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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. right now at 4:30 a man accused of a brutal crime spree in worcester is due in court on charges of rape robbery and that's not all. >> a kennel shut down the owner facing animal cruelty charges. what a woman says happened there that led to her dog's death. >> and a somber vij nil remembrance of murdered in princeton mass as police launch a new hotline and plead with the public for more tips in the case. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning to you it's 4:30. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon. thanks for joining us on this wednesday august 10. barry burbank is in this morning. we have changing weather. >> it feels more humid than the
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and everybody. it's right around 70 in boston right now. upper 60s in most of the suburbs. and it's partly cloudy a few spots maybe mostly cloddy in a few places may have scattered clouds but the clouds will be rolling in. see where they are coming from from new york state where there's numerous showers and there's a lot of lightning. tremendous amounts near rochester new york and that's heading our way. so that's in our forecast. calling for temperatures going up to the 80 to by noontime but there will be showers and storms by late this morning and then they will become more scattered getting deeper into the afternoon. 82 to 84 for highs and humid. not too much wind. lots of heat is coming the rest of the week. the rest of my forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks so much barry we appreciate it. we are following a developing story for you. a worcester man is facing charges of kidnap, rape and robbery and more.
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35-year-old antonio damon was arrested here at a business on denny street last night. police say he was in the process of robbing the police and i think he is the man who raped a woman on main street stole a car with another woman in an assaulted her as well. he will be in court today. a kennel forced to shut down. the owner charged after a family's pet died. traces of -- she picked up her dog at the kenn place she used several times before and says ben was covered in bites and bruises and near death. she rushed him to the er but the 3-year-old golden doodle died after surgery. >> i had no idea how horribly mauled he was until they shaved his body. he was bitten from the top of his head to the bottom a of his tail. >> yesterday town official shut down the kennel. the owner david ricardo is
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he will be summoned to court and have to meet with town officials to discuss the future of the business. animal control officers will decide what happens to his doggrizzly. red line services back tonormal after a scare on the tracks. services was suspend last night. mbta transit police say a person who needed medical assistance had to be taken off the trac hospital. the condition has not been released. police are getting dozens of tips in the murder of a jogger in princeton but they are asking for more. have a nighsa mar-- vanessa marcotte killer is still elude police. >> reporter: as bells toll a small town gathered still stunned by the evil that it
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of the day and anally the biggest concern is is a dog will chase you. >> reporter: vanessa marcotte visiting her mom was brutally murdered during a sunday afternoon jog here. just teen was a high school friend. >> just knowing that -- justine was a high school friend. >> just knowing it can can happen any time is upsetting. >> reporter: sours say her nudebody was burned in an apparent effort to conceal evidence. authorities say they received mo more. >> we are approaching this from every angle and we don't know if it was a random act. we can't speak to that right now. again we are asking the citizens of princeton to use an abundance of caution. >> reporter: cameras not pro permitted they lit candles and sang and prayed. few could make any sense of a nightmare. >> she was in new york and came to princeton and it happened it doesn't happen in princeton.
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town folks spilled from the church they wondered if it was a evil opportunist passing through or someone who lives among them. >> it feels like someone who thought it out. >> reporter: the da was asked about two incidents back in june where female joggers fought off attackers in northboro and westboro and is not ruling any connection in or out. autopsy is done but the da was sharing no results from it. in princeton ken wbz. >> local investigators are not ruling out a connection between her murderer and the killing of a jogger in new york city. karenna vetrano's body was found and her father reported her missing when she didn't return home from run. investigators say the cases are similar. police have no suspects in the murder. police want to hear from anyone who may have information about her death. you can reman anonymous and the
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anonmounce. police investigate -- anonymous. police are investigating why a driver was going the wrong way on mass pike. the 28-year-old died when he crashed head on into two other vehicles yesterday. three people in the cars he hit were injured. the i-team looked at what can be done to prevent wrong- way crashes in february. they discovered federal transportation officials recommended lowering wrong way and do not enter signs to make them easier to we reached out to the state for an update with you have not heard back. rhode island installed u a sensor system that notified police of a wrong way driver by massachusetts didn't buy it because it was too expensive. now to campaign 2016. donald trump facing criticism for making what some view as an assassination attempt. he trails clintons in the polls
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party. brian webb has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump is trying to suppress the latest controversy that erupted moments after he said this. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. hillary wants to take your guns away and live you unprotect in your home. that is tremendous political movement. >> reporter: the endorsed trump agreed with the explanation. democrats sided with the clinton campaign who called the remarks dangerous. former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords who was shot in the head during a mass shooting tweeted, we must draw a line between political speech and suggestions of violence. connecticut senator chris murphy tweeted don't treat this as a political misstep. it's an assassination threat. house speaker paul ryan who
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tuesday also spoke out. >> it sounds like a joke gone bad. you should never joke about something like that. >> reporter: trump has been under fire for members of hisparty to stick to message. yesterday he took aim at the media for allegedly ignoring the presence of orlando shooter omar mateen's father at one of clinton's rallies this week. >> if that were me it would be a headline all over the world. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has since disavowed mateen's support and says he brian webb for cbs news. maryland hospital shut down after three babies in the neo native intensive care unit tested poise tar to potentially dangerous bacteria. 9 patients have been transferred to other-- positive for a potentially dangerous bacteria. 9 patients have been transferreded to other hospitals. it was only found in the nicu. a proposed program to tax massachusetts drivers based on
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be moving forward. governor baker is planning to veto the program that would have been an all tern to the -- alternative to the state gasoline tax which helps to pay for repairs for roads and bridges. >> coming up this morning a. change coming to uber. >> the new feature rolling out in boston but there are some restrictions. >> also ahead, some good news to share this morning about maverick the dog who was forced to chew off part of its own paw. >> and a bobblehead blunder. the red sox canceling a papi promotion. the issue and how the team is
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welcome back. uber is making it easier to plan trips with the car hire according to the globe they areexpanding the scheduled ride service. the future allows you to seat pick up time up to 30 days in advance. for now it's only available to business customers. it's 4:42 and in today's money watch lyft using a new perk to compete with uber and cool technology is coming to music festivals. >> and facebook users won't be happy with the new program. hena daniels is live with those stories and more in today's money watch.
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facebook the world's biggest social media company is blocking oohed blockers on the desk -- ad blockers on the desk top version. relevant ads can be useful. it filters ads that refuses display images that originate waited known server. ride sharing and coffee could go hand in hand. lyft will sell 20 dollar gift cards at starbucks locations. the cards come with a bonus. they say it will help gain market share and compete with uber. on the -- almond milk is coming to starbucks. customers petitioned for more nondairy options. it was created for the chain. almond milk gets frosty and foam up when steamed. starbucks will offer it next month. and summer is music festival season but cash at the venues is no longer king.
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they are rolling out wrist bands for cashless payments the same technology at disneyland. they act as entry passes but let visitors pay for food drinks and merchandise. chris and kathryn. >> dangerous. are you kidding me if i could pay with anything with a wrist band i would be broke. >> thanks hena we will talk to you next hour. >> think about it when you have to pull t wove changes to talk about -- we have changes to talk about with the weather humidity is ticking up. >> it's already doing so. hi. and it's already higher than it was yesterday at -- time. it will go higher and higher before we get through with this stretch. we want to look at the number 90 degree days in boston and we
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because yesterday pepperral got the 26th day, 26th day this summer of over 90 degrees. that's horrible. i condition that -- consider that horrible and i am sure the people out there think the same way because it's been a long stretch of really hot weather way, way above average. but along the coast it's been-- we have had the nice sea breezes and a lot of the hot days we have had have not been all that humid we have had some but not everyone has been very humid. we have had nice as well but going back to 2010 we have had 25. we will add a few more 90 degree days before we are through this with -- through with this summer. there's a light breeze and it's not going to be too much wind initially this morning but we will see more and more winds starting to pick up so we have temperatures now which are in the 60s for the most part and not as cool as yesterday. partly cloudy skies in places. overcast in some others and scattered clouds in few spots where temperatures were down in the 50s.
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and mid-60s on the new england south coast. but that higher humidity will come up from the southwest. you can see where it's coming from. the dew point is 73 in baltimore and 71 in new york and 71 in buffalo. that's oppressive and that's what's coming our way. humidity will rise as the day goes along. it's not going to be a beach day. not one so it's not a great day for the beach. the clouds thicken and darken up and sky starts to produce rain by late -- afternoon and showers will cross the region late this morning and afternoon. there will be scattered downpours, a possible -- possible thunder and lightning is going on in western new york state. we have to expect lied ening here and over-- expect lightning here too. we could see areas of fog. this evening for the game, there shouldn't be rain for the game tonight. should be warm and humid around
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night. it's first pitch temperatures will start around 90 degrees. look at temperatures tomorrow. well into the 90s. and because of the humidity being so high it will feel like 100 to 102 and national weather service has a heat advisory up for tomorrow from noon to 7:00 in portions of eastern massachusetts. more on that coming up this morning. afternoon storms likely here friday and saturday especially north of us to boston and there you go, we have got 3 or 4 days in a row turning cooler on sunday afternoon when the front comes down from the north and fall into the 70s by sunday afternoon. that's it. kathryn. >> thanks so much barry a lot to keep an eye on. a strike out for a red sox promotion. team management pulling a david ortiz bobblehead. they thought it appeared racially insensitive. >> they are trying to make things right with disappointed fans. we have the story from fenway.
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sox versus yankees but it was about more than the game. it was supposed to be david ortiz bobblehead night. instead, the give away was canceled. >> disappointed but i know they will make good. >> reporter: here's the bobblehead in question the likeet inness red sox say is unacceptable and not appropriate. >> they probably made the right move. >> reporter: you think that could be construed as offense knife i do. >> reporter: is that offensive to you. >> not to me i was people a bobblehead. >> they probably made a mistake at the plant when they made them. >> reporter: the company that manufactured the bobblehead says we value our decades long relationship with the red sox organization and its decision to postpone tuesday's david ortiz bobblehead give away. we are currently working closely with the red sox to to ensure the team and fans receive a quality product. the sox say all fans who had
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different ortiz bobblehead. >> that's relevant the one i sought didn't have the white lips like that. >> it's just a shame because i feel like they had time sometime to plan it out so feels like down the line someone dropped the ball. >> reporter: so as we said no shortage of opinion here at fenway park last night. once again the red sox saying all ticketed fans for the game will get the bobblehead at a later date. at fenway jim smith wbz this morning. a happy update fo who chewed off part of his foot to free himself from a tether. maverick has been adopted. mspca shared the photos of maverick settling into the new home. the former owner is due in court next week. glad to see maverick. >> i know. happy to see that. ahead, the tv commentator facing a lawsuit over his reporting of the boston marathon bombing. >> also coming up a. new crackdown on the roads from
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on the death of a boy on water slide. what previous slide he -- riders are saying as the water
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ticks are out in mass. so check yourself, your kids, and your pets anytime you've been outdoors. check everywhere -- in your hair, under your arms, and between your toes. ck, remove it as soon as you can. use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick close to the skin. use firm, even pressure pulling straight up, without twisting or turning. then clean the bite area and your hands with soap and water. some tick bites can make you sick. so if you start to feel ill or notice a rash near the bite,
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it's 4:5 #. a worcester man is due in court -- #:52. a wore -- 4:52. a worcester man is due in court. he was arrested here at a business on denny street last night.
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the place and they believe he heraped a woman on main street and stole another car with a woman in it and assaulted her as well. a kennel shut down in hanover and owner faces animal cruelty charges after a family's pet died. a woman says her 3-year-old golden doodle named ben died one day after picking him up from the brierwood kennel and says he was covered in bites and bruises. authorities say ben was attacked by the kennel owner's dog grizzly and animal control officers will decide what happs kennel -- grizzly while the kennel owner is summoned to court. a former mauled malden high school teach are assistant accused of raping a student has been release on his own recould go sans. he is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old with a disabled and threatened the boy to keep him quiet. >> he would offer him candy to
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to the victim's home and kill his mother. >> the 46-year-old pleaded not guilty. he has been ordered to stay away from minors. conservative talk show hort glen beck ordered to reveal sours on two sources that gave him information on the boston marathon bombings. police cleared a one man of a connection. >>e a 10-year-old boy was killed will reopen but the ride where he died will remain closed for the season. the son of a kansas state lawmaker died from a neck injury on sunday. at least two people who rode the same water slide in the last year say their nylon shoulder straps came loose during the ride. one said he told workers about the loose strap and police have not released details on how
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over. police are cracking down especially in work zones. this summer there were five work zone zones on massachusetts roads. police say all involved alcohol. now the state is funding radio and tv ads that will air through labor day weekend to use a designated driver, slow down and follow all road signs. a thief robbed a boys and girls club in nashua and this morning detectives are asking for your help. look at surveillance pictures. the suspect is described as a white teenage male of average he and he was wearing large headphones with glasses on his head. alex rodriguez is making his phenyl appearance at fenway park as the sluger is set to retire on friday. a-rod sat this game out but he is expected to dh on thursday. phenyl game of the road trip andrew hit this deep to centerfield. it's called a home run. but the umpires take back what would have been his first of his career.
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by a final score of 5-3. see you later evil umpire. it's 4:56. coming up, saved at sea. >> the tangled seal rescued off the coastch the technique local rescuers used for the very
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welcome back. an extraordinary effort to rescue a gray seal tangled in a
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researchers they shot the seal with the sedation dart equipped are tracking device. once the drug took effect crews pulled the seal onshore remove the netting and checked out the 220 pound female. she is doing just fine. she was released back into the wild. it's the first time researchers have used the technique on the east coast. they saved the seal. >> saved seal. there she goes. >> back into the water. >> oh what. your top stories traffic and weather ahead morning. >> the news at 5 starts right now. develop right-- developing right now at 5, a man heading to court charged in a crime spree in worcester. the charges police say he he racked up in less than an hour. >> friend and family remember a jogger killed in princeton and this morning dozens of tips are pouring in as police search for the killer. >> a local kennel shut down. why the owner is facing animal
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studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 5:00 thanks for joining us. i am chris mckin canon. >> i am kathryn hauser. it's wednesday, august 16th barry-- >> no it's the 10. >> i am sorry the 10th. it's the 10th of august. i am getting ahead of myself. barry burbank is here for danielle nice with -- niles with a check of the forecast. barry take it away. >> she nt questioning as i do. dancing through time. here -- quick as i do. dancing through time. it's in the upper 6 0es in um -- 60s in many of thsuburbs. look what we have on the radarthere's been a lot of lightning near syracuse and points south and the showers will go into central and southern new england as the morning goes along. by late morning we will have the rain here. here's forecast. we have got temperatures in the- - here's the forecast.


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