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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and you see the big storm system blizzard coitions in northwestern indiana and chicago they canceled hundreds of flight because of that today. we have freezing rain across the interior parts of new englandand still now icing going on in parts of the state. we have had a few scattered downpours this evening some moving up in the providence to boston corridor and where it's cold here, some icing going on. mainly on the trees. still holding on as the cold has been persistent. not a lot of that occurring on the roads which is the good news. but it's an ugly after nonand gardner and through princeton still seeing ice clinging to the stress trees. temperatures at 32 degrees in the worcester area and i should mention tornadoes from yesterday stretching across the south and up the eastern seaboard seeing the reports in virginia showing up. there's the 32 in worcester. 34 in fitchburg and the warm air invading the south shore april can -- cape and islands and the trend will continue tonight. heavy rainfall is moving in. this evening heaviest will be across western new england and midnight on the temperatures
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down pours and a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow morning and things wrap up from 6 to 9 a.m. along with it damaging wind gusts 40 to 60 miles per hour out of the south. we will talk more about the wind timeline coming up. >> back to the breaking story tonight a. missing mother found safe. holbrook police tell us officers in connecticut located the woman late this morning. she had vanished about 3 on monday afternoon and tonight police have a lot of questions about why she left without saying a word to anyone. bill shields is live with more on the breaking story. bill. >> reporter: there's no explanation as far as we know of as why judy sales left her home but at least we know now that she is safe. he was glad that is about all cliff sales would say about his wife being found alive and physically unharmed in connecticut. >> waterford police department located her in waterford connecticut.
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who had seen the car on the news and pulled into a shopping called us. >> reporter: she was in it? >> she was not in the vehicle she walked up to the vehicle afterwards. >> reporter: it was monday afternoon about 2:30 when judy sales went to pick up her 10- year-old son at school. she never showed up. police. but no one could find judy sales until someone in waterfordconnecticut today saw her car at a mall. judy sales then asked to be taken to a hospital. >> no criminal responsibility we are not sure what the issue is but she is down to their with proper authorities and her husband is in route and we are glad everything worked out. >> reporter: so again still no explanation as to why she left monday and left her son in school and left her family with a lot of questions. but at least again we know that she is safe and in a hospital down in connecticut. report being live from holbrook
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we have this breaking news. wynn resort casino in everett is on hold. >> reporter: the developer says they have no choice but to cancel the april ground somerville. they cleared hurdles in the banned to build a 1.7 billion dollar resort on the water front but somerville is protesting one of the environmental permits and filed a lawsuit. >> we want to be clear. worsening traffic is far more than just a simple nuisance. it is a serious health threat a collaborative study of pollution in our region contucketed but tufts university found breathing air with vehicle exyou have the increased the risk of cardiovascular disease.
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have never been more resolved or motivated to build the resort the appeal by the mayor leaves them no choice but to shut down permanent building construction. and wynn hoped to complete the project by late 2018. >> appreciate it thanks paula. also breaking a police hit-and-run crash. investigators say that on sunday night this officers officer ryan callinan hit a bicyclist in kendall square and took off. he was off duty at the time. right now callinan is on administrative leave and the victim was treated and released at the hospital. a deadly crash in barry a 17-year-old girl was killed. police tell us her 15-year-old tonight. investigators say that there were two separate unrelated crashes on route 62 today. now at 5a. man accused of driving drunk who fell face first during a sobriety test went before a
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investigators in women south say he called -- weymouth said he caused a crash one of them injuring two people chantee lan it is live. >> reporter: two men are recovering at south shore hospital. one of them is fighting for his life and the other has just been arraigned. by his hospital bed side thomas mohan is arraigned on driving under the influence of drug and alcohol. appearing to fail the sobriety test he nose dived on the ground after the minivan truck the pickup truck that hate pedestrian in weymouth onwashington street. witnesses say the crash tossed the pedestrian 39-year-old michael carfagina, 50 feed. >> i am at a loss of words like upset disgusted. >> reporter: this is his step daughter. >> my heart breaks for my mom and for him and his family and our family and it hits home it does. >> reporter: he says was
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from home and rushed to south shore hospital with life- threatening injuries. warrior. >> the peckup truck crashed into my canine day care sign. >> reporter: judy smith recorded the sobriety test that went viral. >> he was attacking the police officers too he wasn't really all there at the time. >> i feel sorry for him. i really do. there's obviously something wrong that possessed him to get behind the wheel of a vehicle drugged and intoxicated. >> reporter: the judge set bail at 15,000 dollars but he will be helped from a -- held from previous case out of hingham. and thomas ho -- mohan is eu back in court march 22nd. chantee lans wbz news. >> thank you. campaign 2016 tonight republican presidential candidate donald trump is thinking about his possible running mate if he wins the nomination.
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night's nevada caucuses earning 45% of the vote. that ads to the wins in new hampshire and south carolina. so, he is thinking about his pick for vp. >> i do want somebody that's political because i want to get lots of great legislation that we all want passed. it's sitting this including proper health care and other things. >> up next for the republicans is super tuesday republican ted cruz hopes to carry his home state of texas. he is leading in the polls there but trump is a close second place. and massachusetts by the way will be in super tuesday and has to reprint thousands of primary. the secretary of state says it won't affect the results of the election and the bad ballots could have smudged and that other machines. the printer is going to absorb casemassachusetts is one of the states where voters will head to the polls for super tuesday. wbz will bring you complete coverage beginning at 8 on my
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news special on wbz at 10 followed by the wbz news at 11. the red sox counting down the first spring training game of 2016. >> we could use sunshine right now. this is a first full squad workout at jet blue park and dan koche is with the sox in fort myers. dan. >> reporter: we have baseball that will give you sunshine but we have clouds and rain behind me right now. some showers going through fort myers. but i can dole -- can tell you despite the weather a energetic and emotional day. day one of full team workouts a determined group of players get down to the business of turning things around in 2016 after back to back last place finishes the past two seasons. the red sox held the first full squad workout wednesday. but before they did, the manager who missed the final two months of the season while battling stage one lymphoma addressed the team in a private meeting.
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through -- helping me through my treat and the on the i tried to make is treatment and the on the i try-- treatment and the on the i tried to make is they come in contact with so many people and the impact and person on elderly person dealing with something they can provide an escape for them. >> reporter: owner john henry was on hand for the workout. henry has been a driving force for the use of stats and analytics in the game of baseball but pulled a 180 wednesday. >> over years we have had great success relying on numbers and that has neverp been the whole story as we said over and over again. but perhaps it was a little too much of the story too much of a reliance on past performance and trying a project future performance and that obviously has not worked in three out of the last four years. >> reporter: you know john henry chimed in on pablo
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tell you lisa and david, those comments he just made he went on to talk more about no longer relying as heavily on numbers. those comments by henry a driving force in the industry will send shock waves through baseball all the analytics stats people will be like whoa and think of money ball and john henry saying we should backtrack on those numbers so stay tuned as that story unfolds as well. more at 6 but now back to you guys. >> could be ripple efients. -- effect. thank you. prosecutors fighting to put a kennedy cousin behind bars. >> why they say a supreme court should reinstate michael scabbingel's murder con-- skakel's murder conviction. >> storms in the south and winds in the west and that damaging system is on our doorstep. >> did baby powder cause a woman's ovarian cancer a doctor and jury say yes. dr. mallika marshall on what we
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i
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tonight wild video from madsonville louisiana where strong winds nearly destroyed a coast guard station right on the river where it meets lake pontchartrain and more incredible video tonight from a
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damage in pensacola florida. >> a tornado destroyed homes and took down trees and the south is not the only place dealing with dangerous weather. liam martin has a closer look. >> reporter: it caused damage today. look at this individual grow charlotte north carolina. several accidents caused by the severe weather there a large tree falling on a car in one of the suburbs. and no reports of major injuries there but some people were without power for a time and there's a lot of damage. in chicago, lake michigan looking angry this morning. waves splashing 20 to 30 feet high and it came with 50-mile- per-hour wind gusts and caused minor flooding on one of the busier thorough fares and the snow coming down hard in northwest indiana residents there urged to stay off the roads partly because of the snow blowing sideways. 35 miles an hour winds made it hard to see the road and you are urged to stay off the and some businesss in indiana had conditions there. and there was this heavy snow
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with nasty weather. lisa and david. >> all right liam thank you. the storm system that's been down south we have said direction. but what form does that take. >> and i am thinking the ground is not frozen to get a lot of rain to have high wind all over again could cause problems tonight. >> not having a frozen ground and having a saturated ground to fall. you look for leaves leaves to make it easier but 40 to 60- mile-an-hour wind could be enough. here's headlines moving through the final phase. soaking downpours through tonight and one to two inches of total rain fawn and heaviest concentrated wayne between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. could be some early morning thunder mixed in also. we will wake up to rain wind and temps near 60 and potential for damaging wind gusts. 40 to 60 miles per hour. we will have the strong winds in the downpours late tonight and early tomorrow morning. but the wind pick up again tomorrow afternoon. so windy all day long for thursday.
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you see as you transition to a spring like pattern. of course spring has been accelerated. snow on the back eling and enter -- and center of serk lace-- back edge and-- back edge and the center of circulation. that solid. this is the warmer air moving in aloft above our heads producing the downpours for us. even icing ongoing. there's pink shades and the most that is not on the roads but on the trees. and it's been cold across much of the interior and that's going to hold on for several hours. it's raining cats and dogs here right over 93 for the commute home. heavy rain through bedford and waltham all seeing rainfall swinging through. fog also filling in across the area. half mile visibility in taunton a quarter mile in worcester at the airport. warmer air moved into the southeastern part of the state and 56 right now in plymouth as well as new bedford and very slowly that's going to push
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tonight and i always tell youcold is here if place and doesn't want to leave and models don't handle it well. at 8:30 we are in the 30s and it will be cold across the interior. it won't be until after 10 the warmer air really starts to punch through and it breaks through across -- across the region after midnight. that's where the heaviest rainfall develops. midnight into early tomorrow morning and we will have the downpours one to two inches of rain so street flooding good news is not as many people on the road in the middle of the night. and this is wrapping up between 6 and 9 a.m. tomorrow and by 8:30 the last of the rain is on cape cod so hopefully we will have a diminishing impact on the morning commute as it wears on and temperatures stay warm all day. we will be in the 50s all the way until the evening before we start to cool down which is way up above average. wind advisory is here for eastern massachusetts. southern worcester county and into rhode island. 10 tonight until 7 tomorrow evening and tonight's gusting is out -- gust is out of the south and tomorrow afternoon a
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could bring down trees and limbs and create power outages. the timeline of the winds picking up once the warm air gets here and is in place, that's where you get the strongest gusts and once that heavy rain moves out it's windy and just not quite as windy as we head through the afternoon. but still not a very fun day. in terms of the high temps 61 in boston and norwood. worcester up to 57 tomorrow morning. and shy of records i don't think we get there. but certainly some exceptional temps. then this weekend things will calm down a colder friday and saturday and then mild temps build back in by the time we move towards sunday. the accu-weather 7-day forecast friday in the upper 30s a gusty breeze less wind 40 on saturday and 50 on sunday and into the 50s for your final day of february monday. david lisa back to you. >> warm way to enter the month thanks. 72 million dollar verdict in a talcum powder lawsuit a missouri jury ordered johnson and johnson to pay the sum to a
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ovarian cancer and the powder killed her. company denying that and it plans to appeal. dr. mallika marshall joins us. >> reporter: johnson and johnson may think the poder is safe but experts say -- powder is say but experts say there's evidence of a link. talcum powder when used in the genital area can has been found in ovarian tissue in women who used it. today i spoke to an obgym at brigham and women's hospital whoconducted the research but provided written testimony for the plaintiffs in this case. >> i think the link is a persuasive one. there have been more than 20 epidemiologic studies and the majority found an elevated risk and when you combine those risks into a single estimate it's highly significant. >> reporter: as much as a 30% increase risk or perhaps higher. it looks like this may be the
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cases against johnson and johnson and other manufacturers. >> so is this all baby powders lc. >> reporter: we are speaking about talc there are some that contain cornstarch but you have to check the labels carefully and aroid the -- avoid the one was tal c. >> we will see what happens with the other case. >> reporter: wool see it for >> thank you -- we will see it >> thank you. the the toy of the future could be a thing of the past. toys r us and target no longer selling hover boards on the websites. the government investigating the self-balancing boards concerned about safety. so far they have been linked to dozens of fires in 24 states and two nights ago a 11-year- old had his board ignite beneath his feet while riding it in his living room. he was not hurt. elvis wanted in new england. >> ahead the surveillance picture that had police
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>> but first, recreating a tragic chapter in boston history. 70 years after the coconut grove fire bringing personal stories to live on stage. coming up new at 6 a construction worker caught in the act. using the happenedy capped placard of a dead man to parkfor free. >> explain why you. >> get away from me. >> tonight at 6 what the state
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lights are out. smoke is everywhere people are screaming and running. it was pandemonium. >> for the first time the drama of the coconut grove fire is coming to a boston stage. nearly 500 people died that overcrowded boston nightclub. >> it was a tragedy that devastated the city and years later inspired a playwright from texas to pay tribute to the victims with a moving drama. >> the guy came running up says the coconut grove son fire. >> reporter: this is one of the last rehearsals before friday's opening of inferno. fire at the coconut grove writen and directed by james hanson prince who runs the small theater company near dallas. >> it's an incredible story that needs mob told. >> reporter: and affecting people now a member of his wife's family died in that fire. >> everybody was affected. everybody knew somebody that was there or supposed to go there or they just left.
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characters are based on real people. the teenage on a special date. >> it's so exciting the coconut grove. >> reporter: the grove's owner the cigarette girl. the club's piano player and 16- year-old busboy who is often blamed for starting the fire when he lit a match so he could see to change a light bulb. >> a crowd formed outside our home and people were bang on the door yelling at me teal me to come outside calling me a murder. >> reporter: but the true cause is a mystery. much of the decor was made from highly flammable fabric and even paper. many people blamed electrical problems and faulty inspections. the busboy was exonerated. >> my name is michael barry and i will i playing the role of james jenkins. >> reporter: jenkins died and playing him is personal for michael. his family lost four people in the fire. >> my father would tell me stories and my grandmother would tell me stories. >> smoke was filling the ceiling. >> and i feel like was called
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>> reporter: using dialogue the tragedy and hero women unfolds. >> what i want them to get out of this is there's hope in life and forgiveness. >> sometimes it's hard to see how things like this fit into god's grand design. but i know good will come of it has to. >> and in fact a lot of good came out of it. stayed mate changes in fire safety regulations. there were advances in emergency medical care and in research into what we know as post-traumatic stress. inferno runs for 6 woke at plaza theater at boston center for as it can -- weeks at the for the arts. >> it would be explain to me this is why the door does this. >> it's tragedy amazing to see it turned into something crow ative. online shoppers know you
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>> how much would it cost to buy everything. how man figured out the answer. >> and thieves stealing credit card numbers at gas stations pumps and atms how to spot the skimmers. >> and prosecutors trying to put a kennedy cousin back in prisonch fight to reinstate the
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i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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live from the channel 4
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starts right now. >> now at 5:09 the strong storm system that caused so much damage in texas now headed in this direction. here 40-mile-per-hour winds caused a canopy to collapse just missing a convenience store. we are bracing for more damage here tonight. >> the heaviest wind and rain are expected to start in few hours for more on that we want to check back in with eric. >> it affect a lot of folks from texas to the southeast and midwest and here in february a line of tornado watches that are out on the east coast including philly and dc and those red squares are current tornado warnings. we have had reports of several deaths today because of those tornadoes. big sprawling storm system you can see here that line southwest of dc is where the strongest storms are. for us downpours this evening. it's heavier rain moving into the boston metro and through metro wet west. heavier rainfall leading to poor travel conditions this evening.


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