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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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off the top tonight, another dry, hot day and things are about to heat up. a petsummer sunday. i amrril. thanks for joining us tonight. pamela gardner is tracking whether humidity and rain could return but it's going to get hot. >> the 90s just around the corner. in the next couple days, the potential for our heat wa er boston. 860. 840 totten, and an
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more heat and humidity coming for the end of your seven-day forecast. satellite radar now showing a the heat of the daycouple isolated sprinkles have moved on. we arenthe 90s will return. >> right now at 6:30 pm, soone spray-painted a threatena loca cops. let's get tons katie brace with this story. >> reporter: kate, this is where someone wrote that threatening message against police officers. the message has been cleaned up but it has had a big impact. the sounds of tewksbury state park on livingston street, but police are concerned about what
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>> it was in red marker and it was very small. >> reporter: this is a photo of the hateful message surrounded by an upside piece -- upside a around with threats across the nation. >> we have been more vigilant and we are making sure everyone is watching for any s thatul jonathan swinton plays basketball son in the adjoining court. >> i think it's warble. i think it's ridiculous. this is where all the kids play. >> reporter: to wear the badge. can't take it lightly with what's going on all over the country. >> reporter: police found out about the graffiti on wednesday. theytalk are g about it now
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>> reporter: police hope if anyone knows anything about this, to reach out part to ease officer's concerns. >> all know at 6:30 but , her t children in new hampshire. police say she picked up the young children on saturday and then never drop them this afternoon. the searches on for a gunman who shot two women in worchester. this happened on perry avenue yesterday afternoon. a 52-year-old woman was hit in the leg and a 42-year-old woman was shot in the back. both women are expected to be okay. police believe the women were not targeted. anyone with information is asked to ll police. beaches are great white sharks caused a shutdown. they were spotted feasting on a
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beach point and cold storage. they are back open but experts are still warning to swim at your own risk. the city's iconic newberry street is usually jammed with traffic but it became a playground for pedestrians. for just one day, the street was closed to cars. e bring more business. >> ? >> reporter: it's not every day that newberry street in boston looks and sounds like ishonkg, crowded curbs o the day is called open newberry street, a new initiative. the street is turned into a pedestrian only walkway. people occasionally rome, walk or scoot around without cars in
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chance to bring their stores to the streets and offer great deals. >> it's really nice. we just walked by joe's. the first round of drinks was on them. >> it's a great way ty and the be a lot of spillover. >> reporter: boston mayor marty walsh attended in his suit and shoes. >> it's like our neighborhood is excited and we should keep this going. >> it's that's a lovely family vibe. >> you can't beat the atmosphere. only for traffic. the mayor says he is going to take a look at how businesses made out and how the traffic flow was to see if they will do this again next year. >> i think the businesses will want to do this more next year. >> reporter: for this boxer, opening newberry street is key for more clients. >> businesses come out, it makes you more successful --
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shot to death in new bedford in july. police say he is a person of interest in the teenager's murder. so far, no charges have been filed. a north reading woman accused of vandalizing a political sign will face charges. a surveillance video cause susan bryant spray painting a homeowner's donald trump sign. when he confronted her, he claims she almost hit him with her car. a big announcement sending shockwaves through the sports world. alex rodriguez says he is leaving baseball starting
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steve burton in the studio. pretty emotional moment. >> reporter: if you think about everything a-rod has gone through, he is one of the most prolific and controversial hitters in history. 41-year-old alex rodriguez announces retirement this morning and will play his final game at yankee stadium against tampa. he has a career 295 hitter with 696 home runs and more than 3100 hits. with steroid investigations and a year-long suspension in 2014. a-rod also attempted to create union assets to support a new union. he will play his final games starting tuesday. reporter: we see julian edn l practice today. this is the first time julian edelman has been in pads after undergoing two surgeries on his
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contact red jersey. coming up, we hear more from a- more about julian el return. they are finished. thousands of bikers in the pan mass challenge make their way across the finish line in providence town. wbz is proud to be a partner in the fund-raising event. more than 6000 cyclists took part in this year's race. the goal to raise for cancer research and dana- farber. the longest route stretches 192 miles. here is tim smith with the many reasons behind the ride. reporter: you might joyful chaos. the finish line at the pan mass challenge. thousands of cyclists finally home.
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>> go take your picture. >> reporter: they ride for a cause, fighting cancer for survivors and in memory of those who have passed. >> great ride, buddy. >> i lost my dad to cancer in 1997 and my mom has been battling and it's almost like the least we can do. >> my fe both fought cancer the last couple years. i have lost two cousins and and on. finishing first is nice but it's the cause that matters>> reporter: a real success story. a half billion dollars raised since this began in 1980. >> we raised a ton of money. all these men and women doing a great job just trying to get through it like everybody else. it's not getting any easier but
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people are wonderful. >> reporter: somewhere in the madness, we spotted our own lisa hughes, a standout year after year. >> somebody the other night at opening ceremonies called it the collective joy and i think even when legs are a key and your hot or have a sunburn, you get caught up in the emotions of it and the power is so positive. you just feel so lucky to do it. >> reporter: an affair of the heart. every mile, another chte another promise to keep battling cancer. jim smith, wbz news . it's not the news donanted week. coming up next, how bad donald trump's controversial comments the president is spending m. and this is no fishtail. the amazing catchth was just too big to reel in.
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and we will keep it dry for the e way and your next chance of
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time working on his golf game this morning at martha's vineyard. nba star chris paul was in a for some with the president's to campaign 2016. a new poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by eight points. the latest abc new washed -- abc news washington post shows hillary clinton with a
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nominee. it's sunday and if you like yosu was a perfect day, especially for people at the pmc. >> the humidity was so low. it felt fantastic. the weather was good. it was warm but once you start sweating, you don't notice anymore. what a fantastic ride. we did it. >> it's about to get really e 9 next potential heand getting uncomfortable by the end of the week. today's high temperatures starting close to 900 but it didn't quite feel like it because the humidity was so low. 890 boston, 860 nashua, same in chatham. the temperatures have cooled a
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840 totten, 770 salmon, apictur show a clouds developing in the heat of the afoo radr as the sun sets, so will the clouds. that will go away overnight and we will be mostly clear allowing for some of our temperatures to dip into the 60s and upper 50s with dew t to mid 50s. thatlla much cooler, refreshing night. 610 inon, but some 50s to the north to the south and east, we have more 60s and 50s on the way. 610 on the vineyard. hour by hour forecast, going overnight into tomorrow, temperatures warming pretty quickly as the sun gets high in the sky.
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a little seabreeze developing in the heat of the afternoon. 840 boston and plymouth, 800 on cape cod. if you're lucky enough to have a few days off on the cape and islands, monday through wednesday, beautiful temperatures. wednesday a little cooler, 770 and a chance of rain farther to the north and west. monday, 800, tuesday, 900, we have an area of high pressure in control the next 24 to 48 hours in your hour by hour forecast. tuesday night, dry. cool front moves from the north and west. that's when changes move in. wednesday a little bit humidity -- ahead of that cold front and a break on wednesday but 900 friday and more active with more storm chances into the
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mid 90s. >> -- julian edelman is back on the practice field and we hear from a-rod about his decision to leave baseball. massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education.
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the patriots are getting healthy. let's get over to steve burton with our sports night. >> reporter: that's a good thing. patriots are back to work this afternoon in foxboro. julian edelman has returned to full practice. the patriots open preseason on thursday night when they take on the saints at gillette stadium. julian edelman and company on saturday off. they are gearing up for their first game against the saints. the saints will also be a foxboro for joint practices. these practices are all too
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his the number one thing above all else. we have a great relationship with the saints. it's always worked out well. all the times we have dealt with them. we have the opportunity to do it with them. they are great to work with. >>reporter: it's all about working together. thpa we kick off at 7:00 with the patriots and saints underway at 7:30 pm. we will bring you the post game press -- postgame press conference right after. you can see it all right here on wbz. reporter: a-rod announced his retirement this morning saying he llay. the good news is the red sox will see him before he leaves the yankees and they come to
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record is for the ball time. he has been a polarizing figure over the last two seasons. he had a year-long suspension in 2014. he will play three of his final four games at fenway park starting tuesday. and 101 games, he has 46 hits including 29 home runs. he spoke about why he decided on friday for his retirement. >> i asked to play one more game in front of our fans, my mother, our daughters, the folks at the boys and girls club. just glad it worked out. thankful for that opportunity to play and get a few more bats. reporter: the red sox are looking for a win against the dodgers to put the red sox above 500. they will come home on an uphill.
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they were shut out once again last night. bostonuao rodriguez through the 5th inning. llpark showed david ortiz made his first start since last august. big papi made pretty good in the field. inni with neral soreness. the red sox went on to lose 3- 0. big papi talked with reporters about possibly playing t >> what future? the future is right now. no more future, buddy. i ain't playing no more after this season.>> reporter: golf. connecround action. unbelievabl
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drivers will donate $50,000 to the charity of choice. how about russell knox? here in his first pga tour finished -14 to finish the travelers. he had to make a tough hard to finish off. there you go. that's sports for now. jumping the shark, next
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jaw-dropping video from a fisherman who realized there on his line. he captured this video of a shark jumping out of the water several times. he said the shark was well over 500 pounds and gave a great show but eventually broke off e on his way. i don't think i want that. >> are you kidding me? >> throw it into the ocean. we're looking at a beautiful sunday night. >> gorgeous. temperatures overnight in the mid-60s, beautiful monday 860 and still pretty low on humidity. we crank up the heat tuesday, down wednesday with a chance of rain, and 90s for the end of
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that does it for us. 60 minutes is next.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> whitaker: what is this? you might think of heroin as primarily an inner city problem, but dealers are making huge profits by expanding to new, lucrative markets-- suburbs all across the country. i'm sitting here looking at you, and you look young and fresh. next door. and you were addicted to heroin. >> i mean, obviously, it's very flattering that you say, like, i don't look like a junkie. but even miss america could be a junkie. i mean, anybody can be a junkie. ? ? ? >> stahl: "an american in paris" is a love story. it's also a valentine to dance.


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