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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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a sigh of relief. for almost two weeks, a sexual predator was on the loose. we learned he stalked the woman at a local market. the victim -- almost 80 years old. >> reporter: he's a registered level three sex offender, the kind most likely to reoffend. the first offense was back in '93. and no prosecutors say he struck again. police believe he stalked his victim as she sh the marketplace. the woman he allegedly attacked is 79 years old. and shoppers are stunned. >> who would be stalking somebody in here. moms come in and out quickly, all ages, all shapes, all sizes. >> galvin broke in through a rear screen door and he was naked.
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him to stop. the victim gave a description and the composite sketch. dna was found on a window. >> it's scary. but we're relieved to know they got the right person. and i hope the woman is okay. >> it's pretty unusual thing to happen. and it's terrible for her. but i don't feel like there are hinge am at this point. >> the popular fruit center marketplace is a couple of blocks from the victim's house. they provided police with surveillance video has the suspect stalking the victim. we're told by police that the victim -- the 79-year-old victim was able to throw a of w face. i'm david robichaud. police in nashua are
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they released surveillance photos. he's awher of average height and with a heavy build. they say he's wearing big headphones with glasses on his head. state troopers say the man who may have stolen a cruiser is undergoing a mental health evaluation. the suv was found abandoned in somerville hours after it vanished from a maintenance facility. the cruiwa no equipment was taken. the woman charged with vandalizing a campaign sign is ordered to stay away. susan bryant faced a judge. it wasn't the first time she damaged a sign. the owner has video proof that she has vandalized the trump sign at least three times.
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remove the site of thefire from the pokemon sites. it's the worst fire tragedy in rhode island history. some survivors call it disrespectful. but a cousin of one survivor says he understands. >> they are not coming out of respect for those that have passed but i think by being here and establishing the sense of community around this place, they can learn. >> removed from the holocaust museum and over memorial sites. >> the crispy brown grass -- calling it shredded wheat -- is about to get a green. >> danielle is back with the details. >> we need rain for days to fix the shredded wheat lawn. and we'll have multiple chances. this is the rain possibility. tomorrow, up at 80%. definitely a day to have the
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on goes back up for friday into the upcoming weekend. no washout, but there'll be several chances as the humidity and the heat peak across new england. coming up. 76 in boston right now. and dew points in the lower 60s and the southeast breeze at 17 miles r hour coming in off the ocean. hour-by-hour we'll stay steady. the next few hours in the mid- about 72 by overnight. and we're 90 in manchester and it takes a little bit of time before we get the cooldown to come in. enjoy a few whispy clouds. and tomorrow we start dry in the morning and we'll have clouds for the morning rush hour and temperatures in the 70s. showers and downpours arrive by 11 a.m. for many of us. temperatures in the low 80s and lingering showers and downpours for the ride home tomorrow.
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and quite sticky too. we'll time out the downpours in just a couple of minutes. the kansas boy killed on the tallest water slide in the world died from a neck injury. and a kansas city newspaper reports that the state had not inspected the slide since it opened. >> reporter: they say they went down the massive slide hours by caleb schwab. >> and there down the slide. >> the 10-year-old was found in a pool. the first plunge is 1678 feet -- 168 feet or 17 stories high. the second drop is about 50 feet. two to three people can ride in a raft. and riders are secured by velcro straps. >> reporter: his belt came off while riding with a friend and his 9-year-old son.
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of the first -- the shoulder strap just busted loose. >> he had to grip handles by his legs. he told park staff. and they oh, no, really. that's not good. and so it sounded like they were going to do something about it. >> schlitterbahn said safety is top priority and the rides are inspected daily. >> there are no federal stanrd park operators, the manufacturers of the rides, and the states to make sure it's a safe environment. >> schlitterbahn is expected to reopen tomorrow. it's unclear how long the slide will remain closed. >> cbs, wbz news. kansas city police say the two women in the raft with the boy went to the hospital with minor injuries to their faces. and investigators in tennessee are looking into a ferris wheel
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to the hospital. the girls plunged 30 to 45 feet to the ground. one girl suffered a traumatic brain injury. and a 10-year-old hurt her arm. and the other girl, 16 years old, is listed in stable condition. the wildfire in california has burned hundreds of acres and forced people to evacuate. the flames are burning near san bernardino. and have destroyed 6300 alert. tonight the fire is still burning out of control. firefighters in new hampshire have just savored a life. crews rescued a dog from the basement of a burning home. revive the pup. s the fighters the dog is at an animal care center in concord, recovering. fans have been saying i want you back.
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true. why michael phelps prerace ritual is all the talk on the internet. and a self-driving tesla turned into a lifesaver. you have seen the stadiums in rio, some nearly empty. why the games are struggling to fill the seats and why
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on the bz feed, turns out that the most decorated athlete in olympic history has the ultimate game face. >> ahead of the butterfly semifinals he was tt the pool deck. he's stone faced.
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second. that's a game face. >> there's no doubt he's going to win. with that face if you don't follow it up with a gold. >> what is he doing flailing around? >> one mom found a way to make to takeaway r kids help out. internet access. >> today's wi-fi password can be unlocked by texting a thank you for playing and may the odds be ever in your favor. love, mom. and i love that she didn't trust them. the box of crackers has to be in this position. >> and infusing a little humor. >> if i'm kid, i'm when his dad tried to save a m
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price. mimi gets haircuts every month. and it usually costs 150 bucks. that's an expensive haircut. we'll show you mimi with a $35 cut. she's still cute. he told the doggy salon to shave everything. mimi doesn't seem happy about it. >> i would be the person that said i want the $35 option. >> but in the summer it's hot. having a little less weight. >> give me the shave. >> >> inside the delta debacle. what caused the massive computeragit could happen again. way and humidity going up. you'll feel the difference. 70s and 80s for highs. and i'm tracking downpours.
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unfortunately, there were just more delays and frustrations for delta airlines passengers. they had to cancel 500 flights and delay 1200 more. delta is trying to recover from a crippling power and computer outage. and it turns out computer systems are older than the airlines' planes. >> reporter: the outage disabled the flight alerts. >> airport monitors incorrectly listed flights as on time. it prompted an apology from delta's ceo. >> it's an all hands on deck effort. >> reporter: it raises questions about the
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airlines. computer problems, and southwest had to ground flights for days. >> the system is 35 years old. >> airlines rely on computer r delta has been rebuilding the core technologies for more than six months. the airline industry generally has reliable systems but companies that fly airplanes. the technology systems have to be as reliable as the aircraft. >> the department of transportation is having discussions with delta about the outage. and continues to monitor the situation. the airline is offering a $200 flight voucher. hackers just targeted one
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card payment systems. it's called micros and it's used by starbucks and others. russian cyber criminals breached the system. and there's no word on what they accessed. oracle is telling customers to change the passwords for all micros accounts. lyft is making it easier to pick up a bottle of wine. before they could make multiple stops but the driver had the option of saying no. and now customers can add a second or third destination through the app. a missouri man says his self-driving car's feature helped save his life. he was driving his tesla home from work and he couldn't drive when he fell chest pain. he put the car on autopilot. >> i called my wife and said
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>> i just knew i had to get to the e.r. >> douglas' tesla got him to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with a pulmonary embolism. we're going to get rain but not a huge amount. >> and people will be watching the steamy forecast. >> heat index values my push over 100 by thursday. it depends on we'll have a threat for showers and downpours. we start dry in the morning. temperature 80 degrees. and the humidity will go up big time and stay with us through the end of the week. looks dry on cape cod. umid and lower 80s with a few more clouds, and friday may be the
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90 in manchester and lower to middle 80s from keen to worcester. and 74 to taken from chatham to falmouth. there's a little bit of an increase in the dew point in boston. nothing compared to what is to come. look at the dew points to the south and west. when the dew point goes to 70 that's a tropical air mass. 75 in cincinnati. and that's truly oppressive. and that humidity will be working in our the next 24 hours. overnight tonight, it looks beautiful. just a few passing clouds, the showers and thunderstorms don't arrive until late morning and midday. tonight back in the 60s and around 70 in boston. the humidity goes up a little bit. humid tomorrow with downpours, mid-80s for highs. and have the umbrella or raincoat with you tomorrow. here's the map for the morning commute. i don't anticipate any wet weather.
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but most of the green is to outskirts west. by midday tomorrow, numerous downpours cropping up. and see the deep yellows and reds and oranges? that indicates heavy rainfall. maybe some urban flooding or ponding may result from this. 4p.m. still downpours around. central mass, and even back to the south shore and cape, we stay removed from and by 9 p.m. a few leftover downpours. i'm not anticipating severe weather. this is an important map but what i want you to do is the ex but the overall theme. notice how this shows hyannis with 2/10 of an inch. and that's the vulnerability we're talking about. some communities may see little if any rain. and others could see a half
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and highs by thursday, bumping it up. 98 in lawrence. and 97 in bedford. and low to mid-90s at the coastline. you factor in the humidity and the real feel will be topping out around the century mark. 100, 102 is what it will feel like. the pats will have a preseason game. 90degrees with a breeze. should be dry though and any thunderstorms on thursday would be isolated. looks like many dry. friday a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm. and we'll keep the risk in for saturday, sunday, monday, and tuesday. no day looks like a washout. but several periods of wet weather to track as we head to the upcoming weekend. well in the 90s on saturday, and near 90 on sunday. quite a stretch. >> it's really going to be the humidity on top of that. how old you like to relive
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again? some couples are shelling out big bucks to have special cameras film the nuptials. and then the couples can view they're wedding through virtual reality. in some cases the technology needed to make it happen can cost as much as the wedding with some companies charging $10,000 for an event package. a reunion for justin timberlake posted this picture. they broke up in 2002 and reunited at the 2013 mtv music awards. an ice cream lovers can get in on this party. the deal just until closing time. and coming up at 6:00.
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bobblehead night.
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looking to cool off? >> a local ice cream company is celebrating with discounts. it's the 35th summer. until closing time. customers can get a cup or a cone for $3.50. there are 13 locations all
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>> vanilla? i don't eat ice cream. >> i'll eat it for both of us. my favorite is el die an low. chocolate cinnamon day yen. the news at 6:00 starts now. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 6:00. now at 6:00, in the death of a young woman in princeton. police have received hundreds of need. no detail is too small. >> vanessa marcotte was visiting her mother and went for a jog. she was found dead a few hours later. >> reporter: organizers are preparing for a vigil to begin in about an hour. the district attorney held a late afternoon news conference reiterating that the public
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in a late afternoon news conference, district attorney joseph early thanked the public for hundreds of new leads and made a plea to keep them coming. >> we don't know if this was a random act. >> reporter: the crime scene area reveals disturbing visuals. burned debris along a wooded path a half mile from the home why vanessa marcotte was visi a source says her burned. and the top police official asked for the public's help. >> the first 24 to 48 hours are extremely important in an investigation like this. >> in princeton, residents are restless. >> it's not just the victim. it's like a ripple effect that goes out to hundreds of people.
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people to an evening vigil. >> and i wakeup call just to be aware and not be terrorized. >> there are other communities feeling the impact. in the new where th grad worked >> really, really devastating to think that can happen so close. it can happen to anyone. it can happen anywhere at any time of day. >> reporter: there's been a lot of talk in town here comparing this case to other cases involving women who were out jogging and were attacked including one in june in northboro and another in queens, new york, last week. the district attorney said investigators are not ruling anything out. they are looking into every possibility but at this point they are very much focused here in princeton, massachusetts.


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