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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news at 6 a suv pulled from a pizza shop as police investigate the crash that killed two peel and injured 7 others. >> and we are fog a developing -- following a developing story war-- where a 13-year-old was injured in a crash. >> we have winners and numbers and reaction. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning. it's 6 a.m. right now. i am going to call it super wednesday. >> super wednesday i like that. for us. >> i am kathryn hauser. >> i am liam marten in for chris mckinnon. we have a couple calendar weeks of winter left. >> true.
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>> doesn't feel that way. >> but i -- meteorologically. >> doesn't feel that way. >> the temperatures will drop today and tomorrow a chill to the air. watching a storm to the south for friday but it's 52 in boston right now. it doesn't feel like it this morning. 54 boston and 49 in worcester. track areas of rain. heavier elements when you get in through southern new hampshire. and it extends along 93 and southern new hampshire and merrimack valley. some heaviest rain in eastern massachusetts is right over route 93. so you get ponding of water and big puddles from redding back down to woburn and melrose and arlington too. a lot of had is going to be shifting east coming into the city of boston too within the next 20 minutes. also showers down south and west of town and additional rain back to the west. look at motion of it all. to the northeast. so between now and mid to late morning that rain shifts east and back edge comes in.
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per hour and in spots along the south coast. winds will ramp up a bit between now and late morning. we may see gusts over 40 mice per hour at the coast back down to cape cod. temperatures drop too to the 40s but by lunchtime breaks of sun mid-30s with wind chill in the 20s on the ride home. let's get you on the road. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: the rainy wednesday morning commute is underway with some slow downs to the south as an accident down there as well. take a live look over the expressway. northbound packed from granite avenue up to columbia. route 3 from union to braintree. heavy between 37 and the split. we had the earlier crash in mansfield. 495 southbound before 140 truck versus car. the car is into the guardrail but we are not seeing backups. and from the north, 93 southbound has two slow pockets between river road and 133 and when you hit wilmington it's a
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connector route 3 southbound trouble cove. >> in newton the suv -- in newton a suv involved in building overnight. the crash. 7 other people were injured. let's get to nicole jacobs live on the scene for us with the latest. a tragic story. >> reporter: very tragic kathryn and customers here watched in absolute horror as this situation unfolded here. u can -- you can see behind me the building has been boarded up at this point. this is the sweet tomatoes restaurant and there are reports this may have been caused by some sort of road rage incident, the district attorney says it's too early to say. the scene was just horrific. >> very tragic and that happened this evening. >> reporter: the aftermath unbelievable.
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>> reporter: it was just after 6 p.m. right around the peak of dinner customers and employees caught in the middle. >> how could it happen? basically i am in shock. i can't believe any of this happen. >> reporter: at sweet tomatoes restaurant tuesday an suv barreling into buildings. >> the car came down chestnut behind us and didn't stop and continued straight across washington street and into the front of the sweet tomato restaurant. >> reporter: out of nowhere it happened. two people lost their lives and 7 were injured and three of them seriously. >> we have serious injuries and we need another car. >> reporter: so many questions remain as investigators piece together the traumatizing events. >> we have a lot to learn in the hours to come reconstruction of the site and understanding of what happened. >> reporter: take a live --
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tomatoes restaurant it has been boarded up after hours of investigating done on scene. can i tell you according to witnesses there were tables knocked over and there was glass everywhere and the bar was pushed far back so just an absolutely unbelievable scene here. investigators say they are still working to try to notify next of kin so they have not released the identities of those involved. live in west newton nicole jacobs wbz this morning. residents who live in the apartments above the pizza restaurant were evacuated last night. we spoke with a woman who lives there. she didn't want to go on camera but described a chaotic scene. >> i heard a crash and simultaneously the fire alarm in the building went off and i couldn't understand the connection between a crash and the fire alarm. i saw two cars that collided on washington street but when i came out my neighbor said you won't believe the extent of
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>> all the residents spent the night somewhere else. it's unclear if they will be allowed back inside today many we will bring you new information on this deadly crash and the investigation as we get it. also developing news on the cape this morning. a 13-year-old boy in the hospital after being hit by a car in mashpee. we are told the teen suffered life-threatening injuries. police say he was walking on quinaquinsett avenue when he was hit. police were working at the scene through the night trying to figure out what happened. no word on if there will be any charges filed. >> now to the other big story the super tuesday results hillary clinton is the big winner massachusetts but it was close. clinton with 50% to bernie sanders 49% and that raise called for clinton. domed trump with 49% of the -- donald trump with 49% of the vote and kasich in second and on his tail marco rubio.
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nationally. >> ted cruz mike marco rubeos and -- rubio had a win. >> reporter: good morning. it was certainly a super tuesday for donald trump and hillary clinton who are party leaders. but something interesting ishappened on the republican side this morning. donald trump gained gains delegates and gob -- gains speaking out. >> i think we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> reporter: donald d donald trump secured in-- donald trump secured wins in 7 states but now the gop is grappling whether he is the winner they want. >> i think we are about ready to lose to the most dishonest politician in america hillary and how could you do that in nominate somebody who is crazy. >> if donald trump wins the republican nomination it will split the party and basically i think split the conservative movement.
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minted cruz took texas oklahoma and alaska. >> the strongest campaign to beat donald trumpp is our campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton also won 7 states. widening her lead over bernie sanders. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in the election have never been higher. >> reporter: sanders took colorado oklahoma minnesota and his home state of vermont. >> the people when we stand together will be victorious. >> reporter: super tuesday will make the front-runners harder to catch, it is still too early to call any candidate the nominee. and on that republican john kasich and ben carson have yet to win a primary so far this season. but neither says they are willing to drop out just yet. susie steimle, wbz this morning. >> never a dull moment thank you. so what is next for the candidates? our political analyst jon keller takes a closer look. >> reporter: where do we go from here?
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remains on south and midwest. with both parties voting in louisiana and kansas and republicans choosing in kentucky. next tuesday, they are primaries for both parties in michigan and mississippi and then it is voting on march 15th with the two huge swing states ohio and florida plus illinois and missouri and north carolina. as the republican race shifts from proportional distribution to winner take all. the bottom line, trump's competitors and the gop establishment have less than 2 weeks to stall the role. if he has last night's momentum heading into the 15th, he can essentially end it right there. the democrats? hillary clinton proved she got astrange he will hold on the nomination and bernie sanders has the money to forge on and a message he still wants to spread, it's hard to he see where upcoming map offers him hope. so no it's not over yet but it
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ball at fenway park. if not sooner. i am jon keller at large wbz news. >> we have much more on super tuesday on the website. state and national results also reaction from the candidates and jon keller's analysis on cbs attorneys for dzhokhar tsarnaev tried to get a juror remove from the trial. that juror was chosen as forewoman. according to newly released court documents his lawyers presented evidence they felt should have forced the judge to exclude that juror from the case. they lost. he was of course convicted and the evidence about the juror is still sealed. it's 6:10 on your wednesday morning. coming up on wbz this morning,damaging storms done south. >> homes rpped apart and trees knocked down. the question -- ripped apart and trees knocked down the question is a tornado to blame. >> a car ends up underneath a
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>> scott telly -- kelly returns to earth after a year in space. more on the mission and what he has on tap for today. danielle. >> good morning. temperatures today are going to be falling through the course of the afternoon tracking the rain and it ends by late morning in bostonch the sun breaks out -- boston. the sun breaks out and i am tracking a potential storm on friday. we will breakdown the details of that when we come back. stay with us.
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at least 4 people are hurt this morning after a possibletore tado. storm hit birmingham alabama. the red cross sheet up a shelter and national weather service crews will be out will surveying the damage. it's the same system moving in our direction. >> we get rain overnight. >> and it's the same system and rain will be done by late morning. >> now it's going to cool off. >> it's going cool off. >> it's been nice and mild and spring like. >> spring and now going back to winter. >> wind chills in the single digits and teens tomorrow. >> no. >> just mentally prepare for that. i know right. so it's 52 in boston right now. there are some big changes on the way. 54 in brockton. 49 in worcester and we are tracking areas of rain and we are zooming north of boston with rain extending along 93 route 95 and route 1. into the
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with some areas of light rain for the most part but you need the wipers in through somerville and moving back through third street and going to approach main street in 2 minutes. we have got the rain inside 128 and a couple downpours south and west of boston. these are shifting to the north and east. and all this rain will continue to shift east over the next several hours. there's still some downpours and heavier elements through the lower connecticut river valley. the motion of it all to the north and east. cape has been removed but you will get rain by mid morning. it's snow for friends in central and northern new england particularly northern maine and snow on the backside of the storm. a sign of the cold are air coming in. look at temperatures contrast here from 50 in new york city to 17 in buff hoe new york. 25 in -- buffalo new york. colder air is what's going to work in our direction. so what do we see here? we see an end to the rain. by mid to late morning and wesee falling temperatures. sun breaks out by midday
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40s and clouds linger a little longer from the south shore to the cape until late day. and then for the evening commute, dry, clear and in the 30s even some 20s north and west of town. and then the wind will make it feel colderch the wind is going to be strong this morning. a wind advisory for eastern essex county to the south coast and cape cod until 9 a.m. we may see isolated gusts to 50 miles per hour in the areas. and the wind is strong right now gusting to over 20 from beverly to worcester down to the cape. and few gusts over 40 may ramp up by mid morning and that's going to make it feel colder. stays windy tonight. not damaging wnd but adding that bite. so real feel in the teens and 20s this evening. tonight, into the single digits and this is the real feel forecast tomorrow morning. singe digits north and west of town and only in the 20s that's what it feels like tomorrow. at least the sun will shine and we turn attention to the south. storm coming out of the ohio valley redevelopment off the carolina coast. and we have seen this a time or
6:17 am
areas of snow break out for us on friday and it will be light. the greatest risk of pickingp up a few -- pick aing dsh -- picking up a few inches is from the south shore to the cape. it will miss touts south but we will keep a close eye on the track over the next 24 to 48 hours. accu-weather 7-day cold end. >> the week in the 30s -- end to the week in the 30s. a blend of sun and clouds and a big warmup for the start of next week. 40s on monday and we will top out near 60 by tuesday. traffic and weather together robi. >> reporter: most of the slow downs are to the south of the city. a crash down there as well. the expressway northbound is a mess packed from granite avenue to columbia road. a 20ment delay -- 20 minute delay. 128 south heavy between 37 and the split. we had the earlier he crash down in mansfield 495 southbound before 140. and car into a guardrail.
6:18 am
from the north this is a live look over 93 and somerville. 93 southbound has a -- has a heavy pocket route 3 southbound trouble cove. new this morning the incredible pictures out of brockton where a car was trapped undernote a tractor trailer -- underneath a tractor trailer. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. traght or trailer -- the hurt. police are trying to figure out how the car got under there. filed. boston showing off the new way to clean up the streets. sweeper. the other street sweeping vehicles making it perfect for the narrow twisted streets in north end. than similar sweepers. now details about the run away red line train. final report claims it was the operator's fault. the report says david vazquez
6:19 am
activate the by-pass mode. but he flip the switch and the train took off. investigators say this is why photos show he wrapped the phone cord around the speed control. the report propose safely changes including moving the by- pass switch inside the train. astronaut scott kelly is preparing to make his way back home to the u.s. this was after an out of this world trip. >> he returned to earth last night after a 340 days in space. it's a little longer than it would take to travel to mars. cbs don champion reports. >> scott kelly. back on mother earth. >> reporter: scott kelly gave a thumbs up tuesday night moments after landing in kazakhstan. his smile upbeat outlook not bad for a man who hasn't been on earth in nearly a year. >> and lift off. the year in space starts now. >> reporter: last march, kelly flew to the international space station and carried out
6:20 am
in space. last week kelly admitted space is a harsh environment. >> for instance having no running water you know it's camping for year. >> reporter: during the mission he flew more than 143 million miles. >> i am hopeful and think we will learn a lot about longer duration space flight and how that will take to us mars someday. >> reporter: later today he will fly to houston for a final check up by doctors. don champion, cbs news. >> that change from zero gravity to gravity must feel weird. you are on earth. >> and it's interesting edescribed it -- he described it as camping. >> i am sure he smells good. ahead changes coming to southeast st. patrick's day parade. >> they are shortening the route and it has nothing to do with the the weather. >> this is jon keller the super
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toughened to the losers.
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a super tuesday for hillary clinton and donald trum each take 7 states. >> jon kel canner explains why the primary races are in the homestretch. >> reporter: good morning. the races for president in both parties will continue for a while. after all, anything could happen right? hillary clinton could get indicted or drafted by the golden state warriors. and who could say no to the chance to play point guard for the defending nba champs. so it behooves sanders to hang in there. spend the millions generous folks sent in and make sure the
6:25 am
who has not gotten it. and donald trump could falter couldn't he? perhaps some foreign chic -- sheik will make him an offer he can't refuse to take the mediterranean into a pool club but if the possibilities seem far-fetched, then it follows that the display of political muscle turned in last night by clinton and trump makes anything other than their nominations seem equally far teched. and if -- far-fetched. if that's the reality a period of contemplation for everyone who distanned trump and clinton. do you dare -- disdained trump and clinton. do you care more about your wound pride or beating opposition. that's a tough one for a culture that increasingly seems to disdain difficult compromise of all kinds. street beats that once ended with walking away and disgust now end in fatal shootings and knifeings. when washington compromise on anything it's considered a
6:26 am
negotiate a rotary lately? no these races are rounding 3rd time to swallow hard and face the future. your feedback is welcome via e male or on twitter at keller at large. >> it's 6:26. just ahead, much more on super tuesday election results. >> including alsan diegos of voter object -- allegations of voter obstruction against bill clinton in massachusetts. >> and concerns about overcrowding in the er at a boston hospital. >> as we go to break here are four things you might like to
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an suv remove from a newton pizza shop after crash that killed 2 and injured 7 more. we are live with the latest on
6:30 am
>> the other big story new election results overnight the big wishes and what's next. >> the st. patrick's day parade will be a wee bit shorter. reason why the daily talker. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz this morning. 6:30 reel come -- welcome back i am liam martin in for chris mckinnon. >> i am kathryn hauser. have the rain gear right. >> a couple bands overnight and one more exiting eastern massachusetts. additional rain filling into the west. 52 degrees in the city of boston right now. remarkably mild start. dealing with areas of light rain for the most part a few moderate elements traveling along 95 in between haverhill and boston light activity north and west of town. and worcester at 49.
6:31 am
from orange stretching along route 91. amherst to ware. this rain is going to fill back in here over the next hour and half. so it will be a wet morning drive. ponding water and puddles. reduced visibility. temperatures in the 50s fall into the 40s and through the 40s during the midday lunch hour gusty wind but the rain is done by mid to late morning. for most of us and then take it out to the evening we drop more. clearing skies 35 degrees and sunset at 5:36 and wind chill at that point is in the teens and 20s. we have a cold start tomorrow and i am tracking potential for snow on friday. details on that coming up. let's go out to the roads check on traffic and weather together. >> reporter: hearing about the first slow down of the morning. west of the city right now. look live over the mass pike eastbound in brighton. eastbound side heavy and slow
6:32 am
stoles and a crash in billbury after route 22 the left lane is blocked there. from the south, expressway northbound jammed from the split to columbia road at least a 25 minute delay. route 3 northbound slug frish route 18 to the split. north 93 southbound now bumper to bumper from concord and montvale avenue and stoneham to the leverett connector looking like 25 minutes. route 1 southbound bogged down between and route 3 south between 110 and trouble cove. we begin with breaking news in newton this morning. crews working overnight to remove the suv that crashed into as abouty restaurant. >> two customers were killed. 7 more injured. let's get to nicole jacobs live on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: daylight now brings you a different perspective of the building here. you can see it clearly.
6:33 am
this is where the suv crashed during the busy rush hour. i want to get you to video right now. it was around 6 in the evening that suv plowed into sweet tomatoes restaurant that happened during the busy dinner rush hour. we know two people who were customers here were killed and 7 including employees were injured. of those 7 three suffer serious injuries the driver and passenger of the suv were taken to the hospital. the situation is still under investigation but based on police radio transmissions, a 911 caller made reference to a road rage incident being the cause of the situation. district attorney could not confirm that but did have this to say about the crash. >> the information we have is a car came down behind us, didn't stop at the end of the street and continued into the front of the sweet tomato restaurant.
6:34 am
video of that suv being removed from the inside of the building. i can can tell you that witnesses here describe table being turned over and glass everywhere and the bar of the restaurant being pushed far back. taking a live look now again at washington street here, this is the sweet tomatoes restaurant. everything is boarded up. and investigators long gone from the scene. but their work continues. they are trying to determine exactly how this crash happened and they are working to note fight next of kin and eventually they will release the identities of those involved. live in west newton nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >> thank you. now to the other big story this morning. super tuesday and it was a big night for both donald trump and hillary clinton. each winning 7 states including massachusetts and picking up a slew of delegates. >> we should note the rivals did score a few wins. susie steimle is live with the results. hi. >> reporter: hi.
6:35 am
mind the race is far from over. the two front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton are getting harder to catch. bernie sanders did well. he won in colorado and minnesota oklahoma and vermont yesterday. marco rubio won the first primary in minnesota. ted cruz won his home state of texas oklahoma and alaska but something very unique is happening on the republican side. establishment republicans are speaking out against donald trump this morning. senator graham said if trump republican party apart. >> i think we are about ready to lose to the most dishonest politician in america hillary that? nominate somebody who is crazy. >> i am going to get along great with congress okay paul ryan i am sure i will get along great and if i don't he will have to pay a big price. >> it might be unusual ace said before, for a presidential -- as i said before for a presidential candidate to say this but i will keep saying it
6:36 am
america today is more love and kindness. >> reporter: again this primary process still far from over. 35 states still have primaries the. the next big test is march 15th when five states have primaries. live in the satellite center susie styleel. >> thanks. former -- steimle. >> thanks. form her president bill clinton was trying to drum up last-minute support but there are concerns about whether or not he violated election rules. mr. clinton and mayor walsh went inside a auditorium in west roxbury you are not allowed to campaign inside a polling spot bill gallonvin's office contact the clinton campaign a make sure it didn't happen. we have much more campaign coverage on our website including state and national results and reaction from the candidates in jon keller's analysis. hundreds of police officers are showing support for the familiar lave new hampshire
6:37 am
new hampshire native killed in the line of dutiy. ashley guindon was killed responding to a domestic violence call in virginia. her funeral yesterday was so crowded people had to stand outside. fellow officers paid tribute to the young woman who dedicated herself to service. >> that was her desire to serve and be involved in the things that mattered to give her life to something worth giving it to. that's what she did. >> her family plans to bury her next to her father later this week in west springfield massachusetts. new hampshire is reporting the first case of the zika virus. health department says a woman got it through sexual contact with a man who returned from a country dealing with an outbreak of the mosquito born illness. doctors say the woman is not pregnant and has fully recovered. mass general emergency room is dangerously overcrowded. a few years ago the hospital
6:38 am
million dollar expansion. but the hospital tells the globe er visits have increased 18% in the last 6 years. and says the entire hospital is peak times. talker. boston sis torque st -- historic -- boston's historic st. patrick's day parade is coming up. shorter. >> you said that better than i. >> robi has more. right? the city was forced to shortent route last year because the -- shorten the route last year because the streets was clogged with snow. mayor says the plan to reduce the path of the celebration is for public safety reasons but parade organizers insist they have not been given any explanation. this year's parade sunday march 20*g at 1. the route is cut in half so it will be around 2 miles this year.
6:39 am
plan to hold a press conference to complain about the change they say they want the historical route back but the mayor says the plan will "really cut down on some of the craziness in the neighborhoods. police commissioner william evans said shorter parade lowered police overtime cost by 90 grand and they used 150 fewer officers and parade organizers are upset the marchers will not past several historical landmarks and feels the crowds will be forced to watch with comaller -- small are areas. let's see what people are saying -- smaller areas. let's see what people are saying rickey says that's not traditional it's just stupid. but jewel says in part if they are so worried about money go after something that is not as important why go after landmarks and traditions. number of ways to comment. our facebook page twitter or website.
6:40 am
do it and you don't have to just do it on the morning show comment all day long. >> we learned about you kathryn your dad is a in a bagpipe band. >> it's as abouty time of year and the routes the longer they are the more difficult it is. >> he prefers the shorter walk. >> right. >> he is a drummer and has to carry the drum. he is good though. still to come we are following developing news on the cape. >> a 13ee old boy seriously injured in a crash. we will have the very --13-year-old boy seriously injured in a crash. we will have the latest there. >> temperatures are running in the 50s in a lot of spots out door right now 51 says jack in lexington. a quarter of ion of -- of an inch of rain and the warm front won't stick around that long. we have the cold blast of air coming n where the wind chill will be tomorrow morning at
6:41 am
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take a look a sure sign spring is near. skyeye over fenway park shows the ice ring and ski jump are gone. and they are going to be replaced soon by sod. grounds crew is getting the field ready for the sox home own. opener april 11th that will be here soon. >> this time last year they were rushing to get the snow off and it's different here and we will have a little return to winter. >> i have been enjoying the mild temperatures. i have to admit it's been nice.
6:44 am
we have been watching fenway and this is a live look right now. they are out there doing stuff. there's somebody walking. we will get dirt there and the rain is coming down. i can't believe the home opener april 11th it will be right around the corner and it's amild start this morning. feels like spring but the big changes are on the way. 52 dedress in boston right now. 54 in brockton. tracking another round of rain coming in central massachusetts a left over right rain to georgetown and into the new hampshire sea coast and couple light showers south of town fromhansen towards hanover one lone downpour over buzzard's bay and the rain fills back in. worcester county temperature in worcester is 49 and that rain will continue to shift east. there are a couple downpours as well. heavier elements stretching back up into southern new hampshire near peter borrow. this is the last air -- peterboro. this is the last area of rain
6:45 am
behind it colder air is coming in this afternoon. and in fact there's snow on the backside of the storm and for the friends in northern new england and maine. temperatures 5 # in -- 52 in boston. and when you get back into southern canada monday degreal at -- montreal at 16. look at the colder air behind it. it's 18 in buffalo new york. it's a sign of the chilly air mass. rain tapers off by late morning. it's out of here before the commute and area of rain with reduced visible and puddles on the roads. by early afternoon, we are in the upper 30s and low 40s. the evening, we are dipping into the 20s north and west of town. clear skies and chilly wind. speaking of wind it's gusty out there between 20 and 35 miles per hour that wind may gusts it -- gust isolated 40 plus from gloucester to the cape between now and 9 a.m. otherwise a plain windy day. we are not talking about damage
6:46 am
colder and gusts stay in the 25 to 35-mile-per-hour range on through the afternoon and evening. that does create a real feel. tonight, our real feel drops back into the teens and single digits. so you wake up tomorrow morning and it's going to be a huge shift right? real feel two degrees in jaffrey 9 in fitchburg and 11 in boston. teens for most of eastern massachusetts and we come up to the 20s for real feel tomorrow afternoon. the sun will be shining and we turn our attention to the southwest. areas of snow developing on friday. the storm mostly misses us to the south but comes close enough we get a period of snow on friday. could be a few inches depending on track of the storm. greatest risk of picking up accumulating snow is south ofboston to the cape closest to the storm center. gone by the weekend upper 30s with sun and clouds and warm up next week. 50s on tuesday and well into the 60s for middle part of next week. traffic and weather together.
6:47 am
bumper rides on this rany wednesday morning commute. lats let's look live over the tob n bridge. south -- tobin bridge. a crash on the mass pike in milbury the backup is to route 146. and to the south expressway northbound jammed from the split to columbia road half- hour delay there. and 24 northbound we have a crash blocking the right lane now at 139. to the north the 3 -- 39 southbound jammed from wilmington into the leverett connector. that's probably 25 minutes. liam. >> thanks. we are following breaking news overnight investigators removed the suv that crashed into a newton restaurant killing two people and injuring at least 7 more. it crashed through the front window of the sweet tomatoes restaurant during the dinner rush. police radio transmissions referred to a 911 call here called it a road rage incident but the district attorney says it's too soon to comment. also developing news on the
6:48 am
a 13-year-old boy in mashpee suffers life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car. police say the boy was walking on quinaquinsett africa last night when he was hit. -- avenue last night when he was hit no word if charges will be filed. it was a super tuesday for donald trump. he won 7 states. >> he won vermont virginia massachusetts and georgia and alabama and tennessee and arkansas and new results from alaska gop caucus where trump finished second behind ted cruz. the texas senator also picking up a victory in his home state and neighboring oklahoma. during a speech last night cruz suggested the rivals drop out and support him to keep trump out of the white house. >> marco rubio scored the first win. the senator winning minnesota caucuses. rubio's home state will head to the polls in 13 days where polls show him in a close race with part-time floridian donald trump.
6:49 am
carson are vowing to fight on despite their des appointing super tuesday -- disappointing super tuesday. kasich finished second here in massachusetts and second in vermont as well to trump as for carson retired neurosurgeon with no second place finishes told a crowd in maryland he is not giving up. hillary clinton won massachusetts virginia, tennessee, georgia, arkansas, alabama and texas. with those wins clinton picked up a lot of delegates and is leading sanders by more than 630 overall delegates. >> as for sanders he won 4 states last night including late night victories in colorado and minnesota. and he also won in oklahoma and his home state of vermont. he is vowing to stay in the raceuntil the democratic convention. we have much more including state and national results reaction from the came candidates and jon keller's analysis at cbs
6:50 am
joining the bruins on ice. >> could it help fend off the flames. highlights ahead. >> and surprising ending to a high school basketball state championship game. a tough lesson learned. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items.
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geico for your boat. see how much you could save.
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england native when bruins took on calgary. making the nhl debut after being called up from providence. to the game. less than four minutes b's on the power play. ryan spooner finds bergeron and that's all they would need to down the stretch they win 2-1. >> to basketball celtics head coach was named the easternconference head coach of the month for february. he led the c's to a conference best 9-3 mark including 6-0 at home. the award. this is incredible a rhode island high school basketball team learned the hard way that over. >> players from harisville and borrowville high thought they won. you can see the pass but throws it behind him trying to expire the clock. a player on the other team caught the ball and was able to call time out. they celebrate and think they won on the ensuing play the
6:54 am
within by one point. so heart breaking all he had to do he stole it and all you have to do is dribble or at lowest if you throw it in the air throw it forward. done. >> threw it behind him. sings. it's 6:54. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7 on cbs this morning. >> for that we check in withnorah odone done. >> we have -- o'donnell. >> we have the super tuesday reports and we have how the races are shaping up after donald trump and hillary clinton's big wins and we reveal the list of the best places to live in america. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7. >> we will be watching. thanks very much. up next no sibling rivalry how twin brothers are keeping each other on track.
6:55 am
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we call it utopia out here. it' s so peaceful! so peaceful! have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0254 or visit a pair of 17-year-old track stars share a training routine and a passion for winning. >> that's not all they share they share genes. lucas and myles are twins. they hold more than 8 school records and helped lead the school to the nationals. >> everything i do just as well almost. almost.
6:58 am
there always in my training. we have trained together in boston. >> but the twins are going separate ways after they graduate lucas to northeastern myles dartmouth pretty smart. >> you got that right and something i didn't know. you were a twin. >> i do have a twin who is like 6-3, 220 pounds. >> not identical. >> and beard. >> not identical. yeah. >> i just really lost a lot of weight. well, hey it's been great working with you guys it's fun. >> thanks for joining us. >> you made it. >> you are monsters. >> we are tough. >> the rain wraps up late morning it's out of here. >> fun. >> have a great day.
6:59 am
7:00 am
eric fisher on wbz news captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump domts inates his super tuesday battle. donald trump turns his attention to hillary clinton hillary clinton after key victories in the key states. >> is phil collins ready to come out of retirement after calling music his enemy? a rare interview with the music star we begin this morning with


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