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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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pulled from a newton pizza shop. we are live on the scene with the latest. >> also developing this morning a 13-year-old hit by a car on the cape. the latest on the investigation now underway. >> hillary clinton and donald trump celebrate super tuesday wins here in massachusetts. we will have a closer look at results both here and across the country. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good wednesday morning everybody. i am liam martin in for chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser it's wednesday march 2nd and you are going to need rain gear today. as well we will break down the super tuesday results from overnight. >> first, we will check in with danielle niles. when we stepped outside it felt humid. >> yes. and temperatures near 50 right now. and so it's warm start. 53 in brockton low 50s in plymouth and 35 in worcester right now.
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are tracking rain and it's pushing through and we had a batch overnight and this additional round is coming in. we are timing for the morning commute the leading edge to 495 now heavier elements in here too. so it's light rain when you get from franklin stretching to millford and we have downpour that is will slide in the next 20 minutes or so. slide in and zoom in a little bit and they are along the mass turnpike and stretching back down near ridge road and also westford road and heavy rain extends in through southern new hampshire from temple and the leading edge has been bringing heavier downpours and this is going to make the way from littleton to westford in the next 20 minutes too so all of this is sliding east between now and mid morning for most of us. the wind is also gusty over 20 miles per hour from the south coast back up to the south shore right now. and that wind may ramp up a little bit between now and midday.
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areas of rain and gusty wind out of here by lunchtime. falling temperatures today though. so this is the warmest we will be for most areas. 43 by lunchtime breaks of sun and it will be windy today and gusts up to 35 miles per hour maybe a few gusts to 40 through the afternoon and 35 for the ride home. it will be colder and clear but the wind chill will be running in the 20s. i am tracking a chance of snow on friday with a big storm to the south. we will talk more about that coming up. let's get you on the road. it's going to be wet roads. >> reporter: quiet right now with no major accidents or backups. here's a live look over 93 no issues 93 south coming from andover and the rest of the major routes from the north look fine. quick look at south map lots of green. expressway busy. braintree to boston moving along route 3 looks good from hingham. 24 north and 95 north look like speed element rides. thanks very much. we begin with breaking news in newton. an suv involved in a deadly crash at a pizza restaurant
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overnight. >> the identities of the two victims have not been released but we do know they were customers. let's get to nicole jacobs on the crone for the latest. good -- scene for the latest. good morning. >> reporter: customers and employees watched this situation in horror. i can tell you right now the building has been boarded up after the suv slammed into the sweet tomatoes restaurant and although there are reports that road rage may have been involved in the situation the district attorney says it's just too early to say. the scene was just horrific. >> very tragic event that happened this evening in west newton. >> reporter: and aftermath unbelievable. >> we have three down. three down. >> reporter: it was just after 6 p.m. right around the peak of dinner employees and customers caught in the middle. >> how could it happen basically. i am in shock.
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happened. >> reporter: at sweet tomato restaurant a suv careening down a hill and barreling into the building. >> car came down chestnut behind us and continued straight across washington in restaurant. >> reporter: out of nowhere it happened. two people lost their lives and 7 were injured and three of them seriously. >> we have serious injuries we need another car. >> reporter: so many questions remain as investigators piece together the traumatizing events. >> we have a lot to learn in the hours to come. reconstruction of the site and understanding of what happened. >> reporter: and that is a big question this morning. exactly what happened here. you are taking a live look again at the sweet tomatoes restaurant in west newton. you can see it has been boarded up. but the investigation here continues. i can tell you we are told they
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the victims because they are still working to notify the next of kin. so when we have the information we will bring it to you. live in west newton this morning, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. the residents who live in the apartments above the pizza restaurant were evacuated. we spoke with a woman who lived there. she didn't want to go on camera but described the chaotic scene. >> i heard a crash and simultaneously the fire alarm in the building went off and i couldn't understand the connection between a crash and fire alarm. i saw two cars that had collided right on washington street but when i came out my neighbor said you won't believe the extent of what happened. >> all the residents spent the night somewhere else. it's unclear if they will be allowed back inside today. stay with wbz and we will bring you new information on the crash and the investigation as we get it. developing news on the cape this morning a13 yao-- year --
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threatening injuries after being hit by a car. he was walking around 8:30 last night when he was hit. police were working the scene through the night to try to figure out what happened. no word on if any charges will be filed. now to the other big story of the daych the super tuesday -- daych the super tuesday -- day. the super tuesday results. clinton with 50% to bernie sanders 49%. it was donald trump celebrating an easy win in the bay state. 49% of the vote john kasich distant second 18% marco rubio took a close third. and it was much of the seam across the country. trump in -- of the same across the country. >> cruz and rubio and sanders didn't walk away empty-handed. susie steimle has a closer look at the results and the reaction this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's clear the front-runner is hillary clinton and donald trump are pulling away here. but the election process is far
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is happening on the republican side. a number of gop leaders are speaking out against donald trump saying that they don't want him to be the party nominee. >> i think honestly we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> reporter: donald trump gets wins in 7 states but now the gop establishment is grappling with whether he is the winner they want. >> i think we are about ready to lose to the most dishonest politician in america hillary clinton and how could you do that nominate somebody who is crazy. >> if domed trump wins it will split the republican party and basically i think split the conservative movement. >> reporter: marco rubio won in minnesota ted cruz texas oklahoma and alaska. >> the strongest campaign to beat donald trump is our campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton also won 7 states widening her lead over bernie sanders.
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stakes in this election have never been higher. >> reporter: sanders took colorado, oklahoma minnesota and vermont. >> the people when we stand together will be victorious. >> reporter: super tuesday will make the front-runners harder to catch it's too early to call any candidate a nominee. republicans john kasich and ben carson have yet to pull off a win this primary season. still neither campaign says they are willing to drop out just yet. live in the satellite center susie steimle wbz. >> so what's next for the candidates? jon keller takes a closer look. >> reporter: so where do we go from here? this saturday the focus remains on the south and midwest. both parties voting in louisiana and kansas and republicans kentucky. next tuesday primaries for both parties in michigan and mississippi and then it's vote
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with the two huge swing states ohio and florida plus illinois and missouri and north carolina. as the republican race shifts from proportional distribution of delegates to winner take all. the bottom line trump's competitors and gop establishment have less than 2 weeks to stall his role. if he has last night's momentum into the 15th he can essentially end it right there. what about the democrats? hillary clinton proved she got a strangle hold on the nomination. and while bernie sanders has the money to forge on and a message he still wants to spread, it's hard to see where the upcoming map offers him much hope. so know it's -- no it's not over but might be by the time they play ball at fenway park, if not sooner. i am jon keller at large wbz news. >> former president bill clinton sparking a controversy last night while trying to droll up support for his wife in massachusetts.
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his wife in massachusetts he and marchy walsh -- mayor walsh went inside a auditorium where there was polling. his off was contacted to make sure it didn't happen again. check out the website from state and national results and reaction from the candidates and jon keller's analysis on cbs boston police arrested a man accused of robbing people armed with a 12 inch kitchen knife. this is a store cry we told you -- story we told you about last week. jose lopez was arrested of boston on monday. investigators say the robbery happened in january. lopez is charged with armed robbery as well as assault and disabled person. officers are looking to eye debt fied a -- identify a second suspect caught wearing a green and black jacket. two brothers face charges man. bellingham police say they broke into a home and found a
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of calling 911, they stole the guy's stuff. police say steven and mark landry returned to the home several times each time allegedly stealing the man's checks electronics and medication and copper piping. they pleaded not guilty this week in court. new details about that run away red line train. the final report on the december incident claims it was the operator's fault. david vazquez stepped off the train to activate by-pass mode. but when he flipped the switch, the train took off. photos show he wrapped a phone cord around the speed control. the report proposes several safety changes including moving train. boston has a new tool for clealg up after events like st. patrick's day parade. sweeper. it has a small provile making it perfect for the narrow twisted streets like the north end and it holds more debris than similar sweepers. coming up a. phenyl good-
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an officer and new hampshire native killed on the job. >> how hundreds of police officers are showing support for her family. >> plus a. possible tornado in alabama leaving a path of destruction. what crews in the area will be doing later today. danielle good morning. >> that storm is work throughout the morning. areas of rain from west to east but clearing by the afternoon falling temperatures today as well. it's going to be a chilly one to end the week. i am tracking a potential for
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at least 4 people are hurt from a possible tornado. take a look at the damage. the storm hit is suburb of birmingham alabama damaging homes and knock down trees and power lines. the red cross set up a shelter and a national weather service crew is going to be out there today. to survey the damage. >> they want to see whether or not it was a tornado and we are having nothing like that but rain from the same system. >> you will need the rain gear today danielle. >> and poor time willing to -- timing for commute. it always seems to end up this way during the morning or evening drive. and there's heavier elements. look at range in temperatures. worcester 39 but boston 52 a warm front in here as well. we are in the 50s south of boston and rain is light to moderate in spots with heavier elements through the the city of worcester back up to paxton
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inside 495 now from franklin back up to hawkington and heavy downpours making their way along the route 2 corridor and through southern new hampshire. and down to townsend and brookline too. that extends east to shrty and littleton so you will encounter areas of reduced visibility a round of rain overnight and there's spots where there's ponding of water. notice he? when you get back across northern new england. any light freezing rain is pretty much done through central now ham sure. there's snow on the backside of the thing too. look at temperatures. can you tell where the fronts are warmer air here boston 52. and we drop to 16 in buffalo new york. that's a front coming in. and for us it will have a impact. temperatures will fall through the 40s this afternoon. back edge of the rain too coming through central massachusetts by 9 a.m. coming into the city of boston by 10. leftover shower by 11 a.m. and the sun is breaking out.
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little active. so temperatures fall and actually will be in the 30s by late afternoon and evening. so definitely a changeable weather day. warm and wet this morning. windy and colder by later on today. that wind by the way a advisory for eastern essex and south coast and cape until 9 a.m. gusts may top out around 50 mills per hour and cause a few isolated pockets of damage. from the cape to eastern essex county. the rest of us, it's windy. but it's a plain old wendy day and not that -- windy day and not that damaging wind threat. and the wind will add a bite as colder air comes in by this evening. gusts over 30 miles per hour. wind chills in the 20s by the time we get to the evening. the 20s. 22 in boston, clear skies, cold teens north and west of the boston. there will be single i didn't wind chill readings -- digit wind chill reading tomorrow morning and highs don't get out of the lower 30s for boston and metro west and southern new
5:18 am
storm. we talked about it the last couple days of the big storm developing to the south develops off the carolina coast and look at that passing south of new england but close enough we get grazed with period of light snow on friday. doesn't look like a major impact but we will keep an eye on track it could be a few inchs friday afternoon. weekend is good. upper 30s and chilly and dry and then a big warmup for the start of next week. in the 40s on monday and topping out near 60 on tuesday and it's not out of the question that we come well into the 60s for the middle part of next week. traffic and weather together >> reporter: wet 60s. >> you like 60s. what's your threshold because you like cooler. >> reporter: in the newsroom i like it 58 and i have it at there right now. and nice fan on full blast. >> and i got the heater. like during the day 70. >> reporter: 70 is too who the i like 67.
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this is the last traffic hit before it gets busy usually. 93 and somerville. light volume woburn to boston of the route one good from peabody and other major routes from the north are trouble free. green and no backups on the expressway. smooth from brockton to 128. route 3 and the 5 -- 95 north are speed limit rides. >> thank you. hundreds of police officers showing support for the family of a new hampshire native killed in the line of duty. 28-year-old ashley guindon was shot and killed responding to a domestic violence call in virginia. it was her first day on the jobch the funeral was yesterday. it was so crowded people had to stapped outside. >> -- stand outside. >> her desire was to serve and be involved in things that matter and to give her life something worth giving it too and -- it to and that's what she did. >> her family plans to bury her next to her father later this
5:20 am
part of a brockton neighborhood evacuated after a fake report of a suspicious package. skyeye was over the scene near the health center as emergency crews responded yesterday afternoon. state police say they did arrest one person for making that false report. new hampshire is reporting the first case of the zika virus. the health department says a woman got the virus through sexual contact with a man who recently returned from one of the zika hot spot areas. doctors say she not pregnant and has fully recovered. mass general emergency room continues to be dangerously overcrowded. just a few years ago the hospital added 100 beds as part of a 500 million dollar expansion. but the hospital tells the globe er visits have increased 18%. this is just in the last 6 years. and so the entire hospital is at capacity every day during peak times. >> it's 5:20. still ahead, newcomers hit the ice with the bruins. >> do they help bring the heat
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>> the bruins scored two goals last night but two was all they need beating the flames at the garden 2-1a too many men on ice wiped out the flames. newcomers stempniak and liles both in the lineup and i of course ericks son -- eriksson was not dealt. first period no score. nice pass. and he fires top shelve and it's the 5th of the season and 1-0 bruins. we move to the second. the shot is off the leg and right to michael and the he is there to make the save. 24 saves but in the third they tie it on the power play. one time for the first nfl goal tied at one.
5:25 am
b's on the power play. spooner finds bergeron and 3:24 to go putting them back in front 2-1. that's the final.
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breaking news right now at 5:30, crews working through the night to remove an suv that crashed into a busy newton restaurant. the latest on the investigation. >> and developing this morning a. serious crash on cape sending a 13-year-old to the hospital. >> and the votes are in. who came out on top on super tuesday. and why are jon keller thinks the race is winding down.
5:30 am
in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. great to have you with us i am kathryn hauser. >> i am leann martin in for chris mckinnon wednesday march 2 d. -- 2nd. happy to have you all along. >> we have one round of rain overnight and a lull and now it's filling in. you want the umbrella and raincoat as you head out this morning. look at temperatures. 52 degrees in boston right now. we are in the mid-50s in brockton and 40s in worcester so there's a warm front lifting north and a lot of heavy rain. deep yellows and oranges and ponding of water on the road. when you travel up to 93 from concord and back to milfordaan there are deeper greens the two along 495 and the leading edge is coming into 128. so right from waltham stretching to newton we have deeper oranges and yellows in
5:31 am
back to center street in newton center. some showers extend south of boston and it's all lifting to the north and east. so the cape and island are removed from this right now but we will get into a couple showers by the time we get to middle and latter portion of the morning. wind gusty too over 20 miles per hour from plymouth to the cape. and the wind may ramp up a bit between now and midday. aid wet start but temperatures -- it's a wet start but temperatures fall today too as the sun breaks out by midday. the wind will gust to 35 miles per hour this afternoon for everybody. and it's going to be colder and as the colder air comes in look at that by the evening commute. we will be in the mid-30s and wind chill will be in the teens to 20s at that point with theset at 5:36. -- with the the sunset at 5:30. first let's get you on roads and check in on the commute with traffic and weather together. >> reporter: it's looking pretty good. right about the time where we see some backups but the rainy
5:32 am
with no major accidents or slow downs right now. this is live over the expressway in dorchester. moderate volume quincy to boston on the northbound side but moving along. 128 south getting a little heavy between 37 and the split. from the north, 93 southbound has light pockets in the andover medford stretches but no significant delays. the rest of the routes from the north look like speed limits ride. we are following break news a west newton restaurant boarded up after an suv came crashing through the building during yesterday's dinner rush. overnight investigators removed the suv from the sweet tomatoes on washington street. two customers inside were killed. at heft 7 other -- at least 7 other people were injured. radio transmissions referred to a 911 call here called it a road rage incident but the district attorney says it's too soon to comment. and developing this morning a.13-year-old boy is in the did -- and developing this morning a 13-year-old boy is in the hospital he suffered life- threatening injuries.
5:33 am
quinn quizet avenue when he -- quinaquinsett avenue when he he was hit. no word if any charges will be filed. now to super tuesday results hillary clinton is the winner massachusetts but it was close. she took 50% of the votes compared to bernie sanders 49%. an the republican side donald trump celebrating an easy win with 49% of the vote. and john kasich was swekd 18% and -- second with 18% of the vote and clinton and trump won big. each took 7 states yesterday. and this morning our jon keller explains why that is proof the primary races are in thehomestretch. >> reporter: good morning. the races for president in both parties will continue for a while after all, anything could happen right? hillary clinton could get indicted or drafted by the golden state warriors and who
5:34 am
play point guard for the defending nba champs so bernie sanders should spend millions generous folks send in and make sure his message is made clear it. and donald trump could falter couldn't he? perhaps some foreign sheik will make him an offer to make the mediterranean into a club but if the possibilities are far fetch it follows the display of political muscle turned in last night but clinton and trump makes anything other than their nominations seem equally far- fetched. and if that's the reality we will soon enter a period of contemplation for everyone who has distanned trump and clinton. the question is, do you care --disdained trump and clinton the question do you care more about your pride or beating the opposition. that's a tough one for a culture that increasingly seems to disdain difficult compromise of all kinds.
5:35 am
walking away in disgust now end in fatal shootings and knifeings. when washington compromise on anything it's a milestone. and have you tried to negotiate a road rotary lately? these races are rounding third time to swallow hard and face the future. your feedback is always welcome via e mail at or twitter at keller at large. a new hampshire newspaper made a big mistaken dooring chris christie. the union leader said boy were we wrong. he dropped out after losing by a landslide in the granite state and is putting support behind donald trump. in other news construction on the con avenue bridge is on hold as a result of an error of the construction company. all lanes of the mass pike and bu bridge will stay opened through the summer. it will have a significant
5:36 am
restarts next year and this is a sure sign of spring. ice rink and ski jump both gone from fenway park. and they will soon be replaced by sod. skyeye over the park yesterday where the grounds crew is getting the field ready for the sox home opener on april 11th. >> that's sweet. >> counting down the days. the apple privacy debate takes center stage on capitol hill. >> fbi telling lawmakers why they need help raking into a tear-- breaking into a terrorist iphone. >> reporter: and results of super tuesday are trickeling in it's clear donald trum and hillary clinton were winners. gop parties don't like that. >> a change for boston st. patrick's day parade has organizers upsetch the mayor is cutting the parade route in half for public safety reasons. organizers say they will have to by-pass historical landmarks. march over to your computer and
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you look to beat the traffic by the fastest car in the world why not? this is the car that clocked speeds of more than 260 miles per hour in road tests but they are only making 500a third are sold and the surprise is 2.6 million. >> you can afford speeding tickets. >> exactly. mcdonald's offer a treat in the happy meals.
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debate -- apple's privacy debate hit capitol hill. jill wagner is live with the money watch. >> reporter: good morning. the debate over whether apple should help the fbi break into the iphone linked to a san bernardino terrorist attack was front and center on capitol hill. fbi director compared the encryption preventing access to the phone to a vicious guard dog. apple's chief lawyer says if the company complies it will weaken security for all apple products: forbes is out with the list of the richest people microsoft founder bill gates number one or taigate man behind the zar fashion chain moved up to second warren buffet is third even though the worth dropped as the stock market lost value and mcdonnel's is making happy meal box that is turn into virtual reality head seeds. for now -- reality headsets. they will launch the goggles in
5:41 am
for now it's only in sweden. kathryn and liam. >> you can look through virtual reality and pretend you are eating something healthy. >> reporter: it's all good. that's a real trick. >> thanks very much jill. coming up a check of your traffic and weather together. >> plus a look at the day's top stories. including the latest on a race for president. a closer look at results from super tuesday. >> reporter: a tragic crash in newton kills two people and injuries several others. when an suv plows through a restaurant. the latest in the investigation coming up. >> checking in with weather watchers this morning great to see so many reports this early. temperatures huge range from the 50s to 40s to 30s to our north. and it's great to get reports from north showing the variation. brian says 38 in belmont new hampshire over a quarter of an inch of snow and sleet and freezing rain and now heavy rains. we are done with any wintry weather but we are tracking the rain pushing through. i will let you know when the
5:42 am
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5:45 am
long-term space travel on the body ahead of a potential maned misto -- mission to mars. like in kazakhstan. >> i will have to look a up. back. >> they spend time together a year together that's lot of quality time in or bad enemies. >> there you go. >> i am sure they had plenty good times and they their were a little. >> float over there. >> you know. not a ton of water on roadways but we have potholes. temperatures jumped to 54 in boston. remarkable 47 in worcester and it's a warm start to the day. temperatures will fall through the afternoon and heaviest rain right now focused in southern new hampshire from merrimack to man chest are along 93 and stretching east towards epping and brentwood too. it's light to moderate rain back through eastern
5:46 am
downpour on the north side of haverhill and rain coming inside 128 into boston too. we have a downpour in saugus stretching up along route 1 and side. couple showers through revere and another element through natick to medfield and needham and millford crossing 495 and will continue to shift east where do we go from here? that is-- where do we go from here? all that is lifting to the east you will notice a change. 50s off new york city 18 in buffalo new york right now and it's 25 in pittsburgh. that's a cold front. we will get into some of that colder air especially tomorrow. so what it mean for us through the rest of the day. mid to late morning, back edge of the rain is coming in. but notice the temperatures they will be falling through the 40s this afternoon as the sun breaks out and last to clear the clouds and cape
5:47 am
and for the evening commute, we will be in the 30s so talk about big changes. the wind will be a little strong. so by the time we get to 7 or 8 we will dip into the 20s north and west of boston. speaking of wind gusting over 20 miles per hour from plymouth to taunton to the cape. 36-mile-per-hour gusts nantucket right now and the wind will ramp up a little between now and late morning as the band of rain comes in so we may see gusts to top out 40 to 50 miles per hour from gloucester he back down to the cape. the rest of us gusts 30, 35 miles per hour so windy day and nothing damaging. and then as we take it through the afternoon the wind stays active that will add a little bite to the air. as the colder air comes in especially by the evening. overnight tonight, the air that's in buffalo comes our way so we dip into the teens. wed foreand worcester at 16.
5:48 am
we rebound into the low 30s for highs tomorrow. the sun will shine and we turn our attention to the south. storm developing off the carolinas and we have seen this a time or two before. it will pass south and east of nantucket by a good marge n but comes close enough to graze because little snow on friday. and right now looks like it will strengthen as it passes to the south but brings the greatest chance of accumulation the southeastern massachusetts to the cape by saturday and sunday the storm is pulling out and upper 30s little chilly but a dry weekend and big warmup so the start of next week we should be near 60 by tuesday. traffic and weather together robi getting busy. >> reporter: a crash south of the city and slow downs down there as well. crash is down in mansfield 495 southbound before route 140 reported lay truck versus carand car is up against the guardrail down there. to the south, the expressway northbound hangs up between the split and freeport street. 128 southbound sluggish between 37 and the split.
5:49 am
union street to the split. to the north, 93 southbound is one heavy pocket now up in andover between river road and 133 and route 3 southbound crawling between 495 and trouble cove road. crews working overnight to remove the suv that crashed into a busy restaurant in newton. >> two people were killed. 7 injured and let's get to nicole jacobs who is live on the scene with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: an incredible tragedy here with the suv slamming into the sweet tomatoes restaurant here. it happened during the busy dinner rush hour. so certainly there were quite a few people in that dining area. we are told two people who were here as customers were killed. we will get you to video to show you inside the restaurant. 7 other people including employees were injured. of those 7, 3 suffered serious injuries. the driver and passenger of the
5:50 am
hospital and this morning, the crash the cause of it is still under investigation. taking a live look again here on washington street this restaurant here board up this morning but the investigation continues and coming up, at 6, hear from the district attorney and the mayor about the crash. we are live in newton nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you. 5:50 right now. over to campaign 2016. the votes from super tuesday casted and counted. donald trump and hillary clinton were the big winners. celebrating wins across the country and right here in massachusetts. >> susie steimle is live with the closer look at the results. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump and hillary clintonare starting to establish as the party leaders each of them individually picked up 7 states on super tuesday. as donald trump is picking up delegates gop republicans are speaking out against him. this morning senator lundy graham of new hampshire said if
5:51 am
lindsey graham of new ma'am sure says if he-- new hampshire says if donald trump wins it and. sanders-- clinton and trum are pulling away as leaders it's too close to be called a time. gained out there. live in the satellite sit thanks. harvard university is warning students to be cautious after two cases of pumpsp on campus. both -- mumps on campus. both involved those in the divinity school. they are trying to find the source of that infection. they are several cases in new hampshire at another college. ladies are you always cold? i am one of those grab orange juice. a study shows citrus helps increase blood flow throughout the body and brain too. researchers say citrus like
5:52 am
may reduce high blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. time for the daley talker. -- daily talker. the historic st. pat ribbing's day parade is coming -- patrick's day parade is coming up. >> the parade route is going to be shorter. robi is here with more. >> reporter: the city was forced to shorten the route last year because the streets were covered with snow. mayor says the reduction is because of public safety reasons and parade organizers says they haven't been given a explanation. this year's parade is sunday march 20th and the route is 2 miles this year. allied war veterans organizers plan to hold a press conference to complain about the change and they told the globe they want their historical route back. but mayor walsh says the plan will "really cut down on some of the craziness in the neighborhoods. police commissioner evans said
5:53 am
police overtime costs cut by 09 grand and they used 150 fewer officers. parade organizers are upset the marchers will not pass several historical landmarks and feel the crowds will be forced to watch in smaller areas. let's see what people are saying about that marie says how does pack the same amount of people in half the space make it safer for the public? i think it will make it worse as people fight for their space to watch the parade. you can participate in the conversation go on twitter website or facebook and let us know what you think. we will read more at 6 a.m. >> thank you. my dad is a bagpipe band. >> is he. >> he is a drummer and that is busy time of year like parade every weekend. >> you buried the lead that's amazing good for him. >> he is good too. no sibling rivalry. >> twin brothers from our area
5:54 am
5:55 am
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a pair of 17-year-old track stars sharing a training rei routine and passion for winning. >> they share genetics. lucas and myl res identical twins and between them they hold more than 8 school records and they have helped lead the
5:57 am
twins are going their separate ways after graduating myles to dartmouth and i have a twin but fraternal. and he is 230 pounds and he was >> look at you. >> you learn something and your dad is in a bagpipe band. against each other the take. >> that's right. they can can cheat that way. morning. top stories are straight ahead. no matter where you look, commercial van that can fit more, carry more weight, and yet go farther on a tank of gas than the ram promaster city. hurry in to your ram dealer for details on all current
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breaking news at 6 a suv pulled from a pizza shop as police investigate the crash that killed two peel and injured 7 others. >> and we are fog a developing -- following a developing story war-- where a 13-year-old was injured in a crash. >> we have winners and numbers and reaction. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. it's 6 a.m. right now. i am going to call it super wednesday. >> super wednesday i like that. for us. >> i am kathryn hauser. >> i am liam marten in for chris mckinnon. we have a couple calendar weeks of winter left. >> true.


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