet. his trademark wit still sharp. >> yeah, this is very, very exciting. it's not quite as exciting as
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>> that was ken mcleod reporting. well, it's been a secret for years, now mcdonald's special sauce can be bought at the supermarket. i'm all ears. but why you'll have to go a long way to get it. today in america, almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% and our government belong to all of us. wealthy campaign donors have that the only way they are defeated is
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this could be my favorite story of the day. it was once the only history behind the big mac, and now mcdonald is selling their famous special sauce. so the ingredients were kept secret when it debuted in 1974, but last year, it was revealed as a combination of mayonnaise, relish, and mustard. we can't figure out, though, why it hats an orangey tint. we have to figure that out. but it is only been sold in australian supermarkets. that's the bad part. cross our fingers, maybe it will come here eventually. much more to come this morning. we will go live to iowa, as is the candidates make a frenzies push for votes in the last hours before the iowa caucuses. and now the law is interring with a law
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