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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. right now at 6:00. kids returning to a summer program in south boston this morning. a week after the death of a fellow camper. what parents are being told about new safety procedures in place. >> if there's anybody that has earned their first amendment right, it's those that are sacrificing a life to this country. >> the brother of a massachusetts man killed in iraq demanding an apology from donald trump. >> new concerns about the zika virus. a health alert from the cdc, the u.s. location pregnant women are
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from. good morning to you. 6:00 right now on the dot. >> it is tuesday, august 2nd. danielle is tracking some areas of rain. >> yes, it's a little bit of a damp start across parts of central massachusetts, especially with areas of rain expanding across wooster county now and just coming inside of 495. temperatures are running in the 60s at 68 in boston. light rain extending back along route three. areas of rain milford as well. gets some deeper yellows here stretching down to wooster. inside of 495 with a little bit of light rain. south port, south bridge along the mass turnpike all of this is slowly spreading east. so eastern massachusetts dry for now but these areas of rain will continue to expand eastward and weaken by the time we get to late morning. so 7:00, 7:30, boston, we're into it. not everyone gets into the rain today.
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by the steadiest rain. leftover showers from the south shower back down -- back down to cape cod and brightening skies. 74 by lunchtime and top out in the mid to upper 70s as we head into your commute home. we'll talk more about the rest of the week coming up. let's get you on the road morning commute is kicking into high gear. your bumper to bumper in milton between granite and c minutes to get through that stretch. further south we are watching an accident on 24 north in brockton this is happening before exit 18 and route 127. the shoulders is blocked and this is creating some stop and go rav i can -- traffic. back to you. >> thank you. new overnight a serious crash on soldier's field road in boston. at least two cars were involved. state police and emergency crews were on the scene late last
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no word yet on injuries or what caused this crash. campers will return to a south boston summer program this morning a week after a 7-year-old boy drowned there. >> the city met privately with parents last night to go over several new safety procedures. wbz' jim smith is live for us in south boston with those details. jim. >> reporter: good morning. obviously mixed emotions here in south boston. the city, the staff and parents are glad that the program is starting again. but at the of the little boy, the tragic drowning is overpowering still. >> there's probably no right time to reopen the camp for the parents. i don't know -- i mean, i can't imagine, i tried to put myself in their shoes, but i can't. my heart goes out to them. >> reporter: one week to the day after a little boy drowned while attending a boston-run day camp, the summer youth activities program returns to the curley community center in south boston. city staff will reopen its doors to dozens of kids. >> we explained to them the
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faith in what we're doing. >> reporter: the city has since added new safety rules. they include a head count of children every hour. all kids in the water must wear life preservers at all times. and also added security cameras at the curley community center. >> we interviewed all the counselors, the lifeguards, the director. you know, everything indicates a terrible tragedy. >> reporter: 7-year-old kyzr's body was found. f and furious the doors will reopen as they prepare to bury their youngest son. the mayor acknowledges the pain. >> it's a horrible situation. this is going to be a tough week again for the willis family. it's going to be a tough week for all of us. it was tough last week. it's not going to get easier. >> reporter: and we understand the staff underwent a complete day of training in these new procedures on monday. everybody hoping for a smooth reopening here.
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morning. back to you. >> thank you very much, jim. we appreciate that. a dentist is due in court this morning accused of assaulting a patient. police say a woman called them saying she was groped by dr. nikhil patel during his appointment yesterday morning. police arrested dr. patel at his office. he's facing charges of indecent assault. dramatic moments during a police chase just as police ended one chase, another suspect goes flying by in his car, riding police tell us the first chase started when a man hit his own car with a hatchet and then took off. they say randall harrison was seen waiving the hatchet and a knife out the window during the chase. he also doused himself in lighter fluid. witnesses say at one point, 60 officers were chasing him down. >> coming right at me, swerving all over the road. and i didn't know what to do. i pulled over and i saw another ten cop cars behind them. >> officers cornered him with the help of another driver.
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they say were found inside that car. they include knives, a lighter, a can of butane and hatchet. harrison was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. over to campaign 2016 now with the growing backlash against donald trump over his comments about the family of a muslim-american soldier killed in iraq. a massachusetts man whose brother died while serving in iraq tells wbz, our country is better than this. >> it's no the what we're built on. we're built -- this is have somebody on the national stage that's willing to bully pows and gold star moms just because the gold star mom is like a muslim, come on. >> that was kevin duffy. his brother sergeant shane duffy was killed in iraq in 2008. duffy says he's not only appalled but he's down right offended by trump's remarks. he joined 22 other gold star families in a ler to the candidate demanding an apology.
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last night, trump's running mate mike pence was confronted by a military mom. >> you have a son in the military. how do you tolerate his disrespect? >> as i said last night, as donald trump said saturday night, captain khan is an american hero and we honor him and honor his family as we do all gold star families. [ applause ]. >> pence also criticize the media for not giving similar coverage to officer killed in benghazi she spoke at the rnc. donald trump speaking out, calling hillary clinton the devil. he messaged the comments in a rally in pennsylvania yesterday. earlier in the day at a campaign stop in ohio, he told supporters, he's afraid the general election will be, quote, rigged. he offered no evidence but said he's hearing the election won't be fair. . meanwhile billionaire investor warren buffet joined
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to personally take some voters to the polls. he said he's already reserved a 32-seat trolly for election day. buffet also challenged trump to release his tax returns. trump has said he will release them after an irs audit is complete inch the latest cbs poll shows a post convention bump for hillary clinton. she's up seven points now over donald trump who is just last week they were virtually tied. a new travel warning over the zika virus here in the u.s. pregnant women are now being told no avoid a popular part of logan airport with the very latest on this alert and what you into he had to know. >> reporter: katherine, the cdc is making an unprecedented move telling some travelers to avoid an area of the united states. this warning comes after 14 cases of the zika virus were identified near miami, florida. >> it is scary. >> reporter: reed fowler is taking a new warning by the cdc very seriously. after 14 cases of zika were
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officials say for the first time in the u.s., the virus is being spread by mosquitos. >> florida is still fun. so -- but it would definitely deter my plans. >> reporter: not all travelers at logan would change their plans to travel south. >> i think you just need to live your life and not let these types of things scare you. >> reporter: buff the cdc is advising pregnant women not to travel to that area at all. officials also say men and women who travel there should wait at least t m pregnant. >> we're advising pregnant women not to travel to this one-mile area north of downtown miami and for pregnant women who live or work in that area to do everything possible to prevent mosquitos bites. >> reporter: here at home, mosquito control expert is not sounding the alarm. >> you can't get it in the metro boston area right now. >> reporter: but it is possible for a person to become infected with zika abroad and then for a local mosquito to bite that person and transmit the virus to
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or if there's cases in the u.s., it does mean that, you know, it's a little more close to home. so that would be scary if i were traveling and brought it back home. >> reporter: health officials do not expect the zika virus to become a widespread issue near in the united states. some ways to protect yourself include wearing long sleeves and pants at dawn and dusk and using a repellant that contains deet. back to you. >> good information. thank you. 52 people here in massachusetts have been infected with zika. all got it while traveling overseas or from partners who did. we are answering questions about the virus. the information is on our website. it is 6:ten right now. more money problems for the mbta. >> why some commuters are getting free rides as the agency deals with a budget shortfall.
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interfere from the mayor's office. this time it has to do with southeast saint patrick's parade. >> plus, should you forget about flossing. the surprising new recommendation. danielle, good morning. >> good morning everybody. tracking areas of rain and there's some heavier elements in here as well. i'll let you no he where this rain is going to spread and where we'll see some drying later on this afternoon. it's been a nice soon rise though this morning down south of boston. a live look at walston beach right now. ay
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. welcome back. president obama is getting ready tore his final vineyard vacation as commander in chief. the whiteou family will arrive on martha's vineyard this saturday. the past two years they've rented a seven-bedroom home. he is often scene on the golf course. this is the seventh time he's vacationed on the island. he did not vacation there curing his 2012 re-election campaign. >> it's always fun being on the vineyard when you get a glimpse of the president. i remember being a kid and clinton's campaign, i was like
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your forecast today. it's kind of like a cross-section of rain going on. >> it's going to be wet this morning in areas. and then we will see some improvement as we head into the second half of the day. i'm tracking these areas of rain that are slowly kind of spreading east here. it's light for the most part but we do have some stead yes elements. light rain down to nashua massachusetts. you're into a little bit as well. inside of 495 now from -- rain. it gets steadier right along route 2. stretching back down into wooster with some heavier elements here as well. some of the deeper yellows and oranges, down back to south bridge, all making slow eastward progress. notice the rain continues to slowly shift toward the east here. so what that means for the morning commute is some areas of
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between 8:00, 8:30 still from boston to wooster rang at a pretty good clip down through southeastern massachusetts. one exception, south mass may be removed from the steadiest rain. by lunchtime, it fizzles out. there's some leftover showers to mid afternoon. but also breaks of sunshine come out which is -- with just an isolated shower leftover for your evening commute. so a brighter second half of the day. 68 in boston. 62 in wooster. highs top out in the 70s t. will be coolest along the immediate coastline. partly cloudy overnight. cooler than this morning. 63 downtown but 53 to 58 in the suburbs tonight. once we get this disturbance to kick out of here, i mean there's nothing going on, through the great lakes, is canada, pennsylvania. the high pressure builds in and that bodies well for us. great day wednesday. couple clouds in the afternoon. temperatures in the low 80s right at the coastline. a little sea breeze kicks in.
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the coast with the wind from the south, southwest in the backside of it. we get warmer, mid-80s on thursday. any thunderstorms way -- across north vermont, new hampshire and maine. so we have no threat as we head into wednesday, thursday, and even friday. so highs tomorrow, upper 70s to low 80s at the coast. a little sea breeze looks fantastic. mid-80s through the interior. also keeping an eye on the trop i can. 80% chance of formation this could become earl later on sending in an aircraft later on to investigate that area of low pressure, see if it has a closed center of circulation and can become named later on today. near 70s on friday. upper 80s, a little human i hadder on saturday. mid-80s on sunday right around 80 on cape cod. traffic and weather together. >> i have some good and bad news. the commute from 93 south looks great as you make your way into
6:18 am
a disabled car is blocking the shoulder on route 128. traffic is slow and go back to exit 18 at great plain. further south we're also watching another accident on 24 north in brockton before exit 18 and route 127. stop and go traffic back to exit 17 at route 153. this is going to slow you down more than 20 minutes this morning. back to you. >> thank you. evening after hundreds of employees took buyouts amid holes in the top positions, the nbta could still layoff workers. according to the "boston globe", the agency faces a deficit. acting general manager said yesterday that a recent downturn in sales tax collection is a factor that could bring in $32 million less than expected in state funding. and boston's car man union president is criticizing the tea. according to the globe he says
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full of money to work after collecting routes were recently changed. tea officials say fare machines being too full is not uncommon. the mayor strong armed them into making changes. boston harold reports new court documents filed yesterday reports mayor walsh threatened to withhold certain permits if they did not invite a lgbt to march. he could cancel the parade for quote safety reasons. th filed back in march. he has denied the allegations. three ms. mass -- massachusetts men indicted. prosecutors say a low ell man stole blades for working boston based gillette who gave them two other men. prosecutors say they sold nearly $209,000 in raise store blades just in 2011. two men facing multiple charges accused of being a part of an atm robbery operation
6:20 am
lawrence yesterday. investigators say david barker and efram montero were also part of ten breaks in since last year. they allegedly stole more than $400,000 worth of items. prosecutors say in addition to the break-ins, the two men targeted atms in massachusetts, maine and vermont. just ahead, tom brady in the spotlight. >> the patriot quarterback making a surprise appearance to honor kevin faulk. it's his first public comments since accepting his suspension. >> and bourne, genan getting a lesson in acting from
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lesson in acting from mat damon that's next. glower glowers glowered glowering pinocchio pinocchio. new this morning, some new recommendations say that flossing may not be beneficial.
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studies and found little proof that flossing works. the studies say evidence for flossing was weak and very unreliable. the federal government, if you didn't know, has recommended flossing since 1979. but since removed the recommendation from its guidelines. >> what do we do? >> interesting, right? a surprise appearance from tom brady who has been keeping a low profile. the patriots quarterback showed up at last night ate hall of teammate kevin faulk. >> what's not very special about tonight is when the guys are going to the hall of famer are your age. [ laughter ]. >> reporter: tom brady spoke for the first time since accepting his suspension. surprising the newest patriot hall of famer kevin faulk at his induction ceremony. >> thank you guys for supporting him. thank you for supporting us. we have the best fans in the world. >> reporter: and those fans
6:25 am
but tom wouldn't have it. >> thank you, guys. no this is for kevin. >> reporter: the night was for faulk who played 12 seasons with brady here in new england. >> what a pleasure to spend as many years as i did in the back field with him. >> reporter: kevin faulk shoed his love by wearing a number 12 shirt at the ceremony. and as a special surprise, number 12 delivered his love right back to number 33. >>ec you know, there's so much love. there's so much emotion. when you start unzipping his jacket, he was having a heart time. but when he unzipped it, i'm like wow, wow, thank you. >> kevin, we love you. you're an amazing person. amazing teammate. as great a player kevin was, he's a better friend. >> reporter: friends, something tom brady know he's surrounded by in foxboro.
6:26 am
night. kevin james gordon stunt moves. take a look. >> cut. let's get this stunt double now. >> get him in. >> all right. there it. that's it. all right. >> action. cut. >> he did pretty good the bourne. bringing in more than $60 million. i love the bourne movies. so good. lots more still to come in the next half hour. including the recipe changes coming to mcdonald's. >> the new warning forage let's see in rio just days before the
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u want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my stop & shop. . right now 6:30 a summer camp reopening this morning one week after the dental of a child. what parents are now being told about new safety rules. >> local travelers on alert to the zika virus after a new warning here in the u.s.
6:30 am
from. >> also, a pregnant woman forced to deliver her baby early after a bad crash in new hampshire. her husband's quick decision and how everyone is doing this morning. . good morning. it's of 30 right now. thanks for joining us. >> we always appreciate you being here. forecast. we've had rain rolling through. >> so far eastern massachusetts, not into the rain just yet. but it's coming just inside 495 there. there are some steadier elements. right rain right now. kingsboro and then right along route three getting into a little bit of light rain. a quick sprinkle some lexington.
6:31 am
ston down through wooster, pockets of steadier and heavier rain coming down. welcome news for the drought and it's all gradually drifting towards the east of the 68 in boston right now. this rain will continue to slowly expand eastward between now and mid morning. but notice it does show signs of weakening. so 9:00 a.m., essex county we're not into it. southshore back to the cape, we are not. just aef midday and early afternoon. then increasing sunshine, just an isolated shower for the ride home. so have the umbrella on stand by. you want the wet weather gear for the strike that part of the state. lingering showers through the lunch hour. 76 for the ride home. speaking of commutes, let's get a check of it this morning. >> the morning commute from the south is in full swing. take a live look at the expressway. you are bumper to bumper from
6:32 am
columbia road. your drive time 22 minutes to just get through that stretch. we have had an accident this morning to our south. now we have one up to our north. this time is it is 93 south and route 128. the accident is reportedly in the median. be safe out there. take your time on the road venlt back to you. >> thanks so much. campers will return to a south boston summer program this morning a week after a 7-year-old boy drowned there. >> the city met privately with parents last night to go over new safety procedures boston with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well certainly a somber day here in south boston as the youth activities program reopens. now this move comes one week to the day after 7-year-old kyzr willis' body was discovered in the waters off of carson beach. the city has added new safety rules, including a head counted of kids every hour, all children in the water must wear life preservers at all times, and
6:33 am
cameras at the community center itself. >> there's some significant changes ma he had this week as far as counting of kids and making sure every hour counting kids and ratio will be dedicated ratio to kids. zblvrments. >> reporter: now we understand that kyzr willis' family is upset that the doors will be opening: the mayor ac songs -- acknowledges the pain but the center provides a needed resource for the parents. training day on monday as far as these new safety protocols go. everybody hoping for a smooth reopening today. live at the scene. back to you. >> thank you very much. hundreds are also expected to join mayor marty walsh and boston police for the national night out. everybodies are planned tonight -- events are planned for tonight. there are will be activities, food and entertainment.
6:34 am
held across the country to promote crime prevention and parentships between police and the community. gunshots could be heard overnight. this is you will apart of a movie. this was the scene near ashmont street. this part of the area blocked c. the dor chesser report says they're filming a true crime drama about the detroit riots in 1967. the free press says the movie is aiming to be in theaters sometime next year to mark the 50th anniversary. hot air balloon crash in texas. a member of the national transportation safety board is criticizing what he calls a disparity in the faa requirements for hot air balloon operators compared to airlines -- airplane or helicopter pilots. court records show the balloon's pilot had at least four drunk driving convictions in missouri. 16 people were killed in the accident. a warning to rio athletes from experts. don't put your head under water.
6:35 am
associated press found 248 million adenoviruses per liter of water sampled in brazil. compare that to california where readings in the thousands per liter concerned officials. the high levels like this could put people at risk of developing viruses that can cause stomach, respiratory, even heart problems. a new travel warning over the steve. pregnant women are now being told to avoid a popular part of florida. wbz' anna miler is live for us at logan this alert. >> reporter: and chris here at logan airport, travelers are having mixed reactions to the warnings. some taking it very seriously. others say it will not deter their plans but the cdc is warning all pregnant women not to travel to winwood florida, a neighborhood near miami, after 14 cases of the zika virus were identified there. officials say for the first time in the u.s., the virus is being spread by mosquitos. officials also say women and men
6:36 am
to get pregnant. >> we're advising pregnant women not to travel to this one-mile area north of downtown miami and for pregnant women who live and work in what area to do everything possible to prevent mosquito bites. >> reporter: health officials do not expect the zika virus to become a widespread issue in the united states. some ways to protect yourself from mosquitos include wearing long sleeve and pants at dawn and dusk and repellant that uses dooet. reporting live -- deet. reporting live. a mother and her new baby are doing well after a crash in new hampshire that threatened both of their lives. police say caitlin and broad fournier's suv was hit saturday afternoon in dunbarton when another driver ran a stop sign. caitlin was 37 weeks pregnant. part of her leg was severed. her husband threw off his seat belt and told a good samaritan
6:37 am
>> saw my leg, that freaked me out and then you just started screaming that i'm pregnant. >> caitlin had an emergency c-section to deliver olivia. that made her two weeks early weighing six pounds, five ounces. the couple's five-year-old daughter was also in the vehicle but is okay. the red cross says 20 people are displaced this morning after a kitchen fire in brighton. that fire started on the second floor of an apartment building on warren street just before 9:30 last night. no one was hurt. the building has 24 units the chief estimates damage around $350,000. a somerset family is out of their family again after the second devastating fire in three months there. when their house caught fire in may, they moved into a trailer on their property. that's where they were last night when another even more damaging fire broke out. family members say they're not losing hope. they'll simple stay in the rented trailer for now and rebuild. >> this happening is just, i don't know, we're dealing with it. our lives were normal as it
6:38 am
>> fire officials say that arson is not likely the cause of either of these fires at this home. but they are still investigating exactly how the fire started inch today state officials are holding a public meeting on a controlled deer hunt. officials want to make sure this year's hunt is even bigger than last year's. their plan, double the number of hunters and triple the number of days for that hunt. the meeting starts at 6:30 tonight at the blue hill's regional technical school in canton. we're getting a this morning of what g.e. wants its sea port headquarters to look like. they filed the plans yesterday. they plan to rehab two brick buildings and building another building on the site. plans also include a harbor walk, coffee bar and rooftop terrace. well if you own a honda civic listen up. you may want to double check that your car doors are locked. the 2000 simple i can is the most stolen car -- civic is the
6:39 am
national insurance crime bureau. following the civic is the 1997 honda accord. the 2014 toyota camera he. 2010 toyota corolla. and dodge caravan. the honda according is the most stolen vehicle. mcdonald's is changing up some of its recipes. the fast food giants says high freck he is corn syrup will be removed from the sic longer serving chicken treated with antibiotics. that's a goal that they reached a year ahead of schedule. a big change for the iphone, apple says it's replacing his gun emojiy with a water gun. it's part of the company's new software update in just one of the more 100 new and redesigned symbols. other new emojis feature femaleage lease. the boston police force welcoming a new addition.
6:40 am
a face lift. you can see there had a ceremony. the truck is used for community policing where it drives around and hands out free ice cream cups to kids in the city. one officer described it way more than ice cream it's about relationships. straight ahead this morning, the brother of a fallen soldier taking on donald trump. >> my brother was killed, so what's -- is he not a hero? >> what the massachusetts man is asking canned cat over -- candidate over the controversy. >> plus we're getting upclose with two great white sharks recently tag willed right off our coast. danielle they're smiling for you. >> yes, they are. kind of looks like it. meantime checking in with weather watchers, temperatures are running in the 60s. we've had welcome news in terms of rainfall. just under half an inch of rain right now and it continues to fall. i'll take you through the hour
6:41 am
times later on. i'll have that and the rest of your forecast. we'll take a peek at the weekend. stay with us. hood new england creamery. 14 unforgettable flavors of delicious, premium ice cream. so good, it's hard to believe they're real. ? bobby. you're doing it again. always good. always hood.
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i may need a loan to help her pay her way there. just like i do for my son. citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0150 as a leader in student lending, we have student loan options that others don't. including better alternatives to federal loans. i can show you how to pay for your own child's way to college. in case you don't find that treasure chest. if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0150 to apply now. . this morning we're getting a closer look at two great white
6:44 am
month. both are females. hello, ladies. this is high ra, a nine-foot tagged july 15th. you have myra. and then there's pumpkin. an 11-foot female tagged the same at a. pumpkin was named after a shark and donor. both sharks will be used in the shark population study. >> two more. add to the list enter myra was smiling. >> pumpkin a little camera show. we need your forecast. >> it's going to be a wet start this morning in areas you're right, good morning. tracking the live radar right now with the rain coming inside, light more the most part. it's been steady in the central part of the state. that's where we're seeing ponding. light rain from brook line new hampshire stretching back up to wyndham. route 3 all the way from
6:45 am
boxboro, then it does get a little bit steady with some heavier elements. all the way from princeton back to wooster. heavy rain zending into brook line. the back edge is crossing route 91 right now. so it's making slow eastward progress here. but what's going to happen is that a lot of this moisture will slowly spread east and then kind of fizzle out between now and the course of mid to late morning. in fact, here's the hour by hour. notice by 8:30 the rain into city of boston, steadier elements, metro west, 495 even to 128. by 10:30 it's tapering and coverage and intensity. we make it a shower or two for the cape in the immediate southshore. but overall, the afternoon will feature brightening of the skies with some peeks of sunshine coming out and just an isolated shower through the interior for your ride home. 68 in boston right now. 62 in wooster. we will rise in the 70s today and come close to 80 degrees.
6:46 am
few communities. winds coming off the ocean. mid to upper sfs from wooster. lower to middle 70s in the cape. maybe an isolated shower. partly cloudy tonight. 53 to 58 in the suburbs. 63 downtown. once we get this disturbance out of here, nothing going on across the northeast through the great lakes. it's pretty quiet. that's going to be our stretch through mid week. high pressure and control. plenty ofun not all that humidity either. nothing oppressive here. thursday sunshine and a few clouds. any storms stay way to our north. so it's going to be a dry stretch through the middle and end of the week. temperatures rebound to 83 tomorrow right around 80 at the coast with the wind off the ocean. pan mass challenge this weekend by the way. we're a media partner. our whole weather team is riding. upper 80s on saturday. it will be a little bit muggy
6:47 am
we're going to start in the 60s each morning by the way. those fishing up on sunday, mid-80s right around 80 on cape cod. less humidity, it will still be a little bit stick yu but nothing all that bad. as we head into next week, it looks great too. traffic and weather together. >> traffic from the north is really building on the lever connector and on the tobin right now. there has been an accident on 93 south at exit 37 and route 128. it's happening in the median. it will slow you down about 15 that accident on 24 north in brockton. it has been cleared but the back-up remains. you are bumper to bumper from exit 18 to 128. your drive time 25 minutes. back to you. >> thank you so much. el new overnight a serious crash on soldier's field road in boston. at least two cars were involved. state police and emergency crews were on the scene late last night. witnesses say one vehicle was facing the wrong direction. there's no word yet on injuries
6:48 am
tuesday morning. a south boston summer camp will reopen this morning following the tragic death of a young boy last week. >> the city met privately with parents last night and staff underwent a full day of training on new safety procedures. those include camper head counts every hour, life preservers for all kids going in the water, and added security cameras. 7-year-old kyzr willis drowned last tuesday after he wondered off unnoticed. a wild chase ends bedford. police say it started in rochester when a man hit his own car with a hatchet. then took off. officers say randall harrison was seen waving that hatch evident and a knife out the window during the chase. they say he also doused himself in lighter fluid. officers cornered him with the help of another driver. harrison was taken to the hospital for an eevaluation. a massachusetts man whose brother died while serving in iraq is manning an apology from
6:49 am
comments he made of a muslim-american soldier. his brother was also killed in iraq in 2008. duffy joined 22 other gold star families in a ler to trump demanding an apologies. pregnant women are now being told to stay away from parts of florida. the cdc is -- ides a travel warning yesterday after more than one dozen cases of the zika virus were found in win wood which is a small community in north miami. still ahead on wbz this morning, a red sox on the west coast. >> it was a wild ending for the second night in a row. the highlights from their showdown. >> and we're on the practice field with the patriots for a special evening session when we come back. ?
6:50 am
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the red sox playing a late one. rodriguez taking the mound pitching six innings. aaron hill hits his first home run with the red sox. bets played hero last night. hitting a home run in the ninth. he set up kimbrough for at save. the red sox win this 2-1. the red sox making a move ahead of yesterday's trade ted line.
6:53 am
reliever abad, comes to the boston from the twins. he has a 2.65 e.r.a. >> a well deserved day off for the hardworking patriots today. this after practicing last night. the team practicing in front of a packed crowd. it was a special event for season ticket holders and foxboro residents who came out in big numbers to catch a glimpse of their favorite team. they'll return to the practice field tomorrow. and the patriots hin they inticketed former running back kevin faukz. he was the second round pick for the patriots back in 1991, playing 13 seasons with the team. he was joined by a special surprise guest, there you go, who wore his jersey. there's tom brady. who spoke about how great a teammate and friend balk was -- faulk was. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7:00.
6:54 am
morning we're tall -- we'll talk about florida governor about the spread of the zika virus and the cdc's unprecedented new travel warning. and arab i can trump joins us. warren buff at the time's challenge to -- if you have get's challenge. up next, all you pokimon go users if you've been looking for
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. a poek mystery. check this out. it's a pikachu statute that just appeared in new orleans. >> okay. the thing is -- it looks statute that's been there for years but it appears to be made out of fiber grass. the neighborhood association ys department of parks. >> how do you know the dimensions what are you googling this stuff are you a big fan? >> well, my brother was a big fan. >> okay. >> he has like the whole poster of all the pokimon. >> i don't get the pokimon go thing. i don't get it. >> each their own. a little bit of rain this morning. it's going to be coming down in a steady clip at times through
6:58 am
there's just a lingering shower this afternoon. a few breaks of sun come out tomorrow. looks beautiful. thursday mid-80s. it will be warmer not too humidity. the humidity comes back on friday. upper 80s on saturday. pop up thunderstorm and then sunday should be in the mid-80s. a little less humid. >> the whole weather team riding. cbs this morning is next right >> have a great morning. because before i'm ready, she'll be off to college. i want to help her pay her way there, like i do for my son. call 1-866-999-0152 as a leader in student lending, we have student loan options that others don't. if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely, michele wright fellow mom and fellow citizen.
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? good morning. it is tuesday, august 2nd. 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the zika crisis prompts an unprecedented travel warning in the united states. florida is spreading the virus. top republicans blast donald trump's fiery criticism over fallen soldier's family. eric trump joins us in studio 57. and only on "cbs this morning." oprah delivers a big announcement. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there's evidence of the potential of ongoing spread of


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