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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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didn't commit. in 2001 he told that to dan ray in prison. >> i'm angry, frustrated and very, very mad at myself for being so naive. >> reporter: he was in a boston bar with a then fbi agent who is now in prison. on that night. one bobby la monica was murdered in braintree. and police pinned it on conley from backing up the story. >> reporter: there are a number of letters that were written in a code. his lawyer told me he won't testify. >> this black binder is a braintree police report from 1980. it has just recently come to
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detectives believe committed the 1980 murder that fred is serving time for the. >> i don't think it ever made its way to the da's office. it fell through the cracks somehow. we're not saying the d.a. got it. i don't think they did. >> do you think this will move his innocence. this is not a trial. hearing potential evidence. but he could also turn this into a trial down the road. this is the door is cracked open just a little bit. i'm bill shields, wbz news. police are investigating a serious crash. a car headed south on 95 slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer. paramedics had to fly one person to the hospital with
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was also hurt. the tractor-trailer driver was not injured. the owner of a kennel in hanover could learn whether his license will be revoked. last week his briarwood kennel was shut down after his own dog attacked a 3-year-old golden doodle named ben. ben died the next day. the town temporarily suspended his license and at a meeting leaders could decide to make the suspension permanent. deadly police involved shooting sparked earlier demonstrations. the police chief is thanking community leaders for helping to keep the peace. >> reporter: city leaders are calling for calm after a second night of unrest in milwaukee. >> there was no significant fire damage.
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night. >> a police officer shot and killed a 23-year-old. police say he had a gun. >> several officers were injured when rocks were thrown at police cruisers. 14 people were arrested. the moore says a curfew for teenagers will be in force. he wants them off the street by 10 p.m. tonight. >> those individuals in neighborhood and a great city. >> reporter: community leaders are working to heal old wounds. >> we watched person after person after person gunned down, no gun, no indictment, no people sent to jail from the police force. at this point, the community wants to know why.
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cbs news, milwaukee, wisconsin. a teenager was shot but is expected to survive. another body was pound in debris after an explosion at an inventory inventory on maryland. one person is still missing and investigators are trying to figure out blast. flames destroying 200 homes and businesses. >> flames scorched 3000 acres. is trail started -- firefighters are dealing with strong winds. the first slots parlor made $180 million in the first year. the state will take in $88 million in taxes.
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about $105 million. it opened in june of 2017. and donald trump's message came today in the battleground of hollywood. we heard something a little different from donald trump. >> not so much regards to subject. he promised to measures to screen out immigrants with suspect backgrounds. trump's controversial vow to specifically ban muslim immigration which he's baby edging away from is now gone.
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islam which will include reformist voices in the muslim community who will hopefully work with us. went to build bridges and erase divisions. >> how about that? that is a significant change of tone by -- on cooperation in the war on -- >> if he sticks to this script going forward. it could wind up making him more palatable to undecided voters. however, many there may be out there. >> i know donald trump likes to tab his -- >> in my so years of covering politics i have never seen
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came out today. a national poll found that 51% of voters have a very unfavorable view of mr. trump. just to put that in context for you. barry gold water, the republican nominator in 1964 who went down to lyndon johnson, he had a 26% un- farvable rating. hillary clinton's are the second worst. but that's an unelectable figure. >> 105 years by the way? >> i dye my hair and look younger. kate, over to you. >> you look great the state dead lynn is coming up. if you want to vote in the september 8th primary, register by friday. voters are only allowed to vote
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what's worse than cockroaches? >> flying cockroaches. the iphones that work under watch. >> and the officer nicknamed the dog whisperer. and back come the dew points in the 70s. it comes along with a side of storms. and we'll tr coming on the new video of the president enjoying his days
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on the bz feed a request for parents getting ready to converge on the xfinity center.
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so called tent toilets like the one you're about to see -- basically buckets with a rim on them, will not be permitted or tolerated. there'll be plenty of health code compliant toilets that are not attached to the bumper of a pickup truck. no one likes to use the porta- potties -- >> that's does not seem like a good option. seems like a porta-potty. >> if they are true parrot heads, can't they just put down newspaper. >> or dehydrate yourself. flying cockroaches in new york. when the temperatures soar past 90 and the humidity is high, more roaches stretch their wings. >> flying cockroaches.
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apocalypse. >> i think it's like the third sign. officer evan levine responded to a report of a loose dog. he got the dog in the cruiser and then snapped a selfie. animal control united the dog with its owner. same thing happened yesterday. he wrangled the pup into the back. >> they are looking right at the camera. >> they don't know what the back of the cruiser means. thieves craning your -- draining your cards before you have a chance to use them. >> and how you can protect yourself. a quick look at what's on
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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a consumer alert tonight. buyer beware the next time you purchase a gift card. >> the cards are almost always welcome presents. and some crooks have figured out how to empty the cards before anyone has cash them in. >> she tried to use this best buy gift card to buy a new tv. >> it was a birthday gift from my sister. >> the $200 card had a zero balance. a surprise to the teacher who hasn't even taken it out of the wrapper. and she's not alone. >> this card most likely was in the store for a period of time. >> the foster city police department says for years
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returning them to the wrack. they wait until the cards are activated and then drain the balance. one of the tricks of the trade, zebra stickers so the buyer doesn't realize it's been activated. >> and corrals are stores' gift card databases. neither safeway or best buy could tell us how the card was breached but it was drained the day after it was purchased. the safest place to buy gift cards is directly from the retailer. and counter. in san francisco, i'm julie
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country say hackers have been targeting them for months. they stole customers' names, credit card information, and the breaches may go back as for as 2016. the company has notified all affected customers. could apple's iphone be waterpro that photos stay vivid which could mean that apple is working on waterproof or water resistant items. we're expecting the iphone 7 next month. feels like lately, the phones are the same thing. >> late to the game. >> we have no water anywhere. it's dry as a bone. >> i like that.
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driest summer in governmenten. and meteorological is june, dry, and august. the driest is 1957. less than 4 inches of rain for three months combined. tomorrow an interesting day. one good downpour gets over the city. and we could move out of the top spot. but it's been very dry for hs the latest update is thursday morning and it won't include the rain that falls tomorrow. many towns did see heavy rainfall over the weekend. the bottom line is it felt really dry. warm temperatures, well up in the 80s and it feels better than what we saw on sunday. oppressively hot and humid.
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system and it's drawing a lot of moisture up out of the gulf of mexico. and it's going to dump some of that on top of us tomorrow. it causes problems but we need the rain. partly cloudy and we fall back into the 50s in the suburbs. and tomorrow morning we have the clouds increasing and the chance for a few early morning showers. a few towns could be dealing with rain right out the door. make sure you have the umbrella and are ready to go. en and most of the storm activity will be starting after lunchtime as a warm front crosses the area. and the highest risk of downpours and storms is this area from northern rhode island and areas north and west. this is where we have the highest chance of heavy rainfall and the strongest storms. and there's a chance for heavy rain and a much lower chance. t tracking the downpours and storms and we'll have a risk
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through tuesday night to wednesday morning. so the risk that we're watching for tomorrow. localized flash flooding is number one. we could see rain rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour. a lot of rain in a short amount of time. and it's the time of situation where we could see a brief spinup tornado in southern new england. tornadoes are not frequent around here. as for high temperatures, mainly in the low 80s for tomo as the day goes on. as we head to tomorrow night and evening it spikes. tomorrow in the mid-70s for dew points. we start on wednesday as the day goes on. the northwesterly breeze will knock the humidity out and it stays more manageable. there's the front that brings relief and scoots through on wednesday morning. a northwesterly breeze and a warm and pleasant afternoon.
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storm on thursday. most of the eggs for rainfall are in tomorrow's basket. and then we look to the rest of the week. and an isolated shower or storm. and most towns stay dry all the way through the upcoming weekend. we're watching a wave that's moved off the coast of africa. a 40% chance of development. of interest to shipping but likely not to the lower 48. here's the forecast. the warmth continues. we're well up in the 80s on wednesday, thursday, and friday. and isolated afternoon storm on thursday and sunday. other than that, the next best chance of rain is monday next week. most of the pattern is dry and warm. and tomorrow could bring us a lot of rain at least in some towns. and we better get the iphone working. >> put it in a sandwich bag and
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pot plants. guests and judges surveyed 50 entries to see which marijuana plant got a chance at the finals. oregon legalized pot in 2014. and growers are excited to be a part of the agricultural exhibit. >> five years ago. we would have picked up five felonies driving them over here and entering them in a fair -- it's surreal. >> other growing community also showed up their stuff. a fix for the all the candy lovers out there. the world's longest candy counter. and the gronk hurt? the star tight end leaves practice with an apparent injury. steve burton is live with the latest. a couple is thrown from a motorcycle while trying to
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riders to hear.
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ticks are out in mass. so check yourself, your kids, and your pets anytime you've been outdoors. check everywhere -- in your hair, under your arms, and between your toes. if you find a tick, remove it as soon as you can. use fine-tipped tweezers to grasp the tick close to the skin. use firm, even pressure pulling straight up, without twisting or turning. then clean the bite area and your hands with soap and water. some tick bites can make you sick. so if you start to feel ill or notice a rash near the bite,
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>> new england is is known for a lot of things. >> world class hospitals and universities, but how about the longest candy counter-er.
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candy. and the shop sells 50 varieties of fudge. that alone is worth the trip. >> favorite candy -- >> fudge. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. a sad goodby and friends gather to remember a young jogger who was killed. and an apology from a dialysis center whose patient inside. >> tonight they are speaking out in hopes of keeping riders safe. >> the return of storms for tuesday, some strong to severe. we'll have the latest timeline. >> m.i.t. creates temporary tattoos that the news at 6:00 starts now. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz
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we begin in fitchburg where family and friends of a murdered jogger have gathered to say goodbye. vanessa marcotte was killed while on a run in princeton. >> family and beginning the final farewells. louisa moller is live where the wake is underway. >> reporter: people have slowly been streaming out of including 20 to 30 google employees who made the journey to say goodbye to their beloved colleague. vanessa marcotte was living out her dreams as an account manager. vanessa was killed while out on a jog. the body was found less than a prceton home. mother's sources say her body was naked and burned.
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and since then, more than 600 tips have poured in. so has the show of love and support for mar cot's family. several vigils and a memorial were held for the graduate of boston university. and she had a love for volunteers and quote was blessed with beauty, grace, a generous spirit, and a loving party. vanessa marcotte will be laid the lake in lemonster. if you have any information to help in the case, call (508)453-7589 and leave the contact information or remain anonymous. now to what could bad news for the patriots. rob gronkowski left practice today with an apparent injury.


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