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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  July 31, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations ood morning, charles osgood is off today. i'm lee cowan, this is a special edition of "sunday morning." a program about guns and america. or pass judgment this morning, but rather to take stock and cast light on a debate that seems to be growing ever louder with committed and sincere advocates on both sides. and with a summer that has brought us horrific incident after horrific incident the time seems right to explore our nation's long and complicated relationship with guns. that's perhaps not surprising considering the role guns have played in this country as we
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it's been said god made man. but samuel colt made theme ball. >> this is the type of weapon that would have been used in lexington. >> while guns offer a window into our history the view hasn't always been krystle clear. >> guns were a tool, more in the 20th century see convergence of gun laws and large number of guns. >> ahead, how america's love started as only a cool crush. for more and more american women these days a concealed handgun is the weapon of choice. as our tracy smith saw for herself. >> it's no secret that more
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picks up an unsecured gun the result can be tragic. martha tirer this will have one such tale. >> i thought of it has any other toy gun because it looked similar. >> at age 10, sean smith accidentally killed his little sister. >> an unlikely tragedy, not boys and guns. >> how hard is it to pull the trigger? >> ahead this sundae morning, a powerful urge to play. >> cowan: we're not the only country struggling over gun-related issues. 20 years ago in australia a mass shooting was the action that caused a sweeping reaction. seth doane takes us there. >> a lone gunman killed 35
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then prime minister. >> you knew right away to do something? >> it demonstrated so dramatically what happened when a madman got hold of rapi rapid-firing weapons. >> ahead on "sunday morning" australia's dramatic response to its worst ever mass shooting. >> cowan: in parts of the american west, guns are a way of life. shared by young and old alike. contributor ted koppel will be showing us. >> this town was founded by and named after william f. cody. known to the world as buffalo bill. there are more guns here on a per capita basis in wyoming than anywhere else in the country. and the passion for firearms is ingrained at a young age. >> good job.
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families and their guns, here in the town that buffalo bill cody built, later on "sunday morning." >> cowan: we've asked still more of our cbs news colleagues for help with this explore rakes of guns and america. first, let's go to the newsroom where elaine quijano has the "sunday morning" headlines. >> federal investigators will return to a corn field near maxwell, texas, today where a hot air balloon crashed yester k >> the deflated balloon appears unscathed from the firer crash but all that's left is the frame. >> significant loss of life. >> eric grosof is an investigator with the ntsb. >> much like a crime scene. make sure we do everything correctly. >> the balloon caught fire in flight. witnesses initially thought it
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margaret wylie lives nearby. >> i looked off, you saw a big fire ball go up and it was jus just -- just praying that whoever was there got away from the thing in time. >> this is the deadliest hot air balloon accident in recent u.s. history. according to the ntsb a total of 16 people have died while hot air ballooning between 2002 and 2012. for "sunday morning" i'm villafrankaz one person was killed four wounded. when someone opened fire in the city's downtown entertainment district this morning. police are looking for a suspect. hundreds of thousands of young catholics filled a meadow near krakow, poland, this world youth day for mass with pope francis. it was the last event on the pontiff's five day trip. >> we finally have a powerball
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the ticket was purchased in new hampshire. now today's weather, showers and storms are expected to damp pen big parts of the country, thunderstorms could be severe in the upper midwest. nothing but sun out west. for the week ahead both coasts should be nice but heat will bake the heartland.
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>> cowan: no other developed country embraces firearms the way ours does. the more we argue about them the more it seems their mystique grows. how guns became part of our cultural d.n.a. has been a long journey and that is where we begin. >> of all the artifacts that were aboard the good ship mayflower. but it's going to be they were probably there. plymouth rock. guns are so woven into the frab fabric that on the fourth floor of the smithsonian national museum of american history they have their own vault. >> i'm sure there are people who would give anything to come in here. >> lots of visitors who are just astounded and don't want to leave. >> david miller is the curator here. he's got guns of all shapes,
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>> that one probably from russia. >> and everyone has a historic reason for being here. >> this is the type of weapon that would have been used at lexington or concord. >> it's not the gun that kicked off the revolution with that shot heard round the world. but it's similar. the muss kelp is in every history book. in the smash hit "hamilton." guns are just part of our every day language. going off half cocked. flash in the pan. bite the bullet. they're all rooted in firearms lore. but were we really born a gun culture? historian pamela haag says not necessarily. >> listen to how many sentences begin with something like, americans have always. always loved guns. always had guns. these things are much more complicated than that. the meanings of guns have
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america" haag says most settlers viewed the gun as a tool, as necessary, and yet as ordinary as a plow or an ax. >> we think we have gun culture because of this special exceptional status with guns, but really it's really unexceptional. treatedik commodity. >> the at start of the revolutionary war we didn't e today, however, it's estimat so how did we get from there to here. and here. >> the gun industry not the only reason that we got here. however, it is the reason that never gets talked about. >> it's not just a matter of salesman ship. but gun industrialists like oliver winchester and samuel colt did their level best to create a market. out of their factories in
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produce firearms with the same speed and efficiency as henry ford would do with the automobile. armyknown, the winchester 73 revolver. two of the guns that won the west. but as the frontier disappeared, so did the desire of many americans to own one. >> these guns were not just selling themselves they weren't just flying off the shelf. mars started to market their guns not just as >> what was once needed now had to be loved. >> there was a strong appeal to the young, too, and the notion of the gun as a rite of passage. >> one of the more interesting ads said, you know your boy wants a gun, you just don't know how much. he can't tell you, it's beyond words. >> for parents worried about real guns there were catalogs full of toy ones. a must have.
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christmas classic. >> the range model air rifle. >> it looked like the iconic rifles of the wild west. and nothing romanticized the gun better than the cowboy f. real life legends like wild bill hickok. like john wayne and jimmy stuart. gun came to represent the rugged individualism of the untamed west. changed, so did the guns. >> say hello to my little friend! >> some became famous as the stars who fired them. >> go ahead. make my day. >> cowan: we take our guns seriously. owning them is a constitutional right but we've also tried to legislate how to control them. >> americans have always had a mixed feeling about guns.
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heritage. >> even in the supposed wild west,nd towns like tombstone and dodge city prohibited fdr signed first feder control legislation in 1934 hoping to reduce the number of bootlegging gangsters armed with tommy guns and the like. then, fast >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. assassination along with robert kennedy and reverend martin luther king, junior led president johnson to push through the gun control act of 1968. >> we have been through a great deal of anguish. these last few months and these last few years. >> too much anguish to forget. >> too much anguish
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weeks later, dallas, police were ambushed during a black lives in both cases, the guns werht l. in fts le that tend to spur the sales of even more guns. hook makers produced nearly 11 million firearms. not far from sandy hook in widow. it stabbed as unique cherubs and saints you'll find her husband's firea, art, on the walls mingling with the chch's column. place guns will always occupy, worshipped by many, their presence carved in
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an albuquerque motel shows it clearly. a man paces the corridor. a woman exits her room to get something from her car and then returns. >> and from, this guy came back around the ad he was pointing it right at my abdomen. >> at that very moment, lynn russell's husband, chucke from pointing at my wife to pointing at me. and he said "i need your money." >> but the gunman did in the know that russell, a former cnn anchor and de caro a former cnn reporter who trained as a special forces soldier, habitually travel with guns that they are licensed and trained to use.
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into your husband. >> right. i slipped one of the guns into the purse and handed it to chuck and said, take a really good look inside here because see if there's anything you can find that we want to give the man. and chuck looked he there is. say, as the suspect s- >> i drew. >> de caro fired back. >> you killed this man? >> i killed him. >> but you got shot yourself? >> well, that's the >> you might call them good guyp after june attack in orlando orlando. >> and one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom, you know what, that would have been aautiful, , folks. that would have been a
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>> tt >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with >> millions of american share the nra it. tucson. could a good guy with a gun really stop a terrorist attack? >> i think a good guy with a gun could protect himself or herself. if you have a choice of using your gun to save your life or having your life taken, then, yes, i think you should have that choice. >> basically the thought is the more law-abiding people own and are trained to use guns, the
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exactly. >> this is also a personal issue for froman who purchased her first gun at 32, after an attempted break-in at her home. >> i think that we all need to be prepared in case something really evil happens to us. >> and gun sales are up. with background checks on buyers hitting a record high of more than 23 million last year. is even some school personnel like these in ohio are preparing for the worst. while many gun rights advocates say it's time to end most bans on guns in public places. nope as gun-free zones. >> something intent on rape or robbery or murder is not going to owe by that little circle with the line through it. >> so you think these --
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>> but dallas police chief david brown be r, speaking after five officers were shot and killed, says these good guys actually complicate matters for police. >> it's been the presumption that a good guy with a gun is the best way to resolve some of these things, we don't know who the good guy is versus the bad guy is if everybody starts shooting. >> we heard this loud bang, bang, of noises. of a gunman's attack. he was in french class at virginia tech on that day in 2007. >> you could hear it then it was getting louder. then all of a sudden you could see bullets coming in the front. classroom. >> he was lucky. he was shot four times he recovered.
9:23 am
yet he rejects the idea that good guys with guns could have saved the day. >> there was never a thought that came in my mind during the course of the event. i was more concerned with how can we do a better job of stopping the one gun from coming into that classroom. than trying to put a gun in every single classroom of my school. that felt like it would much more dangerous situation. >> he now works advocating for stronger gun control law from bad guys in the first place. but the nra insists we don't need more laws. >> ever time you pass a new law instead of enforcing the existing laws you further burde. >> that wasix surgery.
9:24 am
believe that their right to bear arms saved their lives. but they say being a good guy with a gun is not a political decision, it's a personal one. >> i don't tell anybody, can out and get a gun, i don't. but if you're going, you should be very well trained. and then understand that even if you have to use that gun to defend yourself, that life is never going to be the same again. >> can you show us where you carry it. >> i have a purse. >> cowan: coming up. >> in the front pocket. >> cowan: weapon of choice. >> it's pink.
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ike roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. nutella - spread the happy! >> cowan: any discussion of the right to bear arms has to take note of the second amendment. and who is bearing arms have to take note of the growing ranks of women. two reports now, tracy smith
9:27 am
>> at the heart of the debate over guns in america is a sentec amendment of the bill of rights. >> the wording itself is unusual, isn't it? >> it's unusual. it's short. it's clogged with commas. >> michael waldman who heads the brennan center for justice at new york university law school, is the author of a biography of the second amendment. >> well-regulated malaysia, comma, being necessary to the security of free state, comma, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, comma, shall not be infringed. what does that mean? >> the most disputed clause in the constitution is the phrase about militias which were a great concern when the bill of rights were written in 1792. >> at the constitutional convention in philadelphia,
9:28 am
about how to allocate military power. >> nelson hundred, professor of constitutional law, says the states feared the new government would try to disarm the 1 state militias which required every white male over 16 to own a gun. >> the anti-federal lists were very worried that states were being deprived of their power to resist federal tyranny. >> the milit ultimate safety, patrick henry argued. while guns were common place then, so were regulations. bostd the firing of guns within city limits. and in the notes for the constitutional >> there's literally not a word about it protecting an individual right for gun posses, hunting or any of the other
9:29 am
this amendment refers specifically and militia. >> well, i know people say that, but it just can't be true. if you look at what the words say. it says, the right of the people to keep and bear arms. it does not say the right of the states or the right of the militias, it's the right of the people. >> the debate over the second amendment came to a head here at the supreme court in 2008 in case filedve called district of columbia versus heller. in a 5-4 vote the courtual'righp and bear arms. striking down dc's ban on handguns in the home. the inherent right of self defense, justice antonin scalia wrote, has been not unlimited.
9:30 am
grey area absolutely. >> another grey area is how the court might rule on sden death a in february. >> so, you know, a lot depends on who replaces >> this is tracy smith. you might call it, girl power. g group of gun owners in the u.s. and this is typically their weapon of choice. a semi automatic handgun. accuro simple that practically anyone
9:31 am
handgun has, for some, become the must-have accessory. why do you carry a gun? >> personal protection. i have two kids. >> i just feel safer having it with me. >> can you show us where you carry it? >> i have a purse. >> on my hip. right here. >> i carry it on my person. >> it's pink. >> it is pink. >> i'm a girl. turns out most prefer basic black. and since more women than ever are taking up arms, there are like this one in shawnee, kansas. >> do you get lot of women i want them in my yoga pants? >> we don't use a belt. how do i carry my gun? >> becky and her husband opened the store in 2012. selling things like thinner, lighter guns and purses with handgun compartments. does r does the gun go?
9:32 am
the gun from either side. >> these are for like fancy night out. >> might be date night. >> are these popular? >> they are. p readiness. >> there are people out there who will sayf a woman against her than i s >> that's if someone wants to buy a firearmf i feel it's going to be more of a threat, we won't do it. everything i sell here is either for recreation which case, use it more than you like. i hope that no one ever has to use it for self defense. >> she knows what that feels like. >> four men selected her and her bus to be robbed in. >> january 2015, four armed robbers openir original she's a pistol store.
9:33 am
because she shot back. >> two of the forerobbers are still in critical condition. >> i made that choice years ago if i was pushed to that point i was comfortable pulling the trigger. >> did you ever really think -- of course not. you never think you'll have to use it. we cannot depend on the third party our husband or father or police officer or anyone else to protect us. we have to take that responsibility on ourselves. >> next -- ot like the movies. the bullets don't bounce off. >> just how bulletproof is
9:34 am
9:35 am
>> cowan: experts are testing of the limits of what altschul n watching tm >> this may look like your average every day auto shop. except for one thing. quality control.
9:36 am
ceo of texas armoring corporation, a san antonio based company that turns ordinary cars into rolling fortresses. >> these aren't bank trucks that we're talking about. these are passenger vehicles that can stop any type of rifle round or handgun. even up to a hand grenade. ieds, those type of explosive explosives. >> but, don't call these vehicles >> you can make something 100% bulletproof? >> no. bulletproof does not exist. all our vehicles are bullet resistant. not like the movies, the bullets don't bounce off. it catches bul tt. the glass will crack, it will splinter. >> don't want it to penetrate. >> that's correct. it's not going to penetrate. >> which you'll see -- kim bell and his crew install custom ballistic glass and then
9:37 am
>> economic stress in the world, the economic downturn, the terrorism, that type of world that we live in good for business unfortunately needd vehicles? >> our clientele range from heads of state of foreign countries all the way down to at kidnapping, protection against assaults from an angry soccer parent? it's mainly protection against kidnapping for ransom. inside the u.s. usually protecting against random street crime. >> when i first got hit it felt like a ton of bricks.
9:38 am
firsthand the value of protection. in 2013 he was his ballistic vest during a routine stop for a minor subway viio u he starts walking towards the train car door. i see him reach into his waist band like a jerk motion, pulls out a gun. it strikes me in >> you were hit where. >> i got hit pretty much dead had was pretty afternoon giant bruise. >> the first resistant vest was invented in 1893 by a chicago catholic priest named casimir zeglen, who proved his garment worked by having himself shot in front of an audience. soon, high profile people around the world bought the silk and
9:39 am
but he forgot to wear his vest on june 28, 1914, when an assassin shot k igniting world war i. recent experiments proved his invention could have stopped that fateful shot.ecti levay he didn't forget to put his vest on. >> i'm here because the vest saved my life. and i try to be the guy to talk to some of the younger officers and just, listen, take care of yourself. you could get into a dangerous situation. watch yourself. watch your partner's back. be careful out there. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. hey there, heard the good news? spray 'n wash is back... and even better.
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good news for you.
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>> cowan: as of this week end the city of chicago, just this year, has recorded more than 2300 shooting victims so f. us some unarmed urban warriors are trying to chart a different
9:42 am
>> eddie bocanegra is determined to help chicago teenagers build a bright future by using lessons from his own dark past. >> so, you were in prison? >> correct. >> what did do you? >> i shot and killedaveb to livh that? >> i do. >> he served 14 years and three months for that gang-related murder, getting out >> his work is urban warri he ln 2014 at the ymca of metro chicago. >> my name is -- >> the goal, to halt an epidemic
9:43 am
14-year-old kid being shot and killed it has a ripple effect in the rest of our communities. >> lately those ripples look more like tidal waves. with well over pace to be chicago's deadliest year in almost two decades. and most of the victims are af homicide is the leading cause of fatalities are by guns. >> i would argue that we've lost more children in our streets in the last five years than we have in the last ten years in war. >> it's a comparison by bocanegra believes that military veterans are uniquely mentor yoh crime neighborhoods. weekly support group meetings where they share stories and
9:44 am
the common thread, post traumatic stress disorder from time spent on a battlefield. >> i went to nightclub for one of my cousin's parties like a week and a half ago. they started shooting inside the club. >> a week and a half ago? >> yes. a girl shot got shot and security guard was shot in his leg. >> what i got to tell you -- 2 l the young men he lef the streets of chicago to join the military. >> i think they are going -- by me sharing mycet's opened upr for them to share. >> some of the veterans aren't much o they big brothers? father figures? >> more like brothers to me. >> 18-year-old miguel arreol and
9:45 am
gangs early. how old were you when you held your first gun? >> ten years old. >> 14. >> how easy is it to get one? >> one two,, three. >> but since graduating from acn gangs. is now being studied at the university of chicago. but one things is clear already. there's a little bit o all. >> the guy who came in, how is he different from the guy who came out? >> i don't see myself taking a life, i see myselfbody's life. i don't see my gel goino myselfo college. >> who did you shoot, shawn? >> when children shoot children.
9:46 am
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9:50 am
jacques how common is it for a child to accidentally shoot and kill another child? one time president shall candidate adlai stevenson shot and killed a female cousin a gun mishap. that was back in 1912. marcia teichner has more recent example. >> they were riding their bikes to school that day. erin turned around and came back. what are you doing? you're going to be late. she goes i just want to tell you i love you, mommy. gave me a nice kiss. >> those were the last words and
9:51 am
daughter erin would ever share. >> i always tried to make her laugh every chance i could. it was definitely the best kid sister i could have. >> whenever i said, i want your picture he would put his arm around her. >> sean smith, arm around his sister, the day before it happened. june 5, 1989, in a south florida suburb. she was eight, he was ten. his, the excruciating 911 call. >> i didn't know -- okay. >> i shot her. i didn't mean to. >> listen, who did you shoot. >> my sister. i didn't mean. >> okay, shawn, don't worry. everything is okay. >> nationwide there are no definitive counts, but according to multiple sources 100 or more kids are killed accidentally every year.
9:52 am
lauderdale -- >> shawn and erin were home alone after school. hunting for video games, shawn found the gun in his father's dresser. >> i thought of it like any other, you know, toy gun that i had. because it looked very similar. i remember her backing away to the wall. i remember at that point aiming it out the front window and the trigger went off, just as she was running out of the room. >> she's dead? >> yes. >>et i remember picking her up and putting her in my lap and looking down at her and, it's almost like she wasn't there. you could see the light was just out of her eyes. >> a tragedy, yes. unexpected behavior, hardly. everything that sean smith did matches detail for detail the results of a landmark 2001 study showing a potentially fatal
9:53 am
>> we put 8-12 year old boys in a room where there was an actual handgun. >> dr. hal simon is a professor in atlanta. >> it's a .38 handgun. >> this was the actual gun used. >> was modified so that the magazine was removed, had a radio transmitter was put in so you could actually, enough force to fire it we'd be able to monitor it. >>ha >> the boys were brought in groups of two or three to the room where the .38 was hidden if the drawer. that. >> the univeit boys' faces on the video, but it's still possible to see them firing the gun at themselves and each other. >> so the 64 kids, 48 actually
9:54 am
with enough force that it would have discharged the weapon. we looked at those that actually found the gun, almost half of those kids could not tell if it was real. >> it could be argued that a child shot by a child isn't the only victim. sean smith got into drugs and alcohol, dropped out of high school. his mother's response -- >> i'm not going to lose another child. i'm tougher than that. >> the birth of his son, dylan, was what feignly turned shawn around. >> now, you know what, you got to be responsible for another life. i was given a second chance. >> today he manages an auto parts warehouse. divorced, he lives with his parents. dylan lives there, too.
9:55 am
birthday. and finally look at family photos. tell me what is your favorite photo some of. >> mine is the one where we're walking hand in hand to the beach. >> nervous about water. >> i would hold her hand. >> now he can remember his sister's life. >> cowan: ahead. >> without guns, there would be no west. >> cowan: the view from wyoming. ents. the winner - persil 2 in 1, didn't only beat tide... it beat every single detergent tested. boom. switch to persil proclean 2 in 1. #1 rated. today we're talking about automotive awards. the top safety pickse awarmidsize car and suv.ou? most dependable.
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that received all of these awards. one company won an award in all these? chevy. ahhhh! chevy. chevrolet is the most awarded car company of the last two years. i love it! it's fierce. how would you sum this car up in one word? incredible. amazing.
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wyoming. those are some of bob's ranch hands getting ready horses. when they head up into the mountains, they will be carrying rifles for protection against wolves andken a leg. even down here a couple of the men carry handguns. >> well, you never know when you may need it. >> it's an enormous piece of another 195,000 acres of public land surrounding his ranch. you're sitting on roughly00 acr? >> i am. >> well, you're welcome. >> and i appreciate that. >> i would say to you, i'm a good steward. i use it for grazing my livestock. and i am also a licensed big
9:59 am
know, watching after your land. >> you know, when people who don't hunt look around a place like this and you see all the heads up on the wall. they say, what the hell is this guy talking about? conservation? they're killing them. >> the hunters have played an important role in conserving not only wildlife, but our resources upon which the wildlife live. >> guns are big in wyoming. more guns per ca located, well, here's the sheriff, scott steward. >> if they have four to five. any end going to be this where from 100 to more. >> how many people in this county do not havey minority. >> still when it comes to the
10:00 am
average. sheriff steward will tell you he's already with all those guns out here. he has only a deputies.?% duty in t going to get there to interbe g. >> what you're telling me is te care of them. >> absolutely. >> guns are tapestry of all old wyoming families. that of retired senator allan simpson, for example. >> how long have the sim tons been out here? >> my great grandfather came to jackson in 1884. my grandmother lived to be a hundred. 1874, two years before the custer battle. she alwayspue.
10:01 am
>> without guns, there would be no west. >> my grandfather murder add guy in the main street of cody i august of 1923. >> because? >> my grandfather was aof the h. >> simpson's grafa a local jury voted for acquittal. and then there's the senator's own boyhood. >> i was an assassin. we were bad. we stole shells. .22 shorts and would go out into the hills and see how close we could come to each other in the rocks. >> alan simpson, you will not be surprised learns no fan of gun control legislation.
10:02 am
steady you hold your rifle. >> why don't you go ahead take a few shots first. >> that's the senator's son, colinw his son, mac, they call him big mac. >> does this sort of match what your dad did with you? what al did with you? >> absolutely, ted. what i'm doing here with the boys is exactly what we did. >> there's a real effort to instill gun safety. understand how careful we are. how much we understand and how we learn from a young age. >> when he was 13, dillon romer. it's an expensive sport, and his father had a contract outlining what he's prepared to do in order to keepe
10:03 am
with the law and my teachers, respect him and my mom. >> dillon started shooting when he was about seven. that's how old ella was when we met her. but she and her dad, bo allen, have already been at this for awhile. >> nice shot. >> when is the shot a gun? >> well, i think it was when i was five. >> s this? you've been doing this for a long time? you like coming out and shootg . >> that's haley at age five. her dad, justins showing her hod she's clearly having a good time. >> yes, sir. >> but there's some people might watch this and say, boy, five, is awful young. awful young. >> not at all, actually.
10:04 am
respect of life. respect of country. respect of game. everything starts now. that all startsnd he so you can see the camera. gootime? at this poi disbelief. folks out here, though, couldn't care less. >> and they don't give a [bleep] what people think about them back there while they'rech othen they are out here. why do we have to listen to that? >> out on a pheasant shoot says colin simpson, people and their guns get along just fine. >> it's a community event. it's a family event. the memories i have with my
10:05 am
boys and my wife and my -- you name it, those are wonderful memories. >> to a great extent our special perspective on guns is shaped by where we live. this is the view from cody, wyoming. >> at the beginning of the cent- and computer scientists in silicon valley had a breakthrough they called... the machine. the machine. it changed the basic architecture of computing... putting tha massg. and by doing so... theor. it's been a part of every new technology
10:06 am
this year, hewlett packard enterprise will p will begin.achine. see star trek beyond. ? ? to protect
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us has a natural, human instinct to cover. covering is caring. because covering he band-aid brander. >> cowan: whose job is it to police all these millions of guns in an ever growing number the fbi conducts background checks on gun buyers. use a gun illegally and the answer is the richard scr tells us from the first found itself in the line of fire. >> immediately after the shooting at the pulse people, as from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms went to work.
10:08 am
firearms. >> within hours, af agents determined that the guns used in the attack were bought legally. >> he been firearms, a handgun and long gun within the last two days. >> the atf attracts headlines and heat for regulatingu shops, but that's justagenar ale arson and explosives. they played key roles after the world trade center bombing and the ayla tack on the oklahoma the atf bread and butter is pursuing illegal gun traffickers. >> got that locked down? >> when those investigations turn especially dangerous the bureau's special response teams are called in. paul massock is a team leader. >> atf prides itself working cases against the most violent sides in the united states. >> earlier this year, the detroit team rounded up suspected gang members charged
10:09 am
way before the crack of dawn, bill had his men on the move. >> how are you feeling this morning, sir? >> it's another day at work. >> that day at work netted 23 firearms and 12 suspects. the bureau put more than 6,000 people behind bars last year. but the atf has a track record that has put the bureau itself in the crosshairs since its very founding. alexander hamilton as the first secretary of the treasury. >> in 1719 hamilton decided to collect taxes on whiskey. he created the office which morphed in to today's atf. the whiskey rebellion broke out and some of the agents who collected it were tarred and feathered. by the 1920s it had become the bureau of prohibition in an era when mobsters were glorified in
10:10 am
agent elliott ness b one of the untouchables who took down al capone. atf historian barbara showed us elliott ness' actual credentials. >> this is an iconic weapon. >> this is the gun that made the '20s roar. thompson machine gun also known as tommy gun and also nope at is chicago type wire. >> i'm going write my name all >> get out of my way! >> this was pretty he's toe buy? >> al capone bought his in a hardware store. >> hardware store? >> hardware store. >> the tommy gun's deadly popularity led to the national firearms act of 1934. giving the agency jurors addition over a range of gangland weapons. you're controlling american's
10:11 am
surprise? >> today the atf remains as unpopular as ever. insists that targets only illegal firearms, but some gun rights advocates believe the agency is a threat to legal gun ownership. in the '90s, the national rifle association referred to atf agents as jack-booted government thugs. >> public safety is the reason we exist. >> thomas brandon runs the atf he is a down for his first ever in city view to detail the bureau's mission. >> it's not to take people's guns. it's to, you know, regulate firearms that can be misused, we're a small age seen with a big job. >> the atf is not nearly small enough for its legions of opponents who never tire of reminding people of twotf failu.
10:12 am
the branch davidian religious cult and federal agents in waco, texas. and in 2009 the program to track and arrest gun trafficke traffickers, called fast and furious, lost track of kwn crim. >> they fail time and time again. >> wisconsin republican congressman james sentence brenner has introduced goes b >> bet rble the. technologically, the bureau has been deliberately kept in the last century. >> can you fax >> this is used in crimes >> the old fashioned way. >> good, i need your assistance with a firearm trace.
10:13 am
they did this 370,000 times last year. many second amendment advocates strongly oppose a nationwide gun registry. so congress has prohibited the bureau from creating a computerized searchable database of gun manufacturing and sales. >> i think that having a database of gun sales amounts to de facto gun registration. and that is something that congress would never approve and which i would never approve of. >> without a searchable database, it took 12 hours to find out who owned the guns used in the san bernadino massacre last december. >> does that make sense to you? >> you know, no. i mean, with technology. but there's a lot of things that don't make sense in this town. so, yeah, would it be efficient and effective absolutely. would the taxpayers benefit with
10:14 am
absolutely. are we>>ow the atf gun tracing s stacked with thousands of paper records often all but unreadable from gun shops that are out of business. they sometimes have to go through these, page by page, to trace a firearm. then there are the 139,000 gun dealers that are still in business. the atf has just 620 investigators to keepn them. >> do you think there is a concerted effort to keep atf as weak as possible? >> from sitting in the seat, being around, i would be naive to answer your question to think that the politics of firearms enforcement, that there's not some translation into our budget allocation.
10:15 am
answer. >> i'm learning the job. >> can i assume that -- that's yes? >> yeah. >> we're going to add 200 more atf agents. >> in january president obama responded to the san bernadino shooting by proposing to beef up the atf. >> do you think the president will get his 200 extra atf agents? >> no. >> you didn't even hesitate. >> no. >> today the atf finds itself in familiar position. the agency that keeps trying to er remains under the gun. that wasn't the case for me. f, maybe they didn't know i would end up with cancer because of hpv. maybe if they had known there was a vaccine to help protect me when i was 11 or 12. maybe my parents just didn't know.
10:16 am
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i have cervical cancer. from an infection. human papillomavirus. who knew hpv could lead to certain cancers and diseases? who knew my risk for hpv would increase as i got older? who knew that there was a vaccine that could have helped protect me from hpv when i was 11 or 12, way before i would even be exposed to it? did you know, mom? dad? what will you say? don't wait. talk to your child's doctor today. learn more at >> cowan: understand wake of deadly shooting am page back in 1996 the australian government reacted quickly and decisively to ban concern guns. so did it make a difference? seth doane takes a look.
10:18 am
your parents, you lose your past. when you lose your child, you lose your future. >> carolyn flung herself on top of her daughter when a gunman started shooting. but it was not enough to safe sarah's life. >> she was 15? >> she had just turned 15, yes. >> one american is among the injured in what is being described as the worse massacre this century. a high-powered rifle -- >> nthe cafen.t sit likeei mass shooting? >> it'son frightening. it's haunting. and for
10:19 am
gone. and, bang, there's another life gone. toe my wt is leftere killed. and it rocked australia. it came just six weeks after a new prime minister had been elected. use the authority of this newly acquired office to do something, then the australian people are entitled to think, well, this block's not up to much. >> so then prime minister john howard a conservative politician and close friend of george w. bush pushed through sweeping gun control legislation
10:20 am
politics often involve taking away rights and privileges from your own supporters. >> the tough new laws banned the sale and importation of all automatic and semi automatic rifles and shotguns. forced people to present a legitimate reason wait 28 days to buy a firearm. and perhaps most significantly e confiscated and destroyed nearly 700,000 firearms. reducing the number of gun-owning households by half. >> used to say to me, you violated my human rights by taking away my gun. i say, i understand that. will you please understand greatest human right of all is to live a safe life. without fear of random murder.
10:21 am
laws were passed there were 13 mass shootings. in the two decades since, there has not been one. plus, gun homicide decreased by nearly 60%. >> it is incontestable that gun-related homicides have fallen quite significantly. >> he just didn't like guns. >> senator david leyonhjelm left howard's political party in laws, insists they have had little effect. >> there could have been something done about keeping firearms out of the hands of people with a definite violent potential. but instead, all firearm owners were made to pay the price. i don't think there's any relationship between the availability of guns and the level of violence. >> critics who say, you can't say that these changes in gun deaths happened because of this
10:22 am
you have 13 mass shootings before port arthur and nonsense, isn't that sniffed 74% fall in gun-related suicide rates? is that evidence? are bee expected to believe that's all magically going to happen? >> this one's where i keep the pistols and rifle ammunition and rifle bolts. >> lawyer and wine maker greg melick showed us where h up his weapons. >> if the weapons are in here. >> you have them locked separately. >> yes. >> locking up guns and ammunition in separate saves is another regulation, as are surprise inspections by police.f his prized guns in the buy back. >> how many firearms do you still own? >> i don't know. >> the answer, about two dozen. which he uses for sport, hunting
10:23 am
down. >>es gun ownership not as uncome going back to the way it was before when anybody could go in and buy a firearm. >> really why? >> quite frankly, i find it surprising that you as an american ask me a question. it's bizarre the number of people getting killed in the united states. you have these ridiculous arguments, well, people carry guns they can defend themselves. >> but this is being said by a gun owner, you, someone who shoots for sport. >> using firearms. >> from tasmania to sydney, to carolyn's living room. >> the bullet went into my scapula is. >> we kept asking if there were lessons for the u.s. >> but my question is, how is it going for you over there? but i can't answer that for you. my heart goes out to all of you over there in america.
10:24 am
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dickerson in washington for what's ahe o nation." >> dickerson: conventions are over, the presidential campaign moves into a new stage. we'll talk to bernie sanders and campaign manager of the trump campaign. plus update on zika virus. all ahead on "face the nation." >> cowan: next week here on "sunday morning." >> cowan: next week here on "sunday morning." not just getting each year 17 billion toilet
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>> cowan: i'm lee cowan. we hope you have a good rest of your weekend. captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations captioned by media access group at wgbh
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been sour is going to get even >> just remember this, trump is going to be no more mr. nice guy. >> dickerson: get to the white house by disqualifying the other. >> this is not a normal election. donald trump is not a normal presidential candidate. >> dickerson: we'll separate the


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