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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the new safety measures now in place. >> and unprecedenteded move overt zika virus. a warning over a popular vacation destination right here in u.s. >> my brother was killed, so what's -- is he not a hero? >> the brother of a massachusetts soldier killed in iraq speaking out against donald trump, what he wants from the republican presidential nominee. good morning. it is 5:00 right now. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> it is tuesday, august the 2ndnd and danielle miles is tracking some rain this morning for us. >> yes a few showers, even a couple of downpours. so it may be worth having the umbrella on stand by. the steadier rain is crossing. it's making slow progress. there will be some pockets of
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commute. light sprinkles, from pelham and back down towards kingsboro right now. otherwise a lot of this rainfall is going to be weakening as it slowly spreads towards the east here. so some pockets of rain are possible between now and mid to late morning. this may be a little bit overdone. you get the point. area of rain, taper off by midday. just a leftover shower during the arch and some breaks in sunshine will come out. so the evening drier with just an isolated shower leftover. 68 in boston right now. low to mid-60s for a lot of us. we come out of the 60s to about 74 by lunchtime and ice laid shower, wind off the ocean, breaks of sunshine. mid-70s for the ride home, low 70s at the coast. i'm tracking a warm-up. let's get you on the roads. good morning. >> good morning. a live look at the bridge to start off your tuesday morning. not too many people on the roads at this hour. it is smooth sailing as you make
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and into the city. to our south, route 3 north to brain trooe is an easy ride. that's why you're seeing a little bit of orange on the maps tlchl the expressway is wide open and your drive time is less than ten minutes to get from the split to downtown. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. new overnight a serious crash on soldier's field road in boston, at least two cars were involved in this. state police and emergency crews were on thene was facing the wrong direction. there's no word yet on injuries or what caused that crash. >> campers will return to a south boston summer program this morning. a week after a 7 year old boy drowned there. >> this after the city met privately with parents to go over new safety procedures. our jim smith is live in south boston this morning with much more on this story, jim. >> reporter: good morning. certainly mixed feelings this morning here in south boston. the city, the staff, parents
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program going again. but at the same time, the death of a little boy and his memory remains overpowering. >> there's probably no right time to reopen the camp for the parents. i don't know -- i mean, i can't imagine. i try to put myself in their shoes and i can't. >> reporter: one week to the day after a little boy drowned while attending a boston-run day camp, the summer youth activities program returns to the curley community center in south boston. city staff will reopen its doors to dozens of this the changes we made and they have faith in what we're doing. >> reporter: the city has since added new safety rules, they include a head count of children every hour, all kids in the water must wear life preservers at all times, and also added security cameras at the curley community center. >> we interviewed all the counselors, the lifeguards, the director. you know, everything indicates a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: seven-year-old kyzr
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tuesday. his family says they're upset and furious the doors will reopen as they prepare to bury their youngest son. the mayor acknowledges the pain. >> it's a horrible situation. you know, this is going to be a tough week again for the willis family. it's going to be a tough week for all of us. it was tough last week. it's not going to get easier. >> reporter: and we understand the staff underwent a complete day of training on those new safety protocols on monday everybody obviously also hoping for a smooth reopeni wbz this morning. back to you. >> thank you very much. a wooster dentist is due in court this morning accused of assaulting a patient. police called police by saying she was groped during her appointment yesterday morning. police arrested dr. patel at his office. he's now facing charges of indecent assault and battery. a dramatic moment during a police chase. take a look at this.
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you -- a driver was driving on rims. a man hit his own car with a match et then took off. they a randall harrison was seen waving the hatchet and knife during the chase. he also doused himself in lighter fluid. police say at one point, 60 officers were chasing him down. >> coming right at me, swerving all over the road. and i didn't know what to do. i pulled over and i saw another ten cop cars behind him. >> officers man driver. here's the picture of the items they say was in -- was found inside his car. harrison was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. a travel warning over the zika virus. pregnant women now being told to avoid a popular part of florida. wbz is live at low began airport. >> reporter: chris, the cdc is
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an area of the united states. this warning comes after 14 cases of the zika virus were identified in a miami neighborhood. >> i mean, it is scary. >> reporter: reed fowler is taking a new warning by the cdc very seriously. after 14 cases of zika were identified, a neighborhood near miami florida. officials say for the first time in the u.s., the virus is being spread by mosquitos. >> florida is still fun, so - travel plans. >> reporter: not all would change their plans. >> i think you need to live your life and not let these times of things scare you. >> reporter: but the cdc is advising pregnant women not to travel to that area at all. officials also say men and women who travel there should wait at least two months before trying to get pregnant. >> we're advising pregnant women not to travel to this one mile area north of downtown miami and for pregnant women who live or
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mosquito bites. >> reporter: here at home, expert david henly is not sounding the alarm. >> you can't get it in boston right now. >> reporter: but it is possible for a person to become infected with zika abroad and for a local mosquito to bite that person and transmit the virus to someone else here. >> it is contracted in the u.s. or if those cases in the u.s., it does mean that, you know, it's a little more close to home. so that would be scary if i were home. >> reporter: health officials don't expect the zika virus to become a widespread issue but some ways to protect yourself from mosquitos include wearing long sleeves and pants and to use a repet lent using deet. reporting live from the airport. back to you. >> some good information there this morning. thank you very much. the 52 people in missouri have been infected with the zika virus. all got it while traveling
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questions about the virus on our website. checking in on campaign 2016 and the growing backlash against donald trump over his comments about the family of a muslim-american soldier killed in iraq. a massachusetts man whose brother died while serving in iraq tells wbz our country is better than this. >> it's not what we were built on. we're built -- this is a country that stands up for people. to have somebody on the stage that's willing to bully pows and gold star moms just because the gold star mom is, like, a muslim -- come on. >> that's kevin duffy. his brother sergeant shane duffy was killed in iraq. he's not only appalled he's offended by trump's remarks. he joined 22 other gold star families in a ler to trump demanding an apology. during a campaign stop in nevada last night, trump's running mate
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>> you have a son in the military, how do you tolerate his disrespect? >> as i said last night, as donald trump said saturday night, captain khan is an american hero and we honor him and honor his family as we do all gold star families. [ applause ]. >> reporter: pence also criticized the media for not giving similar coverage to a u.s. military officer moment who spoke at the meanwhile donald trump is speaking out against his rival calling hillary clinton the devil. he made the comments during a rally in pennsylvania yesterday. earlier in the day at a campaign stop in ohio, he told supporters, he's afraid the general election will be rigged. he offered no evidence of that, but he said he's hearing the election won't be fair. meanwhile, billionaire investor warren buff evident joins hillary clinton yesterday. he launched his drive to vote campaign and is promising to
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the polls. he said he's already reserved a 32-seat trolly for election day. but fete also challenged trump to release his tax returns. trump said he will release them after a audit is complete. a poll shows a post conviction bump for hillary clinton. she's up seven points now over donald trump. last week they were virtually tied. after hundreds of employees took buyouts, the nbta could still layoff workers. rd the agency faces potential one so -- a potential $110 million deficit. acting manager said yesterday that a recent downturn in sales, tax collection is a factor that could bring in $32 million less than expected in state funding. moss bon's carmon union president is criticizing the --
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officials say full fare machines are not uncommon. president obama is getting ready for his final vineyard vacation as commander in chief. the white house says the first family will arrive on martha's vineyard this past saturday. the past two yearers they represented a home. the president is often seen on the golf course. this is the seventh time he vacationed on the island since becoming president. coming up, big plans for ges boston headquarters. >> a closer and the changes their making to the site. >> plus we're getting closer to great whites tagged right off the cape. danielle, good morning. >> good morning, so i'm tracking some areas of rain this morning that may impact your morning commute. some showers until late morning and then the sun breaks out this afternoon. we'll come into the 70s later on. let you know when the 80s and even some possible 90s make a come back as you take a live look at the beach this morning. beautiful sunrise coming up. some nice color starting to show
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muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. . we're getting a closer look at two great white sharks tagged off the cape last month. both are females.
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this is 11-foot female named pumpkin. both sharks will be used in the state shark population study. >> myra has a great smile. >> pumpkin looks like she doesn't want anything to could do with the camera. >> pumpkin is all business. let's find out what's going on with the weather. >> a little bit of rain, a few downpours even possible. but the afternoon will feature drier weather. good morning, everyone. tracking this rain as it comes out of central and when you get all the way shirley, milford new hampshire a little light rain for us. it does get steadier with some downpours. all the way from wear stretching up to berry, orange, crossing routes 91 it's a slow go this morning. all of this is gradually and slowly drifting towards the east. temperatures are in the 60s as you're stepping out this morning as well. it's a little bit muggy too. and you zoom out to view,
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otherwise across the northeast. once we get this little weak disturbance it kind of fizzles out over us. so these areas of rain will continue to slide east ward over the next two hours. so thereabout pockets of rain around for your morning commute. here's a map at 7:30. it includes boston. southshore keeping the islands we wait mid to late morning. notice how it kind of fizzles out over us. so by lunchtime it's a few leftover showers from the southshore bac cape. then some breaks in sunshine actually come out today, particularly during the second half of the afternoon with just an isolated shower for your evening commute. tomorrow, sunshine. beautiful. high pressure in control. it's going to be storm-free. looks like we'll be in the 80s. a little sea breeze at the coast tomorrow. beautiful day overall. thursday looks great too. that high slips off the coast. we get a return flow. that means it will be a little bit warmer. mid-80s on thursday with any thunderstorms staying well to our north. we don't get a few more that
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so today's really the only threat for any wet weather over the next several. mid-70s for fies had he coast. just like yesterday. a little cooler than average. 75 to near 80 through the interior tonight. partly cloudy a little cooler this morning. 63 in boston but we do manage to dip in the 50s in the suburbs overnight tonight. tomorrow looks great. mid to upper 70s at the coast. beautiful beach day. low to mid-80s through the interior. that's because a wind coming off the ocean is going keeping an eye on the tropics, by the way, as well. this could become earl later on today. now spinning south and west of the dominican republic showing signs of organization as it continues to make westward progress. the hurricane center is sending an aircraft into the center. look at that stretch through the middle and end of the week. near 90 on friday. couple thunderstorms on saturday.
5:18 am
too. mid-80s on sunday with plenty of sunshine for the start of next week, too. traffic and weather together. >> we knew it couldn't last long. traffic is already building. this is a live look at the expressway at columbia road. a steady stream of cars heading into the city but you're not slow and go just yet. further south, 24 to 128 through brockton and randolph is still in great shape. nothing to slow you down in that area. northshore friends, 128, 93, and route 1 are all clear for your morning commute. >> thank you so much. today's state officials are holding a public meeting on a controlled deer hunt. officials want to make this year's hunt even bigger than last year's. their plan, double the number of hunters and triple the number of days for that hunt. the meeting starts at 6:30 tonight at the blue hill's regional technical school. we're getting a closer look at what general electric wants its headquarters to look like.
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the property. ge plans to renovate those buildings and add a 12-story building next door. plans also include a harbor walk, a coffee bar and roof top terrace construction will begin at the end of this year. if you own a honda civic well you definitely want to double check that your car is locked. the 2000 civic is the most stolen car in massachusetts for 2015. this is according to the national insurance crime bureau. following the aaccord. the 2014 toyota camry, and the 2015 dodge care -- 2005 dodge caravan. the honda aaccord is the most stolen vehicle. who knew? >> who is stealing minivans. on to health watch this morning. a possible advance in predicting autism. researchers at princeton are
5:20 am
identify awe stix-related genes. -- autism-related genes. that may pave the way for faster and cheap her research. new data on the effects of concussions on kids. researchers say one third of the children they tracked experienced a spike in concussion symptoms days after the initial injury and especially after returning to school. doctors involved in the report emphasize the importance of resuming activities gradually. the up next, a >> kevin falk inducted into the hall of fame. a special guest making a speech in his honor. >> plus the red sox continue their west coast road trip. we have the highlights from the
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. welcome back. a special night for one former patriot star. >> and from number 12, steve burton has more. >> good morning, everyone. the patients certainly know how to do things first class. last night was a first class night for kevin faulk. he became the 25th person to be inducted into the patriots hall of famer. one special guest really got to him.
5:24 am
the draft earlier in year, faulk supported his former quarterback by wearing his jersey. thanked many family and teammates for his success. >> i've done these hall of famer things a couple of times in my career. all it is is just thanking the people that helped you along the way, to get you where you are, to get you where you want to be as a person, as an individual, as an athlete. >> night. one last speaker came to the stage,ed to brady. the two had special plays together, five super bowls and three titles the quarterback said that was thanks to trust in faulk. >> what a pleasure to spend as many years as i did in the back field with him. and his commitment to our team was exceptional, you guys saw it and you appreciate it. but when you were standing two
5:25 am
play, you really knew what was going on. >> special night all the way around, yesterday was the mlb trade deadline. they trade for relief pitcher. >> that's sports for now. i'm steve burton. well a warning to rio athletes from experts, don't put your head under water. a study commission by the associated press found 248 liter of water sampled in brazil. high levels like this could put people at work of developing viruses that can cause stomach, respiratory and even heart problems. new this morning, the red sox playing any late one as they began a new series in seattle. rodriguez took the mounted pitching six innings, striking out six. aaron hill hit his first home
5:26 am
home run in the ninth to set up kimbrough for the save on his first night back from injury. the sox win this for final score 2-1. the still to come in our next half hour, fall out from that deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. >> why the pilot's background is now calling federal regulations into question. >> this is john keller is there any justification for the creatures attacking the legacy of that pakistani american soldier who gave his country? >> no, there isn't. more when wbz this continues. >> and temperatures today running in the 70s for many of us. i am tracking showers and pockets of rain for the morning. looks beautiful through the middle part of the week. 85 degrees through the interior. we'll time out the wet weather today hour by hour. but it's a pretty nice sunrise this morning in a lot of eastern
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wbz this morning. i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner.
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. right now, 5:30. a summer program reopening today
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young camper. the new safety measures now in place. >> a travel warning here in the u.s. over the threat of the zika virus. the popular summer travel spot at the center of it all. >> plus more fall out from the controversial comments about a fallen soldier's family. our john keller gives us his take. good morning to you. it is 5:30 right now. welcome back. >> it is tuesday, august 2nd. we have a little bit of rain out there in certain parts of the state. >> we have to get the details right now with danielle. >> the central part of the state deal with at least some steady rain right now coming -- coming into wooster county. a little bit of light rain extending into southern new hampshire as well. the farther east you are, dry for now.
5:31 am
it does extend through the central and western part of the state with some heavier elements here right through berry and then amherst crossing route 91 in the lower connecticut river valley. this rain continues to expand east ward here and there will be pockets of rain around between now and mid to late morning. notice 8:00 a.m., boston, metro west, wooster province, we wait until late morning and midday to get a few showers. and then the brighter skies will be around as we head into the second half of the a lingering shower or two. an isolated shower through the interior. so your morning commute, scattered showers, pockets of a few downpours especially bedded in there as well. tun -- especially bedded in there as well. low mid-70s. we'll let you when we warm back up. let's get you on the road. >> danielle, easiest commute so far is on the pike traffic. still is really light as you make your way eastbound into the
5:32 am
not so much, though, on the expressway. traffic is already slowing down over at the brain tree split. your drive time is still manageable. that number will quickly climb. outer belts around boston are also in great shape. we have no problems on 425. >> thank you. checking our top stories on this tuesday morning. a south boston summer camp will reopen today, this is one week after the death of a young camper. the city met privately with parents last night. and staff at the curley community center underwent a full day of training on new safety procedures. those include camper head counts every hour, life preservers for all kids in the water, and added security cameras. seven years kyzr willis drowned last tuesday after he wandered unnoticed. a serious crash on soldiers field road in boston. at least two cars involved in this. police and emergency crews were
5:33 am
direction. there's no word yet on injuries or what caused that crash. two men facing multiple charges accused of being part of an atm robbery operation all across new england. the pair went before a judge yesterday. investigators say david barker and ref ram man tear yo were also part of ten break-ins since last year. they stole more than $400,000 worth of items. police say their investigation into the pair started after a break-in at an apple store in mansfield. they say the men allegedlyoo apple products there. >> a large number of those items were found to have been registered and activated in itunes in laurens. >> prosecutors called the men professional atm crackers and say in addition to the break-in tz they've targeted atms in massachusetts, new hampshire, maine, and vermont. we have an update now on that deadly hot air balloon crash in texas.
5:34 am
criticizing what he calls a disparity in the faas requirement for operators compared to airline or helicopter pilots. online court records show the balloon's pilot had at least four drunk driving convictions in missouri. 16 people were killed in that accident over the weekend. today, a federal judge is weighing whether to continue blocking an ohio law that diverts public money from planned parenthood. the law was set delayed it until friday. the legislation bans funds from the state health department from going to organizations that perform abortions. planned parenthood challenge that had law. a judge is scheduled to hear arguments from both sides today. donald trump is standing by his comments about the family of a muslim-american soldier killed in iraq. this morning our john keller takes a closer look. >> reporter: good morning. this campaign is already brought out a lot of ugliness in our culture. and i bet we haven't seen the
5:35 am
pollute the internet with their hateful will with have to work overtime to beat the tweets i saw yesterday from an online talk show host who will go homeless. they went after the memory of khan who was awarded the bronze star and purple heart for his actions in iraq where he was killed by a car bomber after putting himself in harm's way to protect other soldiers. well captain khan's store became part of the campaign when during a speech at last week's convention. a moment that would already have been forgotten had trump not jumped in with comments about the parents of the slain soldier. eager to join his hero in attacking these gold star parents, our clueless tweeter quote, quote, hate to spit in the purge bowl, but getting shot or blown up in the line of duty makes you a soldier, not a hero. end quote.
5:36 am
is an outright lie. but even if he didn't, his comment is vile and absurd. people take on dangerous jobs protecting the rest of us for a variety of reasons not all of them necessarily heroic. and not all of them perform heroicically on the job. but when they take an unusual risk to perform their duties as the first responders who rushed into the towers on 9/11 did and as captain khan did in they are the very definition of heros. and there's a special place down below reserved for those who claim otherwise. share your thoughts with me at or via twitter. the u.s. constitution is now a best-seller on amazon following a speech at the dnc by captain khan's father. he pulled out a copy while criticizing donald trump and now
5:37 am
best-seller lift. still ahead, is college worth the cost of tuition? >> plus trouble at a major airline. why southwest employees are calling for their ceo to resign. >> an unprecedented travel warning from the cdc after the zika virus is identified near miami florida.
5:38 am
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. noise canceling headphones with a serious upgrade. plus is college really worth the money? >> and trouble at one of the nation's biggest airlines. jill wagner is live with us for
5:40 am
good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. pilots at southwest are calling for the company's ceo gary kelly to resign. they say he's putting cost cutting above critical tech upgrades and that caused last month's computer outage. the high cost of college tuition worth it? most americans say yes. 89% of college grads say their tuition was a good investment. 73% is worth the money. that study also found 62% americans support making college free. amazon zon is working on noise canceling headphones. they automatically click off when there is noise that is important like sirens or someone is calling your name. they were awarded a patent last month. >> i would love to do the prototype to check them out. >> check them out. >> see how many times you have
5:41 am
noise that's the worst, right? >> true. >> if you could block that out, that would be really nice. >> jill, thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow. coming up, whether it's a last-minute summer get away or back-to-school shopping trip. quick procrastinating. >> plus the fast food giant getting serious about health. the big changes you'll see coming to mcdonald's menu. >> good morning, this is jim smith live in south boston where youth activities program reopens one week after the tragic a live report coming up. >> tracking some rain this morning in central and western massachusetts. temperatures running in the skwgs right now. it's 62 -- 60s right now. it's 62 degrees right now. it's nice to be getting some steady rain for the area. not all of us will see it today, though, i'll time out the wet weather hour by hour. if you want to join the weather watcher network, we would love to have. gory to our website for more
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. many of us are guilty of it, but it's time to stop procrastinating. >> the harvard business review has some ideas. precommitment pub click. they say our brain enjoys a big social response. treat yourself, rewarding small steps can help you look forward to getting them done. and confront inaction.
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rid of procrastination. >> you procraft mated a work a whole day. >> i know you did. i'm giving you a hard time. >> people in this business, it's like down to the last minute, always, right? >> always make that deadline. >> we do. speaking of deadlines it's the weather ted line. >> i like that -- the like reward yourself, though. you get something done you get a reward. we're tracking some rain this morning. and it's spreading across central massachusettsig start. let's zoom in. eastern massachusetts is dry for now. but we're getting into some steadier rain. generally light for the most part. when you get on the west side, light to moderate pockets of rain. it gets steadier through ashburn a.m., stretching into the city of wooster and back up near fitch burg. some heavy down powers. all of it is slowly spreading
5:46 am
some of this rain between now and mid morning. as all of this kind of slowly drags eastward. there will be a weakening trends a little bit over the next few hours. but notice what happens even by 8:00 a.m., central massachusetts starting to dry out a bit. metro west, city of boston, southshore getting into some rain, rockets will linger into late morning. running mate, breaks in sunshine -- lunchtime, breaks in sunshine. lingers showers. cape 2:00 p.m. there will be just an isolated shower for your evening drive as more and more sunshine breaks out. brighter skies for the second half of the day. 68 in boston right now. 62 in taunton. and just like yesterday, we're going to top out below average, running in the mid-70s from beverly to boston. 80 in places like laurens and fitch burg. so we do make some improvement. damp evident, wettest time will be this morning.
5:47 am
cooler than this morning. 63 in boston. 50s in the suburbs with partly cloudy skies. and once we get this weak disturbance out of here, there's nothing else going on. eastern can dashgs back through the great lakes, pretty whi quiet. that is our weather for tomorrow and for thursday. bright sunshine, couple clouds mixed in, low 80s as we head into thursday that return will waft r boost us in the mid-80s. notice by friday, yes, some storms but north. so several days here through the middle and end of the week that will feature dry weather. tomorrow will be beautiful. 83 inland near 80 at the coast. winds will be coming in off the ocean. it's going to be warm and somewhat humid to start the weekend too. our weather team is riding, upper 80s on saturday. we will be starting in the 60s in the morning. there will be a chance of a thunderstorm on saturday as a
5:48 am
down a little bit on sunday. riders, guys, though lower humidity around 80 on cape cod. we stay in the 80s to start next week with bright sunshine. so really the only threat for rainfall comes during the first half of today and a couple pop-up storms on zachlt traffic and weather together. >> well, volume is building on the lever connector. you can see some stop and go traffic. it's really slowing down. just before the o'neil tunnel is looking a little better. it's at least moving to o the left late on route 24 north just before exit 18. traffic is backed up to exit 17. right now this will only slow you down about ten minutes. if route 24 is part of your commute, leave the house a little early. a travel warning here in the u.s. over the zika virus. >> plus a boston summer camp reopening a week after a 7 year old's death there.
5:49 am
youth activities program will be returning to the curley community center today. the move coming one week to the day after 7-year-old kyzr willis's body was found. the city has added new safety rules including a head counts every year, all children must wear life preservers at all-time also added security cameras. kyzr's family is said to be upset that the doors are the mayor acknowledges the pain but also says that the center provides a needed resource for parents. live in south b. new overnight a serious crash on soldiers field in boston. at least two cars were involved. state police and emergency crews were on the scene late last night. witnesses say one vehicle was facing the wrong direction. no word yet on injuries or what caused this crash. >> a mother and her new baby are doing well after a crash in new
5:50 am
police say caitlin and brad fournier's sufficient suv was hit saturday -- suv was hit. when another driver ran a stop sign. caitlin was 37 weeks pregnant. part of her leg was severed. her husband threw off his seat belt and told a good say mare tan to make a tourniquet. >> that freaked me out then i just started screaming that i'm pregnant. >> caitlin had an emergency c-section to deliver olivia. that made her two weeks early ounces. the couple's 5 year old daughter was also in the car. a man accused of torching his own home is being held without bail. this is timothy brosnan. he was being forced to move out as part of a pending divorce. prosecutors say brosnan was laughing as the home was burning. his defense attorney denies that and says he has limited memory. his wife and three children were not home at the time. a somerset family dealing
5:51 am
house. when their house first caught fire in may they moved into a trailer on the property. that's where they were last night when another even more damaging fire broke out. family members say they're not losing hope, though, they'll stay in the rend trailer for now and rebuild. >> this happening is just i don't know we're dealing with it. our lives were normal as it could be living in that tiny trailer but we got everything we need. >> fire officials say arson is not likely the cause of either fire at t to figure out how it started. the red cross says 20 people are displaced this morning after a kitchen fire in brighton. the fire started on the second floor of an apartment building on warren street just before 9:30 last night. no one was hurt. the building has 24 units in it. the chief, rather, estimates the damage at around $350,000.
5:52 am
travelers to avoid an area of the united states. that's because 14 cases of the zika virus were identified in a neighborhood in miami florida, officials say for the first time in the u.s., the virus is being spread by mosquitos. they are advising pregnant women not to travel to that area at all. officials also say women and men who travel there should wait at least two months before trying to get pregnant. hear what travelers here at the big change for the iphone. apple says it's replacing 'tis gun emoji with a water gun. it's part of a gun's ios10 software update. it's others feature female athletes efrments mcdonald's is changing some of its food recipes. the fast food giants says high
5:53 am
removed from the sandwich buns. mcdonald's also says it's no longer serving chicken treated with antibiotics. a goal it reached a year ahead of schedule. gunshots in dorchester overnight but this is all part of a movie. this was the scene near ash mont. part of the area blocked off for crews there. the dorchester reporter says they're filling a true crime drama about the detroit riots in 1967. the detroit free press says the movie is aiming to be in theaters next the 50th anniversary. joe biden can now add wedding owe fish yant to his risumi. he tweeted out this picture said quote proud to mary brian and joe at my house. biden says the two are great guys and long time white house staffers. his office said he received a temporary certification to preside over yesterday's ceremony. >> congratulations to them. still to come, boston police showing off a brand-new ride. >> how it's helping some local
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
. take a look at the newest addition of the boston police force. operation hoodsie cup has gotten a face lift. >> the truck is used for community policing where it drives around and hands out free ice cream cups to kids in the city. one officer described it way
5:57 am
keeping kids safe. >> fantastic idea. who doesn't love free ice cream, right? >> you can eat them with the wooden spoon. bring me back. keep it right here at wbz this morning. your stop stories are straight ahead. you drive with uber to make money for the things you want, and the things you need. for the places you want to be,
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. right now at 6:00. kids returning to a summer program in south boston this morning. a week after the death of a fellow camper. what parents are being told about new safety procedures in place. >> if there's anybody that has earned their first amendment right, it's those that are sacrificing a life to this country. >> the brother of a massachusetts man killed in iraq demanding an apology from donald trump. >> new concerns about the zika virus. a health alert from the cdc, the u.s. location pregnant women are


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