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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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developing this noon, crime tape surrounds a salem home as a man faces a judge accused of strangling his estranged wife. >> plus a dentist in court accused of groping a patient. >> tracking a few showers for your lunch hour today. when warm summer sun returns, pl storm. >> and is laughing a thing of the past. new analysis and changing -- that's changing recommendations today. >> announcer: live from the channel four pus studios in boston. wbz news at noon starts right now. we begin with developing news this noon. crime tape surrounds a salem home where police say a man killed his estranged wife.
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good afternoon. >> thanks for being with us. police say that men then turned himself in and confessed. wbz is live outside of salem district for us. donna. >> reporter: and chris, these documents from court show the victim filed for divorce and a restraining order in may. she wrote that her husband had tried to kill her before and she feared he would d horrifying. just shock. >> reporter: police tape around this home on chandler street where police say they found a 48-year-old woman strangled to death tuesday morning. the crime scene is putting people in this quiet neighborhood on edge. >> scary and uneasy because this is my home and it just makes me nervous. this is like an uneasy feeling. >> reporter: police say 50-year-old douglas steeves walked into the police department tuesday morning and told officers he killed his estranged wife.
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something like that did happen because like there was no indication that anything was wrong. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says police responded to the house and rushed the 48-year-old woman to salem hospital where she was pronounced dead. steves is now charged with murder. >> my prayers are with the family. >> reporter: again, douglas steeves will be facing murder charges here in salem district this afternoon. police have not victim's name. reporting live in salem, wbz news. back to you. >> anna, thank you. breaking news this noon at least five people are dead, five others in the hospital right now following a bus crash in california. the charter bus was heading from southern california to sac earlier this morning when this veered off the freeway. the pole sliced through the bus. crews are investigating the cause. today a kid summer program
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the camp. it was one week ago that 7-year-old kyzr willis died when he wandered away from the camp and died. >> the camp is taking steps to make sure this never happens again. wbz's gym smith is live with the details. jim. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. it's a difficult day here at the curley community center in south boston. a day of mixed emotion. staffers and parents are certainly glad that this camp reopened today, but this little boy's death lingers. a busy morning for parents dropping off kids at a day camp in south boston. but this day is far from typical. the summeruge activities program at the curley community center is reopening, one week after the tragic drowning of 7-year-old kyzr willis whose body was found last tuesday in the waters off the beach. parents we spoke with believe their kids will be safe.
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30 years i used to work here actually as a teenager. so i have no worry at all. honestly. i'm not worried about it. >> you don't have any hesitation. >> not at all. >> think it's well-run. >> yeah, owe yeah. i know everybody here. so yeah, i feel safe. >> reporter: new safety rules include a head count of children every hour. all kids in the water must wear life preservers at all times. and also, added security cameras. >> my kids fortunately know how to swim. but i think it's a great idea for them to have the life preservers there. blast at this camp. >> reporter: kyzr's family is said to be upset that the doors will reopen as they prepare to bury their youngest son. the mayor acknowledges the pain but says the camp fills an important need in the city. >> it's a horrible situation. this is going to be a tough week again for the willis family. it's going to be a tough week for all of us. it was tough last week. it's not going to get easier. >> reporter: and it really is still difficult for so many people. a look live here at the ongoing
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in front of the curley community center. once again, they were able to reopen today. kyzr's wake is wednesday. his funeral is thursday. live in south boston, jim smith, wbz news. back to you. >> okay. thank you so much. a wooster dentist just pleaded not guilty to charges he assaulted a patient. police say a woman called him yesterday morning to say that she was groped by dr. nikhil patel. this was during her appointment. dr. patel was released on bail turning to the weather there noon, we'll take a look look at boston. the rain is starting to move out. sunshine will return this week. meteorologist danielle niles is here. we are looking at a tropical storm earl. >> earl just formed. so the latest update just came out a few minutes ago from the national hurricane center. earl has developed south and west of jamaica. 45-mile per hour winds right
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going to take a curve toward the coastline of mexico and belize by the time we get tomorrow. and then reemerge after weakening a bit over the bay eventually impacting other parts of mexico was we head into the start of the weekend. but it will be weakened form at that point. we'll keep you posted. areas of rain here in southern nooerng and it's slight for the most part but it's right over the city of boston right now. down to the southshore, into a little bit of it as well. you head farther to the south and it's scattered showers. plymouth back near in -- near the cape cod canal and one little heavy downpour on the east side of the vineyard. saw a little leftover moisture and energy with an upper level low. because of that we have clouds and cooler temperatures too.
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cooler an average for sure. but what will happen between now and late afternoon and evening is we'll get that more and more sunshine. the clouds tend to fizzle away and then we'll just be a leftover isolated shower, clearing skies tonight. 63 downtown. 50s in the suburbs and a beautiful day on top for tomorrow. sunshine, mid-80s. >> danielle, thanks so much. layoffs could be coming to the mbta despite several open positions at the top of the agency. acrd faces a potential $110 million deficit. hundreds of employees took buyouts but acting general manager said yesterday a recent downtown in sales, tax collection could mean less money for the t requiring job cuts. meanwhile, boston's carman union president is criticizing the t. according to the globe, he says the fare collecting machines were recently left too full of
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routes were changed. officials say fare machines being full is not uncommon. senator elizabeth warren will be in summerville tonight. she's talking about the middle class and what it can do to do better. presentation is at 6:00 tonight at the summerville theater in davis square. over to campaign 2016 now. donald trump now calling hillary clinton the devil as he heads to the swing state of virginia. meanwhile, one of clinton's wealthiest supporters is calling on trump to slow his tax us from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump arrived in virginia, a key battle ground state in the election. >> outside we have like thousands of people. they're going crazy because they can't get in. >> reporter: trump is stepping up his criticism of hillary clinton, calling her the devil during a rally monday. it comes as he's still be denounced for attacking the family of a u.s. soldier killed in action in iraq. >> i mean is there no limit to which this guy will defend?
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chief? >> reporter: but trump repewses -- refuses to apologize. >> horrible things were said about me. i think it was frankly tough. so all i did is respond and i will always rerespond. >> reporter: trump supporters are still giving him their support. but now we're seeing the first republican saying they will not vote for trump because of his criticism of the khan family. richard hannah is now the first congressmen to say he will vote for hillary clinton. i wrote for me it is not enough to simply denounce hom and cannot lead the country. campaigning with hillary clinton in omaha, billionaire warren buffet said trump should release his tax returns. >> you're only afraid if you have something to be afraid about. >> reporter: clinton now has an eight point lead in the latest national poll. it was a 1 point lead a week ago. >> and just minutes ago, president obama spoke about republican presidential nominee
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quote, unfit to be president. >> the fact that he doesn't appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in europe, in the middle east, in asia, means that he's woefully unprepared to do this job. in another news, a travel warning for pregnant women. the cdc is now telling exp neighborhood in miami florida, more than a dozen people got zika in wynnewood a small community. federal officials are struggling to kill mosquitos there because the chemical that they're using doesn't seem to be very effective. meanwhile, 52 people here in massachusetts have been infected with zika. all while traveling overseas or partners who did. we are answering questions about
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there is a public meeting tonight about holding another deer hunt at blue hill reservation this year. officials want to make this year's hunt even bigger than last year. their plan double the number of hunter and triple the number of days. it starts at 6:30 tonight. tonight hundreds expected to join mayor and the boston police department for national night out. events are planned for across the city. >> national night out is a held across the country to prevent crime and passengerships. >> thank you for being with us. saint patrick's day controversy again. the new allegations in a lawsuit against the mayor. >> and shots fired in dorchester for a movie. the new film in our own backyard. >> the dentist tells us to do it, but is flossing useless? the hygiene advice going to the
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? i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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. two sharks tagged on the same day off the cape. now we're getting a closer look at both of them. first this is myra a nine-foot female tagged on july 15th. and then we have pumpkin. the 11-foot shark is named after
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shark's population study. this weekend the obamas will make their final vacation as the first family to the vineyard. they are expected to arrive on saturday. the past two years they have rented a seven bedroom home. the president is often seen on the golf course during his trip. this will be the seventh time he has vacationed on the island since becoming president. did he not vacation there during the 2012 re-election campaign. dorchester is getting a transformation to look more detroit. take a look for yourself. this is a scene near ashmont street. part of the area was blocked off for crews there. the dor chesser reporter says they're filming a true crime drama about the detroit riots in 1967. the publicist tells us the movie is aiming to be in theaters sometime next year to mark the 50th anniversary. danielle you've had a busy morning out here. we have rain, tropical -- >> earl. there's a lot going on.
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the umbrellas up. we could use every bit of rain. >> every drop counts. >> still a little bit of light rain over boston. i have to admit this morning, radar did look promising. we had heavier rain amounts in western new england. check in with our wbz weather watchers, reports coming in. westbrook field steve says 6.2 inches of kevin 4.el. nashville new hampshire. brian reports just over.25 inches many west anyone ser. so yes it's a decent dose. but the average per day for the city of boston is just over a tenth of an inch. so if we don't get that, the drought worse rns. amazing to think about. but there's still some light rain in boston. we'll add a tiny bit more too. light rain along the mass turnpike we have some conquer.
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right along 93. and then down towards the brain tree split. a little bit of light rain continues. you'll need the wipers in along route 3 back towards warren and sandwich. one little dump on the east side of the vineyard. dew points are in the 60s right now for many of us. so it is a little bit humid, a little bit muggy. nothing owe presencive. here's the hour by hour. so what let's say 2:00, 2:30 is any leftover steady light rain tapers. it's just an isolated shower between now and late afternoon. so the evening drive is back by p.m. notice breaks of cloud cover. breaks in the clouds and the sunshine coming out in spots. that will be the trend this evening. for clearing skies, temperatures in the lower 70s for many of us right now. only top out in the mid-70s today. again, with the decrease in cloud cover as we head towards
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sunset. temperatures in the upper 60s by 9:00 p.m. we dip in the 50s in the suburbs. so a cool dry start tomorrow morning. and then the sunshine is going to help us out. we come back in the 80s for many of us. a beautiful summer day tomorrow. light wind off the ocean means the beaches will be about 75 to 80 degrees. 85 in pittsburgh and temperatures cool us. very pleasant. 70s to near 80 degrees. 82 in taunton. 83 in norwood tomorrow. so high build in. our wednesday, tomorrow is quiet. thursday as well. that high slips off the coastline. we have a warmer wind direction. no weather-related issues on thursday. mid-80s. this cold front you see back up here in eastern canada, does not arrive until saturday. until saturday. so we've got a dry start until then. we will push near 90 as you head into friday afternoon. it turns humid too and that will be the case for the start of the weekend. so it is going to be quite sticky for pan mass challenge riders this weekend, by the way.
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right here on wbz this friday at 7:00 p.m. i'm going to be riding along with the entire weather team. looks good for riders on sunday. a little less humid. >> thank you very much. new this noon, several boston hospitals getting top spots in the rankings. >> so mass general came in third in the country for overall care and safety. bring a.m. and women's came in 13th. boston's children's hospital came inir treating kids. this may surprise you. all those years that you've been flossing, that may not have done you any good. the aorbed press reviewed 25 studies and found little proof flossing does anything for you. the studies say evidence for flossing was weak and very unreliable. the federal government has recommended flossing since 1979. but has since removed the recommendation from its guidelines. do you think dentists are, like, wincing at that? >> i'm going to say, it does help freshen your breath.
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>> get those crevices. >> i know. we'll see. the pope considers women taking on a bigger role. >> the proposal he's mulling over. coming up. >> plus a new controversy involving south boston's saint patrick's parade.
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. women may get a bigger role. pope francis is creating a commission to look into what role women had in the early church. his -- he came to a decision after intense prayer reflection and a meeting with a group of nuns. six men and six women from institutions around the world will sit in on the committee as well as two that the mayor strong armed organizers of south boston saint patrick's day parade. boston harold reports that new corporate document filed yesterday alleged mayor walsh threatened to withhold necessary permits if organizers did not invite an lgbt group to march. he claimed he could cancel the parade for quote safety reasons. this filing is part of a lawsuit that was filed back in march. walsh has denied the
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>> comic and late night show james cordon fills in. >> we've got some weather watchers. >> several checking in with rainfall which we always appreciate. let's check in with strike that mass, joe in clinton says 63 degrees right now. dew points in the low 60s. so it's a little humid. he has .135 inches of rain in the gauge. any rain is welcome news. we have a dry stretch the i'll let you know when we can hit near 90. we'll check out the seven-day in
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. late show james cordon got a taste of what it's like to be a in a jason bourne movie. >> matt had him on the set and fill in his his stunt double. take a look. >> cut. let's get the stunt double in there. >> get him in. >> right there. that's it. all right. >> you have insurance right.
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of my take. >> action. >> the latest thought called jason bourne brought in more than $60 million. that was awesome. do you have insurance? it's scary when that's the first question. he did good, though. he good great. a couple of showers left over right now. the sun will break out later. it's a nice stretch the next couple of days. we'll be near 90 by the time we get to friday. so the next couple of days it lowers a bo to be all that sticky. great beach day tomorrow. dry through the end of the week. saturday we'll see a few pop-up thunderstorms in the afternoon. that will lower the humidity on sunday. each morning, by the way, will be in the 60s. i point this out because it's important to know what the temperature is going to be. >> for the pmc. >> big weekend. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. that will do it for us at noon.
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[ knock on door ] >> dylan: hey. come on in. >> nick: sorry to just, uh, drop by. >> dylan: no, man. always good to see you. uh, faith is not here. sharon took the kids swimming at the club. >> nick: that's okay. i'm actually here to see you. i, uh, wanted to run something by you. >> dylan: sure. go ahead. >> walworth. he said that dad was gonna produce some evidence that would prove he was framed. i guess the original pages from sage's diary. have you heard anything about this? >> dylan: uh, yeah, i have. chelsea told me. >> nick: do you buy it? >> dylan: i mean, she was pretty convincing, and it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility. >> nick: my god. i mean, if this is true, if parts of sage's diary were forged, that means the originals are still out there.


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