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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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break now is right now at 4:30 a suv pulled from a newton shop. >> we are following a developing story in mashpee war 13-year-old -- where a 13-year- old boy was seriously injured. >> super tuesday results. several races declared late last night. we have the winners and the numbers and reaction. from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you it's 4:30 i am kathryn hauser. >> i am liam martin in for chris mckinnon.
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danielle niles joining us and not too bad i guess overnight. it was a little rainy though. >> yeah a little rainy and the rain is picking back up in central massachusetts. so we have downpours right now huge range in temperatures. 35 in worcester but 49 in boston and lower 50s right now when you get south of town through brockton and plymouth and the rain is going to be continuing to press east over the next several hours. getting into worcester along 495 there's light rain and it picks up in intensity with heavier downpours along the mass turnpike stretching up to barre and orange and all will shift from west to east over the next several hours. so i would have the wet weather gear with you. the wind is gusty too. gusts between 20 and 35 miles per hour. but that wind will ramp up and we may see gusts that top out 40 to 50 miles per hour at the coastline of essex county back to the cape. so temperatures right around 50. just shy of that.
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morning rush hour with areas of rain and gusty winds. breaks of sun out by lunchtime. rain ends by late to mid morning and winds will continue to remain strong falling temperatures will be in the mid- 30s for the ride home and colder and clearer the wind chill will be in the 20s at that . you guys. i am tracking a slight chance of snow on friday and we will talk more about that in a couple minutes. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news out of newton. the suv involved in a deadly crash at a pizza restaurant pulled from the building overnight. >> two customers were killed in that crash. seven others injured. let's get to nicole jacobs on the scene with the latest. just a tragic story nicole. >> reporter: very tragic kathryn. but you can see the scene has now cleared after several hours of investigating here on the scene. you can see this building is now boarded up. and certainly it was an incredible tragedy. just after 6 yesterday evening, an suv plowed into the sweet tomatos restaurants during the
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we do know two people were killed here as customers they were here and two others including employees i should say seven others including employees were injured. of the 7 three suffered serious injuries. the driver and passenger was taken to the hospital. the based on police radio transmissions a 9 len 11 call -- 911 caller made reference to road rage. >> the infection we have is a car came down chester street didn't stop at the end of the street and tend across washington street into the front of the restaurant. >> reporter: you see the suv in restaurant.
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glasses brokee anded bar being pushed -- broken and the bar being pushed back. looking at the building that is boarded up, the situation is still under investigation. authorities have not released individuals involved. they say they are still working on identifying and notifying the next of kin. live in west newton nicole jacobs wbz this morning. residents who live in the apartments above the pizza night. we spoke with a woman who lives there and she didn't want to go on camera but described the chaotic scene. >> i heard a crash and simultaneously the fire alarm in the building went off and i couldn't understand theconnection between a crash and fear alarm. i saw two cars that had collided right on washington street but when i came out my neighbor said you won't believe the extent of what happened. >> all the residents spent the night somewhere else. it's unclear if they will be
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you can stay with wbz and we will bring you new information on this deadly crash and the investigation as we get it. also developing news now a.123-year-old boy -- a 13 year old boy in the hospital after being hit by a car in mass pee. we are -- mashpee we are told he suffered life-threatening injuries. he was walking when he was hit. they were working at the scene to try to figure out what happened. no word if any charges will be filed. now to the other big story the super tuesday results hillary clinton a winner here in massachusetts but it was close. clinton can 50 to sand -- with 50 to sanders 49%. on the republican side donald trump cruised to an easy win 49% of the vote john kasich was second with 18% and on his tail was marco rubio. as for national picture donald trump and hillary with a big winners. >> but ted cruz marco rubio and
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mark albert takes a closer look at the results. >> reporter: after securing key victories in several delegate rich states donald trump is shifting his focus to the general election. and his republican party. >> i am going to get along great with congress. paul ryan i don't know him but i am sure i will get along great and if i don't he will pay a big price. >> reporter: cruz is touting wins in oklahoma and texas. >> the strongest campaign to beat donald trump is our campaign. >> reporter: trump super tuesday wins are soaking fear in the republican establishment whoquestion whether the nomination would keep him out of the white house. >> i think we are about to lose to the most dishonest politician hillary cline and and how? nominate swob who is crazy. >> reporter: marco rubio echoed the senator rubio picked up just one win yesterday in minnesota. >> i am the only candidate that can unite the party and grow it.
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split the party and split the conservative movement. >> reporter: with wins in 7 states, democrat hillary clinton widened her lead over bernie sanders. >> it's clear tonight the stakes have never been higher. >> reporter: sanders won in colorado oklahoma minnesota and his home state of vermont. >> the people if we stand together will be victorious. >> reporter: the presidential candidates face their next major test march 15th. mark albert. ted cruz has won alaska with trump finishing second. so what's next for the candidates? our political analyst john keller takes a closer look. >> reporter: so where do we go from here? this saturday the focus remains on the south and midwest. with both parties voting in louisiana and kansas and republicans choosing in kentucky. next tuesday, primaries for
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mississippi and then it's vote a giton with two swing states ohio and florida plus illinois and missouri and north carolina. as the republican race shifts from proportional distribution of delegates to winner take all. the bottom line, trump's competitors and gop establishment have less than 2 weeks to stall his role. if he still has momentum heading into the 15th he can end it right there. what about the democrats? hillary clinton proved last night she he got a strangle hold on the nomination. and while bernie sanders has the money to forge on and a message he still wants to spread, it's hard to see where the upcoming map offers him much hope. so, no, it's not over yet. but it might be over by the time they play ball at fenway park pf not sooner. i am jon keller at large -- park. if not sooner i am jon keller at large. >> we have more on our website
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candidates and jon keller and and sift --analysis. four people are hurt after a possible tornado in birmingham alabama. damaging homes and the red cross set up a shelter. national weather service crews will be out there today surveying the damage. it's #:39 right -- 4:39 right now. coming up, changes to southeastis the patrick's day parade. >> they are shottening the route -- changes to the st. patrick's day parade. >> they are shortening the route. >> and the details about the run away red line train. the final report is in.
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a year in space has ended with a dramatic parachute to earth. astronaut scott kelly and russian cosmonaut land safely. the two lived together on the international space station for 340 days. they circle the earth more than 5400 times. the mission to study effects of long-term space travel on the body. and now we and tis--
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mcdonnel's upping the ante with the happy kneel and streaming direct tv without the dish. march is off to a good start. >> reporter: that's right good morning. the bulls marched into trading on wall street. dow jumped 348 points on tuesday. nasdaq finished 131 points higher. that's the biggest one-day gain since august. soon you will be able to get direct tv without the bulky satellite dish. at&t which bought direct tv is launching three new streaming video options they will run on oops. there's no word -- apps. there's no word what it will cost. it is less than current direct tv bundles. mcdonald's is making happy meal box that turn into virtual reality headsets. it's in sweden for now and if successful they could launch the so-called happy goggles in the united states.
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cardboard box the meal comes in and insert special virtual reality lenses. liam and kathryn. >> maybe you are look through and virtual reality is food that taste pretty good. i am sorry i had to do it. >> it would be cool. >> reporter: i like where yourhead is at. >> thanks very much. this is a welcomed sign. a sure sign spring is near. sky-high over fenway park showing the ice rink and ski jump are gone. and they are going to be replaced by sod. the grounds crew is getting the field ready for the sox home opener on april 11th which will be here before you know it. >> right around the corn and it feels like spring today -- corner and it feels like spring today. >> we are in the 50s right now. you are right. south of boston and it's a warm start. depends where you are contrast with 35 in worcester and as rain is moving back in so we had a batch overnight and there's another area that's pushing in through central massachusetts. it's 49 in boston right now.
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in over the next 45 minutes or so. worcester into downpours. let's zoom in along sutton back up towards the sea of worcester. oxford deeper yellows and these are he haver elements of rain. so really all the way from princeton and now stretching on the west side of sterling and downpours moving through and they extend through southern new hampshire pouring from jaffrey up to peterboro and a couple downpours as well. it will slide east and we had a batch overnight and this is additional moisture coming through between now and late morning for most of us. there's snow back to the west. if you put temperatures on here. 55 new york city right now. contrast with 16 degrees in buffalo new york. there's a cold front for you. and that colder air is going to work into the region. through the day today. so even though we are warm this morning. with areas of rain notice what happens. by 10:30 most of the rain is done. so it's unfortunate timing for
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visibility and through the afternoon, our temperatures fall through the 40s and this is normal for this time of the year but it will be a different evening commute. skies will be clear but temperatures will be in the 30s at that point and wind chills will be running in the 20s. the wind is going to be strong. we have a wind advisory up until 9 a.m. this morning for eastern essex county and the south coast of cape cod. we may see isolated gusts to 50 miles per hour. at some of that heaviest rain comes through and may cause an isolated outage or two. nothing all that widespread. notice by 7 a.m. there are the gusts 40 plus from gloucester back down to plymouth and cape cod. for the rest of us it's a windy day with wind gusts 20 to 35 miles per hour on through the afternoon and evening. adding that bite to the air. speaking of bite it turns cold tonight. teens north and west of boston22 in boston clear skies with the wind that will be
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be in the single digits in some suburbs north and west of boston tomorrow and highs tomorrow don't get out of the mid to upper 30s that may be a little generous so it's a cold but bright thursday and then we turn our attention to the south. we talked about the last couple days storm coming out of the ohio valley and redeveloping off the carolina coastline. sound familiar? we have had several storms like this this winter. the bulk of the storm looks like it's going to pass out to sea but notice it comes close enough to graze us with areas of snow on friday and the greatest risk of picking up a few in, of -- inches of snow is along the south coast and cape cod too early to pinpoint the exact amounts won we could be looking -- and we could be looking at one to three inch snowfall event. the weekend is on the chilly side upper 30s and rebounding guys back to you. >> thanks very much. boston st. patrick's day parade will be shorter again
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and police say safer too. mayor walsh says the parade follows the same route as last year's that had been shortened because of the snow that was still on the ground. that's not an issue this time around but missioner -- commissioner evans says it waseasier for police to patrol and fewer incidents of drunk and misconduct and a sakes of overtime. >> and boston-veiled a -- unveiled a street sweeper making it for the narrow streets in some neighborhoods like the north end and it can hold more debris. >> sorry about that we have new details about the run away red line train from december. the final report claiming it was the operator's fault. reports says david vazquez stepped off the train to activate by-pass mode but when he flipped the switch the train took off. photos show he he had wrapped a
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control and the report proposessafety changes including moving the switch inside the train. >> a lot more ahead on this super wednesday. we have super tuesday election results. >> and allegations by the way of voter obstruction against president bill clinton right here in massachusetts. >> and concerns about
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we are following breaking
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overinvestigators removed the suv that crashed into a newton restaurant killing two people and injuring at least 7 more. it crashed through the front windows of the sweet tomatoes restaurant on washington street during the dinner rush. police radio transmission referred to a 911 call here called it a road rage incident but the district attorney says it is too soon to comment. and developing news on the cape this morning. a 13-year-old boy in mashpee suffers life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car. police say the boy was walking around 8:30 when he was hit. no word on if charges will be filed. it was a super tuesday for donald trump. the republican front-runner winning 7 states last night. he he won vermont, virginia, massachusetts, georgia, alabama, tennessee and arkansas. and new results just in from alaska's gop caulk outs, trump finished second there. behind ted cruz.
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senator picked up a victory in oklahoma. cruz suggested his trailing rivals drop out and rally behind him to keep trump out of the white house. marco rubio scored the first win of the primary season the florida senator winning men so thea's -- minnesota's caucus. his home state will head there in 13 days where he will be in a close race with donald trump. kasich and carson are vowing to fight on. kasich the ohio governor did finish a distant second in massachusetts and second in vermont as well. as for car sewn didn't do so well -- carson e. didn't do so well. he -- he didn't do so well and told a crowd in maryland he is not giving up. >> hillary clinton won massachusetts virginia, tennessee, georgia, arkansas alabama and texas. with those wins, clinton picked
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she is leading sanders by more than 630 overall delegates. as for sanders, he won 4 states including late night victories in colorado and minnesota. he also won in oklahoma and his stopple of ver -- and his home state of vermont he is vowing to stay in the race until july. form her president bill clinton was trying to drump last minute support for his wife in massachusetts. but there are concerns about whether he violated election rules. mr. clinton and mayor marty walsh went inside an auditorium where voting was underway. you are not allowed to campaign inside a polling place. secretary of state bill gallonvin's office contacted the clinton campaign to make sure it didn't happen again. we have much more campaign coverage on the website including state and national results and reaction from the candidates and john kel -- jon kel are's anall sis. hundreds of police officers
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family of a new hampshire native killed in the line of duty and loyalty to one another. 28-year-old ashley guindon was shot and killed responding to a domestic violence call. it was the her first shift as police officer. the funeral was so crowded people had to stand outside. >> it was her desire to serve and be involved in things that mattered to give her life to something worth give it -- giving it to and that's what she did. >> her family plans to bury her next to her father later this week in west springfield massachusetts. new hampshire is reporting the first case of the zika virus. the health department says a woman got the virus through sexual contact with a man who returned from a country dealing with an outbreak of the mosquito born illness. doctors say the woman is not pregnant and is fully recovered. in other news mass general
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just a few years ago the hospital added 100 beds as part of a 500 million dollar expansion. but the hospital tells the globe er visits have increased 18% just in the last 6 years. and says the entire hospital is at capacity every day during peak times. it's 4:56. still ahead it came down to the last second. >> the surprising ending to a high school basketball state championship game and it's a lesson learned. we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. right now? yeah! that sounds great! could they guess what it was? very rich and smooth.
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i keep touching my face. so what had we used? what?! wait! just water was added to this? my skin definitely feels much more radiant. that sense of having like smooth dewy skin only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream for smoother, more radiant skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for
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welcome back. a rhode island basketball teamlearned a hard way the game is not over until it's over. >> you got that right. players in harrisville thought they won state title and steal the ball but the guy throws it up in the air and thinks time is going to exspire and passes it -- expire and passes it into the hands of the . and think they have won and the team called time out and that led to this a pass inbounds and theythe guy tips it in and they win 60-59 and from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. and you got to dribble the ball to runt clock out or throw -- run the clock out or he threw it backwards. >> not a good situation. that's really talk about down to the wire. >> down to the wire. very sad. >> your top stories traffic and weather ahead on wbz this morning. >> news at 5 starts right now. breaking right now at 5 an
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pulled from a newton pizza shop. we are live on the scene with the latest. >> also developing this morning a 13-year-old hit by a car on the cape. the latest on the investigation now underway. >> hillary clinton and donald trump celebrate super tuesday wins here in massachusetts. we will have a closer look at results both here and across the country. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good wednesday morning everybody. i am liam martin in for chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser it's wednesday march 2nd and you are going to need rain gear today. as well we will break down the super tuesday results from overnight. >> first, we will check in with danielle niles. when we stepped outside it felt humid. >> yes. and temperatures near 50 right now. and so it's warm start. 53 in brockton low 50s in plymouth and 35 in worcester right now.


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