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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now at 6 a damaging drive overnight at starbucks. the search is on for the person responsible. >> and new this morning a deadly stabbing in dorchester. victim just 16 years old we will have an update on the investigation. >> and neighbors evacuated as police discover a meth lab while responding to an overdose a man heading to court this morning. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning everybody. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. it's monday february 22nd hope you had a fantastic weekend. the weather was awesome. >> it was spring like and refreshing danielle. >> it felt great. 50s and 60s. it won't be as warm today but it will be a quiet start as we
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boston 34 and winds from the northwest at 7 miles per hour creating a bit of a real feel not bad though. 28 degrees is what it feels like right now. we have been colder north and west of boston. 27 in keene and 26 in springfield and 27 in concord and in the upper 30s look at that 39 pretty popular. providence taunton and falmouth and chatham at 39. some clouds will depart over the course of the morning and rain showers over the night are sunshine. the planner goes this way from now. seasonal up around 40 through lunchtime plenty of sun north fost northwest breeze 5 to 10 dry. 35 degrees for the ride home we turn unsettled through details coming up. let's get you on the roads. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: most of the bumper to bumper rides are to the south of the city. let's look live over the expressway. jammed from the split up to columbia road about 25 minute
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128 southbound crawling from logan express to the split. route 3 north sluggish between union street and the split. from the north, the slowest stretch on 93 southbound right now looks like between wilmington and woburn and route 3 southbound up in the lowell stretch will bog down between lowell connector and route 129. a 16-year-old has died after being stabbed in dorchester. police say a person of interest is in custody but no formal charges have been filed. that happened yesterday afternoon outside a convenience store on columbia road and devon street. anyone with information should contact police. also new, a damaging drive in norwood a car crashes into a starbucks. >> susie sometimeel is live at the scene. police are involved in this investigation too. >> reporter: -- steimle is live at the scene. police are involved in this investigation too. >> reporter: the police are look for a suspect saying
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starbucks and took off. there's confused drivers coming coffee. overnight. you can see the hole that was left behind from the car. when it hit the side of the building. this happened again around 1 in the morning. and there's the damage you can see coffee and bricks all over the place inside the building. police say that driver ran on foot and they have yet to make any arrests or track anybody down but they are hoping if you see the white four-door sedan you may recognize it and see the plate and possibly give them a call if you can offer more information in this investigation. for now live in norwood susie steimle wbz this morning. >> thanks for the update. 6:03. bill cosby's wife is expected in a massachusetts courtroom this morning. late last night a judge denied the second request to postpone a deposition. that means camille cosby will have to testify in springfield court at 9 this morning.
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by 7 women who say bill cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. comedian denies the claim. reported drug overdose leads to a dangerous discovery. police say they found a meth lab inside condo. the man who lived there is under arrest and due in court today. nicole jacobs is live in attleboro with details. good morning. >> reporter: it began as call for an overdose in this atel borrow -- attleboro neighborhood. >> shocking in the backyard. >> reporter: upon arrivals it turned into much more. >> i think it's terrible. i mean like right by the elderly housing and i mean, there's kids a lot of kids on that side of the street. >> reporter: the meth lab on knight avenue investigators taking no chances evacuating homes wearing protective clothing as they searched. >> hopefully they get this stuff out of the neighborhood i am glad they found it because there's no place around here
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no place for it ever. >> reporter: the 52-year-old resident who lives here was arrested for manufacturing meth. investigators allegedly found the ingredients to make it with state local and federal authorities all involved. the 52-year-old resident robert acheson is expected to be arraigned today. nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. now to a developing story in miis. poor air quality shutting down iewn elementary school -- down an elementary school clyde brown school will be closed today and tomorrow after air quality test showed concerning results. testing will be done at the school and will continue to be done this week. officials will work on a plan in case the school needs to stay school millis middle and high schools are opened. charged with killing 6 people in what police say appears to be a random attack
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the six victims and two others who were injured in kalamazoo michigan. police say 45-year-old jason dalton you see went on a shooting spree saturday night. he is an uber driver and was picking up fares in between opening fire. we are hearing from one man who says he was in dalton's car an hour before the first shooting. >> you are driving through immediateans and through the lawn and speeding along and then finally once he came to a stop,i jumped out and ran away. >> police tracked down dalton's car and arrested him a14-year- old is in critical condition. another woman shot four times is also recovering this morning. over to campaign 2016 now a new poll out of massachusetts this morning the poll from emmerson college has donald trump at 50% the closest competitor marco rubio he 15% and john kasich at 13%.
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clinton and bernie santers are at 46%. massachusetts holds the pry parry in over a weak on -- week on super tuesday. >> tonight bernie sanders will try to drum up support at the a rally addressing climate change colling affordable and big money out of politics. he got celebrity support in south carolina last night. a familiar face danny glover hebd to kick off a -- helped to kick off a rally in greenville. south carolina holds the democratic primary saturday. hillary clinton heads to south carolina fresh off win in nevada on saturday. clinton got strong support from black voters in the the state and she is hoping that support continues in south carolina. polls there show clinton over sanders. >> donald trump held a rally in atlanta georgia. he has won the last two rye marries every candidate who won in south caroline won the party's nomination but trump says the race is far from over.
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for the gop in cadda caucus. that's where ted cruz was holding a rally at nevada sports bar e says the campaign is the only one that can beat trum. cruz had a thousand votes less than marco rubio. marco rubio campaigned in arkansas picking up the endorsement of dean herl and huffington post says mitt romney will endorse rubio he now jeb bush is out of the race. coming up, the house party that ended with 41 people in handcuffs. >> and cars broken into in three communities. what was stolen and the clue police hope will catch the suspects. >> school vacation is over but the headaches continue for several districts cleaning up from burst pipes. >> and the visit of a lifetime. the 106-year-old woman who got down with president obama and the first lady at the white house. danielle. >> good morning chris and everybody. so back to reality for the kids in massachusetts.
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temperatures in the 30s many up around 40 by later today a quiet start to the week and things turn unsettled. we will breakdown details
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this one will put a smile on your face on this monday morning. 106-year-old woman visits the white house. >> and video of her dancing with the president and first lady has gone viral. >> i want to be like you. >> come on. what's the secret. >> virginia mclawyer hone was born in south carolina but moved to washington, d.c. says she never thought she would stepfoot in the white house let alone meet the first black president and she visited the white house as part to celebrate black history month and will turn 107 next month. >> you can hear her. >> amazing i who have been they had a dancing moment with her. >> that's cool to see.
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forecast on this monday. >> it's that time of the day. >> back to the grind for a lot of kid. >> not bad weather. it's not going to be as warm as this weekend. 50s and 60s. today we are turning cooler. temperatures are in the 30s and 20s out the door right now from new hampshire to concord sitting in the mid to upper 20s. manchester at 31. same in lawrence but we dipped to 27 in bedford 28 in fitchburg. boston suburbs south of town mid to upper 30s but we've been cooling off. there is a bit of a wind making it feel just a touch colder. this is not bad by february standards. real feel of 24 in manchester, 28 in boston right now. we did have a couple showers overnightch those are now -- overnight. those are done and pushed offshore. high pressure the big blue h on the map will building across
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today plenty of sunshine quiet conditions and normal temperatures will be up around 40 degrees this afternoon. tonight, the cloud will increase but not until really early tomorrow morning. and those clouds come with an onshore flow tomorrow. there may be a stray flurry but most of tomorrow will be spent dry as well. then we turn our attention to the south. there's going to be snow advancing through new york city tomorrow evening. for us, it's a little burst of snow across the interior. but it's mainly rain in eastern massachusetts. you get outside of 495 and a burst of snow will likely change and mix with sleet and freezing rain overnight on tuesday. and into early on wednesday morning. so wednesday morning maybe a slick start again outside of 495 back through southern new hampshire until we change over to rain which happens by late morning. we taper off to showers. not too bad. temperatures up in the 40s. that's just one little wave of low pressure. the storm center itself back through the ohio valley. look at heavy rain with it too.
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back in wednesday night and it's going to pour into the first part of thursday and drag into warm air and wind may gust over 50 miles per hour and we will see the rain taper off late in the day on thursday. so highs today up around 40. week. and rockport plymouth at 40 degrees and mid-40s so actually a little above average in metro west and southern new hampshire. tonight dipping into the teens in the coldest spots. worcester 19. 16 in jaffrey and most communities running in the 20s in eastern massachusetts and cooler. mainly at the coastline with a bit of an onshore breeze upper 30s rockport and boston and back to the cape we should be around 40 across the interior and late tomorrow the brief burst of wintry mix comes in. coating to an inch in northern massachusetts and that is washed away but there may be a couple hundreds of sleet or freezen rain anything untreated tuesday night. wednesday morning we are changing over to rain and it
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fog too and we may be up near of 0 -- 60 on thursday morning as the warm air comes in. that's when the heaviest rain comes in too. and tapers off late in the the day. cool are air arrives after that. there could be a flurry early on friday morning. and we will be in the mid to upper 30s this weekend. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: an accident and slow downs south of the city. the crash is down in quincy. route 3 northbound before the bergen parkway expressway is a nightmare. jammed between the braintree split and columbia roads looking like a half-hour delay. 128 southbound packed between logan express and the split. from the north 93 southbound heavy and slow between commerce way and park street and you will crawl between roosevelt circle and the leverett connector. route 3 southbound sluggish in lowell between the connector and 129. kathryn. >> thanks. right now police are trying to find the suspects who broke into cars in medway, millis and medfield. take a look at surveillance
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it shows someone in a black nissan pathfinder possibly with out of state plates stealing a purse from a parked car. police say the path finder is no front license plate and no inspection sticker. anyone with information is asked to call police. school is back opened in harvehill but students will see some of the damage caused by a burst pipe. crews scrubbed the school after a pipe burst in a second floor classroom causing major damage. part of the ceiling caved in and asbestos fireproofing got wet. students will see part of the ceiling exposed while they finish repairs. the library will remained close in framingham some students arereek located because of a burst pipe at mccarthy school. they will go to fuller middle school and kept in an area separate from older students. the school is holding a forum for parents on wednesday. and the abigail adams middle
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several pipes burst there last monday flooding the main office gym and classrooms in the basement. they have been working to repair all of the damage. the board of health will be there today he had a straightors -- administrators hope to reopen tomorrow and say they will let parents know as soon as possible if it won't happen. 41 people are expected in court this week after they were arrested at an out of control house party in bridgewater. bliss called to the home on maple avenue not far from bridgewater state university sunday morning. they found a number of college two tenants who lived there are 21 years old. all 41 people are facing charges ranging from disorderly conduct to underage drinking. intensifier in new hampshire now under investigation. this fire broke out yesterday afternoon on a vacant property on mass road in goff tun. eye turned into an inferno and the area was once the site of a sign making business but has been vacant for sometime. no one was hurt. the cambridgeside galleria
6:19 am
out inside the mall. an electrical fire sparked boived above the express store on the third floor yesterday. firefighters contained it to the area. but the smoke needed to be vented from the mall. one shopper said it was a confusing situation. >> the express store the firefighters near the roof trying to break down the walls. security officers were there as well. ordering everybody out as well but it was chaotic inside. >> no one was hurt. firefighters say there were water damage to the area but the mall was able to reopen yesterday afternoon. it's 6:19. still to come a surprising discovery in dore chest neither the dangerous item police found in a baby's swing and the two people arrested. >> pus pablo sandoval arrives in spring training and all eyes are on his physique. dan roche has reaction from the
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wbz sports driven by bmw test drive a bmw today at massachusetts bmw sent oh visit bmw celtics trying to rebound from a bad loss. >> and pablo sandoval is raising eye bros -- eyebrows. >> good morning red sox positional players are not due until tomorrow but sandoval arrived yesterday 2015 was a disaster for him and 2016 will it be different? maybe but if first impression mean anything, dan roche says he is off to a questionable start. >> reporter: sandoval arrived sunday morning went to the cages and met with the manager and then held a media session where he he seemed to contradict himself at times. you feel like you've lot to
6:24 am
>> you know i don't got nothing to prove i want to prove to the friends and to my teammates that i can be a better offensive and defensive player. >> reporter: weight was an issue sunday and as to whether or not sandoval was told by sox tbroos drop a number of pounds. >> we outlined he needed to come back in better condition can and you anticipate potential for weight to be dropped is there but there was not a specific number given that said we want you to come in at this weight. >> i don't weigh in i do my work and try to do everything i can and i don't weigh in. >> reporter: sandoval hit 245 with 10 home runs and 47rbi last season and said he lost confidence in himselfhow motivated are you to have a good 2016 season. >> real motivated. >> reporter: with sandoval arriving we can teal you pedroia dropped the stuff off on sunday and expected to be in work out on monday and david ortiz will be the last one to
6:25 am
with the red sox in fort myers florida dan roche wbz. >> celtics showed russ friday after the all star break but not so last night. celtics up as much as 26 in the first half. isaiah thomas led the way with 22 points. 121-101 the final. celtics won 11 of the last 14 and they are in minnesota tonight. and the bruins are back at garden tonight against columbus. that's it for sports. i am steve burton now over to you. >> lots more still to come in the next half-hour. pablo sandoval's weight the topic of the daily talker. >> what you are saying about his physical fitness. >> and the push in boston to poe text animals from being sold atpet stores. >> 6:25 as we go to break four things you might like to know
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4-in-1 attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight.
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every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. right newt 6:30 families who lost -- right now at 6:30 families who lost children in the sandy hook tragedy taking gun manufactureers to court. >> why the fbi is pushing for apple to help unlock the phone of a terrorist. >> the crash closing a norwood starbucks and the search for the driver who police say took off from the scene. into from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you welcome back it's 6:30. i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. >> did you like weekend.
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>> i had feeling. it was nice and a taste of spring but it's quieter todaytoo temperatures are cooler and not too bad to start the week. a live look over boston right now we are kwaiate couple cloudsmaking with the sun and one minute from now count down is on. you could see the color over the horizon and temperatures in the city sitting at 34. we have been dropping all morning. we will continue to drop between now and about 8 a.m. that northwest wind 7 miles per hour creating a bit of a real feel not too bad by february standards. feeling like upper 20s at hogan 27 at keene. cooler north and west of the boston. 31 in worcester and upper 30s from taunton to the cape. we have left leftover clouds. clouds will be departing and several hours. and we are in for a good amount of sunshine on this monday. rise again 6:31. just about 20 seconds from now. midday lunch mostly sunny and sesonnal and the mark for this time of the year. temperatures up around 40 and
6:31 am
little bit heading into the evening commute. no weather related issues. fair and quiet. 35 degrees sunset at 5:25. we get a active middle part of the week and we will breakdown details coming up. let's go on the roads with traffic and weather together. >> reporter: hi bumper to bumper slow downs north and south of the city. first skyeye. down in quincy an earlier crash route 3 northbound before bergen parkway. a car ran into a sign there. one person transported by ambulance but the backup is to route 18. checking the south looks like a expressway is is a mess jammed between the split and columbia road looking like 25 minute delay there. 128 southbound packed from logan he can press to the split and to the north, 93 southbound stop and go from roosevelt circle into the leverett connector. route 1 southbound packed between lynn fields parkway and 199. a 16-year-old has died after being stabbed in dorchester.
6:32 am
interest is in custody but no formal charges have been filed. the stabbing happened sunday afternoon outside a convenience devon street. anyone with information is asked to call police. new this morning a damaging drive in norwood a car crashing right into a starbucks. >> susie steimle is live at the scene and police are involved in this investigation. >> reporter: they are. they are actively searching for the driver of the car. you can see some of the damage that was left behind now some of the contractors vehicles. see all the bricks and this frame from a window. all of that was knocked out by a car overnight. if you look ated video from around 1 this morning when the accident happened you will see the white four-door sedan that has pretty extensive front end damage and the damage to the side of the building is pretty extensive as well. there's a huge hole and ton of bricks inside this starbucks
6:33 am
and coffee everywhere. it goes without saying right now they are not able to open the starbucks and we have seen drivers coming through and reizing they will have to buy -- realizing they will have to buy coffee somewhere else. police are involved in the investigation trying to track the person down. they say after the driver hit the side of the building they ran away on foot and if you have information to recognize the vehicle police are hoping to hear from you. live in norwood susie steimle wbz this morning. >> appreciate it this morning. a potentially ground breaking hearing in connecticut today. a judge could rule on whether families of the sandy hook victims can sue the gun maker. gun manufacturers are urging the court to throw out the lawsuit arguing law protects them from lie ability when the guns are used in crimes. the -- liability when the guns are used in crimes. the vice presidents say the manufacturers knew the gun was not used for -- suitable for civilian use. two people arrested after a
6:34 am
home. a loaded gun inside a baby swing. police are executing a search warrant on the home on norfolk street. besides the gun they found bags of heroin and cocaine. the fbi is defending the fight to get apple to give them access to the cell phone of one of the san bernardino shooters n post last night fbi directorsays the agency owes the victims to gain access to the the information. he says they don't want to "break anyone's encryption or set a master key loose. syed farook and his wife killed several people. apple is fighting a judge's order to help the fbi. a reported drug overdose leads to a dangerous discovery. police say they found a meth lab inside a condo in attleboro. one man is headheading to court. any -- heading to court.
6:35 am
>> reporter: residents had to be evacuated just as a precaution while authorities worked to diffuse the situation. we want to get you to video from the scene yesterday afternoon. this is when it happened. authorities are actually called to the area for a reported drug overdose but during the investigation, they discovered ingredients and paraphernalia they say warranted the arrest of the 52-year-old man who lived here. neighbors are shocked that something of this caliber could happen so close to home. >> hopefully we get this out of the neighborhood. >> i am glad they found it because there's no place with kids and elderly and no place for it ever. >> reporter: the 52 -year-old resident has been identified as robert acheson he is set to go before a judge today. >> thanks for the update. a driver charged with operating under the influence
6:36 am
swansea river he escaped from the car after it went into the river saturday night. he was found standing onshore when police arrived. no one else was in the car. a very close call for a driver in andover. cora harder was driving over the train tracks at essex and railroad streets yesterday morning when the gates came down trapping her on the tracks. amtrak downeaster came down and hit the front of the suv. >> i didn't see it because it was coming from the other side. i didn't see and i didn't have time to assess the situation. and the train was coming so fast. >> we should note no one on the train was hurt. the train was heading to boston and got into north station about 3 hours late. this morning a boston citycouncil will propose an ordinance to-- matt o'malley wants to prevent pat shots from
6:37 am
breeders and says large-scale vet care. globe reports animal rights groups are lining up to support the ordinance. runners rejoice mild winter is good news for marathon bitter snowy training season. last year there was more than 3 feet of snow on the ground. you remember that. temperatures below freezing. this year that he had -- we caught up to runners training in shorts. >> it's peach day -- beach day honestly last year every long run it was 20 degrees. sleet, rain and snow. >> really nice not to jump puddle and avoid black ice. >> professional trainers say the weather is also good because more training means less injuries on marathon day. wbz is the only station where you can see complete coverage of the 120th boston marathon. we have got you covered from start to finish monday, april 18th. >> that will be here before we know it. it's 6:37.
6:38 am
red sox spring training is underway and one player is feeling a little extra heat in florida. >> we are talking about third baseman pablo sandoval whosenickname was kong few panda who was told to show up in better shape but it appears he may not have listened. >> reporter: the red sox shelled out 95 million bucks to sign him they told him to drop pounds. look to see if he looks slimmer boston herald doesn't think so and call him extra large and he is triple xl. red sox manager confirms the team told him to show up in better condition but didn't give him a specific weight as a goal. panda told reporters he doesn't weigh himself in the off seatson and he had a disappointing first year but says he doesn't have anything to prove. third baseman portliness led someone to start a twitter page called pablo's gut one of the
6:39 am
you know the red sox are not loving this whole controversy. let's look at comments last hour people were supporting him let's see what they are saying sarah says if he does his job well the weight shouldn't be an issue before if you -- but if he doesn't play well early on the team has a right to address it. but nancy she has a different opinion. she says after his performance last year, he shows up this out of shape, obviously he doesn't care. get rid of him. nancy if they get rid of him they have to eat the 95 million. so i think that's doubtful. number of ways to comment website facebook or twitter a lot of support for panda. >> we will see what happens when they hit fenway right? a check of the top stories all coming up including the big rally bernie sanders set to hold in massachusetts today. >> also ahead, the wife of bill
6:40 am
massachusetts courtroom in a few hours. plus venomous snakes on a massachusetts island. how the state is now working to calm people's fears danielle you like snakes. >> no not a snake fan. nice garden snake is fine. hey waking up to the weather watcher reports and a lot of them coming in. great to see your reports and as always we are thankful for them. 29 says ryan in redding. heidi at 23 degrees a lot of 20s and the temperature has been dropping all morning. and we will continue -- it will continue over the next couple hours and we come back up around 40. i am tracking storminess for the middle part of the week. we will breakdown details together next. >> coming up the latest on the uber driver suspected in the cal what due shooting rampage.
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tomorrow massachusetts will hold a hearing to address concerns about putting venomous snakes on an island in the reservoir. an official from the division of fisheries and wildlife says fears the snakes will kill people are irrational and state want to preserve the endangered snakes and residents are workied they could attack hikers fishermen and hunters and danielle is not a snake van. it looks like. >> it's pretty out there.
6:44 am
and walk around so if you get a chance swing out west. >> watch out for the snakes. >> yeah that's right. >> we need to check the forecast. hey danielle. >> garden variety snake would be fine. >> i have a good story about a garden snake but we don't have the time. >>i don't know about that. but hey you guys we have got stormy weather for middle part of the week. it's going to be a brief period of snow to a wintry mix across the interior. tuesday night into early on wednesday morning and then we change over to rain. it's going to be leftover showers on wednesday but wednesday night into thursday another round of rain is going to be heavy rain coming in and that would result in localized flute flooding and damaging wind gusts especially thursday morning. so there's lot to watch through the middle part of the week. until then we are quiet. 34 in boston and we are 27 in concord. 31 manchester and 27 in bedford right now. we have been dropping all morning and we may drop another degree or two over next hour. 36 in marshfield and 39
6:45 am
andvineyards so. a mild start. there's just a bit of a breeze in a few areas making it feel colder. real feel in the 20s in some communities. and some leftover clouds over the south coast will depart too with the rain couple showers that came through overnight. high pressure building in to northern new england today. provide us with the quiet stretch. tonight, the clouds will gradually increase. not until dawn tomorrow. and tomorrow will feature mostly cloudy skies but mostly dry weather. to the south there's going to be an area of low pressure along the front. notice new york tomorrow evening gets a burst of snow for us and arrives generally late evening and overnight and the snow would be confined to outside 495 worcester county and southern new hampshire and may linger into early on wednesday morning as a it up of sleet or freezing rain especially the eastern slopes of the berkshires before changing over to rain. that rain tapers to showers on wednesday afternoon and then we still have another slug of moisture to g look at snow on
6:46 am
we will be on the warmer side this time around. so we drag in warm air wednesday night and it's going to pour wednesday night into thursday morning. then event yowlly taper off after that. enjoy quiet weather while we have it. 40 for a high in boston. throw mid-40s north of town and right around 43 in fitchburg. 40 in worcester and upper 30s from keene to jaffrey. 40 to 45 with plenty of sunshine from plymouth to taunton and either side of 40 on the cape and islands. winds will be pretty light today. out of the north. and the clouds move in by dawn tomorrow and lows 25 upper teens and chilliest suburbs and tomorrow features mostly cloudy skies a stray flurry is responsible. 36 degrees accu-weather 7-day forecast we jump into the 40s on thursday though. and heaviest rain comes through wednesday night into thursday morning. and we drag in the warmth. we will be 55 to 60 on thursday before cool are air comes back. could be a flurry on friday morning and chillier mid to
6:47 am
robi. >> reporter: we have a bad accident that's going to cause big problems. let's go to skyeye 4 over the scene right now. it's a dump truck roll over down in randolph. 128 northbound before route 24. that's a very busy stretch. two lanes are closed only the left lane squeezing by but it will take a while to right the truck and clean up the mess. looks like perhaps scrap metal all over the road. so it will have a big impact on the morning commute and we will stay on top of this. chris and kathryn. >> thanks very much. 6:47. checking top stories on your monday morning. business col -- bill cosby's wife will have to testify in a massachusetts court this morning. >> a judge denieded second request to postpone the deposition. camille cosby will be in springfield court testifying in a defamation case. 7 women say bill cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. the comedian denies the claims. a 16-year-old died after being stabbed in dorchester.
6:48 am
custodych police say there are no formal charges filed yet. the stabbing happened outside a convenience store on columbia road yesterday afternoon. police ask anyone with information to come forward. oop uber driver will be in court today accused of killing 6 people in what appears to be a random attack. investigators say 45-year-old jason dalton you see here went on a shooting spree in kalamazoo michigan saturday night. they say he was opening fire between fares. a 14-year-old is in critical condition this morning and another woman shot 4 times is also recovering. right now police searching for the driver who slammed into a starbucks in norwood. the crash left a hole inside the building and a mess inside a crew is working to fix the damage. coffee shops hopes to reop open as soon as possible. a man due in court after finding a meth lab in his home. police and hazmat crews responded to 9th avenue yesterday.
6:49 am
police say they found a man inside who -- who had overdowed. robert acheson is recovering a charged with making crystal meth. massachusetts hold the primary in over a week on super tuesday. bernie sanders will hold a rally at umass amherst tonight expected to address climate change colling affordable and getting big money out of pole dix particulars in beyonce getting rade to kick off a world tour. >> this morning there are calls for a boycott. we will tell you who is behind it. >> and taylor swift making a donation to help out a famous
6:50 am
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welcome back jury selection ends in the lawsuit involving erin andrews and marriott hotels. she is suing the nashville marriott for 75 million dollars. it comes after a man pleaded guilty in 2009 to renting the room next to andrews and altering the peepholes to record videos of her changing. the lawsuit accuses the marriott of negligence and invasion of privacy and causing emotional distress. taylor swift is giving kesha250,000 dollars to help in her ongoing legal battle who trying to get out of the contract with the the producer she says sexually assaulted her. on friday a judge rejected the request and the ruling led to an outpouring of support from other artists. not everyone enjoyed bion
6:53 am
beyonce's performance and some police unions are calling on officers to boycott the concerts. during halftime performance she and her dancers dressed in tribute to the black panther party which was known for confrontation was police. now police unions including in miami and nashville are calling for the boycott. they claim beyonce sends an antipolice message beyonce kicks off the world tour in april and is set to perform at gillette in june. on the "healthwatch" we all want what's best to put our face forward bel well the way you wash your face could hurt your skin. a skin care expert tells the daily mail washing your face in the shower can cause damage. hot water and pressure can irstate and dry out the skin and die late blood vessels making your face look more red. so the best way to save facewash your face at the sink using water and splash with cold water after you rinse. it can help close the pours up
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-- pores up and stim layers circulation. gronk going overboard. highlights from the cruise and
6:55 am
6:56 am
it's time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning.
6:57 am
rose good morning. >> good morning chris and kathryn. ahead on cbs this morning former cia and nsa draughto michael aheadsen in studio he -- director michael hayden is in tudeo 57 and we will meet -- studio 57 and we will meet two students with a rare perfect score on a.p. calculus test. news is back in the morning. >> thanks. we will be watching. rob gronkowski party cruise coming to an end and from this video you can tell a lot of people what good time. >> they did. including gronk himself right. the ship left port on friday night from miami to the bahamas and stopped at a private destination called gronk island. three of his siblings and dad were on board. people have been posting videos of the fun and they say he has been twerking and dancing pretty much the whole cruise. >> doesn't surprise. >> he. backup dancer and whole routine. >> and no adult beverages were consumed.
6:58 am
night national margarita day. >> which makes sense. >> it does. maybe we will go out for mexican after work today. >> okay. i am down if you are down. >> temperatures will be around 40 degrees this afternoon. not as warm and then stormy through the middle part of the week a little wintry mix that develops tomorrow night and coating to an inch across the interior and changing to rain patchy fog up near 60 on thursday. and that's when the heaviest rain comes in and there may be damaging wind especially at the coastline. >> thanks and we are keeping ion on breaking news a dump truck rolled over on 120
6:59 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." an uber driver is suspected of a deadly shooting spree in michigan. this morning, we hear from passengers who say he picked them up after the rampage. marco rubio hopes a shrinking gop field will make him the anti-trump candidate. only on "cbs this morning," we will take you inside the american girl design studio to reveal its new historical doll. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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