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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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come a lighter, a can of butane and a hatchet. he faces charges. we are working to get more information. david and paula? now at 6. what police are calling a fiery retaliation. police say a man set this north shore house on fire after his wife was given possession after divorce proceedings. >> police say the man poured on it on purpose. let's get out life to jim smith and where he is live. >> reporter: this is a sad story. this is all remaining of the family home here in swampscott. it is badly damaged by fire. a fire police say was deliberately set by the owner. he is accused of torturing his
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home ablaze because he was being forced to move out as part of a pending divorce. prosecutors say he set the house on fire with gasoline calling the fire a beautiful thing. >> he confirmed he was the home owner. when asked if he had connection, he stated, i did it. i poured gasoline. my wife is moving in tomorrow. officers also noted he was laughing and making jokes. >> reporter: defense lawyer says his client denies and he says the couple's three kids and wife were not in the house and brosnan removed the family cat. >> he is going through difficult time. it is the end of a 27-year-old marriage with three children. this is totally the antithesis of everything that i know about the man. >> reporter: he was ordered
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anything but dangerous. >> he is a very nice, kind man. he would help you anyway, anytime. >> reporter: his lawyer says his client is very emotional right now and understands the seriousness of what is going on. he is in jail right now. life in swampscott, jim smith. breaking news health officials say 10 more people have been infected by mosquitoes in florida. tonight the cdc has issued a travel warning. the cdc is telling pregnant women not to travel at all to a small area north of downtown miami. >> this is the first time in recent memory that the cdc has warned people to avoid part of the continental u.s. because of
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about trips to florida. >> reporter: travelers tell me they refuse to live in fear of that does not mean they are not heeding the warning. tonight travelers heading south take to the skies with caution. >> the fact that it is already in florida shows how easily it can spread. >> reporter: tammy: is taking the zica virus seriously. >> it is scary and we don't know how to protect ourselves. >> reporter: on monday the number of people infected by mosquito bites increased to 14. pregnant women should avoid travel to a zica virus took a part of miami and urge pregnant mothers who visited the area to get tested for the virus. >> it is a 1 mi.2 radius north of downtown miami. we will be aggressive making
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>> people are saying, what can i do this winter? >> reporter: the travel collaborative says whenever warnings are issue, they have to make changes. >> when there is a warning, people take it seriously. >> reporter: they do not expect to see widespread outtakes -- outbreaks because of mosquito control. >> i am cautious but not nervous. >> be aware. ask your doctor what you can do family. >> reporter: the travel agency we spoke with says folks are most likely to change their destination rather than cancel flights. as the zica virus threat continues, it will definitely impacts travel season. there has been confusion about the zica virus. wbc's doctor malcolm marshall
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on keeping you and your family safe. you can find that at we usually brace ourselves for the heat of august. we might not have the heat of july. >> it was so hot. yesterday was a good weekend day. take a look at the top 10. we had a top 10 hottest in november. 12 in november. 1290 degree days and eighth driest bradley airport in with the connecticut had a 10 day heat wave. tonight mostly cloudy skies and a few showers. most of that activity will stay toward the west. temperatures will stay in the 60s under mainly cloudy skies and a chance for a shallower two. we will be in the 70s around 80 tomorrow.
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i will have a full look of the forecast coming up. tomorrow the camp at the curly community center in south boston will reopen following the tragic death of a young boy. staff at the summer program underwent a full day of training on new safety procedures. kaiser willis' death has been ruled an accidental drowning. his body was found 20 yards from shore now two new regulations for ridesharing. >> a bill passed late last night aims to keep you safe and level the playing field. what does it mean for you as a consumer? christina hager has a closer look. >> reporter: ridesharing apps are here to stay. thanks to new regulations at of beacon hill overnight. and this taxidriver says the competition is driving him out.
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i might leave and go to another state. i cannot work here and support my family. >> reporter: drivers for uber and lift to will get certificates. background checks will largely status a but the company has to turn over driver history. even the one proposal calls for fingerprinting which involved taxi drivers, legislator stop short for uber and lift to. >> they are all about profit. i am disappointed. i have no skin in the game other than making sure people are safe. >> reporter: the new bill gives companies airport and convention and exhibition center. some said they wo >> you are getting into a car where you don't know the person. >> reporter: goveor charlie
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there is a lot of debate on the best way to get that done. >> reporter: these new regulations will require a $0.20 fee on every ride from uber and lyft. one says it encourages innovation and expands consumer choice. christina hager, at the statehouse. >> ridesharing laws vary from state to state. in arkansas, indiana and north carolina like uber and lift are required to be classified as independent contractors. nevada and texas both ridesharing services tax 3% and use a portion of the money to fund a medical school. in georgia,ridesharing companies handle their own background checks but don't have to fingerprint drivers. so close to losing it all
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>> a pregnant women and her family said flipping over and over. tonight how they came together as a family. a first look for general electric's plan for its new boston headquarters. kevin faulk has answered a
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a newborn baby and her mother are somehow doing well after a terrible call crash. >> this happen to them done barn, new hampshire and quick thinking by the woman's husband saved them both. >> we're probably five minutes from the house and we got hit. stop here is what is left of
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another driver ran a stop sign. their five-year-old daughter was in the car. >> we skated and rolled three 3 to 4 times. it happened quickly. >> caitlyn who was 37 weeks pregnant suffered life- threatening injuries when her calf was severed. >> i saw my leg and started screaming, i pregnant. >> told a good samaritan to make a tourniquet. >> i knew i needed an ambulance. >> she was doing well until she got to the er. >> i started to bleed really badly. her heart rate plummeted, so they had to take her out. >> an emergency c-section brought olivia into the world then the doctors operated on caitlyn's leg.
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happen. i am glad we are all okay. >> it was a good ending. i am happy for that. >> olevia it was only two weeks early. she was lucky. she weighed 6 pounds. >> great job by the husband and of course by the mom. let's talk to eric ab >> we still haven't had a ton of rain. we are hoping if we have a cloudy day it will just poor -- pour. all of june and july we had 2.2 inches of rain.
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in 1949. rainfall deficits for this year, 7 inches in concorde and boston. the stretch over the next 10 days will exacerbate that even more. subtly rehder picture shows a few showers. the rain will hang out to the west. we are getting a bit of drizzle and pockets of drizzle and it missed. te seeing light developing and north easterly flow. we had this trough of low pressure to the west they had a half foot of rain in parts of new york high pressures will move in tomorrow and start to push the whole thing out without giving us that drench of rainfall. temperatures will hold in the 60s. heaviest showers overnight will
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southern vermont. tomorrow morning a chance for showers in the first half of the day. once we move past lunchtime, clouds break apart and it is all clear by tomorrow evening. we start with a chance of a shower or two. last showers diminish midday. increasing son -- sun afternoon. farther north and west sunshine first. around 80 or warmer. 70s elsewhere. if you are heading to the beach come greatest in the morning, brightest at lunchtime. wednesday thursday look like beauties. lots of sunshine. you want the rain but it is nice to be outside.
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made 80s on thursday and tons of sunshine. next chance for rain for a few showers and storms friday night into saturday. this is not be widespread system we need. we get back into sunshine and dryer air as we move toward sunday. pan mass challenge is here. if you are taking part we are looking at a chance for shower storms on saturday. 80 good luck to anyone taking part. here is you accuweather seven day. chance of shower tomorrow morning and a couple on saturday and that is it for the next 7 to 10 days. this is a picture of what ge wants its new headquarters
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buildings and build a 292,000 square foot 12 story structure. plans include a harbor walk, coffee bar and parking. construction will begin by the end of the year. owners of honda civic's you may want to make sure your car is locked. the 2000 honda civic is the st according to the national insurance crime bureau. the honda accord, to rcam in 2010 toyota corolla are follow- ups. the 1996 honda accord is the most stolen nationally. >> i guess it is because it is hard to find parts pics to another move by the red sox.
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one of the all-time greats. tonight steve burton is live. >> reporter: the patriot certainly know how to do everything first class. kevin faulk walked out in a brady jersey. tom brady comes out to honor kevin faulk innate kevin faulk jersey. kevin faulk becomes the 25th man to enter the hall of fame. >> you are a lot faster in this jersey already. faster, hands. a lot tougher. thank you, guys. what a wonderful night. this is such a special night for all the players to come back and honor one of the great ones. one of the greatest i have laid with and i have laid with a lot of them. a lot of them are here tonight. >> [ applause ]
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heard a lot of stories about kevin -- what a pleasure to spend time with him. his commitment to our team was exceptional. you saw it and appreciate it. when you are standing 2 feet from him and you knew he had her back on every play, you knew what was going on. kevin, it is such a special night. what is not special is when the guys are going to the hall of fame are your age. [ laughter ]. hopefully that doesn't happen again but we can't help it when it is their time and it is kevin's time. we have the best fans in the world.
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>> reporter: hundreds of fans and alumni including teddy brewski were here. he was handed his new jersey by robert graf. a big day for kevin faulk. what a special night. >> they said they want to thank kevin. tom brady wearing the 33 jersey. you can tell it was an emotional night. >> reporter: you have 10 seconds to sum up what the red sox did in the trade. >> may be in the off-season they get a reliever. >> reporter: back to you. cbs evening news is coming up next at cbs evening news is
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>> reporter: tonight, zica virus surge. two new cases emerged over the weekend. we talk about the latest guidelines to protect herself. plus, donald trump on the line over a fallen soldier. and in times of intense decision, they are singing through the pain. those stories coming up in few minutes. he is known for his bat, but david ortiz is making a pitch hoping to help out
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? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] f snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. boston public schools are hoping to hit a home run when it comes to getting kids to school on time. >> they are turning to david ortiz for help. take a listen. >>wake up! david ortiz of the boston red sox. get out of bed and get ready for school.
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they call will go out to middle and high school students at the start of this school year to make sure they get up
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we usually think of august as hot and muggy but it's cool. >> by far. we are already seeing the leaves falling outside. we have a very dry forecast. as we and august, expect to see a lot of leaves turning yellow. it will be widespread because it is so dry. it has been a rough year for trees.
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droopy. thank you for watching. captioning sponsored by cbs >> rose: the zika zone, the c.d.c. issues an extraordinary travel warning for miami neighborhoods as the number infected grows. also tonight, the candidates' words come back the bite them. >> she had nothing to say. she probably,ay allowed to have anything to say. >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i've said is consistent. >> rose: deadly flash flooding in maryland. >> looks like it's a war zone. it looks like something you'd see from the set of a disaster movie. >> rose: and the hot air balloon disaster, the pilot had a history of drunk driving convictions. >> balloon pilots are not required to have a medical


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