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tv   WBZ News  CBS  July 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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ding opportunity. that's why we froze tuition at our state universities... lowered community college tuition... and created live free and start, an award-winning effort to help launch small businesses. i'm maggie hassan. i approve this message, because when it comes to innovation and job creation, we need to spark something in washington, the way we have here in new hampshire. changes at a stipulate run camp after a tragic drowning. -- city run camp after a tragic drowning. but the family says it's not good enough. >> and a man broke into a home and attacked an elderly woman. >> zika in the us. mosquitoes carrying the virus infected four americans. >> and a man hacking into a
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them sleep. wbz news at 11:00 starts now. >. breaking news, a teenager drowns in the charles river. search crews in cambridge just pulled the boy out of water someone saw him go off the weeks foot bridge just after 9:00 tonight. >> the victim was rushed hospital where he was pronounced dead. police haven't released the teen's identity yet. tonight new safety change too little too late says the family of a little boy that drowned as a day camp. >> this never should have to happen. >> reporter: >> >. this after investigators ruled his death a tragic accident. >> you never think a tragedy like this can happen. >> tonight the 7-year-old's family still doesn't have the answers they need about his
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how he got into the water. we're live in south boston, and his family said this never should have happened. >> reporter: that's right. his mom and dad are still in disbelief, but reminisce about his playful personality. but tonight they need more answers from the city of boston. the bath house is the last place the young boy was alive. his body was found 20 yards from the shore. >> when we can preliminary prove, there was no ill will here, it was an accidental drowning. >> reporter: they still don't have a time line of his final moments. dps still doesn't know exactly when he entered the water. >> that's our question.
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accountability? what happened? what happened to my nephew. >> reporter: the pain is still raw for his family. the boston mayor created new guidelines as city camp, including a head count of children every hour. all children near the water must wear a life preserver, and added security cameras at the community center, his his family says it happened too late. >> this policy should have been implemented a long time about the loss of our baby. this should never have had to happen. >> we did everything together. everything. nothing could separate us. nothing. nothing. >> reporter: kaiser's mom cherishes the memory. and the family, as far as the police, they say the boy was
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counselors a little before he disappeared that day and he was not a strong swimmer. wbz news. back to you. thank you. tonight a burst of heavy run shutting down route 92. several photos showing cars stuck in the flood waters. we go right to eric fisher, is all that out of here? >> it's out of here, just a heavy downpour, half inch of rain fall in 20 minutes. it moving through, dangerous situation for a few minute, but as soon as it's gone the water goes away as well. there's the report. this is the one severe weather report we had this evening, and flooding on route 9, but all gone now. you can see the system. it's a shelf cloud thanks to jim k. for sending in that picture. tonight drying out, falling into the 60s. into the wednesday high pressure is going to rule saturday, and we'll look at the
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few minutes. >. thanks right now, people in hingham warned to lock their doors after a woman was attacked in her home. katie brace is live there with the efforts to track the man down. >> reporter: right now police are workg city. >> i'm shocked that it happened. >> reporter: while the town's police department pounded the pavement looking for a violent criminal. >> this is somebody that needs to be off the street. >> reporter: around 9:00 thursday night police received a 911 crawl. a woman in her -- call. a woman in her 70s reported she was sexually assaulted in her home. her attacker was around 65 years old and a stranger. >> >. this is a department priority. >> reporter: the ages and circumstances in the case would
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>> it's frightening. it's sick. and a cause for certain for me certainly. >> reporter: and here there's very little crime. >> i was very surprised. i was electricity thing my daughter -- i was telling my daughter that i heard it was here and i said it's surprising. >> reporter: the man broke in through a first floor window. the woman took every precaution to keep her safe. nothing was stolen. he did rob the woman of her sense of security. she was released from the hospital, and has not returned home. >> we don't residents to panic or worry. we want them to be vigilant. >> reporter: without the sketch the description of the attacker is fairly vague. police are not releasing the woman's address or neighborhood to protect her identity. katie brace, wbz news. thank you.
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attacking a woman in winthrop is locked up without bail. he stalked, assaulted and strangled her, and his three- year-old daughter witnessed the crime from the backseat of the car at the time. tonight the couple linked to a framingham facility that was the source of a deadly meningitis outbreak cuts a deal with the federal government. julie loncich is live boston, and this guilty plea refers to their financial crimes? >> reporter: that's right because the couple was never directly charged in connection with the meningitis outbreak, but rather withholding large sums of money in an effort to hide it during the federal probe. but today they changed their plea and the government says they shouldn't get jail time. they were majority shareholders
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in october of 2012 as authorities were raiding the framingham company, the couple was withdrawing tens of thousands of dollars in an effort to avoid federal detection. more than 120,000 in all. the couple initially faced 22 counts. all but one count each dismissed. on friday they pleaded guilty to illegally withdrawing that cash. >> they had nothing to do with the day-to-day operations at the compounding center and criminal activity that occurred there. >> reporter: it was a case that made national headlines. hundreds were injected with contaminated steroids. 64 people died of meningitis, hundreds more in several states fell ill. s former employees were -- 14 former employees were charged in connection with the company probe. the head pharmacist and ceo faced the most severe charges.
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january, and prosecutors won't see if the couple's plea deal was in exchange for their testimony. >> >. they have been extremely remorseful from day one. that is why they contributed the millions of dollars they did to the settlement in this case. >> reporter: now under this plea deal the wife wouldn't face jail time at all, only probation, and her husband no jail time. this is ultimately up to the judge come november. >. well, curt shilling is off the hook, no charges linked to his video game company. he went bankrupt in exchange for 75 million in state loans. tonight shilling calls the investigation a witch hunt. and police found and charged a couple that ran a -- the person that ran a couple
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road causing serious injuries. surveillance video led them to the woman behind the wheel. and tonight mosquitoes in the united states have infected people with zika. ken macleod is live in the satellite center, and miami is ground zero on this. >> yes, a little section of miami north of downtown. america and the caribbean too many people brushed it off, but not anymore. >> reporter: they're searching for victims in miami, where they believe four residents contracted zika from local bites. >> while no mosquito bites have tested positive for the zika virus, they're aggressively testing people in the infected area to ensure there's no other cases of virus. >> reporter: experts believe the four, three men and a
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july and got sick the next week. interviews with them ruled out travel and sex as the means of transmission. as south florida pumped out the pesticide, president obama was briefed, and the the white house was quick to criticize congress for going on summer vacation without funding a zika prevention bill. >> >. we really do need the money. >> reporter: health officials believe more domestic cases will come, but don't foresee a large outbreak like in brazil pregnant women are the highest risk because of the devastating birth defects zika can cause. >> we have to assume it can happen, so you get aggressive to fight it. >> reporter: it starts when a person is bit abroad, zika remains in their system, so when they returned to the us, a local mosquito bit them drawing tainted blood and bit another
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zika. >> researchers still haven't pinpointed one mosquito with zika, but experts are recommending not traveling to miami for pregnant women even though the cdc hasn't yet gone that far. tonight police across the country are sending their support to the san diego police department following the shooting of an officer there. a gunman shot and killed one officer, badly wounded a second during a traffic stop. two people tot a sign of recovery in new town, connecticut. this is the new sandy hook elementary school nearly four years after the deadly rampage. the 50 million dollars building is designed for safety, and includes impact resistant doors security cap ares. of the art the school xt month. tonight a boston police officer is being hailed for restraint, and taking down a
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knife. sergeant detective mark vickers got the call last night, and when he arrived the suspect charged him with the knife, threatening to kill him. the veteran cop drew his >> i took an extra second. i let him get thlast thing you want to do. you have to live with that. i think people appreciate us t don't don't understand us. >> no e a boston man was charged with three counts of assault with a knife. next at 11:00, hillary clinton hacked. >> the new computer troubles for the hopeful. also, a creepy crook breaks into a couple's home. but it wasn't money he was after. plus a new way to create fancy foam. the buzz at a local coffee
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breaking n
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2016 tonight, the fbi says someone hacked into hillary clinton's campaign computers and this is part of same cyber attack that struck the democratic national committee. >> this as both candidates hit the ground running tonight in a final sprint before the election. >> reporter: hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine kicking off a three-day tour in ohio and pennsylvania, two very important states. promising to create jobs here at investments in manufacturing, clean energy technology. >> reporter: and she also took a swipe at donald trump. >> the only thing he makes in america are bankruptcies. >> reporter: while stumping in colorado, trump promised the gloves are coming off. >> every time i mention her everyone screams lock her up, and you know what i do? i've been nice. but after watching that
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anymore. >> reporter: and high-tech threats loom over clinton. the justice department investigating possible breaches at the clinton campaign and other democratic party organizations. just days earlier donald trump asked russia to hack his rival's e-mails. he since said the comments are a joke. >> ask me one question, and i was obviously being sarcastic. the people in the room were laughs. >> >. we said the campaign is a sprint at this point. maybe a little longer than that. now to win over -- 100 days now to win over the is voter in the election. a home security system caught a burglar watching a couple sleeping on the couch. he lingers for 15 minutes before taking the woman's purse and leaving. >> >. that's frightening. >> that's a horrible thought.
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but the good thing is we have a beautiful saturday ahead. >> yeah, i need a moment to regain thoughts. i want share this beautiful picture looking toward the west. looks like there's a big mass of clouds in the middle. it's a unique optical illusion, this is all a shadow clouded by the cloud -- caused by the cloud on and some folks got rain fall today. couple of inches. new bedford with some. not the complete soaking we hoped for today for sure, but at least some rain fall is better than nothing. when you look at boston, and combine june and july, we're now the third driest on record putting the two months
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sunday, so maybe dropping down a little bit in the standing, but it's extremely dry. the temperatures falling back into the 60s to low 70s. drier air is moving down from the north. high pressure is going to control our weather for saturday, and then this next storm system will approach looking to sunday, so it's a split weekend for us. dewpoints, little muggy right now. drier air infiltrating from north to south overnight, much more comfortable outside. the one place towards the cape and islands. looking at the overall picture for the weekend. high pressure moving in overhead, bright skies tomorrow. clouds start to thicken tomorrow evening, and this is the battle for sunday into monday. this wave of low pressure trying to push east, and this area of high pressure pushing it back, and the high pressure i think for the most part is going to win. seems like a cruel joke at this point. sunday, the best chance of heavier rain fall is going to
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survive into eastern parts of area. so we get a little bit of rain fall. then toward monday it's the same thing. the on shore flow pushing the rain access around us, probably getting a few showers and clouds on monday, but not the full soaking we'd like to see. meanwhile new york could see four inches of rain fall this weekend. temperatures up into the 80s. humidity not too bad. saturday will be the day to spend outside. t clouds thicken in the afternoon. the brightest part of day will be the morning if you're headed to the beach. tomorrow night, the stadium rocking. coldplay has a contest. mid-70s my the end of the show. 80s for the start. any showers and storms should say just west of there. sunday the winds coming off the water. not a wash out, but a few showers. temperatures hold in the 70s. pretty decent amount of cloud cover sunday also. might be a good thing if you're
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temperatures in the 70s here. slight chance of showers with the cloud cover, but fairly comfortable for a long and difficult athletic event out there in boston. here's the seven-day. as you look toward monday. some showers and 70s. the hot air is taking a break. tuesday 70s to around 80. the the heat starts to creep back in by the end of next week. >> thank you. looks like we have a bromance brewing at patriots training
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pats training camp has become such a happening. almost 20,000 people in two days. >> it's so hard to get a ticket a great opportunity to see the team. >> yeah, and it's the only time you get to watch an entire practice from start to finish. it's really cool, and i'd advise anyone to take the time and go down there. almost 7,000 today in the light but steady rain. day two in fact book, and the pats seem to already have found a comfortable routine. they'll break out the pads tomorrow for hitting. one player that's drawn
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he can be the other bookends for bronk and he and -- gronk and they already have the beginning of a beautiful friend hip. >> he's just -- friendship. >> he's just super talented and pushes me to do better. >> you watch him and it's like this guy is really good. >> take things from his game, seeing his athlete schism, brinit great to work off each other. >> hey, rob, how did you do that or this, come to the sideline and show me how you did it. it's just give and take. he asks me like you did this today i like that, we're just working to make each other better. >> all right, monday kevin
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patriots hall of fame. the ceremony starts 5:00 pond outside the hall, and it's open to the public. the red sox certainly looking to get back on the winning track, bounces back from a tough loss last night to the angels in anaheim. right now red sox have rallied from a 2-0 deficit to take a 3- 2 lead in the betts with a sacrifice fly. and more hall of fame ceremonies tonight. the first members of paw sox hall of fame. the late team owner a real good buy. how about golf. rain did delay the pga championship in new jersey this morning while the grounds crews tried to clear the greens.
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today. he's tied at the top. round three coverage tomorrow afternoon at # right here -- 2:00 right here on wbz. the final grand slam event and then the rider cup in september. thanks so much. a local coffee shop is rolling out fancy foam. >> >. we'll share the new tool they're using to make your morning cup of coffee just a
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capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. ? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees. and a top-rated app, let's you bank right here. that's banking reimagined.
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latte lovers will be buzzing in boston. >> >. the milk street cafe downtown is rolling out a new 3d milk printer. take a look at what it can do. takes the foam at the top and
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it takes coffee and foam to make the art on top. it costs about a thousand bucks. i don't know why someone wanted miley on their coffee. >> i predict marriage proposals. >> how long does it take? >> it must be pretty quick. >> up next eric will take another look at the forecast.
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
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>> yes, get outside. a little morning fog. once that lifts we'll have sunshine, up into the 80s. as you understand a little cooler and grayer. a few showers, but not a wash out. you can still get outside no problem. >> and you're going blue berry picking tomorrow? >> >. yes, it's in season, it's a short season. >> what do you wear to something like that? [ laughter ] >> you know, my overalls, cut offs. just the overalls but no shirt underneath. >> bandana around your neck.
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>> thanks for watching [ laughter ] >> have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: a beautiful night. oh, i had! i didn't see you there. in fact, i can't see much right now. after two straight weeks of live shows, i'm like a nematode, just reacting blindly to sound and color. sometimes i see pokemon without my phone! gotta catch 'em all! come here! come here, you! what's more-- this is true-- i am taping this friday show after the regular live show that i did last night on thursday. that's right. i'm so tired, i can time travel! but you know what will sharpen me up? oh, the cool, refreshing taste of bud light.


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