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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  February 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking news right now at 4:30, deadly tornadoes down south and the threat is not oaf yet. and that's-- >> and that's round two heading our way. the timeline of rain damaging wind gusts. we weren't he can sped to win too much and now we are winning winning the country. >> new this morning donald trump takes nevada now the race for second place as the numbers are still coming in. >> and stunning video of a sobriety test. police say the driver you see falling over drunk set off a chain reaction. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this
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>> good morning. it's 4:30 i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mcginnon. wednesday -- mckinnon. wednesday, february 24th. >> it's a little slick outside 495. those are the only spots i am concerned w you can see it shaded in pink on the map. that's where we have been dealing with pockets of sleet and freezing rain. outside of 495, really across worcester back up to boylston and clinton and fitchburg and sherly and anything unstreeted is going -- untreated is going to be slick including southern new hampshire. when you get north along 93 from hampstead manchester sliding east towards new hampshire sea coast you run into rain near hampton and newbury port. temperatures around 32 there but we are 35 to 40 for the rest of us.
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sliding because of ice. there's puddles on the roads leftover hours and steadier rain fills back in and we are talking heavy downpours that come in after midnight tonight. it's going to absolutely pour 1 early tomorrow morning. temperatures rise through the 50s overnight tonight. we will be near 60 tomorrow. i am timing out the damaging wind threat in 10 minutes. more on some deadly storms in the southern united states. at least 3 people killed dozens more injured after confirmed tornadoes touchdown in florida, mississippi, alabama and louisiana. this is the newest video from overnight where the tornado caused major damage. in louisiana one man says he and his family hid in the-- hid in the bathroom. >> i got. >> the bathtub with my dog and
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crying and i was so scared the house wouldn't stop shaking. >> the national weather service issued tornado watch for florida georgia and parts of south carolina until 10. >> cbs news projects donald trum as the winner of the nevada caucuses. >> the the results are still coming in -- trump as the winner of the nevada caucuses. >> the the results are still coming in. >> reporter: after picking up a third victory in the nevada caucuses donald trump continues the winning streak with a eye on super tuesday states. >> we have had great numbers coming out of texas and amazing numbers coming out of tennessee and georgia. it's going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months folks to be honest all right. >> reporter: the billionaire front-runner garnered much of his support from voters who are dissatisfied with the government. >> political correctness is
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>> i think he is here for the people. and i think he wants to win. >> reporter: the win gives trumpthe majority of the delegates bringing him close to clinching the gop nomination. >> he is well positioned to sweep across the board. >> reporter: as trucking -- trump gains momentum the rest of the field is battling it to be the alternative. entrance polls show a majority of caucus goers who favored a candidate with more political experience marco rubio over ted cruz. texas senator addressed the supporters shortly after polls closed. >> one week from today, it will be the most important night of the campaign. >> reporter: they will face trump in the next debate tomorrow night in texas. danielle nottingham, cbs news las vegas nevada. >> super tuesday is 6 days away when voters in several states including massachusetts heads to the polls. wbz will bring you complete coverage beginning at 8 and stay with us for a cbs news
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news at 11. in brookline this morning police issuing a community burglaries. there's been at the least 6 burglaries and attempted burglary at homes in the last week. yesterday. police say in all cases someone forced their way into a back door or window in the evening. jewelry and small electronics were stolen. most of the robberies were not farther from the brookline hills mbta stop. look at this video. police say that it shows a driver falling off drunk during a sobriety test. man is accused of setting off a chain reaction crash in weymouth that sent two other people to the hospital. as louisa moller reports he is facing charges today. >> reporter: witness video appears to show thomas mohan attempting a sobriety test before flopping to the ground. moments earlier the 51-year-old man from weymouth was drunk and on drugs when he plowed into
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>> just a massive crash by the time we he ran out here, the cars were stopped and a lot of dust in the air. >> reporter: around 12:50 police say was driving on washington street when he struck a black pickup truck with his tan minivan. next, they say he ran into a 39- year-old pedestrian from weymouth. the victim was sent to south shore hospital with life- threatening injuries. signs of a serious accident still present at night. >> the driver of the minivan was quite upset and obviously under the influence arguing with thepolice. >> reporter: mohan was arrest and charged with oui and other charges and wbz discovered pages of driving violations against him date back to 1987. >> i am in a little bit of shock. >> reporter: a woman answered the door at his home tuesday evening and said she had just learned about the incident. >> she has been going through a bad time.
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>> reporter: thomas mohan and the driver of the black peckup truck were transported to south shore hospital. in weymouth louisa moller wbz this morning. the search is on for a missing mother who left to pick up her son at day ware monday but infer arrived. state police detectives were looking for clues at judith sales' home in holbrooke. she was last seen monday afternoon leaving her job as a pharmacist at taunton walgreens. her husband reported her missing when she didn't pick up her son from day care and her family says this is out of character. >> she defer did something --she never did something like leave we are hoping someone will see the photo and return home safely. >> as long as she comes home safely that's all that matters. >> that was her husband talking through the door. her phone has been shut off and police say they are going to activate.
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a new clue in the search for a missing man from harvard. police say surveillance video shows zachary marr walking towards the charles river. divers searched the water again yesterday but didn't find anything. marr van airbed week and half ago last seen outside a bar near faneuil hall. the connecticut supreme court will hear a case today skakel a they have crew of ethel kennedy was convicted in 2002 in the killing of his teenage neighbor martha moxley. the crime happened in greenwich in 1975. skakel was freed in 2013 on 1.2 million dollars bail after a judge granted a new trial saying his trial lawyer failed to present a key alibi witness. and to argue scabbingel's brother might have been responsible -- skakel's brother might have been responsible for the crime. the court will not rule today.
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apple store in boylston protesting the fbi trying to force apple to unlock a cell phone. demonstrators are upset over a court order to have apple create a back door. apple is expected to respond this week to the court. #:39. -- 4:39. thanks forbeing with us. carrie underwood giving a family's surprise. >> the excitement didn't end with the show. >> also ahead chipotle losing customers and may have nothing to do with the string of health
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welcome back. 4:42. you could use your face to make purchases and today chipotle customers have new complaints. >> plus strong news for the housing market. hena daniels is live with today's money watch. good morning. >> reporter: good morning guys. so nice to be with you this wednesday. home sale prices are up and so are prices. national association of realtors says low mortgage rates have fueled the demand and boosted home sales.
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almost 214,000 dollars in january. that's an 8% increase from a year ago. analysts say steady job gains and higher salaries are encorning prospective home buyers. chipotle is facing a problem. customers are getting board with the choices. calling it menu fatigue. the services a limited menu of breastos burrito -- burritos burrito bowls and they have not changed the menu since opening the doors almost 2 decades ago. master card will let you buy items with your face. the company is launching selfie and fingerprint technology to allow customers to make online purchases. it will be available on an app in few months. the company will be able to tell if it's a legit selfie instead of previously taken
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blink while shooting that picture. chris and kathryn. >> that's interesting. >> it's wild what they are coming up with. >> reporter: technology. >> thank you very much hena. why are we taking selfies. >> buy my coffee. >> we need to check the forecast. there's a lot going on it depends where you are. >> that's the key. you are right. outside 495 that's where there may be slick spots this morning. outside of 495 into southern new hampshire where the temperatures are at below 32 degrees. the farther east you come we are above that 32 degree mark and so we don't have to worry about icy spots. it's 39 in boston right now. 40 in brockton and 35 in lowell but worcester is at 31. and there's still a little leftover precipitation as well. worcester drying out but from
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-- gronton is gronton is where we get the dividing line. most of us just saw a trace to as much as an inch of snow in few communities and this little crest on top will make it slick anything untreated. manchester up along 93 and south side of concord and east torts eping the farther south you go it's -- east towards eping the farther south you go. part 2 of the storm is to the south bringing areas of snow right now to parts of arkansas and stretching back up through missouri. there's a threat for severe weather ongoing from south carolina down to the florida panhandle. for us, it's not a threat for severe weather. but we will get heavy downpour that is come in later this evening and overnight tonight especially. so taking it piece by piece and hour by hour through the remainder of the morning leftover showers and all temperatures rise to the 40s. look at downpours that fill in this afternoon.
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the cape and islands may be most exempt with a couple showers and then after midnight this band of heavy rain pushes in and there may be embedded thunderstorms but i am not and at this time pasting -- anticipating widespread weather. tomorrow morning's early commute will feature areas of rain and heavy rain at that. but watch what happens between 7 and 8 that band of heaviest rain pushes offshore. so thankfully it's the early part of the morning commute and we will be drying out after that. even breaks of sunshine possible through the remainder of the thursday. so projected rainfall amounts the areas of blue indicate half an inch to an inch and a half of rain. there may be locally higher amounts. enough rain comes down as there may be localizedurban flooding. high wind watch is in effect as well. southeastern massachusetts at midnight tonight. and last until 8 p.m. tomorrow. the wind may gust 50 to 60 miles per hour one area comes through in the morning and
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that may mean some scattered pockets of damage that result during the day tomorrow with the strong wind. being a you weather 7-day forecast up near 62. colder to end the week but a quiet stretch. 40sthis weekend couple showers on monday in the 50s and cooling off a bit for tuesday. back to you. >> thank you very much. a star surprise at garden last night. country music superstar carrie underwood shocking deserving fans. local military family knew they he were going to a concert. >> but didn't know they were picked to meet the grammy winner. as kate merrill explains they took away much more than an autograph and selfie. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: fon the van huysen family aid big moment. the cape cod military family is meeting country star carrie underwood before she performs at the garden. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: a special treat for the coast guard family that has not had it easy.
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different states and you have to adapt to the situation you have to be willing to meet new people. >> reporter: but tonight they are getting the star treatment including an invite to a special underwood concert in november in new york for military families only. >> it's overwhelming. i mean i am beaming with excitement i am nervous and excited. >> reporter: mom casey can barely contain her excitement and the kids are pret they much speechless. tell us why you like her so much. -- are pretty much speechless. tell us why you like her so much. for underwood it's why she does that. >> it's great to meet incredible people and have them on the shows and put on an extra show i try to do things wherever i can to say thank you. >> reporter: the family didn't know they are getting a free vacation cruise thanks to carnival cruise and operation home front. >> now we can have a memory together and this is awesome. this is one of the best
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>> reporter: a huge gift the family can barely believe and never repay. >> all i can say is thank you but i don't feel like that's >> reporter: kate merrill. >> what a great story. >> so nice. the little girls they didn't know what to say. >> they were shocked. very cool. new details on a story we broke yesterday morning. >> a 4-year-old who was wandering on the street alone looking for. >> also ahead, sludging through boston snowy winters can be a test of endurance for any human many now a robot is getting practice.
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just about 4:52. checking top stories. at least 7 tornado. s have about reported. two people were killed when a tornado touched downed in a -- down this louisiana rv park and a third in mississippi and 7 others are in critical consider. tornadoes have been confirmed in alabama and florida a tornado watch is in epeck for parts of florida georgia and south carolina until 10 this morning. domed trump has done it again. cbs news is projecting trump as the winner of the nevada caucus. precinching reports are coming in. right now -- precincts reports are coming in. lacking far behind is john
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a embeateled state senator says he won't seek reelection. brian joyce has been the target of a investigation. he was -- his law office was raided last week. joyce has been in this senate since 1988. new details about the 4- year-old boy found wandering on blue hill avenue. he told mishe was looking for chocolate. someone spotted the boy and called police just before 3 yesterday morning. he was able to give officers his name and those officers went to the house and woke up his mom who had no idea her son slipped out. he is okay no charges will be filed. watertown residents have mixed opinions on whether or not a movie crew should recreate the terrifying night when police were caught in a shoot out with the marathon bombers. we told you about the story yesterday. reps for the film patriots day asked residents if they can film scenes including simulated gunfire in the neighborhood. a source tells us originally
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in vancouver but some people in the watertown community said they wanted it in their neighborhood. >> i believe that it happened here so you need to see this is just a regular neighborhood. and it's not a movie set. >> i suppose it's good for water he ton to get business out of it. >> i think it's a sense of authenticity to the film and will bring up a lot of feelings for those who lib on votes. >> the police chief says if filming goes ahead his officers some of the same ones there that night will likely work the security detail the movie teetheled patriots day is being produced by our sister company cbs films. the department of transportation will study a massive project for the mbta. it's a proposal to baled underground link between south station and north station. that idea has been proposed and rejected many times over the years. but former governors dukakis and wells are actively pushing for it. and we are getting the first look inside the new
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you can see here the new signs and route maps for the grown and blue lines. -- green and blue lines. t station has been undergoing renovation for two years and will open on march 26th. >> we all probably stumbled walking through the snow a robot is giving it a try created by the local company boston dynamics. you can see it enjoying a walk through the woods struggling a little bit of snowy spots and the robot can also open doors and pick up and move boxes. this is the latest version of the human shaped atlas robot. they say this one is a leaner meaner quieter machine. it's kind of freaky to see. >> it is. you can hear it coming right. this video right here maybe proof you can find anything at john deepo. john miller discovered the goat in a meny van outside the home improvement store in oxford. goat appears well behaved but that's a lie his owner told miller during the 10 minute
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on hazards and wipers and drank an old soda and ate a nut bar wrapper and all. >> that's awesome. there you go. that's what he was saying. it's a cell phone video. >> not what you expect. a high school athlete living out hoop dreams. >> and proving everyone wrong. what he he lacks in height he
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player who beat the odds and team. tristan w l moth. m -- wilmott is only 3 1/2 feet tall. >> he made the jv team despite a rare genetic ken says basketball has been his dream for as long as he can remember. >> energetic and i like shooting. i have 14 points so far. >> everyone rallies around him. when tristan was going to check in the crowd everyone on the bench is excited. >> tristan is growing and will probably get another foot or so either way he says he wants to play in the nba. >> and he is off to a good start. >> love that story. >> proving people wrong. >> he is sweet. top stories and weather traffic ahead on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. breaking news right now at
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tornado reeking havoc in several states and the threat is not over. >> the same storm is round 2 for us timing out the rain and damage willing wind -- damaging wind threat. >> and a man charged with drunk driving. details op chain reaction crash he is accused of causing too donald trump leaving the competition in the dust in nevada a closer look at the race for second place. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us. it's 5 i am chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. we have lot of weather to talk b danielle you are tracking quite a storm. >> there's little bit of everything. part one is almost done but there are some slick spots outside 495. that's where we are at or below freeing. everybody else -- freezing. everybody else is okay.


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