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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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rain. >> thanks for watching us. >> see you back at 11:00. have a good night, everybody. captioning sponsored by cbs >> rose: delta down. >> so we're just here, twiddling our thumbs. i have no idea what to do. >> rose: a computer crash grounds one of america's largest airline, leaving thousands stranded. also tonight, a new zika infection in florida, but thi one miles north of miami. a new donald trump reads his economic policy off a prompter, promming this: >> there is no other donald trump. >> rose: at the olympics, much ado about cupping. and the special guest who made a bride's wedding. >> hi! this is the "cbs evening news"
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>> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. the country's second-biggest airline went into meltdown today. delta's computer system. that forced the airline to cancel 650 flights. many more were delayed, leaving thousands of passengers stranded at airports all over the world. here is transportation correspondent kris van cleave. >> reporter: the f.b.i. tells cbs news it does in the believe the computer issue that paralyzed delta air lines was due to hacking. instead the airline blames a power outage in atlanta overnight. flyer paulette vernon. >> we're just here, twiddling our thumbs. i have no idea what to do. >> reporter: at one point during the usually busy monday morning, just 23 delta planes were in the air as the global computer outage grounded flights for hours. passengers couldn't check in, and the airline couldn't dispatch planes, creating long lines at airports from los angeles to london, where passengers had to actually
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in washington angela goff wore video she wouldn't make it to her cruise ship in time. >> you show up. you think you're going to be getting your boarding passes and getting on the plane. and they're like, "we're grounded." >> reporter: the nation's four biggest carriers have all experienced major outages. just weeks ago a glitch crippled southwest airlines for days. delta's c.e.o. ed bastian. >> i apologize for the challenges this has created for you with your travel experiences. >> reporter: how does this keep happening? >> people have come to realize >> reporter: daniel bakeer from airline tracker flightaware says airlines are using old systems. >> they have these multidecade old systems for dealing with passengers that are expected to deal with mobile apps and online check-ins on the web. there is a lot more demand, and they're doing it with pretty limited capacity. >> reporter: delta says its systems are operating once again, and it is investigating why its back-ups didn't kick in as they should have.
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are still in the three-hour range, so the airline continues to struggle to get back on track. >> rose: thanks, kris. the number of non-travel related infections of zika in florida rose today to 17. this time the person is in palm beach county, about 75 miles north of the miami zika zone. but they had traveled to miami-dade county. david begnaud has the latest on the battle against the virus linked to birth defects. >> repte aerial spraying over the zika zone at least three times now. with 17 locally transmitted zika cases, the one-square-mile area of wynwood was a near ghost town this weekend. four months into her pregnancy, marie vital acle feared she had zika. she started having flu-like symptoms. today she received some good news. >> we did your test last week, and it was negative. >> what was the reaction when you got it?
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one less thing to worry about. >> reporter: she says she's been taking precautions, including using bug spray any time she's outside. you understand how randomly it could have been you. >> absolutely, and in this situation, when you become pregnant, you just sort of have to accept that you're not in control. one thing that you're in control of with zika is you can prevent. >> reporter: vital acle's obstetrician, dr. maria lopez-beecham, worries some of her other patients be tested, but you always wonder, do you have bug spray in as you are going to get tested, do you have bug spray in your purse? that's what you have to focus on. the image has to be of the mosquitoes, the mosquito bites. that's what you need to avoid. >> reporter: tonight in palm beach county, inspectors are in the area where the new case was detected going door-to-door asking people for voluntary urine samples to see who else may have been infected.
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governor asked education leaders to start teaching students about zika protection. >> rose: thanks, david. folks in florida are bracing for severe flooding. in port richey, roads have already been closed because of heavy rains, and the forecast is only getting worse. some places could get nine inches of rain in the next few days. that's because a storm system has stalled over the florida panhandle. the bad weather extends all the way to new orleans. in the javier is bearing down on baja california. heavy air is expected the pass by the resort town of cabo san lucas late tonight. half a foot of rain is in the forecast. an earlier storm earl dumped a lot of rain on central mexico in just 24 hours that. triggered an avalanche of mud that killed at least 45 people. today soldiers and rescue teams searched for survivors in the mud and rubble.
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military vehicles to safety. by contrast, the western u.s. is bone-dry. tonight dozens of wild pfeiffers are burning out of control. evacuations have been ordered in the san bernardino mountains east of los angeles. hundreds of firefighters and 16 aircraft are battling the pilot fire. it has burned 4,500 acres. smoke has blown all the way to las vegas. it wasn't the fiery donald trump we're used he read off the prompter as he delivered an economic address in detroit. a new national poll out today shows him trailing hillary clinton by 12 points among registered voters. major garrett now on trump's attempt to get his troubled campaign back on track. >> she's the candidate of the past. ours is the campaign of the future. >> reporter: donald trump's top advisers have been begging him for weeks to get back on
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an agent of change against hillary clinton. today evidence of a trump conversion. >> when we reform our tax, trade, energy and regulatory policy, we will open a new chapter in american prosperity. >> reporter: and yet trump's economic proposals align with every republican president and nominee since ronald reagan, with across-the-board tax cuts, hostility to federal regulations and support of fossil fuels. >> my plan w current number from seven to three and dramatically streamline the process. >> reporter: in a significant shift, trump scrapped his original tax plan and embraced a less-expensive one draftedded by house republicans with income tax brackets of 12, 25 and 33%. trump's first plan had a top rate of 25% and a more generous standard deduction. the non-partisan tax policy
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original plan would have cost more than $10 trillion in its first ten years. the house g.o.p. plan ising about one-third less costly. trump's speech was interrupted more than a dozen times by protesters in what appeared to be a coordinated effort to throw him off course. trump remained unfazed. >> it's all very well planned out. >> reporter: while trump tried the drive his economic message, 50 high-ranking republican advisers to presidents from richard nixon to george w. bush signed a letter opposing trump. charlie, they said trump if elected would be if most reckless president in american history. trump dismissed the letter saying those who signed it were to blame for making the world such a dangerous place. >> rose: thanks, major. hillary clinton's reaction the trump came, as it usually does, quickly. here's nancy cordes. >> he wants to roll back
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spartanburg, -- st. petersburg, florida, clinton said trump would explode the debt by cutting taxes for the wealthy and increase spending. >> he wants to basically repackage trickle-down economics. [audience reacts] now, you know that old saying, "fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on. not help our economy grow. it does not help the vast majority of americans. >> reporter: she also knocked his economic team made up of white men, hedge fund guy, millionaire guys, six guys named steve apparently. >> reporter: clinton's advantage with women is a factor in her widening lead. he's here's another: 57% of virginians think she's prepared to be president.
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that about trump after an erratic couple of weeks. >> she's truly unhinged. she's unbalanced. she's a monster. >> reporter: but there are warning signs for clinton in the new polls, as well. just 36% of voters view her favorably, slightly more than trump but still lower than any winning presidential candidate in modern history. >> i want you to tell your friends, don't let a friend vote trump. >> reporter: clinton has her. more than nine in ten democrats now say they plan to vote for her compared to fewer than eight in ten republicans who say that about trump. it may not sound like a big difference, charlie, but it can swing an election in a country as closely divided as this one. >> rose: thanks, nancy. in pakistan today, militants shot and killed a prominent lawyer, then a suicide bomber attacked a hospital where mourners had gathered. at least 70 people were killed,
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both the taliban and isis have claimed responsibility. tonight syria's biggest city is in danger of becoming a slaughterhouse. the assad regime's army backed by iran and russia had surrounded aleppo, but they have not been able to lock it down. debora patta reports tonight from inside syria. [gunfire]. >> reporter: a key turning point was reached over the weekend when a newly formed coalition of opposition fighters, including some recently affiliated to al qaeda, managed to break they released this drone footage, which shows the moment a suicide bomber drove a truck through the city and blew himself up, allowing rebel boots to advance forward and seize a military complex with small arms, ammunition and heavy artillery. it all looked so different just two weeks ago after years of stalemate in the fight for control of the city, government troops backed by russian air
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off an estimated 250,000 people. in a desperate bid to break the siege, opposition forces launched a successful counter-offensive and surprisingly were also able to take over the main road into the government-held part of the city where an estimated 1.2 million people live. the gains by the opposition was greeted with celebrations in the rebel-controlled path too help, you but they could be short lived. there are syrian military backed by its allies say they are amassing thousands more flighters along the front lines. the fight for aleppo is clearly intensifying, and it could become a pivotal battle in this war. but at this stage, charlie, it's unclear whether either side can actually win. >> rose: thanks, debora. i talked today to michael morell, former deputy director of the c.i.a. and until recently a cbs news contributor. he suggests the united states
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action by syrian rebels. >> when we were in iraq, the iranians were giving weapons to the shia lisha who were killing american soldiers. the iranians were making us pay a price. we need to make the iranians pay a price in syria. we need the make the russians pay a price. here's the other thing i want to do. i want to go after those things that assad sees as his personal i want the scare assad. i want him to think about this is not going to end well for me. >> rose: you can see more of that interview with michael morell later tonight on my pbs program. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," a day of fun at a water park turns tragic. and later a wedding guest brings
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>> rose: an investigation is continuing tonight into a freak accident that took the life of a child at a water park in kans city, kansas. it happened on a water slide whose name is german for "insane." omar villafranca is in kansas city. >> reporter: excitement turned to horror sunday afternoon when ten-year-old caleb schwab was killed while riding down the 17-story water slide on a raft. two other passengers were also injured. winter prosapio is the water park spokesperson. >> a our lives are affected by an outside party. >> reporter: caleb was the son of kansas state representative scott schwab, enjoying the park on a day honoring state lawmakers. the family released a statementt joy to our family and all those who he came into contact with." >> it is taller than niagara
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the tallest water slide in the world. adjustments had to be made to the second hill when test runs show the raft launching off the slide. in this promotional video released by schlitterbahn, three riders strap into a raft and drop down more than 168 feet. they reach speeds of more than 60mph. passengers are thurst up and over another 50-foot drop. to ride each passenger must be tall. the combined weight must be at least 400 pounds. terran hoyt took the plunge with friends on the water slide an hour before the deadly accident. the 18-year-old says she was concerned about the ride's velcro safety harness. >> i felt like i had to hold on pretty tight to keep my body from going up, but i was so scared, i was holding on so tight. >> reporter: the autopsy is complete, but the results have not been released yet. charlie, the kansas city police
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>> france with a silver medal and phelps with olympic gold medal number 19! >> rose: michael phelps is off to a strong start in his fifth olympics, but there was something else that everyone today. ben tracy is in rio with our on-the-spot coverage. >> and out comes team u.s.a. >> reporter: when michael phelps made his rio debut, there were two questions: how fast would he swim, and what's with those purple marks all over his body? turns out they're the result of an ancient chinese pain relief treatment known as "cupping." you can see him getting the treatment in this under armour
6:52 pm
specialized suction cups pull the skin up and away from the underlying muscles, breaking capillaries. that draws blood to the area and speeds recovery. phelps is such fan he instagramed this photo of himself mid-cup treatment. today phelps' teammate cody miller said he's also a kupper. >> my fiance?e aly does it to me during training. i'll have her put cups on my back, and she'll be like [making >> reporter: dara torres is a 12-time olympic medalist in swimming. she's in rio covering the olympics. is this a fringe thing or do athletes do this? >> i think it was a low-key thing, but now that michael phelps has been seen, i think it's going to be become more main street. i did in 2008, and i felt like it helped. >> reporter: but it's not just for professional athletes.
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dr. houman danesh treats her at mount sinai hospital in new york. >> you can increase the blood flow and let the body do what it does to help resolve the issue. >> reporter: there isn't a lot of good scientific evidence showing that this technique actually works, but many athletes here in rio swear by it. charlie, that includes members of the u.s. women's swim team and team u.s.a.'s men's jim gnattics team. >> rose: thanks, ben. coming up next, a father's undying love for his daughter. cialis. so why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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lifetime. here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: to make her wedding day perfect, jeni stepien had man walk her down the aisle she'd met first time just the day before. >> hi! >> reporter: but jeni was positive she could trust arthur thomas's heart. >> thank you so much. >> are you kidding? >> reporter: after all, it belonged to her father, michael jeni's dad michael stepien was killed in a robbery near pittsburgh ten years ago. hundreds of miles away in philadelphia, arthur thomas's failing heart had him on a transplant waiting list but hope was slipping away. >> i was on death's door when he was murdered, and i needed a
6:58 pm
>> reporter: fast forward a decade to a letter jeni mailed to arthur thomas. >> and she said, "dear tom, i'm the daughter of the man whose heart is inside you, would you walk me down the aisle?" >> reporter: which is how jeni stepien's got to have her father's beating heart with her for the biggest moment of her life. >> it's like having my dad here, even in just... and better because we get to share this story with other people and other people see that organ donors do matter. hearts were both breaking at this wedding saturday and filled to the brim, as well. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> rose: a story of two gifts. that's the "cbs evening news." scott will be back tomorrow. i'm charlie rose. i hope you'll join me for "cbs this morning." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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we're celebrating spectacular seattle. one of america's greatest cities. wheel... of... fortune! ? [ cheering ] ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white! hey! how you doing, everybody? [ cheering ] thank you, jim. saluting seattle this week. thank you. you go salute over there, and i'll be over here. hi! how ya doing? good to see you all. welcome to our little show. get ready.


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