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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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now at 11 tim, a communities -- 11:00, a community gathered to grieve after the murder of a local jogger. >> and the red sox send back thousands of big papi's souvenirs. a family furious, their dog mauled to death at a local kennel. the action taken against the facility's owner. and rare underwater. >. of a great white -- underwater of a great white feeding offshore. hundreds of tips, but no arrests in the murder of a young jogger. >> any information that you have may be relevant to this investigation. >> tonight hundreds of people come together to remember the woman in a community gripped by both grief and fear. and her killer is on the run tonight. police don't know if she was the target or the victim of a random attack. >> tonight friend, neighbors,
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together to grieve. ken macleod is live in princeton. ken? >> reporter: lisa, this is a small town of 3500 where you can feel anxiety in the air. now the victim's family did not attend the vigil here tonight, and the organizer did not allow the media in, seeing the -- saying the coverage on the compounds the family's grief, but investigators are saying news reports generated the lion's share of th church, the town gathered, stunned by the evil that paid them a visit. >> you're in princeton in the middle of the day, and usually the biggest concern is a dog is going to chase you. >> reporter: but vanessa was brutally murdered in a sunday afternoon jog. >> just knowing it can happen to anybody at any time is really just upsetting.
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say her nude body was burned on this spot in an apparent effort to conceal evidence. today authorities say they've received more than a hundred tips, and they need more. >> we don't know if it's a random act. we're asked the citizens of princeton to use caution. >> reporter: cameras weren't allowed into the vigil. leaning on each other help, but few could make sense >> this girl leaves in new york, and she came to princeton and this happened? it just doesn't happen in princeton. >> reporter: but it did, and as town folk spilled to the streets, many wondered if the killer was an opportunist or one of them. >> it seems like somebody sought it out. >> reporter: the da today was
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june -- two incidences in june where women fought off attackers. they're not ruling that out, but sharing no results. ken macleod, live in princeton, wbz news. and local investigators are not ruling out a connection between her murder and the killing of a jogger in new york city. the 30-year-old's father reported her missing when she didn't return fr ago in queens, and soon after he found her body. the cases are very similar, and police have no suspects in the murders. police want to hear from anyone who may have information about the death. you can remain anonymous if you make a tip by calling the tip line. stay with wbz both on the air and line as we follow the very latest developments in in terrible crime. and we have breaking news,
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between jfk and harvard stations after it was suspended tonight. transit police say a person that needed medical assistance was taken off the tracks. that victim's condition has not been released. we'll continue to follow the story. and this might have been the most popular bobble head night ever at fenway park, but we'll never know. when the ortiz them racially insensitive, and fans are disappointed. >> reporter: yes, a lot of red sox fans disappointed they didn't receive the were bobble heads -- the bobble heads, but a lot of fans also understand the decision, but a lot of discussion generated by this. the park was buzzing. sox versus yankees, but the buzz was about more than just a
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ortiz bobble head night, but the game was canceled. >> disappointed, but i know they'll make good. >> reporter: here's the bobble head in question, a likeness the red sox say is unacceptable and not appropriate. >> they probably made the right move. >> reporter: you think that could be offensive? >> i do, i do. >> reporter: is that offensive to you in any way? >> not to me. i was pretty disappointed. i mean, i don't get how that could offend people. just a bobble head of a city icon. >> they at the plant. >> reporter: the company that manufactured the bobble head said we value the decades long relationship with the red sox, and the decision to postpone the give away. we're working closely to make sure they receive a quality product. the sox say all fans with tickets to the game will eventually get a different ortiz bobble head. not this one. >> that's a little offensive. the one i saw didn't have the
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>> it's just a shame because i feel like they had some time to like plan it out, so just feels like somewhere down the line someone dropped the ball. >> reporter: so a lot of red sox fans, baseball fans in general speaking out tonight at fenway. once ben the fans -- again the fans that hold tickets for the game will get bob heads at a later -- bobble heads at a later date. >> all right, gorgeous out there at the ball park tonight, but that's changing, the heat and humidity making a come back. how hot are we talking here? >> upper 90s, and with the humidity coming thursday, enjoy it out there while we have quiet weather, and humidity in check. 76 in boston right now. dewpoints in the upper 50s. we have a light southwest
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in taunton. a few high thin clouds made for a really nice sunset. clouds advance in quickly tomorrow. by 11:00 areas of rain advancing into central massachusetts, lunchtime notice where the focus is, boston north and west. then we get the downpours moving in through the south shore down to the cape. areas of rain continue through the evening commute. how much rain to expect and how long the heat is sticking around coming up in a few. all right, we'll see then. new at 11:00, a kennel forced to shut down after a family pet died in its car, mauled to death by another dog. wbz's julie loncich is live with the story. >> reporter: the kennel shut down, it's owner charged with animal cruelty after authorities say the owner's own dog attacked another one boarding here, and that dog eventually died. >> it's been a couple weeks. >> reporter: last month tracey
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old dog from the briarwood kennel, but this time her dog was near death. >> there wasn't one area of his body that didn't have bites or bruises. from his head to the tip of his tail. >> reporter: she rushed him to the er but he died in surgery. >> he was my did everything with me. slept on my bed. >> reporter: weeks later the kennel owner was arrested for animal cruelty. authorities say his own dog attacked the golden doodle, and on tuesday town officials shut down the kennel and will now decide what happens to the dog that attacked. >> it's a huge loss to our family. >> reporter: the owner here has a summons to appear in court. he's also scheduled to appear
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dog and his business. julie loncich, wbz news. >. thank you. tonight a teaching assistant is accused of raping a special needs student. prosecutors say steven mcdonald sexually assaulted a 16-year- old with a disability inside the high school, and then threatened the boy to try to keep him quiet. >> the defendant would offer the victim candy on occasion in order to lure him into the the defendant continuously threatened to go to the victim's home and threaten to kill his mother. >> mcdonald was released without bail, ordered to wear a gps monitor and stay away from minors. a sex offender is accused of talking a woman and sexually assaulting her. police say he broke into the home before aat thatting and left his -- attack and left his dna on a window.
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donald trump sparking new controversy with comments about hillary clinton and the second amendment. critics say he was encouraging violence, while trump insists it was a call to mobilize voters. kate merrill system live in the satellite -- is live in the satellite center. >> donald trump was trying the get back on track after falling poll numbers, but a fire storm over something he says that democrats say was a threat. >> essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if pick, if she gets to pick her judge, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people, maybe they will. >> reporter: it was an off script moment when donald trump suggested the only way to stop hillary clinton is through gun rights supporters taking action. what kind of action? that was not clear, but the clinton camp wasn't waiting for an explanation putting out this statement saying this is
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president of the united states shouldn't suggest violence in any way, but soon after the trump camp said he meant the power of the vote, nothing more. >> we're talking about the power of the people in favor of the second amendment, and they have tremendous political power, and i think they're really strong and united. >> reporter: it comes the same day as many republicans are distancing themselves from trump. senator susan collins saying self-restatement, and his barrage of comments would make a perilous world even more so. senator elizabeth warren led the charge on twitter tweeting trump makes death threats because he's a pathetic coward that can't handle the fact he's losing to a girl. >> the national rifle association came to trump's defense and said he was right
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kate merrill. she's big, hungry and putting on a show underwater. >> when we come back, the state's top researcher shot rare footage of an 11-foot great white. a wrong way driver crashing into several cars on the pike. you'll hear from the couple close to being victims. and celebrating this video, more on this coming up. and if you're not a fan of the comfortable the next several days. the dewpoints going up, and it's going to be sticky through the weekend. how hot it's going to be, and how long it goes down coming up when we come back. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c.
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with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. state police are investigating why a driver was going to wrong way on the mass pike and crashed head on into two other vehicles. the 28-year-old driver was killed. the rutland man was headed east in the westbound lane.
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were injured. jim and donna barely avoided the wrong way >> then i just swerved, sharply, cut across two lanes. thankfully there was nobody else on the pike with us at the time. and zoom, he goes shooting by. >> it didn't really register until it went by, and then it was like oh my gosh he's going the wrong way, like on the mass pike! >> shut down the mass pike for hours. now our team looked at what can way crashes back in february, and discovered four years ago federal transportation officials recommended lowering wrong way and do not enter signs to make them easier to be seen at night, but as of february it was still in progress, and we reached out to the state for an update, but haven't heard back. rhode island installed a system that immediately notifies police when there's a wrong way driver, but massachusetts
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too expensive. and an extraordinary effort to rescue a gray seal tangled in a fishing net. researchers shot the seal with a sedation dart equipped with a tracking device. once the drug took effect they pulled the seal on board, sped to shore, removed the netting, and checked it out to make sure she was okay. it was they said she's just fine, and put her back in the water. it's the first time researchers have been able to use this technique on the east coast. this sole however was not so -- seal however was not so lucky, but we're fortunate to have this new footage. this is rare underwater video from yesterday. this 11-foot female is not one of the ones they've tagged, but
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c.o.d. a year ago -- cod, a year ago she got the name mrs. crabs. >> it's unusual to see that video. >> it's phenomenal, and they're seeing a number of them they were able to tag a couple of years ago come back. >> all the seals. >> now we know why. >> and warmth is on the way. >> and storms outside there too as well. >> yes, tomorrow we're talking about downpours there are going to be fiorina of the dust tomorrow -- phoenix of the dust storm earlier today. visibility down to near 0. very quickly, 40 miles per hour gust windshield this storm that came -- gusts with this storm that came through. impressive video there. we tend to see it this time of year as the thunderstorms kick the storms up. here at home we have several chances of rain over the next several days. it goes up tomorrow, down thursday, and back up for the
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alleviate the drought conditions in southern new england, and we'll talk more about that in a second. 76 in boston right now. same in lawrence. 75 in manchester. 70 in worcester. and these aren't the temperature, these with the dewpoints, measuring the amount of moisture, so when you get into the low 70s like pittsburgh right now, baltimore, richmond, v this is a tropical air mass moving in, and coming here tomorrow so if you don't like the sticky air you'll be pretty uncomfortable tomorrow. with the humidity look at what's happening. downpour, showers, moisture working our direction, that will spread over new england during the day tomorrow. high temperatures, low 80s. not as hot as today. 90s in several communities. that's normal this time of the year. 81 for a high in boston
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sticky. the morning commute starts dry, and with some sunshine, so grab the shades heading out the door, but by midday clouds in here, and so is some of the rain along and north of the pike for the most part. take it out through mid afternoon, look at the deep reds indicating some real heavy downpours. embedded thunder possible, but not anticipating any severe weather with the storm that is come through. maybe some brief lightning in e then just a couple of showers left by 8:00, 9:00. a lot of the action across connecticut at that point. what i want to focus on on this map, not the exact numbers of placement, but the overall trend, the variability in the rain fall amounts tomorrow. one city or town could get a tenth or two of rain, and if you're under the downpours you could get over an inch in some spot, so it depends on where they set up.
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downpours. then by thursday it's all about the heat. check out the highs. 98 in bedford! the forecast high on thursday. many of us well into the 90s. then you factor in the humidity on top of that. check out these real feel forecasts for thursday. over 100 degrees. this is dangerous heat. i wouldn't be surprised if the national weather service issued a heat advisory for thursday. we'll keep you posted, and it's going to be a steamy on the pats first pre-season game. cooling off into the 80s. still going to be really sticky. no threat for storms. friday some pop up thunderstorms, but that risk stays with us through the weekend, along with the heat. we cool off a bit monday, but still showers and storms around. and we have bad news for patriots fans. >> key players injured. how seriously. steve burton has the answer up
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evil empire in town the next few days. >> yes, that's hope it all goes this well. >> yes, sox and yankees and a- rod, or no a-rod. he didn't start and may not start tomorrow either. they are anticipating thursday,
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game wasn't dull at all, but a- rod just watched. out with the old and in with the new. andrew is having quite the start to his career, and in the fifth inning he got one of his three hits on the right. an rbi double that gave the sox a 3-2 lead. he slams on the brakes, but the umps talk it over and decide it's his first major league run. but then three review it, double. no home run. and that was a big moment. chase headily, but bradley is thinking not. he's out at 3rd. exchanging words. nothing comes of it. kimbrell walked four in the ninth, the sox hang on to win
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he was examined by mets and told -- emts and told the take the night off. >> and the patriots practiced with the saints today, but rod is injured. he told his muscle, but not the tendon, and that's important because instead of being out for the season he could be back in four to six as well after a scare with what looked to be his foot, but at this point it's not serious. he just came off the pup list sunday, but yet to participate in a full practice. >> you know, just, unmatched toughness. unmatched level of competitiveness, and you know, there's not a lot of guys like julian in the league, and
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this football team, so, you know, i don't know what's going on, but obviously we're hoping for the best. >> pats open the pre-season thursday night and kick things off at 7:00 with pre-game, and then the game starts at 7:30. you can see it all here on within the meaning of welcome back. the patriot -- wbz. the patriots coaches wore a usa church to honor rugby team. they easily won, and the team back home is in full support. >> and the revolution playing the chicago fire, and they got a 2-1 lead with this goal, so they'll face the winner of dallas and la. that's sports for now, guys.
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handed. >> and we have the video to prove it. coming up next the kodak moment that will keep a tourist from ever using her ipad as a camera
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schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. this thief didn't even try to avoid the camera. in fact they went after it with a whole crowd watching at sea world in orlando. >> a woman trying to take a
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ipad getting too close. snatched the twice right out of her hands, but she got it back, and backed up and yeah, didn't try to take anymore pictures. no word yet if it's working. a lot of water damage. >> that teaches you to just experience it live. >> that's right, the dolphin said hey, pay attention! >> up next dallas will update -- we're updating the forecast.
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so hot right out of the gate tomorrow? >> yeah, probably [ laughter ] >> it's going to be really sticky for the next several day, so starting tomorrow through the weekend. tomorrow is going to be like low to mid-80s, then bump up the heat. thursday 96, then add in the humidity it's going to feel close to 100 for several days. >> >. snow cone weather.
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>> yeah, probably thursday. >> thanks for joining us tonight, we'll see you tomorrow. >> two minutes, stephen. >> stephen: thanks, mark. ( laughter ) ( popping sound ) ( laughter ) ( popping sound ) ? ? ? >> tonight, stephen welcomes uzo aduba. astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson. and a musical performance by adia victoria. featuring jon batiste and stay


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