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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> announcer: live from the channel 4 studios is donald trump remarkable that the dog struggling in the ocean. a big fire on street. you can see that it may have spread next-door and this was tweeted out by neighbors.
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you can see the flames from the windows and parts of injury but we have a crew heading there and we will bring you pictures and info as we get it. new details, a murder mystery in a small town, a jogger found dead in her killer on the run. a warning from the police. sources tell wbz that they found 27-year-old vanessa marcotte naked and burnt. >> they are telling neighbors to be concerned, let's go to lisa who is live in princeto marcotte was found less than a mile from where she was staying by a k-9 unit. an officer watched over the home of the mother of vanessa marcotte, 24 hours earlier the 27-year-old's body was found in a wooded area off brook station road about half a mile away.
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burnt . >> we are concerned about the safety of visitors and residents and we asked people to pay attention to their surroundings. >>reporter: it prompted this morning from police chiefs on monday. they continue to canvass the area after they declared her death a homicide. speed and the act. >>reporter: they are focusing on a timeframe when she went out for a jog and walk and never reap what you four years public assistance. >>reporter: she was a google it lived in princeton visiting her mother. she graduated from boston university with honors and was known to college for her smile and love of austin sports --
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this is devastating. >> we're hoping it's a crime of passion we don't have to worry about someone on the street. >>reporter: police are asking the public for any help, new detail is too small. live in princeton, wbz news . thank you. this is the first homicide in princeton in 30 years and they do not have any suspects at this point. the da is warning people not to jog alone, the murderer has shocked alert and julie picks up the team coverage in princeton. >>reporter: violent crime is incredibly rare, the police department a full-time officers.
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. >> i've raised my family here and it shocking. >>reporter: this is a rural community set out for the scenery and the seclusion. >> they don't lock the doors half the time. >>reporter: residents admit that with so few details all they have to do is worry and they now say they will spend the rest of the week mother fearful of leaving her alone. >> she wanted to go for a bike ride and i won't let that happen i'm just cannot stay with her. >> i think it is scary and awful. it's enough that it's horrible and night but in broad daylight it is appalling. it's devastating.
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for the very first time in years. live in princeton, wbz news. back to you. thank you stay with us on air and online as we follow the tragedy in violence in princeton we will have the latest on 4:30 am this morning. a police officer is recovering after a crash on trapelo you -- and the officer is expected to be okay, know when was injured in the crash is under investigation. the heat and humidity will return in temperatures feel like they are close to 100 degrees, meteorologist daniel niles is tracking it.
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upper 40s right now. plus breeze at 7 miles. clear skies friday night. mostly clear and beautiful day. idiot the coast and storm -- 80 degrees at the coast and storm free. thank you danielle. police are searching for the gunmen that shot a man playing a popular game in california, calvin riley was playing pokimon go in the san
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they are trying to find the shooter and his family here in massachusetts set up a go find me page to help the family and it surpassed the goal of $45,000. we are learning more information about the house fire here, neighbors helped rescue one person from inside in the fire started in the basement and spread to the entire home. 2 firefighters were hurt cruise in bridgewater are investigating what caused a deadly house fire. the escape from the second floor but robert murphy lived on the first floor and died in the blaze. passengers in long lines are short on patients in logan airport, a power outage in atlanta delayed or canceled hundreds of delta flights and it's affecting traveled this late, kate merrill is live in the satellite center, it will
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to normal?>>reporter: for a short time there was not one delta flight in the air, it it delayed thousands of frustrated passengers. >> we apologize for the inconvenience. >>reporter: a day full of apologies that airports including logan as long lines and delays dominated the day. >> i didn't know anything about it until we got here. >>reporter: this is a systemwide d m country. passengers could not check in or board planes and it left passengers stranded all over the world. >> the agent said our system is down no delta flights are flying . there is no news. >>reporter: at one point ahead of delta made this appeal to the customers. >> i apologize for the challenges this has created for
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experience. >>reporter: experts say old systems and new technology is too much for the system to take and it leaves everyone stuck in waiting with no end in sight. >> it's frustrating because i don't know if there is an available flight. >> i was excited to go home but i guess i'll be here longer than expected. >>reporter: the fbi ruled out a hack that they do not know why the backup system failed. the system is up and running tonight but the delays the satellite center, kate merrill, wbz news. new trouble for donald trump is more than 50 top republican leaders signed a letter deeming him unfit to be president. among them former secretary. tom ridge, tonight trump dismiss the letter calling them the field washington elite looking to hold onto power. meanwhile hillary clinton has surged ahead and a cnn survey
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in new bedford fathers charged with killing his daughter, he shot and killed a 19-year-old sabrina outside her apartment last month. he was arrested in connecticut and will be returned to massachusetts to face murder charges. and everett man accused of taking pictures up women's skirts is also facing child pornography. mark barry t friday and was arrested after victims id to him and then they found child porn while looking at his phone. state troopers are searching for a thief that stole a police suv in south austin. they found it in somerville and they did not damage the cruiser or take any of the equipment. on there at 11 pm, the martha's vineyard ferry passengers could not believe they saw a dog paddling for his life 1 mile offshore.
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turned the boat around and the builders pulled him to safety. one of the rescuer shared this good news, the dog was reunited with his owner and he apparently fell off one of the theories. this is a photo of the dog back on dry land. a good ending there. another frightening sight. >> where dozens of great white sharks were swimming shore. a family vacation becomes a nightmare and a freak accident that left a little boy with surgery to remove his foot. pokimon go players are taking over at historic landmarks, whether the caretakers want those games deleted. headed to the beach tomorrow, it looks beautiful, temperatures in the upper 70s,
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crank up the heat and when thunderstorms return. danielle we are covering breaking news in austin, a big fire burning and cruiser on the scene with flames shooting out the window on a building on e. 4th st. out the window on a building on e. 4th st. we will be back right after this.
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there have been several great white shark sightings several sharks were spotted. they are out there in abundance at this point. >> oh my gosh, there is gorgeous blue sky and your eye goes right there it's a perfect beach day. at sunset tonight and thank you to steve for grabbing this, the
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of rain and the last time we had an inch or more was in the end of may. 71 days ago, we could use several days of rain, we will not see that that there will be an increased chance for showers and storms and we will talk about that. 67 in worcester and 78 in boston, clear skies and we will dip back into the 50s and 60s
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but the flooding risk will increase with tropical moisture cut off here over the southeast. for as it is high pressure and that's building right in, fairweather during the day tomorrow and the humidity will stay in check. 50s for the suburbs and 60s downtown and we will end up there early tomorrow morning. it looks fantastic for tuesday, the wind will come in off the ocean and ri be in the upper 70s to low 80s. it will be hot but the humidity will be in check. lower to middle 80s from plymouth and norwood near 90 and lower 80s is a fantastic day on cape cod. tomorrow night that will slip off the coast of what happens wednesday is humidity goes up and you will feel the difference as it gets sticky. with that comes clouds,
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thunderstorms. not much severe weather but if any showers pop-up it could be locally heavy rainfall and isolated spots as we head into wednesday afternoon. umbrella on standby. thursday, a brief shower and isolated thunder shower on thursday afternoon. this will be minimal but nonetheless the front will stall and hang over us friday through the weekend and keep the threat for severe weather. chance of a shower and evil empire coming to town and a beautiful night at fenway park. there will be showers on wednesday that the game should be no problem, hot and sticky, upper 80s on thursday and the seven-day forecast we push 93
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chance for a shower and no washouts, we keep the threat there. lisa and liam? this is south boston on e. 4th st. and it looks like firefighters have this under control. it burnt one building and spread to another. in a divisive political season lots of people are sounding off on the cargo or the mayor took his casual look to the street and twitter users mocked him and called his shorts ugly and uncool. he had plenty of support and men that said they are comfortable and practical and he said he loves his cargo shorts, they are the most comfortable ever. i say go mayor, i have a power
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keys and beer in there. >> don't think he can do that. the patriots preseason opener is thursday. steve has the details coming up in sports.
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wbz sports,
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test drive today or visit us at bmw mass driven by bmw, test drive today or visit we don't know how or where the time went that we or three days away from the first preseason game for the patriots. >> seems like a reunion. families coming together and patriots had 6 players missing that they are getting healthy and loaded with talent. the competition has heated up and guys are fighting for jobs, they had their 10th practice today in foxboro and brandon stokely returned for the first time since suffering a concussion. the first of two days of joining practices before the preseason opener and they are looking forward to battling with another team. >> we been going against each
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so it's fun to step on the field with another team and it gives us a good look at what we will face and i'm looking forward to seeing new faces in competing. >>reporter: what are you looking forward to? >> within bidding on each other for the last few weeks with frantic have another team come and go against them. >> they open up thursday night at 7 pm in the patriots and saints get underway and you can see it all right here on wbz. dan will call the game on channel 4 and they are getting ready as we speak. >>reporter: what he wanted to talk about? >> ice cream on my foot. >>reporter: christian with us on pre-and post game are you ready? >> i am ready, let's go!>>reporter: will you be ready
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>> are you ready for some football? >> run channel. red sox off tonight and they have not won at home in almost 2 weeks and this is the final road trip of alex rodriguez and his career in it will be interesting to see if he plays at all, there is buzz that a- rod could get the start. wait to see how the fans read him. nba rookies took part in a photo shoot this weekend and she learned brown changed his uniform number, he change from number 9 two 7 just like dee brown who won the slamdunk contest. check out this picture on insta graham.
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former bruin nbc eagle is headed to the us hockey hall of fame, that is sports. thank you steve, the price to see a-rod's final game, tickets are skyrocketing.
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public,
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we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. no one is openly weeping but this week alex rodriguez will play his last game. >> three of his final four will
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game on friday and tickets for that game are now going for an average of $500 each. at less than 100. at less than $100 tickets here are a bargain. up next daniel will update the forecast. >> that's pretty good, we will
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if there were a day to safe >> its low humidity rest of the week will be sticky with two points at 70. mid-80s on wednesday and 93 on thursday and 90 on friday. it will feel close to 100 can do chance of the storm and we could use the rain but we will keep it unsettled for the start of next week. >> as we go further into the
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lie. >> take the weight off a little bit. slim down and be ready to go. thank you for joining us. >> we will see you again tomorrow everyone, goodbye everyone. so w ething for her and fo enjoy. this is for hillary. ? dum-dum-dum like a small boat ? on the ocean sending big waves ? drum-drum-drum bass ? hi-hat bass >> stephen: ? i want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs ? this is our fight song take back my life song starting right


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