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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> she was not taking breaths and i couldn't find the pulse and i tried to see tf this was air coming out and i did a couple compressions on the chest and i was able to get her gasping. >> reporter: every second counted two lives in the balance. >> the mother was laying there and badly injured. >> head trauma. >> and the baby had head trauma- ham a baby is that small you have to believe there's internal trauma -- trauma and a baby is that -- when a baby is that small you have to believe there's internal trauma the twin sisters cared enough to step in. we just me and my twin this is what we do we help anybody we see that needs help. >> reporter: back here live in roxbury the skid marks of the
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how fast the vehicle was traveling. incidentally the driver did stop at this point he is not being charged. and the names of the mother and daughter are not being released just yet. live in roxbury jim smith wbz news now back to you. >> thank you. also breaking here at 5, skyeye over a gas leak in jamaica plains that forced the evacuation of a 3-story building. official say that contractors actually hit the gas line that caused the leak the good news is no one was hurt. over breaking news in cambridge police on the hunt fora suspect after a shooting on putnam. the victim is in the hospitals with a leg injury. no word on the victim's condition. police believe the shoot sag result of a fight. breaking news now after a scare at umass amherst the teen accused in armed asaw that force the school into a lock down turned himself in. earlier policissued a arrest
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mckeownpolice say he and another young man were armed with a gun when they assaulted a student in a dorm room last night and then took off. skyeye over a very serious crash today in wellesley. the westbound side of route 9 was shut down after the collision that involved two rollovers two suvs here. crash happened between edmonds and audubon roads and there were only minor injuries. tonight the commuter rail is back on track. after amtrak signal problems caused just a nightmare for people who were trying to get to and from work yesterday. the mbta was a mess and complete mess for 24 hours. canceled and delayed trains and on almost half of the commuter rail lines and tonight passengers left stranded wants answers. christina hager is live and much different and better scene last night. >> reporter: much better beer the question why did -- better
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happen they brought in extra engineers to work overnight on the commuter system that failed. it's a system that controls moving the trains from track trough track and en-- track to track and ensuring they don't run into each other. the sound of commuter rail trains running at south station. >> there was a heck of a lot. >> reporter: the search for what went wrong has amtrak northeast operations superintendent chalking it up to a computer glitch. hardware and software that controls the signals and switches in this bridge known as the tower one interlock. the foe foes-- photos give a inside look at the electronic panels and circuit board that runs the complex track system. >> we lost all visuals and control of that interlocking so the control center dispatches were not able to see anything
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>> reporter: amtrak engineers are getting at the root cause and working on a better backup system. >> that control center in boston has been there now for well over 20 years. >> reporter: on-site former federal railroad administration officials said that redundanceies should have been in place. >> the system would detect a fault, and move over to an operating component and the system would go on as it's supposed to. >> reporter: amtrak officials say they have beefed up their backup system or redundanceies as they call them. but they say they don't expect it to happen again. and they say breakdowns like the one we saw yesterday are extremely rare. christina hager wbz news back to you. >> all right thank you. turning to the weather and spring officially is 30 days away. >> but we have not seen the
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we have three chances for snow ahead and with more on that we want to go over to eric fisher. >> things interesting in the weather department. it's february after all. number one is tonight early tomorrow morning a little bit of snowfall out there coatings to an inch and another one sunday night into monday morning that's also fairly minor event and still watching the middle of next week which might be a more prolonged wintry weather but for the evening let's look -- it looks worse a lot of the snow is not reaching the ground in the hudson valley it will take a bit. dry air is in place right now but heading into the overnight snow will reach and temperatures actually bottom out in the next two hours or so. and it will rise overnight. areas of snowfall temperatures pretty marginal here or above freezing. we will look at a change over to rain to the north as we head towards tomorrow morning. all tolled, yes snow in the air overnight but not expecting a high impact tomorrow anything that fall also melt away reaching the low as-- 50s
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towards the tail end of saturday. in terms of snow aid coating to an inch or so. mainly northern massachusetts best chance for accumulating snow where you want it in ski country 1 to 3. some peaks as much as 3 to 5 inches of snowover night. this weekend, about a feel of spring we will look at temperatures there and look towards next week's storm coming up in a little bit. david. >> appreciate it. it feels like spring here in boston as eric mention but sounding like spring in florida. the crack of the bat and pop of the catcher's mit. let's head out to dan roche live in fort myers and exciting day for the sox fans dan. >> reporter: yeah, especially those who are heading home this weekend after wrapping up february vacation for those in massachusetts, new hampshire could come down this week but overall what they were able to see is a glimp of the 2016-- pitching class. >> today is about the beginning in shape.
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new guys such as 217 million dollar ace david price and closer craig kim brail hit the new turf under sunny skies with the new teammates for the very first time. >> meeting new guys and you go through spring training and get into week two and three and you get a idea of what the teem is -- team is made of and how things will go i can't wait to meet everybody. >> reporter: just under 1500 fans gathered to watch the pitchers throw out the bull pin mound and do fielding drills and seeing the catchers get in their work. including a few rounds of batting practice. overall, a good day one. >> a brief welcome some of the things we want to set the tone with early on. my goal is that when our guys come into to work every day they recognize they are working for something individually but what we expect for all is to buy into the team concept.
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see a little of that with the red sox. last year remember it was all fun and games pablo vand val -- sandoval and ramirez having fun and hanley will be the same but price and kimbrel very good pitchers but determined athletes and you see that rub off on red sox early in came. a sense of urgency especially finishs. we will hear from kimbrel about boston. interesting comments during the 6:00 sports. now back to you guys. >> look forward to that. thanks. the suv police say aaron hernandez was driving when he allegedly gunned down two men in boston will be evidence in the trial. the rhode island dealership wanted it back but today a judge ruled the four runner could be key evidence for the jury in the upcoming double murder trial. in winthrop two men were pulled out a car that crashed between a wall and hydrant.
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crashed and both men were rushed to the officers. -- to the hospital. officers believe speed was a factor. developing news overseas u.s. defense officials say air strikes in labia likely killed the top -- libya likely killed the top isis leader involved in two mass terror attacks. the strikes are days after the president said the u.s. would go after isis in libyan and the president paying respects toantonin scalia who lay in repose. president obama and the first lady will not attend the funeral tomorrow. but met privately with the family today vice president biden will be at the funeral. scalia served nearly 30 years before passing away last weekend. sad news from the literary world. harper lee has died. her classic to kill amockingbird sold more than 30 million copies and had a profound effect on american
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the second novel was published 55 years later just this last july. her publisher says she passed away peacefully at her home in monroeville alabama. she was 89 years old. tonight another show of support from the new england sports community for paralyzed boston pride player denna laing. >> denna what's up i want to say you are a inspiration stay strong and keep on fighting. >> nice video from rob gronkowski posted on facebook yesterday. laing suffered a severe injury to the spinal cord when she hit the boards during the winter classic and she is is. working hard and last piece of video -- she is work hard and the last piece of video is showed she doing well. tear fide fying moments for tourist in hawaii. >> the helicopter crashes into the water. witness describe what happened next. >> hoping to save lives one balloon at a time a mother and daughter using the powerful
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>> and too close to the edge a
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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this is a terrifying crash caught on camera in hawaii a tour helicopter dibs into the ocean with five people on board.
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>> it turned a day in paradise into desperate rescue mission. paula ebben is here with more. >> reporter: the tour helicopter as you say with five people on board goes down witnesses jump into the water to help and one of the victims is in critical condition tonight. cell phone video captured the helicopter hovering in the air shortly before plunging into the water just feet from the shoreline. almost immediately it overturns. >> it fell out of the sky and crashed in front of us. >> reporter: sean was taking pictures on his phone. he switched to video when he noticed something was wrong with the aircraft. the tail rotor appears to stall. >> we ran over and bunch of peopleup ped -- people jumped in the water and tried to help. >> reporter: chris says he tried to free those trapped inside. >> someone said there's someone in the aircraft and i dove through from the pilot's side in the back seat and saw the seat was twisted. >> reporter: for fighters and members of the navy raced --
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navy raced to the the scene the all five were rushed to the hospital. >> we heard what was two loud bangs and thought it was gunshots and saw people running which made us scared it canly in a destination. >> reporter: the chop are came down near the u is ss arizona memorial at pearl harbor. the faa says the helicopter a nearly 40-year-old bell 206 is owned by jeep jeffrey geb hard founder of genesis helicopters. sightseeing tours. >> obviously it's something no one wants to see. just tragic. transportation safety board arrived in hawaii today to begin the investigation into crash. lisa. >> paula thank you. the government says it arerecall the season's hottest
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continue to fail to meet safety standar. if you've seen the video you know they can catch fire and according to the government it happened 52 times and caused 2 million dollars in damage. the government demanding that the group fix the problem or they will pull them off the market. if you ever fell off one you wished they recalled it earlier. let's talk about the weatherbecause i thought it was another great day. >> gorgeously is sunny but there's a hiccup between now and then. >> the otherwise very nice period ofweather this time last year we were just about to cross the century threshold for snow. >> oh. >> where are we now. >> 25. so a quarter of the snowfall. look at standings. much less cold and snowy and at this . in february we had 61 1/2 -- this point. in february alone we had 61 1/2 i.
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it's chilly in the low 30s. milder air 60 in ndy and 64 in since in the -- ndy and 46 in cincinnati. and -- indy and 46 in cincinnati. a won we are seeing a warm air investigation precipitation. warmer air pushs in over cold air you get area where snow and rain is breaking out and so far not much is reaching the ground. the radar everything you see is drying up. there's very dry air at surface and there's a couple flurries to this point. heading into the overnight the snow will reach the ground and temperatures will hold steady and start to rise after midnight. overnight lows are near freeing mark a couple areas of slick travel are possible and the wind will kick up out of the south. snow totals it's a coating to an inch or so and mainly in northern massachusetts. best chance of accumulating across northern new england higher peaks could see 4 or 5 inches of fresh snowfall which is welcomed. looking at the teem line heading into the overnight hours. snow reaches and then moving towards tomorrow morning, as
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northward we will see rain showers work their way northward as well. into the day tomorrow we will get a break from a little bit of shower activity in the morning and a break of sunshine during the day and another round of showers is possible tomorrow late afternoon and evening especially well to the north and west of boston. that's as a cold front makes its way in our direction. so a march like day. a late march day we will be in for a low 50s tomorrow afternoon and any snow that falls will melt. gusty winds out of the south southwest during the day on saturday. not very cold tomorrow night. we will stay well up into the 30s every town should be above freezing. and on sunday, partly cloudy and pleasant and again near 50 degrees and a west northwesterly wind and i think sunday will be the more enjoyable of the two weekend days to be out and about outside. but a great pair for us. if you are heading to the slopes snow initially and even there chance for a couple rain showers on saturday. into the low 40s and close to 40 and dry as we head into sunday. another system we are watching sunday night into monday a wave of low pressure is going to
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the overnight into early on monday morning. this could move a little farther northward and give us a few inches of snow. we are sliding a bit farther -- or slide south and miss us i think a chance for a inch or two leading into monday morning. the more significant storm system to watch is next week. right now it's looking like a sloppy week of weather that comes in two-phases. the first arrive rives on -- arrives on wednesday a weaker storm with a lighter wintry mix and then the bigger storm system moves in on thursday. this one treks to the west like many of the storms and likely changes to rain. of weather. doesn't look like a big winter ice. accu-weather seven-day and colder next weekending february. can you believe after >> wow. >> over to you. zipped by. >> thank you. it's beautiful out there today.
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last year we were about to crack 100 inches of snow. >> we have to look back with some fondness. remember this many were digging out local skiers decided to show off their skills on the streets of boston. how often do you get to do this? flipping over the steps at city hall and jumping over cars covered with snow on beacon hill. it turned a lot of head in the process and hey they made us smile. >> and to a cold dip in frozen lake michigan. friends were out on the ice when a piece broke under the weight of the feet and one went in for an icy dip. fortunately he was okay. scrambling out of the cold water. back onto land and not a good spot to be standing. >> gives me goosebumps looking at that and look at this sight at yosemite national park. this is what's called a fire wall. it is actually an optical illusion that happens when the the sun glows through a water fall making it look like flowing fire. >> that's a picture you will
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>> right exactly. even with neon running down that. raising awareness with black balloons. >> the simple way one family is hoping to really make a difference in the fight against drug addiction. >> and even if your kids can't give up a gross habit you may be able to save them from coughs and cold the idea behind a new invention coming up. >> coming up new at 6, one mom's creation. >> family and friends is like can i have one for my daughter. >> turns into a surprise success. >> we almost quadrupled in the last 6 month. >> the two mothers who walked away from the corporate world to be with their families and
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the world a president has to sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job.
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...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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tonight senator ed markey says he is taking on the fda in the battle of opioids calling them to gather expert panels to talk about the problem. >> we will fight inform the fda changes its policy. this is something that has to stop. we have to stop the supply which goes into the system and we have to change the way which we talk about this snow says he plans to oppose the-- >> he says he plans to oppose the nomination of a new chairman and is pushing for the president to request a billion dollars of funding to fight the opioid crisis. a local family is hoping to
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>> they are asking people affected by addiction to fly a black balloon to raze awareness to the problem. paul burton has the story all new at 5. >> i can't even count how many friends i lost and how many funerals i've been to. >> reporter: lauren hurley is on a mission her brother-in-law greg trimmably a father of 4 died on march 6th last year of a drug overdose. >> and when it happens, it's a feeling that you will never understand until it actually happens to you. >> reporter: ask greg's daughter night been tough and it's been a tough year on at home and school and i didn't realize how bad it was hl. >> i father -- until my father died. >> reporter: lawyer ann brother was addict and has been clean for a year and they decided to breath new life in the battle of drug overdoses. in honor of greg they like anyone who has been impacted by the the drug to hang a black balloon in front of the homes
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>> every person that has been affected by this on the black balloon outside of their house now imagine how many black balloons you would see. >> reporter: her cause is generating a lot of buzz on social media. more than 8,000 people have joined the cause. lauren and her mother hope march 6th will be recognized as black balloon day across the world to raise awareness bring people hope and let them know they are not alone. >> to show they are not the only people who lost parents or know there's people are losing children every day it is happening. i could be the person that someone is hanging a balloon out for even if it's one person something right. news. as we count down to the summer olimb p picks in brazil concern. >> how worried are health officials about the zika virus. >> all cash purchases fueling the building boom. the i-team looks into who's
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>> plus military vet charged with road rage. why his attorney says the police report doesn't tell the whole story.
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in live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbd news starts right now. -- wbz news starts right now. breaking story at 5:30. a baby girl who was hit by a car in roxbury has died. last night a woman was crossing humboldt avenue with the 5 mong old daughter in her arms when the car hit them. mother suffered serious injuries as well and she is still in the hospital. >> umass police say william mckeown assaulted a student and forced the campus into lack down. he turned himself into police this afternoon. umass police are looking for a second suspect. >> mbta is back on track. earlier this morning amtrak fix the signal problem that caused a delay at south station and back bay last night. >> now at 5:30a. road rage. investigators say that he driver.


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