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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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now at 11:00, an unprecedented travel warning after a zika outbreak at a pop you already travel destination. and officers chasing a driver waving a hatchet, and what they found in the car when it finally stopped. plus, some say enough is enough. why some local families of fallen soldiers are demanding an apology from donald trump. studios in boston, wbz news at 11:00 starts right now. tonight a rare warning to avoid a popular part of florida as crews ramp up their fight against infected mosquitoes. the cdc is telling pregnant women stay away from a zika zone just north of miami. >> this after ten more people
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in the area. a lot of passengers at the airport could be concerned about this. >> reporter: that's right, and experts are too. the director of the cdc telling couples returning from the area not to have kids for at least two months and saying intensive mosquito spraying is not as effective as he had originally hoped. >> if you're thinking about what the birth defects are the ramification, i think it would be a difficult conversation. >> reporter: worries about the zika virus vary among travelers. >> i think you need to live your life and not let it scare you. >> reporter: but the cdc says there's new cause for concern after 14 people contracted the virus in a small florida community called winwood. >> we're advising pregnant
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pregnant women that live and work in the area no everything possible to prevent mosquito bites. >> reporter: some people showed no signs of disease, but it was detected after they collected urine samples. >> i would not be concerned at all. >> reporter: not enough for this mosquito control expert to sound the alarm in massachusetts. he says there's mosquito that exists in the bay state in extremely small numbers that can carry the disease. >> >. you can't get it in the metro boston area right now. >> reporter: it's possible for a person to get zika abroad, and then for a local mosquito to bite the person and transmit the virus to someone else here. now experts don't believe the zika virus will become a widespread issue in the united states, but they say other
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news. >> 52 people in massachusetts infected with zika, all got it from traveling overseas or from partners that did. we have more on our website. new at 11:00. >> i feel a lot faster in this jersey already. >> tom brady breaking his silence during his surprise appearance at the patriots hall of fame ceremony. brady profile sense ending the fight over -- since ending the fight over his four-game suspension. let's go to steve burton, and this might be the last time we hear from him for awhile. >> it may be, but he could pull off another surprise and adecember the media once and for all, but tonight it was about kevin falk as he became the 25th person inducted in
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>> what's not special is when the guys going into the hall of fame are your age. >> reporter: tom brady spoke for the first time since his four-game suspension surprising kevin falk at his induction ceremony. >> thank you guys for supporting him. thank you guys for supporting us. we have the best fans in the world. >> reporter: and those fans tried to show love for the quarterback, but tom wouldn't have it. >> thank you guy, nah, this >> reporter: yes the night was for falk who played 12 seasons here with brady. >> what a pleasure to spend as many years in the back field as i did with him. >> reporter: brady wore a number 12 shirt to honor kevin, and number 12 delivered his love right back to number 33. >> you know, um, how you take
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i'm having a hard time. wow, thank you. >> kevin, we love you. you're an amazing person, an amazing teammate, and as great a player as kevin was, here's an even better friend. >> reporter: wbz sports. >> after the ceremony the patriots hit the turf at the stadium for a special night practice for holders. more on that coming up in sports, and also more from kevin falk and check in on the red sox on the west coast and the trade deadline. all right, a special night and a nice one. we have just one more night though to enjoy the cooler weather. looking at the live picture of downtown boston, eric fisher tracking a mid-week warm up. >> the 80s come knocking again into this week, and tonight doesn't feel like they're too
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mild, a little humid. downpours off to the west we're watching, and this batch just working in should start to move across southern new england through the overnight, so a chance for a little more rain. i don't think it's going to be terribly widespread, but tomorrow morning out the door at least some shower activity moving its way across. so check the radar before leaving the house tomorrow morning. might want to grab the umbrella. as the day goes on increasing sunshine from east to west. things dry out, then we start the warming trend. upper then approaching 90 by the time we get to friday. so will we see anymore beneficial rain? we'll take a full look in the forecast coming up. new tonight a dentist is accuse offed assaulting a patient. police say dr. patel groped a woman in the appointment. she called police and they arrested him at his office. dramatic moments in a
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ending, another starts up and goes speeding by. you can actually see the driver driving on nothing but his rims there. the first police chase started when a man took out a hatchet and a knife, was waving those around while driving away from police. they say his name was randall harrison. he also doused himself in lighter fluid. at one point about 60 officers were chasing him down. >> >. coming right at me swerving all over the road. i 10 cop cars behind him. >> officers cornered him with the help of another driver. this is a photo of the item it is police found inside the car, including naive, a lighter -- knives, a lighter, butane and a hatchet. campaign 2016, donald trump standing by his comments about the family of a muslim american soler just killed in iraq, but local families who also lost loved ones in combat are
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this is the new york times report that donald trump received five deferments from the vietnam draft. >> many gold star families see this as a very personal attack. tonight a local man who's brother was killed while serving in iraq tells me this country is better than this. >> reporter: it's a fire storm the trump campaign cannot extinguish, and in nevada monday his running mate was himself confnt in time where you can look trump in the eye and tell him enough is enough? >> as i said last night as donald trump said, captain khan is an american hero, and we honor him and honor his family. >> reporter: last week at the democratic national convention the father of army captain khan, a muslim-american killed in iraq challenged trump. trump said he didn't appreciate the criticism, says he too has
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her of remaining silent because of her religion. >> maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> if there's anybody that's earned their first amendment right it's those that have sacrificed a life to this country, and the khan's deserve that first amendment right. >> reporter: his brother was killed in iraq in 2008. duffy says he's not only appalled but offended by trump's remarks, and joined families in a letter to the candidate. >> this is a country that stands up for people. to have someone on the national stage that's willing to bully pows and gold star moms just because the gold star mom is muslim? come on. come on! >> and today senator john mccain also criticizing trump saying quote the nomination is not an unfettered license to defame those that are the best among us.
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the latest cbs news poll shows a post-convention bump for hillary clinton. she's up 7 points in the poll over donald trump. last week the two were virtually tied. a somerset family is out of their home for the second time in months. after a fire burned down their first home they moved to a trailer where another fire broke out last night. home. they'll stay in the rented trailer and rebuild. a homeowner says he torched his own house to get back at his wife. he lost the home in a divorce settlement. there are claims he was laughing while watching it burn. their three children and his wife were not in the house at the time. and investigators say three men pulled off ten break ins
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prosecutors say they left evidence behind at one scene that connects them to the case. background checks but no fingerprinting. boston's police commissioner says the new ride sharing rule stops short of fully protecting riders. they passed rules for uber requiring a background check and letting riders request a pick up from logan airport. the bill is on the law, requiring men and women to get the same salary for the same job. until then women have earned 82 cents on the dollar for the men doing the same job. tonight safety changes after a tragedy at a city-run summer camp. >> >. the new rules taking effect tomorrow no keep other kids -- to keep other kids safe. and a life saving rescue on the side of a highway.
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what her husband did to save both lives. and a driver stranded in flash flooding. how strangers helped as gallons of water rushed by. around here it's dry, can we get some rain in the forecast? plus something brewing in the
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new safety changes that take effect tomorrow at a city summer camp where a little boy drowned last week. that 7-year-old was found dead center in south boston four hours after he disappeared. >> the center will reopen with new security cameras and safety procedures for the counselors. we're live in south boston where workers and families reviewed the new rules. >> reporter: that's right, city leaders met with parents upside this community -- inside this community center, but outside a
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tomorrow it will mayor says the door -- the mayor say it is doors will reopen. one week to the day after a little boy drowned while attending a boston-run day camp, city staff reopens its doors to dozens of children. >> we have a meeting with the parents, and they'll be back tomorrow with the kids. >> reporter: the body of the boy was found tuesday in the waters off carson beach. the city since added new safety rule, including a head count of children every all. all kids in the water life preservers, and added security cameras at the community center. the boy's family are upset and furious the center is reopen. >> parents don't have alternatives for child care, there's probably no right time to reopen the camp for the parents. i mean, i can't imagine, i try to put myself in their shoes, but i can't. i mean, my heart goes out to them. >> reporter: the mayor says the changes are enough to help keep children safe. >> we explained to them the
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faith in what we're doing. >> we interviewed the counselor, life guards, people in charge, and everything indicates a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: the parents of kaiser prepare to bury their youngest son. >> it's going to be a tough week for their family and all of boston, and it's not going to get easier. >> reporter: back live here outside the l street bath house, the the wake will be wednesday and his funeral on thursday. wbz news. back to you. all right, thank you. a mother and her new baby are doing well after surviving a car crash in new hampshire. the woman was 37 weeks pregnant. her calf was severed in the crash. her husband threw off the seat belt and told a good samaritan to make a tourniquet.
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freaked me out and i started screaming i'm pregnant. >> doctors worried for her safety and the baby. the baby girl was born two weeks early by c-section. incredible video of people forming a human chain to save a woman trapped in flash flooding in maryland. the group linked arms to reach the trapped driver, and then pulled her to safety. some great work there. >> unbelievable. so much ra atlantic and so little rain here. >> yes, gray skies, but no rain to come along with it. >> yeah, eric are we getting anything or all sun all week? >> a few showers possible late tonight or early in the morning. certainly we could use a lot more. i guess it's better than nothing, but it's been exceptionally dry. all of june and july together, 2.2 inches of rain in boston,
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not by a wide margin. so looking at august, can we get more rain fall. it tend to get cooler as august goes on, and we lose daylight. put this on your alder, the pe -- calendar, the pereid meteor shower is supposed to be spectacular this year. but watching these downpours off to the west. this batch here should move across southern new england overnight, so a chance for a little bit just showers starting to work into the county. and timing it out hour by hour, the batch expanding. there's a little disturbance forcing up the rain fall, so hopefully we can generate some showers tomorrow morning moving across. i don't think every town will see one, but it will be gray when you wake up in the morning. as the day goes on drying out, increasing sunshine as the easterly winds clear out and the brightest skies late afternoon into the evening. tomorrow morning expect that
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the 60s. northeast winds. then by midday any lingering showers wrapping up. sunny break, and brighter skies by the end of tuesday. winds east northwest 5 to 15 to end the day. high temperatures as the sun comes out jump to 75 to 80. maybe a touch warmer depending on how much sunshine we get in the afternoon. all told, not too warm outside, but it does start the warming trend. heading to the beach and you want to sun the st after lunchtime, especially mid afternoon through the evening. the next few days the warming trend, low 80s wednesday, mid- 80s thursday. a touch cooler at the coast, but nice touch of humidity and bright skies. i know we need the rain, but at least it's good weather to be outside. that continues friday. warm sunshine, temperatures making a run at 90, and then the next chance for a few showers and storms is on saturday. don't think it's going to be a widespread soaking kind of thing, but a chance for a
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towards sunday. always thinking about the weekend, even on a monday. and 80s on saturday, a chance for a few showers and storms, and as we get closer we'll update the exact timing and who's most likely to see the rain. then sunday drying out. looks like bright skies, nice northwest breeze. also the tropics tonight. usually you hit august, and boom right away the tropics wake up. almost every single year it happens that way, and er heavy rain to jamaica later tonight, and the frack is expected to -- track is expected the take it almost due west to the yucatan peninsula late tuesday. and if it gets a name it will be tropical storm earl. here's the seven-day, warm, brighter outside, but rain is still a tall order we can't seem to serve up here in southern new england. >> we just had an earl a couple of years ago.
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names every six years. all right, appreciate it. patriots in prime time. >> and more on kevin falk's induction into the patriots
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massachusetts bmw center or visit us online. big night of celebration at the stadium. >> i think what i discovered tonight steve is you can't look good in a red sport coat unless you're a patriot. then you look great. >> all the patriots look good in red. the patriots know how to do things first class, kevin falk became the 25th person to be induring thed in the patriot's ll guest really got to him at the end of the ceremony. patriots of old joined him on the stage. the coach was on hand and spoke highly of falk as well. like he did at the nfl draft earlier this year he supported his quarterback thanking many teammates and family members for his success. >> i've done these hall of fame
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find out, all it is is just thanking the people that helped you along the way, to get you where you are, to get you where you want to be as a person, individual, and athlete. >> he did look good in red. and one last speaker came to the stage, tom brady, returning the jersey love. the patriots' quarterback said their wins were thanks to trust >> >. what a pleasure to spend as many years as i did in the back field with him, and his commitment to our team was exceptional. you saw it and appreciated it. but when you were standing two feet from him and knew he had your back on every play, you really knew what was going on. >> after the ceremony the fans were allowed in the stadium to watch the patriots practice.
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tickets holders and foxboro residents. >> reporter: bill told us all what the team would work on in the night practice, but let's be honest this session is for the players and the fans. the support was strong. >> >. it's a great feeling. when i first got her and came out i was -- here and came out i was shocked, played at a small school and never been around a lot of fans, so it was great. >> reporter: just hearing the crowd and being underneath the lights in the stadium is >> it felt good being under the lights, getting out here on the field, seeing what the turf feels like and showing off for the fans. >> reporter: it gives players a taste of what game-day will be like for those here for the first time. >> it's definitely different, but it feels great. >> reporter: the patriots have had a little bit of everything in the first days of training
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tonight the fans in the stands chanting their names. they'll get a day off tomorrow, then hit it again come wednesday. levan reid, wbz sports. >> >. all right, thank you very much. the mlb trade deadline today, and the red soxget a pitcher -- red sox get a tc right now the -- mariner, right now the game is scoreless in the 6th. coming up next, in the dog house. >> unlicensed drivers in trouble after crashing the
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it's not just teenagers going for joyrides. >> but you wouldn't expect these two. a couple of dogs took their owner's car for a spin in a parking lot in west virginia. the owner left the animals alone in the car and left it returning so the air- conditioning would stay apparently their dogs are smarter than mine. >> it could just be he was acting all nonchalant, but was the instigator. >> up next one last look at the
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nice day tomorrow. >> showers in the mopping, sunshine in the -- morning. sunshine in the afternoon. same wednesday, thursday, friday. i feel guilty as a meteorologist saying enjoy the sun when we need the rain. >> you know what, it's not your
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>> see you tomorrow. >> stephen: hello, and welcome to "the late show." last thursday at the democratic convention, the parents of a fallen u.s. soldier criticized donald trump, and, over the weekend, he repeatedly lashed out at them -- which got me thinking, is there anyone donald trump won't attack if they say bad things about him? first, a kindly old lady. >> hello. my collection of por ls have lar s than donald trump -- and larger penises! >> stephen: all right, let's see what they have to say about that on the old twitter feed. nothing yet. next, a kindergartener with an adorable speech impediment. >> i just got back from epcot,


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