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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. >> good morning it's 5:00 thanks for joining us. i am chris mckin canon. >> i am kathryn hauser. it's wednesday, august 16th barry-- >> no it's the 10. >> i am sorry the 10th. it's the 10th of august. i am getting ahead of myself. barry burbank is here for danielle nice with -- niles with a check of the forecast. barry take it away. >> she nt questioning as i do. dancing through time. here -- quick as i do. dancing through time. it's in the upper 6 0es in um -- 60s in many of thsuburbs. look what we have on the radarthere's been a lot of lightning near syracuse and points south and the showers will go into central and southern new england as the morning goes along. by late morning we will have the rain here. here's forecast. we have got temperatures in the- - here's the forecast.
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70s deeper into the morning rush. 80 to 82 by midday but late morning early this afternoon showers and downpours in scattered shots but they become more scattered by later this afternoon. there shouldn't be any rain around for the game at fenway park this evening. high temperatures today around 82 to 84. traffic and weather together good morning breana. >> reporter: good morning. traffic on this august 10th is looking wonderful. looking live at the zakim bridge and the leverett connector you can cruise into this hour. further sowed south the ride from route 3 no problem and the split is in -- south, the ride from route 3 has no problemsch no problems from the north shore and no delays on the t or commuter rail. >> thanks so much. we begin with a developing story this morning a worcester man facing charges of kidnapping rape and robbery in what police are calling a crime spree. >> the suspect will head to
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in worcester with the details. >> reporter: in less than one hour police say one man committed a slew of crimes from robbery to rape. he -- it all ended at the conditiony's street location. you can -- denny's street location. you can see the video. this is where police caught up with him and took him into custody. it was after the first call which came in around 5:15 yesterday evening. a woman reported she was raped at knife point at her office building. about 15 minutes later, another call of a carjacking. that victim was on the phone with her boyfriend at the time she says she was forced into her own vehicle sexually assaulted and made to drive. that vehicle was involved in a hit-and-run before the victim was able to escape that car. the suspect ran off as well to the denny's street location where police say he barged his way in through a locked door andsent some people inside run together bathroom for safety.
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responded. and they took antonio damon into custody e was arrested -- he was arrested and is expected to be arraigned here in worcester on all of these charges, a lot of charges he he face this is morning. and -- he face this is morning and we will have -- he he faces this morning and we will have the a-- he faces this morning and we will have the arraignment when it happens. a kennel forced to shut down. own aer charged after a family's ped -- the owner died. she picked up her dog at the brierwood kennel and says he was covered in bites and bruises and rushed him to the er but he died after surgery. >> i had no idea how horribly mauled he was until they shaved his little body. he had been bitten from the top of his head to the bottom of his tail. >> yesterday town officials
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the owner david ricardo faces animal cruelty charges. authorities say ricardo's own dog grizzly attacked ben. he will be summoned to court and have to meet with town officials next monday to discuss the future of his business. animal control officers will decide what happens to his dog grizzly. red line service back to normal this morning after a scare on the tracks. service was suspended between jfk umass and harvard stations last night. mbta transit police say a assistance was taken off the tracks at park street. the victim's condition has not been released. police are getting hundreds of stipes in the -- tips in the murder of a jogger in princeton but are asking for more as they search for the killer. this as the community comes together to remember vanessa marcot-te. anna meiler -- marcotte. >> reporter: fer family did not attend the vigil at the first congregational church but dozens of community members
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during this time of sadness and fear. community members come together to light candle and sing songs in memory of vanessa marcotte. >> she was so smart and such a good person. >> i think people that live in the community feel the loss of the family and it's just so tragic it's surreal. >> reporter: officials have received hundreds off tips. provided us coming in information with regards to this case. >> reporter: but they are pleading with the public for more. hoping to bring the killer to justice. the 27-year-old body was discovered sunday a half mile from her mother's house. ed wooded crime scene is back opened but charred debris is left behind. sources say her body was found naked and burned. >> we don't know if it was a random act we can't speak to that. we are asking the citizens of
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leaning on each other during the time of fear. >> you can't feel safe and just knowing that it can happen to anybody at any time is really just upset. >> reporter: and confusion. >> this is just unheard of. it doesn't happen in princeton. very, very disturbing. >> reporter: community members say they are continuing to be extra cautious by not walk or jogging alone. yesterday, the da was asked if there could be any when joggers fought off attackers in northboro and westboro and the da says he is not ruling anything out. reporting live, anna meiler wbz this morning. now back to you. >> thank you. local investigators say they are not ruling out a connection between vanessa marcotte's murder he and the killing of a jogger in new york. 30-year-old karenna vet rano's body was found. her father reported her missing
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police have no suspects in vetrano's murder. police want to hear from anyone who may have information about the death of vanessa marcotte. the tip line is 508-453-7589. now to campaign 2016, and donald trump is in hot water yet again. this time for making what some view as an assassination threat against hillary clinton. it comes as trump continues to trail clinton in the poll and lose support brian webb has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump is trying to suppress the latest controversy that erupted moments after he said this about the right to bear arms. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is i don't know. hillary wants to take your guns away and leave you unprotected in your home. this is a tremendous political movement. there could be no other
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endorsed trump agreed with the explanation. many democrats sided with the clinton campaign who called the remarks dangerous. former arizona coon greswoman gabby giffords who was shot in the head during a mass shooting tweeted, we must draw a line between political speech and suggestion of violence. connecticut senator chris murphy tweeted don't treat this as a -- tweeted don't treat this as a political misstep it's a state's primary tuesday also spoke out. >> it sound like a joke gone bad and you should never joke with something like that. >> reporter: trump has been under fire for members of his party to stick to message. yesterday, he took aim at the media for allegedly ignoring the presence of orlando shooter omar mateen's father at one of clinton's rallies this week. >> if that were me it would be a headline all over the world. >> reporter: the clinton campaign has since disavowed
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was not an invited guest. brian webb for cbs thews. a proposed program to tax massachusetts -- news. a proposed program to tax massachusetts drivers on how many miles they drive won't move forward. the govern is planning to see wrote -- veto the plan which would have been a alternative to the gasoline tax. we begin with the golden girls of gymnastics. aly raisman and her teammates th competition. then revealed the team nickname the final 5. next up for aly and simone biles the individual all around. and michael phelps ferraroly wins the gold in the 200 meter butterfly. a race he finished second at back in london. the win gave him the 20th gold and then later he added the 21st anchoring the u.s. team to
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usa. not to be outdone katy -- katie ledecky winning the 200 meter free style trying to become the second woman to win the three longest free style events as a single olympics cement won the 2 and 400 titles -- she already won the 200 and 400 titles. here are the medal counts. u.s. lead with 26 overall including 9 golds. followed by china and then japan. >> we are cleaning far oso good. keep it -- so far so good. keep it going. a change for uber. >> the new feature rolling out in boston but it's not for everyone. >> and no more taig your coffee to go. the state thinking about a ban of drinking coffee behind wheel. we will explain -- more taking your coffee to go. the state thinking about a banof drivenning coffee behind the wheel. >> the west coast will be around 70s near the water.
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before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. he is right under the boat oh my gosh. >> oh my gosh. >> wow. check that out. some boaters about two miles south of nantucket shot this
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jack murdock sent this to the atlantic white shark conservancy you can clearly hear the surprise and probably fear in their voices. >> i think the reaction was on point there. we have another close up to show you. check this out a shot of a great white peeking out of the waters taken during a research trip on monday by the atlantic white shark conservancy captain john jay king. >> he is eating something. >> can you imagine that close? >> no. >> freaked me out watching video. >> not cool. actually cool. >> let's get a check of the forecast. maybe you want to keep the umbrella handy today barry. >> can you imagine that? >> that's what i am saying. >> can you imagine that after all the days without any rain you might need the umbrella today because rain is on the way and plenty of hot weather to follow too. we have had 13 days over 90 in boston and several more before this summer is over. probably not manufacturing the
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back in 2010 but certainly up to what we had in 2013. i expect 20 to 22 days. so we have a ways to go. someplaces have had more than 2 dozen dies over 90s. and there are a couple pockets where the sky mostly clear and radiation cooling is taking place. portland maine 58 and norwood massachusetts only 59. but it's 70 in boston. most of the area is in the 60s to near 70 and humidity is star tropical yet. the dew points are higher than yesterday when we were in the mid-50s and now they are close to 60. starting to feel humidity at little bit of the farther south in southern nineland dew points in the mid -- new england few dew points in the mid-60s. much of the time for late today and for next several days that's what we will have, sticky stuff on the way. high temperatures today mostly
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may make it to 84. a breeze out of the south southwest and may take up to 10 to 20 miles an hour. not a beach day or boating day hike so many recently. so be careful -- like so many recently. so be careful. showers and a few thunderstorms coming in here and clouding over even though a few spots may have sunshine first thing this morning. but there shouldn't be any rain around fenway park for the game against the yankees. around 77 warm and very muggy and hot and sticky tomorrow night for the 7:10 first that time. you can see mostly all well into the 90s tomorrow except 80s along the new england south coast with the breeze from the south. because it's that hot with the excessive humidity it will feel like around 100 to 102 in some spots. so right in here, just west of boston, there's a corridor where the national weather service feels a heat advisory is necessary so they have that up for tomorrow from noon to 7:00 right in the zones right
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heat which may cause heat illnesses if you get he ebb seesive heat coming up like that. bear that in mind for tomorrow and watch the 7-day accu- weather forecast. showers and storms coming in later this morning and becoming more scattered hate they are afternoon. heat advisory for tomorrow and thunderstorms more present lent on friday and saturday -- prevalent on friday and saturday. we will watch for the traffic now with breana. >> repr: expressway at columbia road. this is one of the first spots to get busy on the commute. getting to this point is still easy. hopping on 24 north from brockton or randolph, smooth sailing to 128. route 3 north is a breeze. to the west, route 9, 16 and pike are good options for getting into downtown this morning. and if you take the t or commuter rail to work all trains are running on time as of now.
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dangerous and illegal almost every where but in new jersey they are going a step further a proposal making the rounds would ban doing anything but focusing on the roads and that includes get this eating or drinking behind the wheel. the sponsor says you see in some -- he has seen crazy behavior on roads and wants to give police more tools to keep it under control. now under the proposal, drivers could be fined 200 to $400 for the first offe driving. iewber is making it easier -- uber is making it ease year to plan trips with scheduling services. it allows you to schedule pick up time up to 30 days in advance but is only available to business customers. new technology in massachusetts being created that could improve renewable energy. it's called an underwaterture
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two oscillating blades use current to create electricity and renewable energy. it's environmentally friendly causing no underwater impact in testing so far. >> we are finally at a stage where we are using technology advances to actually turn that fluid power into useful electricity. >> the wings it move slower than those on meaning less wear and tear and less of a chance to replace them. >> very cool. it's 5:19 right now. up next, some bad news for the pats. >> two key players hurt at training camp. a closer look at how serious the injuries are. >> plus, a-rod watches as the red sox and yankees face-off at fenway. steve he burton has highlights -- steve burton has highlights
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wbz sports is bmw. test drive a bmw today as your massachusetts bmw center or visit bmw >> the pats cheering on a teammates in rio. >> and the sox taking on the yankees at fenway. steve burton has it all in the morning sports. >> good morning. sox and yankees and a-rod or no a-rod he didn't play. may not play tonight either. they anticipate tomorrow the final game at fenway park but
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so a-rod watched. out with the old and in with the new. and andrew had quite a start and in the 5th inning he got one the three hits on the night a rbi double that gave sox 3-2 lead. umps talk it over and decide that's the first major league home run. family loves it but new york reviews it. and it's a double. no home run. another big night for the youngster. look to go to 11-0 and this was a big moment. leading off in the 7th is thinking trim and yaky bradley junior thinking not. and they exchange words and nothing comes of it. walking in 4 in the 9th and sox win hang onto win by 5-3. and for former red sox and current indian manager who missed the game with chest pains and complained before the game
5:24 am
by the emts and told to take the night off. he didn't go to the hospital and we hope he is okay. pay the-- patriots joined practice with the saints. and rob injured to what extent is not known. he tore his tri-cell mustel but not the tendon. that's important us that about a means instead of being out for the season he could be back in 4 to 6 weeks as for edelman a scare out of him as well. he left the field after what appeared to be something related to his surgically repaired left foot. the hope is that it's not serious. he has yet to participate in full practice. matthew slater says his teammate is one of a kind. >> you know just unmatched toughness unmatched level of competitiveness and you know, there's not a lot of guys like him in the league. and there certainly is no one like him on the football team
5:25 am
hoping for the best. >> get him healthy. pats open up free season tomorrow night and kick off with game day at 7. pats and saints underway at 7:30 followed by the post game show. see it here on wbz. patriots coaches wore a usa shirt in honor of nate competing in the olympics on team usa rugby team who beat brazil and he was factor scoring the first olympic try in the team back home is in the chicago fire out in gillette and u.s. open cup semifinals and a the goal. they will face the winner of the galaxy and fc dallas in the finals. that is sports for now of the i am steve burton. now over to you -- for now. i am steve burton. now over to you. a head scratcher at fenway.
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papi souvenirs. why they canceled the give away hours before the game. >> and babies evacuated from a maryland intensive care unit. the deadly outbreak and precautions being taken right now. good morning barry. >> good morning. i expect rain for today. model is expecting more than a half inch of rain. i will have my thoughts and what i think will fall here in terms of rain. we will get some rain out of this but i will let you know how much with the forecast.
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developing news right now
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brutal crime spree in worcester. charges police say he racked upin less than an hour. >> a local kennel shut down. the owner facing animal cruelty charges. why one woman says he is responsible for the death of her dog. >> controversy at fenway. red sox are sending back thousands of big papi bobblehead. >> this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you wednesday august 10. barry burbank is in for danielle. rain is on the way. >> can you believe it. >> much needed. >> we will believe it when we see it. anyway that's the way it is because most systems have been failing in drought conditions like we have been having in our- - and are still experiencing but i think this time many areas will get rain out of this. so good morning kathryn and chris and everybody as we have in boston 70 right now.
5:31 am
the rain in new york state and it's a lot of lightning near and south of syracuse. so, this is going to bend into central and southern now england. that's in my forecast and the rain will be arriving here by late this morning. the reason we may see sunshine in spots and start off is not going to last that long. it will cloud over but will washing up inspied of the clouts and -- in spite of the clouds and rain moving in over 80 this afternoon as we try to brighten up. rain more showery and scattered in nature later hopefully we get worthwhile rain for this day a lot of heat to follow. traffic and weather together, good morning breana. >> reporter: it's a pretty ride by gas tank. catch the sunrise and traffic that's not too bad. your drive time from the braintree split to the downtown and pike exits is a quick 10 minutes. you will hit a snarl on 59 north in newton happening at -- 95 north in newton happening at exit 22. right lane and breakdown lanes are closed because of a
5:32 am
reopen. t be a commuter rails are running on -- and commuter rails are running on time. a worcester man is due in court today to face multiple charges including kidnapping, rape and robbery. 35-year-old antonio damon was arrested at a business on denny street last night. police say he was in the process of robbing the place and they believe he is the same man who raped a woman on main street. stole a car with another woman in it and assaulted her as well. police sa less than an hour. a kennel owner is facing charges after a family's pet died. tracy picked up her golden doodle ben last month at the brierwood kennel in hanover and says ben was covered in bites and bruises. and the three-year-old golden doodle died after he was rushed into surgery. yesterday, town officials shut down the kennel and charged the owner david ricardo. authorities say ricardo's own dog may have attacked ben. state police are
5:33 am
going the wrong way down the mass pike and crashed head on into two other vehicles. the 28-year-old driver was killed. that rutland man was heading east in the westbound lanes andn westboro before midnight monday night. three people in the cars he hit were injured. the crash shut down the pike for hours. the i-team looked into what can be done to prevent wrong way crashes in february and discovered four years ago federal transportation officials recommended lowering wrong way s enter signs to make them easier to see at night. but as of february, those projects were still under -- in progress and we reached out to the state for an update and have not heard back. rhode island has sensor system notifying police of wrong way drivers but massachusetts didn't buy it because it was too expensive. state troopers say the man believed to have stolen a police cruiser is now undergoing a mental health evaluation of the investigators
5:34 am
after it vanished from paintence in facility on monday. yesterday -- maintenance facility on monday. yesterday police received reports of a man walking on the pipe ripping pages from the bible and throwing it in traffic. troopers took him in custody after a foot chase through town. officers say they recognized him from security cameras as the man who stole the cruiser. no word on if he will face charges. detectives in nashua new hampshire are asking for help finding the thief who robbed a boys and girls club. these are the suspect is described as a white teenage male of average height with a heavy build. he was also wearing large headphones with glasses on his head. a maryland hospital shut down after three babies in the neo natal intensive care unit tested positive for potentially dangerous bacteria. a total of 9 patients have been transferred to other hospitals while officials at prince george's hospital center investigate. the cdc says the bacteria
5:35 am
nicu. another zika related death in texas. health officials there safe an infant died of microcephaly which is related to the zika virus. there are no reported cases of mosquitoes transmitting the virus in texas. this is the first reported zika virus related deaths in the state. plymouth -- deaths in that state. plymouth residents have to get their roosters in the the row. the town's public health director has been fielding calls from resid s as early as 4 in the morning. town is home to many farms and over 50 stables. the red sox will replace thousands of david ortiz bobbleheads. the team called them raciallyinsensitive and decided to cancel the give away. the sox promise all fans who had tickets to last night's game will get a different bobblehead at some point. >> they probably made the right move i would say.
5:36 am
contrued as offensive. >> i do i think they made the right move. >> is that offensive to you in anyway? >> not to me. >> the company that manufactured the bobbleheads tells wbz we value our decades long relationship with the red sox organization and its decision to postpone the david ortiz give away. we are working closely to ensure the team and fans receive a quality product. still ahead, starbucks adding anr drinks. >> and get ready to see more ads on facebook. the change the media giant is making. >> and coming up, we have the latest on the investigation no a jogger murdered -- into a jogger murdered in princeton. officials have received hundreds of tips but not the one they need. the killer is still on the
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welcome back. amtrak wants to start running the acela express at speeds up to 160 miles an hour. the company is looking to replace older acela he can press trains with newer faster locomotives and they could hit hour. in some spots between boost one- before theon and dc. expect to -- boston and dc. expect to see the trains in three years. getting places faster. >> some people will see more ads on facebook. hena daniels is live at the new york stock exchack with the -- exchange with the money watch. >> reporter: good morning. facebook will now show you ads even if you have a ad blocker.
5:40 am
refusing to display images that original from a server. facebook found around that and it will only apply to the desk top version. ride sharing and coffee could go hand in hand. lyft will begin selling 20 dollar gift card at participating starbucks locations. the cards come with a $15 gift card and they say the partnership will compete with uber and almond milk is coming customers petitioned for more nondairy options and starbucks listened. it was created specifically for the coffee chain and the almond mill baling gets -- milk will get steam foamy -- foamy when hit with steam. >> i assumed they had it. coming up, disturbing allegations of sexual assault
5:41 am
students. >> police hoping a sketch will help track down a suspicious man. the connection to the pokemon go craze. >> reporter: a violent crime spree comes to evened. now the suspect -- to an end. now the suspect heads to court. >> i am amazed so many weather watchers are up so early in the morning. we have tons of them out there. temperatures mostly all in the 60s. let's check out some of the reports right now. jack says 68 in lexington. and it's in worcester according to kathy of the brian says 67 in sherly andateelboro 67 a -- attleboro at 67 according to larry. hopefully we get rain today. that's in the forecast and we
5:42 am
i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto? significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin.
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take a look at a massive dust storm take over phoenix last night. this was the scene as it rolled in yesterday bringing in heavy rains and a thick cloud of dust. the national weather service issued multiple warnings especially for drivers. because you can't see well. >> that would be scary i think to be stuck in something like that. we need some rain of our own. >> no kidding. >> desperately and we may get it today barry. >> i am hoping we will get some
5:45 am
some spots in some places that will get less but some places will get a decent amount. that's how it looks right u now. we have been showing the 9 -- right now. we have been showing the 90 degree shart because we have a lot more -- chart because we have a lot more 90 degrees days coming. it's going to be oppressive along with the heat. we will have heat advisories up for especially tomorrow. more on that in a minute. no heat advisory for today. it's going to get increasingly humid as that has risen up into the upper 60s in many spots. there are a few cool pockets remaining like taunton 59 and norwood 61. but that's just temporary because that he had little clearing overnight -- because they had a little clearing overnight. you can see most of cape cod is at 68 to 71. dew points climbed to 60. more humid than yesterday. it's not terribly uncomfortable. although it is classified as high humidity closer than new
5:46 am
of that. we get dew points of 70 to 74 and that's the kind of the air that's coming here and will be long lasting. so we will have extremely humid and oppressive here late today and tonight, tomorrow, and right on through saturday, sunday maybe a transition day. we will show you that shortly. high temperatures today around 81 to 84. and it's not going to be a beast day but there might be a bit -- beach day although there might be areas of sunshine. the skies will get darker so not a great beach and boating day. we have had lot of those so far but today won't be one. but look at the rain that's coming. it looks impressive and we may see the flashing white dots as lightning occurs. it's been quite a lot in the last few hours. this is bending in new england so we will have it coming up this afternoon. any sunshine disappearing this morning, i think the map is showing the rain coming in here early this afternoon in boston and i think it's going to come in earlier than that. the model is off by a couple hours. the way i see it right now.
5:47 am
comes in but there's a threat of scattered thunderstorms breaking out this afternoon after the main rain area goes by. so the model suggest over a half inch of rain and i think dined some areas could get a half inch but i think other areas will be cheated out like we have in the past not get all that much. so that's what we are looking at. weather bug temperatures in the 60s for the most part and fenway park temperatures going up around 77 this evening and rain should be gone so the game is on and it's going to be hot and sticky tomorrow around 90 degrees. a heat advisory is up for tomorrow from noon to 7 p.m. in eastern massachusetts because it's going to feel like 100 or so because you factor in the oppressive humidity above that 96 degrees and it makes it feel like 100 to 102. 90s through saturday. sunday is the transition day when we drop the temperature may go up to 90 and fall in the afternoon with the back door
5:48 am
introducing cooler weather. traffic and weather together good morning breana. >> reporter: good morning. we have normal drive times from 93 south. leverett connector is slowing down quite significantly. zakim bridge is moving along well this morning. you are stop and go on 128 south and braintree between exit 6 and route 37 approaching the split. traffic is kind of slowing down at this time in this area about you need to use the brakes this morning. the right lane and breakdown ne newton at exit 22 for a overnight crash response. information is pretty limited on this but we will keep you updated. now back to you. >> thanks very much. friends and family remembering a jogger murdered in princeton. >> and the suspect heading to court accused of going on a crime spree in worcester. here are your top a stories on this wednesday morning. >> reporter: i am nicole jacobs live outside worcester district court where a suspect accused in a violent crime spree is set
5:49 am
he is 35-year-old antonio damon and he was taken into custody from this denny's street business you see after police say he raped a woman, minutes later kidnapped and car jacked another woman, all before barging into this locked door of the denny's street business. the violent crime spree all happening in less than one hour police say. coming up at 6, hear more on the panic reports police received all related to suspect. live in worcester nicole jacobs wbz this morning.>> reporter: investigators saythey received hundreds of tips about a jogger who is murdered here in princeton and they are pleading with the public for more. official say whoever killed 27- year-old vanessa marcotte is on the loose and they don't know if it's random act. they are continuing to urge residents to be vigilant. community members gathered at first congregational church in
5:50 am
sadness and fear. hear from the community members coming up. live in princeton anna meiler wbz this morning. a mald n high school teaching assistant accused of raping a special needs student has been released on personal recognizance. police say he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old with a disability in the high school. the 46-year-old has been on leave since the investigation was launched in march. prosecutors say macdonald threatened the boy to keep him quiet. >> the defendant woul in order to lure him into the bathroom. the defendant continuously threatened to go to the victim's home and kill his mother. >> macdomed's pleaded not guilty -- macdonald's pleaded not guilty and mass been ordered to stay away from the victim and other minors. a hingham police say donald galvin stalked victim at grocery store and broke into her home and assaulted her last
5:51 am
him after finding his dna on a window. bridgewater detectives releasing this sketch of a man they say might have approached girls over the weekend. on saturday night the 11-year- olds told officers they were walk on ladyslipper road when man in a black minivan asked if they wanted to come with him to play pokemon go. they ran away and they were not hurt. it's a story you saw first on wbz this weekend. the woman charged with vandalizing a donald trump over its owner has been ordered to stay away from that man. 57-year-old susan bryant face adjudge yesterday. andover police say it was not the first time-- face adjudge yesterday. andover police say it was not the first time she vandalized a tine. the funeral for a 10-year- old boy killed on a kansas water slide will be on friday. he was riding with what's billed as the tallest water slide when he died of a neck
5:52 am
city newspaper reported the state had not inspected the slide since it opened two years ago. a 6-year-old girl is now left with a traumatic brain injury after inbeing it's sign -- being inside a feres wheel cart that fell to the ground. the discussion is turning to how carnival rides are regulated. state of tennessee doesn't inspect carnival rides they rely on private inspectors hired by the operators to determine safety. this wild fire in california continues to burning more than 12 square miles so far. more than 5300 homes are either under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders. 900 firefighters are working to get the flames under control but right now the fire is only 6% contained. a dog was rescued from a burning home. the lab was unconscious but firefighters revive the pup. a happy update for the dog
5:53 am
to free himself from a tether. >> you may remember maverick. he has been adopted. mspca shared the pictures of maverick settling into his new home. his former owner kevin kennedy of middleboro is few in-- due in court. your pets may be part of your family but boston may not be the best place to raise them. >> a survey from wallet hub puts boston at the bottom of the list of pet friendly cities of pet friendly hotels. boston finished 98th out of 100. beating only santa ana california and new york city. orlando came in at number one. i don't know how i feel about that. >> ive in boston has a -- everybody in boston has a dog be a there's a ton of parks. no more saving spots. >> the beach where officials will fine you and that's not
5:54 am
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everyone wants at that good spot at the beach but one area is cracking down on people who leave piles to reserve a spot. >> italy promise to confiscate items left unattended. so far they have taken dozens
5:57 am
yeah. fined for saving a spot. >> good thing i am going france not italy next month. >> there you go. you don't have to worry save your beach spot. >> i don't want the coast guard stealing my good beach chair. keep it here on wbz this morning.
5:58 am
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right now at 6 a man accused of a brutal crime spree in worcester due in court on charges of rape robbery and that's not all. >> a kennel shut down the owner facing animal cruelty charges. what a woman says happened there that led to her dog's death. and a somber vigil in remembrance of a jogger murder in princeton as police hotline and plea with the public for more tips on the case. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. >> good morning to you. thanks for being here with us. i am kathryn hauser. >> i am chris mckinnon wednesday august 10th and you better pack the umbrella this morning. >> yeah it's been a while since we have seen any significant rain. let's find out barry what's going on. >> like it's been well, i say


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