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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now at 6 a deadly house fire the race to rescue two people trapped inside. >> unruly passenger forcing a flight out of boston to make a emergency landing. >> from the the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's busy wove got primary -- we have got i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon domed trump and bernie sanders won the primary we will have much wednesday february 10th we bant to check the forecast and you saidmaybe snow showers. >> a few snow showers today.
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whole lot but may slickens the roads. 16 in lowell 25 in boston and there are radar echoes trying to come back. the air is dry at the surface but we will zoom into the south coast where there may be a couple can flakes flying all the way from fall river stepping back to new bedford and buzzard's bay. think the kind of widespread nature of these starts to pick up after about early afternoon. so sea the deep muse and very localized brief some snow showers come through from west to east. and while temperatures will be in the mid-30s and you will see it in the dealy planner may come -- daily planner may come down hard enough to slicken the roadways and coating to as much as an inch and we will stay in the low to mid-30s for the ride home. any snow showers should end by 7 or 8 p.m. let's get you on the roads. traffic and weather together hi robi. >> reporter: the top traffic story is the deadly accident in saukous. a live look from the -- saugus a live look from route 1.
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police confirm one dead there. two right lanes are closed only the left lane is-- getting by. another accident 128 southbound after 93 the left lane blocked. 93 south slow pockets betweenriver voted and dascum and finally to the south route 3 northbound become bum -- bumper to bumper to the split. >> thanks very much. we are following breaking news stories this morning. in fitchburg one person is dead and two others seriously injured in a house fire on walton street. one person made it outside on his own. another one had to be rescued and a third died inside. no word on what started the fire. investigators trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash on route 28 in quincy. this is a look at the scenech the crash happened around 1:30 between route 93 and chickataubet road two people were killed one rush to the hospital. part of route 28 was shut down
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a rollover crash in abington sends two men to the hospital one with potentially live threatening injuries. a suv slammed into a electric pole and rolled over. drivers are urged to avoid bedford street from 139 to the weymouth line until 10 this morning. unruly passenger forced a flight from boston to san diego to make an emergency landing. a passenger record this video of the man being removed from the plane in denver. alaska airlines tells wbz the pass ver was intoxicated and made several attempts to calm him down. when he threatened another passenger the pilot decided to land at the nearest airport. >> i was trying to think what to do and the best i could think is put my foot out and trip him as he come forward. >> everybody's senses had heightened.
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that and landed safely in san diego overnight. morning. voters in new hampshire have spoken bernie sanders and donald trump celebrating big victories. >> we have complete coverage. paula ebsen hive in manchester new hampshire with the closer look at the big winners and paula good morning. >> reporter: good morning kathryn and chris so much coming up and last night almost within minutes after the polls closed it was a celebration from the start for bernie sanders. cbs news exit polling shows that he won with democrats across the board. and has as he has along the campaign trail he calls the success the start of a political revolution he addressed a crowd for about 30 minutes a lot of the same messages from the stompspeech
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he told them he he needs that energy to go on and win come november and says he believes the country needs to be based on fairness. >> we will all come together to say loudly and clearly, the governments of our great nationbelongs to all of us not just a few wealthy campaign contributors. >> reporter: and the key to sanders' subsees may be young -- success may be young voters. the crowd most under 30 years old and he rallied them to get out and vote. but reminded them there's a lot of work to do and he needs all of them to help. as for donald trump, he got to do last night what he couldn't in iowa. celebrating his first big win of campaign 2016. proving he can in fact win as the cbs news political analyst put it last night proved donald
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the race was called by 8 in his favor finishing ahead in his polls. trump resonated with voters on several key issues. immigration, trade deals unemployment for blue collar workers and opioid crisis. >> the first thing always they mention to me mr. trump please do something the drugs the heroin it's pouring in and it's so cheap. because there's so much of it and the kids are getting stuck and other people are getting stuck. we are going to end it. we are going to end it at the southern border. >> reporter: so trump says he is learned a lot in a week and has the momentum to carry him leading into the south carolina primary in 10 days. right now, he is up about 15 points there at this point. and there was another big republican winner in the contest because of trump's significant lead all the talk had been who would place second. what would happen with the
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well john kasich invested a lot of time in new hampshire and did 1 help had been town halls the most of any other candidate and he says -- 100 town halls the most of any other candidates and he says it paid off. nicole jacobs is here with this part of the race and second place was big prize. >> reporter: huge now governor john kasich is thinking more voters will invest in his campaign and he will receive more financial contributions after the second place finished proveed not -- proved not to be so bad. >> john kasich is the story coming out of new hampshire. >> reporter: it's been said lose. but in this case governor kasich feels more like a winner. >> no he won fair and square notch. >> reporter: the front-runner was set in new hampshire with donald trump and the favorite but the battle was for the remaining field. and it was kasich who seemed to secondly charm the hearts of new hampshire.
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the people of new hampshire the wonderful people of new hampshire have changed me. >> reporter: with a top finish in the caucus ted cruz would be the one to round out the top three in the granite state. >> the real winner is the conservative grass roots. >> reporter: followed by jeb bush marco rubio and chris christie who needed a strong finish in the run heading into south carolina but a shift in the momentum here. >> there's so much going to happen if you don't have a seat belt go get one. we are going to shake the country. >> reporter: and with the outcome in new hampshire it's still anybody's race. one other development that may come out of the new hampshire primary results is governor chris christie who says he will go home take a deep breath and think about whether or not he will stay in the race. paula. >> yeah. not headed to south carolina nicole jacobs thanks. back to the democrat he can
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came out last night that she will. disappointed with her performance in this state. and as she talked to her crowd of supporters last night, at southern new hampshire university, she argued that she has the solutions. people are hungry for and that bernie sanders is promising is not achievable. with her husband former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea at her side, she asked the crowd there who's the best person for the job and they answered. >> thank you all very much. what is the best way to change people's lives so we can all grow together? who is the best change maker? >> you are. >> and here's what i promise, here's what i promise. i will work harder than anyone to actually make the changes that make your lives better.
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that she still has a lot of work to do. especially with young voters young women voters. and in particular which is something her campaign probably didn't think it would have to work on at this point and campaign adviser tells wbz we should he can speak redefined message from her -- expect a redefined message from her there was rumbling there needed to be a shakeup so watch for that. what have we learn from the new hampshire primary? what can we expect next. now as the campaign head towards south carolina. jon keller takes a look. >> reporter: good morning gang. so, what was last night all about, obviously affirmation for bernie sanders and donald trump who sold passionate antiestablishment messages with expert use of social media to disaffected voters ready to buy. don't buy the clinton campaign spin that sanders unduely benefited from being from next door. he mopped up all over the state. and trump proved you don't have
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even though it does help to be a billionaire outsider. so what happens next? the campaign leaves the relatively narrow confines of iowa and new hampshire. and enters a whole new arena of diverse electorates and interest. marco rubio has a chance to rebound after last night. john kasich will quickly find out how many moderates are left. and jeb bush still has friends in south carolina and florida. and hillary clinton she noted last night she has been down before and has a way of coming back. but without more support from women, that looks like one giant hill to climb. i am jon keller at large wbz last night's results -- >> reporter: last night's results could fen out the field of republicans we will see what chris christie desighs but they have sometime to re-- decides but they have sometime to refocus. south carolina primary is a week from saturday on february
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be a nevada caucus on 23rd and super tuesday is march 1st. and on super tuesday 12 states including massachusetts will hold primaries or caucuses. alaska caucus that day is only for republicans. the colorado caucus is only for democrats. and for all massachusetts voters you have to remember, today is the last day for you to register to vote for super tuesday if you haven't done it already and we will have much more primary coverage coming up we want to get back to chris and kathryn as people look at numbers that came out of that night all bets are off. this were -- there were things not expected across the board and people will analyze the race for a long time to come. >> so true. when you think it will go one direction it takes a turn. >> and we are so early we have to wait and see what happens especially come super tuesday. >> thanks very much.
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>> coming up a difficult decision for an officer injured marathon bombing. >> we will hear from dick donahue about his retitle and what's next for him. >> plus the mbta turning to an mit grad for help. the plans to improve your commute. >> and good morning ever yesone. we have a little sunshine in -- everyone. we have a little sunshine in spots. clouds win out and scattered snow showers come through. probably in boston by midday early afternoon. we will time those out and let you know who could see up to a inch in spots when cocome--
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new hampshire primary is always unpredictable. heeferred of that at a polling place -- here's some evidence of that at polling place in pelham. >> they didn't seem phased by a 600 pound pig. the police say it came from a nearby farm and floor director says they are talking about pork and this you go. >> there you go. and he must be smart and is going where people are. >> a pig that's got a thing for politics who knows. >> too funny. >> can't make it up. >> crazy to me like seems like it was a prank or something but it just huck out for a while.
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>> it's like a line to bad joke. >> that's no little piggy. 600 pounds wow. so we are tracking scattered snow showers today. 27 in boston. nashua. and 16 in keene as well. there's been a couple flurries breaking out. south coast to buzzard's bay a couple light snow showers. not reaching up to southern bristol and back up towards wareham and there may be a couple flakes in the sky. same from cumberland rhode island and southern worcester including along the mass turnpike. i saw a tweet of a couple flurries in worcester and around that area there will be a couple flakes in the sky. there's not a whole lot going on today in terms of organized snow. it's scattered snow showers that will come through where there's a lot of instability in the atmosphere. so watch what happens through the day. yes flurries this morning. but after lunchtime, deeper blues in here, we fire up scattered snow showers and they may come through briefly in
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coating to an inch of snow in spots. but don't be caught off guard because if it comes down hard enough between 3 and 7 p.m. time frame we may get slippy spots that result on the road and snow will be flying and you will get reduced visibility. it's a general map because not everyone will see it. a scattered coating to an inch is responsible with temperatures in the mid-30s this afternoon above the freezing mark. and it's not going to have a huge impact on the road. we may see slick spots if it comes down hard enough during evening. tonight the skies clear out and tomorrow another snow shower comes through but shouldn't be that widespread. friday a little wedge hive pressure to the south and looks -- live pressure to the south and chilly ento the week and friday into saturday, cold front comes in and storm out over the ocean. there's pockets of light snow but this storm and that frontdevelop little too late to have a significant impact here in new england. nonetheless it opens the floodgates to the cold air that comes behind it.
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with a polar vortex coming down briefly so it's a blast that comes in this weekend, temperatures are going to struggling to get out of the low teens on sunday for val en's time day -- valentine's day. 36 doesn't seem so bad. teens and 20s overnight tonight for lows. skies clear out tomorrow we will be colder and windy with temperatures right around 30 in the real feel about 10 degrees colder. not as wendy to end the week. saturday there may be lingering snow early in the morning and turning wendy. colder subzero wind chills 20 to 30 below at spots on sunday morning. we rebound for the start of next week. time for a school visit video. this was taken yesterday. what's the weather is what they are saying. third graders sang songs and hosted an all school assembly where they talked about the weather. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: starting to see
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now many a couple bumper to um abouter rides expressway packed between the split and columbia road at 25 minutes delayed. union street to the split crawls and 128 southbound sluggish from route 28 to the split. from the north a crash in redding. left lane blocked. heavy and slow from wellton to the the leverett ramp let's go to a update in saugus one car is cleared and route 1 northbound is still only one lane getting by there. that's about a half mile backup chris. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. it's about 6:20. today the mbta will consider a plan backed by the governor to privatize certain departments of the t. the globe reports it's one issue on the agenda fortifies cal control board meet -- for the fiscal control board meeting. under the plan it would outsource about 250 fair collection jobsch t says that
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the t is going high tech. you might be happy to hear about this. the mbta is hired an m.i.t. grad as the chief technology officer. the job description is pretty far-reaching from coming up with an effective and cashless way to collect fares to ads to letriders know how to get to the nearest bus stop and whether it's on time. 6:21. the officer nearly killed in the shoot out with the boston marathon bomber has decided to retire. transit police sergeant dick donahue nearly bled to death after a bullet severed an artery. the 36-year-old says he lives with pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week. >> it was tough decision but i had to come to the realization that my lingering physical injuries would prevent me from doing the job at 100%. >> donahue says he will miss the job but will be busy teaching criminal justice at a local college.
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adding to the family expecting their second child. another baby boy this april. so congratulations to him. i am sure that was not a easy decision. winter is in the air at fenway park. >> the big event about to get underway. >> the truck is here. we are talking about truck day and the unofficial start of spring training. for the boston red socks. red sox that story after the
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well miss g predicted wint we are stick around but we have a sign of spring. >> red sox making a big move today. susie steimle is live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning kathryn and chris. the best sign is the truck. it arrived a couple minutes ago. this is the truck that will be loaded up this morning starting around 7 a.m.
6:23 am
needs for the next month and a half of spring training. this is a tradition truck day that we celebrate here in boston. it started in 2003 for the red sox. and it is the unofficial start of spring training. red sox have been going down to for the myers for spring training -- fort mience for spring strange -- forted myers for spring training. there will be 20,400 baseball 1100 bats 200 batting gloves and 200 helmets. 20 cases of bubble gum and 60 cases of sunflower seeds. we can't have baseball without sub flower -- sunflower seeds. this is the unofficial start ofspring training. the season starts april 4th. my goal to disappear is to be on the truck and go to florida to worm and do live shots. think that would be a great add to the morning show. if we could have a warm shot in florida and i would be willing
6:24 am
i know what do you think? >> all for the better of the story. >> getting very close. >> she be between the bubble gum and sunflower seeds. >> thanks very much. the red sox are away the skiers and snow borders will play. tomorrow. athletes will ride down the 140 the green monster. they will come to a stop right near home plate. >> it doesn't look like it's that high when you look up from that level but that's high. that's no joke. ahead this morning, we will have an update on several breaking stories that we have gone following from overnight. >> and much more on the new hampshire primary results. we will hear from the winners trump and sanders. >> chipotle facing more fallout from the norovirus outbreak that sickened more than 100
6:25 am
6:30. a deadly rollover on route 1 in commute.
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>> new hampshire i want to thank you. we love you and we will be back forget you. >> trumping the republicans. donald trump delivering a big win in new hampshire. how the other gop candidates from here. turnout. and i say huge we won. >> burning up new hampshire clinton. we have complete coverage of the primary results. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you it's 6:31. thanks for being with us. i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn houser we have a lot going on primary results a lot of breaking news as well to get to but fares check of the forecast. >> a couple scattered snow showers out there. they are not a big deal but you
6:27 am
so don't be caught off guard. there may be a few slick spots. morning. a chance of a snow shower heading knot end of school. temperatures around 35. doppler radar shows where the know is -- snow is right now more like flurries and light snow showers. 21 in worcester and let's showyou what's going on. light flurries along the south coast of bristol a and plymouthextending towards buzzard's bay with light snow. same for attleboro and mansfield a couple flakes around worcester. and any snow showers that comes through today will be briefly steady and perhaps locally heavy in some spots. you will see what i mean as we go to the afternoon. see the deeper blues in here. so you may get reduced visibility and a coating to an inch in spots. temperatures will be in the mid- 30s so as long as it comes down hard enough it will stick on roads and anything untreatable is slick. rising through the 20s and mid-
6:28 am
scattered snow showers tapering off from west to east towards the tail end of the evening commute. let's get you on the roads traffic and weather together. >> reporter: that fatal crash up in saugus is causing delays on both sides of route 1. take a hive look over route 1 in saugus. multicar crash on northbound side left one dead before lynn fells parkway. two right lanes are blocked. seeing a half mile backup on the southbound side of route one that stop and go walnut street and drivers are slowing down to look at the scene on the other side. to the north a crash in redding, 128 south before 93 blocked. 93 south jammed from wilmington to boston now. to the south, the worst rides are the expressway. no surprise will. crawling between the split and columbia road at 25 minute delay and route 3 northbound that's going to stall between kathryn. >> thank you for the update we appreciate it. we are following several breaking stories this morning. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this
6:29 am
me 28 in quincy. it happened around 1:30 this morning between route 93 and chickataubet road two people were killed one rushed to the hospital. part of route 28 was shut down and it's reopened. a rollover in abington sends two men in the 20s to the hospital one with potentially life-threatening injuries. a suv slammed into a electric pole and flipped. the drivers are urged to avoid bedford from 139 to the weymouth line until 10 had morning. and in fitchburg one person is dead, two seriously injured in a house fire on walton street. officials tell us one person made it out on their own. firefighters rescued another person from inside but it was too late for a third. no word on what started the fire. >> looks like record number of voters turned out. people waiting in long lines some for a hour or more. this is merrimack.
6:30 am
acop date voters stuck in traffic. donald trump and bernie sanders celebrating a big win. >> paula ebben has a live look at the big winners. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. domed trump is basking in the victory -- donald trump is bask in the victory and says america will win again under his leadership. he told supporters he will be the greatest jobs president that got god created and talked about how it is good to be a billionaire candidate. >> i think one of the things that caught on is very important is self-funding my campaign. everybody on both sides and you know i was saying i see the money being poured into commercial and this is the republican and democrats side. money pouring into commercial
6:31 am
folks and lobbyists and people that don't necessarily love our country and don't have the best heart. we are not going to let it happen. it. >> reporter: trump says he learned a lot since iowa and he has the lead. in 10 days he will us -- he is carolina. bernie sanders will celebrate with a win the associated press reported that sanders plans to meet with reverend al sharpton over breakfast in new york city. sanders last night called the win the start of a political revolution. he addressed the crowd of excited supporters saying the government belongs to all american people. cbs news exit polls show
6:32 am
>> what our campaign is about is thinking big not small and having the curling to reject the status quo. >> reporter: ed crowd was young most under 30 years old and he reminded them there's lot of work to do. successful. hillary clinton disappointed in her second place finish. but ohio governor john kasich is celebrating his and nicole jacobs is here with more. this means a lot for his campaign. >> reporter: it's a huge step. polls have shown very clear race. leading into tuesday night with donald trump and bernie sand wears comfortable lead and with so many still in the republican anyone. but it was governor john kasich who would walk away as the story coming out of new hampshire or that's how the camp is seeing it. he finished 8th in iowa and
6:33 am
for democrats although hillary clinton squeaked by in the iowa caucus she couldn't overcome a double digit deficit behind bernie sanders in new hampshire who proved once again to be the clear favorite. of course now onto south carolina. >> reporter: nicole jake jacobs thanks. democrats will debate tomorrow night in milwaukee and the next republican debate is saturday night. watch that right here on wbz. and as we head back to chris and kathryn in the studio for more headlines this morning several this new hampshire pry peary -- primary will be remembered as historic night in new hampshire. for now live from our manchester new hampshire headquarters, paula ebben wbz news. now back to you. >> thank you so much we appreciate it. new details on the recent norovirus outbreak at chipotle in cleveland circle a boston woman is now suing the chain. the globe reports the woman is
6:34 am
the company for damages following the december outbreak that sickened at least 136 people. >> and bill cosby wants a judge to put the civil lawsuit on hold until his crim malcase in pennsylvania is resolved -- krill nam -- criminal case in pennsylvania is resolved. in massachusetts 7 women sued him claiming he defamed them when he called them liars after they went public with the accusations of sexual assault. a bedford woman car jacked waiting for her husband in a gas station parking lot. this morning the couple is sharing a frightening story. dianne who didn't want us to use her last name was the passenger of the pickup truck when she says michael sullivan jumped in and told her he worked for the gas station. and he started to drive. >> i had the tray with the could haveees and i see my wife going by in my truck about 10 feet away. >> i am thinking how do we stop this how i can't panic because
6:35 am
going to ignite this guy. >> reporter: into sullivan was arrested three miles down the road. prosecutors say he had just been released from a rehab facility and needed a way home. his attorneys say sullivan is an iraq war veteran with post- traumatic stress disorder in addition to an addiction. glid 6:30-- it's 6:40 ahead a check of the top stories including breaking stories and new hampshire primary by the numbers. >> an old friend in boston.
6:36 am
we know traffic on storerow driving drive can be a pane but -- pain but a new arrival was to the ready to wait a mother was in labor stuck in traffic trying a get on storerow drivech car fire caused the backup. the soon to be dad realized they need help and he flagged down a state troop here called emts. >> i realized then and there we weren't going anywhere and the baby had to be delivered right there. >> rodney was there to catch the baby and open the airway and baby started to cry and dried him off and wrapped him in blanket.
6:37 am
taken to mass general where they are all doing well. that's one of my biggest fears was getting stuck in traffic. you never know. it's a possibility in a around boston. >> glad to hear mom bad and -- dad and baby are doing okay. >> let's check the forecast. so if anyone sees snow don't be alarmed it's not a big deal. >> it's flying this morning. there may be a coating to as much as an inch in spots. this is in the a organized storm but there's instability today. already some flays are flying -- flakes are flying. let's zoom in and notice light snow showers expanding from plymouth back to bridgewater and cape and islands as well. cold enough you may get a dusting as flakes mix in. snowing from mansfield and franklin and worcester as well into the city and north of town from princeton to leominster.
6:38 am
afternoon watch what happens. we get a a digsal snow showers of fire including boston. he? may be briefly -- they may be briefly heavy. see the deeper blues. as if he come down hard enough there's slick spots resulting on the roads through early evening they will push offshore. by the time we get to 7:30, 8 tonight. so it's a general coating to an inch in spots where it comes down steadiest. so it's not a big event but because of the time frame at any point today there may be a few slippery spots and reduced visibility when they come through. tomorrow a chance a snow shower i don't think they will be as feisty as during the day today. chilly friday and plenty of sunshine but highs in the 20s. saturday here comes the cold front friday night a storm over the ocean. they developed a little too late to have a significant impact in new england but there may be snow showers friday night early saturday morning
6:39 am
we need to prepare for this. it has not been this cold sincelast february and wind is quite gusty. look at real feel forecast. we are not messing around. this is dangerous cold. 20 to 30 below zero when you wake up on sunday morning. that's what it's going to feel like in a lot of spodes. we will rebound somewhat but -- spots. we will rebound somewhat but it will stay with us before moderating. 36 today. scattered snow showers come through from the south. about 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight we drop back into the teens and subs, you. 22 downtown and a -- suburbs. 22 downtown and the wind kicks up tomorrow. about 30 and real feel is in the teens to lower 20s. accu-weather 7-day forecast. wind lets up a bit on friday but will be colder. on saturday. then the cold air comes in and on sunday afternoon. low teens maybe a little
6:40 am
start and a quick rebound 20s and 30s for the start of next week. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: we have what ton of accidents the latest looks like it could be bad as well. skyeye is on the way but let's look over 93 in somerville a multicar crash in medford. 93 southbound at mystic avenue. total traffic network says two center lanes are blocked bumper to bummer backup to concord street. to the south expressway crawling between the split and columbia road a 25 minute backup. 24 north your stop and go stoughton up to 128. route 3 north tapping the brakes between union street and the plight. >> thanks very much we -- split. >> thanks very much. we have been following several breaking stories. two people dead one in the hospital after this crash in wince. quincy around -- quincy around 1:30 # this morning. vehicle flipped and burst into flames. >> mass state police say there's a deadly rollover crash
6:41 am
several cars were involved in this wreck that happened around 4:30 this morning. part of route 1 was shut down near the area of the home depot in saugus. >> and in abington two men rushed to the hospital after a suv slammed into a pole and flipped. power in the area was knocked out for a short time. police are warning you to avoid the area. bedford street area until 10 this morning from route 139 to the weymouth line. fitchburg, one person is dead two seriously injured in a house fire on walton street. officials say one person made it out on their own. firefighters rescued another person from inside but it was too late for a third. no word on what caused the fire. voters of new hampshire making their voices heard. over reaming wellly --overwhelming backing donald trump and bernie sanders. voter turn out was extremely high. >> may have broken records. here's a closer look at numbers. donald trump got 35% of the vote.
6:42 am
iowa winner ted cruz finished in third place in new hampshire with 12% followed by jeb bush with 11% and marco rubio behind bush with 11% and chris christie with 8%. >> now to the democrats. bernie sand wears big win -- sanders with a big win 60% and 38% for hillary clinton. and today is the last day to register for the massachusetts primary which is going to be held on march 1st. so keep this this -- that in mend. lucic returns to the garden. >> and overtime between celtics and bucks and the game winner
6:43 am
wbz sports brought to you by massachusetts bmw dealers visit mass today for exceptional offers. 6:52. lucic returns to boston for the first time since being traded to the kings. >> the game had plenty of fans wishing he was still here. they gave him a standing ovation but kings beat up the b's 9-2. >> oh. >> he scored the 13th goal of the the season and thanked the fans afterwards. >> thanks to them for making this a special night for me individually and thanks to my
6:44 am
a big win to start road trip. >> create nicks milwaukee down in the fourth but a free-throw ties it up with a second to go overtime right? the bucks inbound the ball. bradley fouled middleton with 6 seconds left and middleton hits the first foul shot a misses the second. c's lose. >> he made an appearance. >> i that you had that's not kelly. >> this weekend supporters of an injured hockey player will try to raise 10,000 dollars to help cover her medical costs. denna laing suffered a severe spinal cord injury and lost feeling in her legs and has limited use of her he arms. on sunday all 24pfmc ice rinks will donate one dollar from every admission to the denna laing fund we have information on the website our website cbs
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>> time for a look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in. >> good morning. ahead on cbs this morning donald trump will be here in studio 57 today after last night's big new hampshire win. talk with john kasich and jeb bush and the market for genetic test is booming but is there proof it works. part two of the cbs news investigation. news is back in the morning. we will see you the 7 on the dot. >> thanks we will be watching. up next forget the red. we are seeing green this valentine's day. who is shelling out the big
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seems men are ready to show love this valentine's day. nerd wallet surveyed thousands of americans and on average americans celebrating plan to spend about 180 dollars. >> but millenial men will shell out more than that. 371 collars on everything from -- dollars on everything from gifts and meals and more than half machines think men should pay for the entire bill. -- half men think -- half of americans think men should pay for the entire billi agree.
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afternoon on a weekday and walk into a fire-- all the guys getting like the stuffed animals and the chocolates. >> yeah>> that seems crazy. the little things i feel like you know. >> i'm big card fan. >> yeah. >> handwritten. >> look at that fancy. >> i know. >> so some snow showers today just so you know don't be caught off guard. some will come through coating to ionch in spots. tomorrow is colder but nothing like the weekend. >> we have to mentally preparefor it. >> i feel like it it's been a while. >> cbs this morning is next on wbz. the presidents' day sales event is on now at your new england ford dealers. save big on america's best-selling trucks for 39 straight years. now with additional
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