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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news. newberry firefighters are battling this fire on plum island. they responded around 7:30 pm. they are still at the scene. we don't yet have word on injuries. >> also breaking, reports of shots fired at jfk airport in new york put -- new york. they have evacuated the area. nypd says it cannot confirm if shots were fired. we will stay on top of this story. a hot and humid day coming to an end with strong storms, one passing through watertown putting on a lightning show. >> thanks for joining us tonight. after april sunday, we will get a break to start the work week. pamela gardner has a first look
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>> as cooler temperatures moving, humidity flip-flops. satellite radar, that storm that moved through was severe through worchester county and middlesex counties. as it moved offshore, it dissipated along the south shore. there was just a few showers there. in worchester, power lines down. that severe storm, not only severe because of the wind but heavy rain and flooding. that was around 8:03 pm. the storms, all gone. tonight, it's going to be calm. an isolated storm could develop tomorrow as a cold front moves through. 830 in boston. dew point temperatures around 700. that's for we had temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and dew
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it felt more like 1050 from time to time. heat index 990. tomorrow, less humid and dry but we crank up the humidity again with cooler temperatures. the heat is making it close to impossible for firefighters and mattapan. one of them had trouble breathing while trying to put out flames. katie brace is live. that was a tough fight. >> reporter: as hot as it is standing outside, it's a lo one firefighter had to be treated for heat related issues. these boston firefighters have faced more challenging fires but perhaps not such punishing heat. >> it's hot. >> reporter: the temperature outside sunday evening, 930. the hint -- the heat index, a sweltering 1000. they faced the burning flames on alabama street.
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are greatly reduced so we have to replenish them and stop them out. >> reporter: the heat forced boston fire to call in extra crews. one firefighter was considered injured due to the temperatures. firefighters say the fire started in a bedroom. the flames spread to the above floor and not the deciding at the nearby house. those who watched, tried to stay cool themselves as they managed to keep going in this sweltering heat. >> they have to be hot. >> reporter: the fire displaced five people and the firefighter who was injured is expected to be okay. another firefighter suffered a thumb injury while trying to battle that blaze. a hospital in fall river
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to the problem. everything is now back to normal. extreme heat has people doing everything they can to stay cool. marty walsh is concerned about the conditions for people living in the city. paul burton reports. >> reporter: these extreme hot temperatures are no joke. a heat emergency was declared and cooling centers have been set up for people without ac. it's all about coping and doing our best to stay cool. it's scorching and oppressive. >> >> reporter: in boston, 980. >> we are walking around, sweating, and every time you turn around it's like you are going to pass out. >> reporter: folks are trying to keep it cool for them and themselves -- for their pets and themselves the best they can. dripping in sweat, hundreds marched in the dominican
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costume even though some had to move their headpieces from time to time. >> drink a lot of water. >> keeping it good. >> some of these people are crazy. they are excited about today. there's a lot of performance here. >> reporter: marty walsh says he drank four bottles of water before the parade and stresses the importance of checking on your neighbors. >> rather cooling stations? >> yeah. >> reporter: again, mayor marty walsh encouraging you to check on your elderly neighbors, stay hydrated and go to the shelters if you don't have ac so you don't have to deal with the extreme heat by yourself. >> don't forget, for weather updates anytime, download the cbs boston weather app with live radar, hour by hour
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police continue to pour over tips for the murder of vanessa marcotte. >> winners had a special tribute to her. >> reporter: yes, they did. it has been a very powerful and emotional evening in princeton. let me get out of the way. you can still see balloons placed here at the gazebo memory of vanessa left by more than 100 runners who then took to the streets. >> we would like to take a moment of silence to honor vanessa. >> reporter: erick burke and community remembering one of their own, gathering in honor of vanessa marcotte. vanessa loved running, so sunday night, the community did just that. dozens of people from throughout the area
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, weeks after the woman disappeared while on a run. her body was later discovered in the woods. >> we want to honor the fact that she had every right to be running on that road at that time on that day. that's a right that each one of us holds. >> reporter: the event was a way for people to show support for her grieving family and also show strength in numbers. police have received nearly 600 tips in the investigation but there is so far no arrest. >> it put a big scare into everybody in town whether they be thought it was important to get together as a group and a community. show our support and love and strength from family. just get back out there. >> reporter: up the road, the heritage bible chapel held a prayer night dedicated to vanessa's family, police, and the community as a whole. at the finish line, the need for more healing was obvious. >> i typically run on the streets so that's good but i
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it's been really tough. it's tough. >> reporter: it has been extremely difficult for everybody here in princeton and everybody who knew and loved this woman, this murder victim. vanessa's week will be held tomorrow and her funeral on tuesday. jim smith, wbz news. a man is dead after he fell into a pond in plymouth. the fire chief says the victim is a 69-year-old man totten. he was in a canoe fishing when he went overboard and drowned. state police say the man was not wearing a life vest. his name has not been released. with the hot weather, people packed the beaches but white house beach was closed after a shark sighting. we have an update to a story you saw on wbz news last night . a grandmother was left locked in a dialysis clinic when workers left for the day. firefighters had to rescue
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clinic. she is bedridden and she was there for three hours yesterday. they are concerned am looking into the matter. four u.s. olympic swimmers including ryan lochte were robbed at gunpoint in rio. lochte says men dressed as police pulled them over and put guns to their heads and took their money at the swimmers are okay. for tom brady, his favorite part of the olympics is over. at the pool or track, watching his wife her stuff at the opening ceremony. >> it was amazing to see her out there doing that. it was the best part of the olympics for me. there hasn't been much reason for me to watch outside of seeing her represent our country. pretty amazing. she's an amazing woman and an
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she represents the best of brazil as far as i'm concerned. it was pretty amazing. she is an amazing person. >> he made no mention of team usa, michael phelps, or even a teammate who is taking part. he did send well wishes on facebook earlier. >> that's fine. just have to give a shout out to nate ebner but when you are married to giselle, that's all that matters. coming up coast guard rescuing six people as a vessel goes down. the governor of wisconsin readies the national guard after a police shooting and violent protests. it's called being a good husband. levan reid wraps up the preseason and we look ahead to
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we continue to follow two breaking stories. firefighters are battling this three alarm blaze on plum island. they responded to the home on
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we have word at this hour that there are no reports of injuries. reports of shots fired at jfk airport in new york. police are responding to terminal 8. they have evacuated the area and officers shot down terminal 1. the nypd cannot confirm if shots were actually fired. we of course will stay on top both of -- on top of both breaking stories. the coast guard is holding six people people from a sinking boat near castle island in dorchester bay around 1:30 am. there were no injuries. the cause of the sinking remains under investigation. milwaukee police say a black officer shot and killed a black man. >> that shooting prompted angry crowds to take to the streets, setting fires across the city. the wisconsin governor has activated the national guard in response. the 23-year-old suspect had a
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a traffic stop according to police. officer body cameras video shows the suspect had a gun when he was shot. the weather system that drenched louisiana has moved to texas. the national weather service says most of the rivers have crested but several are still rising. the biggest danger is in east baton rouge parish. after a run of extremely dry weather, we've had pretty intense storms. >> i was so happy to see just a little ring. >> and you know what? it was a welcome sight because the drought conditions continue to expand. i'm going to show you the drought monitor, updated every thursday. it doesn't take into account yesterday. the last 24 hours, some locations have one to 2 inches of rain. i was happy. a little less than a quarter inch at my house but we will take it at this point. we had severe storms that moved through plus some cool picture is coming in of lightning
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pictures coming in of lightning striking. a view from providence, another lightning bolt from this storm early this morning. throughout the day, we had that one severe storm that developed in the heat of the afternoon and developed through dorchester county, norfolk county, and toward the south shore, becoming a light shower right over the south shore and moving out to sea. we're done with rain and severe storms for tonight and anything widespread. here is the latest map. we are still way below average with me paul and severe drought conditions. we have developed extreme drought conditions from burlington to redding and chelmsford. weather watcher's reporting much-needed rainfall the last 24 hours from 1 inch to 2 inches. mark from gardner had 1.73 inches. done in hampton had 1.1 inches
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tonight, we might see an isolated shower. that's going to be the exception. most of us dry overnight. we keep it humid until tomorrow afternoon when dryer air kicks in and a cold front sweeps through overnight. we will see wind direction changing from the west northwest. that means humidity will go way down. nothing like we had today. today's high in boston, 690. the average high 800. 1010 set back in 2002. that stands for this date and we add to our 900 days in boston. on average, we should have 13 and this year we are at 16 days at 900 plus at logan airport. temperatures still a sweltering 840 in boston. this means the cold front has not moved through yet. 820 in manchester. still so humid. temperatures -- dew point temperatures around 800.
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the temperatures feel like. along the south coast, you might see dense fog reducing your visibility in the early morning. high temperatures tomorrow, mid to upper 80s along the coast, low 90s inland. if you are heading to the beach, 840 to 890 on the coast. high uv index and not quite as humid. the dew point is 620 tomorrow but the humidity thursday making even the 80s feel downright uncomfortable. but at least we are cool. hot but lower humidity for monday. then it gets humid but cooler for tuesday, wednesday and thursday with a chance of storms. >> you timed the weekend perfectly. >> are you kidding me? lower 80s, low humidity and dry. >> you better leave for the
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maybe you will make it through traffic. a big day for mookie betts as he puts his name in the
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the red sox and heat are a good mix.
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cleveland tomorrow. they hoped to complete a three win streak today but thanks to rick porcello, dustin pedroia and mookie betts, the red sox got things going nicely. top of the first, but dry on first. number 24 of the year for mookie betts, 2-0 red sox. dustin pedroia, five for six. his rbi started in the second. >> here's the pitch in and mike bettes hits another one. and it's gone. three-run homer, mookie betts. ready for the 1-1. down by the pesky pole. mookie betts it's the poll, two- run homer. >> 9-0 red sox. that was enough for rick porcello. seven strong innings, three hits and four strikeouts.
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to start 12-0 at fenway. he is 16 -3. another goes off the billboard and back onto the field. three homers and three at-bats. career-high rbi in his second three run home game of the year. the only other red sox player to accomplish that is ted williams. >> finally able to just swing the bat righ the last couple days i had been swinging rides and swinging good pitches. so much different things. today, i came in early and got back in a groove. >> last week, the same spec this week, the bears. if you haven't gotten up to training camp yet, these three workouts are your last chance. practice is at 1:30 pm monday through wednesday. after two days off, the patriots were back at it.
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tom brady wasn't there to see jimmy garoppolo's performance but asked for impressions of the young backup. >> i know he has the respect of everybody. i think you will come out here and earn the respect of your teammates and coaches and you've got to put the work in. you've got to show you are willing to show up every day and do what it takes to get the job done. it's fun to see his development. we got off to a good other night. hopefully, we keep it going. >> in two of the preseason is thursday against the bears. you can see right here on wbz. we go to live all access at 6:30 pm, kick off at 8 pm and the rest here on wbz the women's olympic marathon was run in rio this morning. three american women finished in the top nine. best showing ever for the u.s. michelle flanagan led the way with a sixth place finish.
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kenyan woman to win the marathon. the men's will take place next week. >> how important is this upcoming game for jimmy g? >> just keep progressing. just keep building momentum. i think he's fine. president obama vacationing on the vineyard right now. instead of playing basketball, one former athlete joined him
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the first family is relaxing on martha's vineyard. >> in the middle of their two week vacation to the island. this is video of the president enjoying one of his favorite sports on the golf course. he golfed with alonso heating and several others. this is the president's sixth round of golf since kicking off his vacation. they went for a hike this morning in the heat. good for them. >> we will be right back. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life.
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one last look at the steamy forecast. >> hot but not quite as humid as what we experienced today. no advisories monday but still 900. northwest wind keeping humidity lower. partly cloudy skies in the late day thanks to daytime heating. finally, a break from the storm. we've had stormy weather the last couple days. monday, high pressure in control. we have a daily risk of or high temperatures cooler, low to mid-80s but the humidity goes up all few of those days back into the low 70s for dew point temperatures. it will feel uncomfortable by midweek.
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there's the drive to left fid. long gone out of the park. two-run homer, mookie betts. >> here's the pitch. mike bettes hits another one. it is gone! three-run homer mookie betts. if it's fair, it's gone. home run mookie betts. his second three run home game of the season.


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