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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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right now at 4:30, super tuesday, voters in massachusetts and others head to the polls, the message candidates want you to hear before you vote. a fallen officer remembered, the memorial plans today to honor the new england woman killed during her first day on the job. plus, part of children's hospital evacuated, the scare that brought out a hazmat team. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning" . . good morning to you, it is 4:30 right now. i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm lee martin in for
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march 1, this is the start of meteorological spring. also super tuesday, fat super tuesday, doughnuts. >> i didn't realize there were doughnuts! >> kathryn, holding out on you! [ laughter ] did you guys wake up from the wind, howling and it's still strong right now, gusting over 30 miles per hour from worcester to plymouth but the wind, let me tell you, will subside very quickly, a secondary cold front that came in, the real feel at 19 and was 29 in boston and colder air continues to stream in as well. even though we're 40 in boston right now, look at keene sitting in burlington. we're going to continue to pull in some of this colder air over the next couple of hours. skies, cleared out overnight as well, few leftover scattered clouds along with south coast back down to the cape, otherwise, no weather related
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30 degrees at 7:00 a.m. this morning. as the polls open up, we're around 40 for noon time, just a few wispy clouds, a light wind. temperatures obviously much colder than yesterday, but pretty normal for this time of year. we'll be partly cloudy, dry, and quiet in the 30s as we head through the evening hours. a little bit of freezing rain and then plain old rain tomorrow, all the details, you guys, hour by hour. >> danielle, thank you very much. police investigating a serious crash in randolph, a driver thrown from a vehicle on southbound, that person rushed to the hospital, no word yet on their condition. it is super tuesday, as we're mentioning at the top of the show. 13 states along with massachusetts today with more than half needed for the delegates, and more than half needed for the democratic. so will today's results mark the end of another campaign? polls here in massachusetts open
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chose at 8:00 tonight. >> the race between the democrats is very tight heading in to the vote. our wbz poll shows hillary clinton with just a three point lead over bernie sanders, as smith reports both candidates massachusetts. >> bernie, bernie, bernie! >> this is a raucous crowd, i love it. >> reporter: bernie sanders, so pumped up by supporters in milton that he's now predicting victory here in massachusetts. >> i look around this crowd tonight, i think we're going to win here in massachusetts tomorrow. >> reporter: he worked the huge crowd in to a frenzy, appealing to the colonial heritage of changing the status quo. >> your state led the american revolution. [ cheers and applause ] to lead the political revolution. >> reporter: but bernie sanders
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here in massachusetts on this night before super tuesday. earlier, hillary clinton spoke before a packed house in boston. >> i need your help tomorrow. >> reporter: at the old south meeting house, she aimed at republicans instead of bernie sanders. >> we reject the kind of mean-spiritedness, the demagoguery, the bigotry being peddled by the republican candidates. you know, america never stopped being great. >> i guess we'll find that out tomorrow. >> reporter: back in milton, senator sanders told me it will all work out. >> if working mras people, young people come out to vote, if the -- come out to vote, we'll do well. former president bill clinton holding a rally in
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is the best candidate to unite america. >> we need to send a loud and clear signal, we are building america, we're in the tearing it down -- we're not tearing it down. we know america is great but it's not whole, what you want to do won't make it whole, what we want to do will let us rise and hillary clinton wants to rise together, thank you. >> bill clinton reminded voters they gave her a resounding win here in 2008 and asked them to do it again. meanwhile, among republicans, our poll shows donald trump way ahead in massachusetts with a sizable lead over marco rubio and ted cruz. one of donald trump's rallies got physical yesterday, take a look at this. the secret service member got in to a scuffle with a time magazine photojournalist and minutes later, a black lives matter protest broke out in the middle of the crowd. >> get him out. get him out. all lives matter. [ cheers and applause ] >> protesters are angry with
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refused to reject an endorsement from former kkk leader david duke during a tv interview. trump now says he couldn't hear the question clearly and duke says asking people to vote for trump is not the same as an endorsement. marco rubio held rally if tennessee -- in tennessee, oklahoma, yesterday. he launched plenty of attacks at trump and called him by names. most often calling him the savage. ted cruz repeatedly interrupted by protesters at his rally in his home state of texas last night. they chanted cruz bad for texas, bad for the country. he needs a win in texas to chip away at trump's lead. jon kasich -- john kasich was in massachusetts yesterday at plymouth, hoping our state will give him the second place finish he needs to keep his campaign alive. and just a quick reminder, wbz
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this super tuesday, get the first results and reaction on my tv 38 as soon as the polls close, at 8:00 tonight. then at 10:00, cbs news will have a primetime special here on wbz followed by a full super tuesday wrap up on at this time wbz news at 11:00. a funeral held today for an officer from new england killed during her first daze on duty. -- day on duty. last night a look of solidarity as they accompanied her to the chapel, ashley gwindyn, bunting wrapped in her memory, planning to bury her next to her father in this cemetery in west springfield, massachusetts. he was an air national guardsman who committed suicide in 2004 after returning from a tour of duty in iraq. >> she had experienced a lot of
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she was able to move forward with her dreams gentleman army staff sergeant ronald hamilton charged in her murder. the funeral for ashley will be at noon today in wood bridge, virginia. a show of support for the officer from the surprising place at the combine, kennedy from virginia will wear the special cleats when he runs the 40 yard dash today. the officer's name inscribed on the cornerback's shoes with the words "never forget" one shoe given to her family, the other auctioned off to raise money for her memorial fund. 4:38, a scare at boston's children's hospital. emergency crews rush to the scene for a possible hazmat situation last night. seven people were evacuated. it turns out someone left a plastic container on a hot plate, no injuries. right now police searching
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clerk armed with a hypodermic needle, police said the man stole cash then took off running. newly released documents show the bombers acted alone because they felt they couldn't trust anyone, also dealing tsarnaev's capture, he called tamerlan to synchronize the explosions. we learn that three months before the deadly attacks, tamerlan tsarnaev passed a test and pledged allegiance. no mar late nights on the mbt -- more late nights on the mbta. plus, a sports caster breaks down against her lawsuit against a hotel and the stalker who
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getting ready of late night service but a private company wanting to broker a deal with the city to keep late night transit open, uber and lyft
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down with 't' officials marty walsh. losing money and slated to shut down march 18. a new guarantee of subways foot longs. where massachusetts ranks in a nationwide poll for women. jill wagner joins us at the new york stock exchange with our money watch. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn and liam. compared to different states that speak to the needs of women like access to healthcare and high paying jobs, minnesota was number one followed by vermont and new hampshire, massachusetts is number five, but it scored really high marks when it comes to women having health insurance. there's an update to google maps on ios, users can now find pit stops like gas stations and grocery stores without leaving the navigation mode, it's available anywhere that google navigation operates. and subway wants to make sure their foot long subs are
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this comes after a class action lawsuit in 2013, a teenager posted a picture of a sandwich, it was only 11 inches long. as part of the settlement, subway says it will institute measures to make sure its bread is a full 12 inches. >> but you won't be able to get it for $5; right? >> now it's $6. >> it will cost you $6. [ laughter ] >> it is true, getting a foot long is crazy, but it's true, when you get it. it doesn't feel like 12 inches. >> subway expert. he had it for lunch. [ laughter ] the wind this morning, it woke me up, woke the baby up too. >> yeah, that's not fun. >> but it was loud, howling! >> it was, danielle, absolutely windy. >> yeah, trash day in my neighborhood too. >> all good! >> getd geting -- getting in, avoiding that stuff. the wind is strong.
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it in boston at 64 degrees, remarkable. 57 broke the record in worcester, now changes are moving in. 40 in boston, not too bad. but it's 32 worcester, keene, 28 springfield, vermont, burlington. to our north and west it will continue to move in to the region the next couple hours, being brought in by that strong wind, between 20 and 40 miles per hour right now. the one thing you will notice is between now and through the morning, the wind will continue to subside. so the strongest wind is out there right now. and even though we're 40 in boston, we'll fall by a few more degrees between now and 8:00 a.m. and come back in the 40s. these are the highs by later on this afternoon, a lot of those reached by the time we get to this evening. the sun will be shining, just a few leftover clouds in south coast, the sun will be with us, wispy clouds and then turn our attention to the west, next storm coming in to the west, areas of snow from michigan, stretching back in through
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we will mostly be on the warmer side of this storm, but there's just enough cold air that as we start to see the precipitation move in tonight, there will be a brief period of some freezing rain, particularly outside of 128. the typical spots, you know the drill at this point of the season. we have areas of freezing rain, from the route 2 corridor in so southern new hampshire and predawn. the rain comes down hard at times tomorrow morning, maybe a brief lull but look at that coming in during the morning commute tomorrow. and then wrapping up pretty quickly. by noon time tomorrow, a left yefr -- leftover shower, breaks in the sun and then clearing comes in through the afternoon and evening. because of that start of a light wintry mix, tonight, a winter weather advisory issued from
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until 1:00 p.m., that's -- 1:00 a.m., that's why we might suggest that. temperatures fall from the 50s tomorrow, early to the 40s during the afternoon, thursday will be much colder, running in the 30s for high temperatures and then a storm to our south, we're going to have to watch for the friday time frame looks like most of it will pass to our south, but may come close enough to skirt us with snow showers on friday, we'll keep an eye on it. weekend looking good, just chilly temperatures in the upper 30s. >> thank you very much. a win for apple and its fight to keep the government out of its iphones. a federal judge in new york ruled that investigators cannot force apple to unlock an iphone owned by a convicted drug investigators wanted the company to break the security code without wiping the data so they could access contact info for other suspected drug dealers. this comes as apple is fighting a court ruling to help the fbi break in to the iphone belonging
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shooters. video on the internet, i don't do that, what are you talking about? >> erin andrews describing the stalker who secretly videotaped her and then posted the footage online. she's expected back on the stand the hotel. emotional testimony. didn't know what it was. erin andrews gave emotional testimony in court monday about video of her secretly recorded through peep holes at a nashville marriott hotel. michael david barrett posted it online after trying unsuccessfully to sell it. >> like, i can feel it in my head. i go on my laptop and flipped it open, and you know your body.
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i called my parents. >> reporter: now andrews wants $75 million from barrett and the hotel chain from causing her stress and humiliation. barett got two and a half years, and the deep personal embarrassment when the story broke, even though she was victimized, it was perceived as a scandal that was somehow partially her fault. >> it was everywhere, and, you know, publicity stunt, espn scandal, she's doing this to herself. my naked body was on the front page of the new york post, like, they put bars over my body parts! >> reporter: andrews also explained how espn, her employer at the time forced her to talk about the issue on national television before she was allowed to go back to work. in the satellite center, paula ebben, wbz this morning. still ahead this morning, a word of warning for major league baseball players. >> the letters being put up at
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policy here in boston and several other stadiums. also coming up, the success of the movie "spotlight" having a mange real -- major real life impact on survivors of clergy sex abuse. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change
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by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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new details on our breaking news this morning, state police say two people were seriously hurt when a van went off the road in randolph and rolled over. this happened just before 2:00 a.m. on route 24 southbound. both victims were taken to area hospitals. no word on their condition. our top stories this morning, funeral services will be held today for the officer from new england killed during a first day on duty in virginia. black bunting drapes the police station in ashley guindon's hometown of merrimack, new hampshire. the 28-year-old's family plans to bury her next to her father at this cemetery in west springfield, massachusetts. he was an air national guardsman who committed suicide in 2004 after returning from a dur of duty -- tour of duty in iraq. voters in mafz and 11 other states head to the polls this super tuesday. the secretary of state is predicting high voter turnout here. polls show donald trump leading republican candidates and a very tight race between democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders. both of them held rallies
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now, polls in massachusetts are open from 7:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. we'll have much more on the koeunld in a live -- candidates in a live report ahead of 5:00. after winning the oscar for best picture, spotlight, prompting more in the sex abuse scandal. lawyers in boston say more survivors are coming forward. mitchell garabedian, an attorney featured in the film said more than 50 victims came forward spins the spotlight de-- since the spotlight debut. one woman who received a settlement says she understand why the film is empowering. alexa claims she was abused by a priest for six years, she says it highlights the church's misdeeds to a wider audience. >> more people realize what we've been through and that these documents really existed, that the church did actively participate in this cover up.
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dignity that they lost as children when they were sexual abuse abused by a priest. >> there are cases around td world. a man attacking officers with a needle is turning himself in, michael tried to stab the officer and then took off, the chase ended with an officer crashed in chelsea, that officer is okay. boston police releasing surveillance video of an officer-involved shooting in dorchester. it happened last month when officers responded to reports of a gunfight. they say a man with a gun was carrying another man who had been shot in the leg. police repeatedly ordered the armed man to drop his gun, when they did not, they shot and killed him. a local fort dating back to the revolutionary war is being targeted by vandals, fort revere first manned by general george washington's troops. now graffiti covers every part
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police are trying to track down the vandal who spray painted the site, visitors are frustrated with the fort's appearance. >> throw big good security cameras in this place, high enough and then film it, then everybody knows everybody in this town, you got them kids. >> definitely sad that people treat a part of history like that. >> crews from the department of conservation and recreation have tried to paint over the graffiti but they have not been able to keep up with the vandals. 4:56, ahead this morning, smile. >> a dog whose trip to the
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there's a puppy in michigan going through a rite of passage, you may have thought for preteens and teenagers. >> showing off his teeth, so crooked he couldn't close his mother, his photos have gone viral, he has to wear them for just a few weeks and doing just fine with them. >> is he embarrassed the same way teens are when they come home with their braces? >> maybe! i didn't think dogs could get braces. >> neither did i, and as we said is, we learn something new everyday on this show. >> well, still with the lovely style. your top stories weather and traffic ahead on wbz. >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. breaking news at 5:00, police investigating a serious crash in randolph. the details we're learning this morning.
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massachusettand 11 other states heading to the polls. we're going to have a closer look at both sides. a look at a fallen officer, killed on the first day of the job. the private company now trying to save. from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning" . . >> 5:00 on this tuesday, i'm liam martin in for chris mckinnon. >> and i'm kathryn hauser, we appreciate you being here on this super tuesday, march 1. a check of your forecast, maybe the wind woke you up, i know that was the case with me. >> oh, yeah, the wind, february's behind us but the wind is with us. >> but it's going to subside pretty substantially just in the last hour we've seen the gust diminish from 40, 40 plus to now 31 miles per hour, that wind


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