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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at noon starts right now. >> break news at noon a jogger found dead in princeton hours after she went missing. now a death investigation is underway. >> police say the woman went for a run yesterday returned home. our anna meiler is live in princeton with the latest. what can you tell us. >> reporter: kathryn we are outside princeton town hall where the worcester district attorney's office is going to update the media. you can see the line of photographers and reporter waiting to get an update on what began as a -- what initially began as search for woman enwalking along brook station road. this is what the scene looked like this morning. the worcester district terne
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investigation with massachusetts state police yesterday. the focus was on finding the woman who was last seen on brook station road during afternoon state police confirm this is now a death investigation. officials have not released mi other information but neighbors say they received a rob a o call for people to be on a lookout for a 27-year-old woman with shorts a tearchg top and baseball hat. we are wait did -- tank top and baseball hat. we're expecting to learn more details any moment. to you -- details to you when we learn this. anna meiler wbz news. >> thank you so much for the update. in west bridge watter's deadly fire at a home on -- bridgewater a deadly fire at the a home. officials say a family with a young child made it out of the second floor okay but robert murphy who lived on the first floor was killed. one firefighter suffered minor injuries battling the flames but is expected to be okay.
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and more breaking news now. dozens killed in a bombing at a hospital in pakistan. a group linked to the tal been a is claiming -- taliban is claiming responsibility. 67 people were kid in the sue i'd a-- suicide attack 90 others hurt and many of the victims were lawyers to mourn a colleague killed in a shooting earlier in the day. travel chaos. a system wide computer crash grounds passengers worldwide dealing with long lines and long delays. from london to l.a. to boston, thousands of people are stranded and hundreds of flights have been canceled and delayed. >> delta is now getting a few flights off the ground but this problem could can linger for a while. nicole jake abs is live at -- jacobs is live at logan airport with much more. >> reporter: major improvements since this morning but still you can see at this delta
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really backed up. the good news is they are moving and passengers can check in but here's where the dilemma comes, delta so far as of 10:30 this morning has canceled more than 300 flights and they appear to keep oncoming. it's a madhouse at logan airport on any given monday morning. >> it's a system wide problem we are having throughout delta airlines. >> reporter: but throw a technical glitch and it gets crazier. >> i came inside and my fe kids and he said it's the longest line i've seen. >> reporter: lines as far as the eye can can see at the delta counter.and workers doing all they can to move them. because of the check in kiosk for many. >> said sorry can't check in see an agent. >> reporter: it's a no go. delta airline officials blame a power outage at a atlanta hub for the widespread system failure. with local reps trying to ease the sting. >> apologize and we know you
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tom, that's punta conte. >> a vacation we waited for for 6 to 8 months. >> reporter: and for ed davis that's new orleans for business. >> it looks like it's going to be a long day. he checked -- i checked the flight status and it says ate is -- it is on. >> reporter: the misleading boards are enough to send some to sleep or send frequent travelers packing. >> i waded a -- waited a hour and half an from home. >> reporter: the limited and delayed departures the vacationers finding comfort in the r and r that makes the headache better. >> you know what it's lots of rum there to help us through. >> reporter: looking live at the delta counter, however you get through the stress do it. it appears to be a woman taking passengers through stretches and breathing exercises trying to keep them calm during all of
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offering waives for passengers whose flights are severely delayed or canceled and it goes without saying check with your airline before arriving to the airport. live at logan airport this afternoon nicole jacobs wbz news. >> thanks so much. sometimes trechg helps relaxation techniques. i love seeing that. we are going to turn to the weather now. a great start to your workweek. the sun is shining and temperatures are comfortable but there are ges on the barry is stretching. >> i want to streach little bit. >> relaxing day weather wise -- stretch a little bit. >> relaxing day weather wise. >> we have policeant temperatures and lots of sunshine. the wind is onshore at the coastline at the beaches so a 77 for example in boston and down in plymouth a little lower there but a beautiful afternoon we are going to have certainly with the sunshine continuing. now a batch of clouds formed on over southeastern massachusetts
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they seem to be falling apart and drying up a lot of them. some clouds way up to the north but overall, it's going to be a really nice afternoon. don't see any problems whatsoever. couple showers may cross the northern mountains and maybe in central maine but that's all we have to look at. probably about 86 in iland locations. along -- inland locations. along the coast mostly upper 70s as the sea he breeze continues for the rest of the afternoon with a high tide at 4:00. what's coming up? i will let you know accu-weather forecast and see you in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. good reminder to get the cbs boston weather app to getr any -- get weather any time current conditions and weather alerts issued and it's free in the google and apple app stores. a everett man under arrest accused of taking upskirting pictures on the ta. mark berry was taking pictures of a a -- off-- on the t. mark
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bus they found pictures of women on the t and pornography. a father of a young murder victim will be in court facing he can tradition -- he can tradition. i was -- extra diction. he watt did -- extradition. he was wanted for the murder of his daughter but he is a person of interest. sabrina desilva was shot and killed july 3 outside her apartment in a rochester womb faces charges accused of abducting her two children in new hampshire. police say the 26-year-old brittany ajudin pickedp up her 1 and 5-year-old saturday and never dropped them off to the legal guardian. she was arrested at a camping resort in maine and both children are okay. we want to go to worcester county where the district attorney is discussing the death investigation.
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massachusetts. body of the missing person 27 years ailed vanessa residing in new york cistate police k can-9 units assigned to the search. she was found at about 8:20 last evening. body was found about 1 half mildmile from her mother's home in a wooded area. she previously lived in leomin m examiner accepted the case and a autopsy is being performed a preliminary review has led detectives to believe it's homicide investigation. state police detectives assigned to the district terne office and princeton police are early -- attorney's office and the investigation. it's still less than 24 hours since we believe the homicide occurred and we don't know --
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random act. we are asking the rest accidents of princeton and rounding areas to use abundance of caution. we are asking the public to be careful and vigilant if you've seen anythinger sown someone within the last 24 -- seen someone within the last 24 hours that's suspicious report it to the massachusetts state police tip line at 508-453- county district terne office at 5:08, 832-9124 or the princeton police at 978-464-2928. the investigation has focused on a time frame when vanessa went out for a walk on brook station road and when her body was found. that time frame is between the hours of 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. yesterday.
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assistance. again, anyone who may have seen anything suspicious we are asking you to contact the princeton police the state police assigned to the worcester da's office or the tip line at 508-453-7589 which is anonymous. also ask the chief to speak for a few moments on this as well. >> good morning. chief michelle powers. i just want to reiterate what the da early said is we e our town residents and visitors. we ask people to aa-- pay attention to surroundings and if you see anything suspicious, or out of place, please contact the princeton police departmenter moose shouts styte police. also, if you've seen anything in the past 24 hours that appeared suspicious or out of the ordinary contact us. princeton police department 978-
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state police. >> thank you it will be limited gone i said we are less than 24 hours into the investigation. we believe it's homicide we can't tell whether or not it was a random act so we are asking the residents of princeton and surrounding areas to be vigilant i don't think this much i can answer or give to you at this point. >> are there arson investigators on scene? >> crime scene services the state princeton police state police detectives assigned to the worcester da's office are all involved.i can't give you anymore. >> any visible signs of injury on the body. >> our profession our detectives crime scene services princeton state police what they observed led them to believe this d i can't go any further at this point. >> whether she was raped or set on fire? >> i am not getting into any details with regards to this
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assaults at this point. just asking this is a woman s o alone on a rural route and we are asking people in town to use an abundance of caif that means traveling with other people when out if you are jogging or walking we ask people to do that. >> she was living in york visiting. >> visiting her mother here yes originally grew up in leominster and visiting her mother sheer and about a half mile from her mother's house when she was found by one of the-- there were several state and no one -- i want to thank the colonel mccueen and secretary bennett for getting the resources here immediately and one of the dogs located her yes. >> how long had she been in massachusetts? >> she arrive a couple days ago for this visit. >> she was walk along the side of the road but the body was found in the woods. >> i can't get into that at this point her body was found in the woods. >> [audio not understandable] >> family reported her missing.
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princeton police notified the state police and their concerted effort and search begun. >> you have been listening to the district don't worcester county district attorney along with the princeton -- district attorney worcester county district attorney along with the princeton police. this is a homicide investigation. police are looking at a particular time frame from yesterday between the time of 1 woman was walking and later found dead. they are asking any member of the public who might know something or saw something to give police a call of the they have an anonymous tip line and to reach out to plies princeton police department -- out to the princeton police department and this is a homicide. >> if you are out and about use aboppeddance of caution because
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because they don't knif it was a random act. coming up a 20-year-old
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killed a massachusetts native while he was playing pokemon go. 20-year-old calvin riley brew up in lowell but relocated to california. -- grew up in lowell but relocated in california. he was playing pokemon go what's shot and killed at aquatic park in san francisco. the area is popular with tourists. >> it's unusual i would say every few years maybe every five years or something like this happens there's a shooting but really what we see tourist crimes breaking into cars. >> police say the gunman didn't try to rob riley and didn't take any of his belongings and it's unclear if the attack had anything to do with the game so far authorities have no suspects. now at noon donald trump is getting a -- giving a speak focusing on plans for the economy. a live look at the detroit economic club where he is speaking. his speak is expected to focus on boosting jobs and making the u.s. more competitive on the
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business taxes and reduce regulations. hillary clinton will head to detroit thursday to talk about her economic policy. aides say she will argue trump is focus on the wealthiest americans. today she will return to florida with several stops to talk about jobs. let's get a check of the forecast. i would say it's a picture perfect afternoon. >> it is. let's go right now. >> let's do it. >> in a few minutes. it's fantastic out this right now. we have w yesterday, but none should be developing as much as they did yesterday when the few isolated showers so again, the big story is the severe drought which is going on here. some places have a deficit of up to 14 inches of rain over parts of northeastern massachusetts and since the beginning of this year unbelievable and it's doing a number to a lot of our wonderful farmers with the crops and crops are disappearing and failing in some locations not good news at
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get some later this week. 77 in boston right now. we do have temperatures going above 80 in inland spots but you can see along the coast you can see the wind particles that's where the air is coming onshore and cooling the coast just a little bit but the water is so warm out there we don't have cold sea breezes generally this time of the year under the circumstances. so a nice afternoon but it'spartly cloudy in many spots. these are the dew points and there are 50s and nice dry air tns through the afternoon through tonight and ro more humid. lows tonight 368 in boston but like last night many of the outlying suburbs especially in will he lying spots will be down in the 50s. and we may be able to see some shooting stars later tonight. the meteor shower peaks out on the night of this thursday into early friday morning. the best viewing will be 1 to 4 a.m. on friday and this could be a spectacular show this year. now high temperatures tomorrow, close to or a little over 80 along the coast but closer to
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not one that will penetrate that far inland. we are looking at nice temperatures at the beach tomorrow in the low 80s or so. water temperatures are great and high tide 4:46. looking ahead to the next seven days, it may get close to 90 tomorrow away from the ocean. then lower 80s on wednesday when we hope we will get showers and storms that will be widespread and low to middle 90s on thursday through saturday and hopefully sunday. some of the days later over weeken >> thanks so much. we continue to follow breaking news this noon out of princeton war death
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? i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help.
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we are following breaking news for you are-- authorities are warning people of princeton mass to be extra caution after a jogger was found dead. >> the young woman visiting her mother. anna meiler is live in princeton with the latest. you got an update anna. >> reporter: and the worcester district attorney's office says the body of 27-year-old vanessa marco was found around 8 last night in the heavily wooded area about a half mile from her mother's home. they say there is enough evidence to call this a homicide and at this point they
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act. the da's office says she wasliving in new york racing -- work as a account manager for google and here visiting had her mother she was out for a walk or jog yesterday afternoon and didn't return home. and she was reported missing. princeton police and state police launched aer isch with k can-9 units where she was -- launched a search with k-9 units where she was last seen they are concerned for the safety of residents and are asking people to be aware of theirr abundance of caution when out and about. >> use an abundance of caution we don't know if it's a random act. we are asking with you -- asking you to be careful. we have a active homicide investigation going on and you can't be too careful. >> reporter: police say they couldn't give us any information on a possible suspect all they are stressing right now is to please be careful of your surroundings and they talked about if you are going out for a jog or run to go in pairs and they say they are stressing people do this at this time until they can learn more.
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now back to you. >> okay thanks very much for the update. coming up next final check
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tool for car thieves a laptop how they are stealing cars across the country and that's coming up on the wbz news at 5. >> the olympics are on and they he can lead to nail biting moments. >> and it's not just for athletes. look at this. it can be tough for parents like aly raisman's parents spotted shifting back and forth cowhering look -- cor-- cowering this look at this as they watch her compete. parents are so funny. they were cheering her on but nail biting moments high five at the end. >> that's like my mom at hockey games she would be like oh. >> i can't look. >> really a nice day. >> great to watch aly. >> i know. local connection. nice to go out and do about anybody. >> lovely after. >> and another one tomorrow just the same. >> that's it for us at noon the next newscast saturday 5. see
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