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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. right now at 4:30 a damaging drive overnight as starbucks the search is on for the person responsible. >> a deadly stabbing in dorchester. the victim just 16 years old. >> and neighbors evacuated as police discover a meth lab responding to an overdose. a man heading to court this morning. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 4:30-i amkathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon we will
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danielle it was a beautiful weekend. >> it felt spring like. >> that's a little reality today. we have storminess that's coming our way from late tomorrow through the middle part of the week. we will talk about that in a little bit. 38 in boston right now. dew points in the 20s. wind out of the north at 9 miles per hour a bit of a real feel 31 at logan but not too bad overall. colder readings north and west of town. 27 in keen. 32 lawrence but lower 40s here from taunton back to providence at 41 and just shy of 40 in the cape and island. we had a couple rain showers overnight. those are departing. nantucket with a leftover sprinkle in the next half-hour. the planner goes this way. sunshine and a few clouds. 32 this morning. sunrise at 6:31 and seasonal today. around 40 degrees. winds from the north northwest at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. fair and quiet in the mid-30s for the ride home. i have a little wintry mix on
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we will talk about that in a couple minutes. >> thanks very much. new this morning, a car crashes into a starbucks on route 1 in norwood leaving a hole in the building. you can see the damage here coffee and chairs on the ground. right now police are hooking for the driver who -- looking for the driver who they say ran off after the crash. person of interest in kustly in connection with a deadly stabbing in dorchester. the 16 year 0e8d victim died -- 16-year-old victim died. he was stapped stabbed outside a convenience store on columbia road and devon street. police thought he was shot. no formal charges have been filed in the case. investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward. reported drug overdose leads to a dangerous discovery. police say that they found a meth lab inside a concoin -- condo innateelboro. >> the man who -- in atel borrow -- attleboro. the man who lived there had to
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>> the lights are on -- >> reporter: the lights are on but no one seems to be home. the home was a target of a police raid and a crystal meth lab was inside. all day long investigators in heavy duty protective gear gathered evidence and they were called here after getting report of a overdose and they found signs of the meth lab. >> you know you wonder you worry about today's people some are a little crazy out there and you wouldn't think they would be a meth lab a stone's throw away from your house. >> reporter: police arrested the man who allegedly overdozed. 52-year-old robert acheeson was treated at the hospital and charged with manufacturing crystal methamphetamine. two houses to the left and right had to be evacuateed. hazmat units and state police bomb squad were called in because the chemicals in meth lab are highly combustible.
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by the elderly housing and there's a lot of kid on that -- kids on that side of the street. >> street. >> reporter: he was treated and released from the hospital and taken into custody. jim smith wbz this morning. bill cosby's wife is expected in a massachusettscourtroom this morning. last night a judge denied her question to postpone -- request to postpone. the defamation case was filed by 7 women who said cosby sexually assaulted them cosby denied the claim. poor air quality closed down a elementary school. air quality test done vacation week showed concerning results. more testing is going to be done at the school. officials will work on a plan in case the school needs to remain closed.
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school is back opened in haverhill this morning but crewsscrubbed the school over vacation week after a pipe burst in a second floor classroom. part of the ceiling caved in and some of the asbestos fireproofing got work. students will see the ceiling exposed while they work to finish repairs. the library is also closed. in framingham students will be relocated because of a burst pipe. kind her gardeners and first graders will go to fuller middle school and kept in students. the school is holding a forum for parents. several pipes burst at another school flooding theman office gym and -- the main office and gym and classrooms. board of health will be there to inspect it. they hope to reopen tomorrow
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soon as possible if they can't. it's 4:36. police are trying to find the suspects who broke into cars in midway millis. look at this surveillance vehicle showing someone in black nissan pathfinder with out of state plates possibly stealing a purse from parked car. the pathfinder has no front license plate or inspection sticker he. anyone with information is asked to call police. 41 people are expected in court after being arrested at a house party in bridgewater. police were called to the home not far from bridgewater state university. they found a number of college age kids trashing the place. two tenants who live there are 21. all 41 face charges ranging from disorderly conduct to underage drinking. and intensifier in new hampshire this morning -- an intense fire in new hampshire this morning. it broke out yesterday
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quickly turned into an infern heo and the area was -- inferno. the area was once the site of a sign making business. a uber driver is heading to court charged with killing 6 people in a random attack. a vigil was held last night. police say 45-year-old jason dalton went on a shooting spree saturday night. he is an uber driver and was pick aing -- picking up fares in between opening up fire. we are hearing from one man who says he was in dalton's car an hour before the first shooting. >> he was driving through immediate apes and the lawn and speed -- medians and the lawn and speeding along and once he came to a stoip jumped out of the car and-- to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> he was tracked down and arrested. a 14-year-old is in critical condition and another woman shot 4 times is recovering. over to campaign 2016 and a
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morning from emmerson college candidates. the closest competitor has 16% and kasich with 13%. on the democratic side it's a statistical dead heat clinton and sanders both are at 46%. massachusetts will hold the primary in a week on super tuesday. >> tonight bernie sanders will try to drum up student support at a rally at umass amherst to address college affordable climate change and big money out of politics. vermont senator got celebrity support in south carolina. danny glover helped kick off a rally in greenville. south carolina holds the democratic primary this saturday. hillary clinton heads to south carolina fresh off the win in nevada on saturday. she got strong support from black voters in that state and she is hoping that support continues in south carolina.
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over to the republicans donald trump held he a rally in atlanta georgia. trump won the last two primaries and every gop candidate who won new hampshire and south carolina won the party's nomination but he says the race is far from over. next up the nevada caucuses which is tomorrow and that's where ted cruz was yesterday he. he held a rally at a nevada sports bar e says his campaign is the -- he he says his campaign is the only one that can beat crum trump. he spinished third in -- he finished spired in south carolina with a thousand less -- third in south carolina with a thousand less than rubio. the huffington post reports mitt romney will endorse rubio now that jeb bush is out of the race. pablo sandoval arrives at
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>> dan roche is at spring training with reaction. >> and the future of yahoo is up in the airch the companies that may be interested in
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just about 4:43 on your monday morning. nasa is going through a lot of resumes and samsung is coming out with two new smart phones. >> and changes could be coming toyahoo. jill wagner joins us live with good morning. and kathryn. yahoo could be on the market. the struggling tech company will start to approach buyers as early as today including companies like verizon comcast and at&t. fate of the ceo is unclear she took over in 2012 and the company has had a hard time competing with google and facebook. samsung announced two galaxy phones with better battery life and they are dust proof and water proof for as long as 30 minutes in water that's 5 feet deep. also they can run the white pages app that identifies
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that aren't in your contact list. and the moon and beyond. more than 18,000 people applied for nasa's next astronaut class. that's a record that's triple the number that applied to the previous class. the only problem is there are only 14 spots and the future astronauts could be tapped for a mission to mars. chris and kathryn. >> i have been telling chris he has the good with his science knowledge. >> my science tahj? -- knowledge? this is good you are the first person to say i was good at science. >> knowledge. >> i am here for you. >> thanks very much jill. all right time to check our weather. >> and you i am telling you he would moonlight as a meteorologist. >> if i could. stopples i hope danielle gets stuck in traffic or can't get here -- sometimes i hope danielle gets stuck in traffic or can't get here on time.
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>> last thing you said where's the clicker and they thought i stole it. >> did you take that have you been messing around. >> it's in the office. we will do switch-a-roo hope you had a good weekend. it's cold north and west of town. in the 20s in keene and 41 in taunton and providence. fairly mild start to the day. we will be cooling off a bit over the next several hours. there's a bit of a real feel out there. real feel is 31 in boston. breeze. the wind won't be that strong today a couple showers overnight too southeastern massachusetts to the cape and rain showers for the most part and now there are clouds still in place but they will also be clearing out too. we are in for a good amount of workweek. high pressure is building into the north and then we turn our attention to the south. it gets unsettled from late part of the week. what does it mean for tuesday? not a lot. but with an onshore flow we
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quickly and turn overcast tomorrow but much of the day is spent dry. there may be a stray flurry that is about it. one little wave of low pressure though along the warm front will bring a band of rain and some wentry mix across the interior -- wintry mix across the interior tomorrow night and early on wednesday. the map at 7 a.m. wintry mix outside of 495 into southern new hampshire. rain for everybody else and while it may be a slick start on wednesday morning, that mix is going to change over to rain quickly by late morning and midday and another rain tapers off for a brief time but the storm center itself is back in the ohio valley. so see this band of rain. that's pushing in wednesday night into the first part of thursday. and it's mainly rain but it looks like it will be a gusty wind with it and we may be up around 60 degrees on thursday morning before we cool back down. so a little up and down here that continues. temperatures today right around 40 degrees. that's actually pretty much on
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tonight we will start with clear skies and then the cloud will advance in towards dawn tomorrow. 25 for an overnight low in boston. some suburbs may dip into the teens from jaffrey to worcester at 19 tonight and tomorrow's highs touch cooler today mainly at the coast with the onshore breeze that keeps us a little cooler will be in the upper 30s from rockport to boston 37 right around 40 in a lot of suburbs. and tomorrow will be mostly dry. tomorrow night that band of wintry mix moves in with rain. rain comes down wednesday morning and taper to showers. but another round wednesday thursday. temperatures in the upper 50s but we have -- before we turn cooler to end week and we back to you. >> thanks very much. it's 4:47 right now. celtics trying to rebound from a bad loss. raising eyebrows. steve burton has more.
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are not due until tomorrow but pablo sandoval arrived tuesday. 2016 will it be different? first impressions mean anything dan roche says the pappedda is off to a questionable -- panda is off to a questionable start. >> reporter: pablo sandoval arrived and went to the cages and met with the manager and held a media session where he seemed to contradict himself at times. >> you feel like you have a lot to prove this year. >> i don't got nothing to prove i want to prove to friends and my teammates that i can can be a better defensive and offensive player. >> reporter: and weight was an issue. as to whether or not he was told by sox brass to drop a number of pounds this off season. >> he needed to come back in better condition and along with that you anticipate there's the potential for weight to be dropped is there but there was not a specific number given that said we want you to come in at this weight.
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i do my work and try to do everything i can and i don't weigh in. >> reporter: he hit a disappointing 245 with 10 home runs and 47rbi last season and said he lost confidence in himself. how motivated are you to have a good 2016 season? >> real motivated. >> reporter: with sandoval arriving pedroia dropped his stuff on on sunday and will be in work out on monday ortiz will be the last one to arrive today or tomorrow. dan roche wbz sports. >> celtics showing ruse rust not so last night in denver. turner with a lane-in. isaiah thomas led the way with 22 points. 121-101 the time celtics won 11 of the last 14 and they are in minnesota tonight. and the bruins are back at garden against columbus. that's it for sports. i am steve burton now over to you.
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with a amtrak train heading for her. >> she is talking about this very close call and how she walked away unharmed. >> and new push in boston today to protect animals from being
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4:52. checking top stories new this morning, police searching for the driver who crashed into a starbucks. this happened on route 1 in norwood. you can see this crash left a hole in the building coffee and chairs why scattered on the ground. police say the driver ran away from the scene. also new details overnight on a stabbing in dorchester. we have learned the 16-year-old victim has died. and police say that a person of interest is in custody but so far no formal charges have been filed. the stabbing happened sunday afternoon outside a convenience store on columbia road and devon street. if you have information you are asked to call police. a potential ground breaking hearing in connecticut. a judge could rule on whether families of the sandy hook victims can sue the gun maker. gun manufacturers are urging the court to throw out the lawsuit arguing federal law protects them from liability
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the victims' families say manufacturers knew the ar-15 rifle used in the newtown massacre was not suitable for civilian use when introduced to the market. cambridgeside galleria evacuated after a fire breaks out a electrical fire above the express store on third floor yesterday. firefighters contained it to the area but smoke needed to be vented from the mall. one shopper said it was confusing. >> the express store the firefighters were near the roof trying to break down the walls there as well ordering chaotic inside. >> no one was hurt firefighters say there was some water damage in the area but the mall was able to reopen yesterday afternoon. a driver charged with operating under the influence after the car end ped up -- ended up in the swansea river
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it went into the river he was found standing on the shore when police arrived. no one else was in the car. a close call for a driver in andover cora harder was driving over the tracks at essex and railroad street when the gates came down tracking her on the -- trapping her on the tracks. the trap hit the front of her suv and luckily she is okay. >> i didn't see it because it was coming from the other side. i didn't see it i just didn't have time to assess the coming so fast. >> no one on the train was hurtch the train was heading to boston and got into north station about 3 hours late. this morning a city -- this morning a boston city council will propose a ordinance to keep animals from upy mills. to prevent pet shops from selling animals from commercial bread breeders -- breeders.
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groups are lining up to support the ordinance. tomorrow massachusetts will hold a hearing to address concerns about putting venomous snakes on an island. an official from the division of fisheries and wildlife says any fears the snakes will kill people are irrational. they want to preserve the endangered snakes and residents are worried they could attack hikers fishermen and hunters. >> gets your attention. when you say venomous snake. gronk impose overboard.
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rob gronkowski party cruise coming to an end and from the videos on board looks like everyone had a good time. >> the ship left on friday night for miami to the bahamas and stopped at private destination called gronk. three of his siblings and dad were on board. people posted videos and says gronk was twerking and dancing yep. and. >> did he have backup dancers. >> he he does. >> you know you made it when you have backup dancers. >> where was our invite. >> we were waiting for that. someday maybe. >> maybe next year. your top stories traffic and weather straight ahead right here on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. right now at 5 ash car -- at 5a.
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driver. >> a teenage killed in stabbing in dorchester. the new details we are learning about the investigation. >> one man heading to court after a meth lab was found in attleboro. how crews are making sure neighbors stay safe. >> and late night decision forcing bill cosby's wife in amassachusetts court today. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good monday to you it's 5:00 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. it's monday february 22nd. we had a taste of spring we could feel it in the air. >> it was beautiful. >> it was nice. >> today won't be too bad but it won't be as warm as the past few days. in fact out the door right now, temperatures are in the 30s for lot of us. 36 in boston but a wind out of the north at 9 miles per hour creating a real feel in the upper 20s not too bad. given the fact it's the end of


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