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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news right now at 6:00, a deadly crash shutting down parts of the mass pike overnight. we have information. and firefighters fight a house fire in boston. community is on edge after a 27-year-old woman was murdered in princeton. thte her killer. good morning to you. great to have you here with us. i'm kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon. thank you for joining us on this tuesday, august 9th. we will start it off with barry burbank to check the forecast for the day ahead. beautiful start to the day. the sun is up now, and temperatures are really, really
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readings down in the 50s in outlying locations, and the urban centers are warmer, and boston at logan airport is 70 degrees right now. warming up nicely today, and sunshine all over the place this morning, and no problems at all. just a few scattered clouds this afternoon. fewer puffy clouds than we saw yesterday. here is your day ahead for this tuesday. we get deeper into the morning rush, and we are rising up into e lunchtime, low 80s at least. sunshine all over the place. hue marylandty low side today, throughout the day, and for the ride home, around 80 at the coast to around 90 mid- afternoon or so, and many locations away from the water, and just a beautiful day ahead, and traffic and weather together. good morning, brianna. >> good morning, barry. we are continuing to track this accident. we can see from the traffic cameras, happening 93 northbound at exit 14 on the
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backup thes all the way to milton. definitely try to avoid the area if you can. the best bet would be get off on exit 8, take the back roads, and they exit 15. that earlier construction has wrapped up, but affected the morning commute. there's bumper-to-bumper traffic on 495 south between exit 40 and 38. chris, back to you. brianna, thank you very muff. a deadly shutting down part of the mass pike overnight. a 28-year-old man from rutland was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes, and his car hit two other vehicles head on. he was killed, and four other people taken to the hospital. some drivers were stuck in traffic for 2 hours last night. the pike is back open. a tough night for firefighters in south boston. >> they faced an extra challenge on the job, and
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details for us. nicole? >> reporter: chris and kathryn, good news this morning, no one was injured as a result of the fire, but taking a look here behind me, you certainly see the damage that the flames left behind. fire crews worked very hard to keep this blaze contained, and you can see there's a brownstone building, and it reached four alarms and ultimately spread to two other buildings, and i want to get you right to pictures from the fierce flames. officials said it began in a home under renovation, and that created challenges for crews because they arrived to heavy flames, but there was no first floor in the particular building. crews stayed on the scene until 3:00 this morning. the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but again, taking a live look here, and you can see the charred remains of the building here, and you
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you can see it through the windows there, and the roof completely compromised, and i can tell you according to fire officials, the total amount of damage is here $1 million. live in south boston, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. we appreciate the update there. a murder mystery putting a small massachusetts town on edge this morning. a jogger found dead, and sources tell wbz police found the 27-year-old's body naked and burned. is the first homicide in princeton in nearly 30 years. police don't have any suspects right now, and the d.a. is warning people not to jog alone. anna meiler is live with the latest on the investigation. anna? >> reporter: chris, residents we spoke to said they are taking this warning from police very seriously, locking their doors and walking in pairs because investigators don't know who killed vanessa
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of facts and circumstances here. >> reporter: police will not rest until they find the person who murdered 27-year-old vanessa marcotte and left her body in the woods half a mile from her mother's house. sources say her body was neck ached and burned. >> we were all in shock. very family-friendly community, and it's quiet and sleepy town. >> i have two young daughters who live in town, and they jog regularly, and just worried. >> reporter: police say vanessa marcotte was working as an account manager at google living in new york city. she went for a jog while visiting had her mother around 1:00 but never made it home. hours later k-9 units discovered her body in the woods. >> we are concerned about the safety of our town residents and visitors who enter our town. >> reporter: investigators
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community members to be extra vigilant. >> she was out walking and jogging alone on a rural road. we are asking people to travel or walk or jog with other people. >> reporter: police are leaning on the community to help them with the investigation they are asking anyone who saw anything out of the ordinary to give them a call. no tip anna meiler this morning. >> anna, thank you very much. princeton is a small town with the population of 3500 people, and the rural community runs along the mountains, and many say they live there for the seclusion, and they are shocked something like this could happen in their own town, and they are taking extra steps to protect themselveses and their families. >> make sure the door is locked at all times and i'm here and never leave her alone. she wanted to go for a bike
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>> stay with wbz for the latest on this investigation. we will bring you updates on air and online. delta airlines will hand out travel refunds and vouchers after the outage yesterday that grounded flights all over the world. travelers could see trouble today. it took a few hours to fix the problem, but the damage was done. 3,000 flight were canceled or delayed. long lines filled airports across the country. the today. frustrated passengers were told little information about what was going on. >> the agent said our system is down, and no delta flights are flying, and there's no news. >> i was excited to go home, but will be longer out here than expected. >> reporter: delta says the challenge they face, finding enough seats for the tens of thousands of passengers who had
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presidential candidates came paining in key swing states today. hillary clinton in florida, and donald trump in north carolina. yesterday trump tried to reset his campaign with a major economic speech, but as brian webb reports he is facing growing resistance within his own party. >> reporter: donald trump pitched his revamped tax plan in detroit, and many proposals have republicans for decades, including across-the-board tax cuts. >> my plan will reduce the current number of tax brackets for kevin to three. >> trickle down economics does to the help our economy grow. >> reporter: donald trump is facing growing opposition from
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yesterday susan collins from maine said she would not be voting for trump. hillary clinton is facing scrutiny over her time as secretary of state. the parents of the americans killed in the ben georgia seay attack filed a lawsuit against the democratic nominee on monday. they said her extreme carelessness led to their sons' deaths. brian webb, cbs news. clinton's campaign said she has been clea doing by several investigations. new information on the death of a 10-year-old boy at a kansas water park. caleb schwab died from neck injuries on the world's tallest water slide. women on the raft with him had minor injuryings. you're looking from top to bottom, and it will remain closed. the park park will tentatively reopen tomorrow.
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a kansas state senator. a ferris wheel accident in tennessee leaves three people injured. it was on the eastern part of the state. the three victims fell out of the basket they were riding in. we are told the oldest of the three injured is a 16-year-old girl. no word on their conditions. belmont police motorcycle officer is recovering after a crash with a car. it shut down part of trupello road last night. the officer is expected to be the crash is under investigation. state troopers are searching for the thief who stole a police suv in south boston. they found the vehicle abandoned in summerville yesterday afternoon, hours after it was taken. the troopers said the thieves did not damage the cruiser or take any equipment inside. coming up on wbz this morning, a dog in danger off martha's vineyard.
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dramatic moments on camera. speeding up security at logan airport. the new way to sign up for the precheck program. are you looking for a job with the six-figure salary? the government looking to fill 1400 jobs. details for you next. >> good morning, everybody, and high temperatures today up to the 90s in many spots, and this is august. the highs all across the nation. cool out on the west coast, cool in the east coast, lower 80s, but 90s are building, and my accuweather forecast, a few minutes away. -- it will be hot next week. my accuweather forecast, a few minutes away. ? [music]
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welcome back. dog overboard. it's a wild rescue off martha's vineyard. take a look. ferry passengers spotted the dog paddling in the water about a mile offshore yesterday morning. the ferry captain stopped and turned the ship around, and a woman on board recorded this video. the dog swam towards another vote, and those boaters pulled the dog to safety. this is a picture of the dog back on dry land at oak bluff harbor. one of the rescuers said the
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after he apparently fell off one of the ferries. >> good swimmer though. >> luckydog that the ferry was there to rescue him. >> that's one of my biggest fears when we take the ferry with our dog. >> don't jump off, tucker. barry burbank with that. >> what's going on? barry? here's what is going on. the dry weather we have ha dry as you know. only 2.26 inches. how about previous driest summers on record. 3.97 was the destroyest ever in 1957, and will we get up to ha? -- up to that? i hope and beyond that. people ask if we have a dry summer, will we get dry winters? or a lot of snow and.
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snow, the second snowiest winter of all, following a dry summer, and then back here a snowy winter as well. there's no carlation to if you're going to have a lot of snow or no snow. that's some of the data. nice and dry in terms of the humidity. dew points are low, and temperatures down to the 50s. 54 in taunton, and these are low-lying locations at the airport, and it is going to be rising rapidly. temperatures going up to almost 40 degrees from what they are this morning. dew point in the 50s, and we are in for nice, comfortable air today. the temperatures will be soaring and nudging 90. that's the corridor where it will be 90 this afternoon.
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there will be a sea breeze. the tide will come in after being low. high tide at 4:45 or so, and water temperatures very, very pleasant in deed it will be a great day to be out on the boats. and the meteor showers continue, and i saw three quite brilliant shooting stars this morning on the way to work around 2:00 or 2:15 this morning. it was spectacular in the sky. e going to be showers moving in, and this model, i don't think it shows enough showers it should be quite a few around to make it a wet morning, and rain in the morning, thunderstorms later in the week, and it may produce good rains here at some point later this weekend when the front comes down to provide the boundary for the storms to form. today a beauty.
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hi, brianna. just moments ago, a tow truck came to exit 14. this is northbound, and traffic is backed up 6 exits to exit 9 at adams street, and this should get better. the accident was just cleared. the expressway is pretty much a parking lot for the entire stretch. the best bet, get off on exit 8, and get back on the expressway at columbia avenue. we checked the area out, and it's all clear. brianna, update. a 7-year-old boy from northboro was seriously injured while on vacation. isaac harrington was with his family in maryland last week when he was accidently run over by a large commercial lawnmower. doctors at john hopkins children's center amputated his left foot. incredibly he's smiling in these pictures. his parents said the man operating the lawnmower threw it in reverse without looking.
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hardest thing, and not being able to help him. >> he's such a little kid. he's 7. he's a strong little kid. i only wish i was like that. >> isaac has had two surgeries, and he will need more. his parents have a gofundme page. we have the link on one of the largest point of sales has been hacked. oracles micros is used by hotels, retailers around the world at 300,000 sites. it was breeched by russian cyber criminals. a bill aimed at helping cities and towns through tough economic times will be signed by governor baker today it gives towns more tools, and it was one of several bills approved by the lawmakers in
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and the union says there's a severe shortage. the median salary is $123,000. >> i have a feeling they will get a lot of applications with that out there. dreams made and others broken. the highlights for team usa at the olympics. a curve ball from curt schilling. his pitch for political office. tore walsh's cargo shorts. the mayor is responding to
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there have been several new great white shark sightings off
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shark conservancy, several sharks have been shotted. the mayor is taking heat over his casual clothing. >> take a look. on sunday mayor walsh wore cargo shorts while the street was shut down to traffi him. but he has plenty of support. he said on twitter "i love my cargo shorts. they are the most comfortable things ever." how did the photographer know to get shots at the event? >> well played. the united states adding to the gold medal pool.
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breaststroke and set an olympic record. in the synchronized diving competition, the usa won the silver johnson in the 10-meter platform event. the team from china took the cold. -- took the gold. the men's gymnastics team they got fifth. team usa is still in first place for overall medal count and golds. >> much more ahead on wbz this morning. a pushback against pokemon go. >> the location in rhode island where people are asked to not
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and here's what you may want to know as you head out the door this morning. ? i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job.
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breaking news right now at 6:30, a deadly wrongway crash shuts down part of the mass pike overnight. we will have the latest for you. the town of princeton is on alert as police search for clues in a woman's murder. details on the investigation. get ready for a commercial blitz from hillary clinton. th in her latest campaign strategy. welcome back. it's 6:30 right now, and i'm chris mckinnon. >> and i'm kathryn hauser. great to have you with us as always. a beautiful morning shaping up out there, and a nice summer day, barry. >> it's fantastic. so far so good. it's really, really nice out there, and the sun is up and
6:30 am
still refreshing and pleasant. early 50s, and the early summer mornings are great. it's 70 in downtown boston right now, but will warm up rapidly as we go well into the 80s in some spots. we will be going past that 90- degree mark. clear skies for the most part, and there's a little bit of high cloudiness here, and you can see it spilling over the ridge, and some streamers of clouds will be coming down. the sleepy ones, the milky ones, and just a clouds as well. by the lung hour, the 80s, and the humidity will be low today, and later this afternoon, mid- to upper 80s, and again a few spots touching or exceeding 90. except at the coast where the sea breeze comes in. the high tide late this afternoon. traffic and weather are together. good morning, brianna. >> good morning, barry. coming into the city from the north will be a problem for you. traffic is at a dead stop, and
6:31 am
pace. the disabled car on 93 southbound in medford is not helping the situation this at roosevelt circle. and just in, a rollover on randolph at exit 4. the car rolled over on the ramp to 24 south, and you cannot access that ramp. look for an alternate route this morning. >> brianna, thank you so much. we want to update you on a deadly wrongway crash that shut down part of the state police gave us a update a short time ago. a 28-year-old man from rutland was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes, and his car hit two other vehicles head on, the rutland man was killed, and four others were taken to the hospital. some drivers were stuck in traffic for 2 hours overnight. the highway we should note is back open this morning. 6:32, and a tough night for firefighters in south boston. >> they are facing an extra
6:32 am
morning with the details. nicole? >> reporter: kathryn, chris, crews were on the scene for upwards of 4 hours, and you can see the crew is here waiting to board up the windows that have been blown out, as a result of the fire, and i do want to get you right to some pictures for the boston fire department, and they tweeted out quite a bit last night, and the four-alarm blaze, ultimately it spread to two other buildings, and the fire broke out before 10:30, and officials believe it began in a home that was under renovations. when crews arrived here, one of the first things they noticed, the flames, and that particular unit had no first floor. crews were on the scene until roughly 3:00 this morning, and you can take yet another live look here, and i can tell you, five people were displaced as a result of the fire spreading to two other buildings, and of all
6:33 am
crews tell us the amount of damage here is roughly $1 million. live in south boston, nicole jacobs, wbz news this morning. a murder mystery has put a town on edge. police found the 27-year-old jogger's body neck ached and murdered. the murder of vanessa marcotte is the first homicide in princeton in nearly 30 years. police don't have any suspects, and the d.a. is warning people not to jog alone. wbz's anna meiler is live for us in princeton this morning with the latest on the investigation. anna? >> reporter: kathryn, police are warning people in princeton to be on high alert after the woman was killed in the middle of the day, and they don't know if her attacker -- if the attack was random, and the killer is still on the loose. police say 27-year-old vanessa marcotte was jogging sunday
6:34 am
home. hours later the k-9 uniters discovered her body half a mile from her mother's home. the goggle employee and boston university graduate lived in new york city and was visiting her mother in princeton. investigators don't know if the attack was random. >> this woman was out walking and jogging alone on a rural road. we are asking people in town to use an abundance of caution, and you're out and you're jogging or walking, we are asking people to do asking the community to help them with the investigation. if you have seen anything out of the ordinary, please give them a call. no tip is too small. reporting live in princeton, anna meiler. back to you this morning. >> anna, thank you very much. stay with wbz on the latest on the investigation. we will bring you the latest
6:35 am
of the rhode island nightclub fire are upset that the site is a stop for pokemon go. survivors and victims' families are asking it be removed from the game. other sites have been removed from the game. pokemon go players are also taking over a historic fort in massachusetts, and fort pheonix has become the hot spot for people playing the game. caretakers said people are vandalizing and leaving trash all over th great way to socialize. >> it's fun. it's something to do other than social media. >> it just brings out the good in a lot of people. >> officials also say every night a police officer has to direct players out of the fort when the gates close at 10:00. a connecticut man accused of killing his own daughter. u.s. marshals arrested walter desilva on friday in an unrelated case, and yesterday
6:36 am
killed his 19-year-old daughter, sabrina outside of her new bedford apartment on july 3rd. he was convicted of attempting to murder the teen's mother more than a decade ago, and now he will go to massachusetts to face murder charges. an everett man is being held on $100,000 bail. mark barry is accused of taking pictures on the bus and is facing child porn charges. he was arrested on id the victim and witnesses identified him. police found the child porn while examining his phone. a big backing for marla heely. senator warren praised the fellow democrat saying weapons war have no place in local communities. warren say she's believes heely will not be bullied by the gun lobby. now to campaign 2016, and
6:37 am
top republicans who claim he's unfit to be president. among them, former homeland security secretary, tom ridge. trump dismissed the letter, calling the authors "the failed washington elite." >> hillary clinton will be spending big campaign bucks on the summer games. the democratic presidential nominee has bought $13.6 million in political ad in the rio competition. she is hoping to reach th be watching live. could the interest in third party candidates be growing? a libertarian candidate believes so. william weld says his campaign financing has picked up. the former massachusetts governor has heard from several members of congress who are considering reassessing their enendorsements for the november
6:38 am
primary is held today. his challenger was relatively unknown a few weeks ago until donald trump pubically thanked him on twitter for his kinds words. trump late thanked ryan. no house speaker in modern history has lost a primary. curt schilling wrote on facebook, i'm going to run soon, and he said state office first and white house in 8 years or 4 if by some miracle this country illegally votes for clinton. parents who worry their teenagers are spending too much time playing video games it may be more helpful than social media teens who were regular
6:39 am
average in math, reading, and science on an international exam. the australian study showed teens who checked their facebook feed and chatted with friends daily did worse in math. now researches will look to see if it could help improve teaching methods. ahead, a check on the top stories. >> and the delays expected for delta passengers today. >> how the make it up to travelers: hundreds of firefighters try to gain ground on a wild fire threatening thousands of homes. good morning chris, barry, and everybody. good morning to the weather watchers out there. let's check out a few of them. karen in westminster says 58. brian says 56. and eric in compton at 59, and it's a cool morning out there,
6:40 am
it's going to be a hot day later on. back to the forecast in a few minutes. four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't
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four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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is threatening thousands of homes this morning, and hundreds have already been evacuated as the fire is only 6% contained. air quality officials say smoke from the fire has blown across the desert into las vegas. and the big surf fire, another fire, has destroyed 50 homes. >> that's something. >> here we have had beautiful summer days, but it's dry. we need the rain. >> we do need the with barry burbank. it's been so dry. the last time we had a quarter of an inch or more in boston, 64 days ago, and we is have had a little bit of rain here and there, a few hundredths, but nothing as much as a quarter of an inch. the last time we had an inch of rain or more, may 30th. 1.13inches, and 71 days ago. it's so dry. farmers having a tough time with their crops for sure.
6:44 am
and the landscape is thirsty in deed. 70 in boston, no rain today. dew point is 54. air is nice and dry. the northwest wind is flowing right now, and a light breeze pretty much all day long, and it will be shifting onshore a bit, and that will keep the coast, including boston, not right at the city of boston, but the water's edge will be by 11:00. 1:00, 80, and 3:00, around 83. the water's edge will be going closer to 90 degrees. some spots are in the 50s as we have been mentioning from the weather watchers and weather bug network. we know pretty much what is going on in everyone's backyard. 50s off to the west and southwest of boston, and 60s
6:45 am
higher humidity is ready to come back at us. feeling it late tonight, and especially tomorrow. 90 this afternoon, and some spots, the temperature will go up 35 to 40 degrees, and along the coast, north shore to rockport, and all along the coast. lower 80s for the temperatures, and the water's edge, that's what you will have this afternoon, the lower 80s for the most part. high tide at 4:45, be coming in this afternoon. hopefully seeing shooting stars, and i saw three incredible bright ones this morning on the way to work. unfortunately the next nights, especially later in the week when they should peek out, with will see more haze and clouds around, and with some clouds coming in later tonight and warmer weather coming in with higher humidity, upper 60s for the low temperatures tonight, and tomorrow, clouds come in, and i think the model is underdoing it for the amount of rain that is possible here
6:46 am
systems have failed in the drought in the past few weeks to several months, but i think we have a shot at showers tomorrow, and especially this weekend, when the front comes down, cooling us off on sunday at some point. but we will have a heat wave in many spots. 930 930 -- 93 to 95. we have a rollover in randolph. the car actual so the rain has been closed. to the west, two accidents eastbound on the pike. they are both in a row. the first is in hawkington, and it's just one exit up, another accident in framingham at exit 12 and route 9. stay safe out there. >> thank you, brianna. we continue to follow breaking news for you. a deadly wrongway crash shutting down part of the mass pike overnight.
6:47 am
westbound lanes, and his car hit two other vehicles head on, and the rutland man was killed. four other people were take tonight hospital. drivers were stuck in traffic for up to 2 hours. the highway is now back open. 6:48. checking out the top stories for you, police searching for answers in the mudder of a woman in princeton. >> sources say police found vanessa marcotte's body naked sunday night. the 27-year-old went for a jog near her mother's home. the police have no suspects, and they are asking the public to come forward with any information. people in the neighborhood are being told to be extra cautious. a fire in south boston, and heavy flames as crews arrived on east 4th street. the house was vacant and under renovations that created unknown dangers for firefighters including no first
6:48 am
were displaced by the fire. damage zest mated around $1 million, and investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire. a 10-year-old boy died from neck injuries at kansas water park. caleb schwab was riding what is known as the world's tallest water slide. the two women on the raft with him had minor injury the. investigator -- injuries. investigators are lookin the park is scheduled to reopen tomorrow. caleb schwab was the second oldest son of a kansas state senator. delta airlines will be handing out vouchers today following the outage that grounded flights it only took a few hours to nix the problem, but more than 3,000 flights were canceled or delayed. longlines filled the country
6:49 am
today. americans taking advantage at the rio olympics. the saints are marching into the gillette stadium today. massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public,
6:50 am
we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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6:52. right now the patriots welcome
6:52 am
practices that leads up to thursday night's preseason opener. tom brady and company had their tenth practice of training camp yesterday, and julian ettlema n worked work -- ettleman work the out for the first time. we will kick things awe with patriots game day, and then we will have the the postgame show. you can see the action here on wbz. the red sox are back at fenway to open up the 3-game series against the yankees. it's the final road trip of alex rodriguez's career, and espn's jason stark reports that a-rod could start at d.h. on thursday to face stephen
6:53 am
empty seats. organizers say 80% of tickets have been sold, but less popular sports like rusby, kayaking, and cycling races are seeing low attendance numbers. that's good news for some americans at the game. some are scooping up tickets for 12 bucks. popular events like gymnastics and swimming are seeing prices around $300, and chris, your kayaking skills are on point. the kayaking competition? >> i would be right there careering you on. always. >> $12 well spent. a closer look at what is coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning. >> good morning, gayle. >> good morning, chris and kathryn. a high-profile senator is coming out against donald trump, and donald trump is under fire after trying to link hillary clinton to the death of
6:54 am
reinvent the veggie burger and if it can replace traditional beef. we will see you straight up. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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welcome back. new technology is being used to help couples relive their wedding day. >> you can have your wedding filmed with special cameras to
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reality. one company called youvisit has sold more than 1,000 live venns like concerts and sporting events, and prices start at $10,000. if you have money to burn, there you go. virtual reality filming of your wedding. say i just be in the moment. be there. that's the virtual reality you want. a beautiful day today. >> thank you, barry. cbs this morning is next here
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? good morning. it is tuesday, august 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a restrained donald trump promises big tax cuts but he senior republican senator and gop security experts. >> three girls suffer serious injuries after being tossed from a ferris wheel. one eyewitness said it was like watching water pouring from a glass. plus, delton grounds hundreds more flights following a worldwide computer outage. the technology that plagued the entire airline industry. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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