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tv   WBZ News  CBS  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11:00 starts right now. >> tonight, a powerful sign of solidarity. police from around the country unite in grief and loyalty, paying tribute to an officer from new england, killed her first day on duty. >> and tomorrow, they'll gather for 28-year-old ashley g, you indon's funeral in virginia. >> reporter: david, a display of grief here at the police department. and the marimack chief headed south along with eight other police officers planning to attend ashley guindon's funeral as we learn more about the plans to lay her at rest.
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home of ashley guindon. her mom there where her daughter spent her last few hours. her high school quote, live for nothing. guindon comes from a family of sworn protecters. her uncle -- protectors. her uncle works as a police chief. >> this is what police officers do every single day so you can go about your business and everybody can be safe. >> hold your traffic. shots have been fired. >> reporter: saturday, the 28- year-old and two other officers responded to a domestic call at a home. police say army staff sergeant and iraq war veteran ronald hamilton opened fire on them, quilling guindon and injuring her partners. he had already allegedly killed his wife. guindon's family plans to bury her next to her father, an air national guardsman in this west
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years ago, he committed -- cemetary. years ago, he committed suicide. >> she experienced a lot of tragedy but she was able to move forward with her dream. >> reporter: the police chief here in miramack says wherever she's traveled tomorrow until she's buried later this week, a representative from the police department will be with her the entire time. in miramack, new hampshire, christina hager, wbz news. emergency crews raced to the scene for a possible hazmat situation. several people were evacuated. turns out, someone left a plastic container on a hot plate. the scene is under control. no injuries. the manic monday before a super tuesday. the deluge of delegates will make some candidates and break
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the last-minute push is creating chaos. things turn ugly at a rally for donald trump. [ chanting "bernie" ] >> and many stand in line to meet bernie sanders here in massachusetts. 12 states, including massachusetts, are up for grabs tomorrow, with nearly a third the delegates needed for a nomination. the race between the democrats right now in massachusetts is too close to call. >> we show hillary clinton with a 3-point lead over bernie sanders. and today, they were both campaigning here in massachusetts. jim smith is in milton tonight at the rally. [ chanting "bernie" ] >> this is a raw cuss crowd. i love it! -- raucus crowd. i love it! >> reporter: bernie sanders, so pumped up by supporters in milton he's now pronouncing victory here in massachusetts. >> i think we're going to win here in massachusetts tomorrow! >> reporter: he worked the huge
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to the colonial heritage of changing the status quo. >> your state led the american revolution. [cheers and applause] >> now it is time for massachusetts to lead the political revolution!!! >> reporter: but bernie sanders wasn't the only one appearing here in massachusetts on this night before super tuesday. earlier, hillary clinton spoke before a packed house in boston. >> i need your help tomorrow! >> reporter: at the old south meeting house, mrs. clinton aimed at republican, instead of bernie sanders. >> we reject the kind of mean spiritedness, the bigotry being given by the american candidates. you know, america never stopped being great. >> you guess we'll find out tomorrow. >> reporter: bernie sanders tells me it all comes down to turnout .
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class people come out to vote, we will do well. if the voter turnout is low, we'll struggle. >> among republicans our poll shows donald trump way out in front in massachusetts and well ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz. one of donald trump's rallies got physical today. the secret service agent tackled a "time" photo journalist that shouted a swear word and then a black lives matter protest broke out in the middle of the crowd. >> get them out. get them out! all lives matter. >> those protestors are angry with trump because he refused to disenvow an endorsement from
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disenvow an endorsement from the leader of the klu klux klan. ted cruz is getting hot powered help in his home state. crews rallied more than a thousand supporters in texas texas governors. >> john kasich was also in massachusetts tonight, speaking at a town hall in plymouth. he's hoping the state will give him the second place finish he alive. >> polls open at 7:00 tomorrow morning. night. as soon as they close, we'll be on the air at 8:00. watch my tv 38 for the first results and rereaction. at 10:00, cbs news will have a primetime special here on wbz. stay with us for the wbz news at 11:00 for a full super tuesday wrapup . newly released documents show the marathon bombers acted alone. dzhokhar tsarnaev told agents he and his brother randomly
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left the bombs and he called tamer lan to synchronize the -- tamerlan to synchronize the bombings. made a video of you on the internet. i said, no. i don't do that. what are you talking about? >> erin andrews breaks down on the stand, describing the stalker that secretly videotaped her and then put that video out for millions to watch online. very emotional testimony, paula. >> reporter: erin andrews is angry, embarrassed, and feels shamed over the nude video back in 2008. she's suing the stalker who posted the video online and the hotel that gave him access to the room next to hers. >> all over the internet. and i didn't know what it was!
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>> reporter: sports reporterren andrew gave emotional testimony monday about video of her secretly recorded through peepholes at a nashville hotel. david barrett posted the video online after trying unsuccessfully to sell it. >> i could feel it in my head. i grabbed my laptop and flipped it open. like, you know your body. i saw it two seconds and said, oh, my god. i shut it down and i said, i have to call you back. and i called my parents. >> reporter: now andrews wants $75 million from both barrett and the hotel chain for causing her distress and humiliation. barrett was sentenced for 2 1/2 years in prison for stalking andrews back in 2010. andrews also told the court about the deep personal embarrassment she felt when the story broke and by the fact even though she was victimized, it was perceived as a scandal that was somehow partially her fault.
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it was publicity stunt, you know? espn scandal! she's doing this to herself. i'm, like, naked body was on the front page of "the new york post." they put bars over my body parts! [ crying ] >> reporter: she explains how espn, her employer at the time, forced her to discuss the issue on national television before she was allowed to return back to work. live in the satellite center, paula ebben, wbz news. you're about to see a picture of the man that robbed a store clerk. police say the man stole some cash from the register, then took off running. we now have video of the deadly police shooting in dorchester. the man was carrying another man shot in the leg. police repeatedly ordered the armed man to drop his gun. when he didn't, they fired, killing the 29-year-old.
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shifts. a night after gold in -- at the boss awards ceremony, more are speaking out about sexual assault. >> reporter: it was like the tip of an iceberg with so much lurking beneath the surface. but now she says due to the hard work of the "spotlight" team and the movie, the masses can see the magnitude of the issue. >> "spotlight." >> i gave out a little woop! and, you know, was clapping and just smiling and shed a couple tears. >> reporter: in her holbrook home, alexa said she became emotional as she saw "spotlight" win the oscar for best picture. >> which story do you want us to write? because we're writing one of them. >> reporter: and it wasn't the
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but finally an endearing voice for the voiceless. >> they realized the way the church covered up and protected these pedophiles. >> reporter: she was sexually abused but a priest in a boston parish starting when she was just 3 years old. and she says the film portraying the boston globe investigation into the catholic clergy sex abuse scandal has empowered victims just like her. >> felt like we were given a stronger voice on a larger scale. >> and this oscar amplifies that voice. >> reporter: for boston attorney mitch beraginian, that empowerment has meant more victims with the strength to come forward. more than 50 since the film was released. >> now they are gaining the dignity they lost as children when they were sexually abused but a priest. >> reporter: a vatican
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win by, quote, showing the profound pain. staking -- taking one for the team. >> tom brady reportedly on board for four more years and how that move could help the rest of the players. >> for our poll, we asked voters what one word comes to mind when they think of each candidate. what speaks volume of the state of the presidential race. >> a new month starts tomorrow. as we kick off march, cold air is on the scene and tracking ice and rain for tomorrow night coming up. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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program that extended hours on the weekends. it costs too much and not enough people were using it, they said. it'll shut down march 18th. our poll numbers provides all these have you been words. >> yeah. these word clouds paint an interesting perception of voter perceptions. and john keller gives us more on the findings. john? >> reporter: here we are. these campaigns can seem endless at times. but they do matter. donald trump was once dismissed as a joke. hillary clinton has been shaky at times. but our poll have shown both have used this campaign to create positive impressions in the voters' minds. [ rock music ] we're not going to take it >> reporter: why do massachusetts republicans just love themselves some trump? look at these one word assessments from likely gop primary voters. the bigger the word, the more
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you can't do much better than strong, honest, and leader. marco rubio was seen as young, inexperienced, and weak. too much for the occasional mention of "smart" to overcome. and two words about ted cruz appeared to have resinated here. conservative. that's okay. but liar? that doesn't help. john kasich draws praise for honest and nice but being unknown at this late stage is a killer. also note the word "rhino." a deadly description in this climate. and what about the star bernie sanders? he wins the honesty contest and the passion poll. but words like "old" and "socialist" complicate his image. hillary clinton seems to have secured her desired branding, "experienced" and "strong"
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>> american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails! >> me too! me too! [ laughter ] >> love them or hate them, you have to acknowledge trump has expertly used the media to promote his brand. and clinton took full advantage of the tv debates to dispel doubts about her candidacy. tomorrow night, trump and possibly clinton are poised to add a crucial noun to their word clouds, "winner." john, lisa? >> thank you. we'll be covering it all! tomorrow, we'll be closing the book on february, belief it or not! >> and the weather not shutting out anybody from the polls tomorrow. >> yes! thankfully! we tie in boston at 64. small sample size for february 29th. only three of them in the boston areas. but exceptional warmth out there. and an interesting month.
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our coldest air in decades. threw water in the air to turn it to snow. above average snow in boston. but our warmest day since 1997 in february. severe storm watch in the city and a lot of days of 50s and 60s. so a lot of weird stuff in february for us. we're watching the cold starting to work its way in. an arctic front pushing toward central new york. snow falls through vermont. most that will dry up overnight. but what we'll get is a burst of stronger winds tomorrow morning and the colder temperatures. out the door, looking at 20s and low 30s to kick off our super tuesday. for the rest of the day, the winds will start to subside. temperatures making the low 40s which is 20 degrees colder than today. but it's right on target for this time of the year. a high of 44 in boston. wooster just over 40 degrees. bedford around 46. march coming in like a lamb. but tomorrow night, some changes. winter weather advisories here
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the reason is a bit of a wintery mix as the next system moves in which is midnight tomorrow night. just enough cold across northern wooster county and new hampshire and the berkeleyshires. there -- berkshires. i don't think the freezing rain and snow will stick too long. thursday morning, all rain. wednesday morning's drive, rain, gusty winds. a little less wind and a lower severe threat than the last storm last week. that rain will be wrapping up by midday. and behind it, the cold air will funnel in. big changes between wednesday morning in the 50s, wednesday evening in the 30s, and 20s very quickly after sundown. so prepare for a lot of change there in the mid-week. then the next system we're watching is on friday. keeping close tabs on this one. right now, it's south of us. a chance of snow showers only. but it's cold enough that it could be a winter storm. the next few days, we'll keep an eye on the trends.
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but it's close enough to keep a watchful eye on it. here's your accu weather 7- day. much colder the second half of the week. thursday we stay sub freezing. 30s on friday. and a chilly weekend. this may be the last big burst of cold because next week looks very warm in the northeast. david and lisa, back to you! >> thank you so much! likely inundated with ads on photos with all those trendy outfits at low prices. >> we put the deals to the test. and tonight, buyer beware. my favorite room in anthropology is the sale room. >> reporter: when she finds a good deal, she has to share. >> i thought the clothes were cute. >> reporter: she ordered a cream and black aztec sweater for $23. >> when i opened it, just this really rank smell came out of the bag --
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>> i won't be ordering from them again. >> reporter: i found thousands of complaints about rose gal and heavy facebook advertisers. the overseas companies are accused of using fake pictures, misleading customers about shipping times, and not giving refunds unless viewers take down negative posts. >> this is cute! >> reporter: i went to four sites that advertise all over facebook. >> it all looks great on the models. >> reporter: i picked a black shirt, $13, and a leather jacket for $16. a jess for $23 from she in. a red coat from maxi dress. and now a moment of truth. this is the black jacket. the very first thing i notice, the material. this looks like fake leather. not. okay. right away i'm worried i'm going to bust through this like the hulk. it's called a wool coat.
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the black shirt was next. it's supposed to be a little longer. and, again, this is a medium. and it's a little tight. this dress is too short and too tight to show on tv. just take my word for it. the color is a little off compared to the picture. abby wasn't surprised to hear about our results. she's sticking with stores where she can see and smell the clothes before she buys them. >> not really any of the cheapy facebook ads, i don't think i'm going to go down that road again. >> reporter: none of the companies returned our request for a comment. we did reach out to facebook. a spokesperson told us that facebook prohibits advertisements that are deceptive, false, or misleading. they added they will investigate and take action if violations are discovered. >> i can't believe the coat from nasty dress wasn't was what it appeared! [ laughter ] down but not up! >> the celtics on the edge of a
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we'll show you if they kept it
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welcome back, everyone a win for the celtics. they beat the utah jazz tonight. bradley came up with one huge block down the stretch! [no audio]
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mickey for the dunk! celtics take the lead in the 4th. turner. 6 points to zellar. back and forth down the stretch. former butler star to put the jazz up with 49 seconds to go. but thomas kicks it back to crowder who drains the 3. got it! nailed it! celtics go back up 96-95. had a game high of 22 points. bradley makes two tremendous blocks! the green made some free throws and won it 195 proudly with a block without following. portland comes to town on wednesday. big patriots news of the day, four more years of tom brady. the pats quarterback has agreed to a two-year extension that will keep him in foxboro
11:27 pm
old, by the way. the deal will most likely be a cap space for the patriots to use this season. the nhl trade deadline came and went. the bruins did not trade loui eriksson. >> it's about the right deal. and, you know, this team has performed such that we're in a pretty good position if we take care of business between now and then. and i think that's important. we have said all along i think we'll be a very competitive club in playoff positioning. and we hope to maintain that within the next games. >> reporter: the twins in fort myers. looked fine. double play. and this easy ground. he singled and doubled. just crushes the blast. they beat the eagles and northeastern 8-3 in game 2.
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we'll be right back. closed captioning is brought to you by xfinity.
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alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're
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getting a little colder! >> much colder. tomorrow morning, 20s, low 30s. not cold, but colder! >> that is much colder! okay! we've been warned, thanks. >> thank you, steve! thank you for watching! >> see you tomorrow on super


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