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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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it's the country's first true test. campaign 2016. >> thanks for joining us. presidential candidates are crisscrossing iowa in a final push for support. tomorrow, the iowa caucuses will be held. lily jang is in iowa. >> reporter: in real estate, they say the three factors that must -- matter most are location location location. for the caucuses, it's turnout
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don't physically -- turnout. if you don't physically show up, your vote doesn't count. that's why candidates are scrambling to secure as many votes as possible. >>reporter: on the eve of the iowa caucuses: >> it starts here tomorrow night. >> reporter: everett candidate has the same message. >> i want russell martin for your vote.>> reporter: the first votes in the 2016 election will offer more than delegates. >> so, hillary!>> reporter: they will set the tone for the election. marvin miller showed up to the donald trump headquarters to help out. he's a registered democrat but plans to jump ship to vote for the republican front-runner. >> i just like the man and what he has done. everybody else, not so much. >> reporter: in the latest poll, trump all-day five-point
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sanders are neck and neck. political experts say this late in the game, volunteers should not be trying to change people's minds but making sure already committed voters actually show up on caucus night. >> it's not like you can absentee vote. you have to physically show up. >> i am campaigning for bernie sanders. 15,000 supporters spreading the sanders. he has als and says making -- vital again. >> one doorknocking at a time. >> reporter: and each campaign is fighting for one vote at a time. many candidates are already looking forward to new hampshire less than an hour ago, the university of new hampshire released a poll about there. donald trump and bernie sanders are leading the way. in fact, trump is leading 30% to ted cruz is a 20% and bernie
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clinton's 30. some candidates will race right to new hampshire before the iowa results were even in. the first in the nation primary takes place one week from tuesday and according to a new poll, donald trump remains a clear front-runner with 38% of the vote but according to the franklin pierce, it is a tight race for second between ted cruz, jeb bush and marco rubio. to the democrats, bernie sanders is holding onto his lead with 57% of the vote. hillary clinton is trailing in new hampshire by 20 points. hillary clinton will be looking for history to repeat itself in new hampshire. in 2008, she pulled off an upset primary victory over barack obama. be sure to keep it here to cbs news and wbz for complete coverage. from iowa to new hampshire and
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house, we have you covered. in mansfield. pond. paul burton has the story. >> reporter: what's typically a quiet, peaceful setting turned tragic saturday morning after authorities recovered the body of a man in mill pond. >> it was very sad. >> reporter: derek house lives right across the street from mill pond and said he knew something was wrong when he saw route 16. mansfield police say on saturday they received a call from family who hadn't heard from their adult son. after an extensive search, his body was found in the icy water. you can clearly see mill pond is not frozen over. it's unclear what that man was touring down here and what he wanted off the firefighters found his body in about 10 feet of water.
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the ice is too thin. people shouldn't be honest. i don't know the circumstances around it. >> reporter: house says mill pond isn't accessible but people go down there to fish and ski. >> it flows quickly. it's really shallow and there is a riverway on each side so it flows fast. >> reporter: the man's name has not yet been released. the death does not appear suspicious so far. turning to our weather. what a difference a year makes. today, and felt almost like spring out there. temperatures near 600 melting much of the snow and a flashback to last year. on the right, 3 feet of snow with plenty more on the way. let's get to barry burbank. our midwinter warm up is only getting started. >> really just getting started. several one days to come. the high today 570, 210 above average of 360 for the state january 31. the record was 620. that was set back in 1913. current numbers in the upper 40s, almost 50 around the region. it will cool a little but nowhere near where it should be getting down.
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580 in pittsburgh, near 600 in the ohio valley. it's not really going to get all the cool tonight. the low will be about 50 above the average high temperatures for february. we have varying amounts of clouds. well. approaching. i will tell you if we will get showers and when we have a change for colder weather. warm weather coming up in a few minutes. a student is dead found this morning in a campus bathroom. umass is not releasing the student's name were announcing how he died. but the death is not considered suspicious. a man saved by -- is hospitalized.
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a none from -- none a nun from st. mary's arrived to help after hearing shots for help. a mice infested home with three young children. children were found during a drug raid on king street in worcester. police say children ages 6, 5, and 3 was rented by trash, mice and animal waste. the children are now in state custody and two women will face a judge tomorrow morning. the girlfriend of white vulture is expected -- why the bolger -- whitey bulger is expected to appear in court. she is accused of helping him avoid capture. a chance to sound off on plans for a fare hike on the t. a public meeting will be held at 10:00 of the state transportation building in boston.
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between six and 10% to cover a 242 budget deficits. if approved, the fare hike could take effect in july. still to come tonight, two virginia tech students now under arrest in a chilling crime. >> the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl has stunned the college town. bill cosby still trying to get his criminal case thrown out of court. the deal cosby says was made to prosecutors years ago. cops speeding in the subaru -- cops caught this speeding subaru. just how fast he was going
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track two virginia tech college students under arrest in connection with the murder of a 13-year-old girl. police are combing a campus pond for more evidence. >> brian webb has the details. >> reporter: police say david eisenhower affected 13-year-old nicole level and natalie keepers 90 miles from her home. >> we are investigating social media. >>reporter: eisenhower, and engineering major and member of the cross country team is now charged with abduction and murder. a sophomore student is charged with improper disposal of a dead body. >> she was always the cutest little thing. >> reporter: her family
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bedroom when do after blocking her door with a dresser. while nicole is missing, her father posted this message to facebook. >> nicole, honey. if you see this, if you're out there, you can come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. the family is worried about you. just come home.>> reporter: her disappearance sparked a four day disappearance that included 1000 members of the virginia tech corps of cadets. police have and say -- said how or why she was killed. >> all three of those escaped inmates are now backed by -- back behind bars. the remaining two were captured yesterday after a tipster called police. a third escapee turned himself in on friday. the men broke out of jail january 20 -- january 22 in orange county. the bill cosby case heads back to court this week. cosby is charged and eight who
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these criminal charges the woman in the case had settled a lawsuit with cosby. the 78-year-old actor says investigators told him if he testified in that lawsuit, he wouldn't be charged criminally. prosecutors deny that claim and the judge will hear testimony tuesday to decide if the 12- trial. in massachusetts team busted for speeding. and read them of middleton was clocked at 116 miles per hour around 7 am in a subaru forrester. on 93 n. on 93 n. police were able to pull him over. the 19-year-old was then arrested for reckless operation. students are being rewarded for their speed at mit. >> this team of student engineers just won a national competition hosted by tesla and space x. they design was called a hyper loop that includes a pod
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to 700 miles an hour. would that be comfortable? >> at what point -- at what point do we just let mit students run the world. they might as well. >> you wouldn't want to be traveling inside today. you want to walk around. >> i was traveling at lightning speed for a run. it was so fantastic. >> i don't run. >> did you hear the birds? >> can it be january 31? is going to look like the beginning of april because it's really something else. it was 580 in boston. in danvers at the highlands elementary, what a day. we had enough sunshine to boost
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are in this one sector now. cold air in canada isn't coming our way anytime soon. by end of week, a big change. we open the shot and see how much warmer it is over the eastern part of the nation. a big storm and southern portions of california. that is heading east and it's going to be in the weather story coming up for this week across the nation. 490 in boston, 500 in lawrence. still plan to mild and it's not going to get all that cold. these are the current temperatures across the country. 600 and natural -- in nashville. that kind of air is headed our way for tomorrow. we may get to close to 600 but a cold front is on the way as well pudding and n -- an end to the warm. we have clouds tonight around the region. for the morning, it should start sunny but clouds start rolling in as different approaches and a couple
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close to or ahead of that front especially over southeastern massachusetts tomorrow afternoon. just a chance for a brief shower or two. in the meantime, it will clear up tomorrow night and groundhog day will be on the sunnyside. last year, we have one to 2 feet of snow. that will not happen this year. it will be cooler on tuesday but nowhere near close to normal as you will see with these temperatures. tomorrow's highs, upper 50s and a couple spots could see 600 by midday before the clouds rolling. here's the big story for this week. that's the storm moving across the rocky mountains and across the plains states as we get moisture from the gulf of mexico. perhaps, some scattered severe weather in the gulf coast. that storm will move will west of us and pull up the warm air again on wednesday, especially later in the day. we have shown this graphic so much but it's unbelievable.
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today, 570. this week, 58, 46, 59. when we get that warmth on wednesday, it looks like it may not happen until the end of the afternoon and the evening. it may be a struggle to warm up significantly on wednesday until later in the day and evening. that's when we get the warmest part of the day in the upper 50s and record-breaking temperatures possible with rain coming down. rain ending on the cape thursday morning and then a chance of another storm coming of the coast. this is not a high confidence forecast yet. we will have to see if we get snow new england after the next four days. from the field to the sidelines. >> rob gronkowski checking out his little brother's football skills. the patriots might be
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with the patriots lost, many said let's look forward to spring training but the celtics have become a sorry. >> green is the new color of heat in the city. let's get to steve burton. >> reporter: celtics and magic, two teams in opposite directions. when the celtics beat the magic on friday night, it was their eighth win in 20 games. the celtics hope to keep it going tonight. marcus smart says they are focused on the task at hand. >> you have unique people out there that are very versatile and can play multiple positions. trying to figure out where you are going to work out into you're going to work out with is hard especially for any young team coming in. but we've been progressing and we've been having good success. >> reporter: hasn't now, lane
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36-37 -- 36-27. we will see if they can i their sixth in a row. reporter: college hoops. the -- for the turnover to get the ball back. that sets up this. john -- takes the inbound, loses control. watch where the ball goes. up and in. at the buzzer. bu with a dramatic win. reporter: umass last yesterday but we have to show you the you shot of the day. antoine space whatsit fly and it goes. what a shot for the senior. you can clearly tell on the replay that he got it often plenty of time. check it out again. got it. they still lost but they had the shot of the day. reporter: australian open,
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he beats andy murray and 61 61576. and then the french open. he has win 21 great -- straight matches and he's clearly the best player in the world. reporter: senior bowl in mobile alabama. rob gronkowski on hand to check out his little brother, glenn. and little girls looks like big gronk. a gain of 34 yards, fullback tight end hoping to get picked in the late friend of this year's around. he would love to play with his big brother. reporter: dan roach gets it up to -- gets it done tonight. he sits down with jerry york, steve epstein and the current owner. the biggest free agent signing this season, david price. he is the ace of the staff and
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the stuff for being first on pitcher. >> he is very talented. he throws hard. he will throw 96, and i seven at times but the other thing in addition is he does have secondary pitches and he has continued to develop his secondary pitches south he is a person know who has added the cutter over the last couple years. his changeup is much improved. his curveball -- his curveball's become better so he is a much more complete picture. >> a week after jerry york had his 1000th career win, we go one-on-one for the theme park tournament with a game tomorrow night. we will hear what he has to say coming up tonight on sports final at 11:30 pm. that's sports for now.
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some people ask if golf is appropriate in this weather. >> why not? >> it's terrible regardless of the weather. >> if you were out there playing -- a few were out there playing golf today. >> temperatures 580 with a cooldown on tuesday. the groundhog -- the groundhog is still going to be blinking his eyes but it's going to be raining when it's warm on wednesday. colder by the end of the week. we may get snow on friday but
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>> that's fine. one day of snow is fine. >> thanks for watching. >> we will see you back at 10:00 and 11:00 followed by sports final. what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to
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