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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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they were identified because health officials were going door to door near where the first four cases were found. federal health ofe virus to become widespread in the u.s. that small outbreaks are possible. live in a satellite center, paul evans. >> there is a ripple effect. concerns about the zica virus are coming at the height of the summer travel season. some people are canceling plans to visit. >> reporter: travelers flying out of logan said they will not let the fear of zica virus stop them from getting to their destinations. a recent increases causing concerns. travelers to take the air with caution. folks flying out of logan are
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virus travel warning in miami. stuck i don't think it will stop me. i will take more precautions. >> reporter: on monday comedy number of people infected with your mosquito bites increased to 14. health officials are warning pregnant women should avoid travel to a zica virus stricken part of miami and urging mothers who visited the area to get tested. be aware to ask your doctor what i can do to protect myself and my family and proceed as told. >> the fact that it is already in florida shows how easy it can spread. >> reporter: the travel collaborative says whenever warnings are issued they have to scramble to make changes. >> when there is a warning not to travel, people take it will be where people can go. >> reporter: health officials do not expect widespread outbreaks by the ones seen in brazil because of better
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about it. for those of us who are most vulnerable especially if pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, you are already worried about so many other things. now we have this additional really scary thing to think about. >> reporter: the travel agency we spoke with says folks are more than likely to change their destination that could greatly impacted travel season. paul burton comment wbz news. >> only about 20% of the people who get a bite from an infected mosquito will feel the effects of the zica virus. symptoms appear 227 days later including a mild fever, rashes and in some cases conjunctivitis. the real concern is for pregnant women and developing
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it has been linked to microcephaly, a birth defect linked to an abnormally smaller brain. how is it treated? can you get infected more than once? we have the ers anmore on our website. we have more breaking news. two police chases in new bedford. state police were investigating the first one when another case goes flying by police and tv crews. taught to miles before ending up purchase street in new
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rules don't go far enough. >> reporter: ridesharing is here to stay now that regulations came out of beacon hill overnight. it has customers relieved after the cost of his last taxi. >> $30, $40. uber is half that. >> reporter: drivers will skip certificates, background checks will stay the same but the company is now have to turn over driver history department of public utilities. even the one proposal calls for fingerprinting which boston taxi drivers are subject to come legislator stop short for that. >> since we started the fingerprinting, some had sexual offender pasts. one guy with attempted murder. we were able to rule them out. >> reporter: the new bill gives roger companies permission to pick up at the airport and at the convention
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hesitant. >> i would feel safer if i knew these drivers had the same vetting process that the taxi drivers had. >> we believe it is critically important that there be a substantial and ongoing background check process. >> reporter: these new regulations will require a $0.20 fiat every ride from uber and lyft pick those companies uploading the new deal. e expands consumer choice. after the state has, christina hager, the bbc news. >> when it comes to ridesharing regulations, 35 states have rules in place. 10 including massachusetts, new hampshire have legislation pending. there are no ridesharing legislations at all in wyoming, missouri, delaware or florida. we're looking at another mostly dry week.
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one of the driest july's on record. eric fisher has that report. stuck if you look back at the month, it was the 10th warmest in boston. we had 12 days reaching 90 or warmer. it was the eighth driest. brad the airport had a 10 day e longest on record of all time. today is one of those frustrating days with a lot of rainfall. mostly showers or to the west which will be the theme into tonight with most of the way to the west. we had glimpses of sunshine. 70s across the cape, south coast. we will see mostly cloudy skies tonight. a chance for a couple of showers as we hold in the 60s. most of the rain will stay to the west. as we look toward this week, more 70s on the way tomorrow.
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we also talk about increasing sunshine and one chance of rain along the way. we will take a look at the full week coming up in a bit. >> reporter: campaign 2016. donald trump is facing a backlash of about his comments of the family of a muslim american soldier killed in iraq. that is the only controversy he is facing tonight. fred boswell has the latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump gets back on the campaign trail as the feud grows larger between the candidate and the killed in iraq. >> we want to maintain our dignity. we want to maintain my family's dignity, my son's dignity and sacrifice. >> reporter: it has been about four days since he was criticized at the democratic national convention. trouble tweeted, mister khan who does not know me viciously attacked me from the stage of the dnc that is now all over tv doing the same. nice. >> we will continue to speak up until this candidate behaves
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of the candidacy of this office. >> reporter: trump's former campaign manager defended the billionaire. >> if donald trump was the president, he would still be alive because we never would have entered the war in the first place. >> reporter: he often bolsters his argument to be unfit she is president clinton makes the same claim that trump percent russian president vladimir putin won't send troops into ukraine. >> i said very simply, they are not going to >> russia continues to violate you teen -- ukraine's sovereignty. >> reporter: deputy assistant secretary of state during the george bush administration picks but he is either getting terrible advice or has no understanding of the russia we are dealing with. >> reporter: russia and a part of ukraine dirt 2014 sent troops into eastern ukraine in november of that same year. credit boswell, cbs news, the white house.
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now 20 lawmakers in writing a letter to the speaker of the house paul ryan asking him to rescind his endorsement of donald trump. the letter reads in part, will continue to endorsement of mr. trump's hateful, bigoted and sexist vision threatens the integrity of the house of representatives in which we serve. so far no comment from ryan. the bbc political analyst jon keller is here. you have been taking a closer look. >> while their national survey shows bounce for hillary clinton, their key battleground state should give clinton fans pause. i've got a deep dive coming up at 5:30 pm. see you then. tonight a look at ge his visi rs there two other buildings at the south want to show you the ge rendering. the company plans to add a 12 story building next-door with a
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room for public amenities. devastated by fire not once but twice. >> one local families incredible resilient after a morning fire tore through their home. plus, a breakthrough in helping heart attack survivors.
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now to some devastating flooding in the mid-atlantic. >> at least two people are dead in maryland. the governor has declared a state of emergency after heavy rain cause flooding washed with cars and destroying some businesses. >> reporter: this dramatic cell from her car which was about to be washed away by the force of the flood. david dempster was recording th heincame upstairs he found people taking refuge in the four-year. that is when they spotted the stranded driver. >> the water went from just about the curb to 20 inches
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couple of minutes. >> i will ve that videong that person. i will never forget that. >> oh my god. >> reporter: seems like this played out through the small- town six-time alice west of baltimore. water rushing through the streets. turning roads into rivers and sweeping away anything in its path. >> there are people in the water. >> reporter: diners at this restaurant watch cars float away with people holding on. the aftermath striking. in some cases, cars were stacked on top of one another near homes, business and streets destroyed by flooding. officials say at least 200 buildings in that historic main street district or damage. a few are a total loss and 170 cars were swept away. >> it is interesting to see different parts of the country getting too much rain where we
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that is not that far away but they had over 6 inches of rain. >> all of the rain has been in that area toward the mid- atlantic. this reminded me of hurricane irene where it was wet for a while with heavy rainfall in a hilly area. we worry about situations like that. >> and deadly in two cases unfortunately. we have rain to the south. we have been missing out on all of it. if you look back at june and july it was some of the driest in the city. less than 2 inches of rain throughout all of june and july. brain deficits for the year are still very high across the area and not expecting rainfall in the forecast. today we had the clouds and hoping for rainfall but not squeezing much out of it.
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skies. moving from manchester down toward the seacoast and plum island, chosa with light showers and fog. we have had son on the south coast. we have seen these last few days this little area and a trough of low pressure focusing ring to the west. tomorrow this high pressure will build down and clear everything out. tonight in the cloudy skies with a chance for a couple of showers. best chance of downpours again will focus in western massachusetts, southern for months, albany. tomorrow at best chance of a show or two will be up through lunchtime. into the afternoon, clouds break apart and we will get more sunshine. a few showers tomorrow morning with north northeasterly winds. rather cool at lunchtime with a lingering shower.
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brighter skies to the evening with winds out of the north northeast. in land at or above 80 tomorrow after a cool morning. it will stay in the 70s across the evening looks better. temperatures will bump up into the 70s. beautiful day for wednesday. manageable humidity. low 80s on wednesday. mid 80s on thursday. friday is great as well. upper 80s near 90. our next chance of rain is a few showers and storms that will likely pop up on saturday as the cold front moves through. not a widespread soaking. we will drive back out into sunday. that theme of not much
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this weekend, 87 and muggy on saturday. looks like we will dodge a few showers and storms. we will update the timing as we get closer. accuweather seven-day. warm and dry weather and bright weather starting tomorrow afternoon. it's a big guys what patriots nation. kevin faulk is about to be inducted into the teen's hall of fame. >> the ceremony is underway and steve burton is live. >> reporter: the patriots certainly know how to do it right. thousands of fans are on hand. kevin faulk will be inducted into the patriots hall of fame. they are about to call him out. he will be the 25th person, bob kraft is up on stage and some
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picking up the blitz the patriots have ever had. >> reporter: what you are watching is a video before kevin faulk will walk through the crowd. they do a highlight video. i was with him moments ago. he is really nervous about what he is going to say. he will talk about his family. he is very humble. there he number 33 wearing tom brady's jersey. kevin faulk. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: if you will notice what he is wearing underneath his jacket is tom brady's jersey. just like he did on draft night.
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it is certainly his day. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: there you go. faulk will address the fans and his family. wheeler at six. back to you. >> hilarious he is wearing a brady jersey. >> i think day also. to get your kids out up for school? >> wake up. it is david ortiz of the boston red sox. get out of bed and get ready for school. your future is yours. >> the red sox slugger teamed up with boston public schools to call middle and high school students. the goal is that they wake up
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yesterday wellesley south beat pittsburgh 9-3. they had to the new england regionals and connecticut with a trip to the little league world series. >> i love this time of the year. >> they get the other little kids fired up. the summer games are days away. >> one massachusetts man is about to compete and he received the ultimate honor. coming up newest 6. so close to losing it all but instead they gained in life. a pregnant woman and her family are send flipping over and over in their white suv. tonight how they came together
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>> an important story about helping heart attack patients heal. >> lo key. >> reporter: jim kelly suffered a heart attack eight years ago. >> i didn't know it was my heart. i wasn't feeling good. >> reporter: the now 80-year- old took a part in a study to see if omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil could help his heart heal. 6%improvement in heart int
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heart inflammation. >> reporter: the study looked at 360 patients that at that height doses of omega-3 or placebos for six months after their heart attack. researchers used mris to look at the heart before and after. heart failure is a big concern after heart attack. research is a supplicant they help protect the heart from further problems down the road. dr. raymond quam cautions heart attack survivors shouldn't start >> we use an fda approved purified form of fish oil. whether that has the same component of what someone can buy as a supplement remains to be further study. >> reporter: patients didn't suffer any serious side effects. six months after taking the fish oil they saw a significant difference in his heart. >> i'm terrific. >> reporter: he feels like he
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active. the study funded by the national institutes of health found that omega-3 may have anti-inflammatory benefits for heart attack survivors like jim. he feels great. >> to say he feels like he never heart and heart attack is amazing. don't just run out to buy omega- 3. >> reporter: exactly. high dos you shouldn't do that without consulting a physician. >> reporter: eileen park's are growing in popularity. a new study says so were the number of kids getting hurt. there are nearly 7000 trampoline related er visits in 2013. in 2010,erthan 600. teenage boys are most likely to get hurt. they scare me.
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history. still ahead. the first law in the nation requiring equal pay. two fires in three months. the massachusetts familyalinwit
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live from the channel for studios in boston.
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up in flames not want but twice in just a few months. the people living here are somehow taking this in stride as early this morning flames ripped through that summerville home. >> as bill shields shows us his family is positively focused on the future. >> left of the home in somerset. early this morning fire home to a family of four. believe it or not, it had another fire last may. a smaller they were just starting to rebuild. >> heading toward the happy side of this wh just, i don't know, with dealing with it. >> reporter: since they may fire the family has been living in this rented trailer. but now, because of this, the


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